6 Unmatched AI Ahrefs Alternatives: Kickstart Your Free Trial

In my comprehensive analysis of Ahrefs alternatives, I've identified six exceptional tools that stand out for their unique features and capabilities. These alternatives, including SEMrush and Serpstat, offer various advantages in SEO, content marketing, and competitor analysis. While Ahrefs is renowned for its robust functionalities, these alternatives provide competitive features like backlink analysis, keyword research, and site audits at different price points. My guide aims to equip marketers with insights to choose the best tool tailored to their specific needs.

If you are a marketer, you are probably well aware of the huge importance and attention content marketing has been garnering lately. And with that comes backlinking and SEO analysis which are two of the most popular SEO tactics used to improve website search ranking.

In this guide, we’re sharing 6 Ahrefs alternative that you can use for exactly this

Every brand, every website has online content that is competing to be the best, and a favorite amongst their target audience. Share on X

The catch, however, is that EVERY BRAND also knows the situation and does its best to be the lead in the game. So, how do YOU help your brand climb the ladder at a faster speed?

With so much competition and clutter around, it is next to impossible to become leaders in your niche overnight. Success, in this field, demands strategy and logic, and skill and timing. For years people have been relying on google trends and google keyword tool but these tools are not adequate anymore. Marketers need detailed and additional data and fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help you with it.

Ahrefs is a hugely bundled tool, which confuses a lot of people and leaves them wondering where to start from. But also, there’s so much one can do on the platform, it’s almost self-sufficient. From enabling marketers to grow their audience to reach out to the growing, yet relevant market, in an effective manner, almost everything is taken care of. Let’s find out how:

Ahrefs, you get your hands on position tracking, keyword research, competitors backlinks analysis, competition analysis, technical SEO and SEO Outreach strategies, among lots more.

Ashref SEO Dashboard

Backlink Analysis: One of the most important features on Ahrefs is the extensive crawling set up that the platform offers and it comes with a plethora of benefits. With crawling, you can come across all the backlinks and mentions over the web that you may have missed in your manual efforts.

Content Explorer: Content marketers often struggle with searching for popular content topics. Ahrefs resolves that problem by helping marketers search for most sought-after topics and “linked-to” popular articles. For an article or topic that you enter a search query for, you will get a list of most popular articles shortlisted on the basis of a range of ‘performance metrics’.

Competitor Analysis: Ahrefs not only helps you work on your own content and make it stronger but also digs deep into your competition’s search traffic with the help of its Positions Explorer tool. By knowing what your competition is up to, you can strategize much better and make your execution much stronger for improved results. So, on the whole, Ahrefs is doing a fabulous job of helping marketers achieve the extra edge over their competition.

But most professionals are also on the lookout for its alternatives. 

While Ahrefs is a popular choice among leading marketers, the tool has also been facing some criticism lately.  Let’s take a look at the reasons:

Pricing: It is highly priced, which makes it less popular amongst those who are just starting out or who are not sure if they want to be in the game for the long run. In fact, Ahrefs comes as one of the higher prices platforms amongst its peers! They offer a 7-day free trial with each of their plans which is not enough.

Graphs: The graphs, which are one of the most helpful features cannot be exported out of the tool and that’s a huge drawback! Exporting these graphs is not even an option offered by Ahrefs, which seriously needs to be looked into.

Blanket Reporting: There is no option for “blanket” reporting.

Although Ahrefs has been doing extremely well when it comes to gathering data and making reports out of so many numbers, there are no SEO blanket reports. And that’s a complicated situation for most marketers.

Complicated: Ahrefs has a range of features and offerings that can become a little daunting for most marketers.

Although the platform shared a bunch of tutorials and training material, they still need to do more. For example, they could start by highlighting what the user is missing in their strategy and what features can guide them through the complicated marketing landscape.

Coming back to the alternatives free for Ahrefs, here’s a list of the top keyword research tools that are like Ahrefs and popular for content marketing at the moment.


SEMRUSH – Excellent alternative to Ahrefs

Another highly recommended SEO tool, SEMrush has been gaining popularity in the marketing spectrum lately.

The tool is being widely recommended and is even being called a game changer. For better understanding, let’s check out its features:

Quick Summary: With SEMRush, you will probably not feel the absence of any functionality. It covers everything from competition analysis to keyword search irrespective of your niche and full site audits to domain comparisons and link building opportunities.

What makes SEMrush so popular?

Competition Research: With SEMrush you get a complete overview of your competition analysis which is extremely critical to plan your scalability and growth in terms of traffic, sales as well as branding. 

You receive a detailed report of keyword suggestions that you should be targeting and what SEO strategies you should be opting for the growth of your online business. The competition analysis delivers a range of metrics that include backlink analysis, top keywords on a site, approximate traffic on the website, even the ad copies of your competition.

Semrush Competitor Analysis

Brand’s Site Analysis: You get a dashboard from SEMrush which summarizes the overall performance of your own website.

On the dashboard, you get a quick peep into the performance of your organic keywords, organic traffic, Ads, position tracking visibility, site audit, SEO ideas, social media tools tracker, brand monitoring by tracking brand mentions, backlink profile audit which does a thorough link analysis and help you find and get rid of bad links and broken links.

The backlink analysis feature of Semrush got improved and now contains more than 43+ trillion backlinks. It also deploys a new data collection technique that makes searching and detecting backlinks faster than ever.

With all the above-mentioned features, you can easily track and see where all your website is linked and associated to which online properties. You can also keep an eye on the kind of conversations your audience has around the brand. To put it simply, you get the true picture of the overall performance of your website.

Traffic Analysis: If you want to know how many visitors your competition sites are garnering on a regular basis, you can definitely rely on SEMrush for accurate numbers. The Traffic Analytics feature is in its Beta version and gives you the website traffic generated by visitors browsing on their desktops.

The feature is limited to desktop users for now and will soon be extended to mobile device users too. You will not only get the total visitor count but a detailed report, covering:

– Unique visitor count
– Pages visited
– Average visit duration
– Bounce Rate
– SEMrush traffic ranking
– Traffic sources

These details and numbers are more than enough for your brand to outrun your competition, provided, you craft a clever strategy.

SEO Content Analysis: Google search traffic is probably one of the most critical factors for any brand trying to get somewhere on the big bad web.

As per the new feature on SEMRush, one can analyze their competition’s website, in terms of their content and optimization required on your own website.

To put things simply, you can quickly analyze what your competition is doing right and craft your own SEO content strategy accordingly, to make it more impactful, and drive better results.

From getting keyword suggestions for better SEO to the number of words required for better ranking, you get all the details to make it big in the game.

Semrush Pricing

Pricing: The basic plan for SEMRush starts at $129 per month, going up to $449 per month. They also offer customized plans which are billed accordingly.

Semrush Capterra Review

Want to know more about SEMrush? Read the complete review.

Parameters Ahrefs vsSemrush
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. Powerful site audit
Offers features like SEO, SMM, PPC, and backlink analysis
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. Backlink analysis needs improvement.
Best for?All businesses Site auditing
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ 129/mo when paid annually.
Ahrefs vs Semrush comparison table

Update: Semrush has integrated with monday.com. This enables organizations to manage their site’s health and visibility in one place. Customers can also automatically bring their valuable data into the monday.com dashboard from SEMrush and connected website.

You can read the details about how to manage your data subjects, the obligation of the data processors and other related queries on their website.


Serpstat – Strong alternative to Ahrefs

Another SEO tool, Serpstat actually lies amongst the top 3 of its kind.

The platform surely carried every feature that any other leading SEO product would have, but we are still going to list down why Serpstat is a great alternative to Ahrefs!
So here goes:

Do you want to take your business to another level of success? Maybe you should start with your website and its performance online.

Serpstat is an all-rounder SEO platform, which includes SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing specific functionalities.

There are primarily 5 tools within the Serspstat platform namely:

  • Keyword research 
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Audit

Now each of the above-mentioned tools has further been broken down into a number of functionalities, each serving one sole purpose- improving the performance of your website.

Serpstat provides data for 18 google regions which include the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, South Africa, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and the Netherlands.

Now that when clubbed together becomes a huge geography to cover- imagine the number of keywords getting analyzed with so much data from so many regions.

Keyword Research: On Serpstat, you can look for long tail keywords and expand the entire keyword list which is great as it helps you to avoid making your content look keyword stuffed.

The tool also indicated keyword intent metric which helps you understand the intent of your keyword and classify it as- transactional, navigational or informational.

Another feature called the keyword difficulty metric allows you to know how hard it is going to be for you to rank in the top-10 search results for a particular keyword.

This way you can easily decide if you should be spending any time on that keyword at all or not.  

Competitive Keyword research is another helpful functionality which lets you compare your site to your competitor’s site.

This way you can quickly point out keywords that you have skipped by mistake, while your competition is making most out of them to win huge traffic. 

Serpsat Keyword Research tool

Rank Tracking: With the rank tracking tool, you can easily monitor and track your own and your competitor’s website positions in SERP for selected keywords.

But, before you start monitoring, you will be needed to create a project, mention the region and add keywords that you’d like to track.

Other than this, you can completely rely on the tools for a list of most suitable keywords that the platform generates after its analysis.

Backlink Analysis and Site Audit: The analysis covers a number of index pages, referring pages, linked domains and paged, internal links, referring subnets, Trust Rank and Page Rank.

Not only this, but you can also look through pages that lie amongst the topmost ranks.

You can also take a look at your site’s anchors and their density, along with the number of domains per anchor.

Serpstat Backlink Analysis

Under the site audit functionality, you can point out meta tags and headlines issues, accessibility and indexations, redirects and links, server parameters, content issues as well as loading speed.

The tool will not only point out the errors but will also indicate its location and recommendations to fix those errors.

Serpstat Pricing
Serpstat pricing

Pricing: While paid plans start at $59, they also offer a limited number of queries in a 30-day free plan. So, you can surely try such alternatives free.

GDPR and CCPA updateSerpstat has put in sincere efforts to make their operations GDPR and CCPA ready.

They have updated their terms and conditions, audited their party vendors and reviewed all of their data processing techniques to make it GDPR and CCPA compliant.

If you are a SerpStat user and want to know more about the GDPR and CCPA you can visit this link.

Parameters Ahrefs vsSerpstat
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. Good backlink analysis
SEO site audit
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. Lacks content marketing tools.
Best for?Big businesses and enterprises.Businesses looking for powerful backlink analysis tool.
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $59/mo (billed monthly)
Ahrefs vs Serpstat comparison table


SERanking-No-fail alternative to Ahrefs

SE ranking is another great tool you can use to optimize the SEO performance of your website. It further helps in achieving improved rankings as well in various search engines.

What’s more?

Businesses can also easily track their keyword ranking and run the website and on-page SEO audits, backlinks and even suggest keywords with high website traffic. Here, in the next few paragraphs, we’ll be doing a quick review of SE Ranking, capturing all its features, so you can decide if it’s the right seo tool for your business.

The Rank Tracker:  This one is a simple functionality, all you have to do is put in the keywords that you would like to rank to your site pages.

Not only this but just in case if you don’t have any ideas for new keywords, you can also make use of the Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Also, if at this point, you can’t really think of any keywords, you can also choose to leave the space blank and move to the next step.

seranking rank tranker

Online Marketing Plan:  After completing the Ranking bit, you can get on with the online marketing plan section, which is a comprehensive checklist of all things marketing.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know where to begin with in respect to the SEO strategy, this is going to be your go-to feature.

In this list, you will find a whole list of optimization techniques that should be taken into account for your website.

If you follow these steps, you will eventually see the hard work pay off when your site will be easily found on Google in the long run.

In some ways, this is the feature that actually plays as SE Ranking’s USP as it makes the entire process much simpler for the newbies!

Tracking and Scheduling Social Media: With this feature, you can actually go ahead and integrate your social media channels (only Twitter and Facebook for now) with SE Ranking.

You can easily import and merge social media data into your SE Ranking reports and even schedule content that you plan to post out in the future.

There are several other social media management specific tools- Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Sendible, SocialPilot etc. that help with scheduling, creating and managing social media content but they do not offer other functionalities as in SE Ranking. 

Keyword And Competitor Research: To use this feature, you will have to fill in the keywords in the search bar, as well as mention the niche of your site.

And to look through a database, you will need to select a country and location, to target a specific volume.

The location you choose will depend on where you would want to rank- locally or globally and choose the database accordingly.

But, to understand your site’s SEO performance, you should also look at your competition’s website.

You can start with looking at where your competition is ranking for the keywords you generally target in your strategy.

seranking pricing

Pricing: Pricing is probably one of the best offered by SE Ranking. While other leading tools are mostly highly priced, SE Ranking offers a flexible plan to kick off your business.   

Parameters Ahrefs vsSE ranking
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. Affordable
Social media management tools
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. Only 5 results for competitor analysis
Best for?All businesses Businesses looking for an affordable SEO tool.
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $55/mo
Ahrefs vs SE ranking comparison table


Mangools – Proven alternative to Ahrefs

Mangools is a great tool and as a platform offers 4 different SEO tools in the package. These tools are called KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, and LinkMiner. Each of these tools has its own USPs, and excel in different functionalities.

Let’s begin understanding each of these tools: 

KWFinder: Again, giving importance to keyword research, KWFinder enables you to do just that.

Keyword Research is an important aspect for any SEO strategy as it can actually help you build your business online.

Owing to the functionality and its importance, KWFinder becomes one of the most important tools that you would be using most often.

Moreover, the tool earns full points for not being complicated at all and serves as one of the best tools for SEO beginners.

KWFinder KeywordSearch

SERPChecker: On SERPChecker, you can not only analyze the keywords and their performance, but the platform offers much more.

Just like on KWFinder, you will have to fill in the keyword, post which you will receive huge amounts of data, everything- from domain rating to even the number of Facebook shares.  

Other than the keyword related websites and articles, you also get access to featured snippets and related queries to expand your search.

Further, you also get an option to publish your results to include in the reports. 

KWFinder Linkminer

SERPWatcher: SERPWatcher is a tool that you can rely on to track search engine ranking of your targeted keywords.

  • Tracking their ranks is always a great idea as the ranking keeps fluctuating almost on a daily basis.
  • With this tool, you can focus on making SERP tracking effective and simple.
  • Moreover, the platform offers a simple UI that even a beginner could understand in the first go. You also get an option to turn on email notifications to understand SERP data and its changes as they happen.
  • On the platform, you get a dashboard where you can view all the relevant data in one look.
  • The dashboard carries figures for everything- the keywords you are currently tracking, the changes in those positions, search volumes for each of those keywords and lots more.
  • The tool also offers a reporting functionality which lets you track the progress and efficacy of selected keywords.

Further, you can also export these reports and share them with your team for effective collaboration.

LinkMiner: Another one of the Mangools tools, LinkMiner is a go-to product in the marketing world for backlink analysis.

To use the tool, you will have to sign up on Mangools for the entire SEO Suite.

  • If you use Linkminer, you will be using it to check the backlink profile of your website as well as your competition’s- you can check all the links that your site might have generated since its inception as well as leverage all the metric that the tools offer.
  • Other than this, there are a bunch of interesting and helpful features that make LinkMiner a resourceful link building tool.
  • LinkMiner offers a website preview feature, which ensures that you won’t have to open a new window to view a website, instead you simply get its preview on your current window.

In fact, you can also save URLs for later by organizing these links and categorizing them as per the way you would want to take your link building strategy ahead.

SiteProfiler: If you want to check the SEO strength and popularity of a website, be it yours or your competitor’s SiteProfiler should be your go-to tool.

It works to save a lot of your time by delivering a bunch of metrics for your website, including keywords, ranking, backlinks, domain quality, traffic, competitors, etc.

To generate traffic, SiteProfiler also helps you look for popular content on the analyzed website and directs you to guest blogging and link building opportunities accordingly.

KWFinder pricing

Pricing: The basic package for Mangools and its SEO Suite starts from $30 per month, going up to $80 per month, where you also get an option to increase or lower down the number of features you want to use. 

Parameters Ahrefs vsMangools
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. UI is easy to navigate
Powerful SEO features at an affordable price
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. No advanced features.
Best for?Big businesses and enterprises.New businesses looking for simple to use SEO tools.
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $29.90/mo
Ahrefs vs Mangools comparison table


SEOProfiler – Recognized alternative to Ahrefs

Another cloud-based seo tool, SEOprofiler is great at helping websites achieve high ranks across various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

By taking up this marketing solution, your brand and website have higher chances of appearing higher in the search results, thus attracting more traffic as well as relevant leads to your business.

Daily Ranking Monitor: SEO Profiler comes with a Daily Ranking Monitor that covers data from across 120 countries in the world to enable your team for an effective SEO strategy. 

Website ranking plays a key role in the success of a website’s performance and by knowing exactly where you stand can propel your digital marketing efforts and help you put an effective plan in place.

Strategies that actually work would help improve the overall ranking and gather more traction as well as lead generation.

seoprofiler dashboard

Website Auditor: Other than this, the tool also runs automatic website audits so that you can focus on your marketing objectives and strategies. 

Auditing a webpage regularly and accurately is important ask by any marketer today, especially with so many online businesses and websites popping up every other day. Addressing the requirement, SEOProfiler has ensured a weekly automated site audit to avoid the presence of any SEO errors across the page.

This particular feature is especially helpful because you as a marketer would have one thing less to worry about!

BackLink Builder: It has a backlink builder that helps companies identify relevant websites to link back to their own website. Further, the feature allows marketers to manage links, check their status every now and then to ensure that they work perfectly and bring new traffic to the website consistently. As you would know, if you have backlinks that work, they would ideally bring new traffic to your site and raise the chances of higher lead generation.

Social Media Monitor: Further, it also has a social media monitor, to keep a track of your social media channels and the mention of your business across these platforms.

If you’re making the most of your social media channels to reach out to a wider audience and establish your name as a people’s brand, you would definitely need a social media monitor. 

SEOProfiler understands the need for marketers to constantly track and measure their presence on social media channels, hence, this feature. On using the social media monitor, you would know exactly where your brand has been mention, by whom and when. You can choose to respond as and when the mention takes place and builds a strong relationship with your target audience.

SEOProfiler also offers a couple of other features like Analytics, Reporting and Project Management which are again pretty helpful for today’s marketer.

SEO profiler pricing

Pricing: The plans for SEOProfiler start with $70 per month, going up to a $100 per month.

Parameters Ahrefs vsSEO profiler
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. Comprehensive SEO tool
Daily ranking checker
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. UI has a learning curve
Best for?Big businesses and enterprises.Big Businesses
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $69.95/mo
Ahrefs vs Seo profiler comparison table


Spyfu – Bonus alternative to Ahrefs

Keeping a track of your competitor, in other words, spying can be a helpful mechanism to improve your own business performance.

And Spyfu is a great tool that exactly does that.

The tool can spy on your competitor’s strategies specific to their keyword sets, ranking and even PPC campaigns. It is almost like researching and analyzing your competition from head to toe before you set out to craft your own SEO Strategy. By doing this, you can find gaps in your strategies and objectives, such as missing keywords and get other keyword suggestions. Moreover, you can also get information on things you should not do, going by your competitor’s mistakes.

Such insights can help you steer clear from trouble, lower rankings, and bad visibility.

Spyfu Dashboard

PPC Competitor Research: Analysing your competition is always a great idea as you get to know about the things that work for them and things that don’t.

Going by the same industry and sector, you can choose to imply similar strategies for your own business or understand from their mistakes and avoid the same in your strategies.

On Spyfu, you get insights into every keyword that your competition buys on Google and ever ad test that they run through Spyfu.

SEO Competitor Research: Knowing the exact ranking of every keyword that your competition chooses to use can be very helpful for your own strategy. Know the exact content and even the backlinks that work for them and their improved rankings.

Keyword Research Tools: Keywords are an important aspect of any SEO strategy. Over here, Spyfy lets you in with keyword recommendations that have been bought by your competitor and even the test ads that they have run on Spyfu.

Such insights can do wonders for your own SEO strategy!

Spyfu Pricing

Pricing: The subscription plans for Spyfu begin from $40 per month that goes up to $300 per month. Annual plans are relatively cheaper. 

Parameters Ahrefs vsSpyfu
What do we like?A ton of little useful features such as link intersect. Great SEO tool if you want to focus on a narrow niche.
What we don’t like?Rank tracking is not good. The user interface needs time to get accustomed to
Best for?Big businesses and enterprises.Businesses who want to focus on a not so popular niche
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $39/mo paid annually
Ahrefs vs Spyfu comparison table

An overview

An overview of all the Ahrefs alternatives discussed in this guide:

Ahrefs AlternativesPricingFeatures Summary
SemrushThe Paid plan starts at $129/mo billed monthly.What is good?
Good for site audit and competition analysis.

Semrush sensor feature for rank changes.

Offers features like SEO, SEM, PPC, and backlink analysis

User friendly

What is not good?
Backlink analysis lacks accuracy.

SerpStatThe paid plan starts at $59/mo billed monthlyWhat is good?
Good for backlink analysis , SEO site audit, and PPC analysis

What is not good?
Competitor analysis not very good.

Doesn’t have many content marketing tools.
SeRankingThe paid plan starts at $55/mo for 10 websitesWhat is good?
Affordable SEO tool

Offers social media management tools

What is not good?
Competitor comparison give you only 5 results.
MangoolsThe paid plan starts at $29.90/moWhat is good?
Value for money tool

The UI is easy to navigate.

Useful SEO features at an affordable price.

What is not good?
Mangools offers limited features.

Doesn’t have advanced SEO features.
SpyfuThe starter plan is priced at $39/moWhat is good?
Good SEO tool if you want to focus on a narrow niche.

Great for competitor research and analysis.

What is not good?
The user interface is overwhelming.
SeoProfilerThe starter plan is priced at $69.95/moWhat is good?
Comes with a daily ranking checker.

A comprehensive powerful SEO tool.

What is not good?
The user interface takes time to get accustomed to.

No free plan.
G2 SEO tools competitive grid

Our Experience

Our Experience

So this was a rather detailed round-up of alternative tools for Ahrefs if you don’t want to spend that much.

Although the list of tools mentioned here cost about the same, each of them definitely has its own USP. So go ahead and explore them before you zero down on one.

Are you a marketing agency looking for a tool to fuel your SEO efforts? Here’s a list of 40 awesome tools.


Questions asked when looking for Ahrefs alternatives

What is Ahrefs and how is it better than it’s alternatives?

Ahrefs is a keyword tool for optimising the SEO of your website and help with keyword optimisation.

Which is the best Ahrefs alternative?

The best Ahrefs alternatives are SEMrush, Serpstat and Spyfu.

Which is the best tool Ahrefs, Moz  or SEMrush?

Ahrefs tool allows elaborate backlink analysis which is quite powerful. The other tools that follow the suit are SEMrush, seo powersuite and Moz pro(30-day free version available).

How much does Ahrefs cost?

Ahrefs offers four plans in total. Lite, Standard, Advanced and agency. The lite and standard plans are available at $7 for trial. 

Lite: $99/mo
Standard: $179/mo
Advanced: $399/mo
Agency: $999/mo

Please note all the pricing is based on monthly billing. The pricing will change if you opt for an annual plan. 

Which ahrefs alternatives are best if you are a small business owner?

Some of the best keyword tools that small business owners can use Google analytics, SEMrush, screaming frog and moz pro.

Which tool is best when one needs backlinking?

When it comes to backlinking then Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, UberSuggest are some of the great options.

What is the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

The main difference is that traditional SEO focuses in improving your site visibility based on national or international scale. The local SEO is more focused on improving the visibility based on local and regional search volume.

What are page authority and referring domains?

Page authority is a feature offered by Moz pro that help you find the strength or ability of a page to rank in search results. It is a score that scales between 1 and 100. The higher the value the better is the page authority.
Referring domains are the websites that have links referring to the target website.

Ahrefs vs Semrush – which is better?

Semrush is the winner when you compare these two tools. It works well for both PPC and SEO business requirements.

Can you use Ahrefs for PPC?

Yes, Ahrefs does offer the functionality for PPC even though it is a popular tool for SEO.

How can I find my competitors in Ahrefs?

You just need to add the name of your domain competitor in the Ahrefs site explorer. It will provide you with a listing of all other sites that are ranking for similar keywords.

What is KD in Ahrefs?

KD means keyword difficulty and it is an estimate of how tough it will be to rank for a particular keyword in Google search ranking.

6 Unmatched AI Ahrefs Alternatives: Kickstart Your Free Trial
6 Unmatched AI Ahrefs Alternatives: Kickstart Your Free Trial


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