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Sprout24 is a contextual data platform for SaaS products, offering exhaustive insights, expertly curated content, and thorough analysis concerning business software applications and products. It aims to bolster decision-making professionals in a myriad of sectors, presenting them with unmatched data points and resources to thrive in their chosen domains.

Boasting a decade experience in SaaS and B2B software management, a team of seasoned professionals and power users synergize to craft pertinent, data-backed content. This include software benchmarks, product recommendations, research compilations, and enlightening insights. You can read detail about Sprout24 here.

Sprout24 stands as one of the most venerable and expansive resources for free SaaS / software education aimed at beginners. Many often wonder why we offer all of our content for free and, subsequently, how we manage to sustain ourselves financially. To address these queries, we’ve dedicated this page to explaining the funding mechanisms behind Sprout24 and their significance to our audience.

Why Does Sprout24 Offer Free Content?

Recognizing the financial constraints often faced by beginners and small businesses, we launched Sprout24 in 2010 with the objective of providing easy-to-understand selection guides at no cost. Distinct from other tutorial sites, our team consists of genuine software selection experts, including programmers, writers, video creators, and editors, all with over 12 years of experience in software product analysis, SaaS, web hosting, eCommerce, digital marketing, SEO, and online marketing. Our mission is to empower small businesses to compete effectively with larger corporations by providing the resources we wished were available when we were starting out.

How Sprout24 Generates Revenue?

Transparency and honesty with our audience form the cornerstone of our community-building philosophy. Sprout24 incurs significant costs, both in terms of server infrastructure and content creation, given our commitment to assisting millions of users each month through thousands of free selection guides and video guides.

Our revenue streams include:

1. Our Product and Services:

We’ve developed several product and services for SaaS vendors. Each of these enable us with the revenue streams:

  • SaaS Product Analysis & Listing on Sprout24 Product Context Pages
  • Revenue Based Partnership Management Services
  • Digital PR Management for SaaS Vendors
  • Account Based Marketing Enablement for SaaS Vendors

2. Referral Fees:

We earn commissions by recommending services and products from companies we trust and use ourselves. Known as affiliate tracking, this model helps us cover our operational costs without compromising our integrity or the quality of our recommendations. For a SaaS product or service vendor to qualify for the mention they provide affiliate link for tracking the clicks and conversion in some cases. When the product / service is good, Sprout24 team may consider and mention the trackable affiliate link inside the selection guide and articles. The product or service vendor may provide commission or compensation to the team, when the reader decides to purchase the service and the team uses these to keep the Sprout24 community running.

  • Making purchases through our referral links will not result in higher costs for you. In fact, many vendors offer exclusive discounts to our readers, potentially saving you software expense.
  • We do not have access to your personal details such as name, email, or credit card information. Our insights are limited to the anonymous purchase details, including the product bought and the purchase date/time.
  • Based on our understanding of collected contextual data of SaaS product and services, we curate guides that follows our Review Methodology and product scoring, that follows SaaS Sprout Scoring Strategy.

Supporting Sprout24

The operation of a platform like Sprout24 requires substantial investment. Our team of programmers, analysts, writers, and editors is remunerated for their hard work, necessitating financial support from our community. You can assist us by using our referral links for your purchases, reviewing SaaS products we recommend, and sharing our guides on social media.

Why Your Support Matters?

Sprout24 aims to democratize SaaS / software learning by providing free, high-quality guides that rival costly training programs sold by so-called “experts.” Unlike many who write untested positive reviews for quick commissions, we prioritize our readers’ best interests. By supporting us, you help maintain free access to valuable SaaS education, enabling small businesses to grow and compete on a level playing field.

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