JetWebinar Review: The Fastest AI-Based Webinar Hosting Platform

Our in-depth review of JetWebinar showcases it as a top-tier, AI-based webinar hosting platform. We covered its features like real-time streaming with minimal lag, customizable templates, and landing page builders. We emphasized its user-friendly interface, high-quality video and sound, and its effectiveness for large-scale live events. Additionally, we discussed its pricing plans, customer support, and compared it with alternatives like Demio, highlighting JetWebinar suitability for diverse business sizes and marketing needs.

The importance of webinars in today’s digitally empowered world

Gone are the days when seminars were a promotional activity. No one ever thinks about booking a physical space for getting in touch with a huge audience, who qualifies as the target audience. Seminars were just the starting of such promotions for B2B as well as B2C businesses. They were time-bound, and geography bound.

Nowadays, everything has become a matter of access to the internet. That is all that you need to reach out to millions of people across the globe and present your pitch, product, or promotional message. From seminars and events, companies have made the switch to webinars.

If you too are thinking how can you use webinars to your advantage, here are a few points:

Webinars are one of the most convenient marketing activities

Webinars can be applied to any stage of a product or service – educating, convincing, converting, and retaining. As we’ve mentioned before all you need is an internet connection and you can host a webinar in no time. So, hosting an on-demand webinar is never a problem.  

Webinars mean instant promotions

Along with a mix of other activities such as using website banners, social media ads, newsletter, and email marketing, you can use webinars to extend the impact of your product’s promotion.

They are great to increase the exposure of that your business or product is looking for. They are one of the best medium to talk about your product, its features and benefits.

You can also give live demo of how your product works on a webinar.

People love webinars because they are so much better than reading about a product and its advertisements on websites and other mediums. They simply understand better when it is all demonstrated to them in a live video format.  

Webinars imbibe credibility

Getting face to face with your audience is one of the best ways of instilling some trust in the later.

People think that your idea or product is more credible when they hear it from you and watch you talking about it. If they simultaneously get to ask questions, that is even better as it further brings in more credibility to your ideas. In a webinar, everyone has a voice and is free to ask questions or discuss.

When people come together in such an event and there is so much transparency around your product or idea, trust issues are highly unlikely to spur.

Webinars can be used to train

Webinar train new users about your product or old users about a new feature in your product.

Using live streams as well as webcasts, you can stream how-to videos or tutorials that can equip your users with complete understanding about product usage. Manuals are cumbersome and people often end up calling customer support to understand how a product works.

If the customer support doesn’t handle the queries well, then people end up disappointed and search for other simpler alternatives. With webinars you can SHOW them how to use the product and how simple actually it is!

The reach is impressive. You build numerous new contacts, and it is all so cost-effective.

Webinars allows you to create a huge audience in the form of viewers or even other people on your panel. You can use this contact list that you have built from webinars for lead nurturing, and also as the base list for all your future webinars.

The best thing is that webinars aren’t heavy on the pocket at all. Some webinar solutions are also available for free; however, those have limited functionality.

Why shouldn’t one then be having a webinar hosting solution in their marketing arsenal?

However, picking a hosting solution is a major decision. Budgeting, priorities, and scope of work need to be carefully analyzed when looking for a webinar solution.

Also, while webinars are a great method of building contacts, gathering leads, and promoting products, each and every stage of the webinar has to be planned.

It would be just too much work if all this had to be done manually.

That is why we have webinar tools to our rescue.

A good webinar hosting service provider should be able to successfully help you do all this with ease, other than being able to present the webinar to the audience without any friction.

Any noise when a live webinar is being telecast, due to reasons like poor connectivity, technical issues etc. can destroy the entire experience.

And, experience is all that customers are looking for nowadays.

They don’t want any speed, space, or time boundations. Too slow to load, they quit. Disturbance in video, they quit. Cannot connect, they quit. All these are just the basics. There are a number of other expectations that both businesses and customers have from their webinar hosting solution.

Businesses, for example, must be able to do their list and contact building like it is cakewalk, with a webinar solution. With all these things in mind, let’s discuss JetWebinar and why it is one of the best ‘Instant webinar hosting solution for marketers’.

JetWebinar – Your Go-To Solution For Webinar Hosting

JetWebinar – Your go-to solution for webinar hosting


If you are a marketer who has been looking for webinar software better than Gotowebinar, Anymeeting, Clickmeeting, etc., then you must have come across JetWebinar review in 2024 and it is something you must consider.

In this guide, we will be reviewing this automated webinar hosting solution in detail, so that if you are considering either buying for the first time or switching from your old solution, you are well equipped with all the information that you need.

To begin with our JetWebinar online review, let’s understand that JetWebinar is not just a webinar hosting solution.

It is infact, one of the best cloud based webinar marketing automation software.

So, not just it only helps you host your webinar but also manage it completely, with the power of automation. That is why marketers love using JetWebinar.

The ease and efficiency that it offers is a welcome thing for anyone who has too much on his plate to handle.  

Just to give you an insight into this tool let’s begin with the latest JetWebinar review. 

JetWebinar allows you to:

  • Easily and conveniently host high quality live events, as well as convert them automatically in to recurring simulated live webinars
  • Be assured of running webinars without video lag, even when the number of attendees is very high
  • Create on-demand webinars that give the same experience of a live webinar
  • Easy access to the content with the help of its simple user interface
  • Rely on the high quality of video, sound, and an uninterrupted experience

Over and above the promise of quality, the list of full features that JetWebinar comes with have been discussed in detail in this post.

JetWebinar features

JetWebinar features

FASTEST real-time live webinars:

The video lag time that JetWebinar promises is less than 1 second.

This is quite a good speed for the high level of video quality that JetWebinar delivers, for a huge attendee list. You can also do screen sharing if needed.

With JetWebinar, webinar videos can be streamed onto both web cams and/or screens. Adding to the whole experience of Live webinars is that the audience can have a live chat with the presenter using the ‘real-time chat room’. ‘

Jetwebinar Dashbaord

So, as the host, you can address doubts and questions in real-time. In short, to host a webinar with JetWebinar is actually a breeze. 

If you want to have multi presenter webinar then the platform allows you to have up to 10 panellists.

Automation of webinars

You can rehost your webinar whenever you want to, in whichever part of the world.

You don’t need to go live every time. Just autoschedule them with JetWebinar. Pick your days and times for hosting a recurring webinar, and you can automate the rest at a click. JetWebinar can automatically coordinate the events as well as send all the related communication about the webinar to make things simple and organized.

On the other hand, audience really doesn’t need to be on the toes for attending a webinar, as they can always opt for a recording or sign-up for a recurrent webinar as per a date that suits their plan.

Custom templates:

Presentation is on top of the list for every marketer. If it is boring and impersonal, it is not going to make an impression. This holds for webinars as well. With JetWebinar, you get custom templates to choose from and make your webinar slides look classy, adhere to brand image, and make an impact.

All you need to do is pick a template of choice that matches your brand, and start creating a beautiful webinar experience. These templates can be customized with the easy drag and drop page builder as per your requirement without any coding knowledge. Perfect!

Jetwebinar customizable templates

Landing Page builder

The built-in landing page editor helps you customise every aspect of your webinar journey.

You can create registration pages, thank you pages and plethora of other pages as needed effortlessly. The editor allows you to select colour, images, layout as per your envision. If the drag and drop editor alone doesn’t do the trick, you have the power to customise the HTML/CSS.

Personalized email

Let your audience know about an upcoming webinar, send scheduled reminders about the same, and keep following-up on the experience post webinar with email automation and personalization.

jetwebinar personalised email

You can also send notifications to those who dropped out on you or couldn’t attend for some reason. Manage your first to last communication with your audience, till the point they sign-up, using JetWebinar. You don’t have to separately send emails using a separate email marketing tool. This is a smart built-in capability that you can handle from within JetWebinar webinar hosting.

Affiliate tracking

Driving new registrations through affiliate marketing is a breeze with JetWebinar webinar hosting.

You can use a full affiliate dashboard using which you can create individual promoter accounts and track all registrations that come from the individual promoter.

That is how you get to create strong partnerships with your biggest promoters, and also keep a track of how successfully they are creating value for your webinars. You can also create custom webinar tracking URL’s for affiliates. With JetWebinar you can add to three custom fields to track information that helps you identify affiliate contributions.

Jetwebinar Affiliate Tracking

Selling tools:

This feature enables you to close more sales in no time.

You can, for example, direct your attendees to special sales pages, or ebooks and other content download pages, as soon as your webinar is over.

Adding or editing content to your post webinar offer does not take more than a minute and can be done as and when you are hosting the webinar.

Update: JetWebinar is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA and has included all the new features to make the compliance full-proof.

It includes right to access, right to data portability, right to be forgotten and everything else.

JetWebinar Pricing

JetWebinar Pricing

There are three plans to pick from, if you’ve made up your mind about trying out JetWebinar – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

All of these plans are available for a free trial.

Jetwebinar Pricing

The billing for all these plans is on a monthly as well as yearly basis, and there is a 20% discount on all of them.

  • The Lite Plan is priced $10 per month
  • The Pro Plan is priced $59 per month
  • The Business plan is priced $124 per month
  • The Enterprise plan is priced $197 per month

The pricing varies based on the number of attendees that you can invite. You get all the features in the three JetWebinar pricing plans, as well as email support. Simple and smart pricing!

JetWebinar Customer Support

JetWebinar Customer Support

A review of jetwebinar will be incomplete without talking about support. Good customer service can do wonders where even complicated tools become easy to use.

The best thing about JetWebinar is the kind of help and support that is available to its customers. There is a dedicated section of support which features all options that you can use for contacting them and communicating your doubts over. There is a FAQ section, video tutorials, knowledge base, and how-to videos. They also have a ‘chat with us’ pop-up on their website where you can just drop your query and get the response from their support team.

I love it that everything that I need to know is available right in the support section.

Jetwebinar review G2

Overall, this webinar hosting solution provider is one of the best alternatives.

Quick Round Up Of Jetwebinar

A quick round up of Jetwebinar as a webinar platform

What We Like?No lag between attendees and presenters.
Affordable when you want to reach a wider audience.
Allows you to chat with your users.
Live streaming on Facebook and YouTube
What we don’t like?It is pricey for small businesses.
Don’t offer sales and marketing features.
Value for MoneyYes, it is.
Customer SupportSupport is ok where if you connect with them or drop them a mail they get back to you by the next day.
Facebook support group is more helpful.
Who should use it?Big businesses have a larger audience to cater to.
Jetwebinar AlternativesWebinarNinja, Gotowebinar and Demio
Our Score4.5/5

Just in case you aren’t still convinced, let’s take up a comparison. In this guide, we compare two of the leading webinar hosting solution providers.

One we’ve already covered in detail. The other JetWebinar alternatives review is of Demio, which we’ll detail now.

About Demio

Demio – General Overview


We have already discussed how to launch webinar with JetWebinar, and you will be happy to know that setting up a webinar is absolutely a no-brainer when it comes to Demio.

It is one of the best webinar hosting solution that is easy to use and even beats gotowebinar. I am also a fan of their user interface that makes things pretty easy for novel users.

One great feature in Demio is that you can ‘hide’ those tools that you are currently not using.

Great for productivity, and efficiency! Demio is also very easy to integrate with other CRMs and automation tools.

However, as compared to JetWebinar where does Demio stand?

JetWebinar vs Demio

Type of Customer Base

Demio webinar software isn’t for everyone. Only if your target customer size is 1000+ can you think about using Demio as a webinar hosting solution provider.

On the other hand, JetWebinar is for businesses of all sizes. Your target customer size could be 2 or 2000, JetWebinar can be used to host your webinars with ease.

Whether you are small, medium, or an enterprise level company, JetWebinar can be your go-to webinar option.

However, Demio webinar software is mostly for SaaS companies who want to scale very rapidly.


Both the options are priced at the same level. They both offer free trials. None of them offers free versions.

Email Personalisation and Integrations

All these points give JetWebinar an overall rating higher than Demio.

Apart from this, JetWebinar wins because the option to personalize emails makes it a complete marketing solution.

However, for sending out emails using Demio you will have to integrate it with solutions such as mailchimp, which means extra work!

Also, Demio doesn’t offer an in-built page builder, unlike Jetwebinar.

Just like with JetWebinars, in Demio also you can schedule and automate webinars. Campaign analysis, Insight reports and performance tracking make it easy to see how your efforts have paid off.

Demio Insight Report

However, affiliate tracking is a feature that makes JetWebinar again much stronger a competitor in front of Demio.

Demio’s basic plan gets you only 50 live attendees while that of JetWebinar gets you 100. That’s almost double. Maximum on demand attendees that JetWebinar allows is unlimited.

What Demio does best?

What Demio does best?

All this said, there are a few things that make Demio one of the best alternatives to tools like WebEx. For example, its power to comprehend data is unmatched.

The tool gives you very specific data about your own customers, which is your webinar audience.

The analytics feature in Demio does this with such charm and ease, that it completely wins you over.

Details and data about your audience are available at a granular level making it extremely easy for you to assess your audience and make customizations as per their behaviour.

You can tell how your audience is reacting to your webinar, for example, who were the attendees, who dropped off midway, who registered but failed to attend all together, and who sat through the entire session etc.

Demio People Report

Another interesting feature that makes me a Demio fan, along with a loyal JetWebinar user, is the user-friendliness that the former offers.

It is not just me but a lot of people have found the user interface friendly to use.

Demio is superior when it comes to ease of use and integration, mark my work for that.

Although a lot of tools offer a host of integrations, the whole process is very time consuming and cumbersome.

This is not the case with Demio.

This is why most marketers in SaaS companies love Demio and try their best to switch to this newly emerging webinar hosting platform.

Moreover, Demio has full API with Zapier, which is something that makes it very easy to integrate Demio with a very wide range of smart applications.

Last word in favor of Demio – it enables interaction and engagement, and makes webinars fun.

Using the public chat feature, you can open up new chat each time for each of the webinar attendees and brainstorm ideas over the public chat.

The whole experience becomes more meaningful and enjoyable when there is two way communication happening, instead of one.

JetWebinar, as we’ve discussed before, also makes this possible.

Parameters Jetwebinar vs Demio
What do we like?Works well for businesses of all sizes. Offer plenty of features for more engagement.
What we don’t like? Don’t offer sales and marketing features. Not a great option for small businesses.
Best for: All business sizes Saas companies scaling rapidly
Pricing The paid plan starts at $397/mo The paid plan starts at $99/mo
Jetwebinar vs Demio
Demio G2 review
G2 grid webinar software

Our Experience

Our Experience

There are a number of webinar hosting service providers, with gotowebinar being one of the most popular ones.

However, there are a number of other webinar software that are available to marketers nowadays.

As the idea is not just to ‘host’ a webinar but to focus on the whole experience, as well as ease of a marketers job, the webinar solutions that do it all and do it all the best will rise to the top.

Some of the alternatives that have just emerged and are quickly gaining ground are names like JetWebinar and Demio.

Though both these alternatives are leading webinar hosting service providers, there are a few things such as an in-built page builder that make JetWebinar win against Demio.

However, it is ultimately for the user to decide what suits his requirements the best. That is why we’d ask you to go and sign-up for a free trial for both.

Have you already tried demio or JetWebinar? Which webinar platform are you using and why? If you want to discuss more around webinar hosting, drop in a comment. We’ll get in touch.


Questions asked while getting started with JetWebinar:

How helpful are webinars?

Webinars are one of the most affordable options available that helps to educate your audience regarding your product and its benefits. It can also be used for training purposes.

Why do businesses need webinar?

The main purpose of the webinar is to educate an audience through an online platform. It is easy to use and affordable option for marketing your products.

Which is better webinar platform: JetWebinar or WebinarJam?

Jet Webinar software is a better webinar platform as WebinarJam is a bit pricier. Jetwebinar is a complete webinar marketing automation platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes.

How many attendees can be added in JetWebinar webinar?

The minimum number of attendees that you can add in your webinar is 100 live attendees at a price of $63.

Is JetWebinar free and is it cloud based? 

No, JetWebinar is not free but they offer a free trial with each of their plans. Yes, it is cloud based platform.

How  much does JetWebinar cost?

JetWebinar is available in three pricing plans: 
Silver: $63/mo
Gold: $157/mo
Platinum: $397/mo

What are recurring automated webinars?

Recurring automated webinars are pre-recorded and scheduled to go live automatically. Businesses who cannot on webinars can use automated webinars and save themselves from all the hassle involved with creating webinars continuously.

Which is the best webinar tool?

The best webinar tool is WebinarJam if pricing is not an issue. In other cases, Jetwebinar and Demio are great options that are user-friendly and easy to use.

Can someone see you in a webinar?

The presenter cannot see or hear the audience. But the audience has the ability to submit their questions if they want to.

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava

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  1. JetWebinar is new in the market that is why I guess I encountered several bugs during my use. For example, I wanted to share a screen during a webinar, but it got stuck. I think these are minor bugs that are common in the initial stages and will get better with time.

    • Sorry you experienced that Willie! If you send us a support request we can figure out the problem with you. Sometimes if there are other camera extensions that prevent our service to share your screen. It can possibly be that. Let us know if you’d like us to help you out 🙂

  2. I had heard a lot about gotomeeting, clickmeeting and demio but didn’t know much about jetwebinar. Your review is quite an eye opener and will surely try jetwebinar in the future.