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8 Most Secure Quickbooks Alternatives for Finance

Accounting is the crux of the business world. Quickbooks/ QuickBooks alternatives help companies to pay bills and manage payrolls through both in-house and cloud-based applications.

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Charts, business plans, spreadsheets, invoices, and much more are all possible with QuickBooks. Quickbooks application can be used for Invoicing, payment acceptance, tracking income and expenditure, estimation, billing, inventory, taxation, and a few areas.

Live bookkeeping has never been this so comfortable thanks to Quickbooks. Money management, expense tracking, receipt generation, invoice management, and reporting have all been possible to manage with a click of the mouse making finance/ accounting management very easy to maintain.

While Quickbooks is beneficial to manage various aspects of finance, graphs & reporting, accounting registers, lists, and forms are some of the basic features of Quickbooks.

Quickbooks alternatives

Quickbooks pricing & features

Tracking income and expenditure is a vital step in the success of every business. Companies make purchases and send invoices to their clients in a large volume.

Keeping track of it even if entered manually could lead to a lot of confusion.

The billing management feature of Quickbooks enables businesses to have a no-hassle and error-free billing.

Reporting/dashboard plays a very crucial role in the success of a business. It allows companies to keep track of various activities and make strategic decisions based on that.

Missing a payment to a client or sending invoices to a customer can prove hazardous to the reputation of a business.

Quickbooks invoicing feature resolves all the challenges a company would face with invoicing and payments.

quickbooks pricing

The quick books quick start plan costs $25 every month payable as $8 for the first quarter.

Creating invoices, estimation of taxes, reporting, sales and sales tax, and tracking income and expense are the features covered in this plan.

Essentials plan

The essentials plan costs $40 every month and payable as $12 for the first quarter. The essential subscription covers bill management, time tracking, accommodating multiple users, and also comprises of the features available in the quick start plan.

Plus plan

The plus plan costs $70 every month and is payable as $21 for the first quarter. The plus plan covers all the features included in the essential subscription plan, along with inventory tracking, project tracking, and 1099 contract management.

Advanced plan

The advanced plan costs $150 per month payable as $45 for a quarter. Smart reporting, priority support, and user permissions are covered under this plan apart from the features available in the plus plan.

Flexibility & functionality challenges and lack of bank transaction feed usability are a few challenges that the Quickbooks users have faced.

Syncing the online version with the desktop version is not available and hence can make things very complicated for flourishing businesses.

Is the Quickbooks available for free?

Quickbooks are not available to use for free. You will have to get a basic paid subscription plan to use it, making it an issue for a small business/ freelancer to consider it.

While the Quickbooks versions are not super expensive, it is a challenge for freelancers and small-sized companies to invest in accounting software without actually trying it out for a short time.

Hence users wonder if there are any Quickbooks alternatives.

How to use Quickbooks

An excellent choice for business owners –

It enables them to make some of the strategic decisions based on the collected and analyzed financial data(invoicing).

Easy to use for Small business

Quickbooks helps companies to arrange their accounting data with ease and efficiency. Quickbooks are a hassle-free solution for companies to manage their receivables and payables effectively and efficiently.

Quickbooks also enables small businesses to integrate with payrolls and banks effortlessly.

Freelancers –

If you are a freelancer looking for an accounting system that is pocket-friendly and is compatible with most systems, then you would like to have a look at QuickBooks.

Billing, taxation, and remote access are some of the features helpful to freelancers with remote working.

Reviews of Quickbooks

Customers across the globe think Quickbooks is an excellent option for taxation, billing, inventory, and other accounting related issues.

Users have been raving about the features that are easy to use and implement.

Customer support and technical glitches seem to be the major concerns for most of the users, making them wonder why there haven’t been any improvements around it.

Now that we know the usage, reviews, pricing, and features of Quickbooks.

What are some of the QuickBooks alternatives?

Quickbooks have tons of exciting features with its own set of pros and cons. Not every freelancer and business can use/ afford Quickbooks.

There are numerous Quickbooks alternatives in the market. Invoicera, Xero, Sage, Zipbooks, Hiveage, Wave Accounting, and a few others make some of the best Quickbooks alternatives .

They offer a variety of features with different price plans. However, it depends on individual requirements to choose particular accounting software.

A freelancer might need software that works well for invoicing and taxation, and a small business might need Quickbooks alternatives that offer features like sales and inventory management.

While companies can afford to opt for a subscription plan, a freelancer would want to try out the free trial to understand how it works and if it is worth using.

Most of the Quickbooks alternatives offer free trials for a limited timeframe.

It would be wise to use the free trial and then consider a subscription plan best suitable.

8 Most Secure Quickbooks Alternatives for Finance 1

Let us look at some of the Quickbooks alternatives their usage, features, and pricing plans.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is among the Quickbooks alternatives that are cloud-based accounting software, best suitable for freelancers.

Freelancers would like to concentrate on their skills and complete their work on time and build a reputation with their clients. They do not want to be bothered about the hassles of invoicing and taxation.

8 Most Secure Quickbooks Alternatives for Finance 2

Time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking can all be done in a few minutes instead of spending hours together on it. FreshBooks also offers a free trial for 30 days without taking your credit card details.

time tracking software screenshot

Expense and time tracking features of Freshbooks are helpful for legal billing, the accounting feature comprises of bank reconciliation, billing & invoicing accounts receivable, and expense tracking.

8 Most Secure Quickbooks Alternatives for Finance 3

Mobile payments, online invoicing, payment processing, tax calculator, hourly-billing, multi-currency are all a part of the billing & invoicing feature.

Taxation reports, Credit card payments, and Bank transfers are a few other features that make your accounting easier if you are an individual managing your business or a freelancer looking for accounting software that is easy to use.


The Lite plan costs $6 every month and is an excellent Quickbooks alternative for freelancers. The lite plan covers features like Customized unlimited invoices, unlimited – expense entries, time tracking, and estimates.

The Plus subscription plan is an excellent fit for small businesses looking to grow exponentially. The plus plan costs $10 per month and covers fifty billable clients and covers all the features available in the Lite plan.

The Plus plan also includes features like accounting reports, automation of recurring invoices and payment reminders, and unlimited proposals.

The Premium plan costs $20 a month and is a good fit for large businesses with dynamic teams. The premium plan covers 500 billable clients and the remaining features as available with the Plus subscription plan.

fresjbooks pricing

However, suppose you are a thriving business looking for a customized plan that includes integrations, training, and a personal account manager.

You can contact the team directly and consider working on a personalized subscription.

Quickbooks alternatives - freshbooks

2. Xero

Xero is an excellent choice of Quickbooks alternatives for all small and medium businesses looking for a complete accounting software package. Xero covers legal accounting features like account & document management, time & expense tracking, calendar management, and automated billing system.

Fixed asset management, payroll management, purchase orders, tax management, fund accounting, and a few other accounting features.

Xero accounting software

Xero rates highest on easy to use, customer service, and features on the reviews by users and most of the users recommend it.

“Early” subscription:

The “early” subscription plan is for freelancers and small business owners and covers features like – Hubdoc to manage receipts and billing, enables you to enter upto five bills, send five invoices and quotes, and helps you reconcile upto 20 bank transactions.

Xero could be an excellent QuickBooks alternative if you are an individual/ freelancer considering to invest in accounting software. The “early” plan costs $9 per month and is available for a free trial.

“Growing” plan:

The “growing” plan is suitable for you if you are a fast-growing business. It costs $ 30 per month and enables you to automate bill payments, helps in bank feeds (reconciliation), managing invoice & quotes, and automated billing and receipts. The “growing” plan is also available for a free trial.

Established plan:

The established plan is most suitable for large businesses, costs $60 per month and available for a free trial. Multi-currency, expense capturing and tracking, and project – time and cost tracking are some of the features available along with the features that are a part of the “growing” plan.

3. Sage

Sage is another Quickbooks alternatives that are great to manage to account for small business owners. Sage offers cloud-based accounting software that enables business owners to try it out for free and access it from anywhere through cloud and is compatible with ios and android also.

Sage offers accounts receivable & payable, Tax management, payroll management, expense tracking, bank reconciliation, and billing & invoicing features.

Quickbooks alternatives - sage

Most users approve Sage as a very easy to use accounting software, with excellent features, and a high ROI.

However, customer support services seem to need improvement as per a significant share of reviewers.

Sage accounting start is a subscription plan that suits you best if you are a small business looking to manage your basic accounting.

The accounting start plan costs you $10 per month and offers features like managing your bank feeds, creating sales invoices, and account receivables. You can try this plan for free.

Quickbooks alternatives - sage

The accounting plan is also available to try for free, and the subscription costs you $25 a month.

Automated entry of accounts, cash flow statements, purchase invoices, lets you stay connected to your bank, and real-time reporting are some of the features available in this plan.

The features of the accounting start plan are also available in this plan.

4. Wave Accounting

WaveAccounting is a complete accounting software package with users that are mostly individuals or small businesses with less than ten employees. WaveAccounting includes numerous features like –

Transaction historyInvoicing
Sales taxBalance sheet
Security Drag & drop options
Billing Expense & time tracking
reporting & statisticsMulti-currency
Real-time updatesPayroll management

Wave Accounting is an excellent alternative to QuickBooks. It is an excellent choice of an accounting solution that covers all your accounting needs, irrespective of the size of your business.

WaveAccounting has a free plan making it an excellent choice for small businesses to consider as accounting software that covers all their accounting needs.

Quickbooks alternatives - wave accounting

The Wave Accounting “Open” plan enables you to manage unlimited bank and credit card accounts, helps you organize income & expenses and align it into tax categories. The dashboard feature helps you to make changes as per the business performance instantly.

Unlimited users/ partners/ collaborators are covered.

Tracking sales tax is much more comfortable with the available features making it one of the best Quickbooks alternatives available in the market.

The accounting, invoicing, and receipts features are all of zero cost and credit card payments are as per transaction.

The payroll management costs $35 every month for tax service states and $20 monthly base fee for self-service states.

Quickbooks alternatives - wave accounting

Features, ease of use, and ROI are some of the areas that have received a top rating by the users; however, customer support services is not a big favourite among the users the least.

5. Zip Books

If you are looking for alternatives for accounting software, then the Zipbooks accounting software might be a great fit irrespective of the size of your business.

Billing & Invoicing, bookkeeping, account receivables, expense reporting, financial reporting, and other basic accounting is all made possible with a few clicks. These Zipbooks features make it a great alternative to Quickbooks.

Quickbooks alternatives - zipbooks

Starter plan

The “starter” plan is for free and enables small business owners to send unlimited invoices, view necessary accounting reports, accept digital payments, vendor & customer management, and stay connected to your bank account

If you are looking at an option to use Quickbooks for free, then it would be a great idea to choose Zipbooks as alternatives to your accounting needs.

Smarter plan

The Smarter plan costs $15 per month. Automated billing & invoicing, Time tracking, manage multiple bank accounts are all made possible with this plan. You can also try this plan for free.

Sophisticated account

The sophisticated account costs $35 per month. Reporting, reconciliation, customized accounting, and smart tagging are some of the features available apart from the features covered in the “smarter” plan.

Quickbooks alternatives - zipbooks

Accountant subscription

The accountant subscription plan is a customized plan that enables the business to migrate from existing accounting software, time tracking across various clients, dashboards, and other financial accounting are all a part of this plan.

The cost may depend on the customization of the subscription plan and should be a part of the discussion with the ZipBooks team.

6. Hiveage

Hiveage is an easy to use accounting software that works well for a small business.

Online invoicing, estimating, convenient online payments, reporting, automated recurring payment, time & expense training, and collaborating with multiple companies is all made possible with Hiveage making it one of the best Quickbooks alternatives.

The free subscription plan covers payment gateways, unlimited estimates, invoices, time & expense tracking, and enables you to 5 clients.

Quickbooks alternatives - hiveage

Basic plan:

The Basic plan costs $16 per month and an excellent fit for a freelancer. The basic subscription plan covers all the features in the free subscription and enables you to manage 50 clients. Financial reporting and unlimited recurring billing are a few other features that are a part of the basic plan.

Pro plan:

The Pro plan is most suitable for small-sized business and costs $25 per month. This plan enables you to manage 250 clients.

Domain emails, customized email notifications, and automatic payment reminders are some of the other features available under the Pro plan apart from the features available in the “basic subscription plan”.

Plus subscription:

The Plus subscription plan costs $42 per month and enables you to add upto 1000 clients and ten team members. All subscription plans are available to try for free before opting to pay for it.

Ease of use, features, customer service, and ROI has all received great reviews from the users, making it the best among the Quickbooks alternative.

Quickbooks alternatives - hiveage

7. Invoicera

Whether you are a freelancer or a big size business, Invoicera offers excellent features to manage invoices.

Invoicera software is compatible with the existing environment, can be customized and integrated as per the business needs.

Sending invoices can be quite a challenging task for high-volume business.

An easy to use invoicing software, cloud accounting is enabled so that data is easily accessible and allows integrations too.

Quickbooks alternatives - invoicera

Classic” plan

The “classic” plan costs $19.95 per month and covers up to 100 clients & recurring profiles. Unlimited invoices and estimates, upto 15 automated recurring billing, and five staff is a part of this plan.

Business plan:

The business plan costs $39.95. Unlimited clients, unlimited recurring profiles, up to 100 automated billing, and ten recurring staff is a part of the business plan.

Infinite plan:

The Infinite plan costs $99.95 per month. The “infinite” subscription plan covers the features mentioned in the business plan and also includes unlimited staff and unlimited automated billing.

Invoicera offers a free plan with numerous integrations and customized invoicing templates.

However, Invoicera does not facilitate live bank feeds, expenditure recording, and a majority of users have reported unsatisfactory customer support.

Quickbooks alternatives - invoicera

All the small business and freelancers that are users of Quickbooks alternatives have begun to understand the importance of online accounting software packages. They are user friendly, offer a simple method to check the cash flow into the business, tracks income and expenses, and enable users to maintain their accounts without any hassles.

While most of the Quickbooks alternatives offer cloud-based accounting solution to address all the accounting challenges of any business, they also make it easy to use and save time for the users.

You cannot use Quickbooks free instead Quickbooks alternatives are available for free and charges per month based on the plan that you use.

There are tons of accounting software available in the market that work well as Quickbooks alternative and users have reviewed it to be an easy to use accounting software.

invoicera screenshot

Small businesses can save a lot of time by using Quickbooks alternative for their accounting management.

The best Quickbooks alternatives offer tons of useful features that help place purchase orders, manage inventory, tracking income and expenses, invoicing, real-time reporting, and a few other accounting solutions.

Accounting software made available online for users to manage their end-to-end accounting solutions, whether they are small business/ freelancers saves time and is worth the money invested.

It enables users to track their income and expenses, make real-time changes on the software, will allow them to manage purchase orders, schedule automated credit card and other recurring payments.

While Quickbooks alternative providers enable you to use it on a mobile app and customize many features as per the plan, they hold the rights reserved for the software.

8 Most Secure Quickbooks Alternatives for Finance 5

Most of the Quickbooks alternative is user friendly and covers income and expenses tracking without a paid subscription.

8. Zoho Books

Zoho books are also another accounting software package that enables freelancers/ businesses to keep an eye on the cash inflow and outflow, manages bank account reconciliation in real-time, and helps to manage invoicing and payments.

Zoho books not only manages the accounting part of the business it also enables companies to make strategic decisions based on the accounting reports.

If you are a small business/ individual looking for an accounting software package with a small number of users that is not only user friendly but also pocket friendly, then Zoho books are a great choice.

Quickbooks alternatives - zohobooks

Zoho Books also offer a mobile app that is compatible with ios and android making it a Quickbooks alternative. Small businesses considering to opt for free Quickbooks can find Zoho books as a replacement.

Zoho books are user friendly with customized templates, available for users to access CRM and other real-time data on the mobile app if they have the required software.

They can track income and expenses apart from many other features. Zoho Books is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for quick book free.


Basic plan

The basic plan costs $9 per month, enabling you to add 50 contacts, two users, and five automated workflows.

The basic subscription plan covers bank reconciliation, sales, budgeting, expense tracking, customized invoices, and recurring transactions.

Standard plan

The standard plan costs $19 per month and covers features like purchase approval, vendor credits, billing, and other features mentioned in the basic subscription plan.

The standard subscription plan allows upto 500 contacts, three users, and ten automated workflows.

Professional plan

The professional plan costs $25 per month and allows upto 500 contacts, ten users, and ten automated workflows.

The professional subscription plan covers all the features available in the standard subscription plan plus customized domain, inventory, purchase & sales order.

Zoho Books also have add-on plans that can increase the capacity of your account with several users and contacts.

Also, if you are keen on inventory management software or an expense tracking software, then Zoho books can work with you for some customized plans.

zoho books pricing

Benefits of using Zoho books

  • Ease of use and value for money seems to be the most voted positive review about Zoho books, making it an excellent choice for small businesses to use instead of looking for free Quickbooks.
  • Small-sized business is always looking for an online accounting software package to manage their accounting systems. Free Quickbooks for online accounting is not available. However, there are tons of Quickbooks alternatives that are available for free before actually paying for a subscription. One accounting software package cannot fit every business requirement.
  • Online updates, mobile app compatibility, real-time bank reconciliation are some of the essential things that an individual/business would consider apart from the availability of features like invoicing, automated recurring payments, taxation, and other accounting needs.
  • Managing credit cards payment, generating invoices to multiple projects and a few essential accounting needs are all addressed in ZohoBooks.

An overview of all the Quickbook alternatives discussed in this post:

Quickbook alternatives
  • Freshbooks
  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Wave accounting
  • ZipBooks
  • Hiveage
  • InvoiceEra
  • Zoho Books
Feature rich project management tool; Clients like Airbnb and Google;
  • Paid plan starts at $15/mo
  • The paid plan starts at $9/mo
  • The paid plan starts at $36/user/year
  • Free
  • The paid plan starts at $15/mo
  • Paid plans start at $19/mo
  • Paid plan starts at $15 per month.
  • Paid plan starts at $9 per month.
Features Summary
Free plan for upto 15 users;Friendly Project management tool for the masses;Clients like NASA and New york times
  • What is good?
    >> Impressive User interface.

    >> Prompt customer support.

    >> A lot of helpful integrations.

    What is not good?
    >> Expensive and limited features.

  • What is good?
    >> Affordable for small businesses.

    >> Unlimited users

    >> Double entry accounting

    What is not good?
    >> Customer support not good.

    >> Steep learning curve.

  • What is good?
    >> Focuses more on professional bookkeeping accounts

    >> Helps with project management as well as invoicing

    What is not good?
    >> Reporting feature is slightly tough to understand.

    >> Customer support is hard to get in touch with.

  • What is good?
    >> A lot of features available.

    >> It is free.

    >> Expert opinion from accountants

    What is not good?
    >> Not a great option for big businesses.

  • What is good?
    >> Free plan is generous

    >> Good for small business owners

    >> A lot of advanced features at good pricing.

    What is not good?
    >> Not a friendly customer support.

  • What is good?
    >> Easy to use and customisable.

    >> Helpful customer support

  • What is good?
    >> Great option for freelancers.

    >> Supports international invoicing

    >> Plenty of useful integrations

    What is not good?
    >> Slightly expensive

  • What is good?
    >> Powerful invoicing features

    >> Competitive pricing

    >>Mobile apps

    What is not good?
    No payroll and not a great option for big businesses.


Numerous companies have designed accounting software that is available on various interfaces and affordable too.

If you’re looking to use some great products for your accounting needs, then this article would help you understand the one that is best suitable for your needs.

Financial reports, invoicing, inventory, payroll, bank statements can all get overwhelming.

While it is terrifying to try out free accounting software, it would be a great idea to list out the accounting requirements of the company before choosing the right tools.

Irrespective of the size of the business accounting and taxation are two areas that are inevitable for any business. If you are browsing through for deals to get Quickbooks online, then you should consider the Quickbooks alternatives available online.

Tons of them are both user and pocket friendly. If you are buying accounting software to manage your finances, then you should find some of the Quickbooks alternatives useful.

Zoho Books, Xero, Sage, FreshBooks, WaveAccounting, Hiveage, Invoicera, and Zipbooks are some of the top Quickbooks alternatives that cover features like real-time reconciliation of bank statements, invoicing, automated recurring payments, reporting, taxation, and payroll management.

A business involves a lot of financial transactions. Starting from capital investment to deduction of the cost incurred and the profit management along with payroll, and other banking transactions requires an array of services.

The Quickbooks alternatives cover all the financial/ accounting management in its software package along with real-time banking reconciliations, making it a perfect package of accounting that is easy, efficient, and pocket friendly.

The features, pricing, and usage of each of these accounting packages vary from one to the other it is vital to understand the subscription plans and the features covered under the subscription plan to choose the best accounting software.

Questions asked while looking for Quickbooks Alternatives:
What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks, an accounting software developed by Intuit, offers features like invoicing, spreadsheet, business plans, charts, invoicing, expense tracking, inventory, and taxation.

How can I use QuickBooks for free?

QuickBooks offers many affordable subscription plans, and they do not provide any free trial or free subscription plans. 

What are QuickBooks alternatives?

Accounting software packages that offer similar features like QuickBooks. Quickbooks alternatives are available to try for free. Many of them provide free subscription plans (lifetime).

What happens after my free trial?

Most of the companies offering accounting software packages provide a free trial for customers to get an understanding of the features. Customers can choose to opt for a paid subscription plan or cancel their account after the free trial.

Is it safe and secure to use QuickBooks alternatives?

All the companies offering the accounting software packages adhere to the security standards and ensure the safety of your data. They do not use your data and also provide online protection of your data.

How to use the accounting software?

Most companies provide demos, webinars, and training to ensure you get the right information to utilize the features.

Can I use QuickBooks alternatives for taxation?

There are numerous options for QuickBooks alternatives in the market.
While most of them have the taxation feature, it would be a great idea to check on the features, usage, and pricing before making the final decision.

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