ClickFunnels 2.0 Review: Your AI-Enabled Sales Funnel Solution

In our detailed review of ClickFunnels, we explored its role as an AI-enabled sales funnel solution. We examined features like lead capture, email integration, and funnel sharing. We highlighted its ease of use for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, emphasizing its drag-and-drop interface and no-coding-required setup. Our analysis also covered recent updates, including acquisitions and the introduction of Marketing.AI. This review serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses considering ClickFunnels for their marketing and sales funnel needs.

The much-quoted marketing and sales funnel software comprising of 4 stages – Attract, Convert, Close Delight – provides business the opportunity to segregate its various brand-consumer touchpoints. Right from the day this funnel was conceived, it has enabled businesses to set a measurable objective and then chunk the challenges part by part.

After the revolution of industry due to the invention of ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson, internet marketing is easy to use, sophisticated and more profitable due to its ease of use.

ClickFunnels is a product of Russell Brunson innovation.

To describe it in one line, it is a marketing platform to create sales funnel and ClickFunnels landing pages easily and effectively. It is between the words “easily” and “effectively” where all the magic lies. Knowing that you need to have a robust sales funnel in place is only 1/50th of the job done. Creating a sales page that moves the needle along in your marketing endeavors, and with a rate that empowers your business to grow fast and sustainably, is anything but simple.

Especially when you are someone with not a lot of experience in coding or design, and are running on a tight budget, so much so you can’t invest heavily in the fancy automation platforms, you need a tool that can address all your needs without digging a hole in your pocket. You need a powerful tool that not only breaks the sales process down in easy-to-carry-out steps but also produces results that are characterized by high conversion rates.

clickfunnel g2 review

ClickFunnels is that tool that makes it easy exercise for any entrepreneur or marketing and sales professional to build marketing funnels with just a few clicks and in the minimum time possible.

ClickFunnels is a hosted/SAAS based landing page builder and marketing automation platform.

You don’t need to study any technical manuals to set up a funnel that can produce the desired results. The best thing is, you don’t need a lot of resources to be invested in order to reap the riches. But we will come down to the pricing part later.

ClickFunnels has great features for you to customize the funnel templates creation and event registration processes and give you a better chance to convert and close the leads.

You can move, resize, rescale, crop, group, and reshape each element of your landing page builder

For now, let’s take a closer look at all the features in this Click Funnels review, help you in make money online and difference to your sales and marketing efforts.

Update: ClickFunnels has made several notable acquisitions in September 2021 to take its platform to next level, including Doodly, Toonly, Voomly, Talkia, Automatic Script from Bryxen, Inc. Now it has formed Voomly LLC as a separate legal entity.

Russell Brunson’s co-founder at ClickFunnels, Todd Dickerson, has launched Marketing.AI, an AI-powered marketing platform that creates personalized copy and images for each customer, saving entrepreneurs and marketers time and effort.

The beta release is available exclusively to those who attended Funnel Hacking Live 2023. With Marketing.AI, users can easily harness the power of GPT AI to write effective sales copy and content without leaving ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels Features

ClickFunnels software segregates its features under 3 broad goals:

Build funnels sales to generate leads:

This includes the basic email captures and leads that can that come through messengers and chatbots on your website and can be added to a contact list.

Or you can have longer forms that capture even more visitor details, like their name, occupation, contact number, etc.

Create sales funnels to generate sales:

Funnels to generate sales involves elaborate schemes and strategies. You can aim to generate sales for a lower priced product or service, with the goal to upsell the more expensive products to the customers at later stages.

clickfunnel salesfunnel

Or you can create funnel type for a product or service that requires an elaborate explanation on your part to the customer, order to present the true value of the said product.

The sales funnel can also be created in the event you are about to launch a new product, and you want to create the right buzz during the pre-launch period.

If done right, this funnel can help you sell your products, especially considering the fact that you have more time to build the excitement around the product and market its features.

Create sales funnel to run an event:

Online events like webinars are a easy way to reach out to prospects and customers. Therefore, more and more businesses, especially the B2B ones, are using webinar funnels to have more human interaction with their users.

With these events, brands can make use of visual marketing and address customer support needs and problems through very direct interaction.

ClickFunnels account allows users to share funnels on the platform. One of the biggest benefits of using ClickFunnels is the “share funnels” feature which allows users to easily duplicate an entire funnel.

ClickFunnels offers a myriad of features that cover the 3 categories very comprehensively.

When you open the ClickFunnels tool and select the action for building the funnel, you are given 3 options, as highlighted above, in terms of the goals for your marketing campaign.

Once you select your goal, you can proceed to select the funnel type you want to create.

As soon as that is done, Click Funnels sets up all the sales pages that you want to include as part of the funnel right away.

clickfunnel sales funnel-2

The flow of the funnel that you have in mind can be made into a seamless framework with just a few clicks.

This framework is already optimized for great conversion rates, but of course, you’ll have plenty of data to test the conversions out.

Add and modify sales pages as you want

ClickFunnels certainly gives you the freedom to make customizations to your funnel in terms of how you wish to add the different sales pages, or move them around, delete, add membership funnels sales, etc.

Talking of adding funnel pages, this is a great feature for those who see an opportunity to include a page for additional services offered by their business.

This is especially useful in scenarios where you are offering some additional benefits to existing customer service and do not want them to go through the checkout process again. So upselling is made easy and very rewarding in this way with ClickFunnels.

You can also create funnels or an exclusive page for hosting the training material you have or for hosting specific content for the subscribers who have signed up for more content with you. Your visitors can create their own login in order to be able to access the content or to become a part of the drip-funnel you have in place.

This way, you also get to free yourself of the need to integrate a third-party Learning Management Software or any other cumbersome tool.

You can simply select “Build Funnel from the ClickFunnels menu on the dashboard to create membership funnels. 

clickfunnel build funnel option

Capture Leads

If one funnel has to point out one page or event where most websites face maximum drop-offs or cart abandonment, it’s got to be the checkout page or process. Users can use ClickFunnels, website funnel building can have the easiest checkout process for their buyers. You’ll notice an immediate drop in the cart abandonment rate and rise in purchase rate.

Whether you use the traditional forms or the shorter forms, capturing lead is easy in case you wish to pitch your products and services, their benefits to those who abandoned their cart. You can also have those instant add-ons to encourage impulse purchases, further increasing your margins.

Make Money With ClickFunnels affiliate programs

Running websites through affiliate programs is a revenue avenue for countless websites on the internet.

But running a ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program in the right manner can help you earn a lot of money, and something not everyone is expertly equipped to do.

With ClickFunnels affiliate account, you can bridge that expertise gap by integrating your affiliate program with your sales funnel in a matter of just a few minutes for making money. Once you set up the affiliate program, you can customize the commission plans, the types of affiliates, integrate payment gateways and have dedicated sections for ClickFunnels affiliate program.

clickfunnel affiliate

The best part of this feature is that you get access to generate affiliate marketing links that can point out to any of the pages that are set up using ClickFunnels.

No coding, no hassles

ClickFunnels can be used to completely redesign and rework your website pages, without having to get your hands dirty with code.

You can easily change the logo on a page or replace the existing videos, text and product listings with your own using drag and drop method.

The sheer customization capability to create landing pages combined with the simplicity of the entire process makes ClickFunnels an absolute must-have tool.For those who do understand coding and have a decent knowledge of designing concepts, ClickFunnels features can be used to take website redesign to a whole new level using the drag and drop feature.

There are custom CSS code snippets available that can be used to pick individual elements in a page and make changes in their HTML codes. The padding adjustment feature gives you complete control over how you want the different user experience elements on the page to be placed apart.

You can have the optimum spacing between the different elements that are pleasing to the eye and yet conversion-friendly. The colors on the website – be it for the page as a whole or the text on the page on specific elements, ClickFunnels makes a platform that provides tools for all diverse needs.

So if you do want to customize your page, the drag and drop editor provides that option as a built-in.

Engage leads more with personalized and conversion friendly email features

Capturing leads with ClickFunnels is another easy to use and much-rewarding process. It provides you with an automation tab wherein setting up email messages can be done, along with setting up the sequence of actions you plan to take to establish a connection with your audience.

This can then be followed by optins . Every time your users take action desired by you, you get a notification. You can find the automation tab on every single page on your funnel. Once you decide the page for which you plan to send out the mail , all you gotta do is to insert an “Add New Email” button.

You can then include other details like name, subject line, the SMTP configuration, so on and so forth.

clickfunnel optin

Creating a functionality for auto-email sending is one of the best things you need to accomplish for having a successful email campaign.

In order to ensure a great open rate for your emails, you need to do a lot of things right, for example scheduling the emails at the right time, having a great subject line, etc.

While these things may help you achieve the required email open rate, what will actually lead to better conversions is if your email receivers click on the links or buttons you have included in your emails. Any email you send out to any email address should have the UI elements, and CTAs aligned in a way that it is optimized to nudge users to click where you want them to click.

All of this can be easily achieved using the email page templates provided by ClickFunnels, with very useful features such as ClickFunnels Editor, copy editing, image swapping, creating CTA, and a whole lot of other customization options. You can also edit the template by adding your own custom message and eventually automate the email sequences that are most optimized for high conversions.

Actionetics for follow-up sales funnels

ClickFunnels has a tool within it that goes by the name Actionetics. This feature serves as a great follow-up tool; it enables you to easily create follow-up funnels that go beyond being an autoresponder.

While you create, schedule and deliver emails, Actionetics can help with having a direct line of communication with individual customers, based on the very specific data you have about them, like who they are, what did they buy from your website and when, the customer’s demographics and locations, the actions they have taken when in your funnel, etc.

And it is not just the email medium that Actionetics takes care of, you can reach out to your audience through different social media platforms like the Facebook messenger, desktop notifications, retargeting ads, SMS, etc. It also allows you to create and send messages to individual users or even broadcast certain important messages to all your subscribers.

clickfunnels actionetics

Essentially, you are not doling out those generic messages to be sent out to all the customers at once, regardless of what their motivations may be.

Instead, these features enable you to have a one-on-one conversation with consumers by adding personalization to your communications.

This way, you tell your users and customers that you know who they are and you care about what their aspirations are from your product.

Eventually, these lead to them viewing you as thought leaders and as a business that knows what it is doing, further boosting the conversion rates.

The entire process of creating lists under the Actionetics feature is pretty straightforward too.

You can add certain rules and qualifiers to your email list, which basically takes the data from your system to add users in a smart way to the list. Once your messages are sent through the different platforms and mediums, you also need to be able to track their performance. With Actionetics, you can see who opened your emails, whether they clicked on the links within the email, who made the purchase, and how much revenue was generated via each email.

ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels Review

Having taken a detailed look at everything you need that ClickFunnels has to offer, it would be worth your time to check out whether these features perform as well as ClickFunnels claims they do; is the end user satisfied with what he is getting in exchange of the investment in the tool?

In order to find that out, we can refer to the two most trusted source of customer feedback – G2 Crowd and Capterra.

On G2 Crowd, the ClickFunnels review have been majorly positive, with the average score standing at 4.2 out of 5, at the time of writing this document.

There are digital marketers who have appreciated the versatility this tool provides and the sheer attention to detail that is in the offing.

The users have posted glowing review about the follow-up features and the customer service that ClickFunnels offers. A co-founder of an upcoming small business says that companies investing a lot of money, effort and resources into sales should absolutely use ClickFunnels.

After a small learning curve, it can help small business make that leap and become successful.

On Capterra, the average score of ClickFunnels stands at very impressive 4.5 out of 5.

Again, there are review posted not only be marketing professionals but also by CEOs who handle or are heavily involved with the online marketing initiatives of their business.

The review highlight how ClickFunnels has a lot of moving parts, and all of them run in total sync with each other.

While the tool provides a huge range of features, it never feels bloated. There is a lot of focus delivered on every single feature. The customization options and the fact that it covers all bases makes Clickfunnels an absolute must-buy.

The users are also satisfied with the long-term benefits of the tool, not just the short-term gains and the customer service.

Following is the screenshot from the Capterra website:

clickfunnel capterra review

The ClickFunnels website also provides a number of testimonials for one to take a look at.

These are detailed testimonials wherein different professionals have explained the challenges they were facing as part of their web presence, learning curve and sales strategies.

They then go on to explaining how ClickFunnels with its custom features for every stage of the buyer’s journey helped them overcome challenges and boost their growth in short turnaround time.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing

The ClickFunnels pricing is also something that sits well with most users.

Clickfunnels offer a one time 14 day free trial, and if you are satisfied with their 14 day trial for free, you can choose from primarily two ClickFunnels plan namely ClickFunnels Basic and ClickFunnels Platinum or ClickFunnels Etison Suite in which priority support is available.

The more economical one costs $97 a month, which has a cap on a number of features, like maximum 20 funnels 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, landing page templates traffic, customer service etc.

The enterprise plan allows you to build unlimited funnels, landing page, has no cap on traffic, customer service and you have a plethora of features to choose from that you think will be useful to you; and this applies to both the plans.

clickfunnel pricing

You can pay for 6 months or on yearly basis for any of the plan. Customer support is available in all paid plans but we are not sure if customer service is available in 14 day free trial.

ClickFunnels 2.0 have new features which include, enhanced navigation throughout the app platform, 19 new page templates, enhanced workflow triggers – now users can select standalone pages that are not within a funnel to trigger their workflows.

ClickFunnels Alternative Comparison

ClickFunnels Alternative Comparison

Digital marketing is an industry in itself, which is the reason why the marketplace is flooded with tools that make the jobs of marketers simpler and more result-oriented.

Therefore, there are a lot of tools with functionalities and features similar to those of ClickFunnels.

Let us check out some of the highly recommended tools and how they fare when compared with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages

Leadpages is among the most trusted tool for those who want to capture and nurture leads due to its ease of use.

The integration with a host of third-party tools makes the entire process of capturing and nurturing leads easier and optimized for great results.

Check out the following Leadpage integrations in the image below:

clickfunnel vs leadpages

On the other hand, ClickFunnels not just offers lead capturing, but it serves as a tool to build complete sales funnels and easy to use.

You can process payments digitally with ClickFunnels, and it also integrates with Stripe, Recurly, NMI and other similar tools.

Leadpages does not integrate with payment processors and that doesn’t make everyone happy.

Leadpages has a drag and drop feature that enhances the usability of the tool and help you build landing pages; ClickFunnels also keeps the usability quotient high.

Another feature that makes Clickfunnels a more preferable tool is its ability to upsell and downsell, something which Leadpages lacks.

For digging deeper in this comparison, check out this post.

ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Builderall is another tool that provides a wide range of capabilities.

It provides drag and drop page builders, but it is not as customer-oriented as ClickFunnels is. The feature that lets you embed the page builder feature with your sales funnel is a great differentiator for clickFunnels.

Builderall works great as an email marketing automation tool, allowing you to stay on top of your interactions with your leads.

As opposed to ClickFunnels, the option to use email page templates and smartly add users to the mail address list is not as easy to use and effective with Builderall, but it does allow you to quickly write personalized emails in order to build a good relationship with leads.

ParametersClickfunnels vs Builderall
What do we like?It is a funnel and a site builder.
Also offers powerful marketing capabilities.
Great email marketing automation tool
Write personalized emails quickly
What we don’t like?Easy to get started with the cookbook builder.Not as customer-oriented as Clickfunnels.
Pricing The paid plans start at $97/moThe paid plan is $14.90 per month
Best for Businesses needing advanced marketing solutions. Email marketing automation
Building interaction with leads.
Clickfunnels vs Builderall

ClickFunnels vs GetResponse

GetResponse is a very popular marketing platform that also allows you to build website pages and create webinar funnels.

For tracking the performance of functionalities built and implemented using GetResponse, you have Advanced Analytics that give you an in-depth report.

ClickFunnels report is also great for gaining insightful information, and it also provides A/B testing or a/b split testing for you to determine which versions would fetch better conversion rates.

The upsell and downsell features in ClickFunnels are missing in GetResponse. Go in-depth on GetResponse in this post and read all about its capabilities.

ParametersClickfunnels vs GetResponse
What do we like?It is a funnel and a site builder.
Also offers powerful marketing capabilities.
List automation is very powerful.
A well-rounded design and spam testing.
Funnels and webinar features.
What we don’t like?Easy to get started with the cookbook builder.It is a bit pricey and the editor is sluggish at times
Pricing The paid plans start at $97/moThe paid plan is $95 per month
Best for Businesses needing advanced marketing solutions. Ecommerce stores and anyone who wants to capture leads and need powerful automation.
Getresponse vs Clickfunnels

Below a small snapshot of upsell and downsell feature of clickfunnel:

clickfunnel upsell

ClickFunnels vs. Unbounce

Irrespective of whether you are new in the world of digital marketing or a seasoned player, there is little chance that you wouldn’t have heard of Unbounce.

A giant brand, Unbounce dwarfs most of its competition by a fair degree, except for when you compare it with ClickFunnels side by side.

The primary focus area with Unbounce is building intuitive landing page.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, lets you build sales page right from scratch, and building landing pages is one of thebest focus areas.

Both the landing page software tools provide the A/B Testing or A/B split testing functionality for landing page, which is a must for any funnel builder.

With Unbounce, you need to integrate with the third party marketing tools for A/B testing, but this feature is in-built in ClickFunnels.

The integrations available with Unbounce are with marketing tools like HubSpot, Marketo, Mailchimp, Zapier, WordPress, etc. But ClickFunnels provides a mail marketing platform in itself and does not integrate with a lot of third-party tools. With the rare ones it integrates, Mailchimp stands out.

The below picture is the integrations offered by Unbounce:

For very large enterprise requirements, the Unbounce features have a more suited setup and can handle more data as compared to ClickFunnels.

The affiliate system you can build with ClickFunnels is not available with Unbounce.

Also, Unbounce does not provide the autoresponder feature or an activity dashboard, both of which can be found with ClickFunnels. You can have rule-based workflows in ClickFunnels, but Unbounce provides no such feature and ease of use.

Also, SEO management is one of the best sought-after features by ClickFunnels, and Unbounce users are left wanting in this respect.

Clickfunnels Vs. Shopify

The most significant difference among Shopify and ClickFunnels is that Shopify permits you to assemble a ground-breaking e commerce store in no time.

Also, the fantastic FREE Shopify guide has over one hundred pages to help you learn how to monetize your lost traffic. It is a e-commerce store builder that lets you control the experience potential customers will have.

It is imperative to attract clients to purchase high-ticket items, which is the ultimate objective!

When an individual goes to the page for a high-ticket thing after tapping on a promotion, they will be met with other similar items and take a look over. It resembles walking into a physical store, with more alternatives and features.

Though, just utilizing ClickFunnels represents a customer going to a kiosk in a shopping center that only sells a single product.

It is safe to say that with regards to ClickFunnels and Shopify, both can be very important and crucial for your dropshipping business. When first beginning, it is ideal for focusing on your Product Listing Ads (PLA), the Privy App, and the Shopify store.

The rule of thumb at Drop Ship style is that the ideal time to get started using ClickFunnels and Facebook Ads is the point at which you are making $30,000 to $50,000 in sales every month.

clickfunnel followup

Shopify is for master business entrepreneurs who realize how to use different types of social media and marketing funnel with their stores, have proper knowledge of making funnels and transform visitors into clients, and need a vital tool to create and manage their online business store.

At last, we can say that none of these apparatuses are perfect alone. Both have their qualities and shortcomings.

Eventually, the platform you decide to maintain your business relies upon what sort of business you’re beginning and what kind of products ClickFunnels you will sell. 

The primary difference between Clickfunnels versus Shopify are:

  • Clickfunnels has two plan options with an essential plan that is more costly, while Shopify has three choice plans.
  • Clickfunnels doesn’t have a mobile application, though Shopify has an accessible Android and iPhone application.
  • Clickfunnels offers a few highlights, including instant sales channels, though Shopify does a better job dealing with your stock and clients, inventory management and customers.
ParametersClickfunnels vs Shopify
What do we like?It is a funnel and a site builder.
Also offers powerful marketing capabilities.
Offers Android and iPhone applications.
Great for dealing with inventory management, stock, and clients.
Free shopify guide
What we don’t like?Easy to get started with the cookbook builder.To make full use of this tool you need to have basic knowledge of social media.
Pricing The paid plans start at $97/moThe paid plan is $29 per month
Best for Businesses needing advanced marketing solutions. Maintaining and managing online stores.
Clickfunnels vs Shopify

ClickFunnels vs. Instapage

clickfunnel vs instapage

Instapage is a fast-growing platform that proves to be a useful resource when building a landing page due to its ease of use.

It does a lot without any bells and whistles. The web pages created using Instapage pitch websites in a suitable position to be marketed to the relevant audience so that high conversion rate is achieved.

As explained earlier, ClickFunnels allows users to build landing page, sales page and deliver focus on every aspect of the sales funnels.

So, while Instapage is organized and great for online promotion and winning leads, ClickFunnels covers the whole nine yards and doesn’t waste any time or effort.

Not only can it help capture more leads, but you can also use the ClickFunnels platform to close sales as you can follow your customer all along the buying journey.

ParametersClickfunnels vs Instapages
What do we like?It is a funnel and a site builder.
Also offers powerful marketing capabilities.
Great for online promotions and winning leads.
Good for improving conversions.
What we don’t like?Easy to get started with the cookbook builder.Not as feature-rich and powerful as Clickfunnels.
Pricing The paid plans start at $97/moThe paid plan is $199 per month
Best for Businesses needing advanced marketing solutions. Creating attractive landing pages to boost conversions.
Clickfunnels vs Instapages

Bonus points for you on completing this entire article – a full comparison on Instapage and Leadpages!

An Overview

An overview of Clickfunnels and its features

Factor Comments
What do We like?Creating sales funnels is easy.
Cookbook builder to help you get started with funnels.
Unlimited funnels with their platinum plan.
What we don’t like?In-built email marketing is expensive.
Value for MoneySlightly expensive if you cannot leverage the features that it offers.
Customer Support Lacks 24-hour support.
 Do not have prompt support.
Who should use it?Business owners looking to level up their sales game and increase their ROI.
Clickfunnels AlternativesLeadpages, Instapages, and Builderall
Our Score4.5/5

Our Experience:

Growth marketing in the online milieu has witnessed terrific innovation over the past few years.

The tools highlighted in this post are enabling business owners to leverage the power of technology and stay on top of the mind of their consumers and prospects.

If you are a business owner or digital marketer, it is a no brainer that you must use tools for not only having the most optimized web pages for your online presence, but also for boosting your sales on a consistent basis.

User engagement is among the most critical areas for you to deliver on these aspects, and tools like ClickFunnels give you the arsenal to maintain high levels of engagement.

landing pages builder g2crowd

While most alternatives to ClickFunnels have their strengths in one or two focus areas – primarily in creating wonderful landing page – ClickFunnels is the most comprehensive tool that takes every stage of the user’s journey into account.

The sales funnels created using ClickFunnels give you a bird’s eye view of every activity and engagement going on within your business, while allowing you to deep dive into specifics so that every little thing that can potentially stunt or slow your growth down can be identified and dealt with.

So, if you’re looking for an all in one tool for a long time for page building then clickfunnels is the way to go.


Questions asked for ClickFunnels review and alternatives:

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels helps marketers , business owners, entrepreneurs with its sales funnel builder to create their sales page and unlimited funnels.

How is ClickFunnels different from its competitors?

ClickFunnels is a robust tool that offers various functionalities ranging from building high-converting landing pages to creating sales funnels. You can do a lot of stuff with this tool alone.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

ClickFunnels offers a one time
14 day free trial
This free trial is applicable for everyone regardless of which plan you choose later.
ClickFunnels: $97/mo: maximum 20 funnels 100 pages, 20,000 visitors
ClickFunnels Platinum or ClickFunnels Etison suite: $ 297 a month.
ClickFunnels collective: $1497/mo
You can buy yearly ,per month or 6 months plan as per your choice.

Which is better: ClickFunnels or Leadpages?

Both the tools have different areas of expertise. ClickFunnels focuses on building marketing sales funnels while Leadpages is all about building quick leading pages and works well for small businesses.

What are funnels?

A funnel is described as the journey from being a prospect to a customer. It has several stages categorized by the kind of action the particular prospect takes such as awareness, purchase and retention.  Based on these the businesses can guide their marketing efforts.

Is ClickFunnels worth the investment?

Yes, ClickFunnels easy usage and robustness help businesses improve their marketing efforts. Without investing much time and much money one can easily sell physical products or even digital products. You can quickly build squeeze pages, thank you page, landing pages and sales funnels with this tool.

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  1. Clickfunnels offers affiliate program that is very useful for people like us who are looking forward to affiliate marketing. It is hard to find this feat in other similar software.