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SEMrush Review, Alternatives and Free Trial Account for Better SEO Results and Positioning

When we discuss about ‘Search’, we predominantly talk about Google Search results.

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In today’s date Keyword research is vital for companies as it is allowing them to always be on top of their game.

It enables a business to refine its content marketing and branding strategies.

That is how they can pull the massive traffic to their website and landing pages.

This post is about SEMrush review and it’s alternatives. SEMrush helps in specific keyword research, tracking position and thereby aids to considerably improve the search result.

Traffic pulling and having a successful conversion rate is the first and only priority for any and every company for their online business.

Mostly, marketers indulge in Search Marketing through their strategies to bring on-going traffic on the website along with maintaining the position on search engines.

First of all this requires continuous site audit and hence SEMrush is helpful for acquiring customers on a regular basis. For all this reasons, SEO has become an important aspect of digital marketing.

Real time analysis and competitor monitoring acts as a gateway to ways in which you can get more traffic to your own site through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Major chunk of traffic can also be driven from social media toolkits like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. To drive traffic and convert them, you need to have content ideas.

Through quality content, target long tail keywords can be captured for online marketing of your products or sales.

semrush-new-logo- review and comparison of alternatives

Search Marketing is a broad term that branches out into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

While SEO is mostly about acquiring users based on the visibility on search results, SEM is more about pulling traffic through ads placed on search result pages.

In this article, I will discuss about this SEM tool that can be used to research competitors’ new keywords – SEMrush, which I have used in many projects as it is easy to use.

Writing is no more about just putting up what your readers love but also about searching and finding what readers have been searching and putting them into post, so, that it can drive relevant traffic from search engine.

Or, putting it the other way, using these SEO keyword, you can drive highly relevant traffic through ads in search engine.

Whatever direction you use, the focus must always be on top organic keywords to target so that you can beat the already websites on Google’s search results.

You can use content generation toolkit for better ideas of blogs and content.

According to a recent Adobe report published on Marketing Tech, the year-on-year growth of Search Engine marketing spend has grown by 12%, with Google being the dominant player.

Way back in 2011, Techcrunch had reported that gets around 75% of its traffic from Google, out of which 50% people start searching on Google and eventually reach Yelp’s page, while 25% search using ‘yelp’ keyword in the search.

Before I talk about how SEMrush conducts SEO audits along with site audit to aid in organic SEO results, generates list of keywords, let us have a quick overview of how SEM is different from SEO.


SEO and SEM go hand in hand but are very much different from each other.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which you improve your search rank and drive traffic to your website.

This requires link building, having a check on domain overview, target long tail keywords, ease the keyword difficulty all of which SEMrush SEO tool provides.

Search Engine Marketing is rather a broader term that encompasses SEO as well.

It includes paid or sponsored advertisement, ensuring more visibility of your website. The SEMrush feature works as a gap tool for small business for their online marketing strategies.

seo-vs-sem tool for link building and digital marketing and management -get the best platform for opportunities at good value

Arguments on which is better than the other are in galleons.

Organic SEO is definitely cost effective for small business since it does not incur any spending.

It relies more on the content ideas and the way you use social media toolkits to market your website content.

SEM includes various strategies like Paid Per Click (PPC).

This is a good way to obtain immediate visibility on the search engines.

The traffic is essentially targeted based on keyword research and SEMrush serves as a tool kit for driving traffic by filling these content gaps.

Most clicks ultimately reach the end of the marketing funnel: conversion. This is mostly carried out through effective landing pages in online ads.

It is an entirely need-oriented decision for a company to address any of the two.

However, having said that, relying on PPC on a long-term basis might be hazardous idea because, without organic SEO, it is difficult to stay afloat on the search engine.

Needless to say, traffic coming from organic SEO has a better ROI till date.

semrush-organic-research - keyword magic tool and platform for digital marketing - sort out toxic backlinks - search console -

SEMrush is a wonderful SEM and SEO tool that has an impressive updated database. It is a highly competent position tracking tool that engages with SEO in a way that adds value to your marketing strategies.

Here’s few ways in which SEMrush aids in organic SEO and serves as a gap tool-

1.) It easily helps in finding the relevant SEO keyword.

SEMrush effectively gives an idea of which keyword has had gains or loses, which keyword has risen or fallen in the specific time frame.

2.) By understanding the competitiveness of the keyword through this SEO tool, you can utilize low competitive keywords and see your traffic on Google Analytics.

3.) Competitive analysis is much easier with SEMrush.

You can have a clear view of where you rank, what is your position and the same in terms of your competitors.

4.) It aids in understanding the growth of your competitor in organic search and also shows you how you rank, what you need to pay and how accurate is your search volume.

5.) It also run as a link building tool and also captures traffic data, thereby becoming a one-stop shop for SEO marketing platform.

Feature of SEMrush

Use the tool of SEMrush to design your advertising strategies while tracking your current competitors simultaneously on search console.

It broadly distinguishes its benefits in four categories-

use Semrush broad features that help digital marketing - get detailed results and backlink analysis - keyword analysis tool
  • Analytic reports: It gives a detailed report of strategies that your competitors are using, whether in Google ads, organic search or link building.
  • Tools: Helps you do a detailed competitor analysis in terms of domains and new keywords.
  • Projects: Your global campaign will help you gain all the detailed insights of your competitor- keywords, rankings, on-page and off-page health, and so on.
  • Solutions: It helps to keep track of all your marketing tasks. You can build and manage all your campaigns across various channels.

Review of Organic Research

Finding the right keyword is extremely essential when you are trying to reach your target audience via organic search engines.

This feature is a great way that allows you to dig out the right keywords that can help you increase and improve your search engine ranking.

Along with that, you can also know the content strategy your competitor brand might be using to drive the traffic to their website.

By using SEMRush, free trial, you will get a complete idea about this keyword research tool and how effective is it going to be for your online business.

This tool also helps in gaining organic traffic insights , link building which can help you improvise the keywords to target for better results.

SEMRush pro plans help you run your Page SEO, PPC and SMM projects where you can understand social media results and position ranking through SEMrush feature of traffic sourcing.

It also helps in fixing the broken links and gives you much better insight into traffic flowing per day.

With Guru Plan, you can conduct bulk traffic updates, find the competitors in the SEMrush in the referring domains, do multi-targeting and get branded PDF reports of the entire page SEO results.

Two Important Benefits of this Keyword Magic Tool

  • Know the best high ranking keywords your competitors are using
  • Discover other organic competitors that you did not list down earlier

The Competitive Positioning Map shows you immediately where you rank in comparison to all your competitors in the SEMrush.

You can have a direct comparison in terms of the top 20 in Google’s or Bing’s search results.

available bay-position-change-report-semrush - keyword gap- research tool - search volume of keyword tool - bring traffic to your site with features

The SEMrush Position change Report gives you a detailed knowledge of the domain position change of your competitors as well as yours.

In this way, you can have a fair understanding of where your strategies are lagging or what is working in your favour.

To know how these work, you can request a DEMO.

Review of Advertising Research

SEMrush Advertising feature helps in achieving the maximum ROI from your PPC campaigns.

SEMrush gives you valuable data on your competitors’ PPC campaigns, like keywords, budget, campaign activities, and so on.

Using these data, you can improve your own campaign and get the maximum ROI. possible out of it.

This not only helps you avoid certain mistakes, it also saves your time and cost. You cease from burning money in a campaign that gives no or least return.

semrush-Advertising-Research-feature-review - keyword analysis tool - select the plan that is helpful for you and usable by you or your employees
  • Get a close-up of your competitors’ ad budget and strategies
  • Scrutinize your rivals’ Ad copies and keywords
  • Unveil new competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Analyse keywords and ad texts in around 26 regions and 16 languages.

Get access to the top ranking keywords and the best ones that your competitors are using through this research tool.

Along with that, know how long an ad has been running to have a better overview of how you are doing.

paid-search-positions-semrush-review - services- offers ease of use for employees - offer competitive research services

There is no denial that paid ad is extremely competitive. To out beat your competitors, you have to know who are your major rivals.

SEMrush provides a list of domain’s competitors, estimation of keywords and paid traffic, and how much your rival is spending on ads.

Review of Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

This feature is important if you have an e-commerce website. SEMrush Competitors report can help you in-

  • Defining your competitors on Google Shopping
  • Know how many common product listing keywords you and your competitors have
  • Know which keywords actually trigger your competitors’ PLAs to get visible in paid search ads
  • Get an estimation of how much your competitor might be spending on AdWords in comparison to PLAs
  • Use the Domain vs Domain Tool to compare the PLA rankings of your competitors

If you can attain a clear understanding of your competitors’ PLA strategies, you can easily fine-tune your own Google Shopping techniques.

Through this research, you will considerably see generous traffic flowing on your Google Analytics.

semrush-review-of-Product-Listing-Ads also comes with position tracking and traffic analytics - at a glance find all popularity keywords - related keywords

By generating SEMrush Positions report for a competitors’ domain, you can have a detailed insight on every PLA that pops up for each keyword, the PLA ranking in SERPs, and much more. 

The PLA Copies Report gives you access to the PLAs that has performed the best for your competitor.

Review of Display Advertising

Google’s display ad network is home to millions of websites. Bidding for impressions in this crowded place is very tough.

SEMrush Top 30 report shows the best-performing advertisers‘ sites along with their texts, media ads, landing pages and how many ads have been used by them.

using semrush-advertising-data-review - good for medium business - do site audits and use filters to get data from huge database

With SEMrush Display Advertising data, it is easier for you to analyze your competitors’ ads and other leading ads.

You can know how many impressions were given to each of these ads, and what is the display ratio between text ads to media ads.

These insights will help you have a detailed knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Not only analysis, but SEMrush AdSense Publishers Report enables you to discover where exactly your competitors are advertising.

You can confidently pick up the highest performing placement and use it to your favour.

semrush-statistics-change-according-mobile - backlinks analysis results

Last but not the least, you can also get to know how the statistics change according to the device being used by your audience to view your ads.

SEMrush Review of Backlinks Analysis feature

Performance of link is heavily dependent on the quality of backlinks.

SEMrush is a backlink audit tool, i.e. gives you the opportunity of conducting a deep analysis of which link is pointed towards your website.

It also offers ease of use and position tracking to make everything easy.

Effective backlink checker helps you keep a check on incoming links, how authoritative it is, where is it located, and its comparison to competitors’ domains.

Through this, you can also understand your own domain overview, which gives you the ease of directing the search engine traffic.

After having this backlink audit report, you can not only improve the quality of backlink you receive and get rid of toxic backlinks but also discover new referral traffic sources.

semrush-backlinks-report and this tool also offers domain overview - incredibly strong keyword checker - optimize your site well
  • Know well whether the backlinks you have received are genuine or spam
  • Check for .edu or .gov links so that your website gets a boost in SERPs.
  • Know from where your competitors are getting their strong backlinks
  • Know whether the backlinks you have received are from images or texts or forms, and so on
  • Get the unique IP addresses of your backlinks. Thus, you can know from which location you have been referred.

Update: The Semrush backlink analysis feature got updated and has gotten much better than before. It now contains more than 43+ trillion backlinks and deploys a new data collection technique to fasten the process of searching and detecting backlinks.

I personally found this feature very well for SEO purpose, because this is the similar feature which we used from Moz, SEOMajestic or Ahrefs.

Request for a DEMO to see it for yourself.

Keyword Research Review with SEMrush

SEMrush Keyword Research feature gives you tried and tested keywords that can help you in improving your website rank in Google’s and Bing’s top results.

It also provides you with the value of these keywords in paid as well as organic search, and which top players are using them in their landing pages.

There are ton of useful data outside Google Adwords.

semrush-keyword-research tools help you get rid of toxic backlink problems
  • Get a complete list of best, tested and tried keywords that your website need
  • Match keywords as well as phrases. Know about other related keywords
  • At times only top keywords may not do the trick. Get hold of long-tail keywords which consequently takes up almost 70% of the total search traffic.
  • Breaking the shackles of languages and regions, explore keywords reports that are region specific.

By having so many details from this research toolkit, it becomes easier for you to conduct topic research and secure a top rank in search engines.

Semrush is definitely the leader of the pack and comes with a lot of features that one can learn with little experience.

It is apt for agency and lets you manage large volumes of SEO related data for various clients from one platform.

Semrush update: Semrush offers integration with a leading cloud-based workspace. With this integration, organizations will be able to bring their valuable marketing research data from Semrush to Based on this data the team can collaborate and create actionable plans.

SEMrush Alternatives

SEMrush is definitely a great keyword research tool to track and keep a tab on your competitors and consequently improve your own technical SEO ranking and gives you a domain overview.

This product is also used by thousands of global companies to keep a check on how they rank on search engines.

But SEMrush is not the only one in the market that is a position tracking tool. There is a host of SEMrush alternatives available that primarily concentrate on one or more analysis of marketing segments.

Before you decide on SEMrush, I will tell you briefly how this tool is better in comparison to other available alternatives that include, SerpStat, Moz, Keyword Spy, HitTail and Wordtracker.

SEMrush vs. SerpStat

SerpStat is the all-in-one place for search engine professionals which include complete research of SERP with keywords grouping by tags, local search, domain-wise traffic distribution, in-depth backlink analysis, competitor backlinks monitoring, with last two years data. Its ease of use makes it a great tool!

serpstat screenshot - SEMrush vs Serpstat - link building tool - take a look at their position tracking tool- backlink audit tool results

SerpStat keywords research include analysis if all URL, search questions related insights, related and relevant keywords, with adaptive filters.

SerpStat Site audit tool is again a nifty tool using which you can clean-up and optimize your on-page content of the website. It shows more than 35+ different on-page optimization suggestions.

Competitor research includes analysis of all of your competitor domains, identification of leaders in the niche, visibility on keyword trends, keyword map of the competitors can found easily.

So all in all, SerpStat is a great content marketing toolkit along with growth hacking for SEO, running and optimizing PPC ads.

UpdateSerpStat has revised its privacy policy and has made considerable changes to make its platform ready for GDPR and CCPA.

The Serpstat website clearly states ”We never sell personal data and we carry out all processing operations in strict compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR and CCPA”).

SEMrush vs. Moz

new-moz-logo - keyword tracking results - search traffic - backlink  and SEO audit

Moz is a great SEO tool product and has been in the market since 2004.

However, with the release of MOZ Analytics seems like it is moving away from SEO, more towards inbound marketing.

For me, SEMrush is a winner as it incorporates everything that you need when you are beginning a new project or creating new content.

The ease of use, helps to find keywords, conducting backlink audits makes SEMRush a perfect SEO toolkit.

You can get a 7-days free version that helps you understand why and how competitors are ranking, get real-time traffic insight and fill the keyword gap so that you can improve the search rankings for your website.

  • In about 30 seconds, you are aware where your website ranks with SEMrush
  • Set-up is minimal to get data with SEMrush where else MOZ is all about plugging in of data and then wait for several weeks
  • SEMrush provides intuitive and accessible data
  • It works great for non-technical clients

Moz comes for $99-$499/month while SEMrush Pro begins at $99.95/month.

GDPR and CCPA update: As a guide to understanding GDPR and CCPA and Moz compliance with it, they have created a FAQ and published on their website.

If you have any queries related to it, you can visit this link and know more about it.

Track keyword difficulty scores , backlink profiles and other with little experience with moz pro -
Moz capterra review

SEMrush vs. Wordtracker


Wordtracker gives you the best suggestions when it comes to tracking keywords for your website. It is not a Business to the Business rated tool but is still highly reliable for hundreds of people.

It was only sometime back that Wordtracker bid goodbye to Google AdWords API and implemented SEMrush instead of it.

Why they needed SEMrush?

  • SEMrush is easy to use and gives more access to competitive data, and is an effective marketing tool that helps with the content planning.
  • Each keyword is backed by a long history- how popular it is, who has used it, what is its value, and so on.
  • SEMrush has a host of data. Unlike Google’s 800 keywords, SEMrush now allows Wordtracker to offer their users upto 1,000 keyword for each search, of course if they are available in the database. Hence, keyword difficulty search is minimized.

Wordtraker starts at $27/month only.

Wordtracker help you find competitors rank , high quality keywords list , position changes and website health
Wordtracker.g2crowd reviews

SEMrush Pricing Details

After having skimmed through few competitors of SEMrush, it is now time to take a look at the pricing model of this tool.

SEMrush is extremely pocket friendly and it provides a FREE TRIAL before you decide to purchase.

The pricing model for SEMrush business plan goes as follows:

PRO Plans begins at $69.95/month

  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3000 reports/day
  • 3 projects
  • 500 keywords tracking
  • 100,000 pages to crawl
  • Annual Subscription comes at $699.50

GURU Plan comes at $149.95/month

  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5000 reports/day
  • 15 projects
  • 1500 keywords tracking
  • 300,000 pages to crawl
  • 20 scheduled PDF reports
  • Branded PD reports and historical data
  • Annual Subscription comes at $1499.50

BUSINESS comes at $549.95/month

  • 50,000 results per report (for each of 4 users)
  • 10,000 reports/day
  • 25 Projects
  • 5000 keywords to track (for all users)
  • 1,000,000 Pages to crawl (for all users)
  • 50 Scheduled PDF reports
  • Branded PDF reports, Historical data, PLAs, and Multi-user Management
  • Annual Subscription comes at $5499.50

Check the below Reddit discussion of best SEO tools:

These tools lets you make seo strategy make decisions of digital marketing really easy.  With little experience, you can do a lot of complex tasks
Reddit discussion of best SEO tools

An overview of SEO tools discussed in this post:

SemRush alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
MozThe Paid plan starts at $99.95/mo billed monthly.What is good?
Good for keeping a track of keywords overtime.
Easy reporting features
Good for small businesses.
What is not good?
It is a bit cumbersome to start at first.
SerpStatThe paid plan starts at $69/mo billed monthlyWhat is good?
Good SEO site audit, backlink analysis, and PPC analysis
What is not good?
Competitor analysis is not good.
Lacks content marketing tools.
WordtrackerThe paid plan starts at $27/moWhat is good?
Get a list of most helpful keywords quickly.
Wordtracker academy to help you get started.
What is not good?
It is slightly expensive.

Spying on competitors is a great way to see how to improve your lead generation and find the right target keywords.

Best tool for SEO - use it with little experience for yourself or for agency
Best SEO tools competitive grid G2crowd

Without knowing what and how your competitors are already ranking and doing well, it is difficult for a marketer and his team members to decide on a marketing technique that will not only help in driving traffic but also enable conversion.

When it comes to website ranking and tracking, only paid ads do not serve the purpose, but research tools like SEMrush offers a suite of tools essential for improving site’s organic search results.

Although paid ads are a quicker way to come to the limelight, organic search results are what you’d like that is stability in the market.

Tools like SEMrush help in digging out the tiniest information about your competitors and thereby, improve your search ranking considerably through its wide range of features.

If you have founded a tool that is very much affordable and apt for growing your business then assume it to be a part of your long term business strategy.

It helps you remove toxicity of backlinks and help you prepare a checklist of the right keywords.   

Semrush is one of my favorite keyword research toolkit and if you are okay with the learning curve to drive more and more organic traffic to your site then this works great. 

You can also check my earlier post on 40 Awesome SEO Analysis Tools to get the information you need about such tools.

Questions asked looking for SEMrush and it’s alternatives:
What is SEMrush?

SEMRush is a SEO management tool that helps businesses improve their SEO marketing strategies. The features in Semrush perform the functions like keyword research, page SEO checker, cost per click, site audit, competitors strategies, and backlinking opportunities.

What are some good SEMrush alternatives?

Some good SEMrush alternatives for business are SeRanking, Moz, SerpStat and Wordtracker. Ahrefs is also a good option for backlink analysis.

Is SEMrush a good tool for beginners?

Yes, SEMrush is an awesome tool for beginners that helps with seo audit. SEMrush provides most of the information that digital marketers need to get brands to make their way to higher search rankings. The features in Semrush offers help to figure out the right list of keywords, number of backlinks and even toxic backlinks to help you save a lot of time.

What are some free tools for keyword selection?

Some tools that don’t cost a penny and make much work done are Google Keyword planner, Competitor source code, UberSuggest and Wordtracker.

Is there a cheap alternative to SEMrush?

SerpStat is great alternative to SEMrush as it offers plenty of features for digital marketing and SEO such as brand monitoring, page SEO checker, and organic and paid searches. A sensible pick for a new business.

How accurate is the SEMrush keyword tool?

The SEMrush keyword tool is much accurate as compared to its counterparts. But, one should never forget that no keyword tool is accurate. It just gives you an overall picture of the keywords and the associated searches.

How good is SerpStat as a keyword search tool?

SerpStat is a decent keyword search tool that comes at a reasonable pricing.

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