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Demio Review – Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds

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Webinars are the most common, and one of the least complicated methods of product marketing. If you have the right matter (content) and the right tools for marketing, you can host an excellent webinar that can win you the right audience. The later part of this is a Demio review- a leading webinar tool and see what all it offers. 

There is so much that you can do with a webinar:

  • Talk about your newly launched product or product feature
  • Give live demos explaining how your product works
  • Reach out to a larger, globally diverse audience
  • Discuss customer feedback on live webinars
  • Talk about product use cases and case studies with interested users

And, a lot more. You have all the freedom in the world to create the kind of content that you wish to, around your webinar. It could be serious product talk or a light chat session with your users. The more interactive the webinar, the more fun and engaging it becomes. However, before you start working on the slides of your first webinar, you should give good thought to the sort of webinar hosting platform that you will require.

There are a number of webinar options available, at affordable pricing. Some webinar hosting platforms have been around for quite a while, and some are pretty new. Some of them are exclusive webinar hosting providers; others are full stack marketing automation tools. You need to decide what you really are looking for, and of course what you can set a budget aside for. If, for example, you are a marketing team that needs to host webinars frequently, there are certain specific features that you will need in a webinar hosting solution. These include:

Interactivity: Your webinar hosting solution must empower you to create and successfully host highly interactive webinars. As pointed before, the more two-way the interaction is between the webinar host and the webinar audience, the more fruitful the results. Features like a chat room or a live FAQ session increase the engagement and interactivity level of a webinar. Your webinar solution should have such features on it.

Ability to scale: You might start out with a handful of people when you host your first few webinars. However, you will at a point of time be talking to hundreds. That’s the plan, right? You want to scale. Hosting a webinar for a few is foolish. The whole idea is to speak to a huge audience and build new users quickly through webinars. So, a platform that helps you scale along with the growing number of users is what you need. A cloud-based platform enables you to scale without any hassle. You do not need to do any major switching, or software upgrades. You can upgrade your plan and level up your game.

Record and replay: One of the most important features that you need in a webinar solution if you are hosting webinars quite frequently is the ability to record and replay your previous webinars. When you host webinars frequently, your audience won’t be able to attend your webinars live every time. That is why, you need to give them the option to watch your webinar whenever and wherever they can – on-demand. This way you also get them stored for referring to later, for more material for your next webinar.

Smooth mobile hosting: There is every possibility that as a marketer you are often out for meetings. When commuting and on a busy schedule, opening a laptop can feel too much of a task. That is when you look for ways you can work on your mobile. A good webinar hosting platform will ease the process of hosting your webinar on a mobile. Now, for the audience too, mobile viewing should be available as a frictionless experience. They too, for obvious reasons, can’t watch every webinar on a laptop. And, while they are on the go, they can use their time watching webinars.

Easy editing: If you are hosting webinars frequently, of course, you’ll feel the stress. At times you won’t have enough content to talk about. And, at times, you will feel that the hours on hand aren’t enough to complete the work pending on the webinar slides. That is when you wish that you could modify your previous webinar. A little bit editing on the content and presentation can make your webinar seem new-like. If your webinar hosting tool allows this, that is amazing.

Engagement tracking: One of the must-have features in your choice of webinar hosting service provider is an inbuilt tracking system. The more ‘empowered’ the analytics and tracking of the webinar solution, the better. The absence of a tracking system means that even though you will be able to run an online webinar, you will not be able to find out what you gained out of it.

You will not be able to track your performance metrics like – reach, number of people who attended, number of attendees who dropped mid-way, number of shares and likes on your webinar etc. A complex tracking system, on the other hand, would mean that you will waste too much time making sense of the data and numbers.

Demio – An emerging webinar solution for marketers

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 1

Demio is a comparatively new tool that has quickly gained a lot of popularity in the market. It has been liked so much by so many that the tool has been compared with some of the leaders in the market, such as Go-To-Webinar and Webex.

Demio is an absolute fuss-free option when it comes to installation. So, starting your journey with this tool will seem like a breeze. The tool does an absolutely great job at lead generation. Undoubtedly, Demio is one of the smartest webinar platforms that a marketer could wish for.

If you are a marketer, you will die for the interesting and impressive set of features that Demio comes with. With its intelligent features, the tool enables you to conduct online events, hold interactive training sessions, ease team collaboration for webinars, and do a lot more with so much ease. Let’s dive into Demio’s feature set and see why it is getting so much love from everyone who is interested in webinars.

To provide seamless content delivery to users Demio offers the following feature set:

Join webinar in one click

Your audience does not need to download or install any bulky software if they have to attend a webinar on Demio. It is an absolutely frictionless and one-click process. Just right-click in the browser, or on mobile on iOS, and they are good to watch the webinar.

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 2

Real-time HD streaming

Demio webinars are quality assured because of the HD streaming. You can deliver an experience worth remembering with HD streaming live webinars. Even when you are chatting live with your audience and interacting live, real-time, there is zero delay or disturbance.

Webcam sharing

Within Demio, you have the option to share up to three webcams with your co-presenters. So, you can get really creative and interactive with webinars. With two three partners hosting the webinar, the audience gets really engaged and gets more insights into the subject. You get to add more value to your webinars and the audience gets a better context.

Screen sharing

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 3

Screen sharing with co-partners and audience is important for demonstration and sharing important slides. With Demio, you can easily share the screen or slide that you are using for your presentation. The best part about Demio is that you can upload slides and share videos directly, without having to switch elsewhere. So, you can keep screen sharing on when doing so, without having to leave the room even for a minute.

For effectively marketing and promoting webinars, Demio provides the following feature set:

Branding on slides

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 4

With Demio, you can convey your brand’s image using your brand’s logo on your webinar material. It is very simple to apply your logo and branding all across your material – slides, registration pages, replay pages, email notification, landing pages etc.

Beautiful registration options

Just like landing pages, your webinar registration page is the face of your brand. All the people ‘highly interested’ in your webinar will first get to the registration page. Build beautiful pages or forms with absolute ease, in no time, using Demio. You can customize these pages you like right on Demio, or use one of the preset options to capture registrations on your own website.

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 5

Automatic reminder notifications

With automatic notifications, your users never lose track of when a webinar is happening. If they’ve registered for an event or webinar, they’ll be informed about upcoming sessions. You can customize the content of the reminder notifications, as per your branding or event’s requirements.

To make your webinars more interactive, the tool provides the following capabilities:

Interactive polls with stats

Make webinars more interesting and interactive with polls. Collect insights on customer satisfaction, webinar effectiveness, and other such metrics on overall webinar feedback from attendees with Demio. Use results as a social proof to display on your website, and to market your next webinar.

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 6
Create a poll with Demio

Launch offers and CTA’s

Make use of the capability called ‘Featured Actions’ to link your audience list with an offer, freebie, coupon code, sign up page, or any other URL. Send them launch offers and make them take further action on the CTAs.

Share handouts and gifts

Share important study material such as ebooks, white papers etc. as gifts and handouts with your audience. Make them download these easily with Demio.

Private or public chat

Using the real-time chat feature, you can hold interactive, engaging, informative, and interesting chat sessions with your audience. Discuss their doubts and answer their inquisitiveness in real-time with this feature. If you wish to go ‘solo’, switch of the chat option, and enable it only for an FAQ option at the end of the webinar.

@ Mentions and gestures

This is one of the most popular ways to keep engaged with your audience. Like their questions with emojis, show some importance to their opinions with gestures, and @mention participants to take the whole interactive experience to another level. These little things add a personal touch to the webinar, and give your audience a chance to feel participative.

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 7

Bring attendees to the stage

Another way in which you can make your webinars extremely interactive with Demio is by giving your audience the chance to become a presenter. You can give them the microphone access and webcam access to come in front and speak with other members. Sounds really great, doesn’t it?

Apart from the above listed, some of Demio’s Key Capabilities are as follows:

Recordings and replay pages

Your webinars are automatically added and recorded in HD in the cloud so that you can replay your sessions on-demand. You can download your webinar recordings in .MP4 format and share the recorded version with anyone, anywhere in the world.

100% automated webinars

Using Demio as your webinar solution is a very smart idea simply because everything runs automatically. You can, therefore, focus on more core things and spend less time having to be online all the time and present.

demio review

Analyze Your campaigns

Analytics, as mentioned before, is the key to optimization. Demio gives you the option to keep your tracking and analytics on point. You can gauge how you are performing in every webinar, and if there are things that you need to fix.

demio review

Demio integrations and pricing


Demio has been created strictly keeping in mind the marketing and sales verticals. Therefore, the tool makes one thing specifically easy – integrating with other marketing automation tools seamlessly. Some of the integrations that Demio has is with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, and MarketHero.

Demio also has full API with Zapier. This feature this makes it possible for users to integrate Demio with an extremely wide range of applications.

demio review


Our Demio review will not be complete if we do not talk about the pricing plans.  Demio has four pricing plans billable to users either monthly or annually. Annual subscribers end up saving a whopping 30%. All the plans offer a 14-day free trial. The ‘Starter’ plan is priced at $34/mo. Their enterprise plan pricing isn’t listed and you’ll need to get in touch with them to know what it will cost for ‘you’.

demio review

UpdateDemio keeps the privacy and security of its customers at utmost priority and as such it has taken care of the new laws introduced by GDPR and CCPA. Demio is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA and have introduced account-wide GDPR and CCPA setting enabling which will make compliance easy.

Now coming to an end of our Demio review it is time to compare it with its competitors.

Comparing Demio with alternatives – Jetwebinar, WebinarNinja, and WebinarJam

Demio vs. Jetwebinar

Let’s talk about some of the features that Jetwebinar boasts of.

  1. A less than 1-second video lag
  2. Personalized email – keeps your audience notified about an upcoming event, informs them about new ones, reminds them of their registered events.
  3. Affiliate tracking – makes it very easy for affiliates to track registrations.

All these features that Jetwebinar offers are one of a kind. Other than affiliate tracking though, Demio also offers both quality video delivery, and ‘reminder notifications’ in place of ‘personalized emails’.

When it comes to price comparison, Jetwebinar starts at $97 per month. However, where Demio’s basic plan gets you 50 live attendees, that of Jetwebinar gets you 100. So, if you are going only by the number of attendees, the pricing is sort falls in the same bracket for both the tools.

The point where Jetwebinar, however, scores over Demio is that Jetwebinar is for everyone. Demio, on the other hand, is not. It makes sense to sign-up for Demio only if your target customer size is 1000+. If you are considering Jetwebinar, your target customer size could be 2 or 2000.

Coming to integration. Demio is a clear winner in this territory. Although a number of integrations are available with other webinar solutions as well, including Jetwebinar, the kind of ease that Demio offers to integrate is incomparable. This is why most marketers see Demio as a hassle free, smart choice to host webinars.

Demio vs. Webinar Ninja

With Webinar Ninja, you can create your webinar in less than 10 seconds. Well, this is a big claim that they make on their homepage. And, this is true to a good extent. I’ve used Webinar Ninja, and I must say it is quite simple and fast. However, the kind of ‘interactive’ edge that Demio offers is missing in Webinar Ninja.

Demio has features such as @mentions, gestures, a private/public chat that make Demio an extremely engaging and interactive webinar hosting solution. However, Webinar Ninja has the option to create hybrid webinars, something that Demio doesn’t enable you to do.

Demio Review - Marketers Launch Automated Webinar within Seconds 8

Launching a webinar with Demio is an extremely simple exercise. It beats every popular platform on this capability, be it GoToMeeting, Webex, or even Webinar Ninja. Even though Webinar Ninja, in order to simplify the usage of its platform, removed most of the text from it, the process has become rather more cumbersome and complicated. On the other hand, Demio is extremely intuitive to use. You can launch your webinar in less than 10 seconds in Demio. You never have to scratch your head wondering what icons and terms actually mean or do. It just all happens so intuitively and automatically.

Demio vs. WebinarJam

Another frequent smart tool comparison of Demio happens with WebinarJam. Both of these webinar hosting service providers are cloud based. However, the comparison comes in when users actually start using WebinarJam. Demio offers much more ease and convenience. On the other hand, WebinarJam is extremely feature-heavy but lacks the ease of use. Superior functionality is what makes Demio a winner in this comparison.

Demio does a very smart and intelligent job by focusing on how easy is the platform for the users. This is because it is a platform that has been created for marketers, by marketers. Therefore, it kind of addresses all the pain points and friction that hamper productivity. That’s why some of the best tools like WebinarJam fall weak in front of Demio. Cracking intuitiveness is the key!

To wrap it up

Working on your webinar’s content should be your key focus. However, when you have a number of other things on the to-do list, you can end up ignoring the actual meat in the matter. Therefore, to ease other activities such as building a contact list, sending out emails, notifications, creating landing pages and registration pages, live streaming, or hosting on-demand webinars, should all be passed on to a smart assistant. Webinar hosting platforms can be those assistants for you.

Picking the right webinar smart option, therefore, is critical. Look for something that really saves you time and effort, and is easy to understand. It is the ease of use and the automation abilities that will make your webinar a success. Demio is a good option if you are convinced that what you need is a tool that quickly puts order to everything. Getting started with Demio is easy, it offers smart integrations, and is cloud based – these are the best things that you could ask for in a webinar solution. Willing to give it a try? Sign-up for a trial today.

Questions related to Demio review:
What is Demio?

Demio is a webinar automation tool that helps to create webinars quickly and fuss-free. Webinars are a great tool for today’s business as they help to educate your audience and let them know what, why and how-to about a product.

How does webinar help my business?

With webinars, you can connect with your audience and initiate a real-time discussion with them. It can serve as a platform to share details about your product and at the same time let your audience share their ideas and concerns. Alternatively, you can also use it to train your employees and build a rapport with them.

What are some good webinar platforms?

Some good webinar platforms are WebinarJam, ClickMeeting, GoToWebinar, WebinarNinja and JetWebinar.

Which is the best webinar tool?

Demio and Clickmeeting are good options to try.

How much does Demio cost?

Demio is available in three plans that are:
Starter: $34/mo allows 50-attendees
Growth: $69/mo allows 150-attendee
Business: $163/m allows 500-attendee

Which is the cheaper automated webinar solution?

The cost of Webinar solutions is based on the technology used, number of attendees and several other features. Demio is priced at $34 for 50-attendees while JetWebinar costs $63 for 100 attendees. So, the price will vary on how many attendees you wish to engage in your webinar.

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  1. No matter how many competitors are there in the market Demio has always been my favorite. You just cannot think of getting another one tool. The best part about demio is that it has a user-friendly interface and it doesn’t take much time to learn.

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