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Sendible Review for Autumn 2020 – All in One Social Media Management Tool

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Update: Sendible has updated its privacy policy in accordance with European Union law and now follows all the best practices, that comply with GDPR and CCPA; Sendible team is committed to helping their customers and Europen Citizens to abide by the GDPR and CCPA compliance. You can read the complete detail here.

Every marketing team has a unique set of challenges or objectives, depending on which (and on the budget) they can shortlist any social media management tool to work with. HootSuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, all these tools are widespread and commonly used. Undoubtedly, all these tools are touted to be the best ‘ social media management’ software. However, one particular tool that shines in this category is ‘Sendible.’ Why do I say so? Read on our detailed Sendible review to know.

Without data and insights, it can be nearly impossible to know how your social media campaigns are performing. The whole exercise of creating and running campaigns is a waste if you don’t see the final result on engagement. With Sendible, you have all the data regarding campaign performance at your fingertips, which makes it easier to edit and optimize those campaigns that are bringing in traffic, or fetching proper engagement.

For this reason (and a few more), Sendible is on every marketer’s wishlist, and they would instantly go for it if they can get the budget approved. Yes, Sendible isn’t the cheapest social media management tool; however, it isn’t too heavily priced either. For the excellent feature sets and functionality that you Sendible offers I am sure any marketer would agree to convince the boss. But before I review the features in detail, here are a few main reasons why you MUST consider investing in Sendible:

  • It can help you manage hundreds of social media accounts from one single dashboard
  • It offers ease of use and enables scheduling automated messages across many platforms
  • It has a dynamic reporting system that makes it reasonably simple to understand as well as present analytics
  • It enables collaboration and facilitates teamwork with the help of workflows and actionable items
  • It not only brings all your social media requirements into a single dashboard but also integrates your email account with the panel, becoming a one-stop for all communication.

Sendible Feature Set – Review

sendible review

Sendible pitches itself as the best social media ‘productivity’ tool, which means that if you invest in it, you can win more clients without wasting too much time or headcount on social media management activities. And, rather focus on things that actually matter – client pitches, leads, and content. Manage social networks, schedule and automate messages, effectively engage your users, and measure the ROI of your campaigns from a single dashboard using some awesome features from this tool. Here’s how:

Social Inbox or Dashboard Functionality

Sendible’s dashboard is a playground for marketers, offering everything at one place for social media management, packed together keeping ease and efficiency in mind.

The social inbox feature, for example, helps you clear the clutter and sort out your social stream in minutes. You get notified as soon as there is some engagement ‘comment,’ ‘like’ or ‘share’ on your ad campaign. The one-stop dashboard also has a priority inbox feature that allows you to cut through the noise and only shows activity that you want to keep up-to-date with.

Sendible review of social media dashboard

Sendible’s social inbox also allows you to track and manage your brand’s online reputation. Its automatic sentiment analysis identifies mentions that need to be addressed and sorted immediately.

A handy and smart feature available on the dashboard is Sendible’s offers is excellent content recommendations. Using this capability, you can always be sure that the content you are sharing is recent, fresh, and will win maximum audience engagement. The cherry on the cake is Sendible’s ability to measure content effectiveness, which means you can identify what content resonates with your audience.

Sendible publishing functionality - review

The best thing – using Sendible’s built-in email marketing tools, you can nurture leads right from the dashboard. No switching tools! You can pick from a range of newsletter templates to design your emails and messages. Sendible also enables sending SMS messages to specific customers, but for this, you will need to purchase SMS tokens you have exhausted your 100 words/ month limit.

Social Media Publishing Features

Sendible’s social media management allows scheduling individual as well as bulk posts. You can also keep your social media always active by setting your most engaging content on repeat mode.

I love Sendible’s interactive calendar, which allows one to quickly arrange and rearrange social media campaigns using a handy drag-and-drop feature.

Review of Sendible Interactive calendar

Sendible is smart enough to let you add visual elements to your posts with ease. Just drag and drop your images. Voila! Moreover, you can source royalty free pictures from Google images and Flickr, in seconds. And, there is a lot more to the design functionality Sendible offers for your social media campaigns. Design your graphics in Canva with Sendible’s ‘compose box.’ No switching to an external tool and having to upload every graphic onto the dashboard.

Collaboration Features

All your team members can access the interactive calendar and schedule tasks, prepone or postpone campaigns, as well as manage actionable items collaboratively. Sendible also makes it easy for team managers to assign tasks, and delegate sales opportunities to team members, from the dashboard itself.

review of collaboration using Sendible

Not just team members, Sendible allows effortless collaboration with clients as well. Your clients can see your campaigns and give instant feedback or suggestions, with the help of ‘custom workflows’ feature for clients.

Analytics Features and Functionality

Understanding analytics and generating reports with Sendible is a breeze. From the reporting hub, you can access nine ready-to-go social media reports to get a complete picture of your social media analytics.

It swept me off to see that they have over 250 modules for designing your reporting.  You can create presentation-ready reports personalized for each client, in minutes. Once you have created beautiful and easy-to-interpret reports, email your insights to clients at the click of a button. Google Analytics is at the core of Sendible’s campaign performance capability and enables quantifying the cross-channel impact of your campaigns.

sendible review

CRM Features and Functionality

Sendible’s CRM functionality enables your team to generate leads and nurture prospects. Team managers can transfer ownership of contacts from one team member to another. What I like most about Sendible’s CRM is that it allows you to create complete customer profiles with social insights. It’s so thoughtful of Sendible to have a feature that enables you to create notes after every interaction and categorize contacts.

sendible review

Social Listening Features and Functionality

Sendible enables marketers to track everything that customers are saying about clients. Track everything that customers are sharing, liking, or mentioning about your client in their social media interactions.

React to comments and conversations about brands that you are managing and maintain your clients’ brand image with social listening by responding to negative mentions in real-time.

sendible review

Mobile Features and Functionality

Respond to your client’s feedback from mobile. You need not be logged in from your desktop to be able to interact and engage with clients as well as their audience.  Sendible’s push notifications feature keeps you notified about important messages so that you can respond on the go, in time.

Mobile functionality review - push notification Sendible

Pricing – Review

sendible review

Sendible’s pricing spans broad – starting with £25 /mo, stretching to £245/mo. Let’s review their pricing plans one by one to find out which one is right for you.

Starter– Sendible’s cheapest plan, Micro is available at £25 /mo. If you take their yearly subscription, it will cost you £4 less on a monthly basis. This plan allows you to pick 12 of their services for your social media management, and unlimited scheduling. However, only one user can use the Sendible account. So if you are a solopreneur and are a one-man-army managing all social media work, this plan fits your needs and budget.

Traction– As the name suggests, this plan is for small businesses. It is priced at £85 /mo in case of a monthly subscription, or £72 per month if billed yearly. Features included in this plan allow small businesses to collaborate on their social media campaign planning and execution smoothly. You get 48 services, three reports, and access for three users.

Growth – This plan suits best for growing agencies who are hunting for more and more clients every day while trying to retain the good ones. Reporting is the critical functionality that these agencies need, and Sendible’s medium plan offers 35 reports to showcase social data insights. As a medium plan member, you also get 105 services and access for seven users, in this plan.

Custom – If you are opting for a monthly subscription, this plan will cost you £299. Billed annually, it is priced at $254/mo. The plan is for anyone who is managing hundreds of social media accounts has a large customer base, and requires advanced tools for campaign management. You get over 190 services, can build 60 reports, and are given access for 12 users, as a ‘Large’ plan’s subscriber.

They also offer a white label plan, which as the name suggests allows you to ‘white label’ all of your social media tools with your brand. To understand what this means for your business, contact Sendible’s support team.

At this point, you must be thinking which plan is the best for your business. To be able to arrive at a decision you need first to analyze your business requirement. How many users do you require? How many social media accounts are you planning to manage with Sendible, and do you want to scale this number soon? Once you’ve figured out the scale and scope of your social media marketing activities, you can pick a plan as per your needs.

What I think about the pricing:

The micro plan isn’t worth the price. Even if you are a solopreneur, you’d want a social media management tool to give you some essential reporting features. And the micro plan lacks that. Go for the ‘small’ plan for a getting a good idea of Sendible’s capabilities. You won’t be able to appreciate it much if you are using the micro plan.

Benefits that differentiate Sendible from Others

Priority Inbox Feature: Stands out because it saves a lot of time and effort that you otherwise might end up wasting on scouting through hundreds of messages, to find the ones that are important. You can respond to these ‘important’ messages from the priority inbox itself.

Built-in email marketing: One of the most impressive features that Sendible offers, integrated email marketing allows you to segment contacts into a mailing list and send personalized emails. You can choose a preset template to design your message. No HTML skills required!

Dynamic reporting: Creating impressive reports can eat up a lot of your precious time. But it is an important, unavoidable task. As a social media manager, reporting is a crucial responsibility area that you’d want to win, at all times. Sendible’s dynamic reporting allows you to create accurate reports based on social media analytics. These reports aren’t just a pile of numbers and charts thrown into a powerpoint. They are visually stunning and appealing, and comfortable for your clients to interpret.

sendible review

Social Listening: This tool makes life simple for marketing and brand managers. If you are responsible for your client’s reputation management, Sendible’s social listening tool can be your savior. You need not ‘search’ for what’s being said about your client’s brand online. All communication – shares, likes, mentions and more, are notified right within your Sendible account, or via email or Slack. Real-time online reputation management keeps your client happy, and you stress-free!

Some Drawbacks that Sendible Should Fix

Though you get an extensive set of features and functionality in one single tool – Sendible, is not free of cons.

I’ve said this before. Sendible merely is not suitable for solopreneurs or freelancers. Whatever features you are getting in a ‘micro’ plan for £25 /mo, they are not enough if you are serious about social media marketing. You’ll need at least the ‘small’ plan subscription if you want to get a hold of social media management and get results out of your efforts.

They don’t have a free plan. So, if you want to explore their feature set, you’ll need to sign-up for a free trial. Moreover, you will need to enter your card details.

Sendible Integrations – Review

Sendible integrates with some of the most popular and useful apps, and is, therefore, a complete and comprehensive social media management tool. Take a look at Sendible’s integrations:

Facebook: It is as simple as pie to integrate Sendible with Facebook. If your client uses Facebook for social media marketing, Sendible can save you both time and effort to manage campaigns. And it makes all the sense because no matter what demographics you are dealing with, everyone does use Facebook.

Pinterest: Get the best out of your Pinterest campaigns by integrating with Sendible. Manage likes, pins, and buys on your Pinterest graphics and keep the audience ever engaged.

Instagram: Running campaigns on Instagram is a must for all eCommerce merchants. Integrate your Instagram with Sendible and keep updated with messages or interactions from potential buyers. Manage your client’s Instagram with easy, and without spending too much time.

Medium: For content publishers, Medium is a coveted platform. The good news, it integrates seamlessly with Sendible, which means it gets more straightforward to get the most out of your content publishing.

WordPress: Integration with WordPress means that all your content gets syndicated automatically across all social media channels. The RSS feed feature ensures better search engine ranking for your content and quick content promotion.

Tumblr: Posting content on Tumblr means you are increasing your reach multifold. So, whether you are publishing content, images, videos, or gifs, Tumblr can grab a new audience in a matter of minutes. Integrating with Sendible, the power of Tumblr doubles. You can manage all your Tumblr campaigns from Sendible and track performance with ease.

Google Plus: Though everyone knows that Google Plus is essential for social media, not many have the understanding to use it correctly. If you integrate it with Sendible, however, you can get all the benefits that this social media platform offers without having to wrap your head around how Google Plus works.

sendible review
Sendible integrations

Who is Sendible Best Suited For

If you are a small or medium, or an agency trying to scale its operations, Sendible is for you. It is priced correctly for your requirements as you can get the best of social media marketing tool features starting at £85 /mo.  So, if you are business that needs to handle multiple social media campaigns for many clients, Sendible won’t fail you.

The tool allows you to build your email list, increase website traffic, increase content engagement, manage online reputation, and expand your audience. Reporting is a ‘show stealer’ in Sendible’s case. If these features match your requirement – you know this tool is the right pick.

How Easy Is It to Get Started with Sendible?

It couldn’t get simpler. Period.

Since Sendible’s services are entirely web-based, you do not need to install any tools for campaign management. All you need is a good internet connection to start creating social media campaigns and managing them through Sendible’s dashboard.

Adding to the ease and convenience of using Sendible is the fact that it quite ‘mobile.’ Android and iOS users can access Sendible anywhere (even at the beach, or at the cafe). So, you don’t also need a laptop to sign-in and start working.

You don’t need to be a coding expert or an experienced marketer to get started with Sendible. The tool is intuitive and has easy to understand functionalities.

A demo will fully equip you to make the best of Sendible. And, you can always sign-up for a free trial before subscribing to use its services. Signing up is relatively easy too. Visit the homepage and click on the call-to-action asking you to join their services. Though you’ll be asked to enter your card details, there is a 30-day free trial before you start getting charged.

Customer Support – How ‘Customer’ Friendly is Sendible

Most good products fail to become the ‘best in breed’ because they lack one thing in common – customer support. But Sendible isn’t one of those companies that ignore customer service or support.

Along with a range of features, services, and functionalities, Sendible provides superior support services also. So, whatever doubts or difficulties you are having while using the product, Sendible’s support sorts it in minutes.

Attend their live webinar, which is hosted every Thursday at 12 PM Eastern, and get your queries addressed by speakers. You can sign up even if you want to learn more about how Sendible works. However, if you are looking for help on advanced usage of the tool, such as personalization, you can schedule a demo. Their demo is an excellent support service if you want to learn things like how to run customization on campaigns.

For live help, all you need to do is visit their homepage and click on the ‘live chat’ box. Interact with their support team and drop in your questions, and you’ll immediately get a response from them. They don’t keep you waiting for long, and that’s what gets them all the love from their customers.

A Comparative Analysis – Sendible vs. Buffer

Many tools in the market can help you automate your posts so that you can sit back and relax. But what after that? How are those tools helping you measure the ROI of your campaign?  Let’s understand ‘why’ Sendible is not just another campaign scheduling software, with the help of a comparison between a very famous social media management tool, Buffer, and Sendible.

Everyone knows Buffer, and there’d rarely be few who wouldn’t have tried it. Buffer makes automating social media posts and sharing content easy. But beyond that, you’ll need to sign-up for other tools to see how those posts are performing and what is the final ROI of campaigns that you have run. It doesn’t offer inbuilt email marketing, unlike Sendible. Neither does it provide the convenience of reporting. So, all in all, Buffer is all about automating campaigns. That’s it.

Touted as one of the best social media management tool out there, Buffer offers  only 6 integrations. It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.  On the other hand, Sendible integrates with more than 12 systems and applications. Other than all integrations available in Buffer, it integrates with WordPress, Medium, Canva, Tumblr, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Flickr, Dropbox and more.

I’ve pointed out before, but it is worth mentioning again that Sendible extends excellent support services. Where Buffer offers none, Sendible broadens both telephoning and live chat support.

As far as pricing is concerned, while you might be under the impression that Buffer is cheap and gets the work done, think again. For $15 per month, all you are getting only the benefit of automating your posts. Sendible, on the other hand, even though priced higher is also promising many other benefits, most of which are essential for interpreting campaign results and showcasing the success of your efforts to your clients. Prospecting new leads is something that very few social media marketing tools such as Sendible offer.

  • My overall rating for Buffer – 3.5/5
  • My overall rating for Sendible – 4.5/5

If you think why I gave a decent enough rating to Buffer, even though it stands way behind Sendible, the reason is Buffer’s ease of usage. It is straightforward to use and manage. For small clients who are just starting out with social media marketing, Buffer is enough to automate bulk post. It gets the job done quickly.

What the World is Saying – Sendible’s Market Reputation

Sendible stands out for its capabilities beyond ‘automating’ posts on social media. It is indeed a comprehensive social media marketing tool, suitable for digital marketers who aim to measure and optimize their campaign performance.

The wide range of features that Sendible offers places it as at a dominant position in the market of social media management tools when compared with Loomly, SocialPilot, Agora Pulse. And, it closely competes with Hootsuite!

Sendible is famous worldwide and has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Mashable, BBC, and more.

If you want to get a hint of how impressed their users are, check out their testimonials and the next thing you’ll find yourself doing is signing-up.

Wrapping Up

Social media marketing is serious business. And no tool can handle social media management like a pro, other than Sendible. Automating your posts does not mean squat if you aren’t doing anything about the results you are getting from your campaign. So, if you are looking for a tool to build your brand, get you traffic, win the engagement, promote your websites, automate content, track results, and make reporting a cakewalk, Sendible is THE tool you should be opting for.

You can count on me and sign-up without a doubt.

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