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Sprout24 is a contextual data platform dedicated to provide comprehensive insights, expert-curated content, and in-depth analysis on business software applications and products. Its mission is to empower decision-makers across various industries by delivering unparalleled key data points and resources to help them excel in their respective fields.

With a decade of experience in SaaS and B2B software stack management, our seasoned team of experts and power users collaborate to produce relevant, research-backed content that focuses on software app and product benchmarks, recommendations, research papers, and insights.

At Sprout24, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and consistently delivering the most up-to-date information to our audience.

The platform offers a myriad of benefits for various software buyers, teams and professionals, including:

  • Finance Teams: Experience a 3X acceleration in ROI as Sprout24 actively fosters collaborative procurement initiatives, enabling your organization to maximize its software investments.
  • Procurement Teams: Unleash the untapped cost-saving potential with Sprout24, as our platform provides invaluable insights and resources for your existing procurement staff to make informed decisions.
  • Software Asset Managers: Harness data-driven insights and industry benchmarks from Sprout24 to make well-informed decisions, ensuring effective management of your organization’s software assets.
  • CIOs: Gain authoritative oversight on SaaS acquisition, renewal, and decommissioning through Sprout24’s comprehensive resources, streamlining your organization’s software management process and driving success.
  • IT & Security Teams: Mitigate threats, reduce inefficiencies, and maximize SaaS investment returns with expert guidance from Sprout24, safeguarding your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Sprout24 partner with SaaS / Software vendors and enable to thrive with extensive range of services, including SaaS marketing, reviews generation and management, SaaS user interviews, demand generation, intent generation, content marketing, and sales qualified leads for SaaS vendors.

At Sprout24, we understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our platform is designed to provide an edge to professionals and organizations alike, offering them the resources and expertise required to navigate the complex world of software applications and products.

The editorials started in the summer of 2010; and till date it has featured more than 500+ brands across the various business categories.

Editorial Panel:

Connor J. Reynolds

As a full-time Content marketing manager, Connor loves to write about contemporary technologies which are still getting into practice by businesses in marketing. Connor take care of entire publications at Sprout24.


Amit Ghosh

Amit is a visionary writer and online content strategist for the digital age. A veteran Wikipedia Editor who has contributed to more than 10 Top Media houses like Huff Post, Entrepreneur, Tech In Asia, Inc42, Your Story, Lifehack and many more. A Consultant to digital marketing firms and startups. He likes to experience and observe everything that life has to present in front of him.

Email: [email protected]

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha is full-time content scientist and write about #seo, #marketing, #contentmarketing, #inboundmarketing, and #contentmarketingstrategy


Navodit Ravi

Navodit is passionate about the latest trends in marketing, growth hacks, successful case studies, technology & startups. He is a self-learner who is always exploring new tools and services which make lives easy at work.


Pritha Bose

Pritha is a guest writer on Sprout24. She is a content marketer by profession for more than 5 years. Pritha write and Talks about #marketingb2b, #contentdesign, #marketingdesign, #contentmarketing, and #marketingautomation.


Richa Kumari

Write and talk about No-code platform, email API, APIs, project management, Salesforce.


Sreeram Sharma

Write and discuss about #seo, #seotips, #onpageseo, #linkbuilding, and #linkbuildingseo.


Caroline Leavitt

Caroline is an editor and contributor to Wikipedia articles; loves writing around food, wine, and small business.
For a short time, she also worked for the Polish marketing consulting firm.

Kateryna Matsotska

Kateryna is a blogger from Ukraine and has been traveling across countries from the last decade. Blogging and traveling have been her passion since she got a knack of writing blog on WordPress.
Kateryna is a regular editorial contributor for web publications, write review for business productivity applications.

Sprout24 insights:

The insights on Sprout24 help drive product marketing & investment decisions for Ankit Prakash and the editorial team.

Ankit is a technology entrepreneur; building successful internet product-led businesses since 2006.

Ankit is the Principal Founder of EasySendy and Aritic (Mid-enterprise SaaS platform) – A full-stack integrated sales and marketing operations platform for the mid-size enterprise brands with BigOps and CDP capabilities.

Detail profile can be found here: https://in.linkedin.com/in/ankitprakash/