11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators

In my analysis of tools for content creators in 2024, I've discovered a variety of essential free and paid tools that cater to different aspects of content creation. These tools are designed to simplify and enhance the creation, management, and optimization of content across various platforms. The guide includes user-friendly video creation tools, SEO optimization software, social media campaign automation, and visual content creation applications. This comprehensive list is intended to help content creators streamline their workflow and enhance the quality of their content.

Content can do more than just filling up your web pages, and it creates confidence in your current and potential clients too. Companies use content creation for-profits, whether to raise sales, minimize costs, or gain loyal consumers.

Content curators create a ton of educational and entertaining content for their audience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook and Instagram Stories, and similar social media platforms using different sort of content creation tools.

content creation tool

There are several tools for content creators available in the market to create and manage various forms of content.

Content marketing is crucial, but many organizations find it tough to create content with commercial significance regularly. You can streamline the process of content using different tools for content curators to save time and effort in creating awesome content.

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Additionally, you can break down the content creation process as the popular influencers do it in a sequence of steps towards smooth content journeys.

How to create content?

Here is some step by step process to easily create and manage content:


The first move is to gain insights into the materials. Although this phase can sound like a brainless one, you must adopt a systematic way of thought to get your hands on the right ideas.

Are you not getting an idea to create content? No need to worry!

You can take help of free tools for content writers to get an insight if what people are writing and what the readers are preferring.


To grasp the statistics and figures, you’re searching for; you have to dig into multiple sources, which will help you justify your claims on the content element.

content creation tool

Common forms of study include survey work, infographic work, blogs, articles, news pages, organizations, journals, etc.

Define content format

Once done with both the steps, define the content format that will optimize the value of your content concepts, analysis, and the subject. Choose the content creation style that takes the needs of the viewer into account and whether the content creation style will help you execute your vision. There are two items you need to remember when selecting the best content type.

Defining content structure

It is one of the main stages of the process. You need to build a wireframe that lists all important points and their movement. That means that you do not fail to make an impact on the target audience, which is completely necessary. Beware of your analysis and make the main data part of this wireframe while building the framework of your content. Again, this means you don’t leave the content with any vital interests.

The brass details– creation

You should come up with titles that represent your content, whether it is a blog post, a chart, a video, or something else. You must select and check for your titles; that set the stage for the virality of content.


Take a second look at your piece. Checking your material is the next move. Proposed changes and Feedback are significant. Prepare and invite these “Testors” to complete a questionnaire until you finish the content. 

content management tool

There are several tools for content creators that you can use to proofread the content and make it SEO-friendly.


This step is very crucial and often ignored. Wait a day and try again. Can you further improve it? You can also notice a word or two that you wish to modify or incorporate a reference that you think supports a problem that you have made. Continue to refine the content piece before you feel it is flawless.

Famous influencers from different categories

Influencers are people who have established themselves in a given field, have access to a huge audience, and may inspire others to rely on their advice. An influencer has the power and credibility to continuously draw more followers and inspire others to extend their social presence.

Anything from a writer to a popular internet entrepreneur may be an influencer. You only have to take advantage of a market to gain a wide reputation.

Some of the top Influencers:

Daily Dose

This global marketing firm of over 1.4 million followers is one of the first and most powerful social media motivational pages.

daily dose

The content includes daily clear messages, and they tailor messages to everyone in the Fortune 500 world who needs to find their way from the everyday human.

Huda Kattan

The specialist from Oklahoma is perhaps the most popular fashion expert in the world and famous on social platforms.

11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators 1

She began as a blogger and turned @hudabeauty, her Instagram profile, to win 29 million followers to make-up tutorials she offers up.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is the guy to watch among those who have ever wondered if an internet star that could win a TV contract.

Although Vine and YouTube were more popular than Instagram, over 21 million followers on Instagram do not think he is too shabby. His videos vary from animations to songs as well as movies. His Internet fame also got him a Netflix show, Chasing Cameron. His posts have unique charming touches that allow people to relate to him. You can do it too, and for a quick boost, consider buying real Instagram followers to accelerate your growth, much like others have done successfully.

cameron dallas

Dallas reveals that it will give you a huge fandom to demonstrate your personality and desires.

Kayla Itsines

A personal trainer and entrepreneur with fewer than 10.5 million supporters in Australia, Itsines publishes many fitness posts, inspiring messages, and nutritional ideas on her website.

kayla ltsines

Called one of the Top 30 Most Influent Internet People by Time magazine, Itsines produces posts with her Bikini Body Guides (BBGs), seen herself or other ladies.

Cooking with Mima

Owner Marian Ezzedine makes her page a one-stopping outlet for quick recipes, with a focus on nutritious food choices, with 2.4 million followers.

cooking with mima

Dish is served aesthetically, from Chili Lime shrimp to Asian Beef Lettuce wraps to suit both tastes and preferences. Her platform is well structured, accommodating, and also includes tips and videos for different travellers.

Selena Gomez

Gomez is a phenomenal influencer on Instagram for the last three years, before football star Cristiano Ronaldo has now usurped her.

The award-winning uses her charitable work of more than 144 million fans to support charities such as the campaign to fight trafficking in human beings and shield children from violence.

salena gomez

In addition to clear market ads, she releases a variety of personal pictures and videos to connect with her large base of followers. She is an inspiration for people who use Instagram to engage with fans.

Kylie Jenner

Thanks to its 118.5 million fans, Kylie Jenner has been a powerful influencer. Being a dynamic lady, she shines through her Instagram posts on her modelling, communist status, and Beauty Empire. She’s still making decent money out of posts funded.

kyliee jenner

Jenner pays a million dollars a funded Instagram post, making it the top paying influencer in the Instagram world, according to Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich List.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As reported, there are no social networks in the world that are larger than the megastar Juventus football and 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. Ronaldo is the third highest-earning influencer list on Instagram, paying $750,000 per supported post. Several such endorsed products, including his paying collaborations with Nike with his underwear brand, are private to his 145,3 million fans.

Cristiano ronaldo

He shares different game reports and training as well as family photographs. The planet is bound to follow everywhere Ronaldo goes.

To curate a different kind of content; content creators use several paid and free content creation tools to plan, create and manage their creations. Let us discuss some of the popular tools for content creators that you can use to make your content creation journey easy.

1. Contentsamurai

Content Samurai is one of the most popular video creation tools that can allow you to create wonderful videos in a short amount of time. In the list of tools for content creators, Content Samurai is best suitable for novice and makes video creation easy.

It is one of the best online video creation tools that allow users to operate on a different operating system.

tools for content creators - contentsamurai


  • Background music     
  • Video templates to create videos     
  • Royalty-Free images videos for marketing
  • Automated voices


  • Free Trial: 7 days of free trial available
  • Monthly (The most popular plan): $47Monthly
  • Annually (The best value plan):$397Annually

2. SurferSEO

Surfer is a data-driven SEO platform designed to handle the SEO process on the page even more effectively, quicker, and more thoroughly. It is a great tool that analyses more than 500 signals on the page at a time, offering a technique for higher classifications to implement quickly.

tools for content creators - surfer seo

Surfer SEO is one of the most useful tools for content creators that makes SEO techniques easy for users and helps masses to refine queries. It is one of the most insightful content creation tools that help users acquire new customers quicker and deeper interpretation of decisions, helping users create the best content for marketing.


Dashboard    Auditing     
Rank TrackingContent editor
Content Management   Competitor Analysis   
Features of SurferSEO


Hobby plan$29/month 
Basic plan$59/month 
Pro plan$99/month 
Business plan$199/month 
Business+ plan$650/month
Price Plans of SurferSEO

3. Crello

Crello is one of the best online content creation tools to create animation and visual content. In the list of tools for content creators, Crello is easy to use as it there is no need of technical experience to use the software. For all social media sites, users can conveniently use a set of 250,000 models. Crello has preset design sets for different fields like messages, blogs, events, content marketing, etc. at one place.

Its vast archive is not just for social purposes; in library shops, there are also prints such as posters, leaflets, business cards, and more to help you create great content at ease of clicks.

tools for content creators - crello

It is one of the best tools for content creators with GUI that is incredibly easy to use and offers basic tutorials that even a beginner can use to create high quality, enticing and free content.


  • Transparency Tool    
  • Premium Icons     
  • Image Editor     
  • Built-in Templates


Subscription Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

  • Starting from: $8.33/month
  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $9.99/month billed monthly or $99.99/month billed annually

4. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is one of the best tools for content creators that transforms blog posts into social media campaigns automatically. It is one of the best tools for content creators that allows users to configure great content in minutes for the whole year.

Users may change the models to generate campaign material that matches their content creation style. One can design their marketing photos, take charge, and stand out in a dynamic environment with their social media presence.

tools for content creators - missinglettr


Auto Publishing        Brand Tracking    
Social Media Monitoring toolCustomer Engagement    
Multi-User Collaboration      Content Management tool 
Posts SchedulingMulti-Account Management      
Features of Missinglettr


Free trialYes
Individual plan$27/month
Business plan$27/month
Enterprise PlanContact the vendor
Price Plans of Missinglettr
11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators 2
Missinglettr Capterra review

5. Stencil

A stencil is a cloud-based content creation application for creating visual content and a quick way to create and upload visual content. It is one of the best content creation tools that enable small firms, bloggers, and social media marketers to improve their photographs to produce excellent mail photos, graphics of advertisements, and visual content for digital marketing.

It is of the fastest tools for content creators that allows users to create visual content in minutes.

tools for content creators - stencil

It provides a versatile range of tools for content creators allowing both novice and technically advanced users to produce graphics for their social media, blogs, and websites. The highlights of this content creation tool include background images, Chrome extension, icons and graphics, simple decoration, upload fonts, web fonts support, quotes, upload, and product logo, and beautiful models.


Over 1 million icons and graphics    650+ Amazing templates 
Premium support    Over 1.3 million photos    
100 Instagram SMS/month    2200+ Google fonts
Create unlimited images/monthKeep up to 100 favorites
Fonts upload     Logo/watermarks   
Features of Stencil


  • Free Trial: Yes             
  • The free plan (for Hobbyist): Free
  • Pro plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited plan: $12/month
11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators 3
A list of graphic design tools

6. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is one of the most tools for content creators that help users in publication, and expansion. ContentStudio helps you to create theme streams based on the search words you have preselected, to help you find content. It is one of the best content creation tools to share content that is more meaningful and entertaining with your audience.

You may either pick posts separately from the list or choose to automate this process by setting rules for posting content depending on your social platforms. You can annotate and plan the content for simultaneous preservation or substitution by various criteria on different social and blogging platforms.

It is one of the best content creation tools that include the ability to archive common posts and to introduce hashtags.

11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators 4


Brand Tracking          Analytics (Social Media)     
Social Media MonitoringContent Management    
Multi-User Collaboration     Auto Publishing    
Multi-Account Management Customer Engagement    
Features of ContentStudio


Starting from $49.00/month
Pricing modelFree, Subscription
Free TrialAvailable (No Credit Card required)
Free$0/month for two social accounts, 0 blogs and 500 social posts/month
Pro$49/month or $39/month when billed annually
Small$99/m Open or $79/month when billed annually
Medium$199/month or $159/month when billed annually
Large$299/month or $239/month when billed annually
Price Plans of ContentStudio
11 Best-in-Breed Tools for Content Creators 5
Contentstudio amongst social media marketing tools

7. Swipefiles.co

Swipefiles is a digital or physical archive in which all the great marketing concepts you have found over the years are stored. Think about it as a creative scrapbook to inspire your content marketing campaign in the future. Suppose you create a digital media swipe, a news swipe file, or something else. In that case, the aim is to compile unique ideas from other businesses and advertising departments so that you can leverage them to inspire your job afterwards.

Particularly, you need your swipe file in such a way that you can quickly scan and find out the information whenever you need it most. Swipefiles is one of the most amazing tools for content creators that enables you to create many e-mail folders, social media updates, video messaging, etc. at one place.

One of the easiest way to look at the concept of your swipe file is to interpret it as a form of content curation. It is one of the most affordable and great tools for creating content.

tools for content creators - swipefiles


  • Inspire the ambassadors to direct their designs with personalized and great content 
  • Boost your competency by learning about other organizations’ successful teams   
  • Explore innovative concepts that retain unique and appealing advertising and marketing practices.
  • Think about different marketing platforms that you haven’t talked of before.


Free Trial7 days
$29/ monthIt is on Pay as you go basis 
$99/ yearsave $249 (72% less than monthly!)
$299/ lifeAccess forever, no subscription
Pricing of Swipefiles

8. InVideo

InVideo is one of the best video creation tools that allow users to make amazing videos of products. It is one of the best tools for content creation that increases public participation using video advertising to broadcast organizations, small enterprises, or brands.

No, not only can you submit a text (which is too informal). You can create a stunning presentation of a slideshow that would not only crochet people but also convey the message to the producer of the slideshow.

tools for content creators - invideo


Audio Tools           Brand Overlay       Video Stabilization   
Video CaptureCollaboration   Social Sharing   
Split Video     Video Speed Controller   Supports HD Resolution 
Text Overlay     Media Library 
Features of InVideo


  • Starting: $20/month
  • Pricing model: Free, Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

InVideo is one of the most affordable content creation tools that comes at monthly or annual subscription.

The tool offers two price levels starting at $20 / month. You can use a free version with up to 60 videos per month with a watermark.

InVideo Business: for 300 premium photos and videos per month, use unlimited premium templates and 60 HD exports per month, $20 / month, or $120 for annual billings, which is equivalent to $10 per month.

For unlimited premium photos and videos, unlimited premium templates and unlimited video exports,

InVideo Unlimited: $60 a month (or $360 a year, equivalent to $30 a month).

9. Lumen5

Do you end up spending way too much time making videos for your content marketing needs?

Lumen5 is a video production tool that you can use to create viral content for online viewer participation from brands and corporations. It is also knows as one of the best tools for content creators that makes it easier to create attractive videos in minutes without preparation or experience.

The platform helps media marketing departments to concentrate on history and narrative and rely on the device to raise heavily.

tools for content creators - lumen5


Merge video   Video Speed Controller     
Supports HD ResolutionText Overlay     
Drag and drop interfaceMedia Library     
Brand Overlay     Social Sharing     
Features of Lumen5


  • Starting: $29/month
  • Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Lumen5 tool is one of the most affordable tools for content creators that offers five videos a month for free subscribers.

The start-up package is $29 a month, the annual bonus is $79, and an annual start-up package is $199.

The recurring subscription services for Starter are eligible for $19 a month ($228 a year), for Company,$49 a month and Service, for Business, for each month ($149 a year, for every $1788). 

10. Contentools

Contentools support content marketing, development, delivery offering an accessible and automated platform for content management and a pool of qualified marketing professionals (writers, engineers, marketers, managers, and translators).

The Contentools is one such content creation tools that allow users to create and promote their editorial lines, generate content for websites, social media, and newsletters.

tools for content creators - content tools

Contentools is one of the most amazing tools for content creators that also allow users to arrange and publish in a detailed drag-and-drop editorial calendar, track performance and evaluate the outcomes of publishing from the SEO and social media viewpoint.

It is one of the most useful tools for content creators that provides a community of content practitioners segmented by skills, positions, and consumers, as well as a user-friendly interface.


Categorization/Grouping      Publish Scheduling   
Text Editor tool     Social Media Management 
Web Content PublishingBrand Management    
Multi-Channel Publishing Access Controls/Permissions    
Features of Contentools


  • Starting from: $199.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

11. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a great tool you can use for finding new emerging keywords and topics with high search volumes. You dont have to waste hours attempting to find obscure keywords on Google Searches or to chat about one subject in Reddit across threads of nonsense. Exploding topics help you save time and create content around keywords before they become highly popular by searching the web for topics and patterns that are blooming.

tools for content creators - exploding topics


Evaluating Older Topics    Researching for New Topic 
Exploding Topics NewsletterHelps in Building Authority    
Gives the Competitive Advantage    Massive History of Data     
Features of Exploding Topics


  • Free trial available at $1
  • Pro standard: $97 per month
  • Pro complete: 197 per month
exploding topics product review
Exploding topics Producthunt review

An overview of all the tools discussed in this guide:

Tools PricingFeatures summary
ContentsamuraiPaid plan starts at $47/moA video-creating app that can help improve your marketing efforts. Templates, media library and multiple audio files are all part of this tool.
CrelloThe paid plan starts at $8.33/moA designing tool that helps you create animated and visual content for social media and other sectors. They have plenty of pre designs to match your requirements that can be either blogs, events, webinars, or any other.
MissinglettrThe paid plan starts at $27/moHelp you create social media content from existing blogposts. So you won’t be running around creating blogs and then creating social media content separately.
Surfer SEOThe paid plan starts at $49.2/moHelps you create a powerful SEO strategy. With features like SERP analyzer, competitor analysis and content management it helps users to gain more customers and refine queries.
ContentstudioPaid plans start at $49/monthA social media and content management tool that help you discover, curate, and create the best content that improves engagement.
StencilPaid plans start at $9/monthA designing tool that helps you create visual content that can be used for social media, advertising, blogs or any other as needed.I t comes with 650+ templates to choose from,
Swipefiles.coPaid plans start at $29/monthIt is a kind of directory that helps you store marketing concepts or any other ideas that you can leverage later.
InvideoPaid plan starts at $20 per month.A video creation app that helps you create videos quickly for your social media or other advertising.
Lumen5Paid plan starts at $29 per month.A video production tool that helps you create video content quickly. With features like social sharing, audio tools you can manage everything for video creation.
ContentoolsPaid plan starts at $199 per monthContentools is a content marketing platform that helps collaboration, creation, publishing , and analyzing content for content marketing purposes.
Exploding topicsPaid plan starts at $97 per month.Exploding topics is a tool that helps you find trending topics and keywords on the web. So, you can create content around it before it gets popular.

Our Experience:

A genuinely valuable and insightful content alongside a successful digital marketing campaign may be an enduring success for you.

The content creation tools discussed above are some of the best ones available in the market.

Since content is in different forms, you may choose the content marketing and creation tool that best suits your business. Suppose if you only create visual content, then investing in a tool that supports blog writing might be a bad decision.

With the above discussion of content creation tools, we hope you will be able to decide the best one for your business.

If you are not able to determine the best content creation tool for your business, you can try the free version of content creation tools to see what works for you.

Questions asked while looking for content creation tools:

What is content creation?

The platform for content creation allows users to develop content for their marketing campaigns. Different types of content include infographics, written material, photographs, graphics, and videos.

Does content vary in terms of the industry vertical?

You may have to understand industry verticals when producing content for B2B audiences. For a dealer in the vehicle business what is useful, of a dealer of manufacturing consumer products may not be useful.

Does our SEO need attention?

Your content needs to scannable and search-oriented. It should be as per the latest SEO trend. Many people who use voice for browsing have local purposes (“restaurants close to me”). But more people can scan by voice as dependency on technology rises. Even global B2B enterprises will benefit from the use of voice search as more people become voice-first.

Is there any platform I can use to create video content?

Yes, tools like Animoto, Evaer etc. are best for creating videos. Be it product video or something else; these tools are great for creating awesome video content.

What are the digital media of three types?

There are three types of digital media:   
Owned Media: whatever web resources you own, such as your blog or social networks    
Paid Media: Encouraging the volume in the advertising material online.    
Earned media: Customers who can recommend you through mouths or social media

How much time does social media marketing process take to start giving results?

For rapidly changing social media, it relies on factors such as time, tool and resources you put into social media campaigns; you’re spending, your demographic, your tactics, and whether or not you use targeted advertising. It is necessary, however, to note that social media is not a sprint but a marathon.

Should I make digital content evergreen or timely?

 It is important to have content that discusses recent happenings and the latest trends in your field – it is a smart way to use social media and web searches to boost traffic to your blog. It is necessary, however, to create evergreen material, which can still draw visitors for months and even years. Otherwise, within weeks of its release, the entire content collection will begin to lose relevance.


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