9 Zendesk Alternatives You Can Deploy for Customer Support

This selection guide presents effective alternatives to Zendesk for enhancing customer service. It focuses on various options available in the market, each with unique features and functionalities to cater to different customer service needs. The alternatives are analyzed based on usability, customization, integration capabilities, and pricing strategies. This comparative review is valuable for businesses exploring customer support solutions beyond Zendesk, aiming to improve their customer service experience.

The Internet has transformed many things since its inception, most important being communication around the world.

The barriers that existed before the Internet have been broken down as people now are more open and connected through the Internet.

Another area where the Internet left its impact was businesses around the world.

In a transformation where ways of communication changed, it was not long before that the customers of these companies around the world also evolved.

It is during this very transformation journey where businesses understood the power of communication and the importance of keeping customers happy.

keeping customers happy

With the emergence of more and more open platforms on the Internet, customers were no longer restricted from speaking their minds about the products they used- whether good or bad- it was all out in the open.

Businesses were now looking for ways to directly reach out to their customers in the most productive and hospitable manner. Share on X

Thus, came along customer service- a division that almost every business deemed necessary existence.  Because after all, there would be no business without a client.

Customer satisfaction services quickly gained popularity and went a long way.

According to a study by American Express, on an average, consumers say they’d pay a premium of 14 percent for superior service.

On looking at the efficacy of an excellent customer service which resulted in improved products and a higher number of retained customers, it was time to make-the serving customers much easier than what it was.

Managing customers and keeping records of services offered for higher customer Satisfaction meant a lot of data. The data kept piling up as it would be curated from diverse platforms that shall include live chat email, social platforms, calls records, and others.

Hence some customer service management platforms emerged in the market to help businesses and their support teams.

Some of the customer service management tools will be reviewed here which might help you choose better from the lot. So let’s start with one of the most popular of the players:


A relatively popular name amongst the customer service management players, Zendesk probably offers every single feature that you may require for a smooth customer service operations.

The tool believes in converting customer queries into conversations thus helping the business build healthy business relationships with their customers

All the features that you see on this platforms Seem to emerge out of the objective that they have boldly displayed on their website.

Now, this may sound a bit confusing to some- all of their flagship features have Been segregated as products that you can choose from for your business.

a. Support

Probably one of the most important and fundamental features for any customer service management portal, ‘Support’ itself offers a plethora of features.

To name a few, multichannel communication helps in reaching out to-the client through various platforms such as email live chat, social, talk, text, and message.

Multilingual services offer to support in over 40 languages, and the provision to create your workflows or ‘rules’ for effective ticket Management makes things much simpler.

Moreover, there is also a provision to Collaborate on the platform, by just ‘CC-ing’ your colleagues for sharing required information.

zendesk support

b. Explore (Analytics and Reporting)

Zendesk believes that customer service improves if it is driven by accurate data and this where data analytics into customer behavior and problems, comes into the picture.

Again, this feature offers a list of extremely helpful features under it- right from the ability to measure customer experience and product behavior tracking to Salesforce data integration as well as trend spotting for improved operational excellence.

zendesk analytics

c. Connect (Proactive Campaigns)

A relatively new feature, the idea of introducing Connect is to anticipate customer requirements well in time and reach out to them Proactively- quite a move to strike-a long-lasting relationship with your clients!

Following this practice lets, you add a personal touch to your customer service and helps you build customer loyalty for your business.

The feature allows you to reach out to your clients through customized email campaigns to keep them engaged and informed, and also through In- product contextual messages.

zendesk connect

Pricing: There is an option to choosing a 30-day free trial, and if you don’t mind paying for the services then the packages begin from $5 to about $200 per user per month.

Let’s begin with our list of Zendesk alternatives:

Strong Alternative to Zendesk : FreshDesk

A cloud-based customer service portal comes along with a bundle of transformational features that your business would totally love.

Amongst the first of its kind, FreshDesk really is a competing choice when it comes to offering a fantastic customer experience.

a. Customized Branding

While sending Emails from your FreshDesk account, you get the option of completely customizing them with your company logos and colors.

By using such an approach, you not only deliver a personalized experience but also get a chance to create a strong recall value for your brand.


b. Agent Collision

Freshdesk notifies you beforehand in case of an agent collision situation.

If your colleague accidentally or not, opens up a ticket already assigned to you, a notification is sent to both the parties.

The feature reduces the chances of duplicated efforts as well as an additional communication to the client.

Freshdesk_ agent collision

c. Gamification

Another cool featured offered by Freshdesk allows you to incentivize your staff for successfully competing for Targets.

The points added for each employee lead them to display the quality of their service, in a way recognizing their efforts company-wide.

Freshdesk_ gamification

Pricing: The pricing plans have Been very smartly named as the Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Blossom. The Sprout plan gets yous tarted for free, with plans going up to almost $90 for a month.

helpdesk software - Zendesk
Freshdesk capterra review[01] Freshdesk capterra review


Freshdesk is GDPR and CCPA ready, and they have added all the mandatory features to their tools to make it GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Some of them are delete ticket API, delete forever and other similar operations.

Delightful Alternative to Zendesk :  UserEngage

The second customer service software on our list of Zendesk alternatives is Userengage. As the name suggests, UserEngage is a platform built to improve your user engagement and increase conversion on every step of the sales funnel.

With a focus on efficient and secure communication, this platform is perfect for companies that believe in open channels of conversation that lead to meaningful results.

Let’s take a quick look at the features offered by UserEngage that promise to stand for the objective of the product:

a. CRM

For a sales professional to sell without having a CRM platform can be a nightmare. UserEngage solves this problem by offering a CRM along with the other products in their kitty.

The CRM lets you track your customer conversations by keeping all prior communication at one place and letting you manage the new and upcoming deals systematically.

Not just this, all processes such as tasks, emails, meetings and deadlines are also tracked and updated for quick reference of the sales teams.

Userengage crm -Freshdesk alternatives

b. Chats and Messages

Since open communication and productive conversations are at the heart of UserEngage, a proper emphasis and been put on the chat and in- app messages for its users.

The product lets you analyze your customer’s behavior and send customized messages to keep conversations real and relevant.

Some filters let you connect with your audience with a focused approach in much lesser time.

The feature is also available on the mobile app which is great as you can stay connected with your customers even on the go.

userengage Chat

c. Marketing Automation

Automated marketing processes is the first step for effective selling and working towards achieving improved customer satisfaction.

Under this feature, the user can easily create a customized marketing campaign with a quick drag and drop elements.

Not just campaigns, you can also create platform-centric automated website messages, newsletters, SMSs and invites for Webinars.

This offering is a through and through, complete solutions for effective, customized communication with your customers.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $29 and goes up to $35 per month.

help desk software- User.com
User.com capterra review: [02]User.com capterra review

GDPR and CCPA update: Userengage (now User.com) is GDPR and CCPA compliant and have introduced a central database to store all the information related to their customers.

This database stores personal data, user consent with its date and type, as well as an option to delete all data, if needed.

All the forms that the users fill can have a checkbox option on if they want to get their data processed or not.

There are several more amendments added to make this platform entirely feasible with GDPR and CCPA.

Proven Alternative to Zendesk : Kayako.com

Another customer service software that offers unified customer services, Kayako follows a couple of objectives that make them a competitive choice.

Although not too great when it comes to an overall view, but the idea here is to bridge the gap between customers and the support agents, which is an excellent way to lead a product towards success.

When compared to its other Zendesk alternatives, Kayako will seem to be a step behind the rest. However, they still deserve a look at the features:

a. Live Chat tools

The objective here is to increase the engagement with customers by enabling real-time visitor monitoring and proactive engagement.

They offer an option of automating messages, the execution of which is triggered by regular flag ups that occur due to visitors pulling away. If you’re looking for a chat API solution to automate messages and improve engagement with your visitors, Sceyt chat API is worth considering.

This intuitive behaviour let the sales and customer service teams work in tandem with each other for effective results.

Kayako live chat -Freshdesk alternatives

The same is also available on their mobile version.

kayako live chat mobile

b. Ticket Management

Managing customer queries or tickets as they are names on the tool are of great importance.

At times when a ticket gets ignored for any reason and is not tended to for the said duration, it automatically gets escalated and reassigned to another user for immediate resolution.

The intuitive behaviour under ticket management emphasises the importance given to customer satisfaction.

kayako ticket management

c. Custom Fields

Taking customization a step further, the platform lets its users edit and customize ticket and live chat forms.

No just this, you may go steps ahead and tailor the workflows as per your requirement, along with ticket statuses, types, and priorities.

The user is also well equipped to update customer profiles with custom fields for easy referencing.

However, language is a barrier here as English is the only language that can be chosen here.

d. Integrations

Kayako help desk software offers a few integrations with other apps that let you automate a ton of processes and activities on the side.

To speed up and increase productivity, the platform is equipped to be integrated with other applications such as Zapier, custom APIs, Webhooks, Kayako Apps as well as Salesforce.

Such useful integrations help avoid massive data transfers from previously used tools and platforms.

Kayako Integrations

Pricing: The starter package is offered at a price of $20, going up to the Enterprise package which is offered at $90 per user per month.

UpdateThe DPA(data processing agreement) of Kayako.com is revised and reviewed to make it GDPR and CCPA compliant.

The users need to sign the revised form and send it back to the support@kayako.com for acknowledgment purposes which will make DPA legally bound.

Help desk software
Helpdesk software Quora discussion [03] Helpdesk software Quora discussion

Strong Alternative to Zendesk : Happyfox

Another help desk solution that provides multi-channel customer support, Happyfox offers some seamless integration options and a vast knowledge base for customers to make the most of.

Following are the features offered on the platform:

a. Task Automation

Many times, customer help desk solution miss out on giving out relevant information by missing out on the right opportunities to connect.

However, task automation capability offered by implementing smart rules lets you handle repetitive tasks in a much smarter way.

It lets the user minimize time spent on updating task statuses, managing priority levels and due dates for tickets separately.

Happyfox_task management

b. Open Knowledge Base

Happyfox extensive knowledge base hosts a plethora of articles that the customers may access for quick query resolution.

This initiative has proven to reduce the number of incoming queries as most of the time customer ends up finding a solution to their problem on this knowledge base.

Happyfox users are encouraged to consume more and more knowledge articles that could help their customers in one way or another.

happyfox_ knowledge base

c. Data and Analytics

With features like data and analytics, you can constantly keep an eye on your team’s performance metrics.

These charts are visual in nature, giving you more in-depth insights rather than numbers that lack conclusions.

Insights such as Tickets received, managed and resolved are studied under this feature before the final overview of the performance is delivered.

happyfox_analytics - freshdesk alternatives

d. Customization

Since the product as a whole focuses on providing customized serviced for the customer base, they also offer an option for their users to customize the product itself.

As a user, you get the chance to create your custom fields, workflows, and a personalized support experience.

Customization can be carried out across features, right from the Language to notifications, custom fields as well as look and feel of the platform.

Happyfox- customization

This approach drives the essence delivering of customized services for improved results.

Pricing: Starts with $39, going up to $80 per user per month.

Alternative 5: Helpshift

Since businesses all around the globe are opting for a mobile-first strategy, pretty much everything is now available on our mobile devices.

With a plethora of mobile applications coming up for every little service that a customer seeks out, there needs to a ton of backend support ready to take on this growing challenge.

Keeping this point of view at the centre, Helpshift has focused on building a customer service portal that offers an in-app support- going completely mobile.

However, taking the mobile first approach has not limited them to offering the basic features only. Instead, some of them are pretty nifty! Let’s take a look !

a. Smart Views

Helpshift help desk software offers an intelligent view editor that lets the user prioritize views of the tickets basis urgency, language, and issue status.

This particular feature is a brilliant way to organize and plan your day.

In fact, taking the efficiency of the product one step ahead, you can also reassign tickets to other users basis the topic, urgency, and even language.

Happyfox- customization

b. In- App Chat

Since the best way to keep a customer satisfied is by keeping them engaged in productive communication, in-app chat aims to do exactly that.

By letting the user directly communicate with a troubled client, the level of customized responses play a huge role in keeping the customer satisfied.

Moreover, the availability of this feature within the mobile app makes sure that the client is updated on the go, never letting them wait which is more often than not the reason for their dissatisfaction.

helpshift_inapp chat

To make things easier for the user, the product also has the capability of storing canned responses that can be used to respond to common queries.

Responding with already drafted messages helps in saving time as well as speeds up the pace of reaching out to a customer.

c. Proactive Campaigns

Another interesting feature offered by Helpshift, the platform allows you to be personally engaged with your customer the minute they launch the application on their mobile.

You get notified at every step that they get stuck with for you to send them guides or solutions to their challenges.

Not just this, you can send them product updates, in- app surveys, special offers and even ask them for feedback.

Push notifications and proactive campaigns are the best way for users to stay connected with their customers on the go, at every level possible.

helpshift_proactive cmapaigns

Pricing: The starter pack is offered for free, for 21 days which then goes up to $200 a month.

Alternative 6:  Help Scout

Another customer service portal with an objective to make the customer fall in love with your business, is here to make life simpler for customer satisfaction teams.

Help Scout relies on building a help desk solution which is more human and delivers personalized services through an effective communication.

Let us checkout the features of Help scout that make it one of the viable zendesk alternatives.

a. Integrated Knowledge Base

It allow the user to directly download the Help Scout knowledge base that lets them create ‘step-by-step’ guides, articles, and tutorials for quick resolutions of problem occurrences.

The user is also given the capability of putting up the product logo and customize it regarding content and design to make it look like a robust website.

These documents can be easily accessed by your customers on any device for quick consumption.

helpscout knowledgebase

b. Traffic Cop

This feature helps to eliminate the duplicity of responses being sent to the client.

The user is visually indicated if a customer is being serviced by another colleague already so that you can focus your efforts on other pending tickets or queries.

Through this feature, it is ensured that a customer interacts with one single point of contact at all times.

helpscout_Traffic Cop

c. Real Time Analytics and Reports

The functionality of real-time reporting and analytics offers customer service managers a chance to look at the progress being pursued in a particular duration of time.

These reports are segmented under the classification of- Productivity, Conversations, Team and Happiness- calculating and delivering the quotient for each.

Helpscout reports

Under the happiness report, an analysis of the feedback acquired from customers is displayed through interactive charts.

Pricing: Probably one of the most affordable products, Help Scout’s basic plan is available for $12, going up to $35 per user per month.

Alternative 7: Uservoice

Staying true to its name, Uservoice has been built to gauge and measure the customer feedback, basis which rest of the features can be applied to deliver better customer services.

Since there’s no better way to understand a customer than by asking them the questions directly, this particular approach to achieving improved results is not only logical but also practical.

a. Customer Satisfaction Feedback

UserVoice allows customers to share their feedback on the product through ratings which further gets them classified under promoters, passives, and detractors.

They are further offered tips to improve their ratings.

uservoice feedback

These customers are then encouraged to share their feedback for the customer service professionals who had been catering to their requirements.

An entire system is created which also ranks the users, keeping in mind the response time calculated.

b. User Insights

Here’s an interesting feature, with the help of which, while creating a new product, insights into improving the development can be gathered via relevant, potential future customers.

By taking this approach, product development teams get access to qualitative feedback and inputs which when applied can help them deliver a product that resonates well with its target audience.


c. Self-Service

When stuck, a customer can quickly log into the portal to search for already accumulated queries with their responses available beforehand.

Such a functionality helps them avoid picking up the phone and making calls to the customer service team, eliminating one level of activity from the process.

It has been found that more often than not, customers end up resolving challenges on their own with the help of these already logged in responses in the knowledge base.

However, if even after reading the resolution methods they don’t feel satisfied and require personalized assistance, they may go ahead with that too.

Pricing: You can start using Uservoice for free for 14 days, of which the cost can go up to $95 per user per month.

Alternative 8:  Groove

Another tool built to manage online customer support teams, Groove stands out for its simple design and ease of use.

The objective on Groove is to convert support tickets into amazing customer experiences.

The platform is divided basis the services that the complete tool can offer. Each of these products then delivers with the help of certain features built for a particular use:

a. Ticketing

A range of activities can be taken care of with this ticketing system product– right from ticket management regarding assigning owners and private notes meant for behind the scenes collaboration to Custom Profiles for viewing customer data from the CRM as well as using canned responses to frequent questions.

Groove Ticket Management

b. Knowledge Base

Features like the Knowledge base are a repository of solutions that are always available online for your customer when your support team is not available.

The answers here are always searchable with the functionality of custom branding for your company.

The repository is available in over 12 different languages.

Groove knowledgebase

c. Support Widget

A live chat feature can be installed on your customer’s device in the form of a widget which can be removed once their queries are resolved.

They may also choose to keep it even after the problem resolution for quick referencing in the future.

It can also be customized with logo and other branding elements.

Groove support widget

Pricing: When billed annually, you may start using the product for a fee, with the cost going up to $20 per user per month.

Alternative 9: Apptentive

Apptentive focuses no helping you build a brand that your customers would love. It’s a fact that the overall experience of using the product becomes a part of the entire brand building exercise.

Hence, taking care of customer satisfaction here becomes crucial.

Again focusing on delivering a great mobile experience, let’s see how Apptentive’s features mobile engagement has been built to help you keep your customers happy:

a. Ratings

You may prompt your customers to rate you before they share a detailed feedback.

Features like ratings help you segment and categorize customers as per their experience, according to which you may modify your approach of seeking detailed feedback from them.


Similarly, you can immediately get to know if a customer is unhappy and you may strike a conversation with them to understand the situation better and act accordingly.

b. Personalized Notes

We all love to receive cute little notes now and then.

Playing on the same exact feeling here, Apptentive has tried to create a personal connect with their customers.

By using these Notes, you can leave customized messages that appear like notifications- you may use these to share any version updates, offers, announcements or any other new content.


c. Actionable Insights

You may use all the data off from reporting charts and graphs to take a deep dive into your customer’s persona.

By consuming these insights, you will understand your customer better, know them better and resonate with their challenges, giving you a chance to deliver better results.


Pricing: There is an option to choose a free trial for a period of 30 days.

But to pick a plan for your business, there is no cost mentioned as a custom package is prepared for every business that approaches them- which can be perceived as both ‘great’ and ‘troublesome.’

An overview of all the Zendesk alternatives discussed in this guide:

Zendesk alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
FreshdeskPaid plan starts @ $15 per month.What is good?
 Easy setup and user friendly.

 Customer support is good

Favorable integrations with apps like JIRA and Salesforce.

What is not good?
UI has room for improvement.

 Sometimes the app is slow to load
UserengagePaid plan starts at $49/moWhat is good?
 Offers a lot of features packaged in one.

Good customer support.

Great for reaching out to leads.

What is not good?
The email builder and deliverability is not very efficient.
KayakoThe paid plans start at $15/moWhat is good?
Good for small to medium sized businesses who need basic features.

 Kayako is easy to use and customise.

What is not good?
It lacks a lot of integrations and features when compared to its competitors.
HappyfoxThe paid plans start at $29/moWhat is good?
Easy to use and helpful automation tools.

Allows you to customise a lot of fields and actions.

 Good for tracking requests from various sources.

What is not good?
 A bit difficult to set up
HelpshiftThe cheapest plan starts at $600/mo (annual contract)What is good?
Easy to use interface that helps to create good relationships with your clients.

Tag and queue system makes thing much better.

What is not good?
The features are somewhat limited.
HelpscoutThe paid plans start at $20 per user per monthWhat is good?
 Affordable tool for freelancers and medium-sized businesses.

 Keep a track of failed user searches that can be added to knowledge base.

What is not good?
 A bit of more flexibility will really be helpful.
UservoiceNot available; connect with the team for the quote.What is good?
Gives a unified view of the feedback received.

 Analyse the user profile based on feedbacks they have submitted.

What is not good?
The design is outdated and customization is limited.
GroovePaid plan starts @ $9 per user per month.What is good?
 Features that help to make customer scheduling easy .

Create organized workflows for emails and cold call reminders.

What is not good?
Minor bugs such as sometimes the app crashes
ApptentiveThey offer a free trial ; to get the pricing you need to connect with vendor.What is good?
Great for customer sentiment analysis.

 Very easy to create surveys.

What is not good?
 The triggers and surveys capabilities are a bit limited.

Some other Zendesk alternatives to check:

1. ConvergeHub

Convergehub is a CRM tool meant for small to medium-sized businesses that have the ability to manage all your billing needs, customer management, support requirements from one place.

This tool is affordable and prevents the hassle that comes with managing multiple software tools for different needs.

ConvergeHub offers multi-channel marketing functionality which allows businesses to capitalize on diverse broadcast mediums and build stringer connections across several touch-points.

The paid plan of this tool starts @ $11 per month.


2. EnagageBay

Engagebay is another CRM that is affordable and offers features of sales, marketing, and services into one dashboard.

It helps you automate key business processes that can help you concentrate on your business growth.

Its features include email marketing, sales, live chat, CRM, and marketing automation.

Another thing about Engagebay is that it doesn’t have a learning curve as it is very easy to get started. The starting price of this tool is $14.99 per month.


3. JivoChat

JivoChat allows companies to streamline customer communication with its customizable chat wizards.

It comes packed with interesting features such as real-time visitor monitoring, hotkeys, chat logs, page view history, and a lot of options to help you engage your customers.

Jivochat is affordable and works well for small to medium-sized businesses which are super easy to use and offer plenty of helpful integrations.

The paid plan starts @ $10/agent/month.


4. Streak Crm for Gmail

Streak CRM is a unique CRM that converts your Gmail to CRM.

As emails are the prime source of communication in most cases with Streak the emails are grouped together in various stages across a pipeline instead of just tags.

The software is developed to be compatible with the processes that include sales, product development, fundraising, support, real estate, and even hiring.

The pricing plan starts @ $59 /user/month.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a leader in CRM and is one of the best performing software solutions. This software is capable enough to manage your company’s sales pipeline.

The system is intuitive and helps you distinguish hot leads and priority deals and develop an individual approach based on the kind of category your lead is in.

It allows you to quickly customize your sales process, as in when you are negotiating a deal or just want to maintain a lead relationship.

The start price of this tool is $12.50 /user/month.


6. LiveChat

Livechat offers intensive customization in addition to 2 chat window types (pop-up or embedded), six pre-made themes for chat window, a custom chat window logo, and customizable chat buttons.

It also offers a custom CSS editor with the help of which you can easily change the chat window design – functionally as well as from a design point of view.

With LiveChat, you also get full-fledged desk service with a ticketing system that helps manage your customers, with ease.

The price starts at $19/mo.

help desk software
Best helpdesk software G2 grid [04] Best helpdesk software G2 grid

So, these were some of the leading customer service management platforms that you may instantly deploy for a successful business.

As we know that the customer is always the King, it is a wise idea to keep them happy, and good support software helps you do that.

Choosing from the above-listed zendesk alternatives can be a tricky task, however, once you figure out the exact objectives that you aim to achieve through these help desk solutions, your job should get easier.

Happy Customer Servicing!

Questions asked while looking out for Zendesk Alternatives:

What does Zendesk actually do?

Zendesk is a helpdesk platform that allows businesses to build a customer portal, knowledge base, and online groups and communities. It is cloud-based and allows you to customize the front end as well as provide live chat features.

What makes Zendesk so popular for businesses?

Zendesk is reasonably priced and offers features that support small and large size businesses. For instance, for higher-tier plans, you get excellent data analytics capabilities.

When should I opt for Zendesk or a similar tool?

Zendesk helps you keep your customer management in place. You don’t have to invest in several tools for customer support, sales, or other related operations.

What are other similar tools like Zendesk?

Some of the popular tools like Zendesk are Salesforce, Freshworks, SugarCRM, etc.

How does the messaging on the Zendesk works?

Zendesk Messaging allows you to keep a track of your chat history. Both the agent and the customer can view their past interactions for more improved communication.

What is a Zendesk light agent?

Light agents offered by Zendesk have limited permissions to tickets. When needed or prompted they can add private comments to the ticket.


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