Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software

In my exploration of drip email campaign software, I discovered that tools like Drip, GetResponse, Encharge,, Benchmark Email, and ConvertKit each offer unique strengths for different stages of the customer journey. These platforms vary in their approach to automated email marketing, providing features such as user-friendly interfaces, detailed analytics, behavior-triggered emails, and integration capabilities. This guide is essential for businesses looking to enhance their online marketing strategies with effective email automation tools.
Drip Email Campaign Software

So, you have heard of success stories of people making lots of money selling software services or products online, and you were convinced to try it out yourself. You might say

“If they can do it, then so can I!” right?

The wheel starts to turn, after careful thinking, a product or a service is chosen, based on your subject expertise. A website domain is bought, hosted, an appropriate and unforgettable design for the webpage is created.

The content and design are carefully crafted, expert web designers take a gander and deem the placing, layout excellent, should attract droves of visitors and potential customers.

After a few weeks of constant addition of web content that attracts, draws in visitors, and numerous articles that call out to convert online, results show that visitors were indeed clicking, but not following through with the purchase of your service or product!

What happened?

What went wrong, and more importantly, what should I do so there will be a greater chance to convert online customers to buy my service and product online?

There are many options to utilize and harness marketing tools, advertisements for your online business, but one of the most essential and best way to convert online customers is to use drip email marketing.

What is a drip email campaign, you ask?

Drip email campaign has many names such as automated email campaign, autoresponders, lifecycle emails and marketing automation but it only has a common factor- marketing emails that are sent automatically following a set schedule.

Drip Email Campaign Software - email campaigns - drag and drop editor

A good example of marketing drip email campaign would be an automated email sent a day after a visitor signs up for promotions or creates his profile on your website. The “drips” are preset messages that are sent to customers or potential buyers over time.

The messages may also vary depending on the visitor’s behavior and recipient’s status.

The beauty of marketing drip email campaign is that it automatically sends relevant information based on user segments and the triggers that you define. It also helps to improve the open rate.

Most business owners dismiss email as an old form of marketing but to send drip emails is the most effective medium that converts customers online.

Setting up email marketing automation drips are also very cost effective. These drip campaigns also move the potential customer along the sales cycle and constantly nudge them with relevant product or service information based on their actions on your webpage and the times they spent browsing through your website.

These automated campaigns free up your valuable time and resources that may be wasted trying to chase non-buying prospects.

Drip email campaigns are very versatile and can be used through various stages of customer interaction in your website.

You may use it for recommending other relevant products or services, for inquiries and soft sales push on abandoned shopping carts, confirmation of purchase or a renewal offer for a subscription, welcoming newly-signed up visitors, or unsubscribe inquiries and requests.

Suffice to say, setting up and incorporating drip email campaign marketing should be on top of the list if you want a high-converting and profitable online business.

1. Drip Review – Excellent Drip Email Campaign Software

A lightweight marketing automation unlike any other, giving you the highest conversions with its world-class automation. Some tools come overpriced, very difficult to use and lack useful features to keep up with your business requirements.

Even leaders and the key player in marketing automation could have a burdensome UI or yield static newsletters. Drip email marketing software is the best in class of automated drip marketing, from acquiring leads to after-sales retention, they’ve got you covered.

Compared to the offerings of Interspire, this is one of great Interspire alternative too for small and medium businesses.

getdrip Drip best Email Campaign Software - send emails - unlimited emails

Drip greatly helps businesses by giving you the ability to trigger an action in accordance to any action your customer takes. This ingenious way of executing email automation allows you to capture more leads and close more sales which are very desirable things that will certainly happen in near future.

Drip is distinctive from the rest of the marketing software since they are committed to their sole purpose or mission- to get you started in a cost-effective way .

They guarantee no other than to provide you with only the best email tools, metrics and content blueprints which you won’t find anywhere else.

getdrip marketing campaign dashboard - email newsletters - email delivery - email list

Email subscribers will come scrambling in less than 5 minutes soon after you start your free trial with Drip, and this trial lasts for 3 weeks! The best part is that there’s neither talking to a salesperson, no annual contract, no training, nor learning curve required.

Read detail about Drip Review.

The Drip plans provides you a 14-day trial period. After that, you need to pay $49 for up to 2500 subscribers.

Previously drip had names for their plans but now they have a draggable widget to check the pricing.

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 1
Drip Pricing

Reasons to use Drip are overwhelming, if you wish to experience an exceptional marketing drip email campaigns.

Automatically send a series of emails to users without even writing a code yet still tailored to your customers for a great experience and a good impression of your business.

Capture leads from every page of your website, earn customer’s trust, and turn a massive number of people into successful customers with Drip’s state-of-the-art tools, designed for the next decade.

Update: During the month of October-16; Drip launched free marketing automation plan which offers business to manage 100 email contacts for free of cost. Under this free plan, you get to send unlimited emails, have API access, integration and other pro account features are also available.

2. Getresponse Review – Powerful Drip Email Campaign Software

Great email newsletters and subscriber management, combined with huge options for creating drip emails for customers is exactly what Getresponse ( read this GetResponse review ) offers.

With around 350,000 happy customers in quite a number of countries, may be regarded as the world’s easiest email marketing tool as they engage more than 1 billion customers in a month.

It is ideal for small and medium businesses wherein you can maximize all highly efficient features.

getresponse logo - built and send drip and automated email -send drip emails anywhere

The GetResponse email creator allows you to come up with creative, attractive and effective emails in just a few minutes. The landing page builder yields more sales and you can do in quick and simple steps, without any IT skills needed.

Autoresponders only send out targeted automated emails for a customized user experience which would certainly strengthen customer relationships. They offer 99% email deliver-ability and 24/7 live support for your ultimate convenience.

Once you buy it, you can get started within seconds, create professional newsletters real fast, take advantage of drip marketing campaigns with precise targeting, and design highly attractive landing pages which stand out and publish within seconds. 

Whether you are just getting started or an expert marketer, your needs will be met with tools you’re bound to love.

getresponse Autoresponder - send email newsletter -  create marketing campaigns - send series of emails

Small business owners would have fun and be satisfied with the email creator, professional-looking email templates, access to over a thousand images from stock, along with hundreds of videos and lots of guide for great tips, and a list booster for building your very own foundation of contact base.

Marketing agencies and professional bloggers will be impressed with their list imports, letting them do it in a breeze and smooth as ever, the inbox preview for an actual view of how your email is shown in popular email clients.

A/B testing for up to 5 versions to find out whichever works best for your customers, segmenting contacts, manage your drip email campaigns anytime and anywhere through their iOS and Android mobile apps.

Below is the snapshot of the GetResponse price plans and the price for 10,000 subscribers.

GetResponse-Pricing preview - send automated emails based on users

You can have all these features from and get started without any obligation and contract.

Get landing pages and automation features -  create and send emails to potential customers at right time -easy to set
Getresponse G2 review

Update: Getresponse has launched a Free Forever plan for businesses, this includes free website builders, lead generation features with free landing pages, signup and contact forms, along with complete email marketing apps. It is indeed a great relief for new businesses who do not have enough capital to invest in expensive tools but still need email automation platforms.

looking for mailchimp competitor - advanced segmentation - marketing automation platform - email service - number of contacts

Features included in GetResponse Free-forever plan :

Free Website Builder

  • Build one website with up to 10 page with the help of the AI-creator or choose from the 300 industry template repository.
  • 5GB bandwidth per month
  • Connect a domain or use a free one

Free Lead Generation Software

  • Build and host 1 landing page
  • Signup and contact forms to get leads for your business
  • Store up to 500 contacts

Free Email Marketing Software

  • Unlimited emails for your contacts
  • Drag-and-drop creator to build emails
  • Access to a rich predesigned email templates library

3. Encharge Review – Reliable Drip Email Campaign Software

A tool specially designed for startups is a lead nurturing and marketing automation tool. It offers well-crafted features for new businesses such as flow builder, broadcasts, behavior emails, and personalization.

The unique feature that stands out is the trial Conversion for Startups tool that helps convert free users to paying customers.

unlimited email delivery at the right time - helps with lead generation and offer split test -get live support - send triggered emails - offer advanced features

Features of Encharge:

1.) Onboarding emails: Onboarding emails are the first email that reaches your audience with your product details. helps create effective user journeys with an easy-to-use visual flow builder. So, no one size fits all approach for onboarding rather well-designed action-based emails.

2.) Behavior Emails: Create well-targeted campaigns that improve user engagement based on what a user does on your website.

3.) User Profiles: With this feature, you will have an overview of every step that a user has taken such as opening emails to viewing emails to using critical product features.

provides features for subscriber management and send behavior based designed emails
User profiles features

4.) User Segments: Segmentation is essential and ensures that you can create segments based on data obtained from your app or marketing stack. You can segment your contacts on how they have interacted with your website or previous emails.

know your audience and create triggered based email drips for different stage of customer lifecycle - affordable rates

Pricing is available in two plans growth and premium whose pricing varies on the total number of subscribers you have. The starting pricing for 2000 subscribers is locked at $49/mo for the growth plan and $59/mo for the premium plans.

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 2 pricing

4. Review – Brilliant Drip Email Campaign Software

Perfect data is what boasts, a smart email marketing drip campaign maker that helps out in sending a targeted humanized message based on your customer’s interaction with your website or app.

They innovatively utilize each unique interaction for generating this personalized message. With, you get immediate results with the real-time data streaming right into your website and mobile app and triggering sophisticated actions such as drip emails easily and all is done automatically according to the rules which you have full control of. dashboard - helps you create campaigns using split test - create campaign based on buyer's journey

They feature a flexible segmentation through A-B testing and comprehensive reporting. The history of how customers use your app and every email sent to them is remembered, therefore their experience is tailored to their preferences and becomes much more desirable and unique.

Messages are delivered at the right time and within a delivery window, send only relevant newsletters, and track conversions.

Enterprise-Grade Software.
Sold by Humans. conveniently offers two plans that scale as you do.  This simply means that you have to pay a base price and the cost will raise as your number of subscribers does.

You pay a price of $150 for 0-12000 profiles. pricing
  • 12000-14000 profiles you pay $160 p/m
  • 14000-16000 profiles you pay $170 p/m
  • 16000-18000 profiles you pay  $180 p/m

To check  complete pricing details click here 

If the total number of profiles passes 50000 you will need to connect with their sales team.

Update: has reviewed and updated their DPA(data processing agreement), privacy policies and terms of service and have made the required changes to make it GDPR and CCPA compliant. Also, they are reviewing the GDPR and CCPA compliance of their vendors who they use as data processors.

5. Benchmark Email Review –  Trustworthy Email Marketing Software

Do powerful email marketing with Benchmark Email. They have more than 400 email templates that give almost no limits on the number of ways you can utilize them. Stay connected and keep your customers updated on their email marketing campaigns with autoresponder software and email newsletter subscriptions.

Benchmark email screenshot

Among the great features that Benchmark Email marketing tool have, would be split test subject lines where you can learn what engages your customers, and the Inbox Checker which lets you preview your email designs, exactly how it would appear to clients so you would have a look and feel of its overall impact before you actually deliver it.

Coming to integration, Benchmark Email easily integrates with Shopify.

Benchmark Email email marketing software also has surveys and polls, signup forms, plugins, apps, integrated social media channels, real-time reports. Its one of the best email marketing tools around which is very efficient as it saves you money and time, with mobile responsiveness on top.

You can rely on them to do everything that’s needed in creating an eye-catching, high quality email that would be highly effective.

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 3
Benchmark Pricing

Visit Benchmark and whether you have something to sell, a service to offer or a cause to endorse, you are assured it will be carried out and done right.

Update: Benchmark Email, announced that it has acquired Contacts+, a subsidiary of Denver-based FullContact.

6. Convertkit Review – Professional Drip Email Campaign Software is home to professional bloggers and sellers who need drip email campaigns for marketing. Opt-in forms are creatively crafted and very easy to read and fit in anywhere on the website. You may create or design with your own landing page or choose from several templates in just a few seconds.

A hands-on editor will help you choose the perfect text, color, customized patterns and detail, and a custom css for that specific look that the editor may not be able to make.

Their services also include broadcasting a specific email to all relevant subscribers and can be timed and queued as soon as you are ready.

This is great for announcements, blog posts and product launches. Their convertkit forms will adjust when placed on the sidebar or right at the end of the blog post. Their email sequence is also aimed to be friendly to read and be understood, and organizing drip campaign emails and sequencing them is a snap.

Convertkit- create drip campaign

Convertkit Email automation thoroughly covers level of the sales funnel from start to finish and you can even integrate them into WordPress, your own membership sites, Gumroad and more.

got scheduled emails ? manage with with Convertkit
G2 convertkit review

When coming to pricing this marketing software offers two plans one is the free trial and the other is the complete plan. With the free plan you get unlimited landing pages, 30+ premium landing page templates, manage 500 subscribers, mobile responsive designs, and a lot more.

The “complete” plan is priced at $29 and offers everything that you get with the free plan. In addition to that, you get to manage a total of 1000 subscribers, integrations and API, subscriber tagging, and some more. Below is the snapshot of the features with this plan.

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 4

Update: FanBridge, the email marketing platform for musicians and other creators, announced the acquisition by ConvertKit. Together, ConvertKit and FanBridge can help musicians and other creators grow their fan base and monetize the relationship with their fans through email.

7. Sendloop Review – Strong Drip Email Campaign Software has an excellent way to segregate and move contacts along the sales funnel down into specific drip campaigns. It prides itself to be an easy-to-use tool and comfortable to use, much like using your favorite word processor.

The backend is handled by the company and you just have to concentrate on creating good content. Mail lists are prioritized and you may nurture and build it even bigger with a wide range of widgets and tools.

It allows you to manage your mail lists in just a few clicks, send email campaigns and you may also track activity statistics like the customer’s email open rates, link clicks, and many others.

sendloop message home - email automation - easy to use

Sendloop has the easiest drip email campaign s service and they have exceptional customer service that will guide and help you every step of the way. They also promise a transparent pricing structure and no long-term contracts or lock-in agreements.

Sendloop pricing follows an enterprise model where you pay as per the subscribers you have.The price range is usually between $9 for 450 subscribers and $1645 for 3,50,000 subscribers.

Below is a snapshot from Quora which enlists some of the best email marketing software.

email automation - easy to use
Quora sendloop discussion

Sendloop features are pretty interesting where you get unlimited email delivery, lead generation, email marketing campaigns, and other features.

8. Vision6 Review – Premiere Drip Email Campaign Software

A drip email campaign tool that organizes and adds SMS and other advanced features into the mix. They already have preset templates that you can use and it is powered by a drag and drop editor.

You can fashion a professional-looking design with your own customized templates or build around an existing one.

Targeted SMS messages reach your customers via mobile. You don’t have to worry about violating the SPAM Act as the software has built-in features that automate certain tasks such as web forms that gain consent and collect subscriber opt-in.

Unsubscribe becomes easy with features that includes a one-click unsubscribe function.

Vision6 is also geared with social media in mind, as it lets you automatically publish in popular sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Your customers may also share your emails socially through the mentioned platforms. Interactive reports show you the email campaign in real-time and fast click maps illustrate your email statistics with a good-looking and easy to read interface.

The starter pack is priced at AUD $9/month for 250 contacts. The most popular plan is their business plan that’s riced at AUD $29 for 250 contacts. The highest-priced plan is pro-marketer which costs AUD $99 per month.

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 5
Vision6 Pricing

Bonus +1 : Aritic PinPoint- Valuable Drip Email Campaign Software

Another drip email campaign tool that provides an edge to marketers with added marketing automation features. Like all the above tools, Aritic PinPoint also offers drip email campaigns.

Before talking about Drip Campaigns, first I must mention that Aritic PinPoint has a highly advanced segmentation feature- which automatically makes drip campaigns more effective. Unlike most automation tools, list segmentation in Aritic PinPoint is based on:

  1. The behavior of prospects/leads/customers on the website, subscriber pages etc.
  2. Demographics
  3. Events
  4. Buyer’s stage in which the lead/customer is in

How are Drip Campaigns effective due to this?

You already know what drip campaigns are. It is also obvious, to retain leads and nurture/convert them, marketers opt for various kinds of emails. Aritic PinPoint offers automated drip campaigns that are essentially customer-centric and highly personalized.

email-drip-Aritic-pinpoint - drip campaigns - drag and drop easy editor - writing emails made easy

Based on the prospect’s behavior (before they have signed up or subscribed), you can send educational emails that will increase their awareness of the industry issues and what kind of solutions can help.

With a series of drip campaigns, you can convert them into leads (i.e. they sign up or subscribe).

When a lead signs up or subscribes for newsletters, you can automate welcome emails, followed by quick onboarding email series. If your leads get stuck somewhere on your website, you can trigger emails to help them take the next step.

best email marketing campaigns - added another marketing automation

Based on locations, browsing history, gender, and other such factors, you can schedule drip emails that are relevant. For instance (in reference to eCommerce), a fairy tale book will appeal to a younger age-group.

Although not very young children are browsing eCommerce catalogs, their parents are! And Aritic PinPoint has the intelligence to identify these leads.

Send out event-based emails like event details, venue, tickets (if applicable), speakers/performers, facilities, the route to reach, etc.

Every buyer goes through three main stages termed as Buyer’s Journey before they hit the ‘buy’ button. It starts with AWARENESS- where a buyer is trying to identify the problem they are facing.

They are yet not sure what to call it. Next is, CONSIDERATION- where the buyer knows what are the problems and are looking for a solution. Last is DECISION- here the buyer has already identified their problem, skimmed through all the possible solutions, and now have decided upon a solution that they want to try.

make sure to check trial days
Integrated Automation Ecosystem

This is the stage where a brand starts marketing about themselves- their product/services- explicitly. Aritic PinPoint lets you segment your leads based on the stage in which they are presently in.

According to that, you can create and schedule drip campaigns that are targeted and designed to help the lead proceed in their journey.

You can also trigger date-specific emails to your leads based on the data you have with Aritic PinPoint. The Lite Plan starts at $15/month for 1000 contacts billed annually with unlimited emails and a host of features to start with.

Under the Lite plan, you get easy campaign builder, smart autoresponders, website tracking, anonymous lead tracking, browser fingerprint-based lead tracking, dynamic list segmentation among other features that enable an interactive and personalized drip campaign for your leads.

What Else?

Well, Aritic PinPoint lets you trigger re-engagement emails as well to nurture old leads that were once active or leads that suddenly stopped engaging mid-way. Apart from this, drip campaigns on Aritic PinPoint are not limited to just emails.


You can create drip push notification campaigns as well based on behaviourial triggers. And all of these at no extra cost. It all comes clubbed together. Isn’t that great?!

I hope a brief overview of these drip email campaign tools will help you in picking the right tool for your business. Recently, Matt Carter at Unbounce mentioned about 5 Simple Ways to Get More Paying Customers Out of Your Email Marketing, which is worth a read and can help you with more tips.

Where all drip email marketing tools stand in market:

Transform your Business with Next-Gen 9 Drip Email Campaign Software 6
Drip Email Marketing Tools Selection Radar

Our experience with the Drip email campaign software discussed in this guide:

Drip campaign toolsPricingFeatures Summary
DripPricing starts at $19 for 500 contacts where you can send unlimited emails.What is good?
Drip helps you with email marketing automation in a cost-effective way
What is not good?

Drip might not be that fruitful if you are just starting out or your website doesn’t have a large number of visitors.
GetResponseThe basic plan starts at $65 for 10000 contacts.What is good?
Impressive features such as landing page editor, webinar creator in addition to powerful email automation and segmentation.
What is not good?
GetResponse doesn’t do very well when it comes to analytics and reporting.
Customer.ioThe basic plan starts at $150 for 12000 profiles.What is good?
It allows you to segment data based on mobile and web apps. The free plan is generous up to 200 contacts.
What is not good?
The integrations are quite limited.
BenchmarkThe pricing starts at $11.89 for upto 600 contactsWhat is good?
The editor is one of the best and the behavioral-based automations are great for ecommerce.
What is not good?
You need to pay for image storage and sometimes their deliverability rates flounder.
ConvertkitThe paid plan also called the complete plan starts at $29What is good?
The automation of Convertkit are one of the easiest ones. Also, their list segmentation and landing page editor is pretty good.
What is not good?
The reporting and analysis feature is very basic. Also, the template repository seems to be limited.
SendloopThe paid plan starts at $9 for up to 500 subscribers where you can send unlimited emails.What is good?
The flexibility you get with Sendloop to target the right customers is great. You can make your own rules to funnel your audience and accordingly tailor your messages.
What is not good?
It is expensive for small businesses and doesn’t look as polished as its competitors.
Vision6The paid starts at $9 for 250 contactsWhat is good?
A tool that bundles up features like SMS messages and automatic social media posting in addition to other automation features.Great customer support.
What is not good?
The interface seems to be outdated and clunky.
Aritic PinpointThe paid plan starts at $15/mo for 1000 contacts.What is good?
A tool that has really good segmentation capabilities making it a boon for marketers. You can easily retarget, retain and nurture your leads
What is not good?
Too many features make using it a bit overwhelming.
Drip email campaign software tools

What is an email drip campaign?

Email drip campaigns involve sending out emails to prospects, existing customers at predefined time and date. They are an essential part of any business as it helps to lay down the groundwork for business relationships.

How can I benefit from email drip campaigns?

Follow the following steps to get more out of your campaign:
Set your goal
Write meaty emails meaning to say your emails should contain something substantial.
Send emails which pique the interest of the user to know more about the product.
Test your email templates and find the best one.

How many emails can be added in a drip email campaign?

You should be very logical about how many emails you wish to send to your consumers. The general rule followed is to send someone between 4 and 11 emails scheduled between 4,7 and 11 days.

Which is the best drip email campaign software?

Some popular email campaign software are Drip, Aritic, Brevo,, MailChimp and GetResponse.

How much does a drip email campaign software cost?

The cost of a drip email lies between $10 – $1000 when you manage your campaigns on your own. The price will increase substantially and reach to $300 if you hire an agency to do so.
Note: The above figures are for mid-size businesses.

What kind of emails are sent through drip email software?

Emails sent through drip email software reminds your prior as well as new customers about your brand. Existing customers may get emails that revolve around new products or updates about their past buys while the new customers may get emails to visit your website to sign up or make some purchase.

What to avoid while creating a drip campaign?

Sending emails too close to each other
Sending too many emails
Not providing any value
Not analyzing the related metrics
Using a generic subject line

What makes a drip-email campaign worthwhile?

A drip email campaign is good when the recipient is delighted to receive and read the email. He doesn’t even realize that it is an automated email sent for marketing purposes.

Is there any difference between drip and nurture campaign?

Drip campaigns are usually a series of emails that you send to your contacts for building relationships. Nurture emails are tailored to specific customers based on their past behavior.

What are some of the important metrics to measure drip campaigns?

Click-through rate
Open rate
Unsubscribed rate
Conversion rate
Bounce rate
Forward/share rate

Are the drip email campaigns still popular?

As per a study by Mckinsey and company email campaigns are 40% more effective than social media campaigns. The buying process is 3 times faster than through social media.

What is the 5Ts formula for a successful email campaign?

The 5Ts to follow in an email campaign to build your brand are: Tease, Target, Teach, Test and Track.

What are some types of email marketing?

Some common types of email marketing are:
1.) Email newsletters
2.) Transactional emails
3.) Behavioral email
4.) Promotional email
5.) Acquisition emails

Navodit Ravi
Navodit Ravi

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  1. I use my own setup inside my company for fast email marketing auto send campaigns. They also support SMS for realtime connectivity with customers.

    • Jena, can you please tell the name of software which you are using as your own setup? Might be helpful for other readers.

  2. Hi Ankit, nice article. However i already have a mailchimp account and i use it for manual email marketing. I have just found out that they also offer automated workflow and trigger based emails, and its only $9/month for upto 500 subscribers and unlimited emails.
    What do you think about Mailchimp’s service with automated email marketing ?
    Waiting for your advise.

    Thank you

    • Ankit Prakash May 1, 2015 at 11:05 AM

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for your reply. And, great to see that you are planning to go ahead with Mailchimp.
      Nick, I must say, Mailchimp has great email automation facility and worth going for a paid plan. But before that, I would say, you must design your email trigger rules. This will help you analyse the requirement and inturn will help in selecting proper application for drip email marketing application.
      Hope my advice will help you in taking right decision.

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