8 Stripe Alternatives: Streamlined Payments Start for Free

As part of our comprehensive analysis, we've explored various Stripe alternatives to enhance your payment processing experience. These alternatives are tailored to suit different business needs, offering features like lower transaction fees, better integration capabilities, and enhanced user experiences. Our guide aims to provide businesses with detailed insights into each option, ensuring they can make an informed decision that aligns with their specific requirements and objectives.

Most businesses have moved from physical to digital, and so has payments—online payment processing for a variety of business transactions through debit and credit cards. Stripe builds the payment infrastructure. Companies big and small across the world use Stripe API for making and accepting payments for various businesses online. Stripe earns a fraction of amount with every transaction made.

Thousands of companies use Stripe.

Udemy, Reddit, Lyft, Stack, Accenture, Coursera, Instacart, and a few other companies from a variety of niche are currently using Stripe.

Discover, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and a few other top brands works with Stripe.

stripe alternatives
Stripe works as a payment gateway that enables buyers and sellers to make and receive payments online. Share on X

Stripe works well for online credit card processing, especially for companies that are capable of supporting the API for e-commerce businesses.

However, if you are a company looking for a single processor to handle online and offline payments, then Stripe is not suitable for you.

Stripe is easy to implement and on the pocket. Stripe also enables you to partner with e-commerce platforms. But Stripe does not support PayPal payments, unlike the Stripe alternatives. While Stripe works at standard pricing for all credit card payments online, there might be a difference at a high volume transaction.

If you are a high-volume business, then it would be a great idea to explore other providers before making the final decision.

Developers love Stripe for its ease of use.

Stripe enables small-sized companies to build customized e-commerce sites—stripe alternatives like PayPal charge extra for similar services.

Support, ease of setup, transaction fees, and payment methods accepted are a few factors that make Stripe one of the coolest payment gateway. Stripe offers online support with a representative 24/7 for its users and trains through webinars and documentation.

Mobile payments, cryptocurrency processing, ACH payment processing, recurring billing, debit/credit card processing, reporting/ analytics, and online payment processing are some of the features that make Stripe the favourite among its users.

Easy payment processing for both customers and businesses, a great alternative to PayPal, effortless setup, and an excellent overall experience make it the most efficient payment platform.

Premade checkout forms, integrations, API’s and developer tools are some of the features that make Stripe one of the best online payment processor.

The Stripe connects, Stripe Atlas, Stripe sigma, and Stripe relay are some of the advanced features that Stripe offers.

Features of Stripe

  • Stripe Connect enables customer and businesses to carry on payments without the hassle of accounting, legal compliance, and security challenges. Stripe, however, collects a small fee for each of this transaction.
  • Stripe Atlas enables enterprises to complete the setting up of online business with step by step assistance like incorporation, documenting, stock issuance, and also provides a basic stripe account to accept payments.
  • Stripe Sigma uses SQL to enable reporting and analytics that helps users to make informed decisions with the key metrics.
  • Relay enables product publishing, ordering, payment, and partnering with fellow sellers are all managed with Relay making it a complete package.

Advantages – Easy on the pocket, does not require users to pay extra for PCI compliance, enables customization, does not require users to sign into monthly subscriptions, and multiple options for users are the advantages of using Stripe.

Disadvantages – Stripe holds the discretion for freezing accounts or shutting off an account/hold funds due to risky activity (as per Stripe) makes it a potential pitfall and make users think twice before opting for it.

While Stripe offers tons of add-ons, essential, and advanced features has a few challenges that make users pursue the other Stripe alternatives.

However, pricing, functionality, customization, and customer support makes Stripe a great option and a market leader in the space.

Latest Stripe Alternatives

Let us discuss the features, uses, advantages, pricing, and clients of some of the best stripe alternatives.

1. Shopify Payments

A Shopify seller would need to integrate with a payment provider since Shopify payments is already a part of your account, and it enables them to accept payments without any hassle.

Shopify payments are available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

stripe alternatives - shopify payments


  • Instant payment accepting
  • Popular payment methods with local currencies for an excellent experience.
  • Secure checkouts, payment data encryption, and PCI-compliant servers enable customers to make transactions fearlessly.
  • Order and payment tracking with live dashboard update is a part of the feature.


  • If you are a Shopify payment provider, then the transaction fee of 0.2 – 0.5% commission charged on each sale will be waived off and improves your profit margins.
  • Shopify payments charge a flat-rate fee of #5 and about $0.3 per sale, which is a tiny amount but becomes huge as and when the volume of business increases. If you have a comprehensive subscription, then you would get discounted charges.
  • Shopify payments help businesses operate globally with multiple payment options like PayPal, along with Shopify payments.
  • Instant approval and effortless setup enable users to begin using Shopify payments without any hassle.
  • Transaction and payment help users to maintain all the transaction details on a single dashboard which saves time enables you to stay updated on the real-time status of your transactions, thereby curbing any frauds.
  • Shopify Pay enables users to manage their billing and shipping information on a centralized platform, so their details are available next time. They do not need any re-entering the next time, enabling faster checkout.


  • Basic Shopify charges 2%
  • Shopify plan cuts 1%
  • Advanced Shopify charges 0.5%
  • While Shopify payments are for free users, have to pay for each transaction.


  • Payments through credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal and other payment methods are available with Shopify payments.
  • Reconciliation of accounts, billing, and payments all at a single platform enables businesses to automate workflow.


PayPal, Stripe, SagePay, AliPay, Global, 2checkout, PayFast, WorldPay, Skrill, and a few others are a part of the Shopify Payment gateways.

2. Adyen

Adyen offers a payment gateway to accept cards for online, mobile, and in-store payments enabling users to grow the outreach, increase sales, reduces fraud and offers hassle-free checkout experience for customers making if one of the best stripe alternatives.

stripe alternatives - adyen


Global outreach, Remote store management, card validation, one-click recurring payments, data driving, reporting & analytics, and risk management.


  • Adyen supports all credit and debit card payments making it a one size fits all system, and the transaction fees depend on the volume of the transfer.
  • The single platform for all ecommerce transactions, operable on mobile devices, and an excellent tool to attract customers are some of the benefits of using this stripe alternative.
  • The analytics available enables users to have a quick overview of the transactions that are both current and previous, making it an excellent tool to make data-based decisions.
  • Adyen also enables users to add an in-store kiosk that helps buyers to check the available product with their choice of description, thereby improving sales and proving to be a cost-effective method of sales.
  • The secured payment system curtails risk and enables users to stay safe from fraudsters.


There is no fixed pricing plan available at Adyen. Processing fees and commission is calculated based on each transaction.

These charges, however, depends on the payment method selected.’

You should contact the vendor for any pricing information.


  • The single payment gateway for third party accounts.
  • Processing fees are on per transaction basis.


Uber, eBay, Linkedin, Spotify, Microsoft, Groupon, and a few others are some of the notable clients of Adyen.

3. Square

Square is another payment platform that is best among the stripe alternatives and functions for small business.

Square works as a point of sale application that works on iOS/ Android. Square also offers sales and inventory tracker, enabling companies to keep track of live updates on payments, inventory, and sales.

Various forms of receipts, drag & drop of items, allows multiple ways of payments, and reporting helps companies to manage their financial performance easily.

stripe alternatives - square


Invoice tracking, discounts & refunds, real-time inventory, reporting & analytics, customer profiles & feedback, Square API, Integrated payment processing system, email marketing, employee management, and a few other features make Square the best choice for small businesses.


Ease of use & set up, drag & drop for ease of operation, and ticket management makes it a simple and powerful payment software. Digital receipts, inventory management, and sales report generation enable businesses to stay paperless.

Reporting & analytics offers insights to make the right business decisions and to get real-time updates on sales and customers.

The Square dashboard enables inventory management by the daily stock update, import of thousands of products with CSV spreadsheets.

Welcome emails, birthday offers, and customized email templates help to manage email marketing easily.

Inventory, invoicing, employee management, eCommerce, accounting & tax, and much more are all made possible on a single platform through extensive integration.

The 24/7 support center is available for any queries or issues, and there are tons of materials available for help in terms of FAQ, articles, videos, and guides.


  • The free trial is not available for Square payments.
  • The Square plan charges 2.75% per swipe of a card.
  • The Square for retails plan charges $60 per month per location plus a2.5% charge plus $0.10 per each swipe.


  • Tracking invoices on the app
  • Real-time data access to sales and inventory
  • Refunds administering


OpenTable, Arepa Zone, Beauty Marx Aesthetics, Ohio is home, Public Chicago, and Samovar Tea Lounge is some of the top clients of Square.

4. PayPal

Paypal is another alternative to Stripe that enables companies to scale their payment platform to make and accept payments to merchant accounts without requesting any financial information and compromising on security.

8 Stripe Alternatives: Streamlined Payments Start for Free 1


Online invoicing, express checkout, inventory tracking, Shopping cart, barcode scanning, online payments, and virtual terminal are a few features that make PayPal an excellent alternative to stripe.


  • PayPal employs some of the best encryption data technology to safeguard its customers from any fraud threat.
  • Enables customers to register their cards, thereby cutting the need for retyping passwords and other details at every transaction, thereby enabling hassle-free checkout experience and accelerate sales.
  • Customization for invoicing, pre-built templates, integrations, and much more without giving out financial details make PayPal a great online payments system.
  • PayPal facilitates Instant payment across the globe with a mere email address making it one of the best alternative for the online payment system.


PayPal does not offer a free trial.

If you are selling through your website with the invoice and email payments, then the charges would be 4.4% plus $0.30.

If you are selling on eBay, the charges would be 3.9% plus $0.30.

If you are making international sales, the currency conversion fees are applicable.

If you are a vendor and looking for discounted rates


  • Best for money transfer
  • Discounts with selected retailers
  • Security of credit card details


Mediaplanet Danmark, Samaritans Purse, Yoga Alliance, Insight performance, Americares Foundation INC are some of the top clients of PayPal.

paypal reddit
PayPal Reddit discussion

5. ChargeBee

Chargebee works well for businesses of all sized across industries.

Chargebee is a cloud-based payment system that enables businesses to set recurring billing frequencies, one-time billing, and billing as per usage models.

The user-friendly API and integrations allow businesses to scale up. Promotions, accurate billing, collection of online payments are all made possible on a single platform.

stripe alternatives - chargebee


Integrations, billing & invoicing, automatic notifications, automated billing, activity dashboard, cost estimation, credit card processing, customized – branding, reporting, templates, discount management, data import/export, drip marketing, email notifications, invoice management, invoice processing, multi-currency & language, Quickbooks integration, real-time data/analytics/notification, reporting, revenue calculation, shopping cart, usage tracking, and a few other features make it the best among the stripe alternatives.


  • Chargebee is a one-stop solution for online payment processing for businesses of all sizes.
  • Chargebee offers a cloud-based payment solution that is simple, easy to use and set up and offers an outstanding shopping/checkout experience to customers.
  • Chargebee is an excellent option for small businesses to use it as an automated billing system/ payment solution. It enables to automate recurring billing.
  • Apart from working as a payment gateway, the tool also helps in changing prices, offering discounts, offers revenue details, and enables users to run promotions without any technical help from a developer.
  • Workflow automation through payments collection, discount management for sales/ marketing teams, and invoice generation is all made effortlessly.
  • Chargebee is a secure payment gateway and ensures the data of buyers and sellers stay protected from any fraudulent activities.


Chargebee does not offer a free trial.

The Go plan is most suitable for growing businesses and costs $99 per month.

The Go plan covers three users, dunning, email notifications, PayPal, ACH, unlimited free trials, multiple products/sites, and tax reports.

The Rise plan costs $299 per month and covers all the features available in the Go plan.

The Rise plan allows up to ten users, SaaS metrics, integration with Salesforce and Avalara, unlimited payment gateways, and tax profile for multiple tax regions.

The Scale plan costs $599 per month and covers all the features in the Rise plan.

Twenty-five users, advance invoices, priority phone support, multiple payment methods, and customized user roles are all a part of the Scale plan.

The enterprise subscription plan can be customized, and it is best to contact the provider directly and operate by quote.


  • Stay updated on the revenue status of your business
  • Automated billing helps small businesses to stay on top of all their billing needs
  • Customer info helps to make well -informed decisions


Tinyowl, Pret A Manger, Knowlett, Event Workforce Group, Tiger Textiles International, and a few others are some of the top clients.

6. 2Checkout

2checkout is among the best stripe competitors. 2checkout works well as a payment gateway for a merchant account around the globe.

2checkout enables merchant accounts to receive payments online from credit cards around the world.

The features offered by 2checkout benefits both sellers and buyers. 2checkout adapts well to the multi-currency, language, and payment methods.

stripe alternatives - 2chackout


Recurring billing, ecommerce integration, multiple payment methods, account updater, customized subscription plans, customized checkout options, and PCI data security standard are some of the salient features that make 2checkout a topper among the stripe alternatives.


2 checkout enables payment processing methods like Discover, diner’s club, visa, master card, American Express, PayPal, and other debit cards. 2checkout supports up to fifteen languages and eighty-seven currencies. Automatic renewals streamline recurring payments.

The Customized subscription plan works well for a merchant account that would like to enable their ecommerce customers.

The Level 1 Data security standard protects both the merchants and customers when they use 2checkout platform as a payment processor from fraud alerts.

2checkout is a payment processor and an excellent stripe alternative that enables integration with cloud books, check front, Shopify, and a few others to facilitate shopping carts and invoicing systems.


The 2Sell plan enables sellers to sell globally quickly and simply and charges 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale.

This plan allows sellers to automate recurring billing, scale-up for international selling, and integrate with up to one hundred and twenty carts.

The 2Subscribe plan enables sellers to scale up their subscription and charges 4.5% plus $0.45 per sale.

Analytics, managing renewals and upgrades, covers the entire subscription life cycle, smart management tools, and customer retainment along with all the other features available in the 2sell plan.


  • The integration enables a single platform for multiple usages
  • the secured transaction helps in curtailing fraudulent practices
  • Charged are based on a per transaction


Malwarebytes, HP Software, Kaspersky Lab, Kilohearts, Nero, and a few others are some of the top clients using 2checkout.

2checkout G2
2checkout G2 review

7. Wise

Wise is an excellent choice among the other stripe alternatives.

Wise enables global money transfer with attractive exchange rates, making it a new-age banking system.

A business profile created followed by some profile details, and a verification process is all you need to begin your payment processor journey for your business.

stripe alternatives - transferwise


  • International money transfers
  • Multi-currency account to enable online payments, simple money transfers, recurring payments, and multi-currency wallet.


Signing up with transferwise is very easy. Supporting, documents and its validation for safety reasons followed by two to three days of account approval.

The currency conversion rate offered by Wise in the midpoint.

Meaning they are fair value to both the buyers and sellers in the market without any markup value.

However, Google and Yahoo Finance also provide information on the mid-market value of a currency.

Online payment processor/money transfer can raise security concerns. UK Financial Service Authority has regulated Wise, making it a low-risk financial institution.

The regulation helps to safeguard the customer’s money in case of bankruptcy situations or fraudulent challenges.

Businesses that have international transactions require a payment gateway with multi-currency account and makes Wise a great choice since it protects the customers from any challenges and offers a mid-market rate /fair price of conversion.

Transactions on debit cards across the globe is a lot easier for businesses.


  • 0.26 GBP is the fixed fees
  • 3.69 GBP (0.37%) as a variable fee
  • 3.95 GBP as a total fee.


  • Global Money transfer
  • Getting paid in multiple currencies


Remitly, WorldRemit, Xoom, Moneygram, Remit2India, OFX, Ria MoneyTransfers are some of the top companies using Wise.

8. Razorpay

Razorpay enables businesses to accept multiple payment methods, process, and disburse the payments on their product suite.

Mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, and UPI are all some of the acceptable payment modes with Razorpay.

Recurring payments and one-time payments through wallets like PayUmoney, airtel money, ola money, Pay Zapp, and a few others are made possible with Razorpay.

stripe alternatives - razorpay


Checkout, Dashboard, Mobile SDK, Payment Modes, API, Secure payment gateway are some of the Razorpay features that enable businesses with the right tools to accept online payments through credit card processing/ debit cards, and other methods of payments.


  • Payments through merchant account via API
  • Real-time payment notifications
  • Unique VA and VPA to each customer.
  • Online payment through virtual accounts, virtual payment addresses, and bank transfers enable businesses with a global audience to flourish.


The standard plan is most suitable for startups, small businesses, and medium enterprises.

Does not require any annual maintenance fee or one-time setup fee to make transactions.

The Standard plan charges 2% per transaction for payment gateways like Indian debit cards, credit cards, Net Banking from up to fifty-eight banks, UPI, wallets like free charge, moviwik, and a few others.

The standard plan includes email, chat, call support, paperless transactions, Payment gateway dashboards like international payments, and flash checkout.

Checkout JS, Developer APSIs, and Mobile SDKs are a few features that are a part of the standard plan.

The enterprise plan is an excellent fit for businesses with large volumes. The enterprise plan offers customized pricing to match business needs.

You can reach out to the team and work on a subscription plan as per business needs.

Priority access to new features, 24/7 priority support, key account manager, payment gateway dashboard, and a few other features are a part of the enterprise plan.


  • Seamless checkout
  • automated recurring payments
  • Charges per billing cycle


Gaming Monk, EPIC, Wifi Dabba India, Embibe, Superset, and a few other top brands use Razorpay as their payment gateway.

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Razorpay Capterra review

An overview of all the Stripe alternatives discussed in this guide:

Stripe alternativesFeatures Observation
Shopify PaymentsWhat is good?
Easy to setup and no hidden fees.
Good option for people who are already using Shopify for their online store.
What is not good?
Beware of any frauds and of any chargeback fees.
AdyenWhat is good?
Great option for international businesses.
No monthly fees.
What is not good?
Monthly minimum needed.
SquareWhat is good?
Best for credit card processing.
Provides a full-featured credit card processing app.
What is not good?
No 24/7 support.
PaypalWhat is good?
Money transfers are quick.
Navigation is simple even for newbies.
Also allows you to invest in cryptocurrency with finger touch.
What is not good?
In some cases, Paypal may be a costlier option.
ChargeBeeWhat is good?
Intuitive with an understandable interface.
Plenty of integrations.
A lot of customization options.
What is not good?
The customer support is not good.
2CheckoutWhat is good?
One of the few payment gateways that operate in South America.
Good security for fraud and any other illegal activities.
What is not good?
Currency exchange rates are expensive.
TransferWiseWhat is good?
A good option if your transfer amount is more than $300.
It doesn’t charge you based on the exchange rate.
What is not good?
Allows you to only send to bank accounts.
RazorPayWhat is good?
Low transaction fees for local as well as international payments.
Easy to set up.
What is not good?
A lot of complaints around the failure of international payments.
An overview of all the Stripe alternatives in this post

Our Experience:

Startups, small businesses, and large enterprises of the various niche have moved digital and led to the creation of an online payment gateway that enabled buying and selling around the world with ease.

Payments are either made through third party accounts, credit card, or debit card.

Stripe built a payment infrastructure that enabled businesses of all niche to operate without worrying about data security. Stripe is famous for its ease of use and pocket-friendly features.

8 Stripe Alternatives: Streamlined Payments Start for Free 3
Best Payment gateways G2 grid

Some of the advanced features offered by Stripe also enables a great checkout experience for the customers. While there are tons of basic and advanced features provided by Stripe, there are also a few disadvantages of using it, which has led companies to pursue an alternative. There are many stripe alternatives available in the market. Each stripe alternative comes with some excellent features and fee/pricing structure.

Shopify payments, PayPal, Chargebee, 2check out and a few others are an excellent fit for ecommerce businesses.

Many of them offer tons of customization on its features. However, the providers have their rights reserved on what can be and cannot be customized. Stripe and stripe alternatives enable both small business and large enterprises to make and receive payments through a secured payment gateway.

A few of the providers, like Square, offer third party payment processing.

Paypal is one of those alternatives that enable sending and receiving payments without actually providing a lot of information multiple times, making it a secure way of making payments.

Instant payments, order tracking, a real-time update on inventory and sales, secure checkouts, remote store management, recurring payment management, risk management, invoice tracking, email marketing, employee engagement, Quickbooks integration, multi-currency wallet, and much more are all possible with a few clicks thanks to the digital payment system offered by Stripe and its alternatives.

Some of the Stripe alternatives also enable businesses to manage employees, inventory, sales, invoicing, email marketing, and dozens of other things remotely. Making it a perfect virtual business management tool.

There are tons of providers offering a payment gateway system like stripe and stripe alternatives. The features and pricing offered by them are not the same. Every provider offers exciting features. Some of them charge per transaction while others run a billing cycle.

It would be wise to make a thorough research on the features, advantages, uses, and pricing offered by every provider before making the final decision about the most suitable one.

Questions asked while looking for Stripe Alternatives:

What is Stripe?

Stripe works as a secured payment gateway that enables both businesses and customers to receive and make payments through debit cards or credit cards.

Can I use Stripe for free?

Stripe offers standard rates for transactions and provides free access to their API.

What are some of the best stripe alternatives?

Shopify payments, Adyen, square, PayPal, Chargebee, 2checkout, transferwise, and Razorpay, are some of the best stripe alternatives.

Can I make payments in multiple currencies?

Yes, you can make payments in multiple currencies. Providers like Wise ensure a fair price that works well for both sellers and buyers.

Can I sell in any currency using stripe or stripe alternatives?

It is dependent on the country/region you are selling and the payment gateway you are using. You should check with the provider about the currencies you are allowed to sell.

Is it safe to make payments/ money transfer online?

Most of the payment gateway providers offer a Level1 certified security level to enable safe payment and avoid fraudulent practices between the businesses and their customers. It is best to check on the security level before choosing a provider.

What are domestic and international cards?

Domestic cards mean that the card is issued and used in the same country as your business. International cards indicate that the card is issued in one country and utilized in a different country/ region from your company.

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