4 Essential AI-Powered Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

As someone who has extensively analyzed social media management tools, this guide delves into solutions specifically beneficial for agencies. It addresses common challenges such as budget constraints, client communication issues, and the need for effective campaign planning. The article highlights four key tools, emphasizing features like centralized management, streamlined scheduling, and analytics, which are crucial for handling multiple client accounts efficiently and achieving desired marketing outcomes. These insights aim to assist agencies in making informed decisions for optimizing their social media strategies.

In this time and age, no business can deny the importance of social media. Whether it is an eCommerce store or a brick-and-mortar company or a content-based website – leveraging the power of social media has become a norm for every kind of business.

These statistics will tell you why:

34% of buyers would rather engage with a brand on social media than visit their physical store.

Twitter is considered to be the perfect platform to interact with brands. Around 42% of users learn about products and services on Twitter. There is an impressive number of 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content across the platform.

So it’s proven – social media is indeed a powerful tool for boosting brand visibility and driving revenues. And since the scope of work is vast in the social media landscape, it makes sense for any business – irrespective of size and industry – to hire a marketing agency.

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”

 Dave Willis

Why not?

Agencies have multiple resources at their disposal. This includes a team of campaign planners, writers, visualizers and graphic designers, account managers and more.

Providing social media marketing services seems like a job full of fun and excitement, isn’t it? Yes, it is but it also comes with baggage.

Most Common Problems

Most common problems faced by marketing agencies

1) Working with tiny client budgets

Clients are never generous with their budgets, and they want quick results. They would want 60 leads from a Facebook campaign, 1000 new followers on Twitter and an ROI of 15% – all within a budget of $10,000. Yes, it is not impossible but for that, you need to find social media tools. These tools are a boon for social media marketing.

Their money is at stake which is why they are not generous with the budgets and for them, every penny counts.

Marketing agencies have to achieve with whatever they have and ensure they generate revenue from each activity.

2) Lack of communication with clients

Planning social media campaigns is not easy. It involves the agencies to consistently stay in touch with their clients so that both parties are on the same page. However, there are times when there is little or no communication during campaign planning.

At the end moment, the clients may come back with faults in the content or might want to scrap the complete campaign altogether. 

This is a big hassle for both parties and it is when social media management tools for agencies come in handy.

3) Over-involvement of clients

Of course! While some clients may give complete freedom to the agencies to carry out tasks in whichever way they want to, there are some who want to be included in every stage of the planning process.

This hinders the workflow of the agency as they don’t get the required flexibility to carry out tasks necessary to achieve client goals.

The decision-making process slows down but the good news is that the best social media tools for the agencies make it happen effortlessly.

Did you know?

  • The recall value of an Instagram sponsored post is 2.8x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising.
  • 60% of users discovered new products on Instagram accounts.
  • A user who saw Promoted Pins observed a 40% increase in awareness of new products on Pinterest.

Social media management tools are a boon for agencies. Recently, I posted about a list of must have tools for digital marketing agencies.

digital marketing tools

Yes, agencies manage a lot of work and this can get overwhelming not only for them but also for the clients. With social media management software, the agencies can:

  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • Organize timely conversations with the prospects
  • Schedule posts ahead in time
  • Curatequality content that resonates with the audience
  • Monitor keywords for generating leads and gathering valuable information
  • Analyze campaign results
  • Achieve pre-decided ROI for the clients

Do you run a marketing agency and looking for an answer to what is the best social media tool for your business?

Are you also looking to integrate a tool in your workflows that will help you complete your tasks better?

I can help you make an informed choice by introducing you to some of the social media marketing software:

Top 4

Top 4 social media management tools for agencies

1) Sendible

This is a social media management tool for agencies. It allows teams to manage social media activities for multiple clients – all from a centralized hub.

Sendible is equipped with an easy-to-use dashboard, analytics, and a full-fledged publishing system.

sendible social media management

Managing social media is a time-taking process. The main aim of this tool is enabling social media manager and his team collaboration to save time and focus on what truly matters – content creation and client pitch preparation.

sendible g2 review

Agency features

a. A single inbox for each brand

Multiple brands have multiple social accounts. To avoid chaos, Sendible has a Priority Inbox that keeps the respective teams focused by bringing all social media messages from a specific client’s multiple accounts – under the same roof.

It doesn’t matter how many members are in a team or how many client social channels one is handling, makes it fairly easy to not only manage but also derive excellent results with efficient team collaboration.

sendible single inbox

One of the best features about Sendible is that even if someone has not tagged a company yet is talking about it, Sendible will let the company know.

This functionality helps bring more users on board – without being mentioned or tagged.

b. Streamlined scheduling and publishing

Simplification of the publishing process is enabled by scheduling social media posts, images, and videos either individually or in bulk.

It allows the user to keep his best-performing social content scheduled on repeat so that the social media profiles are always active and churning quality posts.

sendible scheduling

Best social media management tools like Sendible consistently analyze the social media profiles of the clients to suggest content that will best resonate with the audience. It also suggests an optimal time to post.

c. Social collaboration made easy

Sendible helps turn social interactions into actionable tasks. It helps the team leader to supervise his team’s social media posting activity. Sendible allows others to contribute to the Content Library and create the best content together as a team. Due to its transparent and easy dashboard, Sendible enables the creation of smoother workflows.

d. Detailed progress reports

Sendible delivers dynamic reports featuring social media analytics data in easily a digestible format.

From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn, it generates in-depth reports that help the users in spotting trends easily.

sendible custom report

Google Analytics forms the foundation of Sendible. It helps tracks the impact of social media activities on website visits, landing page views, content popularity, demographic performance, and more.

e. Social prospecting

Sendible’s CRM is so advanced that it enables the users to target and collect prospects through social media based on specific interests and their level of influence. Click To Tweet

On Twitter, this social media management tool searches for the most relevant prospects and starts conversations even when the user is not on his desk.

Sendible is not just a social media management platform but also a lead nurturing tool.

Customers using Sendible

Sendible is currently being used by more than 20,000 brands and caters to a variety of clients including Isango!, JWT, Qebot, Idunn, Pan Macmillan, VisitBritain, Queensland University, Kings Hill Directory, and Cruise Planners.


Sendible offers four types of packages for – growing brands, small teams, and big brands. Depending upon the size of the team, the user can opt for a 30-day trial to see if Sendible is apt for his team.

In case the scope of work increases or decreases, the user can upgrade or downgrade (and even cancel) the account at any point in time.

Check out the pricing plans:

sendible pricing


Sendible integrates with a number of systems and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, WordPress, Pinterest, Canva, Tumblr, Google Drive Flickr, Google My Business, Paybis , Dropbox and more.

GDPR and CCPA Update: Sendible has updated their terms and policies agreement as per the new GDPR and CCPA guidelines.  The website has clearly mentioned all the steps they have taken to make their platform GDPR and CCPA compliant. To review the changes you can visit here.

2) AgoraPulse

This social marketing software is a social community and moderation tool that helps businesses manage all their social media accounts from a single dashboard. AgoraPulse is user-friendly, flexible and has top-notch customer support.

It is a top choice of social media tools for digital marketing agencies.

The tool ensures the user doesn’t miss a tweet, comment or even a message.


AgoraPulse is well-equipped with tools that help gather critical data such as statistics and reporting necessary to devise quality social media campaigns.

Agency features

a. Engagement

AgoraPulse patches content from everywhere in one place so that it is easy for the user to reply, review, assign or tag.

The tool also syncs with Facebook’s Marketing API and Graph API so the comments are in real-time.

b. Multi-platform publishing platform

AgoraPulse allows the user to publish on multiple social accounts from one place on timelines set by him. Top-performing social content can be queued repeatedly so that the social accounts never lack good content.

The AgoraPulse dashboard allows the user to take a glance at all his published, scheduled, queued and yet-to-be approved posts.

agorapulse scheduling

c. Social media monitoring

From the moment Agorapulse is connected with social networks, it is possible to monitor all kinds of activities such as comments, tweets, messages, hashtags, etc.

This information can be further used to improve social strategies and start a conversation with the customers.

agorapulse monitoring

d. Analytics and reporting

A noteworthy aspect of this social marketing software is that it highlights the ROI with instant report generation on the audience, social engagement, and brand awareness.

This social media tool for agencies also gives a report on trending hashtags and content tags. AgoraPulse also gives a bird’s eye view on competitor analysis and performance.

agorapulse reports

Agency features

a. Client involvement

Used by global brands such as CGR Communications, Digital Republik, Ogilvy, TBWA and Geeky Brands, AgoraPulse allows even the clients to be a part of the social media strategy.

They can be invited to approve the draft posts and give feedback. They can be assigned questions to answer so that the tasks are completed on time.

agorapulse team collaboration

b. Restricted access for teams

It is not necessary for everyone on the team to have the same access to social media accounts. Some members would have greater flexibility than others. AgoraPulse understands that and therefore has this feature specifically for agencies.


There are four kinds of payment options offered by AgoraPulse:

  • Standard ($69/month)-10 social profiles,
  • Professional ($99/month)- 10 social profiles & 9 more features
  • Advance ($149/month)- 10 social profiles & 21 more features

All the subscriptions are on an annual basis and the user can cancel anytime. AgoraPulse also has a 100% no-questions-asked refund monthly subscriptions. Here’s a screenshot of its payment plans:

agorapulse pricing

Check out the complete pricing details here. AgoraPulse works best for small and fast-growing agencies and it is equipped with many features favorable to an agency.

Free tools

As a tool, AgoraPulse is inventive. The social media tool for agencies offers three free tools to further improve social media marketing results of the agencies.

a. Facebook page barometer

This tool specifically supports Facebook and gives a relevant and clear sense of a page’s reach and engagement level in comparison with competitor accounts.

agorapulse barometer

b. Twitter report card

Just like Facebook, this tool for social media management enables the user to compare tweets of one brand to its competitors. It also provides inputs on areas where further improvement is required. Twitter is also one of the important social platforms and one needs to take it in account too.

c. Facebook page contests

Ran a contest but are facing difficulty in selecting a winner? This social marketing software helps manage contests like never before.

The user can pick three templates – quiz, photo contest or sweepstakes.

facebook contest


This tool for social media management AgoraPulse integrates with a number of business applications and systems: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Google Apps, Flamory, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

Update: AgoraPulse is fully GDPR and CCPA ready and has made some essential changes to abide by the new GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

They have updated and created a new privacy policy and revised their data protection addendum. All their products have undergone modification as per the requirement of GDPR and CCPA.

3) Missinglettr

This is a social media tool for agencies that lets the user create targeted and automated social media campaigns for the clients with a focus on blog posts.

The user can review, approve the social updates pre-filled with quotes and images and schedule posts for the next 12 months.


Remember how Buffer pulls out images from the link inserted in the dialog box? That’s how Missinglettr works but here it pulls out content from within the blog and converts the text into an image.

I can’t think of any other tool that allows the users to maximize the engagement potential of every blog post published.

Agency features

a. Supreme hashtag functionality

Missinglettr has the ability to determine the popularity of hashtags used on Twitter. One of the biggest concerns for any marketer is to choose the right hashtags to boost audience engagement.

With Missinglettr, it is possible to note which hashtags perform the best based on the number of retweets.

b. External approval

The involvement of clients is important even if the agency is just promoting their blog posts. With Missinglettr’s “external approval” feature, the user can send the client link to the social campaign and get subsequent feedback or approval.

missinglettr expernal approval

There is no hassle of creating a separate Missinglettr account for the clients. They just need the link to make an informed decision.

This way, the clients can never be left behind in the campaign planning process.

Plus, both the team can enjoy a greater level of transparency. There will be smoother and faster communication.

c. Easy social media connection

With Missinglettr it is easy to promote published blogs consistently across all social media channels – all year long. This social media tool for digital marketing agency enables branded content that is designed to specifically encourage clicks.

Continuous promotion of blog posts through major social media platforms ensure increased website traffic and growing audience engagement. It is an integral component of any good social media tools for content managementment agencies.

d. YET TO BE RELEASED: Custom campaigns

Missinglettr is in the process of creating a custom campaign option where the user will be able to tweak durations, frequencies, and auto-repeat rules on his posting activities.


Missinglettr caters to two kinds of end-users – individuals(3 social profiles) and teams(10 social profiles). 

It is available in 2 plans solo and pro.

In each of the options, the user can enjoy the benefit of external campaign approvals by the clients.

missinglettr pricing

For each plan, it encourages a 14-day free trial without credit card details. The user is free to cancel his subscription at any point.


Missinglettr integrates with the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business.

It doesn’t have integration with Pinterest and Instagram currently, but as per the website, Missinlettr would soon roll out Pinterest integration.

Update:  Missinglettr is GDPR and CCPA compliant and it has taken all the steps to ensure the adherence to the new data protection laws.

4) Commun.it

Most social media tools support Facebook but finding a tool that focuses on one platform is a bit hard. Twitter is a tough social platform to crack and to improve your social presence there you need Twitter-specific tool.

Since the timeline is changing rapidly, it is difficult to ensure the tweets reach the right kind of audience.

This is where Commun.it enters the picture and gets added to our social media tool list.

Often called the ONLY CRM of Twitter, this social media management tool helps the user in identifying influencers, prospects, and interested audience.

This means Commun.it is a boon for marketing agencies as it enables them to drive traffic, boost audience engagement and grow followers and likes for their client brands.

The content management tool Commun.it is currently being used by more than 1 million users across 175 countries. Some of its major customers are Nike, Cisco, SONY, TEDx, Coca-Cola, SAP, TNW, Microsoft and Lenovo.

Agency features

a. Free Twitter analytics

Since the core of the tool is Twitter, this social media management tool offers actionable insights on Twitter followers and measures social engagement (followers, RTs, likes) for each client brand.

b. Multiple Twitter profiles

The comprehensive dashboard of Commun.it allows the user to better manage all Twitter social profiles and schedule tweets easily – all from a centralized hub. The user doesn’t need to go back and forth on the client Twitter profiles.

Commun.it allows the user to invite team members to manage and view reports or analytics.

c. Identify valuable members

One of the best features of Commun.it is that it not only focuses on the general Twitter engagement, it also puts emphasis on influencers, engaged members and supporters.

It understands how important it is to engage the audience interested in the content being posted on Twitter.

Commun.it groups the interested audience on the basis of engagement history, followers/following ratio, retweets and brand mentions.

d. Prioritize and schedule weekly posts

The user can schedule “thank you” tweets for top three most engaged followers on a weekly basis. This is a great feature to boost audience interaction with a simple tweet.

e. Social intelligence

Thanks to the detailed dashboard, the user would instantly know who to follow, respond to or thank. The campaign insights help in making changes to the strategy.


There are four types of payment options offered by Commun.it – pro-2 social profiles, business- 6 social profiles, business plus- 10 social profiles, and corporate- 12 social profiles.

The most popular one is the business plan, and currently, it is running an offer of 60% off. All the plans are perfect for an agency – depending upon the scope of work and team strength.

Commun.it also has a limited free plan where it allows only one social profile to be integrated.

Since it is Twitter-specific, it is best if the user tries the tool before making a purchase.


What commun.it does, it does well. It focuses majorly on the content management and automation of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It doesn’t allow integration with any other social network like YouTube or Google My Business.

If you want to know what is the best social media tool that is Twitter oriented then Commun.it is the answer.

It focuses on all the Twitter-related social media activities of the client and is equipped with the right reporting abilities; if there are other platforms you want to focus then you can skip it.

An overview of all the social media management tools discussed in this guide:

Social media toolsPricingQuick Round-up
AgorapulseAgorapulse offer 4 plans:
Standard: $49 per month
Professional: $79 per month
Advance: $119 per month
All the pricing is based on annual billing
Integrations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram.
What is Good?
All in one social media management tool
Multiple team users
One of the best data reports
What is not good?
No Pinterest integration
Does not allow for blog schedule
SocialPilot SocialPilot offer 4 plans:
Professional: $30/mo
Small Team: $50/mo
Agency: $100/mo
Agency+: $200/mo
Enterprise: Custom plans
All the pricing is based on annual billing
Integrations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok and Vk
What is good?
An affordable value for money tool
Browser extension for Chrome and Firefox
What is not good?
No advanced features like chatbot creation and social listening
No automated posting with Instagram
Sendible Sendible offer 4 plans:
Creator: $29 per month
Traction: $89 per month
Scale: $240 per month
All the pricing is based on monthly billing
Integrations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, Foursquare,Blogger and Youtube

What is good?
Support popular as well as less common social platforms
An intuitive and easy to use platform
In-built CRM
What is not good?
It is expensive
Not a tool for entrepreneurs
Buffer Buffer offer 3 plans:
Essential: $6/mo
Team: $12/mo
Agency: $120/mo
All the pricing is based on monthly billing
Integrations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
What is good?
Great for blog promotion.
Create and schedule posts automatically.
Helps create new content around existing blogs.
What is not good?
Hashtag generator very basic.
Analytics not very thorough .
Commun.it Commun.it offer 4 plans:
Corporate : $299/mo
Business: $49.99/mo
Business+: $29.99/mo
Pro: $19.99/mo
Integrations: Facebook, Twitter
What is good?
Dashboard very clear and understanding.
Let’s you keep an eye on your competitors.
In-depth Twitter details and analytics
What is not good?
Limited integrations.
Not a tool if you want to focus on other media channels other than Facebook and Twitter.
An overview of all the tools discussed in this guide

Sendible vs AgoraPulse

Sendible is definitely much more than just posting and sharing on social media. It has all the relevant functionalities related to publishing, analytics, auto-response and following, and much more.

The user can easily track social media activities such as tweets, comments and follows, upload HTML for email campaigns and set auto-responses on emails.

The biggest advantage of using Sendible is that the user can manage multiple client profiles – all from a single dashboard. It’s cost-effective and its free plan is for 30 days which is enough for any agency to gauge the scope of work. The user can start a monthly plan – starter – for just $29 per month.

Speaking of AgoraPulse, its social inbox is more organized as it allows a single inbox for every social media channel.

With this social media management tool, everything is grouped properly.

The messages sent to the user and posts mentioning the brand go in separate boxes. AgoraPulse enables the user to analyze the competitor’s social activity.

The competitive pricing option of AgoraPulse starts at $69 per month and offers 30 day free plan .

However, it’s most popular package can be availed at just $149 per month.

Comptetitive grid G2

Our Experience

Our Experience Select your perfect social media tool

Choosing the right social media management tool can be a hassle especially if your agency is growing at a rapid pace. If the focus of most of your clients is on Twitter, then choose a tool that specializes in this social media channel.

If you are looking at larger teams and more team members, multiple clients and several social networks, then choose a social media scheduler tool that can sustain your requirements.

What are your thoughts on these social media management tools?

Are you also struggling to buy the most appropriate tool for your team?

I hope this review can help you make an informed decision.

Is there a tool that we can add to our social media tool list? Let us know.


Questions asked for selecting best social media tool for agency:

Which is the best social media management tool of 2024?

To name one software tool is tough but some of the famous one include Sendible and AgoraPulse.

Why is it important to use a social media management tool?

A social media management tool helps to manage your social media presence and marketing with absolute ease.
You can plan your content calendar alone or with your team members, and manage all your social media handles at one place without the hassle of managing individual accounts.

Which is the best social media scheduler?

The best social media scheduler to schedule content and as of now is Sendible for lead generation, Buffer for simple scheduling, HootSuite for everything ranging from analytics, reporting to scheduling posts, and all from one place and even mobile devices.

The list can go on and on as there are several others and each one of them has its own pros and cons.

Free social media management tool for scheduling posts for business?

HootSuite, Sendible(social inbox feature is good), Sprout social and  Buffer offer basic free plans so one can always try them for the basic features.

Which social media management tools support all the social media channels?

Buffer supports more or less all the social networks including Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can always try other tools and if possible check their free trial if available.

What does social media agency do?

They help you create content for social media out of existing content such as blog posts, events, and videos. A social media agency helps you identify the right advertising techniques for most of your social media agencies.

What are the social media services that you get with an agency?

Some of the services that the agency provides are:
1.) Strategy planning
2.) Content creation
3.) Content publishing
4.) Research and analysis
5.) Campaign management

What are some common types of social media tools?

Some common types of social media tools are content curation tools, social media scheduling, content creation tool, and media analytics tools.

What are some common types of social media marketing?

Some common types of social media marketing are Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, Pinterest, and LinkedIn advertising.

What are the famous P’s of social media marketing?

The famous P’s of social media marketing are place, price, product, and promotion.

4 Essential AI-Powered Social Media Management Tools for Agencies
4 Essential AI-Powered Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

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