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10 Reasons Why I Migrated to Kinsta WordPress Hosting

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WordPress has always been a hot favourite amongst budding writers, bloggers and businesses. You ask anyone working in this field about WordPress, and you will get a know-it-all kind of response. With time the relevance of WordPress has only increased by leaps and bounds, making it an essential pillar of digital marketing.

Adding to that thought, I am excited to let both bloggers, marketers, and businesses know why going for Kinsta WordPress hosting solution is the best option for them, if they haven’t already. But before I do that, let me take you back nine years ago. This was when I had started my first blog on WordPress.

Over time I realized that kinsta WordPress hosting has some best features, plugins, themes, and scheduling features that make the experience of writing seamlessly. You will be surprised to know I have successfully built and managed over 30 websites using WordPress and related plugins. This article covers the benefits of kinsta WordPress hosting but it is no less than a Kinsta review. 

All my websites such as Sprout24, Tech-Tweak, and Easysendy, Aritic too sit on WordPress. Since my core expertise lies in B2B marketing, the most significant reason WordPress became my go-to platform for content marketing through lead generation, customer acquisition, and sales.

Many professionals across domains swear by WordPress making it the most sought after CMS. WordPress themes are responsive across all platforms. Working on the platform is relatively easy. They are well integrated with social media platforms. In my experience, WordPress is not just one of the best; it is the best.

If you run a website on WordPress and are looking for the WordPress hosting solution that is as efficient, then Kinsta WordPress Hosting is apt for you. Let us start with the basics that include a quick Kinsta overview so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of everything related to the website. With cutting-edge technology and top-notch services, Kinsta is believed to make support very seriously. Check out Kinsta dashboard if you don’t believe me. Who said hosting and scaling a website is difficult? It’s fairly simple.

kinsta WordPress hosting

Brands such as Ubisoft, Asos, Intuit, and GE host their websites on Kinsta. There are four significant offerings for its customers:

  • A hosting solution that continuously monitors the health of the site
  • Pro-active WordPress experts at the user’s beck and call at all times
  • The quick and easy installation process for beginners
  • Advanced features for developers to play around with in due course

Without further ado, let us discuss ten robust features of Kinsta WordPress Hosting or better put it as Kinsta WordPress benefits. Perhaps, this will give you an idea as to why migrating to this solution is ideal for professionals and businesses with independent websites:

1) Kinsta’s One-click WordPress instance launch is impressive.

WordPress is a user-friendly content management platform. Kinsta understands that. With its one-click installer, you can install a WordPress site and launch it without any hassle. Who said migrating a website was difficult. It is probably not with Kinsta wordpress hosting. Here is the complete detail about the WordPress site management and migration service provided by Kinsta.

2) Kinsta hosts on Google Cloud Platform.

kinsta wordpress hosting
Kinsta Becomes First Managed WordPress Host Exclusively Powered by Google Cloud Platform and LXD Containers (PRNewsFoto/Kinsta)

The second point that I would mention in this kinsta wp hosting review is that there is a host of advantages of being on Google Cloud platform. To begin with, the platform offers the world’s biggest network. Its 9,000km trans-Pacific cable is the highest capacity undersea cable ever built.

Kinsta is a managed hosting for WordPress that offers state-of-the-art security which is of utmost importance for any website. It also takes care of the other relevant aspects such as pricing. Did you know Google Cloud Platforms provide better pricing with minute-level increments? This means you only pay for the time you use.

Google also offers live transfer of machines, which helps in a better way to address issues of patching, repairing and updating software. All this, in turn, helps in an improved overall performance of the website. The user can just take it easy.

3) Kinsta fully manages your WordPress site.

Kinsta is just awesome and the best wordpress hosting by that I mean you get to access an entirely dedicated dashboard for all the tasks that you have to complete on WordPress. You also need not break your head over switching the dashboards of different hosting providers.

We would like to add in this kinsta wp hosting review that Kinsta doesn’t ignore any aspect of WordPress. You get an optimized environment that improves the performance of your website tremendously. Regular monitoring and patches for security updates make your site more secure. This is a boon for businesses that deal with customers’ sensitive data.

And lastly, an important part of Kinsta WordPress benefits is the support provided is top notch. Anytime you get stuck; you know you have experts to help you out.

4) Kinsta CDN is super impressive.

kinsta wordpress hosting

Another Kinsta WordPress benefits are that now it has a Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration that turbocharges your assets on the World Wide Web (www). It’s an absolute no-brainer to use CDN. Why? Because it takes off the load of your server that speeds up the content delivery to your users thereby making their experience better.

CDN also reduces the bounce rate of your website. The lesser load on your server minimizes the bandwidth costs. It also takes care of the scalability of your website. This is a boon for eCommerce sites that have to continuously add product webpages. If you are using a smaller host, it could keep your website from crashing as the CDN is handling most of the load.

5) Kinsta offers a well-managed cache for WordPress.

Caching reduces the work needed for generating a page view. Cache reduces the load on the serves and makes WordPress faster. That is why we should consciously try to use as much caching as possible. Caching at all levels is taken care of through 4 different types of caching:

  • Bytecode Cache
  • Object Cache
  • Page Cache
  • CDN Cache

If you are on Kinsta managed wordpress hosting, you need not worry about using complicated and confusing cache plugins. And that’s because they already have caching implemented and ready to use. Isn’t that convenient for users? Of course, it is. Kinsta is one such hosting solution which makes running a website very simple for users.

6) Kinsta is built to perform with speed.

kinsta wordpress hosting

Another beneYes, that’s correct. Kinsta as a platform is not just built for security and ease but also can be lightning fast for the users. It is all because the hosting solution makes use of elements such as Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7 and MariaDB to enhance the site speed.

These elements are fast because they use secondary memory and can tackle higher loads of traffic. They help Kinsta to be more mobile friendly, a platform that has limited browsing features. If you think Kinsta is not environmentally friendly enough, then you are mistaken.

kinsta WordPress hosting

Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7 and MariaDB help in energy conservation as they can handle the load with same server resources. Now specifically talking about Nginx, its installation and configuration are extremely simple.

Nginx offers the best way to serve static files like pdf, .zip, HTML, AVI, jpeg, png, mp4 to name a few. All the top websites such as Yahoo Inc!, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more make use of Nginx as it helps them achieve maximum website speed; not to forget these are all visually intensive websites. Nginx also helps the sites get a higher ranking by Google.

7) Kinsta boasts of a high-security network.

kinsta wordpress hosting

A highly secure system is an essential point of Kinsta WordPress benefits, which means your website is monitored 24×7 and is secured through robust firewalls. Malware scans, tight software restrictions and firewalls make sure that your site remains secure.

If it gives you any mental peace, Kinsta scans your website every 60 seconds to make sure that all the security features are intact and there are no cyber attacks. Who said hosting is unsafe?

8) Kinsta offers full back up and automatic scaling facilities.

Kinsta automatically creates two weeks-worth of backups so that the website can be rolled back using those reserves. Before you question, let me tell you that the hosting solution takes backups every day, but the frequency can be increased by purchasing a few add-ons.

For high traffic websites, backups are taken as frequently as every one to six hours a day. When traditional servers get hit with higher traffic or load, they need physical upgrades to handle the higher traffic.

But that’s not the case with Kinsta. It is run on Google Cloud Platform that means that the servers are run on cloud-based infrastructure. So, when the Kinsta websites face a sudden spike in the traffic, the cloud will scale automatically to hold the load.

Website crashes are pretty common when a new product or service is launched, and it is unable to take the load. If you host your website on Kinsta, you can be assured that your site will never crash and will also be able to take up the overload now and then. What are your thoughts on this?

At any time you can also check the status of Kinsta servers and check out the uptime.

High traffic management is an important feature that is not limited to just this Kinsta review but you should look for it in all other hosting providers.

9) Kinsta is also built for developers.

Yes, that’s right. Kinsta is an excellent option for developers. It doesn’t matter if they have to scale a website or build their site or design a test server or create a full-fledged website for your clients – developers are going to have a gala time in experimenting with Kinsta.

Kinsta provides a staging area too which is a boon! With the staging area, you can create a playground of themes, features, plugins, code modifications to name a few, so that once you are satisfied, you can apply those changes to the website with just one click.

But you will have to access SSH so that WP-CLI can be put into use to perform updates and other functions. Kinsta also provides secure tunneling into databases stored in the cloud. The websites hosted on Kinsta can run on PHP7, PHP5.6, and you can switch between them without breaking into a sweat.

10) Kinsta enables free SSL for websites with “Let’s encrypt” – a one-click SSL installation.

kinsta wordpress hosting

Let’s encrypt” is a free, open certificate authority. Its job is to encrypt the whole website to make it more secure for privacy. These certificate authority companies are responsible for coding your site, and that includes data and e-commerce transactions.

Kinsta has integrated “Let’s encrypt” features within its system, which gives you free SSL certificates and hosting for all websites on WordPress. The renewal process of these licenses is automatic that helps you save valuable time and money.

Kinsta wordpress benefits

Do you know what the best part is? The SSL certificates and hosting is available at a click of a button. A breather for the IT teams, right? But wait – what does free SSL hosting mean for the users?

For starters, you no longer need to sweat for the entire, laborious process of getting your certificate keys, private keys or CSR. It involves just a one-click integration into your website. It is backed by products like Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer to name a few.

So needless to say, that it is very safe. Users can relax.

By now I hope most of you who are reading this are convinced of the prowess of Kinsta- the WordPress premium hosting. But bringing the inner cynic out, I will play devil’s advocate and ask, “How does it fare against other hosting websites?”

Update: Kinsta is a WordPress premium hosting and a supporter of the WordPress community, and as such, it is equipped with the GDPR and CCPA compliant plugin. This plugin has become a core part of all the WordPress related platforms which allows users to add checkboxes, prompts to make data collection compliant and abide by the data protection laws. So, you can continue reaping the Kinsta WordPress benefits without any hassle.

Allow me to answer this question too.

Kinsta WordPress hosting comparison

I am going to discuss two significant services that come right at the top of my head. Let’s start with WPEngine.

Used by companies like Pingdom, Open Project, Under Armour and, it equips the user with a set of agility, intelligence, and integration solutions to enable the user to build and deploy websites that offer a variety of online experiences such as campaign pages and eCommerce extensions.

1) Kinsta vs. WPEngine

kinsta wordpress hosting

a. Support quality

As a matter of fact, Kinsta is wordpress premium hosting so the support is made of WordPress experts. Whereas WPEngine support has a mixture of WordPress experts and entry-level technicians.

b. Pricing

WPEngine limits the website’s growth, which means you can’t scale on and on. Kinsta, on the other hand, offers unlimited visits and page views at the same price. An overview of Kinsta’s pricing:

best wordpress hosting

c. Migration

Kinsta offers the user free migration; whereas, on the other hand, WP Engine doesn’t.

d. Traffic

If you are looking for a host for high traffic website, Kinsta is the best. For a low-traffic, relaxed webpage WP Engine works better. Take your pick wisely.

e. Speed

Kinsta is way faster thanks to integrating PHP7, Nginx, MariaDB and of course being on the Google Cloud. But WPEngine? Not so much.

Whatever you choose, make sure you keep in mind the business requirements. Kinsta may not be an apt option for you if speed or scalability doesn’t matter to you. But if you are running a business like an eCommerce website, you need to have the right system in place so that you don’t have frequent site crashes and your website is safe and secure at all times.

You can find a review of WPEngine and its comparison, alternatives in this post.

Now that we have got that out of the way let’s look at how Kinsta fares against Flywheel, shall we?

The Flywheel is a hosting solution for building, managing and launching WordPress sites. With a strong resource base and a fantastic website, it boasts of a superior customer care service.

kinsta wp host review

2) Kinsta vs. Flywheel

kinsta wordpress hosting

a. Purpose

Kinsta is built for developers, while Flywheel is designed for designers. Hence they have access to some unique features that aren’t available on Kinsta. If you are a professional artist or run a design company, Flywheel is a better choice.

b. Visitors

At the same price, Flywheel allows a higher number of monthly visitors as compared to Kinsta. Hence, if you are designing a website for a client, Flywheel would be a better choice.

c. Speed

Kinsta beats Flywheel in this area by a fair distance. Though the speed of websites hosted on Flywheel isn’t that bad, Kinsta is way ahead, and you know!

d. Support

The support staff on Kinsta is entirely comprised of WordPress experts gives them an edge over Flywheel’s support. But then again, Kinsta specializes in WordPress so it should have support staff with that expertise. They can identify the issue and solve it much quicker.

e. Pricing

Kinsta had reduced the price of its underlying package from $100 to $30 thereby competing directly with Flywheel. Even though the two are available at the same rate, Kinsta offers more features and better support than Flywheel for the same amount of money. Guess who a clear winner is?

Kinsta also offers…

Apart from the advantages mentioned above of using Kinsta over any other web hosting site, let me talk about two more features that sort of kills the competition. I didn’t mention them before along with others because they deserve to be discussed separately. Check them out:

1) Kinsta WooCommerce Hosting

kinsta wordpress hosting

Websites, especially e-commerce ones have a steady inflow of moderate to high traffic based on sales. For such sites, time is as valuable as money. If due to the inability of servers to handle high traffic, the website collapses, it could spell doom for the e-commerce company.

Hence it becomes vitally important to host such high-traffic websites on hosts that have a higher capacity to handle the traffic. Such support is presented by Kinsta web hosting. If your WooCommerce webpage is designed for infinite scaling, hosting it on Kinsta is the ideal solution.

Why should you choose Kinsta for WooCommerce websites? Here are some quick facts:

  • Scaling of WooCommerce websites is possible.
  • Free site migration is available.
  • The user gets SSL and HTTP/2 support.
  • It is developer friendly as it syncs with Nginx, PHP 7, LXD containers, MariaDB, staging environments, WP-CLI, SSH. So, speed is guaranteed.
  • The user can take daily backups so that it can load from the backups in case of website crash or hacks.
  • The website is secure and monitored 1,440 times a day.
  • The site is powered by Google Cloud – the world’s largest, fastest and most preferred network.

Last but not the least, there’s another unique feature  that I would like to add in this kinsta wp host review:

2) Kinsta WordPress Enterprise hosting

Backed by the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta WordPress Enterprise hosting solution features automatic scaling, 5-star security, and multi-regional deployment among others. Kinsta web hosting is best equipped to face high traffic spikes, higher download numbers and other problems that you may not be able to foresee.

This particular feature offers next-gen infrastructure such as Nginx, PHP 7, HHVM and MariaDB. It has high-security networks that keep monitoring the website every minute and has a support team that eats and breathes WordPress.

The only reason why I have passionately explained every advantage of using Kinsta is that I have used it for more than half of a decade and have seen them grow from strength to strength. For me, it has been the best wordpress hosting platform.

Over to you

So what are you waiting for? If you want to migrate to a better web hosting solution, Kinsta takes the cake.   If you had any doubts about this platform, hopefully, it all got cleared as I move towards my last full stop of this blog. I hope this Kinsta wp host review will definitely be of some help to you. If you agree or disagree with something, feel free to drop your comments below.

Questions related to Kinsta WordPress hosting:
Is Kinsta the best WordPress hosting service?

Kinsta is one of the most affordable hosting services that are fast, reliable and offers high security. So, using Kinsta for your WordPress hosting won’t be a wrong investment.

Which is the better hosting service Kinsta, Siteground or Wpengine?

Amongst Kinsta and WpEngine, Kinsta steals the cake for reasons like great quality support, less downtime and faster loading times. SiteGround is a bit cheaper as a starter pack as compared to Kinsta. But, you will want to invest in Kinsta if you need a much safe and better hosting service.

What is the best hosting for WordPress?

The best hosting service for WordPress is Kinsta, BlueHost and WpEngine.

How much does Kinsta cost?

Kinsta is available in several plans. Following is the breakdown of the plans:
Starter: $30/mo
Pro: $60/mo
Business 1: $100/mo
Business 2: $200/mo
Business 3: $300/mo
Business 4: $400/mo
Enterprise 1: $600/mo
Enterprise 2: $900/mo
Enterprise 3: $1200/mo
Enterprise 4: $1500/mo

Is Kinsta free?

No, Kinsta is not free. The starter pack begins at $30.

Why do I need a managed WordPress hosting service?

A hosting service helps you to customize your website as per your needs. It also offers greater security and enhances site performance.

Kateryna is a blogger from Ukraine and has been traveling across countries from the last decade. Blogging and traveling have been her passion since she got a knack of writing blog on WordPress. Kateryna is a regular guest contributor for web publications, write reviews for business productivity applications.

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