15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available

As a seasoned software developer and analyst, I explored various Salesforce alternatives, focusing on small to medium-sized businesses seeking cost-effective CRM solutions. This guide provides a detailed comparison of top competitors like Keap, FreshSales, and Zoho CRM, evaluating features like ease of use, customization, and pricing. I emphasize the importance of simplicity and affordability for smaller businesses, offering insights to help them find a CRM that fits their specific needs and budget.
salesforce alternatives

Salesforce is a technology that brought an enhanced version of a customer relationship management tool for the industry to make the most of.

The technology has been built for sales professionals to help them analyze their target market, customer interactions and gauge their needs before pitching a business product to them.

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In fact, as per a recent survey, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees now use CRM software.

salesforce alternatives

Salesforce CRM is an industry leader in this field.

Salesforce has approximately three times the market share as compared to the vendors vying for the number 2 position.


A smart blend of following technologies has made Salesforce crm software more efficient and best amongst the rest.

  • Cloud based
  • Flexibility
  • Networking and Community Building
  • Analytics
  • Automation
Salesforce Analytics Cloud based
Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Although Salesforce is a great CRM software, there is always an urge to find something more compelling and new, businesses have naturally started looking for effective alternatives to Salesforce crm, especially for small businesses.

The relatively new CRM software in the industry bank upon two factors that the consumers are constantly looking for:

keep it simple tools for sales process and project management
  • Simplicity: The first thing is that some Salesforce crm services are futile for medium and small businesses. Secondly, some users have commented that they haven’t been able to use the full product or unlock its full potential for it is not easy to use.
  • Better Pricing: Small businesses need affordable solutions, but Salesforce CRM software tends to go a bit bold with their pricing.

These are also the top two reasons for businesses to look around for alternatives to Salesforce CRM.

Now let us checkout the best Salesforce alternatives in the market:

1. Keap: Recognized salesforce alternative

The setup process for Keap (formerly InfusionSoft) is a bit on the difficult side of things.

You need to go through a couple of phone calls before you can make the payment.

The idea behind this is that you understand the product thoroughly before you go through the payments at all, which is great because you get rid of the wrong expectations in the first step itself.

Key Features of Keap are:

(a) Kickstarter Sessions

The kickstarting sessions are a paid feature, but they are an excellent way to figure your way around almost instantly instead of having to go through hit and trial methods which lead you basically, nowhere.

Saving time and efforts is the first objective of getting the software to do things for you, isn’t it?

(b) Marketing automation

Marketing campaigns being the first step to targeting your audience with relevant communication, this is where you begin with your sales.

You may start with email campaigns, landing pages, and emails designed on HTML/CSS or in a WYSIWYG.

Further, you may schedule these posts as per the required date and time or even by directly feeding in an approximate period when you’d like to send out the campaign your list of recipients.

Infusionsoft campaign builder

(c) Sending Quick Mails

The Quick Mail feature available on your Keap dashboard will let you send emails directly from your Gmail account if you prefer so.

(d) Tracking Customer Activity

After sending out emails and targeted campaigns with the Keap’s analytics you get to know who has made the efforts to open your emails, how many of them have responded and the exact number of those who chose not to.

infusionsoft customer activity

(e) Community Building and Networking

Keap is one of those companies that believe in building a loyal community for them. And the approach has ended up creating a robust network that will help you out whenever you’re stuck.

(f) Going Mobile

The mobile version of Keap is quite efficient and encompasses only the basic levels of marketing sales features and a simple payments integration.

It further offers the convenience of accessing your sales and marketing data on the go.

The UI of the application appears to be neat, leaving the clutter of hordes of features out of the way.

infusionsoft mobile

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $200 per month and goes up to $600 per month for ten users. 

ParametersSalesforce vsKeap
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsLead score in their CRM
Stable platform
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Gets expensive as your business scales
Best forBig businesses with complex needsA great option for entrepreneurs.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $79/mo
Salesforce cdm vs Keap comparison table

UpdateKeap has introduced several features to help users to comply with most of the GDPR and CCPA guidelines. These features will make it easy to anonymize the personal data and make consent management easier.

A widely popular and quite an extensive platform, Freshdesk houses many products under its umbrella.

One of them being a CRM which goes by the name of FreshSales.

FreshSales has some brilliantly built features, designed for the success of any business.

Freshdesk sales crm- salesforce alternatives
[01] Freshdesk Capterra review

Features overview of FreshSales:

(a) Event Tracking

Event Tracking system logs the entire journey of your customer onto the system in chronological order.

This systematic approach gives a storyline to each who need not be repeated in case the customer gets transferred to a different sales professional making the entire customer support service smooth.

freshdesk FreshSales Ticketing System

(b) Behaviour Based Segmentation

Once the activities and the query storyline has been logged, each activity of the customer get analyzed to determine how engaged the user is.

The feature tracks everything from the sales interaction to engagement pattern on the website for a clear timeline view.

It further tracks email and the responses to them to know how interested the user is- for further segmentation and quick actions to be taken by the sales teams.

freshdesk behaviour based segmentation

(c) Third Party Integrations

FreshSales has some brilliant third party integrations that will take care of all your business needs.

The integration with FreshSales supports the entire ticketing system, for you to plan your sales conversations better. It is a great tool for customer support teams.

There is also integration with FreshChat which automatically picks up conversations from the website chat and categorizes these people as Leads on to your CRM.

freshchat freshdesk

Not to mention Google Calendar that takes care of all your events and important dates for you to never miss another appointment.

ParametersSalesforce vsFreshsales
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsEasy to setup
Intuitive interface
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Lack basic filtering features
Best forBig businesses with complex needsA great option for small businesses .
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $15/mo
Salesforce vs Freshsales comparison table

Pricing: There’s a free trial offered for 30 days, which is longer than any other CRM’s free trial period.

3. ConvergeHub: Strong alternative to salesforce

A tool catering to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

It is a budget-friendly CRM tool that offers several features from one dashboard:

Billing and invoicing, customer service, sales, and marketing.

ConvergeHub crm pricing
Convergehub pricing plans
  • The features of this tool are customizable that can be adapted as per your growing business needs.
  • ConvergeHub promises to offer full value for money where you get enterprise-grade features but priced for small businesses.
  • As you manage various aspects of your business from one place, you have a consistent message exchange, and you can leverage diverse communication mediums.
  • The paid plan of this tool starts @ $11 per month.
ParametersSalesforce vsConvergehub
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsHighly customizable
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Learning curve
UI/UX needs improvement
Best forBig businesses with complex needsSmall businesses
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $9/user/mo
Salesforce vs Convergehub comparison table

4. Brevo: Brilliant alternative to Salesforce

Brevo has come out as a fierce competitor in the field of salesforce alternatives. Their CRM software is helpful to keep track of employees and manage customer relationships

salesforce alternative that helps small businesses and makes it easy to manage sales team

Key features offered by Brevo CRM:

a.) Easy setup

Brevo is super easy to use and setup. Just upload your contact information and manage your customer relationships without any hassle. 

b.) Centralize your contact information

salesforce alternative for sales team , sales force automation from one place

You can record all the information related to your customers at one place that includes notes during calls, relevant documents and any other updates that are related to them. 

c.) Organize similar featured contacts

salesforce alternative that offers ease of use with crm features

Based on similar characteristics you can group your contacts and put them in the respective conversion sales funnel. 

d.) Manage your team

With Brevo CRM software, you can assign specific tasks with a deadline to your team members and keep track of their actions.

The marketing automation system of the Brevo is reliable that can help you plan and send out follow-up emails depending on the type of customers you have.

Brevo - salesforce crm alternative that also offers email templates with sales automation and sales marketing
Sendiblue Quora discussion

e.) Fulfil your email marketing automation needs

You can connect with your customers through all the communication mediums that include email marketing, SMS marketing, and instant chat. 

ParametersSalesforce vsBrevo
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsCompetitive pricing
CRM and automation is good.
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Not very apt for extensive CRM requirements.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsA great option for small to medium sized businesses .
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $25/mo
Salesforce vs Brevo comparison table

5. Nimble: Accredited alternative to Salesforce

Nimble is one of the good alternatives to Salesforce CRM that is well equipped to not only manage your leads, sales and marketing but also to connect with your customer and engage with them in real and relevant conversations for better business.

Feature Highlights of Nimble CRM:

a.) Staying Social With Scheduled Posts

You can integrate your CRM software with your social media channels to share instant or scheduled updates/ posts, without having to shuffle through ten different windows!

Nimble social - alternative to salesforce for sales automation software solutions at low cost

b.) Staying Relevant with Personalized Conversations

The tool’s personalized messaging feature lets you reach out to as many as 300 people a day, with customized messaging.

You can save a lot of your time by just creating a message template, and the feature would update the receiver’s name and their company name before it is sent out.

c.) Updating with Advanced Search

The tool lets you filter and find contacts that match your exact criteria. You fill in the search area criteria in various \fields.

Once you have filled in the search criteria, hit the search button and all relevant results would appear before you.

Nimble advanced search with name email address

d.) Staying Connected with ‘Stay in Touch’

The feature helps you remain in contact with the clients you feel can be most crucial to your business.

All you need to do is, on your contact list, select a contact and look for the ‘Clock’ button.

Nimble stay in touch

e.) Emailing with Outlook Importer

It’s a bummer that Nimble, a platform winning at the integration game so far, has no integration with Outlook.

However, Nimble provides a feature where you can export an Outlook CSV File and then import the same on your Nimble’s Outlook Importer.

Settings >> Networks & Imports >> Outlook Importer!

The key features that make Nimble stand out are its focus on Social Listening, Social Integration, and Social Contacts, Nimble has tried to make sales not just about business, but about building relationships with clients.

Update: Nimble is GDPR and CCPA compliant and is also privacy shield certified. You can continue using Nimble without any GDPR and CCPA concerns. Also, all the data storage processes of Nimble are GDPR and CCPA complied.

ParametersSalesforce vsNimble
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsGenerou free trial
Great communication management
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Not great automation features
Best forBig businesses with complex needsA great option for entrepreneurs.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $19/mo
Salesforce vs Nimble comparison table

Pricing: Nimble offers a 14-day free version with all its features ready to be used. Post the free trial period, and it costs $25 per license per month.

6. Zoho CRM: Certified Salesforce alternative

Zoho has emerged as one of the most popular CRM platforms for small businesses across the world.

A company with its origins in India is known for robustness and cost-effective pricing plans.

Zoho CRM key features include:

(a) Avoid Contact Duplicity

Many times, CRM users end up creating a long list of duplicate contacts in their list.

However, on Zoho, while changing contact statuses, the user is asked if the modification has to be made to an existing contact or a new contact.

By placing this one filter in the process, the complete duplication challenge is overcome in a few seconds.

zoho avoid duplicacy that improve customer management system

(b) Process Automation

This feature on Zoho CRM offers a seamless completion of tasks and a smooth running of the process machinery at all times.

(c) Reports and Dashboards

Reports and charts help you get a good look at your sales performance, basis which, appropriate steps can be taken to improve.

Zoho CRM solution wins at creating rich reports that are customizable, allowing you to include bar, funnel, pie and line charts as you please.

zoho reports and dashboards

(d) Integration with Zoho Apps and Telephony

Zoho has an extensive list of applications built to create a robust sales and marketing management eco-system.

The platform comes with a host of other applications for sales professionals to make the most of.  For example:

  • Zoho Projects lets you plan and follow all your projects without making you go through tedious processes.
  • Zoho Support for you to monitor all your customer tickets from within the CRM account. It improves the customer experience.
  • Telephony – Zoho PhoneBridge is an excellent tool integration for you to make and receive business calls inside your CRM.

zoho telephony

(e) Zoho Surveys

This tool of Zoho CRM let you create your own Surveys and get responses from across your contacts on the CRM platform.

It further assesses and analyses these responses for you to make sense of and then eventually take appropriate steps.

This feature is a boon for small businesses as they get comprehensive details at a cheap price.

zoho surveys

(f) Going Social

Since the social media has become such a crucial part of the customer relationship management, on the whole, Zoho has not forgotten about it either.

Apart from all the other integrations and add-ons that the platform offers, they also have high integrations with social media channels.

Zoho Social

Through this integration, you can not only stay connected with your existing contacts but also get a chance to look for prospects and discover new leads across social media platforms.

Zoho sales crm- salesforce crm alternative
[02] Zoho CRM Quora discussion

Update: Zoho CRM is fully equipped to adhere to the GDPR and CCPA guidelines. They have introduced a new option compliance settings in their setup panel.  It can be used to manage everything ranging from updation of the lawful bases for the records to drafting consent forms.

ParametersSalesforce vsZoho CRM
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsFlexible pricing plans
Provides social media analytics
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Customer support not very powerful.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsSmall businesses and non profit organizations.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $12/user/mo
Salesforce vs ZohoCrm comparison table

Pricing: Plans start from $12 per month and go up to $100 per month for an ultimate plan.


7. Base CRM (Now Part of Zendesk): Strong Salesforce alternative

Time is precious so it is a wise idea to automate processes and to have all of them huddled together onto one single platform.

Shuffling between application can delay your response time, and platforms like Base (now part of Zendesk) have been built to combat exactly that.

Let’s check out the features for a closer look at the CRM that is about to transform your business:

Base CRM key features:

(a) Automatic Built-in dialer

A major part of a sales professional’s life goes into making calls and keeping records of these calls somewhere in the database.

Base has introduced a brilliant feature that makes it easier for your sales team to make phone calls with the ‘Click-to-call’ feature.

It further goes on to maintain call logs, sending alerts when there’s a new call or a follow- up required.

auto dialer getbase

(b) Email Intelligence

Under this feature on Base CRM, you get to know if your email was even opened by the recipient, you also get to customize the email templates and even receive real-time notifications for all actions taken basis your email!

Email Intelligence such as this will help your sales team enhance their sales and mailing techniques, delivering better email campaigns for improved results.

email intelligence getbase

(c) Lead Line-ups

Base CRM offers another interesting feature by the name of ‘Lead Prioritization’ which helps you focus better on the Hot Leads that are more likely to bring you business, over the ones that may or may not convert.

lead prioritization getbase

Base CRM efficiently takes care of your sales and marketing, and lead management for smarter sales.

ParametersSalesforce vsBase CRM
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsClean user interface
No learning curve
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Very limited automation options
Doesn’t allow you to create workflows
Best forBig businesses with complex needssmall and mid sized businesses
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/mo
Salesforce vs BaseCRM comparison table

Pricing: The platform is offered on a free trial for 14 days. The basic pack is available at a price of $25 per user per month, which covers sales tracking and customer management for up to five users.

8. PipelineDeals: Premiere Salesforce alternative

Another relationship management platform built in modern times to tackle sales challenges with advanced solutions, PipelineDeals has a host of features that can successfully boost your sales process.

Pipelinedeals key features :

(a) Pipeline Overview

The pipeline of deals in your sales funnel is something that can point towards relevant projections for the future sales revenues.

By analyzing data in the CRM, PipelineDeals gives life to a summarized report for you to take a quick glance through it.

Through this report, you can easily keep track of your pipeline volume, sales velocity as well as wins and losses.

pipeline overview

(b) Automation

Since automation is an integral part of any relationship management system, a particular focus has been made on this feature by PipelineDeals.

Lead management and sales can become quite a task, sometimes losing track of the next step that needs to be taken for better conversions.

Combating this challenge, automation on PipelineDeals creates workflows to close your deals with an improved turnaround time.

This feature takes care of an entire host of tasks- from prompting the next action to be taken and notifying the team managers of a closing deal with alerts, to viewing your sales pipeline from start to finish as well as creating a new deal when a recurring deal closes.

pipeline automation

(c) Account Customization

This brilliant offering lets the user customize his account to change the look and feel of the application as per his suitability.

pipeline Account Customization
ParametersSalesforce vsPipelinedeals
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsGreat for email marketing
Easy to use friendly interface
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Not too many integrations
Best forBig businesses with complex needsCompanies looking for an affordable to boost their sales process.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/mo
Salesforce vs PipelineDeals comparison table

Pricing: The packages offered by PipelineDeals start at $19 per user per month. You can also get custom integrations if required. There is also a free plan available for each of the packages, for 14 days.

9. Engagebay: Rich alternative to Salesforce

EngageBay is an affordable solution that offers sales, marketing, and service activities into one. With this software, you can automate key business processes and routine tasks and focus your energies to maintain and grow your business.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 1

Its features include email marketing, CRM, sales, live chat, and marketing automation. The best thing is that you can manage all of it from one platform.

Engagebay has plenty of tools that for landing pages to lead management. Other features include a scheduler, contact management, deal pipeline, and an assignable tasks feature. 

Features by Engagebay

Attract targeted audience:  Engagebay helps you attract the right kind of audience with its marketing tools. You can use it to publish content on your social media channels or run social ads and attract the right kind of audience.

It offers plenty of landing page templates that attract customers and convert them into leads. 

Engage visitors: The helpdesk software of Engagebay allows you to connect with your customer in real-time and answer their queries instantly. You can also display messages based on their browsing behaviour to improve engagement further.  

Lead Nurturing: You can also nurture your leads by running SMS and email campaigns. You can also create personalized emails based on consumer behaviour. Focus on the best lead with the help of lead scoring. 

Qualified lead identification: You can identify the best quality leads and hand them over to your sales team to maximize the conversion potential. Your sales team can get a detailed overview of the customers by accessing your marketing campaign data

With the help of these valuable insights, the chances of getting the conversion increases. 

Close sales: You can also streamline all your sales processes and close deals with the engagement’s sales and quote management tools. It also allows you to send and manage invoices from the CRM itself so you can always map it with the right customers. 

Make customers your brand ambassador:  As Engagebay offers powerful helpdesk software, you can provide impressive customer support. It will lead to having a loyal customer base that can be your brand ambassadors. 

All in all, Engagebay is all about engaging and providing the customer with the best of everything with personalized emails to instant helpdesk support. 


Engagebay offers four plans that you can opt for depending on your needs. As Engagebay is an all in one software, it provides a plan where you can use all of its features, and the other ones are individual plans where you can select the one you need.

All of the plans are further divided into free, basic, growth and pro, which are based on the number of total contacts you have and additional features. 

The four plans are: 

All in one plan: This plan starts at $14.99/user/mo, where you get 1000 contacts and 3000 branded emails, email marketing, CRM software, helpdesk software and live chat.  You get 40% off with their biennial plan.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 2
Engagebay all in one pricing

Marketing: The second plan is the marketing that starts at $12.99/user/mo, where you get landing page builder, lead scoring, SMS marketing and Tag manager and a lot more.  Check the below image to find what features does this plan offers.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 3
Marketing plan pricing

CRM and sales bay: The third plan is the Service bay which starts at $12.99/user/mo. It helps you with contact management, multiple deals, email tracking, appointment scheduling. 

 Service bay: You can get the helpdesk chat and desk feature for free.

ParametersSalesforce vsEngagebay
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsSimple to setup
Sequencing and automation very good
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. The UI needs uplift.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsGreat option for small as well as big businesses.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $29.99 user/mo
Salesforce vs Engagebay comparison table

Note: The pricing mentioned is on monthly basis the pricing changes with yearly(20% off) and biennial(40% off) plans.

10. Copper: Risk-free Salesforce alternative

While Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) is not so widely known in the CRM industry yet, the product does have a few key features that qualify it as one of the strong alternatives to Salesforce CRM.

It has all essential features of a CRM but what makes it stand out is its tight integration with Google apps.

Contact management and sales pipeline  managed by this salesforce alternative also good for small business
[03] Copper G2 review

Key Features of Copper

(a) Integration with GSuite

For businesses that closely follow and use Google Workplace / Suite (Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Inbox and Gmail), this CRM is a boon that you just can’t avoid using.

Its seamless integration with Google Apps makes your life much easier as it eliminates manual data entry and even sends alerts when sales processes aren’t followed.

prosperworks Gsuite Integrgation
Integrations with other g suite software solutions

(b) Automated Tasks

The app automates steps so that the sales team can focus on selling more than anything else.

Everything is taken care of- from sending calendar invites and setting follow-up tasks to updating statuses and even sending out proposals.

copper automated tasks

(c) Sales Goals

This feature allows you to set up goals for your sales teams or even individuals by marketing revenues, opportunities, emails sent and calls to be made, among others.

You can view their progress report to keep track of their activities and even see the overall performance before you decide to coach your reps.

goal setting copper
ParametersSalesforce vsCopper
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsintegration with G suite
Customer support is good
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Limited features
Best forBig businesses with complex needsNot for businesses with extensive needs.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $19/user/mo
Salesforce vs Copper comparison table

Pricing: Copper is available in 3 plans basic, professional and business. The basic plan starts at $19 per user/month billed annually. All of the plans offer a 14-day free trial plan.

11. SuiteDash : Tested alternative to Salesforce

SuiteDash is an all in one tool that satisfies the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage multiple operations from one single place.

As small and medium-sized businesses don’t have big budgets to invest in multiple tools SuiteDash very easily solves this problem.

SuiteDash allows you to do project management , invoicing , time tracking and billing, email and marketing, client management and everything else that you can think of.

Features of SuiteDash

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 4

CRM +Automation

You can create funnels and landing pages as you need or create unlimited custom fields in CRM.

With SuiteDash, you can easily automate your lead generation and onboarding process.


It allows you to create invoices as well as receive payments directly in the portal. In addition to that, it also provides a subscription payment and membership solution that can help you as well as your client.

Cloud file storage -transfer

With this, you can quickly upload files and download them whenever needed. You can also ask your clients to upload their files with file requests and leverage shared folders’ power.

Cloud proposals and e-signing

SuiteDash also provides features to create beautiful proposals that can be easily reviewed and accepted. It also creates auto- generate invoice, additional contracts, and allows e-signing as well.

Email marketing and drip campaigns

A business cannot run without email marketing software. SuiteDash allows you to create email campaigns as well as set autoresponders. You can either manually send emails or schedule them to be sent at a specific time.

Secure messaging and live chat

Communication is also made easier with SuiteDash where you can communicate with your team as well as the client in a secure way.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 5

Appointment booking and automation

You can also add an appointment booking page to your website or create a stand-alone booking page. You can configure everything for booking such as appointment type, and automated action when a booking is done.


15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 6
Suitedash pricing

The most interesting thing is the pricing. With so many features at hand how much will SuiteDash actually cost?

Let me tell you the pricing is definitely worth considering. SuiteDash is available in three plans start , thrive and Pinnacle.

  • The start plan is priced at $19/mo and offers unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited staff/team, unlimited portals, fully branded experience, 100GB file storage and more.
  • The thrive plan priced at $49/mo has everything that you get in start +email marketing toolkit, a total of 500 GB storage, folder structure profiles, deal stage pipelines.
  • The Pinnacle plan is priced at $99/mo where you get FLOWs automation toolkit, LMS and other advanced features.
ParametersSalesforce vsSuiteDash
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsAll in one tool at affordable price
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. The design is very dated.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsMedium sized businesses
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $19/mo
Salesforce vs SuiteDash comparison table

12. Plutio: Bonus alternative to Salesforce

It is an all-in- one management tool that help small businesses and freelancers to manage their work with ease. With Plutio once can perform a myriad of operations such as project tracking , time tracking , task management , invoicing and others.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 7

Key features of Plutio :


The CRM feature of Plutio is quite powerful. It helps you to build and strengthen customer relationships with full ease. You can invite people to collaborate on projects and every person added has a unique profile that contains all the data you need to know.

Feature rich inbox

Plutio comes with a robust inbox that helps to keep all the communication in place. You can either use real-time messaging or even integrated emails. Features such as live chat, snooze, auto draft, canned responses, email sync, chat widgets make the entire communication a breeze.

Time management

The time management feature offered by Plutio is very powerful. You can keep a track of total time logged, billable hours , non-billable hours as real-time stats. The timesheets allow you to view your employees worked hours and time entries against each task.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 8
Time tracking withPlutio


The invoicing feature makes sure that you get paid in time. With features like multiple currency support, subscriptions, multiple payment methods, discounts, issue and due dates in its arsenal it is unlikely to go wrong with this tool.

Apart from the aforementioned features Plutio also offers proposals, contracts, forms and surveys and file manager.


Plutio is available in three plans Solo, studio and team. The solo plan is priced at $15/mo where you get access to all feature but client collaboration and contributions is not allowed. It works best for individual and freelancers.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 9
Plutio pricing
  • The studio plan is $20/mo which gives you access to client portal but you can’t invite contributors.
  • The last one is team plan at $30/mo that allows clients as well as contributors.
  • You can also get white-label at $9/mo as an add-on.
ParametersSalesforce vsPlutio
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsA lot of features packed in one.
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. No tutorial to explain on how to use it.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsFreelancers , small teams and businesses.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $15/mo
Salesforce vs Plutio comparison table

13. Agile CRM: Knockout Salesforce alternative

The next tool on our list is Agile CRM, an apt choice for small to mid-sized companies. Like other tools mentioned in this guide, it also integrates sales, marketing, social media and marketing automation into one centralized hub.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 10

With this, you can manage customer reports, analytics, marketing from one place. All in all, it is a great option if you want to improve engagement in various medium. Agile CRM shines with its free plan for small businesses and startups.

Key features of Agile CRM :

Contact management

Contact management is a must for every business. With Agile CRM you can keep your contacts organized and at the same time add valuable information about the customer such as how they interacted with your brand.

It helps to create a personalized relationship with your customer.

Project management

It helps to keep a track of all your projects, tasks and teams so you never miss a deadline due to miscommunication or lose track of project progress.

Schedule appointments

The online scheduling feature always ensures that your meeting and date for appointment are never missed or lost. Say bye to people saying oh! we didn’t get the invite.

Landing page builder

Create beautiful landing pages with this tool and take your marketing efforts to a new level. It is a comparatively newer feature but definitely a very useful one.

Social CRM

Social media has become imperative for businesses to boost their sales and marketing. This feature lets you connect with your customer base by integrating with various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Agile CRMmay comes as slightly expensive when compared to other CRM tools in the market but offers a discount if you pay for one or two years in advance.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 11
Agile CRM pricing

The best part is the free version for up to 10 users, which is a good deal for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs.

The Starter tier is priced at $14.99/month per user (reduced to $9.99/month/user if you pay annually, or $8.99 if you pay for two years).

The Regular tier, come with extra service-oriented options for $49.99/month/user (or $39.99/month/ user if billed annually, or $29.99 biennially).

 Enterprise tier is priced at $79.99/month /user ($64.99/month/ user billed annually, and $47.99 for two years).

ParametersSalesforce vsAgile CRM
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsDecent price
Segmentation of targeted audience.
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. The UI needs improvement
Best forBig businesses with complex needsSolopreneurs and small businesses
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $14.99/mo/user
Salesforce vs AgileCRM comparison table

14. Flowlu: No-fail alternative to Salesforce

With a unique name to its hat, there are plenty of other elements that make this business management tool worth considering. A powerful feature set that accommodates project management from invoicing to time tracking to finance tracking all bundled in this one software.

Let us have a walkthrough the features to understand this tool in a much better light.

Key features of Flowlu :

Online CRM

Easily manage all you sales opportunities , track each and every customer interaction and plan new activities while keeping everything in one place.

Project management

Tracking project progress, prioritizing tasks, calculating project revenue and forecasting costs all from one panel. Also, invoice your clients directly from the project. You can also keep a track of any roadblocks in a project in the issue log.

Collaboration tools

Flowlu offers collaboration tools such as online instant messenger to share work updates and keep everything in the loop. With comments and mentions, one can easily discuss work-related matters or leave notes or take advice.

Company feed allows you to share all the latest updates and happenings and broadcast any urgent announcements.

Mind maps

I found this feature quite interesting. Businesses need to reinvent themselves from time to time, depending on a lot of factors. Mind maps are a great way to discover new insights, brainstorm new ideas, share complex ideas in a simple form and record visual notes.

Moreover, it comes with an easily shareable link that can be shared with team members.


Flowlu comes in 5 plans with different number of users and storage.

Free : It allows 2 users and offer 1 GB of storage with unlimited projects and tasks.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 12

Team: It is priced at $39/mo allows 8 users and 10 GB storage with all the features in the Free plan with additional task automation, email integration and time tracking features.

Business: This plan is priced at $74/mo allows 16 users, 50 Gb storage, with all the features in the team plan and additional unlimited knowledge bases and custom fields.

Professional: Priced at $149/mo allows 25 users, 100 GB storage, custom logo and advanced reports.

Enterprise: This plan comes at $249/mo allows unlimited users,1000 GB storage and a custom domain in addition to all the features in the professional plan.

ParametersSalesforce vsFlowlu
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsVery good for task management
Extensive range of reporting
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Mobile app is not polished
Best forBig businesses with complex needsSmall to medium sized businesses.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $39/mo
Salesforce vs FlowLu comparison table

Click here to know the details of pricing plans.

15. Agiled: Delightful Salesforce alternative

Agiled is another business and work management platform that helps businesses manage everything from one place. The one thing that makes Agiled a comfortable choice for businesses is its well-structured interface that doesn’t have much learning curve.

Agiled offers CRM tools to HRM to project management to billing to invoicing tools, and many other business-essential features.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 13
Features that Agiled offers

Key features of Agiled :

White label ready client portal

This is one of the impressive features that Agiled offers boldly that is using a custom domain and white lable option. You can use it in your client portal with no mention of the software name anywhere.

Other tools also offer this service but you have to opt for higher tier plans.

Workflow automation

Repetitive tasks often take a toll on the company employees. But, with workflow automation, you can easily automate repetitive tasks such as sending invoices, emails, forms and contracts etc to your clients without delay.


You can also create professional contracts quickly and send them to your clients in no time. There are several types available to categorize your contracts so that it becomes easy to sort out when needed.

Finance management

Easily manage expenses with the finance management feature of Agiled where you can send out professional invoices, create and track estimates, receive and send payments. It offers integration with payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal and Razorpay.

Client onboarding

You can create multi-step onboarding flows where you can add multiple steps that you want your client to fulfil. Add content that you want your client to read during the onboarding process.

Other than these features Agiled also offers time tracking, projects management, subscription billing, manage employees and teams and appointment scheduling.


Pricing of Agiled seems to be quite impressive where you can try each plan for free with no credit card details. Also, you can ask for a refund within 14 days with no questions asked.

15 GPT-Based Salesforce Alternatives: Free Trial Available 14
Agiled pricing

Agiled is available in 4 plans:

  • Solo : $7/mo ; allows 1 member
  • Starter : $15/mo ; allows 5 members
  • Premium : $45/mo ; allows 10 members
  • Business : $70/mo ; allows 15 members
ParametersSalesforce vsAgiled
What do we like?A lot of customization optionsEasy to use
White labelling features
Robust time tracking
What we don’t like?Expensive and not very apt for non-technical users. Time is an issue as it is a new tool.
Best forBig businesses with complex needsSmall and medium sized businesses and freelancers.
PricingThe paid plan starts @ $25/user/moThe paid plan starts @ $7/mo
Salesforce vs Agiled comparison table

An overview of all the Salesforce alternatives discussed in this guide:

Salesforce AlternativesPricingFeatures Summary
BrevoPaid plan starts at $25/moWhat is good?
The CRM and automation of Brevo is good
Offers a lot at competitive pricing.
What is not good?
Not suited for enterprises and big businesses having extensive CRM needs.
NimblePaid plans start at $19/month.What is good?
Affordable pricing.
Host of integrations with Google apps.
 Solid communication management.
Generous free trial.
What is not good?
 Lacks powerful marketing automation
No autoresponder functionality.
Zoho CRMPaid plan starts at $12/user per month.What is good?
Flexible pricing.
Host of integrations with Google apps.
Provides social media data analysis
What is not good?
Not very easy to set up
Customer support lacks promptness.
InfusionSoft (now Keap)Paid plans start at $56/moWhat is good?
 Lead scoring in their CRM
Good customer support and vast knowledge base.
Stable and fast platform.
What is not good?
It is not an ideal choice if you “only want CRM”.
Gets expensive as you scale.
GetBaseThe paid plans start at $45/seat/mo billed annually.What is good?
Click to call and lead prioritizing feature
Easy to use and get started.
What is not good?
Not as powerful as other competitors.
FreshdeskThe paid plan starts at $15/mo
What is good?

Easy to setup and supportive interface
Good for managing customers for small businesses.
What is not good?
Doesn’t have basic filters such as filtering emails based on date.
 Automation features are very limited.
PipelineDealsThe paid plan starts at $25 per user per monthWhat is good?
 Easy to use and friendly interface
Good for medium-sized businesses.
Powerful email marketing making it easy to reach ou to potential customers.
What is not good?
 Integrations are very limited.
CopperThe cheapest plan starts at $19/mo/userWhat is good?
Offers good integrations especially with Gsuite
Customer support is good.
What is not good?
Limited features when compared to other CRM platforms.
Not an ideal choice for big businesses.
Salesforce alternatives to check

How to Choose best Salesforce Alternative?

To help you reach a decision we have curated a small list to take into account when finding your ideal CRM tool:

  • Objective/Goal of using a CRM: What exactly you want your crm software for? Chart out the list of goals that you want to achieve through CRM tools.
  • Pricing: All businesses are different and so is their budget. Find a tool that suits your requirements and fits your pocket in the long run.
  • User Adoption period: How long will the CRM take to be implemented in your business? How easy to use is the crm software and how good is the customer support?
  • Ability to customize the CRM: Go through all the features that the CRM has to offer and analyze it to see if it will adapt as per your needs.
Best salesforce alternative for contact management
Best CRM tool Crozdesk market radar

What are some good alternatives to Salesforce?

Some good alternatives to Salesforce are Aritic, Brevo, Nimble, Keap, Hubspot crm and Zoho CRM.

Is Salesforce helpful for startups?

Yes, Salesforce is a great tool for startups as it can help them to manage and store their customer details cleanly.

Which is the best competitor to Salesforce?

The best competitor to SalesForce is SAP CRM, Oracle, HubSpot crm and Microsoft dynamics 365.

Does Salesforce offer a free plan?

Yes, Salesforce offers a free plan with all the features.

How much does Salesforce cost?

SalesForce is available in 4 pricing plans that are:
Essential: $25
Professional: $75
Enterprise: $150
Unlimited: $300

Is Brevo better than Salesforce?

No, Brevo is not better than Salesforce when it comes to complex CRM features although it has a simple learning curve. If you have complicated CRM needs you will like to consider Salesforce.

How much Does Nimble cost?

Nimble is a CRM available at a flat rate and low cost of $25/user/mo. The price changes if you go for an annual plan.

Which is best amongst Brevo, Nimble, Zoho CRM and salesforce?

SalesForce is one of the best options available in the market for sales forecasting and sales marketing. Some reasons why it is the best:
Salesforce sales crm is a scalable software so you can easily make changes to it depending on your business growth.
Data security of this software is pretty good.
The salesforce cloud apps ensure that it remains less expensive.
It is a helpful tool for both salespersons and marketers.

Is there a learning curve that comes with Salesforce?

Salesforce does come with a learning curve since it’s an extensive tool but with the help of the training module offered by Salesforce, you can get the hang of it.

What exactly does Salesforce do?

Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM platform. It unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams for better customer management.

Why is Salesforce a sought-after tool?

Salesforce offers plenty of tools that are not available in other CRM platforms. It is highly scalable, customizable and has a consistently good reputation in the market.

Do you need to know coding to use Salesforce?

No, you do not need coding to use salesforce. It is a low code no-code platform.

What is Salesforce – Paas or Saas

Salesforce is a platform as a service tool. Paas is a cloud computing model where a third party provides the hardware and software over the internet.

Salesforce is powered by which database?

Salesforce uses Oracle to power its databases.


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