Sprout Score Strategy

Sprout24 Product Context Page is a dedicated space on Sprout24 showcasing a SaaS product details and user reviews. Sprout Score, range from 1 to 10, is a proprietary rating by Sprout24, reflecting a product quality based on editorial reviews and user feedback. High scores enhance visibility and offer product additional opportunities on the platform.
Sprout Score Strategy

The Sprout24 Product Context Page is a dedicated page on the Sprout24 platform where a product is showcased and evaluated. Here are its key features of a Product Context Page:

Unique URL: Every product is allocated a unique URL on Sprout24 web app that directs users to their specific Product Context Page. This URL can be shared to encourage reviews and feedback.

Review Section: Each Product Context Page features a distinct section where users can submit their reviews. This section has its own unique URL, which vendors can promote to facilitate the collection of feedback.

Importance: The Product Context Page serves as a central hub for all information, faqs, feedback, and evaluations related to a product. The reviews and feedback collected here directly influence the product’s Sprout Score.

Promotion: SaaS vendors are encouraged to promote their Product Context Page across various channels, such as their website, email signatures, support desk messages, and email campaigns, to drive user engagement and gather more reviews.

Sprout Score

Understanding Sprout Score

The Sprout Score is a proprietary rating system used by Sprout24 to evaluate and rank products. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Scoring Range: The Sprout Score can range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and indicative of top-tier performance and quality.

Determination: The score a product receives is influenced by various factors, including editorial reviews and feedback from customers. An editorial review can typically help a product achieve a base score of around 7 to 8.

Significance: The Sprout Score plays a pivotal role in determining a product visibility and positioning on Sprout24. For instance:

  • Product Pages with a score below 6 are not listed in the category page.
  • A score above 6 ensures a product listing on a primary category page.
  • Higher scores, especially when combined with a significant number of user reviews, can unlock additional benefits and opportunities for product on Sprout24.

Achieving Success

Achieving Success with Sprout Score

To ensure your SaaS product success on Sprout24, it’s essential to understand the significance of the Sprout Score and how it impacts your Product Context Page.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Sprout Score and Category Leadership: The leadership of a category on Sprout24 is determined by the Sprout Score that a Product Context Page achieves.
  • Scoring Range: The Sprout Score for a Product Context Page can range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the pinnacle of excellence.
  • Influence of Editorial Reviews: By default, an editorial review can help a Product Context Page secure a commendable score, typically between 7 and 8.
  • Minimum Score Requirement: It’s crucial to note that a Product Context Page with a Sprout Score below 6 will not be considered for category page listing.
  • Role of Customer Feedback: Customer reviews and feedback are instrumental in achieving a favorable Sprout Score.

Benefits of High Score

Benefits of a High Sprout Score

A good Sprout Score not only enhances your Product visibility but also offers numerous other advantages:

  • A Sprout Score above 6 ensures your product’s listing on Sprout24 primary category page.
  • Achieving a Sprout Score above 8, complemented by at least 100 user reviews, makes your product eligible for Sprout24 Marketing Solutions.
  • A stellar Sprout Score of over 9, accompanied by 150 user reviews, allows your product to be listed across multiple relevant product categories.
  • Consistently maintaining a Sprout Score above 8 fosters trust and reliability among your clientele.
  • A robust Sprout Score of over 9 ensures your product feature in Sprout24 regular reports, blogs, newsletters, and media coverage.

Getting more Reviews

Garnering Reviews from Existing Customers

To bolster your Sprout Score, it’s imperative to actively seek feedback and reviews from your existing user base.

Here’s how you can facilitate this:

1. Every Product Page is provided with a unique URL on Sprout24 web app, directing to their Product Context Page.

2. Product Pages are given a distinct URL leading to the Product Review Section on their Product Context Page.

3. Encourage reviews by sharing the Product Context Page URL with your target audience.

4. Enhance visibility by embedding the Product Review Section URL:

  • On your product website footer.
  • Within your email signatures.
  • In the footer messages of your support desk.
  • In your email drip campaigns.
  • In the footers of your email newsletters.

5. To further drive engagement on your own Product Context Page, consider using compelling anchor texts for your Product Review Section URL, such as “Review Us on Sprout24”, “Rate Us on Sprout24”, or “Add a Review”.

User Reviews policy

Acceptable User Reviews policy

User reviews play a significant role in determining a product context page Sprout Score on Sprout24. To ensure the integrity and relevance of these user reviews, certain conditions and criteria must be met:

Relevance and Recency: User Reviews should be pertinent to the product in question and should ideally be recent. Older reviews may have less weight in influencing the Sprout Score.

Quality and Depth: User Reviews should offer valuable insights and feedback. Those that provide more detailed feedback are deemed more helpful to potential buyers and may carry more weight.

Authenticity: User Reviews should come from genuine users of the product. To enhance authenticity:

  • Reviewers are encouraged to include screenshots or other evidence of their usage.
  • Reviews from current users or those with more experience with the product are given more weight.

Attribution: User Reviews where the reviewer has chosen to disclose their name and company publicly might be given preference over anonymous reviews.

Community Engagement: User Reviews that receive significant engagement from the Sprout24 community, such as upvotes or comments, may be deemed more valuable.

Readability: The clarity and readability of the review matter. User Reviews are assigned a Readability Score using metrics like the Flesch Reading Ease scale. Clear, well-written reviews that are easy for other users to understand are preferred.

Minimum Number of Reviews: For a product to be considered for certain benefits or listings, a minimum number of reviews might be required. For instance:

  • A Sprout Score above 8, complemented by at least 100 user reviews, qualifies a product for Sprout24 Marketing Solutions.
  • A Sprout Score above 9, accompanied by 150 user reviews, allows a product to be listed across multiple relevant product categories.

Avoidance of Duplicate or Spammy Content: User Reviews should be unique and not repetitive. Duplicate content or reviews that appear spammy can undermine the credibility of the feedback.

Constructive Feedback: While negative reviews are a part of any platform, it’s essential that the feedback provided is constructive and offers insights into specific areas of improvement rather than being purely derogatory.

Compliance with Platform Guidelines: All reviews should adhere to Sprout24 community and platform guidelines, ensuring they are free from inappropriate content, personal attacks, or any form of misinformation.

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