24 LinkedIn Automation: Conquer Digital Engagement in 2024 with AI Tools

In this guide, I evaluate various LinkedIn automation tools, essential for enhancing digital engagement in 2024. I discuss tools like Dux Soup, Scrab.in, LeadFuze, Linked Helper, and Expandi, each offering unique features for automating LinkedIn tasks such as sending connection requests, messages, and endorsements. These tools are designed to save time, improve efficiency, and maximize reach on LinkedIn. The guide emphasizes their ease of use, effectiveness in lead generation, and compliance with LinkedIn guidelines, making them vital for marketers and businesses leveraging LinkedIn for growth.

Digital marketing has cemented its authority as the number one mode of marketing to reach their target audience and spreading the word about a brand.

With that being the case, more and more businesses are leaning towards LinkedIn as their marketing and relationship building platform of choice.

For businesses across different industries – especially the ones catering to the business audience – LinkedIn is a powerful outreach platform that can propel companies to maximize their reach and get their message across to the right audience.

When building a vast business network is on the agenda – be it for business or individuals – LinkedIn is the go-to platform. Share on X

But as with any other platform, there is a huge audience out there, and it is growing by the hour.

Trying to connect with each user through a manual process won’t just lead to awfully slow progress, but you will not be able to make as many connections as you should in a given time.

Also, there are too many activities to be performed and as the stakes go up, too much data to handle.

This is where the LinkedIn automation tools come in handy.

What is Linkedin Automation?

Linkedin automation is the practice of using automated software or tools or chrome plugins to perform various tasks on LinkedIn such as sending connection requests, messages, or endorsements.

Automation is used to save time and increase efficiency in networking and building relationships on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Some examples of LinkedIn automation tools include tools for automating connection requests, message templates, and scheduled posting. Automation is frowned upon by LinkedIn, and use of such tools may result in account suspension.

LinkedIn tools make it a far easier to auto connect with new connections than a regular, non-automated approach; which would eventually make it easier for you to pitch your products and show your content to those newly gained connections.

The further benefits include increased views and messages in your LinkedIn inbox.

These tools are especially useful for those with multiple LinkedIn accounts, as they can rid them of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks and focus on the more core functions.

Linkedin Automation tools for 2024 – Complete Guide

Dux Soup is a very popular tool among businesses that want to generate leads.

This tool makes it a seamless exercise to find prospects, attract them to your business and engage them for having higher chances of conversion.

Essentially, Dux Soup is a Google Chrome extension that can be installed easily and based on the plan you use; you can avail its features.

With Dux Soup installed and activated, you can use it to visit the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects automatically.

And not just that, Dux Soup can also endorse the skills of your connections, subscribe for the updates from the connection profiles and, most importantly, send personalized images that look like coming from a real person.

Managing your prospects in a way that you are always on top of the communications sent to them is also made possible with Dux Soup.

When you visit and review a profile, you can leave notes and tags, based on your observations.

It not only helps in easily finding or referencing them on a later date, but you can also perform certain actions based on the references and notes you had created earlier.

The best part is that you can implement this functionality for any profile – whether or not they are part of your connections.

What this does basically is that it turns your LinkedIn profile into a full-fledged leads management system.

Because you can find previously tagged profiles and perform a range of follow-up actions, there is a sense of structure that is lent to your lead management through LinkedIn.

What’s more, is that you can even upload a list of profiles that can then be used for targeting sales campaigns.

This uploading can be done on a CRM system that you may be using or a simple spreadsheet.

Dux Soup also facilitates downloading the profile details you uploaded previously.

dux soup

This serves as a great boon for your lead generation efforts and really helps move the needle towards the ultimate marketing and sales goals of your company.

With Dux Soup, a user can select a custom time to go by between performing different actions.

It also enables scheduled running so that you can auto connect and reach your prospects at a time they are most likely to engage with you.

Dux Soup can also save you a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted away looking at misfit profiles, as you can set certain rules.

These rules serve as filters and deliver to you only the most relevant profiles for your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Like any other platform, LinkedIn has its own ‘fair use’ limits that must be adhered to at all times.

In the event you are exploiting LinkedIn for your business, there are consequences to face, which may render your LinkedIn marketing efforts ineffective.

In order to ensure that you do not fall for this trap, Dux Soup ensures you stay with the ‘fair use’ limits at all times.

Dux soup has built a reputation for providing great support.

They provide live chat support during EU and US business hours, and you can also get in touch with the support team via email.

dux soup pricing

Pricing for Dux Soup:

Dux Soup comes in 3 packages – the free forever plan and 2 paid plans for Individuals.

The free plan is also called the Starter Dux plan, and it provides a host of features to the users.

With this plan, you can find prospects on LinkedIn, avail support services – be it as a business user or sales navigator, but not if you are a recruiter.

You can also run campaigns for LinkedIn users you have tagged previously. You can tag at the most 100 profiles with this plan.

The Pro Dux plan is a paid plan wherein you enjoy even more features.

This plan comes at the cost of 11.25 Dollars per month and, apart from the features that the free plan contains, it also provides the facility to avail support services as a recruiter, upload your list of profiles and visit profiles based on the CSVs downloaded previously instead of visiting random and irrelevant profiles.

24 LinkedIn Automation: Conquer Digital Engagement in 2024 with AI Tools 1

In addition, this plan also offers the auto-engage feature to increase engagement with connections. There is no limit on the number of profiles you tag with this plan.

To scale up your business in a big way, you can use the Turbo plan.

Starting at 41.25 Dollars, the Turbo plan is truly of an enterprise scale.

Using this plan, you can have all the features from the standard and professional plan, like finding prospects, support services, CSV download and upload, the difference being that the volume of data for each service goes up considerably with this plan.

You can tag unlimited profiles with the Turbo plan.

2. Scrab.in – Strong Linkedin automation tool

Scrab.in is a Linkedin automation tool that helps automate all the processes that include Linkedin profile / Linkedin Sales Navigator / Linkedin Recruiter (Full & Lite).

It is a great tool for business growth where you can invest time in other tasks without spending hours on screen. So what are the features that this tool offers?

It helps you generate leads instantly from your social media contacts. With scrab.in you can easily set up a Linkedin lead generation campaign with just a few clicks.

The easiest way to check profiles or to go through multiple accounts is to do so on scrab.in.

This site allows you to filter based on first/ second/ third level connection profiles, and even unverified profile, making scanning much easier.

With the endorsement feature, you can easily endorse the skill set of other users and improve your visibility.

You can activate or deactivate endorsements based on your goal. It allows you to endorse up to 30 skills per profile.

You can send out 500 connection requests in a day and 14000 in a month based on your preferred audience persona. So, you can increase your following in no time.

scrab.in connection requests

Now another task is the management of so many diverse profiles.

Scrab.in has an efficient and actionable system where you can download generated leads in CSV format with proper segments.

If needed you can also download them in excel format and store them on your computer.

The next very helpful feature of this tool is able to upload your CSV’s to scrab.in and use it further for outbound marketing.

It helps you keep your leads list segmented and send out personalized messages to each segment.

scrab.in CSV files

All in one solution that automated all the major processes of Linkedin that is find clients, send invitations, generate leads, promote your website and build a community.

It also comes with a referral program where you can earn 10% cash as sales commission and your referrals get 10% off.


Scrab.in pricing:

It is available in 3 plans 1 plus license @ $15 per month, the second plan 1 ultimate license is priced at $59/mo and the 8 ultimate licenses is priced @ $399/mo.

The most popular plan is the 1 ultimate license plan where you get 500 daily visits, 1500 daily scans with uploading CSV files, sending inmail messages and more.

3. LeadFuze – Best-selling tool for Linkedin automation

As a lead generation software, LeadFuze is a name trusted by many, especially the marketing teams of businesses that sell products for business clients.

LeadFuze proves to be highly instrumental in lead generation as it helps businesses engage qualified prospects that are most likely to be interested in the products being sold.

And it is not just the top of the funnel prospects, but LeadFuze can also serve as a great tool to engage with the prospects in the middle of your sales funnel.

LeadFuze can help you really get a handle on who is it that you are targeting through your marketing campaign. Share on X

You can segment your LinkedIn marketing campaign through different filters, namely industry, technologies, role, double verified emails, location company news, ad budget, hiring intent, employee size, and keywords.

This is a pretty well-rounded list of segmentation options that, if used correctly, should give you the best quality prospects.

You have the option to select only the roles that you want to target for your campaign and have a cap on the number of prospects that belong to that role.

LeadFuze G2 review

You can also let LeadFuze perform its automation whereby it creates a list for you.

The FuzeBot feature of LeadFuze is a smart, AI-powered feature that will fetch the most relevant contacts from any list – small or exhaustive.

For this purpose, it scans the entire web to look for potential leads, and as and when it finds something that is of value to your business, it gets automatically added to your list.

As discussed earlier, integration with a CRM goes a long way in organizing your contacts and keeping the ball rolling when it comes brand-consumer interaction.

And LeadFuze integrates with a host of CRM solutions that include Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, GSuite and many more.

LeadFuze Pricing: LeadFuze comes primarily in 3 pricing packages – Scaling, Unlimited and custom.

LeadFuze Pricing

The Scaling plan comes at a cost of $147 per month. It can be availed by those who want to design their marketing strategy around accounts and can do without too many leads.

You still get 500 lead credits per month with this plan.

The scaling plan comes at a cost of $397 per month. While the price tag is heavy, the features you get make sit sort of justified.

This plan gives you 2500 lead credits per month, the facility to de-duplicate, and the integration options. If you have more leads or more than 5 users you can try their custom plan.

4. Linked Helper – Guaranteed tool for Linkedin automation

Linked Helper is a must-have tool when you want  a way for your business to have endorsements.

When your prospects see your LinkedIn account as something that sits on top of a lot of endorsements, it helps conversion rate go up by a good measure.


With Linked Helper, your contacts automatically receive endorsements from your account and going by the user behavior on LinkedIn; you may get endorsements in return from a good percentage of contacts.

With Linked Helper it becomes easier to expand your social network and continuously engage with them. Share on X

There is the auto mailing system in place that keeps the communication line with your business partners open at all times.

The autoresponder for LinkedIn feature makes the personalized interaction possible as it can send messages to the connections you have just added.

You can even send messages in groups and the feature to invite your first connections to groups of your choice is also provided.

The auto-visitor feature of Linked Helper provides an easy way to automate profile visits and thus help with lead generation.

You can set a search criterion in order to execute a setting by which Linked Helper only visits certain types of profile, i.e., the profiles that are relevant to your business profiles.

Linked Helper Pricing: Linked Helper comes in various packages, depending upon whether you are paying for one month at a time or several.


If you sign up for just one month under the Standard plan, you will need to pay $15. If you sign up for 3 months, you will pay $13.33/ month for 3 months.

For signing up with the 6-monthly Standard plan, you will pay 10 Dollars per month for the duration of 6 months.

And if you sign up for a 1-year Standard plan, you will pay $8.25per month for 12 months, which will total to 99 Dollars.

5. Expandi – Bonus tool for Linkedin Automation

Expandi is a cloud based platform that markets itself as the safest LinkedIn automation tool.

Their USP is that none of their clients will ever get blacklisted on LinkedIn for they offer intelligent and advanced targeting.

This Linkedin lead generation tool focuses on making new connections without violating LinkedIn safety practices. Some of the Expandi features are drip campaigns, lead generation, contact database, personalised campaigns etc.

Now let us check out the features of this cloud based automation software:

  • Get a dedicated country based IP address for your account and increase your visibility and profile views.
  • Random delays between different actions to ensure that the interaction with your Linkedin lead feels more organic and human-like.
  • The auto warm-up feature ensures that there is a gradual increase in your daily campaign limit every day to make your Linkedin account look more credible.
  • You can send 100 connection requests and 100 messages in one day.
  • Create and send personalised automated messages to your target audience based on their interaction with other Linkedin posts.
  • Understand your campaign better with the key insights and campaign metrics.
  • Amp up your LinkedIn lead generation efforts by exporting your previously generated leads to your Expandi account in CSV file format.

Expandi Pricing: Expandi offer a 7 day free trial and offers a single plan priced at $99 per account per month.


6. Overloop – Reliable Linkedin automation tool

Overloop has fast emerged as one of the most sought LinkedIn marketing tools in the marketplace, though its capabilities go much beyond LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn functionality for Overloop comes through different forms; you can have a Prospect! button on profiles, clicking on which adds the account to your lists or you can activate LinkedIn feature though integration with Zapier.

The Overloop button makes life easy. Just a single click and the contact details of the profile get important in your chosen library.

From thereon, you can have your specific marketing roles take over and try to convert the prospect the way they deem fit

In order to connect Overloop with LinkedIn, you do not need to be a programmer; there is not a single piece of code involved in the integration.

The entire process is very simple and possible for a non-tech savvy person. There are 10 integrations possible with this functionality, thereby enhancing your productivity by several degrees of magnitude.

You can create different triggers based on an event happening on your account.

For example, you can have triggers generated when you create a company update when a prospect is converted when a prospect replies when you share a post, when you archive a prospect, and more.

It also offers plenty of integrations with several applications such as SalesForce, OutLook, HubSpot, Gmail, Slack, Pipedrive and several more.


7. Meet Alfred – Recognized Linkedin automation tool

A Google Chrome plugin, Meet Alfred saves you from a lot of time-intensive tasks by automating the necessary processes for building LinkedIn connections’ network.

Using Meet Alfred, you can send multiple connection requests in a matter of minutes, the best part being that you can personalize each connection request.

Messaging is a powerful tool in order to give a personal touch to all your communication endeavors.

Having said that, if you have built a huge list of connections, it is hassling and time-consuming to go to each connection individually and send them messages, especially in cases when you have the same message to be sent to a large number of people.

With Meet Alfred installed on your Chrome, you can send bulk messages, in a way turning your LinkedIn account into a mass email channel.

One of the more non-pushy tactic to make people notice you is to view their profiles so that they get a notification about your visit; making it highly likely that they check you out. Meet Alfred automates this process as well.

You can use it to automatically visit other LinkedIn profiles and make them aware of your existence.

If they visit back, there is a good chance that they find your page interesting enough, navigate across the different sections and then get in touch.

Meet Alfred also ensures that all the connections you make aren’t laying out there wasted and unattended.

It comes with the CRM function with which you can manage all your connections and run different LinkedIn campaigns to keep your network engaged with you.

It does a great job of collecting data for you and then analysing it for you to extract useful knowledge about your connections and their engagement patterns with you.

Meet Alfred Pricing: The Meet Alfred plugin comes with different pricing plans, suiting different kinds of budgets.

alfred pricing

There is a free setting which can be availed to use the auto visit function for up to 200 profiles.

And then there are 3 paid plans, which Meet Alfred calls Personal, Business and Enterprise plans – available under Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions.

The Monthly Personal plan costs 59 Dollars per month per LinkedIn profile. If you instead opt for the Quarterly Plan, it proves to be half as expensive, as you will be charged as per the rate card of $49 per month per profile. 

While the Business plans have more set of features as compared to the Personal plans, it is the scale of the features provided and how much you can achieve with them.

Users also get the flexibility to cancel or modify their subscriptions at any time.

You simply have to get in touch with the Meet Alfred team, and they perform the required procedure. It also provides a 14-day free trial period without giving your credit card details.

8. SalesLoft Prospector – Brilliant tool for Linkedin automation

SalesLoft has set out to revolutionize the sales industry, and as part of this endeavor, it is empowering businesses to use LinkedIn for the best possible results, apparently with a lot of success.

You can integrate SalesLoft with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and start using the power of this integration for boosting your LinkedIn conversations and connections.

With this integration, you get real-time insights on whatever is happening at the end of your contact and the company they are employed with.

What this essentially does is that it helps you create a user persona which can then be used to design your entire marketing strategy for the users that truly matter.

When you are planning to send a message to your prospect that is personal in nature, you got to know what ticks those emotions in them.

SalesLoft highlights all the commonalities between you and your connection that serve as great icebreakers and let you start off on a great note.

The workflows get simpler to understand and handle with SalesLoft, not to mention several times more efficient.

You get the ability to get a peek into LinkedIn insights using just your sales engagement platform, so there is no question of you having to learn and perform elaborate steps that make the myriad of other tools very non-user-friendly.

Salesloft g2 review

An Overview

An overview of all the Linkedin automation tools discussed in this guide

Linkedin automation toolsPricingFeatures Summary
ExpandiThe Paid plan starts at $99/mo per account

Doesn’t offer a free trial
What is good?
Auto warm up feature to make actions organic.

Intelligent and advanced targeting to prevent blacklisting

What is not good?
It is slightly on a higher price range

Using advanced features requires third-party apps.
Dux SoupThe paid plan starts at $14.99/user/mo

Offers a free plan
What is good?
Easy to create drip campaigns and powerful automation

A friendly customer support

What is not good?
The user interface is not intuitive
LeadFuzeThe pricing plan starts $132/moWhat is good?
Very easy to use for generating leads

Value for money

Automated list building

What is not good?
At times the pulled out emails or information is not up to date.
LinkedHelperThe starter plan is priced at $15/moWhat is good?
Add signatures to your messages

Automates a lot of lead generation actions and create smart lead generation funnels.

What is not good?
Contact gathering is at times faulty.
OverloopThe paid plan starts at $149/mo then $29 for each new user.What is good?
A better comprehensive view of analytics

What is not good?
Lacks some advanced features.
Meet AlfredPaid plan starts at $59What is good?
Real time performance insights of your Linkedin campaigns

Auto visit people profiles

Auto Detects Linkedin warnings

What is not good?
A bit expensive.
Salesloft ProspectorRequest a quoteWhat is good?
Builds your prospect list quickly

A great tool for prospecting

What is not good?
Integrates with Linkedin sales navigator but only for team plans.
Linkedin automation tools comparison

Few More Notable LinkedIn automation tools:


Lempod, a fantastic tool for LinkedIn marketing. Picture it as your best mate in driving engagement, amplifying reach and ultimately boosting sales. The unique feature is the concept of ‘pods’, where like-minded LinkedIn users group together to support each other’s posts.

Costs range from $3.99 to $9.99 per member in each pod.

lempod pricing

Pros? It’s an organic way to increase your LinkedIn visibility and build genuine connections.

Any cons? You rely heavily on the activity of others in your pod. Also, while Lempod offers a unique method to scale your LinkedIn presence, it may not be the most effective for all types of businesses.

Demand (ex-Saleshub)

Demand, formerly known as Saleshub. Imagine having a Swiss Army knife with AI for LinkedIn automation. With features like LinkedIn Profile Visitor , linkedin automations, Message Sender, and Auto-Connect, Demand lives up to its name by creating, well, demand.

lempod automation

Their pricing starts at $99/user/month for the Salestool plan.

The upside? You can automate several tasks, making your LinkedIn marketing more efficient.

On the downside, it may risk your LinkedIn account due to automation activities if not used wisely.


Phantombuster, a powerful, cloud-based data extraction tool. It’s like your personal data genie, pulling out valuable information from social networks, including LinkedIn.

Their pricing starts at $69/month for a single ‘starter’ (automation scenario) to $439/month for a ‘Team’.

Phantombuster pricing

The key benefit? It can gather priceless data from multiple platforms, which could aid your marketing strategies.

The downside? There is a steep learning curve, and using it without proper knowledge might lead to incorrect data extraction.


Salesflow, a powerfully simple LinkedIn outreach tool. Imagine having a personal secretary managing your LinkedIn connections and conversations. Salesflow does just that. With features like personalized automation and detailed analytics, it’s an all-in-one solution.

salesflow features

The pricing begins at $99/month/user for the Starter Pro package to $499/month/user for the Done for you package.

Pros? It streamlines your LinkedIn outreach, saving you heaps of time.

The cons? There is a risk of LinkedIn penalizing your account for excessive automation if not used judiciously.

Also, it focuses only on LinkedIn, limiting your outreach to one platform.


LinkedFusion is like your best buddy who’s got your back when it comes to LinkedIn outreach automation. It offers personalized messaging, follow-ups, and a whole lot more.

Isn’t it amazing to have a tool that manages to keep the human touch while operating at a machine’s speed?

salesflow pricing

But wait, there’s more. LinkedFusion has robust analytics to ensure you’re on the right path.

The pricing is structured in tiers with the professional plan starting around $65.95/month/user. Pros include its ease of use and robust features.

However, on the flip side, the con might be that it might seem costly for small-scale users.


LeadConnect feels like a pocket-sized powerhouse for LinkedIn automation. It boasts of features like auto follow-ups, connection invitations, and message sequences.

leadconnect pricing

Ever dreamt of that employee who just never sleeps and works 24/7? Well, here it is!

Their pricing structure starts around $25.95/month, making it an affordable option. The platform’s advantage lies in its simple interface and high functionality.

However, the potential con could be their customer service, which some users have found lacking in responsiveness.


Wiza is your personal magician who pulls out quality leads from LinkedIn like rabbits out of a hat. It shines with its ability to extract and verify LinkedIn emails in bulk, providing a cost-effective lead generation process.

Picture a gold miner who only mines the best-quality gold – that’s Wiza for you.

Pricing starts at $30 per user per month successful lead extraction.

Its key advantage is the high quality of the leads, but one of its downsides is that you might incur extra costs for large-scale projects.


We-Connect is like your reliable buddy who keeps the conversation flowing on LinkedIn. It’s known for its automated LinkedIn messaging, smart invites, and data exporting.

we connect pricing

Imagine having a chat with your friend who just knows what to say to keep you engaged – that’s We-Connect.

Pricing begins at $49/month. Its biggest pro is its easy setup and the ability to send personalized bulk messages, but one of its cons is that it may feel a bit overwhelming for beginners due to its many features.


Dripify, your friendly LinkedIn automation tool, opens up a world of possibilities by its user-friendly interface and features that ensure seamless connectivity with your audience.

dripify pricing

It’s as if you had a digital assistant, working tirelessly to expand your professional network. Features like auto follow-ups and smart replies are a boon for busy professionals.

The price plans are quite reasonable, starting from just $59/user/month.

However, the glittering world of Dripify isn’t without its flaws. It might take you a moment to get used to its interface, and the lack of advanced analytics can be a drawback. But the simplicity and effectiveness outweigh these minor setbacks.


UpLead is like the digital equivalent of a bloodhound, sniffing out potential leads and business opportunities from every corner of the web. It’s a comprehensive B2B database and sales intelligence tool.

uplead pricing

UpLead offers you accurate contact data, technographic & firmographic insights. The price starts at $74/month.

On the flip side, it may feel a bit pricey for small businesses, and the learning curve can be steep.

However, the wealth of actionable data you get in return makes UpLead worth every penny.


Imagine having your own professional town crier, delivering your messages straight into the inboxes of your LinkedIn contacts.

That’s what Reply.io offers – a robust LinkedIn Message automation tool. It’s your ticket to maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn, starting from $60/user/month.

It enables personalized outreach and measures engagement to maximize your response rates.

On the other hand, the tool may feel a bit complex to navigate initially, and the email-only support might seem limiting. But once you get the hang of it, Reply.io is like a well-oiled machine, bringing you closer to your goals.


Think of LiProspect as your own personal networking event, running 24/7. It’s a powerful LinkedIn automation tool that helps you to connect, message, and follow up with your target audience efficiently.

With plans starting at $89/month, it’s a steal for the features it offers, like advanced filtering and cloud-based safety.

The downside might be the occasional sync issues and its limitation to only LinkedIn.

Yet, LiProspect’s focus on one platform means it’s finely tuned to get the best out of LinkedIn, making it an invaluable ally in your networking journey.

Linked Radar

Have you ever wished LinkedIn outreach could be easier? With Linked Radar, you get just that. The unique feature of this tool is its ability to automate and personalize your LinkedIn connection requests, messages, and follow-ups.

linked radar pricing

Imagine having your very own assistant working 24/7 to expand your professional network! Its price plans are affordable and vary based on features.

However, while it’s a terrific time saver, the software might not replace all the human touches in networking. And remember, LinkedIn may frown upon automation.


Ever heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”? That’s what Zopto aims to help you do. Its standout feature is its capability to automate your LinkedIn lead generation, all while maintaining a high level of personalization.

zopto pricing

You can even track campaign metrics. The different price plans are tailored to your needs, from an individual freelancer to a marketing agency.

While Zopto is a blessing for lead generation, it’s essential to remember it can’t replace human interaction. And again, LinkedIn’s policy on automation is something to keep in mind.


The metaphor “Your network is your net worth” couldn’t ring truer with Skylead. Its unique advantage lies in its sophisticated algorithms that can identify potential leads and nurture them on LinkedIn without you lifting a finger.

skylead pricing

And the price plans? There’s something for everyone, from the lone wolf to the corporate giant.

On the downside, while it offers great automation, it might feel less personal for some. And yes, you guessed it – LinkedIn’s view on automation might put a damper on the party.


Ready to explore the LinkedIn galaxy with Waalaxy?

Its claim to fame is the seamless LinkedIn and email campaign synchronization, allowing you to take a multi-channel approach in reaching out to potential leads.

waalxy features

From cost-effective basic plans to premium ones, there’s something for every budget.

But wait, it’s not all stardust and rockets. It can be a bit tricky to navigate at first, and LinkedIn’s policy on automation may pose a potential hiccup.

Before you select a LinkedIn Automation Tool

Before you select a LinkedIn Automation Tool

The exceptional results achieved through LinkedIn marketing has made LinkedIn the go-to platform for nearly all businesses.

With this as an essential milestone for any business, it only makes sense that more and more B2B businesses are focussing heavily on reaching the audience that is active on LinkedIn.

They are hiring more people, investing more time and money, having more meetings; all to strategize how to leverage all the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer.

The automation tools mentioned above are for such businesses to deliver focus in their efforts but in a non-invasive and time- and effort-saving manner.

These tools are empowering businesses to do things in innovative ways that were not thought of before.

With marketing becoming the front and center of businesses today, it is a given fact that we are going to witness more advancements in LinkedIn automation.


Questions asked before selecting a Linkedin automation tools:

How to get more leads with Linkedin automation tools?

To find and connect with the right LinkedIn leads, most of the LinkedIn automation tools allow you to add them as a target list in your Sales Navigator.
To get their email ids, you can extract their email ids in order to get more granular with your lead targeting.
LinkedIn isn’t good enough for targeting. Social media automation tools can help you get most out of your limited efforts.

When should I be using linkedIn automation tools?

With LinkedIn automation tools you can target the right prospects in less time without spamming the wrong ones. Managing 2-3 leads is quite plausible but when the number of leads increase reaching out to each of them can be a task. In such cases, LinkedIn automation tools come handy.

Which is the best linkedIn automation tool?

Finding the right automation tool depends on your personal requirements. Some of the good options are Meet Alfred, Dux Soup, Nimble, ProTop and SalesLoft.

How can you get more leads on LinkedIn without getting banned?

Getting leads through LinkedIn is all about building valuable connections not by spamming but by offering quality content. Treat your prospects as new friends and think how would you treat a new friend is it by continuously interrupting him or by trying to understand his interests and gradually building the relationship?

Best LinkedIn automation tool for marketing?

Crystal is a great tool that works by analysing a profile and providing feedback about the person’s personality. With these details in hand you will make a better communication strategy. Other tools like LeadFuze, SalesLoft LinkedInSales navigator are also some good options.

What are the problems that can be solved by LinkedIn automation tools?

The best LinkedIn automation tools let you focus on things like valuable conversations with your prospects, building relationships, and creating brand awareness instead of performing mundane and repetitive tasks.

Is there a LinkedIn automation tool that is open-source?

No. There are no LinkedIn automation tools that are open source.

What are level connections on LinkedIn?

There are three types of level connections on LinkedIn that are
Level 1 connection: People you are directly connected to i.e. either they have accepted your invite or you have accepted theirs. You are free to message these connections LinkedIn.
Level 2 connection: People who connected to your level 1 connections. You cannot message but connect with them via In Mail.
Level 3 connection: People who are connected to your level 2 connection. You cannot message but connect with them via In Mail.

What can you do with the Linkedin automation tool?

Linkedin automation allows you to send connection requests, follow-up messages, and any other function that you would otherwise be doing manually.

What do you mean by Linkedin Prospecting

Linkedin prospecting is the process of identifying the prospects on Linkedin specifically then turning them into customers.

Can one get banned on Linkedin?

Yes, Linkedin can ban your account if you are sending too many connection requests or are visiting too many accounts. In short, any activity that doesn’t seem organic can get your account blocked.

Can LinkedIn help with lead generation?

Yes, LinkedIn is one of the top choices for B2B marketing. You can find people who might be interested in your product and this can lead to conversion.

What is Linkedin Copilot?

With Copilot AI, you will have access to the details of the Linkedin sales navigator that include job title, geography, industry, company size, etc.

Are LinkedIn automation tools worth it?

Yes, LinkedIn automation tools can help your build connections and in a short period of time. You do not have to spend extra time every day to reach out to people or send connection requests.

24 LinkedIn Automation: Conquer Digital Engagement in 2024 with AI Tools
24 LinkedIn Automation: Conquer Digital Engagement in 2024 with AI Tools

Biswajeeta Rath
Biswajeeta Rath

Biswajeeta here and I am a customer experience and community management leader with over 9 years of hands-on expertise. As a guest writer, I provide authoritative insights on #uxresearch, #designthinking, #businessanalytics, #customercentricity, and #communitymanagement. With a data-driven and ever-curious approach, I help clients become more customer-focused through research, strategy, and technology implementation. I have deep knowledge across SaaS testing, social media marketing, influencer engagement, and operational improvements. I leverage skills in user research, market research, design thinking, data analysis, and stakeholder management to elevate customer centricity. My experience driving end-to-end community engagement for brands gives me unique perspective on customer needs and pain points. I am passionate about continuous learning and translating research into actionable strategies that create meaningful customer experiences. With my mantra "do whatever you can with whatever you have," I solve complex challenges with creativity and an analytical mindset.

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  1. Thank you so much for this detailed post. LinkedIn is one social networking site that is often left out and it is quite uncommon as compared to Facebook and Twitter. I was actually wondering if there were any tools that cater to the LinkedIn platform.

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