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8 Monday Alternatives you Must Use in 2021

Teams, whether being big or small, are empowered by one of the most significant Work OS- to deliver the best of their capabilities to excel in their company.

Endless and exciting designs, templates, document formats covered in this all-in-one management solution.

Monday manages well your work from home mode without any hassle.

A good plan can help with risk analyses but it will never guarantee the smooth running of the project.

The requests opened by the remote workers are recorded separately in the Remote Team Requests template. will be the most helpful tool in systematic project management. The organisation of tasks is essential for the smooth functioning of your business.

Monday project management software on the internet is a powerful system for relieving you from workload as it optimises projects according to your preferences.

8 Monday Alternatives you Must Use in 2021 1

It acts as a manual register where work status, details of the team, deadlines.

But in a log, details are scattered on several sheets, and you have to stress your brain for recalling the site of a particular entry where you have made.

Whereas, on, you get the information at a click, thus, saving your time. 

Every team member is updating the task status on this single platform to calculate the percentage of tasks done and what portion remains in the project.

In this way, the team knows to meet up the due date in every possible way.

It acts as a friendly tool where a warm temperament of the team is maintained through active group chatting, and project issues get solved within the community without any delay. has availed the project leader with a graphical explanation of assignment aspects to his employees.

The software has made the task easier to understand for the workers. Apart from, there are other alternatives which the companies are using.

Features of Monday

Monday cloud-based management software, and the alternative to spreadsheets where credentials get saves in the grid form. Click To Tweet

Here the worksheets are called boards on which the users update task status. You can evolve several boards endlessly.

People involved in tasks are collected here and update each other about the completion of their work.

Monday software features

The usage of Kanban boards in the organization of the project is significant because of its flexibility. It is a trendy and oldest task management solution incorporated in the software.

This inbuilt tool enables the user to prioritize tasks and check their missing points. If you are looking for project management features, here we have detailed it down- 

Centralized Boards

These centralised boards make the team member work easier.

These boards consist of rows and columns filled with different headings related to task completion, employee status, or who is assigned to do a specific task.

Invite ClientsShare project updates with clients, and it depends whether you want your client to make changes in your project.

Gantt Chart– Your project’s timeline looks like a Gantt chart where the pending projects and their progress is marked.

monday gant chart

Users can extend the due time by simple drag, and drop option Calendar and maps are added to this area of the timeline for the team head to know the whereabouts of his workers.

Integration of other apps– The information filed in your board gets acknowledged by the other apps that are capable of working with Monday.

The software can support more than 36 apps such as Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Jira, Zendesk, Stripe.

Activity Log– There are two types of activity log- Board Activity Log and Item Activity Log. 

Pricing of Monday

pricing-Monday price depends upon the number of users in a group. The prices are increasing as the number of members multiplies in the multiple of five.

Separate plans are for each group—the cost of charged by a group of users per month or year. is inexpensive when purchased monthly. pricing system is way complicated because no one wants to pay more than required. 

Basic– Features included in basic is 5 GB storage, activity log for one week, 20 types of columns, free viewers, integration of IOS and Android apps, unlimited boards, one board per dashboard, 24/7 customer assistance, and self-service knowledge base.

Standard– In addition to the basic plan, 50 GB storage is offered, unlimited activity log, map, calendar, and timeline view, customization of forms, and sharing of boards with up to four guests are available in the standard package.

Pro– The storage is unlimited. More number of guests can be added, customize the chart, add boards privately, track time, and 25000 automated actions are in the pro plan.

Enterprise plan– This has a customised plan with unlimited features. is the virtual task management tool that helps individuals and team to plan, organize and track all the tasks at one space.

Monday software is the most used by IT and HR sector for having team management.

This tool has several advance features for team management and project delivery. After having all these benefits, why Monday alternatives?

Like most of the tools, is not a one-stop management solution. It lacks some of the basics features-

Recurring task- does not have inbuilt feature for rescheduling recurring tasks. It is annoying to schedule every day where many tools allow one-time scheduling for such tasks. 

Time Tracking- does not have even proper tracking time feature, and for that, you need to use the third-party integrations. 

No Gantt Charts- This tool does not have Gantt Charts. If you are looking for Gantt chart software, then is not the one.

For making these charts, there are alternatives like Clickup, Wrike and many more. 

Here are the best Monday alternatives:

1. Nifty PM : Reliable alternative to

This Project management software speed-ups your work with the ease of team collaboration.

Nifty Project management is designed for all business types and sizes, offering them all the benefits of a useful task management tool. 

niftyPM project management software

Nifty PM offers a wide range of core functionality that includes time tracking, workflow collaboration and perfect workspace. This software works effectively and improves teamwork as it keeps all the members on the same page.

It helps in decision making by improving teamwork collaboration and allowing all members to gather feedback and communicate and share ideas in real-time together that makes it more beneficial for all the users. 


File sharing Task PrioritizationMass Update
File sharing Team CollaborationDrag & Drop 
Drag and dropDirect InboxProgress Reporting
Project OverviewCustom LabelsTo-Do List


Nifty PM integrates smoothly with many applications in the Zapier platform. 


Nifty PM offers four plans to the users-  

1. Free – $0

Storage 1 GB per user Project Discussions
Project OverviewTeam Chat
Project Docs and filesKanban Dashboard

2. Standard- $89 per month

Upto 50 usersUnlimited projects
Project overviewStorage 5 GB per user 
Priority SupportKanban Dashboard

3. Premium- $124 per month

Upto 100 users, storage 15 GB per userKanban Dashboard
Dedicated managerProject Docs and files 
Microsoft SSOCustom fields

4. Enterprise- As per Quote

Unlimited usersMS Active Directory
Onboard TrainingCustom storage
Priority supportUnlimited projects
8 Monday Alternatives you Must Use in 2021 2
Nifty Capterra reviews

2. Hive : Proven alternative to

Hive is a project management tool based on AI, and brands like Starbucks, Google, and Uber use it.

This task management tool built for company sizes who are looking for more productivity and management in their projects.

hive project management tool

Hive has a robust feature that enables the team to plan, execute and communicate and predict the events that may affect the work.

Hive helps you to complete all the tasks and projects within the comfort zone.


  • Project Management more clear
  • Fast Team Communication 
  • Quick App Integration


Hive has integration with Slack and video conference is possible with Zoom. Hive works smoothly with Google Drive, OneDrive and to quickly transfer file just on-a-tap.

Users can from other project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello. 


Hive offers two plans as per convenience you can choose- 

1. Professional Plan- For this plan, the user needs to pay $12 per month.

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited storage
  • Standard Integrations

2. Enterprise plan- It includes all the features of the professional program.  

  •  Dedicated account manager
  • Custom Integration
  • Hive Analytics and upgrades

These both plan have 14 days of the free trial period. 

3. Clickup : Accredited alternative to

Clickup is the cloud-based collaboration that is best for businesses across all the industries. All company sizes can fit into the plan of Clickup- the task management tool.

The users can easily assign the work and comment to a specific team individual. The team members can easily track all analytics of the on-going project.

This project management has a priority setting feature that allows all the members to accomplish their goals.

clickup project management tool

Clickup is even best for freelancers who work solo; they can have a record of all the project.

It is robust even in the free version as they offer bulk features to make your work easier.  


 Client Portal Collaboration toolsKanban Boards
Project ManagementTime TrackingIdea Management
Recurring tasksPortfolio Management Gantt Charts
Drag and dropCustom Template


Clickup integrates with Slack, Gitlab, Github and other applications. 


For now, Clickup has a basic plan of $5 per month per user. For better tour sign up for free version. 

4. Plutio : Recognized alternative to

It is an all-in-one project management platform designed for freelancers as well as small businesses. Right from project tasks to send an invoice to the client can be done from this platform.

The ability to customize your workload can be done well by this project management tool.

Plutio project management tool

It offers ready-made task templates, to-do list and quick support system. The essential features are scheduling task, invoice and project management.  


  • CRM
  • Performance Metrics
  • Project management and billing
  • Time Tracking


Plutio integrates with Evernote, Slack, Github and many other project management tools. 


Plutio pricing is straightforward, and it has three plans- 

1. Solo- If you are work alone. Choose this plan. It costs $15 per month. 

2. Studio – In this, you can unlock the client portal and work with many clients. It costs $20 per month.

3. Team-  You can invite team members to work. It costs $30 each month. 

5. Teamwork : Valuable alternative to

It is a cloud-based project management tool that enables different functionalities to accelerate your workflow.

Teamwork helps to manage group objectives and communicate to accomplish business goals. Most of the companies and individuals use Teamwork as one of the most preferred alternatives to

teamwork software

The most liked feature of Teamwork is of a project schedule that allows project managers to assign the task to the specific member. 


  • Project tasks
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Quick sharing of docs and files
  • Communication through a mobile device


Teamwork can be integrated with applications such as Dropbox, FreshBooks, and many more. 


After 30 days of the free trial, there are three tiers to use this tool- 

1. Pro- It costs $10 per month per user billed annually 

2. Premium- It costs $18 per month per user billed annually

3. Enterprise- Contact the Teamwork support team for a quote and dedicated manager. 

6. Wrike : Strong alternative to

Wrike is an advance project management tool that focuses on the work with ease.

It has a highly customizable dashboard, and it supports recurring tasks and multi-day deadlines. It enables the user to track the ongoing project and accomplish goals quickly.

It is expensive than other project management tools.

8 Monday Alternatives you Must Use in 2021 4

Wrike is a business collaboration tool with information management features. It offers excellent security to ensure that no other than team members can access it.  


Wrike lacks some necessary tools like integration chat and billing. 


Task and Project managementApproval process control
Android and iPhone appRecurring tasks 
Kanban BoardsTime tracking


This tool offers several plans to ease your project.

Free users can set up a team of five members. The open layout is limited as it does not have Gantt charts, time-tracking. 

1. Professional Plan costs $9.80 each month 

  • 5 GB storage 
  • Gantt Charts and shareable documents

      2. Business Plan costs $24.80 per month  

  •  Custom headers
  • Report templates
  •   Salesforce integration

 7. Trainual  : Recognized alternative to

This tool provides customization and cloud-based learning management system.

trainual software for project management

Trainual serves various verticals and allows the organization to train on the onboard process. It helps in organizing training modules in the centralized system. 


Team collaborationKnowledge Base Management 
Task and Project managementSelf-service Portal 
Discussion BoardsProductive collaboration 


Trainual connects with the number of application to automate your work and accomplish business goals. 


It is free for seven days. Trainual has two tiers.

1. Pro- It costs $99/ month billed annually. 

  • Basic templates 
  • Custom Branding 
  • Unlimited subjects and tests

2. Premium- It costs $149 each month billed annually.  

  •    Screen recording 
  • GIPHY and photo library 
  • Premium in-app support

8. Miro : Delightful alternative to

 Miro is one of the ideal task management tools. It is advance and centralized workspace for ideas and creativity.

More than a million users are taking benefit of the features of Miro. It enables users to use digital space instead of whiteboards. It has many templates and communication tools to accelerate productivity.

Now connecting with the team from home is quick and easy. Miro provides a space for creativity and the work they want.

Sticky notes for tasks and projects, shapes, drawing pens, and client road map are available to help the users. It helps to track real analytics of the project.

This project management tool allows easy drag and drop of images and links to the users. Explore more than 50 templates and interactive frameworks for better team collaboration. 

miro reddit discussion
Miro Reddit discussion


More accessible collaboration tool- With simple drag, the team members and contributors engage with the board.

With Miro sharing of the screen and presentation is quick. Robust tools like embedded video chat and commenting toll make it more useful for the business. 

Centralized communication- Miro helps to create a hub for cross-functional. The administration and account allow for easy management of accounts and user permission across the company. 

Faster creation and innovation- Miro has space for creativity. The entire creativity toolkit allows users to create stories, wireframing, retros and more. 


Miro, integrates easily with Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Jira and Slack. The security is in connect with SSO, SSL encryption and advanced user management. 


Including Free plan, it has three other plans.

The free program is quick and straightforward to tour up the tool. It has three editorial boards, unlimited team members, premade templates and core integrations with slack, Gmail and Trello. 

Miro has three other options to use premium services. 

1. Team Plan – It costs $8 per user per month, billed annually. It is limited for five members and includes all free plan features. 

2. Business Plan- It costs $16 per user each month and billed annually. It is limited for two users.

3. Enterprise Plan- It is for more than 50 users with custom pricing. 

An overview of all the tools discussed in this post:

Monday alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
Nifty PMPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Good features at a convenient price point.
Easy to learn and get started.
What is not good?
Can be sometimes glitchy and slow.
HiveThe paid plan starts at $12/user/moWhat is good?
Easy to customize.
Plenty of useful integrations.
AI-based features
What is not good?
Can get a bit slow if there are a lot of nested tasks and sub-tasks.
ntask The paid plan starts at $36/user/yearWhat is good?
Highly customisable.
Friendly UI that allows easy collaboration and sharing of tasks.
What is not good?
Basic features and doesn’t have time tracking for projects.
TodoistThe paid plan starts at $5/user/moWhat is good?
Help project managers to optimise their resources.
Basic plan is available free for lifetime.
What is not good?
The UI is a bit dated and not visually pleasing.
TaskqueThe paid plan start at $5/user/moWhat is good?
Good option for small teams
Generous free plan
A lot of advanced features and customisation options.
What is not good?
The learning curve is slightly steep.
ClickUpPaid plans start at $89/month (flat fee with unlimited projects , unlimited users and 100gb storage)What is good?
In-built proofing tool.
Flexible task management.
What is not good?
Limited integrations as compared to other competitor tools.
ProofhubPaid plan starts at $10 per user per month.What is good?
A full featured project management tool .
Interactive user interface with reporting and analytics.
What is not good?
Customer support not that good.
TeamWorkPaid plan starts at $2.9 per user per month.What is good?
Meeting management feature that help you see what team members are doing.
Lot of helpful features at an affordable price
What is not good?
Calendar view not very elaborated.
nTaskManagerPaid plan starts at $10 per user per month.What is good?
A virtual whiteboard space for sharing ideas and creativity .
Great option for developers and UX designers.
What is not good?
Tracking changes is not feasible. is the primary option to chose for the delivery of quality tasks within the requisite time, though other task management apps are a substitute to Monday.

These are free apps that come into use when the basic or premium level of users tour up, but the required features are not available.

The free trial time of 14 days is not enough because the software has a bulk of tools that more than the mentioned time will take for proper understanding.

However, Monday is effective in saving your time when the expertise version of it is purchased because all the aspects of business management are inbuilt there.

This software is more of a work than a project management app. Monday is significant when you are searching for a task management app.

Questions related to selection of Monday alternatives:
Can items be created in Outlook?

Yes, by changing the subject name of the email in Outlook to “Add to Monday”. It will automatically get added to the ‘To-do list’ board on Monday.

Can Monday be used as a CRM?

Yes, Monday can be used as a CRM to manage ad campaigns, shipping status, production of an app.

Can we switch to other plans for the

You can switch to the other plans by removing or adding group members by tapping on the admin menu and chose the billing option

Does Monday include the option of the Gantt chart?

Monday does not use the original Gantt chart, but it has developed Gantt Chart- like features in the name of Timeline View

Who are the Customers of Monday?

The customers of Monday are global giants like Paypal, Abbott, Uber, Costco Wholesale, Hulu, Unilever, and Genpact.

Does the software have templates?

Yes, Monday offers different templates.

What are the three best Monday alternatives?

Nifty PM, Hive and Wrike are three Monday alternatives.

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