11 Top Digital Tools Every Modern Social Media Agency Needs

Our analysis of essential tools for modern social media agencies revealed a comprehensive list of digital resources crucial for success in 2024. This guide focuses on key tools like Sendible, SocialBee, and NapoleonCat, among others. Each tool is examined for its unique capabilities in areas like social media monitoring, content management, and analytics. This essential resource aids social media agencies in selecting the most effective tools to enhance their online presence, engagement, and overall marketing strategies.
Social Media Agency Tools

A social media agency is some of the top businesses getting set up and ready to serve their clients in 2024.

Social media agency are a kind of digital marketing agency that are setting up and managing social media engagement and social media marketing for many different clients.

In this guide, we will address what digital marketing agencies do — precisely what resources they should plan and provide you with a detailed overview of each of them.

What are the marketing agencies?

Marketing agencies are also known as a social media marketing agency, marketing firms, or specialized agencies that help businesses to build up brand value most effectively and affordably possible.

A marketing agency has a team of experts having several experiences in the field of digital marketing and social media marketing and help companies bringing the best out of any business entity or a company.

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Which companies use social media marketing?

Businesses should tap into the amazing potential of social media to reach and link with the right audience.

A strong social media presence creates an excellent possibility for companies working in digital marketing, Real Estate Brokerages, Dentists, Accountants, Public relation (PR)and communications etc.

Let us first discuss social media marketing services delivered by social media marketers across the globe.

Services delivered by Social Media Agency:

Profile creation and branding

A marketing agency for social media can help you get started with strategic social media advertising by creating profile with professional headshot and accounts that focus on top social media platforms. It can help you reach your targeted range of audience much easily.

If you launch your company and avail the services from top social media agencies, then they make sure that your social profiles work for your brand, are search engine-friendly and even have some scheduled content to get you started in the first few days.

Influencer outreach 

Influencer marketing is a part of social media advertising that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers. It helps you to generate leads through their following.

Social media influencers are individuals with extensive and dedicated followers on social media and established credibility in a specific niche. Thus, they are often top priorities when it comes to leads generation.

Top social media agencies will identify influencers who can endorse your brand or online to help you advertise your product or service on digital platforms. They use tools like Klout and Buzzsumo to identify them.

Social analytics and reporting

Top social media agencies give regular updates to the clients about your product or services.

The analytics report provided by social media agency gives an idea of everything from the performance of the profiles to the demographic analysis of the audience.

You will know which posts performed better consistently and also suggest tips on how to make your posts better through trends and other stuff.

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If you hire a full service digital marketing agency then they can help you in advertising your services and products through other means like search engine marketing, pay per click ads etc.

Education and consulting

Social media agency deliver services that can help you avoid using corporate jargon and use a more conversational approach to interact with customers.

Marketing agencies for social media can assist with creating a social media policy, empowering employees to use social media, and build a social media team.

Competitor analysis 

Apart from analyzing your performance, a social media agency has to check what your competitors are upto.

They Analyze your competitor’s social profiles to gauge their performance.

They keep an eye on your audiences that are engaging with their content, which social media advertising campaigns were successful, and decide their publishing schedule.

Social media strategy 

A social media agency will give clients a complete overview of how they are going to execute a strategy suited for your business.

Suppose you choose a digital marketing agency for availing social media advertising services.

In that case, they also offer services like graphic design, video production, public relations management and search engine marketing services to support your media advertising efforts. It is a great option for leads generation and boosting conversions.

Decide the channels to target.

The social media agency you hire, decides the platform to target for your media advertising.

For example,- if you are a B2B company delivering IT infrastructure management solutions, you do not need a presence on Instagram.

Likewise, if you are a retail store selling cosmetics for women, you need a strong presence on Instagram.

Video Advertising

Combined with growing attention to digital content, video advertising is beneficial for both B2B and B2C industries. The social media agency will provide you with various choices for video production.

“The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.”

Michael Litt

Agencies can, for example, create personalized text ads, re-target Facebook or YouTube videos, automate videos for different channels, produce pre-roll or mid-roll, etc.

Pay per click services

Hire a social media agency for paid social media advertising campaigns.

You will get unique advantages as compared to traditional pay per click (PPC) marketing methods on Google.

The paid social media marketing services will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising for your business using paid marketing features of social media.

Mobile Marketing

More than 50% of smartphone searches result in purchases. That percentage is also higher if the search applies to a particular company:

78% of the smartphone locations end in retail buying, and search words often show a clear desire to buy.

In smartphone ads, there is a range of choices for companies.

Your social media agency works on aspects like social YouTube advertising, in-app advertisements, and smartphone app download promotions and much beyond that.

Dashboard to follow influencers, competitors and customers

Social media marketing agency set up a social media dashboard for your business to save your time and effort.

The panel can help you track your competitors, customers metrics , and market trends from different social media profiles at one place.

Content strategy

Your social media profiles influence the content of your search engine results and are often amongst the top results in search engine listings for brand names.

There are several ways to post creative and useful content for social media marketing that includes visual campaigns, contests, and blogging relevant and fun content.

A social media marketing company try different things, to see what drives referral traffic and public relation using analytics tools and related process to increase ROI through social media advertising.

They try to find out what are the average expectations of your audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a procedure to increase the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers. It is also known as CRO.

In this area, social media marketing organization’s resources may include route mapping, setting the CRO targets, the commitment of translating metrics or collecting data from visitors to the website.

Social Media Agency Top Used Digital Tools:

1. Sendible

social media agency - sendible marketing services -  key email marketing and online marketing - could reach various social media

The Sendible Framework put together all the social media profiles into a single portal. It is the best way for the brands to adopt a successful marketing plan. It is a good investment for small businesses, marketing experts, and e commerce to promote their products and services in their respective target market.

It can help them increase their brand recognition, establish believe amongst customers improve website traffic and also help with reputation management.

The social network automation capabilities of Sendible help users promote the cycle of guiding communications, creating and facilitating social media conversations.

Brands and companies alike are keen on the single focus inbox, which saves time by consolidating the most relevant communications from various outlets.

Social media agency can implement the right tools and bring useful and exciting experiences with beautiful posts on social media to help your business grow. 


  • Social media marketing and monitoring, reporting, analytics, campaigns and engagement
  • Platform Performance and Reliability
  • Publishing and Scheduling Automation
  • Monitoring social media advertising campaigns
  • Keyword Setup feature
Reddit discussion of sendible - social media agency tool for online presence for target market - include social media messaging execute
Top 20 social media tool Reddit discussion


  • Free Trial for a free 14-day trial
  • Solopreneurs for $29 /month or $24/ month billed yearly
  • For startup agencies for $99 /month or $84/ month billed yearly
  • For growing agencies for $199 / month or $169/ month billed yearly
  • For large teams for $299 / month or $254/ month billed yearly

2. SocialBee

SocialBee is really a great option that provides resources, preparation, and teams for social media marketing management to help you create more leads with little effort.

The platform is extensive and lets users access and monitor all social media marketing profiles from a single dashboard. The platform is widely used by a social media agency to maximize conversions with different marketing techniques.

social media agency tool - social bee - social media marketing agency - reach and interact target audience with metrics - smm job


Social ManagementContent ManagementCollaboration
Social CampaignsContent CalendarShared Inbox
Social SharingContent LibraryApproval Workflows
Social AnalyticsContent CurationUsers and Permissions
Social EngagementManage pay per click Ads


  • Pro25 for $79/ month
  • Pro50 for $149/ month
  • Pro150 for $379/ month

3. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is an efficient and managed social media marketing tool and virtual customer service. The platform is a ready to use solution that helps agencies, advertisers, and businesses to:  

  • Manage rising platforms in social media
  • Consumer care management
  • Evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns
  • Market tracking and benchmarking work in the departments
  • Automated methods of monitoring

Currently, NapoleonCat connects completely with social media marketing platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

social media agency - napoleon cat image - social media platforms - focusing to reach target audience initial


Social Media MonitoringSocial ManagementReports & DashboardsPlatform
Social MeasurementSocial AnalyticsCompetitor AnalysisUser, Role, and Access Management
Social ReportingSocial SharingFollower AnalysisScalability
Social ListeningSocial CampaignsContent Engagement AnalysisPerformance and Reliability
Report ExportingSocial EngagementGet customized reports
services social media agency tool - NapoleonCat - boost conversion rates through various social channels - real review
NapoleonCat Capterra review


  • Free plan
  • 2-week trial
  • Standard for $21 billed annually, three profiles, one user
  • Pro for $42 billed annually, three profiles, one user

4. Sociamonials

Sociamonials is a tool that tracks and accelerates the selling funnel. It is important for B2B content marketers, digital marketing experts, and social media marketing company.

Sociamonials postal scheduler lets you plan the transfer of your customers, and you can automatically repost your evergreen content.

The tool is ideal for SMBs and large companies as well as it is focused on marketing services and public relations agencies in Washington DC.

social media agency - sociamonials - manage social media platforms - spread brand awareness - responding quickly last

Key features:

Conversion TrackingKeyword FilteringMulti-Account Management
Lead ManagementChannel ManagementAdvertising campaign Management
Multi-campaign ManagementMulti-Account ManagementContent Management and collaboration services
Automated PublishingCustomer EngagementReporting/Analytics


  • Free
  • Pro for $19/month
  • Business for$149/month
  • Enterprise for $399/month

5. Publer

Publer is a cyber superhero, enabling the updates for media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business to collaborate, designed, and tested.

Another great tool to manage multiple social media accounts that people fully love.

social media agency tool - Publer - soread brand awareness - get best out of your tools - looking for converting many leads  - take action

Aside from simple manual preparation, Publer can automate your posts to you automatically, depending on a posting schedule that you can predetermine or recycle your perennial material.

Publer will automatically add your logo to any social media visual and video you share and add your signature to each message. Click To Tweet


  • Management of social media campaigns, ads, sharing, analytics and engagement
  • Content management, library and content curation
  • Get shared inbox approval Workflows
  • Manage users and permissions
Publer offers trust even as a social media collaboration tool - best name built tool learning


  • Free
  • ARGENTUM (silver) for $10/ month
  • AURUM (gold) for $20 / month

6. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is an expert that offers tools that help you to explore content filtered by social posts, media styles, and virality. Pick posts from your theme feed individually or start an automated program with your own rules to automatically publish the contents on your social platforms.

Social media agency tool -studio logo - top social media marketing tool for a potential customer growing  list


Social Media MonitoringSocial Engagement
Social ManagementManage pay per click Ads
Social AnalyticsDrag & Drop Scheduling
Social SharingContent Management
Social CampaignsDigital content management
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  • Pro plan for$49 / month
  • Small plan for $99.00 / month
  • Medium plan for $199.00 / month
  • Large plan for $299.00 / month

7. Loomly

Loomly is the Brand Performance Network, which lets marketing professionals control all facets of their social media communication and brand recognition, including:

  • Fuel your post-ideas with storytelling
  • Use post-optimization guidance to polish the content
  • Test the post mockups and clearance workflows client notifications
  • Target & sponsoring (social marketing admin arriving in the short term) meet your market
  • Participate in connections with friends      
  • Test your Advanced Analytics results
  • Loomly comes as a web portal for native smartphone iOS & Android apps
social media agency - loomly - engaging facebook marketing - convert leads - target demographics - behind lead generation


Social ManagementContent ManagementCollaboration
Social Media CampaignsContent CalendarShared Inbox
Social SharingContent LibraryApproval Workflows
Social AnalyticsContent CurationUsers and Permissions
Social EngagementBrand SafetyManage pay per click Ads
Loomly Capterra review - social media services - create ad campaigns - google ads and customers - brand reputation - expert advice and recommend
Loomly Capterra review


  • Base plan for $34 / month, 2 Users, 10 Accounts
  • Standard plan for $76 / month, 6 Users, 20 Accounts
  • Advanced plan for $159 / month, 16 Users, 35 Accounts
  • Premium plan for $332 / month, 26 Users, 50 Accounts
  • Enterprise plan for Contact, 27+ Users, 51+ Accounts

8. Planable

Planable would provide the ability for businesses and organizations, in a specific and cohesive atmosphere. It is more like social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to develop a plan, debate, schedule, and prepare social media content.

This approach is designed to maximize user experience, improve online presence with time, and strengthen content marketing efforts.

social media agency - plannable - run social media ads - increasing facebook marketing front


  • Centralized Social Media Content Management    
  • Immediate Feedback   
  • Social Media Post Preview     
  • Faster Approval
  • Social Media Posting
social media agency - plannable - run social media ads - online presence - direct smm - provides and handle tools - recommend tool


  • Free plan for $0 / month, unlimited workspaces, unlimited users, first 50 posts
  • Starter for $39 / month, one workspace, three users, self-service, unlimited posts
  • Premium for$99 / month, five workspaces, seven users, self-service, unlimited posts
  • Enterprise is available for customization

9. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a tool for managing social marketing that allows organizations, businesses, and advertisers to control all of their posts in the social media, plan and post content, recognize leading influencers, monitor social networks, and report on a single dashboard.

Agorapulse supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube now and one of the most reliable tools for social media marketing. It is an excellent tool for beginners who don’t have much knowledge about social media operations.

Agorapulse also offers five free tools for social media managers to ease the marketing process:

  • Facebook Ads Report
  • Easy Advocacy
  • Twitter Report Card
  • Facebook Barometer
  • Facebook Timeline Contest.
Social media tool via Agora Pulse - manage facebook instagram -  makes easy to maximize lead conversions


Social MeasurementSocial AnalyticsContent marketing and engagement analysis
Influencer IdentificationSocial SharingReport customization
Social ReportingSocial Media Advertising Influencer Identification
Social Listening Social Engagement Report exporting


Agorapulse pricing - manage niche social media networks  and communication - attract traffic to websites - no financial draining social media tool
  • Free 28 Day Trial
  • Medium $79/ month, billed annually.
  • Large for $159/ month, billed annually
  • X-Large for $239/ month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise for 399/ month, billed annually.

10. Gainapp

You have to do all of the jobs manually when you deal with a social media ad strategy directly. Gainapp makes the publishing of content on social media and the digital platform easy.

The software is suitable for marketer company, social media managers, and anyone working in teams to streamline and automate the post scheduling process.

Social media platform Gain app - management social media - advertising social media on facebook grown - yet the best tool - overall growth


  • Content clearance for any device.
  • Discussions on content. History of information. The tags for information
  • Export to PDF. Export to CSV. 
  • Internal permissions administration. Customer permissions service
  • Schedule and views for 30 days. Rounds of sponsorship unrestricted


  • Free Trial
  • Base Plan for $99 / month, includes the first ten users. Additional user cost $10 each.

11. Promo.com

Social media marketing agencies can use Promo.com to create video ads, social media videos, product videos, explainer videos and more advertising videos to boost your digital presence. Videos are a great way to boost conversions in today’s date.

The platform is all you need to make high-performing and scroll-stopping videos to promote your business on digital platforms. It helps you do impactful products marketing that help your grab attention.

social media agency - promo.com - manage facebook instagram - management agency - improve roi in industry - boosting conversions


Platform BasicPlatform Content Platform Additional Functionality
Slide DesignChartsMessaging
Presenter ToolsTemplate LibraryMobility
AutoSaveTemplate CreatorCloud
Social Listening File Sharing

Platform Additional Functionality


  • Free Trial
  • ANNUAL BASIC for $39/ month or $468 / Billed annually
  • ANNUAL STANDARD for $69/ month or $828 / Billed annually
  • ANNUAL PRO for $249/ month or $2988 / Billed annually
Promo - managing youtube marketing - influencers marketing -managed brand competition - gain video testimonials

12. MagicBrief

Using a Chrome extension, MagicBrief allows users to store and organize ad references from different sources such as TikTok or Facebook Ad Library. This platform offers various features, such as the following: You can find and save Facebook ads for future reference in unlimited folders, filters, or tags. The advertisements are stored permanently in her MagicBrief library, although they cease to be run by the advertiser.

MagicBrief homepage screenshot


 The magicBrief tool is a solution for streamlining the management of social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. It comprises key features including ad saving, storyboard creation, collaboration, and optimization. To save ads for reference and create visual storyboards, collaborate with team members, or obtain recommendations on improving your advertising campaigns, you can use this tool. Overall, MagicBrief’s goal is to reduce time and enhance ad quality as well as optimize the marketing strategies.


  1. FREE plan- Features
  • View Storyboards
  • View Ad Libraries
  • Add Comments
  1. $29/mo- Features
  • Save Ads with Chrome Extension
  • Create unlimited storyboards
  • Magic AI Video Tool
  • Ad Discover Library
  • Export timelines, scripts, or captions
  • Smart Tags & Filters
  • Save competitor landing pages

A quick roundup of all the social media tools for agencies discussed in this guide:

Social media toolsPricingQuick Round-up
AgorapulseThe paid plan starts @ $79/moWhat is Good?
All in one tool for social media marketing
Allows multiple users
Comprehensive and powerful analytics and reporting
What is not good?
Pricing is on a higher side
No Pinterest integration
No blog scheduling
SocialBeeThe paid plan starts @ $79/moWhat is good?
Powerful features for content scheduling
Integration with pocket app.
Affordable pricing.
What is not good?
Competition analytics only to Twiiter
No A/b testing of posts
SendibleThe paid plan starts at $29/moWhat is good?
The supported platforms are immense
In-built CRM
What is not good?
With so many features comes a higher price tag.
Not a tool for entrepreneurs
NapoleanCatThe paid plan starts @ $21/moWhat is good?
Easy to use.
Reporting and analytics feature much easier to implement.
What is not good?
The data sets such as demographics need to be more detailed
SociamonialsThe paid plan starts at $15/moWhat is good?
Full featured free trial.
Powerful customer support.
Good for lead tracking.
What is not good?
Not as robust as other tools.
Doesn’t offer anything extraordinary
PublerThe pricing plans start at $10/mo/userWhat is good?
Allows you to add watermarks to your posts.
Can post on Google my business
What is not good?
Doesn’t come with an app as of now.
ContentstudioThe paid plan starts @ $25/moWhat is good?
Helps you to explore relevant content .
Content curation and automation feature unique to its.
What is not good?
No direct publication on Instagram
LoomlyThe paid plan starts at $34/mo for 2 users.Integrations: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
What is good?
Good value for money.
Create new content around existing blogs.
What is not good?
Doesnt support excel formats.
PlanableThe paid plan starts @ $39/moWhat is good?
Uncomplicated and simple to use platform.
Create content in an atmosphere similar to the social media platforms.
What is not good?
Not a tool for comprehensive reports and analytics
Promo.comThe paid plan starts @ $15/moWhat is good?
Specifically for creating videos for social media marketing.
Easy to use even for novice users.
What is not good?
Some features can be slightly tricky.

Before you select a tool for your Social Media Agency:

To make social media marketing effective, media marketing agencies can definitely use the tools mentioned above. These web applications are designed to make social media advertising cost-effective and straightforward.

Organizations can quickly attract an audience using social media marketing along with their digital marketing efforts.

Best social media tools-G2 - management social media - management agency - facebook target traffic for roi - get influencer marketing
Best social media tools G2

To get the best results at a pocket-friendly price, make sure to do your research before hiring a full service digital marketing agency or a social media marketing agency to boost your digital presence.

Questions asked while looking for Social Media Agency:

Is branding and advertising through video marketing is a reasonable option?

Video production and marketing has officially taken the social media world by storm and one of the most effective way to mark your digital presence.
Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport on digital platforms, to promoting your brand, services or products to making a strong global presence on digital platforms.

What facilities Digital Marketing Agency deliver?

Digital marketing is an aspect of marketing that uses the internet and digital technologies to market your product and services.
Digital marketing agency delivers services like social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, video production, graphic design services, social media marketing, services, public relations (PR) and much more.

How to start a social media agency?

Initially, your social media marketing agency starts with a smaller scale. So be sure to focus on a specific niche or set of niches. To get started with social media marketing, some of the targets include plastic surgeons, or foot clinics, public relations (PR), real estate agencies etc.

What is a social media marketing agency?

Some of the day-to-day activities of a social media marketing agency include creating and organizing content, video production, create social postings and then scheduling and publishing that content across various channels.

What are the most popular companies who use social media marketing?

Social media marketing activities are part of digital marketing companies to increase brand awareness and visibility on digital platforms.
American Express, Mint, Slack, Airbnb are some of the brands that are killing with their social media marketing strategies across the globe.

Can I hire a social media marketing agency in Washington, DC?

Yes, of course. A social media marketing agency can help you capture your brand voice and engage your audience for great results using different marketing tricks and methods.
You can also hire a full service media marketing agency to get video production, paid search marketing and digital marketing services, all at an affordable cost.

How to Get the Most Out of my social media marketing Ad Budget?

Almost all social media platform offer advertising options for users. However, you should not spend money on all of social media marketing platforms.
When choosing where to place your media marketing ads, it’s essential helpful to know which social media marketing channels are most popular among your target audience.

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