AI-Based Bitrix24 Alternatives – Unleash CRM Potential

In my exploration of Bitrix24 alternatives, I realized that while Bitrix24 is a comprehensive project management tool, there are other noteworthy alternatives like Wrike and Teamwork. These alternatives offer unique features such as customized reports, workload management, and diverse ways to organize a team. The choice between these alternatives depends on specific organizational needs, with each offering distinct advantages in areas like user interface, functionality, and integration capabilities. This insight is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their project management strategies with suitable tools.

This blog post is about Bitrix24 alternatives, but before I go ahead with more discussion about project management software, once upon a time, team collaboration happened over emails only.

Cut to the present time; social collaboration is the new way to engage employees.

Recently, I finished reading Social Collaboration for Dummies by David F. Carr. This book talks about the social collaboration principles and technologies that companies apply to enhance the team’s productivity.

However big or small the company is, a social collaboration tool is being used by all.

It is while reading this book that it dawned upon me how the social networking principles are slowly blending into our work front.

Social collaboration immediately calls for a modern UI, where you can share, like, comment, attach documents and do so much more together. Yes, ‘working together’ is what a collaboration tool helps in.


One such tool is Bitrix24. Launched in 2012, this team management tool offers a practical approach to manage the company. Starting with options to like, comment, have group discussions to making an announcement, tagging colleagues, creating reports, managing time – Bitrix24 does it all.

It is great project management software, to be honest, but there are some restrictions too. When I tried Bitrix24 alternatives, Wrike and Teamwork while I was using Bitrix24, here is what happened-

Wrike’s customised reports and workload management did fascinate me, but I fell in love with Teamwork.

There are so many ways to organise a team and Teamwork goes on to prove that.

Before I draw a comparison between the two alternatives of Bitrix24 – Wrike and Teamwork, I will walk you through the features of Bitrix24 first.

Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM: Features Overview

As I mentioned, Bitrix24 is a team management tool that spreads out into document management, time tracking, likes, comments, video chats and more.

The website is neat and intuitive, to begin with. You can categorize the features under sub-headings of Social Network, Tasks and Projects, Chat and Video, Documents, Drive, Calendars, Mail, CRM, Telephony, HR, Mobile, and Additional tools (which is tagged as ‘More’ on the website).

Phew! That’s a long list. Let’s take a look what each of these categories has got to offer.

Social Network

Like I said, Bitrix24 kind of works on the principle of social networks.

Social networks provide ease in communication. So does Bitrix24.

bitrix24 features

This tool is all about communication seamlessly. You can

  • Manage Tasks
  • Share documents
  • Track time
  • Standard workflows for leave requests, business trips, expenses, purchases, and other general requests (included in
  • Standard and Professional plans)
  • Email collaboration from the dashboard itself
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and G+

Be aware of what others are doing in the team, participate in discussions, and choose what updates you want to see on your Activity Stream.

You can like contents to show your acknowledgment to your coworkers.

The best part is, you can motivate or appreciate your colleague using a Badge (‘awards’) that shows up on the activity stream and profile of your coworker.

If you thought you could create posts or announce your updates only on social networks, well Bitrix24 has it covered for you. Never miss an announcement that shows up on the top right corner of the main page.

You can make announcements too.

Bitrix24 does remind me of social networking platforms! The photo gallery on Bitrix24 is integrated with the Activity Stream.

You can see the thumbnails appear automatically and can be liked, viewed or commented on.

Tasks and Projects

bitrix24 task

Bitrix24 has its core in helping teams to collaborate. To manage tasks and projects, here’s what you get-

  • The Bitrix24 management platform provides Gantt Chart to view tasks and sub-tasks. You can modify your task after it has been added. Get to know who is doing what and by when.
  • All Bitrix24 plans offer Task dependencies. You can establish logical relationships between tasks and milestones. Along with that, custom task fields are available on premise Bitrix24 editions.
  • Bitrix24 has workload management which helps in identifying who is getting overworked and how the load can be shifted.
  • Task counters to take note of tasks that require immediate attention.
  • Add checklists to your tasks and track the progress real-time.
  • Automate regular chores using task templates. You can check business process designer for automated task creations triggered by specific events.
  • Create groups that work like mini-intranet. Store files and data that are relevant to this group. Plan, discuss and get work done quickly.
  • Pre-set task report template to evaluate team’s efficiency and progress level. These can be exported as Excel files.
  • Report builder to collect data and evaluate effectiveness within the team.
  • Work groups can be shared with external partners like clients, freelancers, etc.
  • Create tasks by forwarding emails or email the tasks that are created on Bitrix24- it works both ways.

Chat and Video

bitrix24 videochat workload management

Real-time communication got better, and how!

  • Instant internal messenger.
  • Group chat option.
  • Voice and video calls within the team.
  • Screen sharing and HD video conferencing.
  • Free mobile app.


Team collaboration is incomplete if you cannot upload and save your files. And Bitrix24 provides great options to manage all your documents-

Three types of Drives: My Drive, which is personal; Group drives for group sharing; and Company drive which is accessible by all.

  • Direct collaboration of documents via activity streams.
  • Thanks to the changelog, when you upload a new version of a file, the previous one remains unaffected and available.
  • Document lock to ensure duplicate versions are not created.
  • Integration with Google Docs, Office 365 and MS Office makes creating and editing an awesome experience.
  • You can use locally installed software to make edits. Like, Pages on Mac or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.
  • Create document workflows.


I will say this is a continuation of the ‘Documents’ section.

  • File syncing.
  • Hosted on a secure cloud or your server.
  • 100% safe. SSL encrypted data transfer.
  • Cloud-PC integration.
  • Reliable statistics.
  • 5GB online storage for free.


  • Event scheduling.
  • Group calendars.
  • CRM integrations.
  • Absence calendar to show who are absent or are about to take leaves.
  • Meetings and briefings.
bitrix24 company calendar


You can choose your own domain, domain or email services like Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Yahoo!, or iCloud.


Personally, I think Bitrix24’s CRM is not that great as compared to other available popular tools. However, it is efficient, to say the least.

  • Manage interactions via reports, importing/ exporting contacts, analysis, etc.
  • Create sales funnels.
  • Create personalised invoices inside the CRM.
  • Free web form builder,
  • Open channels connect CRM with popular social media networks like Facebook and VK. Telegram, Skype, etc.
  • Mobile CRM.
  • Email marketing (free).
  • Client calls directly from the CRM.
  • Assign access to team members according to their engagement requirements.
  • Process leads and deals.
  • Integrations: MailChimp, Xero, Gmail, Data2CRM, Web forms for any site, Helpdesk, more.
  • Website integration.


bitrix24  telephony

You can directly call from the Bitrix24 dashboard.

  • Easy to use and cheap.
  • Requires no additional instalments.
  • No need for IP telephones.
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Works with all popular SIP phone models.


Bitrix24 customises all these features and offers free human resource management system (HRMS) for your company. You can know in details here.

Other Tools

Bitrix24 provides 35 more tools that include:

  • Ticketing and helpdesk
  • Knowledge management
  • Workflow automation
  • Records management; etc.

Know full details here.

Bitrix24: Enterprise Ready

Bitrix24: Enterprise Ready

Birtrix 24 on premise is perfect for organisations having employees between 50 to 50,000. It comes with a module that can be easily scaled up. It is designed for enterprises. Security is of high concern. Bitrix24 on-premise consists of two-factor authorization methods.

AI-Based Bitrix24 Alternatives - Unleash CRM Potential 1

Along with that, it also gives the benefit of having a self-hosted private cloud and virtual machine hosting. and virtual machine hosting. You can have video conferencing, document management, CRM, HRIS, and so much more in this. Add to this, customized integrations that are crucial for your business.

To know more about Bitrix24 on-premise read here.

Bitrix24 Integrations

Bitrix24 Integrations

Like features, the integration is also categorised according to mobile and desktop apps, marketplace and for developers. Get the full list here. Integrations include:

  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • Paypal
  • Sticky Notes
  • Business Card Scanner
  • Passwork; and many more.

Below is a snapshot Bitrix24 review from a product review website :

bitrix24 g2 review

Update: Bitrix24 has added new features like CRM Payments, that connect its CRM system with online sales. Now sales professional can send payment link to WhatsApp or SMS message, including the integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, etc.

Update: Bitrix24 documents is an extension of Bitrix24 it allows you to store, access, manage, co-edit, and share online documents with others in your organization. You can use it to store all kinds of documents – spreadsheets, presentations, forms, contracts, reports, and other types. Bitrix24 has also launched new version video calls, which supports upto 48 participants.

Bitrix24 Alternatives

Bitrix24 Alternatives

I have already mentioned the two management platforms I will talk about in this guide: Wrike and Teamwork. However, few other great alternatives to bitrix24 that you can check are: Jira, Freedcamp and Glip. Let us check out which one proves to be the best alternatives.

Wrike is one of top alternatives for Bitrix24. Wrike is a great task management tool, although not a hyped one. The budget calculation feature and time tracking option is what I like best in this tool.

If you read about customer votes, Wrike surpasses Bitrix24 as really great alternative. Starting off with comparisons, I think it is viable I start with the pricing model.

Why exactly am I talking about the price first? Because let’s be honest.

We marketers skim through the features quickly because we are too impatient to see if it will fit our budget or not.

Once we are okay with the price, we come back to see the features in detail. That’s how human brains work!

So, Wrike management platform has a freemium model with annual subscriptions. The pricing starts at $9.80/month but currently this plan is absolutely free while for Bitrix24 it is $17/month billed monthly.

Bitrix24 also has a freemium model and provides monthly subscriptions.

Wrike offers a free trial before you move to a paid package. Bitrix24, on the other hand, has a total of 6 plans including th free plan.

Let’s dig a little further now, and take a look at Wrike’s features in details:

Wrike: Features Highlight


Wrike has a lot of tutorials for you to get started with it.

There are series of documents on all the functionalities, like creating a task, adding a schedule or editing the tasks. It is a collaboration tool at its best.

Team management is the core of Wrike, so I will begin with this.

Team Management

Wrike offers a folder hierarchy to manage projects. You can add, edit and schedule tasks. Along with this, you can assign colours to mention or highlight the status of progress for a specific task.

Thanks to integration with various email service providers, Wrike lets you turn an email to a task in a snap.

Real-time editing

A live editing functionality lets everyone in the team collaborate simultaneously. This results in a faster pace and also accuracy in work.

Interactive and Real-time Reporting

Wrike recently upgraded the reporting feature with a new functionality of Wrike Reports Snapshots. You can now take snapshots for all your reports.

However, this is available for Enterprise plan only.

Customised Workflows

This is the most interesting feature of Wrike.

Since every team cannot have a similar workflow structure, Wrike ensures you have custom workflows.

From approval to tracking to getting the deal closed- Your entire workflow is structured as per your needs.

Workload Management and Burndown Chart

Another interesting feature. You will immediately know if any of your team members is under work pressure, or completely free.

Workload management feature in Wrike lets you view the tasks assigned to each and access whether a team member has too many deadlines to meet.

What you can do here, you can reassign the works to those who are relatively less clamped up.

Hence, no one will slog and you get the work done faster.


You can have detailed insights of the project status and individual workloads. Wrike offers three types of charts:

Performance Chart, Gantt Chart and Baseline Chart.

Wrike for Enterprise

Wrike is a great tool for an enterprise. Here’s what you can get:

  • Easy collaboration
  • Project Management
  • High-end Security
  • Professional Services and support
  • Business-oriented and Personalised Wrike

You can read how Wrike has helped enterprises like Marketing agencies and Project Managers in my previous blog:

Wrike vs Asana – Which is Most Suitable for Your Team? One such agency is a video production agency ONLYCH1LD.

ONLYCH1LD has been a Wrike user for a long time and has benefited a lot from the Enterprise features of Wrike.

During the trial period, Wrike allows up to five users and unlimited collaboration. It provides features like:

  • Task management and discussions
  • File sharing
  • Real-time activity streams
  • Spreadsheet view
  • iOS/Android app
  • Advanced email integration
  • Basic app integrations

The professional plan begins at $10/user/month when billed annually for 5, 10 or 15 users. You get

  • 5 GB free storage
  • Unlimited hierarchy folders
  • Gantt Chart; which means a dynamic timeline
  • Subtasks, and advanced mass actions
  • Ten shareable dashboards and customised widgets
  • Workload view
  • Time tracking
  • Interactive reports
  • Advanced filters

Wrike also offers an enterprise pricing package. The price depends on your requirements. You will need to ask for a quote.

Usually, the average price starts at $35/user/month. You get premium support, add thousands of users, storage starting from 100 GB, custom calendars, and extended security controls, to mention few.

The best part is you get 20 shareable dashboards, custom workflows and critical path, single sign-on, and Salesforce.

The Bitrix24 paid plans are pretty straightforward and short. There are two varieties: Standard and Professional.
Standard comes at $99/month for unlimited employees and external users. The online storage is up to 100 GB.

Professional plan is of $199/month where the online storage is free as well.

wrike review

GDPR and CCPA update: As per the Wrike website, they work according to the latest GDPR and CCPA guidelines and have made amendments in their infrastructure accordingly.

Wrike is also working with third-party vendors to ensure the compliance of their terms with GDPR and CCPA.

They also plan to enhance their product features for data portability and data management.

Wrike vs. Bitrix2

The difference in Features: Wrike vs. Bitrix24

ParametersWrike Bitrix24
What is good?Real time analytics
Intuitive interface
Project template is customizable
Easy to keep track of workload
What is not good?Learning curveUI not very good. Some features are not easy to navigate.
Best for Enterprises and big businesses Big businesses
Pricing Paid plan starts @ $9.80/user/moPaid plan starts @ $24/mo
Wrike vs Bitrix24 Comparison

I think Wrike and Bitrix24 are almost similar management software although I will say Wrike is much more polished. The user experience on Wrike is way much simple than Bitrix24.

The onboarding in Bitrix24 is little dodgy while on Wrike its smooth.

The major point of concern for me is integration.

Bitrix24 is an open-source platform and recommends using third-party apps that they are partnered with.
On the whole, Wrike beats Bitrix24 here. Some integrations that are not available on Bitrix24 –

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • Box
  • Google Apps for Work; etc.


Teamwork – Best selling alternative to Bitrix24

We know how and what Bitrix24 does, we have also seen how Wrike is a better alternative to Bitrix24. Now, let’s talk about the second Bitrix24 alternatives : Teamwork.

Bitrix24 Alternatives - Logo

Teamwork has an excellent website. The UI is properly balanced and devoid of any exaggerations. It is true; you will fall in love with this tool!

To be precise, Teamwork’s features are broadly categorized as Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desktop and Teamwork Chats.

One simple reason why I love this tool is their Roadmap and latest updates section. Before starting using this tool for collaboration in your company/project, you will already feel as if the tool is collaborating with you.

Like you are its colleague and get to see all that has been assigned, done and checked off! This is unique.

For each category, Teamwork has a task list that it checks off once completed. It looks like this:

Teamwork Project

To get things done in a jiffy within your team, Teamwork Product Tour. It is neither too basic nor very complicated. Rather, it is properly organized.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Collaborate with clients and team.
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome and The Web.
  • Works seamlessly with all the apps that you love to use. You have everything in the cloud, safe and secured. To mention few, you can integrate with Box, FreshBooks, Gmail, Xero, Calendar Sync, Google Drive, Hubspot, Teamforce by Timeline IQ, and so much more.
teamwork project

The statistics, continuously changing real-time, clubbed with testimonials make a convincing approach.

Teamwork Desk

Bitrix24 Alternatives, Teamwork Desk is the customer support section. And trust me, it is nothing less than wow!

teamwork desk

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Features like unified inboxes, assigning tickets, ticket statuses and customer portal, makes it easy to manage your customer support desk.
  • Remember how automated customer support emails look? Yeah, they are boring. Teamwork desk ensures all your customer support emails look like common email conversions. They call it “invisible to customers”.
  • Compatible with all devices making it easy to use.
  • Highly analytical. Provides value points that help in improving customer support. The most important indicator is the
  • Customer Happiness Indicator. Isn’t it great to know from your dashboard instantly how your customers feel about your services?
  • Know your team’s top performers based on how quickly one responds to customer queries. Competition is healthy, after all.
  • Get detailed insights on the source of the customer queries.
  • Get seamless integration with Teamwork Projects.

Teamwork chat

Bitrix24 Alternatives, Teamwork Chat is in beta version at this moment. Chatting is a popular medium of communication these days.

A tool that provides this feature is sure to get brownie points.

teamwork chat

Here’s how Teamwork chat can take your team collaboration to the next level.

  • Instantly connect with team members.
  • Access from anywhere (Windows, Mac, dedicated iOS and Android apps. Linux app is expected soon).
  • Direct integration with Teamwork Projects to get things rolling quickly.
  • @ mentioning feature.
  • Attach files
  • Free Forever!

Having said this, let’s get back to where we started. Looking at the features of Teamwork, I am sure you will agree this tool is way better than Bitrix24 as well as Wrike.

Bitrix24 doesn’t have these advanced features.

The integrations are less. You cannot chat, forget unified inboxes, advanced ticketing, and seamless customer support functionalities. Oh, and also the updates and roadmap section. It steals the limelight.

Teamwork wins. Period.

teamwork review

Time to take a look at the pricing structure of Teamwork

Bitrix24 Alternatives, Teamwork pricing plan starts at $13/month. You can signup for a 30-day free trial. There are four different pricing plans, including the free trial plan:

1. 30-day free trial

  • 2 projects
  • 100MB space

2. Pro: $13/month

  • 300 projects
  • 100 GB space

3. Premium: $25/month

  • 600 projects
  • 250 GB space

4. Enterprise: Contact sales

Teamwork integrations: Teamwork management software has plenty of new-age integrations available with most of the online applications like HubSpot, Salesflare, Hubstaff, GetSiteControl, and so on.

Unique features of Teamwork: Bitrix24 vs. Teamwork

  • Track burn rate
  • Forecast budgets
  • SMS notifications
  • Risk/benefit analysis
teamwork refer

Another unique feature is the Referral Program. Get paid for referring Teamwork to your friends, colleagues or place their banner with an embedded link on your web page.

ParametersTeamwork Bitrix24
What is good?Efficient tool with easy collaboration
Forecast budgets
Project template is customizable
Easy to keep track of workload
What is not good?Mobile application is sluggish UI not very good. Some features are not easy to navigate.
Best for Enterprises and big businesses Big businesses
Pricing Paid plan starts @ $13/user/moPaid plan starts @ $24/mo
Teamwork vs Bitrix24 Comparison

To know more about how to get the cash rolling in, check here.

Update on GDPR and CCPA:  Teamwork is constantly making amendments in their tools wherever necessary to make it GDPR and CCPA compliant. They are doing Data collection and processing audit, Third-party vendors audit to keep their products up to date and as per the GDPR and CCPA guidelines.


SuiteDash – Delightful Bitrix24 Alternative

SuiteDash is a platform that can do everything is a boon for business and SuiteDash is just that. It is not just a client portal system but it offers you CRM+automation, collaboration, scheduling, marketing, getting paid and more features.

Businesses don’t have to invest time in learning new different tools but rather take one and get all of it together.

Some of the features of SuiteDash are:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • CRM
  • File sharing
  • Document management
  • Employee management
  • Online invoicing
  • Online payments
  • Content management
  • Time tracking
  • Training management
suitedash pricing


The pricing of SuiteDash starts @ $19/mo/user and also offers a free trial.

Parameters SuiteDash Bitrix24
What is good?Good customer support
Complete set of tools
Project template is customizable
Easy to keep track of workload
What is not good?The tool is new in the market so sometimes minor errors.UI not very good. Some features are not easy to navigate.
Best for Small to medium sized business. Big businesses
Pricing Paid plan starts @ $19/moPaid plan starts @ $24/mo
Comparison of SuiteDash with Bitrix24

Thus, we finally arrive at the end of our discussion.

Least to say, out of the two alternatives to bitrix24, Teamwork management software takes the cup.

If you have used any other tool that is better than those mentioned here, let me know in the comments section.

Project management tool g2 grid

Below is a Quora snapshot of how Teamwork fares when compared against other similar tools:

An overview of the Bitrix24 alternatives discussed in this guide:

ParamtersPricingFeatures summary
Teamwork Paid plan starts @ $18/user/moEfficient tool to use
Easy collaboration
Mobile application is sluggish at times.
WrikePaid plan starts @ $9.80/user/monthGreat UI and real time analytics
Challenging tool for beginners
SuiteDash Paid plan starts @ $19/mo Complete package and good customer support.
The tool is still developing so minor errors here and there.
Project management tools selection comparison

Till then, happy collaborating!


Questions related to Bitrix24 alternatives:

Why should you try other Bitrix24 alternatives?

Bitrix24 alternatives offer more functionalities at a lucrative pricing.

Which is the cheapest Bitrix24 alternative?

I won’t say the cheapest alternative but rather use the word affordable. TeamWork is a great Bitrix24 alternative that comes in various plans that offer flexible pricing at stretch.

Is Bitrix24 an open source software?

No, Bitrix24 is not an open source software.

What does Teamwork offers that is not present in Wrike?

TeamWork has a feature of resource management that is not present in Wrike other than that Wrike offers more or less all the features of Teamwork.

How much does Bitrix24 cost?

Bitrix24 has three broad categories of pricing with each having varying sub categories:

Free: 12 users

Special plan:
Start+ : 2 users $19/mo
CRM+ : 6 users $55
Project+ : 24 users $55

Business plan:
Standard: 50 users $59
Professional: Unlimited users $159/mo

What tools are better than Bitrix24?

Some tools that are better than Bitrix24 are nTask, Wrike , Trello and teamwork.

How can one delete their BItrix24 account?

The procedure to delete your Bitrix24 account is quite simple where you can click My Bitrix24 > select an account and click delete.

How popular is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 claims to be used by more than 500,000 companies.

Bitrix24 Wikipedia – what exactly is this feature?

In Bitrix24 each workgroup comes with a wiki that is actually a knowledge base containing all the information that you would like the people in the workgroup to know. You can edit the access right a per your needs.

How secure is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is one of the safest and secure cloud collaborative platforms available where your data is only accessible to you and your team members.

Where are the headquarters of Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 headquarters are located in Alexandria, VA US. The estimated annual revenue of this tool is $8M per year.

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  1. Wrike is considered to be a good alternative of bitrix24. Why? The features like the budget calculation and time tracking of Wrike are one of the bests available in the tool market. These features give Wrike a competitive advantage over other bitrix alternatives.

  2. Bitrix24 is such a tool that lets you manage your tasks, share different documents and track time. It also offers standard workflows to the users for leave requests, purchases and expenses, business trips and a number of other types of general requests. Email collaboration and integration with different social media websites like Twitter, G+, and Facebook etc. are also some of its features.

  3. Bitrix24 is a management tool and it offers a nice and practical approach for managing your company. There are a number of options provided; starting from the very basic options of Like and comment, having different group discussions in order to make any announcement, tag the colleagues, create different reports, etc.

  4. There are about thirty-five more tools that are supposed to be provided by Bitrix24. They include the automation of workflow, ticketing, management of records, management of knowledge, helpdesk and a lot more. Bitrix14 is simple to use and inexpensive and it does not require any sort of IP telephones.

  5. Wrike is an online tool for collaboration and project management in real time which allows team members to communicate and monitor projects at any time and from any location. Wrike project management software allows you to set priorities and define clear objectives. It is distinguished by an elegant interface, speed, accessibility on all devices and is available for Android and iOS applications. Small teams of up to five members can use this program for free gaining basic functionality while larger teams can choose the professional version to be paid.

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