20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team – AI Version

Our extensive review of Pipedrive alternatives revealed that Salesflare stands out for small businesses with its intuitive, automation-focused design. Freshsales excels with its comprehensive, data-driven approach, offering exceptional customer support. For simplicity and efficiency, Bigin by Zoho CRM is perfect for small businesses. Salesloft is robust and flexible, excelling in sales engagement. These alternatives offer varied strengths, catering to different business needs, and provide valuable options for those seeking efficient CRM solutions.
pipedrive alternatives

As the term suggests, Customer Relationship Management software was taken to be a system adopted by businesses who dealt in the B2B domain.

However, a CRM can be used in the B2B scenario as well. There are several CRM software that small businesses and big enterprises alike use. 

What is a CRM and how does it work?

The idea of using a CRM software is quite simple- by using a Customer relationship management CRM software, the sales professionals aim to deliver business solutions and data that customers want.

CRM’s are built to help sales team up-sell and cross-sell, win more deals and retain more customers efficiently. Click To Tweet

Over the years, the use of a CRM has not been limited to just sales team or small and medium sized businesses.

The marketing aspect of businesses can also make use of the various management features that help enhance marketing efforts, thus resulting in higher customer acquisition.

All in all, the existence of  CRMs like Pipedrive,Sugarhave, Insightly etc. made the entire process of pitching a product and selling much more relevant and data-driven.

If you’re still not convinced with the idea of introducing a CRM to your business, maybe you should do through the following benefits of getting one:

1. Connecting and Engaging: One of the biggest challenges that an average sales professional faces are to connect with the right people to make a product pitch.

It is crucial that the potential customer is accurately chosen, for the following conversations to be relevant.

A robust lead management tool is necessary to generate potential business clientele.

Post connecting, it is again difficult for the sales teams to keep the Lead engaged. If they lose their interest in the conversation or the product, your sale is lost!

This is where a CRM like pipedrive and Insightly provides required data and analytics for sales professionals to make the most of their leads and increase the probability of making a sale.

2. Ensure Efficient Growth: By bringing a CRM platform like pipedrive or its alternatives in place, most of these processes will be much more organized and will help you deliver results much faster, with accuracy much higher than before!

Since CRMs today have the capability of alerting the user for pending tasks, the productivity levels can also be majorly worked upon and improved by excellent standards.

3.  Manage Business ‘On the Go’: The latest CRM platforms have introduced their mobile versions in the market too, which greatly enhances the way business is done.

When sales team could not access customer data while they were out meeting clients, their work was practically put on hold! Imagine how much time would go to waste in such a situation.

But now, with the latest mobile CRMs, you have access to all your customer data for you to initiate action when required and to get the right insights for increased sales even when you’re on the go.

Keeping in line with the requirements of sales teams, Pipedrive CRM is one of the relative latest entrants in the Customer Relationship Management space that is user friendly as well.

They focus on getting the sales processes and data organized to the T, leading to more favorable results (read increased sales).

Again, as a all-in-one CRM, Pipedrive can be accessed on the web from anywhere in the world, giving the users access to their valuable data no matter where they are.

Pipedrive CRM is much easier to collaborate on this platform and increase productivity through relevant integrations with numerous other platforms. 

Pipedrive has acquired Mailigen, a company that provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use email marketing automation solution.

When it Comes to Features in Pipedrive, Everything is Built Around Activity-Based Selling. Here are Some of the Most Useful Pipedrive Features:

Users can integrate Pipedrive CRM with Zoho, a web-based CRM, and more than 450 other cloud applications to automate business workflows.

Pipedrive CRM has a list of user friendly features that are user friendly seem to get the selling and marketing game right for professional.

However, do take a look at the following to increase your productivity further while using this platform:

1. Easy Emailing Within Pipedrive:

Pipedrive CRM seems to have simplified this challenge multi-fold. But, going one step ahead, the tool also automatically threads your email with the deal it is relevant to, basis the recipients of the concerned mail.

Pipedrive emailing - Pipedrive Alternatives

In simple words, Pipedrive Sales CRM help you see the big picture of project so that you can give step-by-step guidance to keep everyone focused and on the same page.

2. Automatic Reminders and Updates: Behaving like the good CRM that Pipedrive is, the platform also has all its reminders, alerts and update system right in place to manage sales process.

For any pending tasks, a deal that you’re supposed to close, or a call that needs to be made, Pipedrive CRM sends you alerts for all of it.

You can even set time frames for these alerts, defining how soon you want the alert to be received. Or choose if you want the notification to be sent directly to your mobile device.

3. Google Integrations: This one is quite a genius feature of pipedrive.

Since most of us are regular Google Suite users, we don’t like to shift all of our data or past records onto a new platform.

To overcome this challenge, Pipedrive has gone ahead and integrated extensively with Google. Recently, I had also reviewed Google Suite CRM – ProsperWorks.

Right from the syncing emails, tasks on the calendar, contacts (keeping personal and work contacts separately), and files again segregated basis work and personal- everything seems to be taken care of!

Pipedrive google integrations - Pipedrive alternative

4. Forecasts and Projections: This feature of pipedrive lets the user take a look at the revenue lined up with on- going deals and allows him to calculate how far or close he is to his targets.

By taking a look at the revenue projections, the team can modify their efforts basis deals that are close to positive results, giving a second priority to those that are not.

Pipedrive forecast - Alternative to Pipedrive

5. Customized Emailing with MailChimp: Since marketing also plays a significant role in making good sales, personalized mailing has been included in the plethora of other features offered by Pipedrive CRM.

For those who have already worked on MailChimp would agree that there’s probably no better platform than this one for mass mailing.

Pipedrive mailchimp - Software like Pipedrive

While emailing is one of the most crucial parts of any marketing strategy, email marketing has been built for fun on Pipedrive.

The feature allows you to customize your mail content without actually having to do it manually, choose the required format and the list of recipients for the mailer.

While Pipedrive seems to have got everything right in terms of putting together an all-round Customer Relationship Management platform for sales and marketing teams to improve their performances, there is no harm in checking out some other alternatives to Pipedrive.

In this section, we’re featuring some of the most popular Pipedrive alternatives that buyers search for alongside on the web.

So let’s go through some of the other CRM players in the industry that can give serious competition to Pipedrive.

Salesflare: Intuitive, automation-focused, ideal for SMEs
Freshsales: Comprehensive, data-driven, with exceptional customer support
Bigin by Zoho CRM: Simplified, efficient, perfect for small businesses
Salesloft: Robust, flexible, excels in sales engagement
Benchmark ONE: User-friendly, great for marketing automation
Kustomer: Innovative, customer-centric, boosts service efficiency
Samdock: Streamlined, intuitive, designed for simplicity
Deskera: Versatile, cloud-based, with strong accounting focus
Bitrix24 CRM: Feature-rich, collaborative, with built-in telephony
Brevo CRM: Efficient, lightweight, suitable for startups
Insightly: Robust, integrated, supports project management

1. Salesflare

Salesflare is a CRM & lead nurturing platform catering to the needs of small business teams, who want to sell more with less work.

With Salesflare you can send out automated email drip sequences and nurture your leads in a personalized manner.

The automation features of Salesflare are quite good where it automatically fills your address book and keeps records of all interactions with the people you’re in contact with.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 1

It also reminds you to follow up whenever needed. who to follow up with. So, you have a well-organized arrangement for managing your customers.

The pricing plan starts at $29/month when billed annually.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is a powerful CRM platform that stands out with its unique features and competitive pricing when compared to Pipedrive CRM. Designed for businesses of all sizes, Freshsales offers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your sales process and boost productivity.

One of the standout features of Freshsales is its intuitive lead scoring system. With this feature, you can prioritize your leads based on their engagement level, ensuring that your sales team focuses on the most promising opportunities. This helps maximize efficiency and close deals faster.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 2

Additionally, Freshsales provides a built-in phone system that enables you to make and receive calls directly within the CRM. This integrated communication tool saves time and eliminates the need for additional software.

When it comes to pricing, Freshsales offers flexible plans tailored to different business needs. The Blossom plan, starting at $19 per user per month, provides essential CRM functionalities like contact management and lead scoring.

The Garden plan, priced at $35 per user per month, includes advanced features such as email tracking and territory management. For more comprehensive sales capabilities, the Estate plan, starting at $65 per user per month, offers advanced reporting and customization options.

Freshsales combines advanced lead scoring, integrated calling, and competitive pricing to deliver a CRM solution that optimizes sales processes and drives revenue growth.

3. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin by Zoho CRM presents a compelling alternative to Pipedrive CRM, boasting unique features and cost-effective price plans tailored to small businesses. Built with simplicity and functionality in mind, Bigin is the perfect CRM solution for small teams or solopreneurs looking to organize their sales processes effectively.

One of the standout features of Bigin is its visual pipelines.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 3

With this feature, you can easily visualize your sales pipeline, track progress, and identify bottlenecks at a glance. This visual representation empowers you to manage your deals more efficiently and make informed decisions to accelerate sales.

Furthermore, Bigin offers seamless integrations with popular business apps like G Suite and Microsoft 365, ensuring a seamless workflow and eliminating the need for switching between multiple platforms.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 4

When it comes to pricing, Bigin offers affordable plans designed specifically for small businesses. The Starter plan, priced at just $7 per user per month, provides basic CRM functionalities, including contact management and deal tracking. The Enterprise plan, starting at $24 per user per month, offers advanced features such as sales forecasting and email analytics. These pricing plans make Bigin an attractive option for budget-conscious businesses.

Bigin by Zoho CRM offers a user-friendly interface, visual pipelines, and cost-effective pricing plans, making it an excellent choice for small businesses seeking a streamlined CRM solution.

4. Salesloft

Salesloft is a dynamic sales engagement platform that brings a different set of features and benefits compared to Pipedrive CRM. With its robust tools and specialized focus, Salesloft aims to enhance the effectiveness of your sales team and drive revenue growth.

One of the standout features of Salesloft is its advanced sales cadence functionality. This feature allows you to create personalized, automated sales sequences that guide your team through the entire sales process.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 5

From initial outreach to closing the deal, Salesloft ensures consistency and maximizes engagement with prospects.

Additionally, Salesloft provides in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your team’s performance and optimize your sales strategies.

In terms of pros, Salesloft excels in its ability to streamline and automate sales workflows, saving valuable time for your team. The platform also offers a wide range of integrations with popular sales and marketing tools, allowing for seamless data transfer and collaboration.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 6

However, it’s worth noting that Salesloft’s feature set may be more focused on sales engagement and communication, and it may not provide as extensive CRM functionalities as Pipedrive.

Regarding pricing, Salesloft offers different plans tailored to various business needs. The Team plan, starting at $125 per user per month, includes core sales engagement features and basic integrations. The Enterprise plan, which offers advanced functionalities like AI-powered analytics and advanced reporting, requires a custom quote.

5. Benchmark ONE

If you’re on the lookout for a powerful CRM solution that can supercharge your sales and customer management, look no further than Benchmark ONE. With its unique features and competitive price plans, Benchmark ONE stands out from the crowd, offering an all-in-one solution that takes your business to new heights.

One of the standout features of Benchmark ONE is its intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 7

Unlike Pipedrive CRM, Benchmark ONE is designed to provide a holistic approach to customer relationship management.

It goes beyond just sales pipeline management and offers robust tools for email marketing, automation, and customer segmentation. With Benchmark ONE, you can streamline your marketing efforts and nurture leads more effectively, resulting in improved conversion rates.

When it comes to price plans, Benchmark ONE offers flexible options to suit businesses of all sizes. Their Starter plan is perfect for small teams and startups, providing essential CRM functionalities at an affordable price. As your business grows, you can upgrade to their Professional or Enterprise plans, unlocking advanced features such as custom reporting, unlimited users, and API access.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 8

What sets Benchmark ONE apart is their transparent pricing structure, ensuring you only pay for the features you need without any hidden costs.

6. Kustomer

If you’re looking for a CRM solution that puts customer experience at the forefront, Kustomer is the one to consider.

Unlike Pipedrive CRM, Kustomer takes a customer-centric approach, offering unique features that enhance engagement and support. With Kustomer, you can build stronger relationships with your customers, driving loyalty and long-term success.

One of the standout features of Kustomer is its unified customer timeline. Unlike traditional CRMs, Kustomer consolidates all customer interactions, including emails, chats, and social media messages, into a single, comprehensive view.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 9

This allows your team to have a 360-degree understanding of each customer’s journey, enabling personalized and context-rich conversations.

Pipedrive CRM lacks this level of customer visibility and may leave your team guessing or searching for relevant information across different channels.

When it comes to price plans, Kustomer offers flexible options tailored to your business needs. Their Starter plan is suitable for small teams looking to enhance customer support and engagement.

As your business grows, you can upgrade to their Professional or Enterprise plans, unlocking advanced features such as intelligent automation, AI-powered suggestions, and custom reporting.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 10

Kustomer’s pricing plans are transparent and offer excellent value for businesses seeking to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

7. Samdock

When it comes to CRM solutions, Samdock CRM offers a unique set of features that may pique your interest. While Pipedrive CRM has its merits, Samdock CRM brings a fresh perspective to the table, accompanied by its own pros and cons.

One of the notable features of Samdock is its seamless integration with multiple communication channels.

Unlike Pipedrive CRM, which focuses primarily on sales pipeline management, Samdock CRM incorporates email, phone, and chat functionalities within its platform.

This integration empowers your team to have all customer communications in one place, enabling efficient collaboration and eliminating the need to switch between different applications.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 11

Additionally, Samdock offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. It provides in-depth insights into your sales performance, customer interactions, and team productivity.

This level of analytics goes beyond what Pipedrive CRM offers, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

However, one potential drawback of Samdock is its learning curve for small business. While it offers powerful features, the initial setup and customization might require more time and effort compared to the user-friendly interface of Pipedrive CRM.

8. Deskera

Looking for a comprehensive business management solution that goes beyond the traditional CRM? Look no further than Deskera. With its unique set of features and flexible pricing plans, Deskera offers a remarkable alternative to Pipedrive CRM.

Deskera stands out with its all-in-one approach, seamlessly integrating CRM, accounting, inventory management, project management, and more into a single platform. This means you can streamline your entire business operations without juggling multiple tools or platforms. With Deskera, you have the power to centralize your customer data, manage your finances, track inventory, collaborate on projects, and even automate processes.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 12

In terms of pricing, Deskera offers competitive plans tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From startups to enterprises, there’s a plan that suits your requirements and budget. And the best part? Deskera provides value for money by offering a robust feature set at an affordable price point.

Experience the Deskera difference today and take your business management to the next level. Simplify your operations, boost productivity, and unlock new possibilities with this exceptional all-in-one solution.

9. Bitrix24 CRM

If you’re seeking a collaborative CRM that offers more than just customer relationship management, Bitrix24 is the answer. Compared to Pipedrive CRM, Bitrix24 presents a unique range of features and price plans that cater to businesses’ diverse needs.

Bitrix24 shines with its emphasis on collaboration, enabling teams to work seamlessly together. Beyond CRM functionality, it offers project management tools, communication channels, document sharing, and much more. This comprehensive approach ensures that your teams can collaborate effectively, fostering productivity and driving growth.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 13

When it comes to pricing, Bitrix24 offers flexible plans designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, you can find a plan that suits your budget and requirements. Bitrix24 also provides a free version with limited features, allowing you to get a taste of its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Unlock the power of collaboration with Bitrix24 and propel your business forward. Experience the seamless integration of CRM and team collaboration tools, and witness the positive impact it has on your productivity and growth.

10. Brevo CRM – Proven alternative to Pipedrive

Brevo is one of the most popular Pipedrive alternatives that offers all the user friendly tools that you need for an effective sales team and marketing process.

The software offers an amazing CRM platform for small and medium sized businesses.

Users can use Zoho Flow to connect Brevo with the web-based CRM Zoho in different ways without writing code. Marketing team can connect with your customers through emails, chats, and even SMS’s.

Once you establish a connection with your customers, put them on Brevo’s marketing automation platform and let them be updated with your latest marketing messages.

It enables users to send 300 emails a day along with the full access to the Sales CRM making it one of the best Pipedrive alternatives.

As of now, we have mentioned the highlights of this software let us soon begin with features of this pipedrive alternative: 

a.) Email marketing with Brevo: CRM’s often tend to miss on this essential feature, but Brevo offers professional email marketing where you can do everything relating to sending to creating to personalizing emails. 

The pre-built template repository of Brevo is huge where one can get templates related to varying campaign needs.

In addition to that, you can also segment your recipients based on similar characteristics and send out emails intelligently like you do in pipedrive. 

b.) SMS marketing: The importance of mobile phones is inevitable and what could be better than being able to keep yourself connected through this platform as well.

SMS marketing with this pipedrive alternative is a breeze where you can send out updates and reminders instantly. 

It is a great way to keep your customers refreshed about new offers, promotions, or any other related updates. 

 c.) Manage your customers with ease: A Customer relationship management platform is an essential pillar for tracking your performance and also reaching out to your customers.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 14

Brevo is one of the most awesome pipedrive alternatives that has everything that you will need for a functional customer and team management. 

The installation of the CRM software is super easy where you can enter all the customer information in the database and get it ready for further use.

Also, you can create a task schedule for your team members and allot them their respective tasks and keep track of their actions. 

d.) Landing pages:  Create your landing page based on specific goals and ideas. Promote an event or show off your latest e-book Brevo has landing pages for all of it. 

The Brevo landing page builder allows its user to streamline their customer interactions and sales process.

One can easily add follow-up pages, ask them detailed questions, or end with a Thank you note. 

Users can also make their landing pages more impressive by adding URL in the emails, social posts, and a lot more using this amazing alternative to pipedrive. 

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 15

e.) Facebook ads: One of the best pipedrive alternatives- Brevo also allows you to create perfect facebook ads that serve your purpose and help you achieve your goals.

The simple drag and drop of this tool help you create your ads in a fraction of minutes. You need to add an image, impressive text, and a CTA button, and you are good to go. 

You can also target customers that are similar to your existing customers. All this data is extracted based on the Facebook lookalike audience feature from your Brevo account.  

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 16

11. Insightly – Strong alternative to Pipedrive

Considering that like every other business, you would also like to save money and efforts while multiplying your business, Insightly would probably be the best choice you can make as to pipedrive alternative.

It is considered as one of the most powerful and easy to use marketing automation engine for small business.

Insightly is the only CRM software with in-built Project management and delivery features for small and medium sized businesses like pipedrive.

You can opt for their success programs to get guidance, phone support, and training to help you get the most out of this CRM software.

Insightly has been built with high precision more like Pipedrive, carefully defining user friendly features and limitations for Small Businesses, Growing Business and Enterprises.

Insightly is the most popular alternatives to Pipedrive.

The focus here is on ‘relevance’- a significant aspect that sales team find it extremely challenging but often have to work around.

Again- relevance is the key element here, which aims at keeping the platform applicable to only the industry that seems fit for it.

By using a CRM, you are only embracing a better way to manage your leads, contacts, organizations, vendors and partners.

There’s more to a CRM software than directly handling stuff for you.

The extra step and the innovation that your sales and marketing processes currently lack, will be taken care of with the following features of this alternative to pipedrive:

(a) Custom reports

Amongst the latest feature updates of this pipedrive alternative, Insightly has introduced an enhancement in its reports and charts feature.

Apart from managing your business, it is also equally important to track and measure the progress of your business.

Doing so requires going through a lot of data and sitting down to understand where you’re going right and where could you be going wrong.

However, stuck as we are in our daily grind, there never really is enough time!

But, with Insightly custom reports, you can get the hang of the current situation of your business in a jiffy.

Not just this, you can easily forecast the future revenues to plan better selling strategies.

Another great update is that you will now get the feature in all plans, including the free plan on Insightly.

insightly report - new pipedrive alternative

(b) Advanced Filtering on Mobile

Business on the move has become critical today.

With the world gone digital, things have undoubtedly become simpler but at the same time, a lot harder to transform business as per the digital surroundings.

CRM software such as Insightly can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world, sales professionals needed to access it even when they couldn’t access their computers.

That’s where the concept of mobile CRM software stepped in, and along with the business, the entire Customer Relationship Management platform got shifted onto mobile as well.

Apart from all the features being available on mobile, there’s an advanced filtering that has been introduced recently in this alternative.

With the new improve filtering, you can easily access data related to tasks assigned to whom, the progress of the tasks, reasons they may still be pending, customer related information/ data – basically, everything you need at your fingertips to have an exciting sales experience!

(c) Workflow Automation

With numerous tasks lying around for each of the hundred customers that you may have in your kitty, managing it all becomes nothing less than a tedious job that you just want to run away from.

Well, one of the advantages of having a CRM software is that most of your manual work makes an exit and in comes automation.

Workflow automation is one such feature that lets you define criteria for tasks to start getting completed on their own.

From shooting out mailers on bagging a Lead to alerting you for the next call, you get to lay down the ground rules and watch things happen on their own!

Workflow inside insightly crm

PS: This feature is only available in Insightly’s top tier subscription plans.

(d) Automatic Lead Distribution

This feature of Pipedrive alternative is a life savior for every sales manager that there is in the business.

With this latest update, life has been simplified many times over.

The update allows you to distribute leads evenly amongst your team automatically. Again, you may choose the criteria for distribution them, such as, by geography, the number of employees in the sales teams, your custom fields, and even automatic rotation!

Such a simple update but solves so many problems at once- saves time, introduces accuracy and lets you focus on matters more important than distributing leads.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $12 per user per month.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 17
Insightly Capterra review

12. Sugar CRM – Accredited alternative to Pipedrive

This is one CRM software that has gained a lot of popularity in the Entrepreneur community and small businesses as a reliable pipedrive alternative.

Owing to its simplicity and nominal pricing, Sugar CRM solution becomes a smart alternative to pipedrive when it comes to organizing a company’s sales and marketing processes on the whole.

It is easy to connect Sugar CRM and Zoho CRM software with absolutely zero coding experience and let you handle Case Management; Contact Management, Customer Support; Database Management and much more.

Just to share a little more about Sugar CRM, they have not only a CRM solution but also other collaboration solutions that can contribute to a smooth running of your business.

Sugar CRM software is the most amazing alternatives to pipedrive that helps you deliver proficient customer support by using useful customer insight and real-time collaboration. 

In a single software, you will have access to an amazing Project management board to help your whole team stay productive.

But keeping the discussion limited to customer relationship management and alternatives, let’s take a look at some of the highlight features that Sugar CRM solution has in store for its users:

(a) Get Multi-Lingual and Currency Support

Sugar CRM comes with an in- built system to support different languages from across the world.

This makes things much easier when it comes to providing training or sharing user adoption programs.

This feature has made it simpler for SugarCRM to be accepted by people belonging to different parts of the globe.

The language pack framework adds significant points for customer satisfaction.

Adding to the many languages that the platform supports, there are also multiple currencies that teams and clients can transact on.

This is removed another barrier, making the platform much more global than anything else.

Conversations and payments both have been made into simpler tasks, making it easier for sales team to get more customers on board in much lesser time!

(b) The Self Service Portal

While focusing on building a robust product, product developers often tend to forget about keeping it simple.

However, even if the product still comes out to be a huge platform; things can be simplified by offering a way for the user to figure his way out in the simplest manner possible.

The self-service portal is a self-sufficient platform where the user can simply come on to, should he ever faces a problem on the CRM.

The platform of this pipderive alternative is well equipped with case studies, dummy situations, which by the way could be real life situations too and an extensive knowledge base that can come handy anytime!

The list of FAQs listed here, in addition to all other relevant information, a user would almost never have to pick up the phone to call customer care.

Now many would say that human interaction with their clients is necessary to retain them, I’d say not really.

Today’s consumer does not have the time to wait for another person to give him a solution. He’d rather go online and look for a solution himself.

self service portal SUGARcrm - software like pipedrive

(c) Filters and Tags

You have the search feature where you can type in a name and locate the person saved under various categories such as Lead, Contact, etc.

In addition to this, you could have also kept the same contacts under different fields such as the organization they work in, the place they come from or any other field that you may like to add.

There is also an additional feature of including extra tracks if you feel the need for it.

Another interesting aspect to this is the Tag feature that lets you build and create labels for each of the contact that you want to save onto your database.

These would be specific to your group records, a small step that can help you categorize your customers better on the platform.

You can also view these tags separately and choose from to take a look at all the contacts that may have been grouped under the same.

search filter tagging in SUGARcrm

(d) Activity Streams

Under this feature, you can quickly take a look at all the activities that are currently being performed by your colleagues across the organization.

This data can be easily accessed through your dashboards, module list and also record views.

The most recent updates can be easily viewed and tracked, not to mention the ability to filter the content that you’d like to receive onto your activity feed.

The feature of this pipedrive alternative is customizable to your needs as it lets you stay updated with latest from around you.

Further to this, you can even go and post messages for your colleagues using the platform.

Giving it a hint of an ESN, this feature is great for real-time collaboration as it lets you be a part of your colleagues’ activities, giving you a chance to participate by sharing ideas and knowledge with each other.

(e) Social Integration

With all other aspects of an online sales and marketing solution covered, they wouldn’t leave out social media integration, would they?

With sales and marketing first going online and then going social, to be more precise, social media integration has become one of the most crucial aspects of any customer relationship management platform.

While Sugar is missing integrations with Linkedin and Facebook, they have the gap covered by linking Twitter, Google, and Outlook.

Twitter feeds can also be received in your Activity Stream to get real-time social updates too!

Focusing on online collaboration and cloud storage, the social media integration on Sugar is pretty robust- something that sales and marketing professional would truly appreciate, as this feature does make their lives much easier!

social crm inside SUGARcrm

Sugar CRM has an extensive feature base to offer to its users just like pipedrive. It is up to the user as to how he chooses to put all of these fantastic features to good use.

Pricing: The services for SugarCRM are priced at $40 per user per month for the basic plan which includes nearly everything that you need a well-equipped CRM to have.


Sugar CRM has introduced new features to make their system compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

The new features include:

  • A command center to manage all the customer requests related to data privacy.
  • A data privacy manager (DPM) to review requests and process data erasure requests.
  • Personal info log feature to capture and record the sources of customer data inputs.
  • A user can flag customers who do not want the processing of their data.
  • Some other features include managing consent, limiting data collection only when necessary and right to data erasure.

13. Microsoft Dynamics – Delightful alternative to Pipedrive

Coming from a relatively better-known brand and a useful alternative to pipedrive, MS Dynamics did manage to build a favorable rapport for themselves pretty quick in the industry.

To talk about the management features they offered, they were also pretty much on par with the other players and users can integrate it with Zoho CRM to extend capabilities.

However, MS Dynamics is especially good at improving operational efficiency due to its tight integration with the Microsoft Office Suite.

More than half of our business application belong to the Microsoft family, what better than getting a CRM also from the same family!

This CRM platform is well equipped to take care of all aspects of a sales and marketing business- helping stay in touch with customers through targeted marketing, integrations with the right tools at one place for better and faster results, managing customer data and communication- you name it, and they have it!

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 18
Microsoft dynamics review

But, let’s dive deeper into the features that the platform offers to its users:

(a) Customer Insights

It is true that getting a peep into your customer’s personality, likes and dislikes can help you sell better.

Under this feature of the platform, you can quickly gather relevant customer insights and interactions all in one place, making it simpler for you to understand your client requirement better.

Microsoft Dynamics - Customer Insights

This feature is so detailed that its built-in predictive analytics and customer intelligence can read and deliver results basis their purchase history, demographics, interactions and more.  

Further, the customer interactions are so well organized that you can tell beforehand if you have any at- risk clients and can chart out a counter strategy to avoid losing them!

The focus on relationship building with customers is quite a crucial aspect of the platform, as it lets you leverage your customer relationships for increased business and sales.

Microsoft Dynamics - Detailed customer Insights

(b) Marketing

With targeted marketing campaigns being one of the most important parts of any pre-sales marketing support, Microsoft Dynamics has built the marketing feature to be pretty nifty too.

Moreover, they have partnered with Adobe for an even richer experience for the user. There will be a whole lot of enhancement that the partnership will bring along.

The mailers to be sent to your customers can be easily personalized to establish a more intimate connect with them by encouraging one-to-one communication and contextual content that drives conversion.

Adding to the advantages of Customer Insights being offered on the platform, you can put that to good use for marketing campaigns too.

By understanding your customer better, you’d know the exact nuances of a marketing strategy that could work in your favor.

After all, the success of a marketing strategy depends on how well targeted and relevant it is to your audience!

(c) Customer Service

To have a client turned completely loyal to you, it is important you provide them with the best in class customer service that there is.

The way people experience your business is crucial to the success of your business, hence, MS Dynamics offers a whole feature focused on providing an excellent customer service, around the clock!

Since there are consumer insights already at hand, the customer service team can quickly understand the needs of the customer and cater to them by delivering personalized and relevant solutions.

Moreover, the market changes and evolves pretty quickly, hence it is necessary that you provide solutions that can be tailored that quick too.

On this platform, your customer service team can quickly adapt and customize solutions using configuration instead of codes.

(d) Sales

Lastly, the foundation of the entire platform- sales- focuses on turning customer relationships into revenues.

So far you went through all the features that help you understand and connect with your customers better, but this one feature helps you convert them into business.

Microsoft Dynamics sales feature

Adding to the experience, you can keep your sales team motivated with the data-rich dashboards equipped with charts that deliver instant insights into their sales marketing and strategies.  

You can set goals and see how much more you need to achieve to reach them

The built-in predictive analytics, automated lead scoring, and digital intelligence give your sales teams a chance to automate processes,manage sales pipeline, save time on mundane tasks and make the most of the customer relationships for better business.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales report

Pricing:  There is an entire pack of plans that you can choose from. However, the lowest one starts with INR 660 per user per month.

Update:  Microsoft dynamics is GDPR and CCPA compliant and have provided the data subjects all their rights related to the processing of their personal data.

It includes right to erasure, right to correct inaccurate data, transmit their data to another controller and many other similar updates.

Additionally, they have introduced a compliance manager to help organizations meet any strict GDPR and CCPA obligations.

14. ProsperWorks – Recognized alternative to Pipedrive

A cloud-based customer relationship management CRM is a popular alternative to pipedrive specially built for small business and sales teams to work and collaborate seamlessly, ProsperWorks introduces some interesting integrations in the system.

Not just that, the platform has been built to be quite a robust system for sales pipeline management and marketing professionals to function with minimum hiccups.

The platform offers best customer service and one of the most innovative alternatives to pipedrive currently available on the market.

prosperworks crm - another Pipedrive Alternative

They aim to offer a CRM platform that’s easy to use and fun to work on with. If you are searching for best contact management software then ProsperWorks is exactly what you need.

Let’s see some of the features that help enhance ProsperWorks to be a better CRM than the rest:

(a) Actionables

As a manager of sales teams it is your job to improve your team’s productivity with desirable results every single day.

One of the most efficient ways to ensure this is by helping them prioritize their day.

The feature offers a customized view for each of the team member to take a look at their individual tasks.

You may set up activities for them, varying from – setting up meetings, contact management, events, sales pipeline management ,arranging follow-ups and even add new leads from your email!

actionables prosperworks

(b) Comparative Charts

ProsperWorks believes in the spirit of healthy competition and encourages sales marketing team members to keep up with their best performances.

Once you join a  team on the CRM platform, you can easily view the progress of each of your fellow team- mates.

You can see who’s performing the best in terms of earning revenues,  setting meetings, making calls and gathering prospective clients!

You can also view similar comparative charts for different teams all together to gauge the success rate for each team in the organization.

comparitive analysis prosperworks

(c) Google Inbox Extension

The latest feature introduced by ProsperWorks is an extension that you need to install on your system before you can start using it.

But to explain the feature does, read on, and you’ll be excited to try it right away!

By using this feature, you will not have to leave you Google Inbox again as the extension allows you to have all your CRM contacts updated right in the inbox.

As a majority of the tasks of a sales professional include sending emails, setting up meetings and following up, the platform brings in all these functionalities straight into your inbox.

Further, you can even view the recent activities of your Leads as well as track if they open and view their emails in real time. Check complete ProsperWorks review.

Google inbox extension prosperworks

Pricing: The Basic Pack is offered at $19 per user per month by ProsperWorks.

15. Pipelinedeals – No-fail alternative to Pipedrive

A relatively complicated and an extensive platform, PipelineDeals has managed to secure the spot of one of the most popular CRM platforms that there are in the industry.  

This web-based CRM is built for the modern businesses and organizations that believe in going the digital way to perform more tasks and saving time while achieving more.

It is one of the most preferred CRM for small businesses and alternatives to Pipedrive for streamlining sales process.

The primary features of PipelineDeals include lead management, sales pipeline management,contact management and sales team management.

PipelineDeals hosts an entire suite of features that are imperative for small businesses to advance in the smartest of ways and for maximum revenues.

Having control over your sales pipeline management will help you close deals and grow revenue. Each deal you add in PipelineDeals has its own comprehensive profile page.

The CRM is equipped with easy-to-use features, customizable user experience, sales pipeline management features, and leading customer support. 

Users can seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with Pipelinedeals to convert more leads faster. 

Following are the functions that make PipelineDeals an excellent addition for your organization:

(a) Mobile Selling

A sales professional goes where new opportunities and prospective clients take him. Owing to the very nature of the job, a sales professional is expected to be on the move for a majority of his work hours.

Keeping this requirement in mind, PipelineDeals has established an equally robust CRM system onto the mobile, for maximized productivity and engagement with the user.

Adding to the regular CRM features, the mobile version of PipelineDeals offers customized text messages for reminders that can be set up by the user.

It has been designed, so  you never miss an event again.

mobile crm pipelinedeals

(b) Importing Data

One of the most painful tasks of a sales professional is to manually feed data into the CRM, which acts as a barrier for them to use the CRM in the first place.

This is one of the biggest reasons why CRM adoption has been a challenge for most companies.

However, this hurdle has been taken care of by PipelineDeals, by introducing ‘Data Importing’ as a feature.

As per the functionality, the user can seamlessly import data directly from many applications such as Outlook, Google, VCards, Excel and a few of their CRM competitors.

In total, three types of data can be imported- contacts, deals, and companies.

You may import these individually or in bulk and also, the duplicate data gets removed automatically.

To make things better, the feature allows you to undo the last import if you see a mistake in the data and the current upload gets cleaned as required by the user.

data importing pipelinedeals

(c) Sales Team Management

For a sales manager, the tasks go way beyond scheduling meetings with the team and monitoring their performance.

It requires a true understanding of the approach being taken by his team to earn more revenues, taking cues from what’s working out for them and what’s not.

The team management feature offered by PipelineDeals is an excellent example of a CRM function that aims towards better collaboration and making efforts in the right direction.

It allows the user to view his sales team’s performances individually by taking a look at the interactive pipeline charts and the activities logged in by his team members, individually.

By taking a quick look at the entire sales and activity scenario, the manager is in a better position to make informed decisions and guide his team accordingly.

pipelinedeals sales team management

Pricing: The starting plan is introduced at $25 per user per month, with limited features.

16. Freshdesk – Bonus alternative to Pipedrive

Stemming from Freshdesk’s motto of providing the best possible customer support, FreshSales is a CRM that efficiently takes care of customer problems and aims at building better customer relationships.

You can easily find a number of marketing automation and project management software that integrates with Freshdesk and are easy to use.

One of the many products under the umbrella of FreshDesk, FreshSales has been designed to track user behavior to counter customer problems at an early stage.

This advanced feature takes a b to the next level of accuracy and efficiency ,streamlining customer service.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 19
Freshdesk Reddit discussion thread

The CRM features mentioned below will give you a clear understanding of the platform:

(a) Integration with Segment

FreshSales’ integration with Segment lets you track activities carried out by your prospect on the website and within their product.

Such insights give you a peek into their requirement pattern for you to service them better.  

Further the software is used to streamline sales process as you can also track contacts and leads, and even update them on the app.

integration with segment freshdesk

(b) Data and Reports

A CRM platform is one of the richest sources of a marketing team’s performance.

To get a 360-degree view of the progress of an organization in terms of revenue earned as well as revenues lined up for the future, there’s no better source than a CRM to rely on.

Such insights can play a crucial role in taking actionable decisions to improve the sales and marketing performance, which is why analyzing the existing data become imperative for any sales manager.

With FreshSales’ Visual Sales and Data Analytics, getting insights into the sales performance becomes a simple task.

The feature lets the user view visual sales reports, study revenue analytics to understand which campaigns worked and which ones did not, and even have customized reports as per the fields you want to look at!

data and reports freshdesk

(c) In- App Calling

One of the biggest challenges faced by most sales professionals is making calls for conversions.

To be precise, it is the keeping track of all these calls which takes a toll on them as well as most of their precious time!

But with the in-app calling feature on FreshSales, you not only get to call up prospects from within the app but also get to maintain a call log automatically.

The feature also keeps your phone and email conversation history stacked up in one place for you refer to it whenever required.

It also lets you customize your ‘welcome’ and voice call messages for a personal touch.

in app call freshdesk

Pricing: The plans start at $12 per user per month.

17. GetBase – Valuable alternative to Pipedrive

Apt for small marketing teams and small businesses, the features on GetBase have been built to earn increased revenues in the shortest time frame possible.

It has a reasonably clean, easy-to-use and attractive interface that lets the user get on board with the platform pretty quickly just like pipedrive.

The following feature line-up will help give you a better idea of the platform:

(a) Win Rate Optimization

The tons of data that is available on your CRM gets analyzed and churned into actionable reports for you to have an idea of which deal is more likely to convert.

By looking at these reports, you can easily predict the convertibility of an opportunity, thereby getting enough insights for you to direct your team to the right direction.

The feature has been designed for you and your sales teams to identify and put efforts into the opportunities that are most likely to bring in more business.

win-rate-optimization getbase

GetBase is popular alternative to pipedrive with a data driven app and aims to deliver insights basis actionable data collected over time through various sales activities performed by sales professionals.

The Apollo feature is a particular scientific data reader that analyzes data points and delivers actionable insights.

For example, it can tell how much time your teammate needs to take to make the first call for a real closure!

(b) Apollo

The feature offers an interactive insight feed with suggestions to make an improvement in the performance being reflected on the app.

Apollo getbase

(c) Scientific Sales Academy

GetBase claims to a alternative to pipedrive CRM platform that takes the scientific approach to making and improving sales.

On the Scientific Sales Academy’s platform, you get access to quantifiable data and insights that help you modify your sales practices for an enhanced performance and increased revenues.

It’s a course that seems to be promising and delivers new lessons on a timely basis. Do check it out, after all, what’s a growing profession without some regular learning!

scientific sales getbase - pipedrive crm alternative

Pricing: Starts at $25 per user per month.

An overview of all the Pipedrive alternatives discussed in this guide:

Pipedrive AlternativesPricingFeatures summary
Brevo CRMPaid plan starts at $25/moWhat is good?
CRM and automation is good
Competitive pricing.
What is not good?
Not ideal if you have extensive CRM needs
Microsoft dynamicsPaid plans start at $115/user/month.What is good?
CRM functionalities are extensive.
Integrations with Microsoft products and Linkedin.
What is not good?
The learning curve is steep for beginners.
Sugar CRMPaid plan starts at $52/user per month.What is good?
Good customer service.
Plenty of training and support.
Implement marketing campaign with ease.
What is not good?
Not easy to get started without technical support.
InsightlyPaid plans start at $29/user/moWhat is good?
Good for small to medium sized businesses.
Easy to record a customer journey.
What is not good?
The UI needs updations as it feels tool old.
GetBaseThe paid plans start at $45/seat/mo billed annually.What is good?
Click to call and lead prioritising feature
Getting started is easy.
What is not good?
Not at par with its competitors.
FreshdeskThe paid plan starts at $15/moWhat is good?
Setup is easy with friendly interface
Ideal for managing customers for small businesses.
What is not good?
Cannot filter emails based on date.
Automation features not plenty enough.
PipelineDealsThe paid plan starts at $25/user/moWhat is good?
User-friendly interface
Ideal for medium-sized businesses.
Powerful email marketing.
What is not good?
Integrations are very limited.
Copper (formerly Prosperworks)The cheapest plan starts at $19/mo/userWhat is good?
Offers plenty of integrations with Gsuite
Customer support is friendly.
What is not good?
Features are not expensive as other CRM platforms.
Not feasible for big businesses.

A list of more similar alternatives to try:

18. ConvergeHub

Small to medium-sized businesses often struggle with finding a CRM tool that is budget-friendly and not too complicated.

Convergehub is a CRM tool but with a plethora of additional capabilities that include invoicing, customer management, support requirements all catering to the needs of SMB’s.

This tool is affordable and at the same time allows businesses to manage several needs from one place.

Also, with ConvergeHub one can do multi-channel marketing leveraging diverse communication medium and building stringer connections with the customers.

The paid plan of this tool starts @ $11 per month.

19. EnagageBay

Engagebay allows you to automate your sales funnel in minutes.

With the help of this tool, you can nurture your contacts in the right way and increase engagement instantly. . It also gives you a detailed overview of email opens, clicks, and other important metrics in a click.

You can use this data and personalize the engagement based on the user’s behavior.

So, you can always rely on EngageBay to take care of your regular operations and your sales agents focus on improving sales. The starting price of this tool is $14.99 per month.

20. Streak Crm for Gmail

Most businesses use email for major communication. Streak CRM converts your Gmail to CRM and help you organize and manage your emails through groups at various stages of pipeline.

The software is compatible with various business processes that include sales, product development, support, and even recruitment and hiring. The pricing plan starts @ $59 /user/month.

20+ Pipedrive Alternatives for an Effective Sales Team - AI Version 20
Best CRM tools Crozdesk market radar

Our Experience:

So, these are the most useful alternatives to pipedrive that are suiatble for both large and small businesses.

Sales professionals have never really welcomed a CRM into their routine.

However, with a simple yet effective marketing automation platform that automates the daily sales and marketing functions, you can quickly enhance your productivity many times over.

The pipedrive alternatives explained in this guide are some of the best ones in the industry.

By matching your business needs with the offerings of each of these players, you can easily select a pipedrive alternative that’s easy-to-use and best for your business.

Frequently asked questions about Pipedrive and its alternatives:

What is the main function of Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM solution that also offers a feature to handle your sake and marketing needs.

Is Pipedrive budget-friendly?

Pipedrive is one of the most budget-friendly CRM tools available in the market. Also, getting started with it is a no-stress endeavor.

What is the difference between Pipedrive and Salesforce?

Pipedrive is a powerful tool but when it comes to comparing it with Salesforce it is more feature rich than Pipedrive.

What are some of the Pipedrive features?

Some of the Pipedrive features are activities overview, email templates, logging leads, revenue projection amongst many others.

Can you send emails using Pipedrive?

Yes, Pipedrive allows you to send emails to your contacts directly from your Pipedrive account.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Linkedin?

You can integrate Pipedrive with Linkedin using LinkMatch for Pipedrive.

What is the purpose of the Pipedrive email?

Pipedrive email allows its users to work with their emails without leaving Pipedrive. You also get other features such as email tracking, merge fields, custom templates, etc.

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  2. Best free Pipedrive alternative is Bitrix24 in my opinion. It has kanban view, like Pipedrive, but it also has quotes, invoices and marketing automation, which Pipedrive doesn’t. Dumping Pipedrive in favor of Bitrix24 massively improved our productivity. While I appreciate the time you invested in writing this article, I don’t believe that Pipedrive users would ever switch to MS Dynamics or SugarCRM. Both are too expensive and too complex for an average ‘pipedriver’.

  3. Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for sharing the insights, I am using Salesmate.io since last 1.5 years and i can definitely say its a good option for small and mid sized business. Also they are coming up with calling features from CRM itself. No need to integrate with any other voip service providers. So sales team can execute cold calling, manage leads and also send them emails and followup without leaving the CRM. Its really effective and affordable too.

    Mehul Shah

  4. Pipedrive provided an easy pipeline management system. The main downsides with pipedrive have been lack of efficient reporting features. You will have to do a lot of manual work if you want to get reporting details as a whole of separate pipelines.

  5. Ankit, I really like pipedrive but it doesn’t support e-mail marketing plans. Initially, when I didn’t use e-mail marketing then I was pretty happy with it but now I look for software that has both these functionalities.

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