GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels: Which is the Right Choice for You?

In my analysis of GetResponse and ClickFunnels, I discovered significant differences in their offerings. GetResponse excels in comprehensive email marketing, with strong autoresponders and detailed analytics, ideal for businesses focused on email campaigns. ClickFunnels, however, specializes in sales funnel creation and management, offering an integrated solution for guiding customers through the sales journey. My choice between the two platforms would depend on whether my focus is on sophisticated email marketing (GetResponse) or robust sales funnel capabilities (ClickFunnels).

Your tools can make or break your marketing efforts in the digital marketing landscape. GetResponse and ClickFunnels are two dominant platforms in this arena, each offering unique benefits and features.

Choosing between these giants is no easy feat, but understanding their core functionalities, differences, and potential impacts on your business can lead to an informed decision.

GetResponse, a comprehensive email marketing platform, provides you with the means to create compelling email content, automate your responses, and analyze the results of your campaigns.

Conversely, ClickFunnels extends its functionalities beyond email marketing, enabling businesses to design and implement effective sales funnels effortlessly.

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The road to digital marketing success begins with the right tools. This comparison guide aims to shed light on these platforms, giving you the clarity you need to make the optimal choice for your business.


What is GetResponse?

Digital marketing has evolved, and email marketing has remained a core component. An Email Marketing Service (EMS) like GetResponse caters to these needs, enabling businesses to connect with their audiences through targeted and personalized email campaigns.

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Email Marketing Service

What is an Email Marketing Service?

An Email Marketing Service is a platform that automates the sending of emails to a subscriber list. It allows businesses to segment their audiences, personalize messages, track email performance, and integrate with other marketing channels. This tool can significantly optimize your marketing efforts, nurturing leads and bolstering customer engagement.

Delving into GetResponse roots, this Poland-based company was founded in 1998 by Simon Grabowski. GetResponse has since become a popular platform, providing exceptional email marketing services to over 350,000 customers worldwide.

GetResponse key features encompass email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, webinars, and CRM functionalities. With its email marketing capabilities, you can create beautiful emails without coding, automate your campaigns, and analyze your results for optimization.

Its landing pages and webinars work in tandem to engage your leads further, while its CRM features allow you to manage your customer relationships more efficiently.

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The benefits of using GetResponse are plentiful. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor, you can design professional emails without technical know-how.

Its automation features enable you to send personalized emails based on customer behavior, increasing engagement. Plus, its robust analytics provides insights to refine your strategies continually.

GetResponse is a comprehensive tool that can enhance your email marketing efforts, helping you connect with your audience on a more personal level.


What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels isn’t merely a marketing tool. It is a comprehensive solution for businesses striving to convert prospects into loyal customers, all on autopilot. Founded by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in 2014, ClickFunnels transformed the online marketing landscape with its novel approach to sales funnels.

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The key features of ClickFunnels include landing page creation, sales funnel construction, email autoresponders, and web hosting, among others. Its drag-and-drop page editor allows businesses to design professional, conversion-optimized landing pages without requiring coding.

Simultaneously, its sales funnel features enable businesses to guide prospects on a buyer journey tailored to their needs.

But what does this mean for businesses?

The benefits of using ClickFunnels are manifold. Its user-friendly interface allows you to build and customize powerful sales funnels without needing technical skills or a dedicated IT team.

This platform enables you to automate your sales process, nurturing leads and driving conversions. Its built-in A/B testing allows you to test different funnel elements and optimize based on the results.

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ClickFunnels is a robust platform that empowers businesses to automate their sales processes, streamline lead conversion, and ultimately boost their bottom line. Its comprehensive approach to sales funnels sets it apart, enabling businesses to craft unique customer journeys with higher conversion rates.

GetResponse vs ClickFunnels

Comparing GetResponse and ClickFunnels

Let’s set the stage for a head-to-head comparison between GetResponse and ClickFunnels, highlighting their unique strengths and weaknesses across different areas.

Email Marketing Capabilities

GetResponse shines as a dedicated email marketing tool, offering many features, including autoresponders, segmentation, and advanced analytics. It also supports conditional email content, allowing you to tailor your emails based on subscribers’ data.

In contrast, ClickFunnels focuses more on the overall sales funnel, with email marketing as a part of it. Its email capabilities are robust but not as comprehensive as GetResponse.

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Landing Page Building Capabilities

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels offer impressive landing page builders. GetResponse provides a variety of responsive templates, along with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, brings a more conversion-focused approach. Its pages are engineered for high conversion rates and provide an array of funnel-specific templates.

With the advent of GDPR, compliance has become critical for businesses. GetResponse provides GDPR-compliant fields in its forms, helping businesses comply with these regulations.

In comparison, ClickFunnels offers primary form fields but is not designed explicitly for GDPR compliance.

Sales Funnel Building Capabilities

This is where ClickFunnels truly shines. It offers an end-to-end sales funnel creation feature, including landing pages, upsells, down sells, and even membership areas.

It provides pre-built funnel templates, making the process effortless. On the other hand, GetResponse does offer sales funnel features, but they are not as streamlined and integrated as ClickFunnels.

Unique Features

ClickFunnels boasts a unique feature called “Share Funnel.” This allows you to share your created funnels with others, either as templates or for collaborative efforts.

GetResponse, meanwhile, shines with its webinar functionality – a unique feature not typically found in similar platforms.

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GetResponse dominates email marketing, and ClickFunnels provides a comprehensive sales funnel solution. Your choice between the two would largely depend on your primary marketing focus.

PurposeEmail Marketing and AutomationSales Funnel Builder and Management
Features– Email Campaigns– Drag-and-Drop Funnel Builder
– Automation and Autoresponders– Sales Funnel Templates
– Landing Pages and Web Forms– A/B Split Testing
– CRM and Sales Pipeline– Membership Sites
– Webinar Hosting– Affiliate Management
– E-commerce Integration– Payment Gateway Integration
Marketing Automation– Upsell and Downsell Functionality
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceIntuitive drag-and-drop builder
Easy-to-use automation workflowsSimple funnel creation process
IntegrationIntegrates with various toolsIntegrates with third-party apps
(e.g., Shopify, WordPress, etc.)(e.g., CRM software, email providers)
PricingMultiple pricing tiers availableHigher starting price point
Free trial period offeredFree trial period offered
Flexible plans based on subscribersMonthly and annual subscription
Customer Support24/7 Customer Support via chat/emailEmail support and community forum
Extensive knowledge base and guidesExtensive

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of GetResponse

Advantages of GetResponse

GetResponse main strength lies in its comprehensive email marketing features. Its automation capabilities are highly commendable, allowing you to deliver personalized content based on user behaviors and preferences. Its drag-and-drop email editor simplifies creation, making professional emails accessible to even the least tech-savvy users.

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Its analytical capabilities are impressive, providing valuable metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and geolocation data. This allows for data-driven decision-making, helping you fine-tune your strategies.

Also, GetResponse webinar functionality offers unique value. It lets you connect with your audience in real-time, further deepening the engagement.

Disadvantages of GetResponse

Despite its strengths, GetResponse falls short in a few areas. Its landing page editor, while user-friendly, lacks some customization options compared to its competitors.

Moreover, its CRM functionality, while helpful, is somewhat basic. You might need to integrate an external CRM tool if advanced CRM features are crucial to your operations.

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Lastly, although GetResponse offers some sales funnel capabilities, they are not as robust or intuitive as those provided by dedicated funnel-building tools like ClickFunnels.

GetResponse is a robust platform with excellent email marketing capabilities and unique features like webinars.

However, you may need to consider other platforms or integrations for more advanced CRM or sales funnel needs.

User-friendly interface with a modern designLimited customization options for templates
Comprehensive email marketing featuresSome advanced features available only in higher plans
Automation and autoresponder capabilitiesLimited A/B testing options in lower plans
Built-in landing page and web form builderSubscribers counted multiple times if on multiple lists
Webinar hosting for engaging with audiencesLimited reporting and analytics compared to some competitors
CRM and sales pipeline managementThe learning curve for advanced automation features may be steep
E-commerce integration for online sellingSupport can be slow at times
Extensive integration options with third-party appsNo free plan available, only a free trial period
Split testing for optimizing campaign performanceCan get expensive as subscriber count increases

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels, while offering a robust suite of marketing tools, has its share of pros and cons that deserve consideration.

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Advantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels stands as a leader in sales funnel creation. It offers a fully integrated solution to guide prospects through the sales journey, from landing page to final purchase. The ease of building high-converting landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor is a significant plus.

screenshot 2023 07 21 223147

Another key strength of ClickFunnels is the ‘Share Funnel‘ feature. This allows users to share entire sales funnels with others, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The platform built-in A/B testing is another huge advantage, enabling data-driven optimization to improve conversion rates.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels

One downside to ClickFunnels is its price. The platform advanced features come at a higher cost than other marketing tools, making it less accessible for small businesses or startups with tight budgets.

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Another critique is that while ClickFunnels provides email marketing capabilities, it doesn’t match the depth offered by dedicated email marketing platforms like GetResponse. If email marketing is a central aspect of your strategy, this might be a notable limitation.

Lastly, despite its feature-rich platform, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer native webinar hosting – a feature some of its competitors provide.

ClickFunnels excels in funnel creation and optimization but might fall short for businesses focusing primarily on email marketing. The platform pricing also warrants consideration based on your budget.

Intuitive drag-and-drop funnel builderHigher starting price point
Ready-to-use sales funnel templatesLimited customization compared to some competitors
A/B split testing for optimizing funnel performanceLearning curve for beginners
Membership site and course creation capabilitiesLimited email marketing features
Affiliate management system for partner programsSome integrations may require third-party tools
Payment gateway integration for seamless paymentsLimited customer support options
Easy integration with third-party apps and toolsLimited analytics and reporting
Upsell and downsell functionalityLimited SEO capabilities


Pricing Comparison

As part of your selection process, understanding the pricing structures of GetResponse and ClickFunnels is critical.

Let’s delve into each platform pricing plans and assess their value for money.

Pricing Plans of GetResponse

GetResponse provides two pricing plans, each offering a different suite of features. These include the paid plan that starts at $13.30/ month and Max plan (custom pricing).

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The paid plan is great for startups, offering features like email marketing, List segmentation, and basic landing pages.

As you move up the tiers, you gain access to more advanced features, including sales funnels, webinars, and CRM.

Pricing Plans of ClickFunnels

screenshot 2023 07 21 223540

ClickFunnels offers two main pricing plans: ClickFunnels ($127/month) and ClickFunnels Pro ($157/month). The base plan allows you to build up to 20 funnels, while the Platinum plan offers unlimited funnels, follow-up funnels, and more.

Additionally, they have a higher-tier plan called Two Comma ClubX, priced at $208/month, offering additional benefits and priority support.

FeatureGetResponse (September 2023)ClickFunnels (September 2023)
Basic PlanStarts at $13.30/monthStarts at $127/month
Email MarketingYesLimited in basic plan
Landing PagesYesYes
Sales FunnelsYesYes
AutomationBasic AutomationYes
Live chatsYesYes

Value for Money Comparision

Value for Money Comparison

When it comes to value for money, it largely depends on your specific needs. If your focus is primarily on email marketing, GetResponse offers an excellent suite of features at a lower cost.

However, if your marketing strategy is heavily centered around sales funnels, the comprehensive funnel-building capabilities of ClickFunnels might justify the higher price tag.

screenshot 2023 07 21 223720

Both platforms offer robust features, and the choice between the two would largely hinge on your specific requirements and budget.

Ratings Comparision

User Reviews and Ratings

Viewing user reviews and ratings is a great way to understand how these platforms perform in real-world scenarios.

Let’s delve into what users have to say about GetResponse and ClickFunnels.

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User Reviews and Ratings of GetResponse

GetResponse enjoys generally positive reviews from users, rating 4.1 out of 5 on popular review platforms. Users commend its robust email marketing features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support.

The platform affordability relative to its feature set is also frequently highlighted. However, some users find the landing page and funnel-building tools less intuitive than desired.

User Reviews and Ratings of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels boasts an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 from users. Users particularly appreciate its ease of use in building and managing sales funnels. The platform robust integrations and comprehensive, all-in-one nature receive particular mention.

On the downside, some users note that the platform pricing is steeper for small businesses. Its email marketing capabilities are also seen as less comprehensive compared to dedicated email platforms.

screenshot 2023 07 21 223943

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels have high user satisfaction levels. The choice between the two would depend on your specific needs – whether you prefer email marketing (GetResponse) or comprehensive sales funnel creation (ClickFunnels).

GetResponse Usage

Who Should Use GetResponse?

Determining whether GetResponse is the right platform for you involves examining its strengths and ideal use cases.

GetResponse is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs heavily invested in email marketing. Its comprehensive email marketing features, from autoresponders and segmentation to advanced analytics, make it a powerful platform for these users. Additionally, its affordability compared to other platforms is a significant plus for startups and small businesses on a budget.

The platform is also a solid choice for businesses leveraging webinars in their marketing strategy. Its built-in webinar functionality is unique in this space and can be a game-changer for certain businesses.

Moreover, businesses that require multilingual support would find GetResponse an excellent fit, as it offers support in over 20 languages – a feature not commonly found in many competing platforms.

screenshot 2023 07 21 224043

Suppose you’re seeking a robust, user-friendly, and affordable email marketing solution that also offers unique features like webinars and multilingual support. In that case, GetResponse might just be the right choice for you.

ClickFunnels Usage

Who Should Use ClickFunnels?

Establishing the ideal user profile for ClickFunnels can help determine if it aligns with your needs.

ClickFunnels is ideally suited for businesses and entrepreneurs building highly efficient sales funnels. Its user-friendly interface, rich templates, and integrations make it an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive sales funnel creation and management solution.

Additionally, businesses that value collaboration will find the ‘Share Funnel’ feature beneficial. It allows users to share their successful funnels with others, creating a synergistic community of users.

screenshot 2023 07 21 224303

Furthermore, ClickFunnels is a good fit for businesses that want to test and optimize their funnels. Its built-in A/B testing tool allows for data-driven decision-making to improve conversions.

If your marketing strategy revolves around creating and managing effective sales funnels, and you value the ability to optimize and share these funnels, ClickFunnels could be your platform of choice.



In the GetResponse vs ClickFunnels battle, the victor depends on your specific needs.

GetResponse shines in email marketing and offers unique features like webinars and multilingual support. Its affordability also makes it attractive to startups and small businesses. On the other hand, ClickFunnels stands out in the realm of sales funnel creation and optimization.

While it comes with a heftier price tag, its comprehensive funnel-building capabilities justify the cost for many businesses.

As always, the key lies in understanding your business needs and marketing strategy. Identify your requirements and priorities, assess each platform strengths and limitations, and make an informed decision.

Whether you lean towards GetResponse or ClickFunnels, both platforms offer powerful tools to enhance your marketing efforts and drive business growth.


Frequently Asked Questions About GetResponse and ClickFunnels Comparision

Is GetResponse better than ClickFunnels for email marketing?

Yes, GetResponse generally offers more comprehensive email marketing features. It is known for its advanced autoresponders, segmentation options, and excellent analytics, making it a strong choice for businesses with a heavy emphasis on email marketing.

Does ClickFunnels offer more landing page building capabilities than GetResponse?

Both platforms offer robust landing page builders. However, ClickFunnels stands out for its focus on sales funnels, providing a streamlined process for creating entire funnel sequences. That said, GetResponse also provides a powerful and user-friendly landing page builder with plenty of customization options.

Which platform offers better GDPR compliance features?

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels are GDPR compliant and offer features to help your business stay compliant. This includes options for consent fields in forms and the ability to manage and delete data as required.

Which platform is better for building sales funnels?

ClickFunnels, as the name suggests, specializes in building sales funnels. Its entire platform is built around the concept of creating and optimizing effective sales funnels, making it a top choice for businesses focusing on funnel-driven sales.

Does ClickFunnels offer a unique share funnel feature?

Yes, ClickFunnels offers a unique ‘Share Funnel’ feature, allowing you to share your funnel designs with others. This can be particularly useful for collaborative projects or for businesses offering funnel-building services.

Which platform offers better value for money?

The answer depends on your specific needs. GetResponse provides excellent value for businesses focusing on email marketing, while ClickFunnels, though more expensive, offers comprehensive funnel-building capabilities that justify its higher cost for businesses prioritizing this strategy.

Which platform has better user reviews and ratings?

Both platforms have high ratings from users, with ClickFunnels slightly leading. However, the right platform for you depends on your specific requirements rather than user ratings alone.

Who is the ideal user for GetResponse?

GetResponse is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs focusing on email marketing. It is also a good fit for those needing multilingual support and businesses planning to host webinars as part of their marketing strategy.

Who is the ideal user for ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create and optimize high-converting sales funnels. It is also a good choice for businesses that value the ability to share and collaborate on funnels.

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