Mailchimp vs Aweber: AI-Marketer’s Choice in 2024

Sprout24 compares Mailchimp and Aweber, two popular email marketing tools. It discusses their features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness in email marketing. The comparison aims to assist marketers in choosing the tool that best fits their needs. The report emphasizes the importance of email marketing in customer engagement and highlights the unique capabilities of both Mailchimp and Aweber, providing insights for an informed decision between the two.
Mailchimp vs Aweber

For a considerably long time now, email marketing and automation have been one of the most reliable sign up forms of getting in touch with the customer for marketers across businesses. As you would agree, the end goal of any marketing activity is to encourage more sales, and email marketing is one impactful way to acquire new customers or to even retain existing ones.

There are plenty of email marketing tools in the market and in this post, we would compare  MailChimp vs Aweber the two popular tools. Moreover, giving importance to the fact that the clutter in the market today, be it any industry or vertical, is exponentially rising, impactful marketing automation is the key to many problems.

Now, some would argue that sending frequent emails can land you in spam folders- which is true.

However, with new and advanced tools coming up, you can efficiently personalize these mailers and happily reach the intended Inbox!

In fact, successful email marketing as part of the overall marketing automation is so popular that marketers across industries almost swear by it.

Also, they don’t do it because it appears jazzy or lets them spread the word about their business, but also because it’s a useful brand exercise. Email marketing helps yield results!

Let us move forward with our AWeber vs MailChimp guide:

But, if you’re still not convinced about including email marketing services in your marketing automation strategy, these six reasons should do the trick:

1. Keep in Touch

For any brand, today, out of sight is out of mind.

Creating a brand recall is essential as the competition has just become more fierce and holds the potential to sneak away from your customer base.

Hence, before any of that happens, staying in touch with your customers would be a great idea, and keeping them informed always works out for the best!

2. Real-time Updates

Did you know Mobile email service will account for 22 to 77% of email opens, (source). When the numbers are this promising, it gives you an excellent opportunity to keep your customer base informed in real time. With the majority of your recipients opening their emails as they get them, your message is being sent across to them in almost real time!

This means no missed updates, voluntary consumption of information and significant visibility for your brand!

3. Measure Results

Email marketing is always part of a marketing campaigns which means the success and failure of the exercise are measured at the end.

The good thing about email marketing services is that there are email marketing solutions available in the market that not only help you execute your marketing strategy and send emails but also lets you create and measure your goals. You can quickly track delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, and some other aspects that when combined give an insightful picture of the entire exercise.

Measuring the results is a great way to quantify your efforts as it lets you take a better shot and make better-informed decisions.

4. Stick to the Budget

Marketing teams are most often tied to a stringent budget in which they not only have to drive a number of tasks but also yield results.

Owing to the budget constraints, most marketing teams have found email marketing service to be an affordable exercise that requires optimum effort and delivers significant results.

5. Targeted Messaging

Spillover of efforts is seen almost across every vertical of running a business.

Especially in marketing, where there is not much control over what goes in front of which audience, leading email marketing software is a blessing!

On using an email marketing tool, you would come across a feature that asks for a email list- which means you can control who can see what before you hit Send.

6. Expand Reach & Awareness

It’s true that social media has recently come up super well when it comes to increasing a brand’s awareness.

In fact, every other business that you might know, big or small, is on social media, promoting themselves.

But, promoting on social media is one thing and reaching out to your customer via email is another.

The fact that you have somebody’s email address itself says that they have some interest in you- which makes it easy for users in sending them mailers much more relevant and meaningful.

This is one reason why leading email marketing solutions has been able to churn out favorable results for most businesses.

How many people do you know who don’t use an email address?

The answer itself is the biggest reason for you to also include email marketing in your marketing strategies right away!

Now, to begin with, impactful marketing automation you must first make sure that there are already a bunch of marketing automation tools available out there.

All you need to do is, go through them and analyze what fits your business requirements the best.

However, to quickly kickstart weighing your options, let’s move with AWeber MailChimp guide.

Mailchimp vs Aweber: AI-Marketer's Choice in 2024 1
Mailchimp G2 review

Both MailChimp and Aweber are leading email marketing automation tools and come with their pros and cons.

Let’s take a deep dive into them and compare Mailchimp and Aweber pricing details, features and everything else which will help you decide is Aweber better than Mailchimp or vice versa. 

MailChimp vs Aweber comparison


MailChimp is a reasonably popular email automation platform that almost every marketer is familiar with.

I would say It is their excellent marketing activities as well as the charming mascot that has been able to do the trick.

However, over the years, MailChimp has evolved and improved itself as a platform. They no longer call themselves an leading email marketing platform but a robust marketing automation tool.

To top it all off, Mailchimp offers relatively more user friendly interface and understand on the whole and its audiences are single opt in by default.

It has been built to hook a user on the first go, and the occasional humorous takes on the messaging are working well for them.

Not only is the product sophisticated and robustly built but it has some serious analytical capabilities that completely trumps other products in the market.

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Email marketing tool for small businesses Reddit discussion

Let’s take a look at some of MailChimp’s features that have continued to do the magic for so many years together.

Also, if you are Aweber user this will let you decide is Aweber better than mailchimp or vice versa.

Update: MailChimp has released Generative AI tools, such as Email Content Generator, Send Day and Send Time Optimization, Content Optimizer, Creative Assistant, Purchase Likelihood and Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Journey Builder Next Action Recommendations, Subject Line/Header/Subheader/Preview Text Generation with GPT, Alt-text Generation, Stock Image Suggestion, and Campaign Performance Benchmarking, have been launched by Mailchimp to assist small businesses and marketers in generating, optimizing, and benchmarking email marketing campaigns.

These AI tools use a blend of in-house models and third-party AI products, such as Intuit’s AI infrastructure, to provide detailed insights and recommendations for campaign performance improvement.


Email Templates

Email creation often takes the most amount of time, however, with MailChimp’s email templates, you can quickly and seamlessly communicate with your audience.

Without giving in much time, you can drag and drop a template and start building on it to create beautiful emails/thank you pages that put your word across in the most impactful manner.

All you have to do is, choose a template basis your business goal, go on to select a theme and add your message to it.

And if you’re not a fan of the existing email templates, you can also code one of your own- and it’s pretty simple to execute!

aweber pricing

Email Designer:

The email template you start working on will have content and photo blocks to drag and drop.

You can move these block as and where you would like them to be. You will also have the option of photo editing in ca you decide to put in some images.

Email designing on the template is a great way to have your online store or any business showcased in the most attractive yet professional manner.

Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential part of any marketing campaign as this is where you can add a strong call to action for your customers.

All you have to do is drag and drop a template, start filling it in with your messaging, add images if you like, and get to publishing the page.

Next, send the landing page or thank you pages to your audience!


 Google Remarketing Ads – retarget your customers after they visit you and leave, with Google remarketing.

Next, get insightful reports, so you know whom to target with what.

AWeber pricing

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns –  

Since social media is also an important platform to target customers, you can create and publish ads on MailChimp account for your FB and Instagram accounts.

Again, choose a single photo or multiple to create a carousel, add your messaging and choose your audience.

It doesn’t end here- start getting analytics and reports for your ad performance as well.

Manage email deliverability rate- 

Email marketing is all about sending informative emails to the right people, and list building happens only when relevant audiences are signing up as subscribers for getting started.

To achieve a good number of subscribers, it always helps entirely to add a ‘SignUp’ button which the recipient can access easily.

These sign up forms or opt in forms are customizable; you can even add times popups on the mail to jazz things up a bit.

Not only this, but MailChimp also offers a list of tools to track your list growth and email deliverability.


If you have a number of subscribers and they are all different, create segment in groups, it’s better to use one list and segment it properly.

To make your email marketing more impactful, you can create segment of these subscribers basis their profiles and send targeted emails with relevant content. It is another essential feature to analyze when you compare Aweber with MailChimp

Subscriber Profiles

MailChimp offers a functionality where the tool tags your recipients basis their activity on mails sent by you.

It then prioritizes and lists them as VIPs and tracks their activity– like purchase history and publicly available social media profiles.

Abandoned Cart- 

Research has shown that as much as 67% of carts are left abandoned while their customers leave the online store.

What most marketers don’t realize is that these are the people who have the highest potential to buy from you! 

So, if you do have an online store, all you have to do it set up an automated workflow for abandoning users, for effective targeting and impactful messaging.

This feature, in particular, can come quite in handy and pay off where it matters.

We will see in the later part of this blog post when we will compare Aweber Mailchimp that whether Aweber offers this feature or not.

aweber mailchimp alternative

Product Recommendations- 

Another great feature for those of us who own an online e-commerce store.

As per this particular functionality, you can send product recommendations to your visitors with an automated email.

You can further offer them with an incentive to buy the products that caught their attention.

This is one feature that can up your sales by truly personalizing the way businesses are interacting with their customers these days.

Remember, personalization in customer service is the key to increased sales, and it is what is going to keep you ahead of the game.

Marketing Automation- 

Since marketing automation is the essence of an effective marketing strategy, Mailchimp email marketing platform entirely takes care of this aspect for you.

If you combine all the features of this product, you would see how they all come together to automate your marketing efforts and fetch the best of numbers for you.

Right from connecting with new contacts, to building your brand with the right mail designs and messaging, A/B testing or split testing your emails, recovering abandoned carts and the whole bunch of other critical activities- MailChimp gets it all for your marketing team.


As personalization is a significant aspect of MailChimp, they have put their mind and effort into integrating with the best.

If you are an online e-commerce store on Shopify, Magento, Woo, PrestaShop or BigCommerce, you can seamlessly integrate with MailChimp.

aweber mailchimp alternative

This will help you personalize your marketing efforts much better, grow your sales and drive higher revenues.

They have further third party integrations, similar to the ones mentioned above, with- Drupal, UberCart, X-Cart, BigCartel, and Miva.

With these integrations, you can capture order information, create targeted plain text campaigns, automate product follow-ups, and send personalized order notifications.

Google Analytics and Reporting- 

You can aim to improve your mailing performance by split testing or A/B testing your content.

By understanding when and which type of content appeals which audience, you can increase the opening rate of your mail exponentially.

Mailchimp’s reports are another aspect that wins the game. They not only track various parameters but also represent them in the most consumable fashion.

They offer interactive graphs that depict your growth over a period, measure and represent engagement across geographies and different times of day, or what kind of content your recipients like and lots more.

Subscriber activity reports is another one that helps a lot- you can easily see which subscriber open an email at what time of the day or, what did they click on, what more were they looking for.

Not only this you can get a clear picture of open rates by location, time and even bounce rates so you could delete old email addresses from your database.

MailChimp CRM:

MailChimp is now a provider of marketing CRM services that help to build stronger relationships with customers.

You can collect and connect all the contact information of your customers and start using the pre-built segments that MailChimp marketing CRM offers.  

If you already have a marketing strategy and know-how you need to filter your audience data MailChimp lets you do it with full ease.

You can create your own segments, tags however if you want to send and arrange the contact data accordingly. 

MailChimp offers growth, revenue, and engagement reports to help its users understand how their marketing is faring. It also gives personal insights and patterns to help you improve your marketing efforts.

You get to know what actions have brought a surge in your purchases and what are the personal preferences of your audience. 

The MailChimp CRM offers a single audience dashboard where you can study varying audience patterns and get individual insights about user behavior and interests.

Once, you have gained all the insights, you can set up automated message triggers based on segments and tags. 

Mailchimp Pricing: 

You can start with a Mailchimp free plan where you get a basic email package of its features with any credit card, with the free plan, you will be limited to only 2,000 subscribers.

Just enter your email address and other details to get started with the free account. Although free features are basic but they are self-sufficient for most small businesses.

MailChimp doesn’t offer a free trial period.

The next level of Mailchimp paid plan starts with $10 per month, 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails ,going up to 200$ per month that include unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers, chat support / phone support /email support and a/b testing or split testing. The Mailchimp’s pay as you go plan allow users to buy email credits.

With Pay As You Go plan, you will have access to the same paid features as the legacy Monthly plan.

We can say that this “Pay As You Go” plan is a flexible alternative to a monthly paid plans.

aweber mailchimp alternative

UpdateWith  MailChimp, you can create GDPR and CCPA-compliant sign up forms.

All the GDPR and CCPA fields can be used for hosted, pop-up, embedded or sign up forms and then enabled with MailChimp’s API.

They have added all the essential requirements to help their customers dealing with the EU to comply with the new data protection laws.

AWeber MailChimp comparison:


Digital and online marketing has taken a whole new meaning in the last couple of years.

In this chaotic race of continually making a mark amongst some of the leading brands becomes quite a task, especially for the marketing teams. 

AWeber has been allowing users to split test four different emails against each other. 

It is entirely critical to not only keep your customer informed but also to be present in front of them.

It also allows you to split test multiple sign up forms to drive great results.

Since it is the marketing team that has to support sales and brings in the numbers, setting objectives and the methods to achieve them is critical in any given business.

Sometime back, most companies identified this need and have come up with streamlined strategies to make the most of market opportunities and drive sales with effective marketing.

Mailchimp vs Aweber: AI-Marketer's Choice in 2024 3
Why to choose Aweber over Mailchimp Quora discussion

However, the one question that most marketers were left asking was- how do you streamline so many online marketing activities where the very nature of the tasks was real time and thus cumbersome!

This was when marketing automation took birth, and a lot of automation tools started sprouting up, claiming to help businesses in their endeavor of generating more leads and driving higher sales with simpler user interface.

If you are starting out as a marketer and are looking to automate, you must first understand what the whole deal is all about.

Automation is all about optimization- of efforts, of your team, of your tasks and your processes. But this is not all that you should know.

It is vital that you compare tools and see which one works best for your business.

So here we are, comparing MailChimp and Aweber, two of the leading marketing and email automation tools in the market.

We have already discussed Mailchimp now we will do a detailed Aweber email marketing review to help you choose the right email automation tool for your business. The Aweber pricing, features, performance and everything else is quite impressive. 

AWeber support

It also offers a 30 day free trial period in which you will get live chat support/phone support/email support from their customer support team during business hours and send emails to up to 10,000 subscribers.

The free plan doesn’t allow users to send unlimited emails up to 10,000 subscribers. You can use the paid plans or pro version to send unlimited emails and access Aweber support.

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Aweber G2 review

AWeber vs MailChimpAWeber review


Let’s start with the most popular requirement amongst businesses which is marketing automation and a/b testing or split testing in our AWeber vs MailChimp guide.

With the help of features that come together to fuel your marketing automation on Aweber, you can rest assured that you will get the process quickly and see the results as quickly.

The first step here would be to create an email with HTML templates available on the tool.

You can further edit these templates with the ever so simple drag and drop editor and customize the template while making it responsive as well.

aweber email marketing review

Not just this, you can also automate email creation out of your latest blogs by using the ‘RSS-to-email’ feature.

Subscriber Collection:

One of the most critical tasks of an effective email marketing exercise is to collect relevant subscribers who would end up receiving and opening your emails.

A great way to start off with this activity is by creating a customized sign up forms , do split test which are doable on Aweber.

You can use flexible display options of sign up forms, pull ink subscribers from Facebook or WordPress or even create multiple versions and test their success.

Next up allows you to import your recipient list.

Since you have these email addresses with you beforehand, it means these are all the people that want to be notified by you whenever there is an announcement or an update to share.

However, it is still extremely critical to keep your list clean and healthy, and you can maintain a healthy list by regularly weeding our inactive email addresses and saving the active ones.

aweber mailchimp alternative

Subscriber Management:

Once you have your subscribers ready and waiting to hear again for you, it is essential that you keep them managed and organized correctly.

Sending targeted emails is what keeps successful marketing, and email marketing campaign is going and delivering favorable results, hence, this is where subscriber management plays an important role.

With the tool’s analyzing capabilities, you can quickly identify who opens your emails, who does not, which addresses do the emails bounce off from and the likes.

You can use all of this information to manage your subscribers efficiently and divide them into lists for organized segmentation.

By keeping your audience organized and segmented, you can fasten your automation even further and give a chance to your team to perform much more efficiently.

Email Tracking and Analytics:

If we do not discuss this important part in our mailchimp vs Aweber comparison then we will be missing out a major feat.

What is all the effort worth if you don’t know the results it is fetching you? Aweber understands the need to deliver performance reports for all your marketing effort so you can make changes accordingly in the next round and yield better results.

compare mailchimp and aweber

This is another reason why online and email marketing campaigns, as well as automation, has taken off so well in the market- everything you do is measurable, and nothing goes unnoticed!

With Aweber’s email tracking and analytics feature, you can segment your audience and see which segment performs better regarding ‘clicks’ and what do they choose to click on.

Further, once you know which audience responds better to what kind of content, you can develop more content on similar lines and bring better results to the table.

Not only this, since you also have the option of creating customizable sign up forms and buttons, you can start including a switch to visit your website and drive the traffic there- and even track all of it!

This will help you first with increasing your overall traffic and second, with your sales numbers too!

Autoresponders: Keeping your customers engaged at every step is very important and a critical aspect of a good email marketing strategy.

As part of the whole automation system on Aweber, you can quickly set up a series of emails that would go one after the other.

These emails are sent to the selected audience and are sent at a regular period, chosen by you.

On using this feature, you get to create custom drip campaigns that give your brand a chance to interact with its customers and keep them hooked for long.

One of the leading reasons for customers to stop visiting e-commerce websites is that they mostly tend to forget about them.

Drip campaigns and plain text campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with your audience at all times, without being repetitive.

Moreover, this activity also gives a chance to keep your audience informed without bombarding them with too much information all at once.

User Training: Aweber offer free access to live tutorials, knowledge base, webinars and other educational material like video guides.

The idea here to help users make the most of this platform and see the results for themselves at the end of their campaigns.

They offer an excellent phone support service from their customer support team which does not match up to any other email service provider platform available out there.

Aweber Mobile Apps- Since all sales and marketing activities are now on-the-go and no longer restricted to the four walls of a real office, Aweber has come out with mobile applications to help out your marketing teams at every step.

compare mailchimp and aweber

While most businesses feel the need to go completely mobile, they haven’t been able to properly embrace the idea.

This can partly be because there aren’t any products available on the market that could give a 100% customer support to such teams.

Aweber customer support options, on the other hand, has managed to take a shot at giving mobile/email support or phone support to their users with the help of 3 efficient mobile applications.

The chat support, however, is limited to business hours. Let’s explore these three apps a bit more in this AWeber vs MailChimp guide, and then you can decide if they do the trick for you- together, the three apps go by the term the ‘Mobile App Suite.’

  • Aweber Stats– You can download this app to keep a real-time track of all your marketing statistics and numbers. Being a marketer, it is essential to know have your numbers right, so that you can put in the right amount of effort in the right place, at the right time. Many would agree that marketing is a number game disguised in creativity!In fact, this particular app is so efficient, that you can easily keep a tab on your follow up messages and make sure they are delivered at the right time. In case of a response, especially on a follow-up message, it is essential that you reply on time, without causing much delay. The AWeber stats application helps you do just that.
  • Atom App-  This is a sign up form which is essential for any marketer to include their emails. You can use the Atom App to have your recipient fill up the sign up forms and add them as subscribers on to your one list of recipients. What’s more, on adding them as a subscriber, an automated follow-up email would be sent to their email ID to make sure that the beginning of a healthy relationship is kicked off right from getting started!
  • Curate: With this app, you can quickly collect all of your content- newsletters, emails, etc.- personalize them and send them across to your desired list!
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Aweber Quora review discussion

Aweber GDPR and CCPA Update:

In case GDPR and CCPA compliance is one of your concerns then Aweber is self-certified with both the EU-U.S.

Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, and they comply with lawful transfers of EU/EEA personal data.

AWeber MailChimp Integration:

Aweber Integrations:

Aweber has plenty of integrations available with the online app ecosystem, this includes, Divi page builder, Bloom Pop-up forms, Salesforce, Agile CRM, FreshBooks, Freshdesk, Helpscout, Intercom,, Shopify, Chargebee, Gumroad, Sellfy, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Hello Bar, Outgrow, Basecamp and so on.

 Aweber Vs Mailchimp Pricing:

Aweber offers a 30 day free trial period, after which they start charging you an amount of $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers and $49 per month for 5,000 subscribers.

For a list of 2500-5,000 subscribers, AWeber’s total expense is $49 per month. Other than this, they also have other packages which can cost up to $149 per month, depending on the features you choose to take.

In Mailchimp, you need to pay $30 for up to 5,000 subscribers. Mailchimp’s Essentials plan is cheaper than AWeber, their pricing starts to rise until 10,000 subscribers.

Now we come to an end of our AWeber email marketing review and also our mailchimp vs Aweber comparison.

Hope it had helped you to understand both AWeber and MailChimp in a better light.
compare mailchimp and aweber

This is all about AWeber vs MailChimp comparison and ease of use. While AWeber and MailChimp the email marketing automation tools are a popular choice amongst many, you need to look into what suits your immediate and future needs the best.

We hope you will be able to choose the best one after reading this AWeber vs MailChimp guide.

Choose a tool that doesn’t just merely solve the purpose, but will also help you keep up with customer service in the near future.

So, the answer to is Aweber better than mailchimp or vice versa depends on youYou can choose Aweber over Mailchimp if you are looking for a reliable tool. AWeber aren’t necessarily your best bet when it comes to email automations .

Our Observation of Mailchimp vs AWeber:

.FactorsMailchimp AWeber
What We LikeA great option for small businesses that offer good features with lower-tier plans.
Wide range of useful Integrations.
User-friendly interface.
Powerful reporting features.
Prompt and fast support.
List management is easy to implement.
What We don’t LikeThe prices rise sneakily as your subscriber count increases.
Email automation is limited and not very powerful.
The pricing is not at par at their feature set.
The email templates are outdated.
They lack some essential advanced features.
Value for MoneyYes, if you have a smaller subscriber count.No, not really. Aweber is not exactly what you would call bang for the buck.
Who should use it?Small to medium-sized businesses.Small businesses with very basic needs.
Our Score4.6/54.2/5

Our Experience

You can choose Mailchimp over Aweber if you are looking for a tool with great user interface. Have you tried any of these tools yet?

Do you think this AWeber vs MailChimp guide is helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best email marketing services G2 grid

Which is better: AWeber vs MailChimp?

Between AWeber and MailChimp, MailChimp is a better pick for its easy to use user interface and has plenty of features to offer that can be used by new as well as old businesses.

AWeber and MailChimp: Which is a better pick for small businesses ?

Between AWeber and MailChimp, MailChimp is a better option for small businesses that offers ease of use. Both AWeber MailChimp have their own set of benefits.

What are the pros and cons of AWeber and MailChimp?

Pros of MailChimp:
Free plan/free account offers most of the features and unlimited emails up to 10,000 subscribers
Great reporting and analytics features.
For small list of contacts MailChimp is cheaper.
Large number of third party integrations

Cons of Mailchimp:
Lesser number of templates
It has send limits Poor customer service
No phone support and 24/5 chat support
You cannot send to multiple lists

Pros of Aweber:
The autoresponder feature of AWeber is quite cheap
Drag and drop editor
14-days free trial do not offer unlimited emails feature
No credit card details required to access free plan
Customer service and live chat support
Free account access to stock images and knowledge base

Cons of Aweber:
If you are looking for free trial, then choose AWeber over Mailchimp.
The free trial is not that good as of MailChimp’s free account for unlimited emails
No send time optimization feature in Aweber that you get with MailChimp.
The integrations are limited when compared to MailChimp

Can I use Mailchimp and Aweber as a CRM?

MailChimp offers a CRM but Aweber doesn’t have any CRM functionality as of now.

Which is cheaper: MailChimp or Aweber?

It depends on how you are using these tools whether it is MailChimp or AWeber . MailChimp is cheaper for a small list but it puts a send limit. Choose Aweber over Mailchimp if you are not looking for much automation.
For more than 20,000 emails per month, Aweber is cheaper with no limits on the number of emails sent per month.

Is MailChimp good for startups?

Yes, MailChimp is a good service provider for startups as they have a functional free plan and it is pretty cheap for small lists for per month with ease of use.

How is Mailchimp and Aweber different?

The main difference between MailChimp and Aweber is that Mailchimp offers a CRM functionality while Aweber doesn’t offer that. Another feature named send time optimization is not available with Aweber. Third, Mailchimp offer a free plan but Aweber doesn’t.

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  1. I have used MailChimp , and it is a useful email marketing tool. It is a bit expensive, but I liked their free version kit. They provide most of the features that you get with a paid version with a limit on the total number of contacts you interact . It works perfectly well when you are a beginner and need to send out straightforward automated email campaigns, but for a complicated automated system, MailChimp doesn’t fit the bill. For example, if you want to send an automatic response based on a particular if and else condition then you won’t be able to do it with MailChimp.

  2. Aweber has a great interface meaning to say it is easy and straightforward. You do not have to put in a lot of brain to find where and how to do it. Also, there inbox rate is most of the times 100% that I feel is one of the best thing. Landing pages are simple and easy to customize. All in all I am fully satisfied with Aweber.

  3. Aweber is good but their templates are not as beautiful as that of MailChimp. Secondly, the learning curve is quite steep and it takes time to get the most out of this tool.

  4. Aweber has an amazing customer support. You won’t believe I have used 5 other software and the best customer support was from Aweber where the assistants were super detailed and imparted knowledge with utmost patience. I just felt that people should know about this factor as well.