Our Methodology

We understand the struggle of searching for a SaaS product that is both affordable and reliable. To assist our readers and software buyers, we offer the highest quality reviews, empowering you to make confident decisions. We follow the 10 step process to evaluate a SaaS product, rate and rank the products:
Our Methodology

Sprout24 is a contextual data platform for SaaS products, offering exhaustive insights, expertly curated content, and thorough analysis concerning business software applications and products. It aims to bolster decision-making professionals in a myriad of sectors, presenting them with unmatched data points and resources to thrive in their chosen domains.

Boasting a decade experience in SaaS and B2B software management, a team of seasoned professionals and power users synergize to craft pertinent, data-backed content. This include software benchmarks, product recommendations, research compilations, and enlightening insights. Read detail about Sprout24 here.

We understand the struggle of searching for a SaaS product that is both affordable and reliable. To assist our readers and software buyers, we offer the highest quality reviews, guides, empowering you to make confident decisions.

Originating as an editorial in the summer of 2010, Sprout24 has since highlighted over 500 SaaS entities spanning more than 30 software categories.

How do we ensure our reviews are both high quality and unbiased?

Review Process

SaaS Product Review Process at Sprout24

Our editorial team follow the following 10 step process to evaluate a SaaS product, rate and rank the products:

  1. Test the Products: We have over 25 testing points for each product type. These criteria are designed to rigorously assess each product functionality, usability, and effectiveness.
  2. Create a Demo Project: We test products in real-world scenarios. A demo project mimics real-world scenarios, ensuring the product is tested in conditions similar to what users might experience. This approach helps in evaluating the practical application and usability of the product in real-life situations.
  3. Check Pricing and Details: No surprises for you. Detailed examination of the product pricing structure, including any hidden costs or fine print. The goal is to ensure users are fully informed about the cost implications before making a decision.
  4. Peer Review / Internal Presentation: New products undergo additional testing by our team. New products are introduced and demonstrated to the team, fostering a collaborative review process. Our team’s diverse expertise contributes to a more thorough examination and critique of the product.
  5. Compare with Competitors: We identify unique features and shortcomings. Products are compared with similar products in the market. This comparison highlights unique features, advantages, and potential shortcomings, giving a comprehensive market perspective.
  6. Write a Review / Create a Video: We present information in a user-friendly way. The gathered information is compiled into a structured, user-friendly format, either as a written review or a video. This step focuses on clarity and accessibility of information for the readers.
  7. Receive Internal Feedback: We revise our content. The initial review draft undergoes internal feedback for revisions. This process ensures accuracy, comprehensiveness, and unbiased reporting.
  8. Rate and Rank the Product: After decision, we publish. Products are rated and ranked based on the evaluation criteria. This final judgment is published to guide users in their decision-making process.
  9. Adapt with User Feedback: Your experiences shape our reviews. Reviews are updated and adapted based on feedback from actual users.This step ensures that the reviews stay relevant and reflective of the user experience.
  10. Regular Updates: We keep our reviews current with product updates. Reviews are periodically updated to reflect any changes in the products, such as new features, performance improvements, or changes in pricing.

At Sprout24, our values are paramount. We don’t sell rankings to the highest bidder. Our honest reviews and rankings reflect our tests and experiences.

We don’t display ads to enhance user experience.

Sprout24 is funded through referral commissions from accounts opened via our links. Using our links won’t cost you extra, and sometimes offers better deals. Read details inside FTC Disclosure.

Features to Test

What all Features Do We Test?

We test around 25 points depending on the product tool type and product category, but some features are universal:

  • Ease of Use: We create demo projects to test real-world usability and conduct user experience tests.
  • Support: We evaluate the level of customer support through various channels and test responsiveness and quality.
  • Performance: We conduct in-depth tests on functionality, including email deliverability, web hosting speed and uptime, and website builder loading speed.
  • Design Templates: We assess the variety, modernity, industry suitability, and editability of templates.
  • Languages: As an international company, we review products in multiple languages, focusing on support quality and translation accuracy.
  • Value for Money: We compare prices with competitors, analyze fine print, and report in local currencies when possible.

Further detail of the tests and analysis is also given here in the Understanding Contextual Data of SaaS Products guide.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • We welcome feedback from readers, software buyers and software manufacturers.
  • Our opinions are not for sale; we refuse payments that aim to influence our reviews.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest by not investing in products we review.
  • We maintain independence by not taking outside investment.
  • We always present both pros and cons.
  • Our translations are fully localized, considering cultural nuances.

Apart from the above methodology followed to curate guide, report, benchmark and reviews, Sprout24 has more to offer. Sprout24 Product Context Page is a dedicated space on Sprout24 portal which showcases individual SaaS product details and user reviews. Sprout Score, range from 1 to 10, is a proprietary rating by Sprout24, reflecting a product quality based on editorial reviews and user feedback. High scores enhance visibility and offer product additional opportunities on the platform. The methodology followed to allocate Sprout Score is discussed in this guide.

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