About Sprout24

Sprout24 is a contextual data platform offering insights, curated content, and analyses on SaaS products for various industries. It aids decision-makers by providing key data points and resources, enhancing decision-making processes. With a decade of experience, the team behind Sprout24 offers software benchmarks, recommendations, and detailed insights to stay ahead in the tech space. This platform is beneficial for finance, procurement, software asset managers, CIOs, and IT & security teams, enabling tools for SaaS vendors to engage with potential buyers effectively.
About Sprout24

Sprout24 is a contextual data platform for SaaS products, offering exhaustive insights, expertly curated content, and thorough analysis concerning business software applications and products. It aims to bolster decision-making professionals in a myriad of sectors, presenting them with unmatched data points and resources to thrive in their chosen domains.

Boasting a decade experience in SaaS and B2B software management, a team of seasoned professionals and power users synergize to craft pertinent, data-backed content. This include software benchmarks, product recommendations, research compilations, and enlightening insights.

Sprout24 remains ahead of industry advancements, ensuring the provision of contemporary information to its audience.

Diverse software stakeholders reap the following benefits from the platform:

  • Finance Teams: Get upto 3X acceleration in ROI. Sprout24 champions collaborative procurement drives, helping entities fully leverage their software ventures.
  • Procurement Teams: Realize latent cost-saving avenues with Sprout24 irreplaceable insights and resources, equipping procurement professionals to make enlightened choices.
  • Software Asset Managers: Utilize data-centric insights and industry standards from Sprout24 for prudent decision-making, optimizing software asset administration within organizations.
  • CIOs: Attain superior control over SaaS acquisition, renewal, and retirement using Sprout24 exhaustive resources, refining the software management process and fostering organizational success.
  • IT & Security Teams: Counteract threats, curtail inefficiencies, and amplify SaaS investment yields with Sprout24 expertise, ensuring a fortified IT framework.

Sprout24 furnishes software and SaaS enterprises with marketing tools for effectively engaging potential software buyers. These tools bolster awareness, foster trust, and stimulate demand. Through partnerships with SaaS vendors, Sprout24 augments their presence with genuine reviews, ratings, testimonials, listings, research studies, success stories, and demand generation initiatives.

The platform unique marketing solutions enable SaaS vendors to seamlessly connect and interact with prospective software purchasers. In doing so, vendors witness an expansion in their buyer base, enhanced trust, precise identification of prospective buyers, and a surge in demand. With a traffic volume surpassing its competitors, Sprout24 instills trust via authentic reviews, detailed product contexts, and score leaderboards. The platform myriad offerings, from reviews to market intelligence, streamline the conversion process, enhancing sales cycles.

Sprout24 suite of marketing offerings comprises product context pages, customer reviews, buyer intent data, content marketing strategies, digital PR management and market insights. Each element serves a distinct purpose, be it showcasing products or providing key insights for SaaS enterprises.

Originating as an editorial in the summer of 2010, Sprout24 has since highlighted over 500 SaaS entities spanning more than 30 software categories. Many often wonder why we offer all of our content for free and, subsequently, how we manage to sustain ourselves financially. To address these queries, we’ve dedicated this FTC Disclosure page to explain the funding mechanisms behind Sprout24 and their significance to our audience.

Editorial Panel

Product Evaluation and Editorial Panel:

Connor J. Reynolds

Connor is an accomplished content marketing manager with over 14 years of experience creating engaging stories around business technologies and digital trends. With a passion for helping brands boost their online presence, he provides actionable insights into leveraging innovations in web design, digital marketing, SEO, and ecommerce.

Connor has deep expertise across a wide range of solutions aimed at business growth, from SaaS tools to marketing automation to social media management. He stays on the pulse of emerging technologies and best practices so he can effectively translate complex topics into useful content for business audiences.

Connor background in implementing digital strategies gives him a unique perspective on how brands can optimize their use of new platforms and innovations. He thrives on producing educational yet entertaining content that keeps readers up-to-date on the latest advancements influencing business success. When he is not writing, Connor enjoys exploring the nuances of today’s digital landscape.

Connor is available at: Quora | Reddit

Amit Ghosh

Amit is an accomplished online content strategist and writer with over 7 years of experience contributing to major digital publications. As a veteran Wikipedia editor, he leverages his expertise in creating authoritative, unbiased content across a wide range of topics.

Amit has been published in leading outlets including HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Tech In Asia, Inc42, and YourStory. He offers extensive knowledge in web content management, project management, product analysis, testing and publishing.

Currently, Amit serves as a consultant to digital marketing firms and startups, advising them on content development and strategy. Driven by curiosity, he aims to deeply understand topics so he can produce insightful articles for modern audiences.

Amit strives to help brands find their voice and effectively convey their messages in the digital landscape. His diverse professional background and global perspective allow him to craft engaging narratives on technology, business, and more. As an experienced writer and strategist, Amit is dedicated to creating high-quality digital content that informs and inspires readers.

Amit is available at: amit@sprout24.com | LinkedIn

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha is an accomplished B2B SaaS content marketer and writer with over 8 years of experience helping startups and enterprises develop robust inbound strategies.

As founder of Contensify, an award-winning content marketing agency, she specializes in creating pillar content and integrated campaigns that fuel marketing and sales. Her data-driven approach to content has been featured on Forbes, Semrush, Coschedule, and other leading platforms.

Vanhishikha’s expertise spans content strategy, writing, design, SEO, and social media. She leverages her technical background to create content that resonates with B2B buyers across ecommerce, HRTech, EdTech, martech, and other industries. An insightful consultant, she advises clients on aligning content with sales and ABM.

Vanhishikha is passionate about producing high-quality content that drives organic growth. She thrives on helping B2B brands establish their voice and connect with audiences through inbound marketing. With her deep expertise and analytical mindset, Vanhishikha is dedicated to fueling content success.

Vanhishikha is available at: LinkedIn

Navodit is an accomplished marketing expert with over 10 years of experience focused on growth strategies, emerging technologies, and startup success stories. Driven by a passion for continuous learning, he actively explores and analyzes new tools and services that enhance workplace productivity and efficiency.

Navodit possesses deep expertise across key areas including CRM software, ecommerce, email marketing, marketing automation, and user engagement and retention. His analytical approach stems from hands-on experience implementing platforms that help businesses scale.

Navodit stays on top of the latest trends and successful case studies in order to provide actionable insights to brands looking to adopt innovative solutions. His articles and analysis spotlight marketing, growth hacking, and the strategic implementation of technology.

As a lifelong learner, Navodit is dedicated to helping both established companies and startups identify opportunities to streamline operations, boost ROI, and thrive.

Navodit is available at: Linkedin

Biswajeeta Rath

Biswajeeta is a customer experience and community management leader with over 9 years of hands-on expertise. As a guest writer, she provides authoritative insights on #uxresearch, #designthinking, #businessanalytics, #customercentricity, and #communitymanagement.

With a data-driven and ever-curious approach, Biswajeeta helps clients become more customer-focused through research, strategy, and technology implementation. She has deep knowledge across SaaS testing, social media marketing, influencer engagement, and operational improvements.

Biswajeeta leverages skills in user research, market research, design thinking, data analysis, and stakeholder management to elevate customer centricity. Her experience driving end-to-end community engagement for brands gives her unique perspective on customer needs and pain points.

Biswajeeta is passionate about continuous learning and translating research into actionable strategies that create meaningful customer experiences. With her mantra “do whatever you can with whatever you have,” she solves complex challenges with creativity and an analytical mindset.

Biswajeeta is available at: LinkedIn

Pritha Bose

Pritha is an accomplished content marketing and communications expert with over 10 years of experience in the EdTech and SaaS industries.

In her current role as a content marketer, she creates engaging stories and campaigns focused on #marketingb2b, #contentdesign, #marketingdesign, #contentmarketing, and #marketingautomation.

Pritha has deep expertise in marketing automation, ecommerce tools, email marketing, project management, and content strategy. She has a proven track record of working cross-functionally to build brand awareness and promote products through immersive storytelling and campaigns.

Previously, Pritha has led content and communications initiatives for various EdTech businesses and internet products. She is skilled at developing content that resonates with key stakeholders while positioning brands strategically. With her passion for team collaboration and hands-on approach, Pritha thrives at managing freelancers, designers, and engineers to deliver impactful campaigns across digital channels and domains.

Her breadth of experience allows her to be a trusted advisor to companies seeking to amplify their message and connect authentically with target audiences.

Pritha is available at: LinkedIn

Richa Kumari

Richa is a senior software engineer and Airtable specialist with over 8 years of technical experience. Currently leading development teams at a Fortune 100 company, she possesses expertise across No-code platforms, email APIs, project management, and CRM systems.

Richa has in-depth knowledge of Airtable, including its app, API, and enterprise implementations. She also understands the broader API ecosystem, including standards, security, GraphQL, and asynchronous technologies. With a background in analyzing complex data pipelines and customer funnels, Richa offers valuable insights into integrating systems and managing APIs throughout their lifecycle.

Her articles provide actionable guidance on evaluating and implementing tools like Airtable, Salesforce, Notion, and MuleSoft. Richa stays up-to-date on the latest no-code platforms and CRM offerings so she can advise businesses on alignment with stakeholders, customers, and technical capabilities.

As an experienced engineer, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge so organizations can effectively leverage technology to meet strategic goals.

Richa is available at: LinkedIn

Sreeram Sharma

Sreeram is a results-driven SEO and link building specialist with over 4 years of experience empowering businesses to grow through digital marketing. As a freelancer for leading SaaS companies and agencies, he is passionate about implementing data-backed SEO strategies that deliver exponential organic growth.

Sreeram has successfully executed link building campaigns that generated an 800% increase in organic traffic for a B2B SaaS and a 400% rise in backlinks for a SaaS website. He offers deep expertise in on-page SEO, link building, SEO tools, and project management.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science and certifications from Semrush and Google, Sreeram stays up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. When not optimizing campaigns, he enjoys building new websites from the ground up.

Sreeram is wholly devoted to the world of SEO and thrives on helping businesses attract and engage with customers online. His analytical, results-driven approach ensures that clients achieve their growth objectives through sustainable SEO success.

Sreeram is available at: LinkedIn

Caroline Leavitt

Caroline is an experienced writer and editor who contributes actively to Wikipedia. With a passion for food, wine, and entrepreneurship, she creates authoritative content on these topics as well as a diverse range of other subjects.

Caroline’s writing is informed by her background as a marketing consultant for a Polish firm, where she gained valuable insights into small business operations. Her articles are well-researched and provide readers with useful, factual information. As a Wikipedia contributor, Caroline is committed to upholding the platform standards for quality and neutrality. She enjoys synthesizing research from authoritative sources in order to create comprehensive, unbiased articles.

Caroline takes pride in creating content that educates and engages audiences across niches. Her dedication to delivering reliable information positions her as a knowledgeable authority in her areas of expertise.

Kateryna Matsotska

Kateryna is a seasoned travel blogger and writer with over a decade of experience. Originally from Ukraine, her passion for globetrotting and writing has taken her across the world. As a regular editorial contributor to web publications, Kateryna provides engaging travel stories and insights informed by her adventures abroad. She also writes authoritative reviews on business productivity applications, leveraging her background as a blogger on WordPress.

Kateryna takes pride in creating content that inspires audiences to explore new places and work more efficiently. Her articles are thoroughly researched and offer readers practical, factual information. As an experienced traveler, Kateryna has her finger on the pulse of trending destinations, tips, and hidden gems.

Her global perspective allows her to craft compelling narratives that transport readers. Whether writing about travel or technology, Kateryna focus on delivering quality content positions her as a trusted voice.

About Insights

Sprout24 insights:

The insights on Sprout24 help drive product marketing & investment decisions for Ankit Prakash and partners.

Ankit is a technology entrepreneur; building successful internet product-led businesses since 2006.

Ankit is the Principal Founder of EasySendy and Aritic (Mid-enterprise SaaS platform) – A full-stack integrated sales and marketing operations platform for the mid-size enterprise brands with BigOps and CDP capabilities.

Detail about Ankit Prakash can be found here: https://in.linkedin.com/in/ankitprakash/

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Ankit Prakash
Ankit Prakash

Ankit is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and founder of Aritic and EasySendy. With over 10 years of experience building product-led B2B SaaS companies, he is focused on ambitious goals and bringing innovative platforms to market. As a Principal Founder, Ankit leads product, engineering, marketing, and strategic partnerships for Aritic's suite of sales and marketing automation tools. He has grown the brand to over $120M valuation and $8M+ in revenue since 2015. Ankit is passionate about analyzing and reviewing software to provide readers with authoritative, in-depth insights. His articles cover martech, SaaS, entrepreneurship, and other technologies based on his hands-on expertise. He stays on top of industry trends and best practices in product marketing, performance marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. His work has been featured in leading publications including G2Crowd, Scoop.It, Brandvertisor, Martech Advisor, Smart Insights, and more. Driven by a dedication to shaping the future of B2B SaaS, Ankit enjoys translating his experiences building, marketing, and scaling companies into actionable thought leadership.