Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now – AI Edition

In my detailed examination of the AWeber alternatives, I found diverse email marketing solutions offering unique features to suit different business needs. The article delves into each alternative, highlighting their strengths in areas like campaign management, integration capabilities, and user interface. It particularly emphasizes solutions that offer better functionality, user-friendliness, or cost-effectiveness compared to AWeber. This thorough analysis is designed to help businesses find an email marketing tool that best aligns with their goals and budget.
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Email is a platform that will never get redundant. People, wherever they are, will not stop exchanging emails and subscribing to newsletters – irrespective of the number of mediums that crop up in the digital landscape.

Quite interestingly, 74+ trillion emails are sent on an annual basis. Both B2B and B2C businesses make extensive use of emails to boost customer engagement.

In fact, email is undoubtedly 40 times more effective when it comes to customer acquisition.

Whether you are a one-person army or an entrepreneur, you will agree with the importance of emails. It is an integral part of any business’ content marketing strategy. And if you don’t send emails, you are missing out on a chunk of potential customers.

So I hope you are being wise and use email marketing software that fulfills your business requirements. Speaking of tools, Aweber has been one of the most popular solutions for designing and sending HTML e-newsletters for a long time.

It helps grow the subscriber base, uses email automation to send different types of campaigns such as welcome series, product launch mailers, courses and more. Creating effective marketing funnels is easier on Aweber. No wonder it is used by a multitude of users.

Moreover, Aweber integrated with various high-profile platforms such as the social media network Facebook, WordPress, and PayPal, Blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Hubspot CRM, Intercom, Zapier, GoToMeeting, SurveyMonkey and more.

It is cost-effective and the range of Aweber pricing plans are impressive that the user can choose based on his requirements. ,

However, off-late the platform has seen a fall in popularity because of their user interface, which they haven’t updated for a long time.

Guess what?

There are other alternatives better than Aweber in the market that serve the same purpose as Aweber, and in a few cases – even better.

It took me days of research and careful consideration of services to pull out a list of Aweber alternatives that can help you and your business in everything related to email marketing.

Trending Aweber alternatives to try now are:

1. MailerLite – Best selling alternative to Aweber

A UK-based company and a competitor to Aweber email marketing services, it has grown exponentially since its launch, MailerLite is said to have one of the easiest drag-and-drop editors for its users.

Overall, it is a simple tool and extremely light on the pocket too. Before I ramble, let us study the features that make it such a hot marketing application as of today:

Features of MailerLite

1) Responsiveness

While it is easy to create email designs due to its simple interface, the best thing about the Aweber alternative is that it is responsive across devices. This doesn’t limit the users from creating different kinds of newsletters and I think that is pretty awesome.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 1

2) Email client variety

Whether your customers use Outlook or Apple Mail or Gmail – your newsletter sent by MailerLite will offer the same visual experience. The tool is not just mobile compatible but also syncs with all kinds of mailing mediums.

3) Email campaign tracker

MailerLite measures and analyzes a variety of metrics such as clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, link activities, and bounces. Basically, any metric that is helpful in improving email campaigns is recorded by the Aweber alternative.

This way you can see where your campaign is faltering and make changes accordingly.

4) Webforms

You can design your own forms using the tool’s link builder. The good thing is automatically directed new subscribers to the MailerLite subscriber groups. It keeps you covered from everywhere, isn’t it? It does.

5) iPad subscriber app

This is a unique feature that I have seen on very few applications and one of them is MailerLite. You can use your iPad app to act as a subscriber’s form. You don’t need the support of the internet to collect subscribers using this particular feature.

The data automatically gets saved in the app’s memory folder and will get synced the moment you are online.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 2
Quora mailerlite feature discussion

Integration of MailerLite

There are many applications that can be integrated with this Aweber alternative. Some of the big names include Zapier, ConvertPlay, Thrivethemes, Bloom, Kickbox, Quick Email Verification, SendOwl, and MiloTree.

aweber alternatives -Switch to Aweber Alternative

Pricing of MailerLite

While you can store up to 1,000 subscribers and send unlimited emails every month, there is also a freemium plan you can opt for provided you are looking for more functionalities depending upon your use.

To know whether it is a cheaper Aweber alternative or not you can definitely compare it with Aweber pricing.

UpdateMailerLite has released a bunch of features to help its customers compliance with GDPR and CCPA. If you use this application in Europe and the customers’ of Mailerlite handling European subscriber’s data can follow GDPR and CCPA related practices from inside the Mailerlite account. You can follow this link for more details.

Parameters Aweber vsMailerlite
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Cheapest marketing tool available
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersLimited reporting and analytics
Best for Small-sized businesses Small businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $15/mo
Comparison of Aweber and Mailerlite

The fourth Aweber alternative to try is Brevo. If you are looking for an all-in-one email marketing tool that can help you scale fast and boost customer retention rates, then Brevo is an ideal option.

This Aweber alternative is an intuitive service that provides a range of services and functionalities including transactional email, SMS, marketing automation and more. Trust me – a large number of email marketers swear by Brevo.

Let us explore the reasons for why:

Features of Brevo

1) Email campaigns

The creation of an email marketing strategy begins with the design. Thankfully, Brevo has made the design process extremely easy for its customers. The plethora of email templates available on the tool are mobile friendly and can be personalized as per use.

One doesn’t need to be an expert in design to be able to craft emails that are appealing, customer-oriented and make the right impression.

Secondly, the user interface of Brevo email marketing platform has a multi-step and multi-channel campaign set up that makes marketing efforts seamless. After a few trial sessions, you will be as good as an email marketing expert with Brevo.

Brevo also does trigger campaigns. It helps in creating campaigns based on customer behavior and targeting. For example, if a customer has your product in his cart and you want him to pay, Sendin will detect that and send him or her an email reminding him to complete the payment to purchase the product.

In eCommerce where cart abandonment is a major issue, Brevo is a boon. It is because of the intuitive capabilities that it is able to reduce the lag time between a customer placing a product in the cart and purchasing it drastically.

aweber alternatives Brevo

2) Transactional email and SMS

Brevo takes care of notifying the customer from the start of the purchase, until the shipping and delivery of the product. It also doesn’t hold back in reminding prospective customers about any upcoming sale through app alerts and push notifications.

On Brevo, you can observe the timing of the delivery messages and study engagement metrics to see what’s happening with the reminders that you have sent to the customers.

3) Marketing automation and workflow creation

You can literally create an easy automated flow in communication with customers and prospects on Brevo. The tool will allow you to create multi-step and multi-channel email campaigns easily.

What I like about this Aweber alternative is that it goes the extra mile, to a different level to reach your customers at the right moment through SMS’ or emails by choosing the most preferred device.

The device could be anything – desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Your customers can’t escape any communication from you if you are using Brevo. It has got you covered. And I think that’s pretty cool!

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 3
Capterra Brevo review

Integration of Brevo

1) WordPress

It is a WordPress-friendly solution through which you can notify your customers of all the great things that your business is up to. The good thing about Brevo is that its dashboard is simple and you don’t need to be a techie to understand its functionality.

Once WordPress is integrated with Brevo, you can start building an email campaign on WordPress itself.

2) PrestaShop

Brevo allows business operating in PrestaShop to integrate its plugin within the website. The email marketing tool ensures that the installation process is very simple for all the customers. It also helps businesses to segment their customers according to various definitions such as “who placed items in the cart that are more than a certain amount” or “whose products are lying abandoned in the cart since XYZ amount of time.

cheaper aweber alternatives

3) Magento

This is another platform that helps you to simplify product content management. Brevo provides all the plugins you need to run your email marketing effectively on Magento. SMS transaction too is possible with the platform.

Brevo services make it extremely easy for its users to track, monitor and optimize results in real time. Seriously – it gives a detailed picture of how the customers are responding to your communication strategy. Some of the most exciting features of Magento are as following:

  • Easy segmentation of customers
  • Newsletter builder
  • Real-time reporting
  • Monitoring of transaction panel

Other integrated platforms include WooCommerce, Drupal. Project Manager, Shopify, Google Analytics, Zapier, Privy, Eventbrite, Qix, OptinMonster, PayPal, MailChimp, Streak, Facebook and the list goes on. Brevo has an impressive number of plugins just like Aweber.

Worth reading- Comparison of Brevo vs MailChimp.

Pricing of Brevo

There is a free plan which doesn’t require any credit card sign-ups. It stores unlimited subscribers details and can send up to 9,000 emails every month. The base price of Brevo is 7.37$ with which you can send up to 40,000 emails per month. Aweber alternative is the Micro pack but it comes with the feature of advanced reporting.

Then comes the Essential pack which jumps from $7.37 to $39 per month. The user can send up to 60,000 emails on a monthly basis. My advice starts with the free plan and then pick the right package for your business.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 4

The main goal of Brevo is to support you in sending the best content to your subscribers as a part of the nurturing process. Take all the help you need to boost your business growth.

Parameters Aweber vs Brevo
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Well-rounded features at decent pricing.
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offers300 emails per day which sometimes is not enough.
Best for Small-sized businesses Small and mid-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $25/mo
Comparison of Aweber and Brevo

3. GetResponse – Powerful alternative Aweber

Quite interestingly, GetResponse is known as the easiest email marketing automation platform across the globe. It’s used by more than 3.5 lac consumers in 180+ countries. What makes it even more effective is that it is available in 21 languages.

The reason I included this Aweber alternative in my list is that it is extremely user-friendly and loaded with features that ensure quality marketing solutions necessary for business growth.

Switch to Aweber Alternative

Let’s take a tour of its features:

Features of GetResponse

1) Email designs

GetResponse provides options for over 500 pre-designed templates, 100 iStock images, mobile preview and more to make your emails look stunning. Just like other options we discussed previously, you don’t need to be an expert in design for personalizing and using these templates. You just need to pick up the right style and you are all set.

2) Responsiveness

Emails are rarely read on just desktops these days. They are consumed on mobile phones and tablets too. If the email template is not responsive across devices, the overall consumer experience will be poor and they wouldn’t want to read any more of your emails.

Trust me – you don’t want that to happen to you. GetResponse allows you a pan-device preview so that you know exactly how your content on all platforms. I think this is a great feature.

3) Advanced segmentation

No two customers are alike. Hence the communication that goes to them also has to differ. This feature will allow you to reach the right audience at the right time. You can create multiple campaigns for different groups of people.

Personalized communication can seriously boost your engagement rate because you are reaching your audience with authentic, appealing content. You can tweak the content as per the groups, change CTAs and play around with design elements.

GetResponse-list-segmentation - alternatives of aweber

With GetResponse, you can send emails based on demographics too. It instantly enables you to generate a unique promotional code. If you send an email, you would want a response too. This feature pushes the reader to engage with you, get nurtured and in turn, grow your business at a much faster rate.

4) A/B testing

It’s a common feature these days thanks to the importance that is being given to personalization by marketers and businesses. In GetResponse, you can conduct split tests – experiment with subject lines, email content and what not! You can easily A/B test a campaign with almost 50% of the list just with the help of a slider. GetResponse is ‘that’ user-friendly.

5) Automated Emails

You can create drip email marketing campaigns at the snap of a finger with GetResponse. Build a flowchart of responses you want to email to your subscribers based on their responses or how they have interacted with you before.

This Aweber alternative comes handy for eCommerce brands that are always looking for innovative ways to engage and nurture customers for more sales.

6) Email delivery

One of the major concerns every business faces is the fear of getting blacklisted. Businesses rely heavily on email marketing services but many a time emails don’t reach the customer’s inbox and instead make their way to the spam folder.

And this doesn’t look good on the brand’s part. The Aweber alternative has an anti-spam team that tackles with this issue and ensures your emails always land in the inbox and you are saved from the wrath of getting blacklisted.

7) Perfect timing mail delivery

You wouldn’t want your email to be buried under the hundred other emails your subscriber gets. To deal with this, GetResponse has a tool that predicts the best delivery hour of the day. With this, the chances of the subscriber reading your email shoots up. Yay!

Switch from Aweber

8) Advanced analytics

Analytics do wonder for any brand or professional. After all – we live in a data-centric world. It helps in taking measures to improve the content or the delivery whichever is the reason for subscribers not wanting to read your content.

With GetResponse you can optimize your emails based on the audience’s needs and preferences. You can also get data such as likes, shares, retweets, and more to know how your content has performed. These vanity metrics can help you makes changes to your strategy, make it more succinct and effective.

9) Easy webinar solutions

Webinars have become one of the best tactics to engage audiences at a personal level and GetResponse totally understands this. The feature allows you to create and broadcast your own webinars. You don’t need to take support from any third party tools for having your own webinar sessions.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 5
G2 GetResponse review

Integration of GetResponse

There are many applications that get connected with GetResponse directly. The list includes Shopify, LandingCube, LightSpeed, Zapier, Convertful, CallPage, WordPress, GetSite Control and PayPal. I can go on and on. GetResponse has got it all covered.

Recently we published a comparison post on GetResponse vs MailChimp.

Pricing of GetResponse

All these features must come at a price, right? Well, you can use all these features for free for the first 30 days. The most popular package is the Pro version which comes at $49 per month which is packed with all the amazing features to grow your business.

There are four options available on the website catering to every kind of user. Are you a big business? No problem. You can go for the Enterprise solution that amasses all the features that you can think of. What is it going to be for you?

Getresponse does offer a free plan forever that includes tons of features helpful for small and new businesses. The features include email marketing tools, website and landing page builder, and forms for subscribers upto 2000.

As new businesses often struggle with finding the right tool to manage their growing business needs Getresponse forever free plan is indeed a savior for them. They can get the most features they need without investing any amount.

Features included in GetResponse Free forever plan :

Free Website Builder

  • Build one website with up to 10 page with the help of the AI-creator or choose from the 300 industry template repository.
  • 5GB bandwidth per month
  • SEO optimisation tools to make your website more visible.
  • Connect a domain or use a free one
looking for mailchimp competitor - advanced segmentation - marketing automation platform - email service - number of contacts

Free Lead Generation Software

  • Build and host 1 landing page
  • Signup and contact forms to get leads for your business
  • Store up to 500 contacts

Free Email Marketing Software

  • Unlimited emails for your contacts
  • Drag-and-drop creator to build emails
  • Access to a rich repository of predesigned email templates
  • Proven deliverability of 99%
  • Gather actinable data from your emails.
Parameters Aweber vsGetResponse
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Advanced analytics
Webinar functionality
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersList segmentation is not very good.
Best for Small-sized businesses Small and mid-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $15/mo
Comparison of Aweber and GetResponse

4. Engagebay  – Certified alternative to Aweber

Engagebay offers users a platform to manage their sales, marketing, and communication activities from one platform. It is touted as one of the best alternatives to other expensive business solutions.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 6

 The best thing about this tool is that it lets you automate plenty of key processes saving you time and resources. 

It offers modules of email automation, crm, sales, live chat, and marketing automation, all bundled in one. The name itself, Engagebay, aligns with its core objective to engage users as soon as they visit your website. It helps to generate leads that, when used with proper strategy, can be turned into customers. 

Lets us, deep-dive, into the features that Engagebay offers: 

Features of EngageBay

Attract targeted audience

Engagebay helps you find the best-fit audience that would be interested in your services. For example, it allows you to publish content on your social media platforms or run appropriate social ads. The tool also has plenty of beautiful landing page templates that you can use to attract more leads.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 7

Engage visitors

The Engagebay helpdesk software lets you connect with your customer in real-time and respond to their queries immediately. If you want, then you can also offer a more personalized experience by displaying automated messages based on their browsing history. 

Lead Nurturing

Engagebay provides a platform where you can also nurture leads through SMS and email campaigns. You can also create and send personalized emails based on past consumer behavior. For example, sending an email for an abandoned cart or reminding them of registering with your website.

Qualified lead identification

Identify the quality of your business and maximize your conversion rates. Your sales team can get a comprehensive summary of the consumers by accessing the marketing campaign reports. 

With the help of these valuable metrics, the chances of getting the conversion increases. 

Make customers your brand ambassador

The helpdesk software of Enagebay is robust and provides good customer support. It is a great way to be in the good books of your customers and get a loyal fanbase. 

Pricing of EngageBay

Engagebay comes with four plans that you can opt for depending on your needs. As Engagebay is all-in-one software, it provides a plan to use all of its features or opt for individual plans as per your business needs.

All in one plan: This plan starts at $14.99/user/mo, where you get 1000 contacts and 3000 branded emails, email marketing, CRM software, helpdesk software, and live chat.  They also offer 40% off with their biennial plan.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 8
Engagebay all in one pricing

Marketing: The marketing plan starts at $7.99/user/mo, where you get landing page builder, SMS marketing, lead scoring, and Tag Manager to name a few.

Check the below image to find what features does this plan offers.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 9
Marketing plan pricing

CRM and sales bay: The CRM and sales bay starts at $12.99/user/mo. It helps you with contact management, multiple deals, email tracking, appointment scheduling. 

 Service bay: You can get the helpdesk chat and desk feature for free.

Parameters Aweber vsEngagebay
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
All in one tool for all your business needs.
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersComes with a learning curve.
Best for Small-sized businesses Small as well as enterprises
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $7.79/user/mo
Comparison of Aweber and Engagebay

5. ConvertKit – Professional Aweber alternative

Bloggers looking for alternatives better than Aweber then Convertkit is a hub for professional bloggers and sellers who use drip email campaigns for marketing. It offers many templates for users to create and design their own landing pages.

It has a hands-on editor that is user-friendly and helps you design and schedule opt-in forms, emails, web pages and more in a personalized manner.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 10

What I like about ConvertKit is that both a marketing executive and a CMO can benefit from the product. Here are its four fantastic features:

Features of ConvertKit

1) Forms

For any business, the mailing list is their biggest asset. The email marketing platform of ConvertKit uses that list to grow a business through attractive forms. Their easy-to-embed, customizable forms help in converting a casual reader into a repeat customer. The forms are responsive and adjust when placed on the sidebar or at the end of a blog post.

2) Organizing and broadcasting

Convertkit is a subscriber-centric tool. It allows you to segment the subscribers from the list with the help of tags. In case you have time-sensitive content, you can send a one-off email broadcast to your mailing list or integrate Convertkit into your RSS feed to send weekly blog posts.

The main goal of ConvertKit is to support you in sending the best content to your subscribers as a part of the nurturing process. I say take all the help you need to boost your business growth.

3) Automation

The marketing platform of Convertkit provides some of the best automation options for its users. You can create powerful, automated funnels that help you reach your customers in a better way. Set up the rules initially and see the app takeover and optimize your efforts.

aweber mailchimp alternative

You can customize a subscriber’s path based on their actions. This way you can track the kind of content your target customers want to read and then accordingly send them broadcasts based on their preference. This is a great customer retention tactic.

ConvertKit allows you to send targeted content to the right people at the right time. It segments users based on their customer journey. What better than a tool that does all the hard work for you?

4) RSS feed

ConvertKit allows you to automatically create a broadcast to deliver blog post to audiences. You can either send broadcasts of individual posts or allow ConvertKit to round up content for a week or a month and send your audiences digests of longer periods.

The tool allows you to select days and timings to send digests to your target audience. You can make sure that the content reaches the right audiences by filtering them with tags, segments, subscription dates and even by their first names.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 11
Quora ConvertKit review

Integrations of ConvertKit

The email marketing software has currently partnered with industry-leading products such as Instapage, SumoMe, Zapier, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Teachable, Gumroad and more.

Pricing of ConvertKit

Their pricing starts at $25 which accommodates 1000 email subscribers, 6 landing forms and pages, 4 drip courses. This is called the Author pack and is a great choice for professional bloggers who are just starting out.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 12
ConvertKit Pricing

For people who are more advanced in their careers and require a solid communication strategy should go ahead with ConvertKit’s High Volume package that can easily take up to 45,000 email subscribers, offers unlimited email courses and enables you to design unlimited landing pages.

I like ConvertKit because they offer a risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee which means if you don’t like the product, you can part ways without bearing any financial loss. Great, isn’t it?

Parameters Aweber vsConvertkit
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Segmentation and automation are good enough
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersNewsletter and reporting not very good.
Best for Small-sized businesses Small businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $25/mo
Comparison of Aweber and ConvertKit

6. EasySendy – Guaranteed alternative to Aweber

The first Aweber alternatives to try is EasySendy, a cloud-based email marketing tool that offers EasySendy Drip plan for advanced and targeted email marketing.  While there are many features that go in common with AWeber, EasySendy Drip still manages to outbeat AWeber email marketing skills.

EasySendy Drip has been voted one of the most simple yet advanced email marketing tools similar to Aweber .

Here’s why this plan from EasySendy can be your best bet against AWeber.

Features of EasySendy

1) On Exit and On Scroll Popup forms

EasySendy Drip has on exit and on scroll popup forms that take away the limelight instantly from AWeber. These popup forms are beautiful and can be customized with the easy drag and drop editor.

There are over 200 templates to choose from, and more types of forms like inline forms or reCaptcha forms.

These forms can be easily embedded anywhere on your website and also has the option of a social subscription. The best part is, when you capture visitors with these popup forms, they are automatically added to your contact database.

aweber alternatives -aweber email marketing

2) Behavior-based email marketing automation

All contacts are segmented based on their behavior. In EasySendy Drip, you can do behavior-based list management, behavior-based email followup automation, launch geo-location-based email campaigns, and event-based email campaigns. Along with these, you can also create re-engagement campaigns for your subscribers who did not engage with your first email or for those who were active once but have now become dormant.

To ensure your email campaigns are targeted and relevant, you can keep adding subscriber scores based on their behavior.
The email campaign builder of EasySendy Drip is flexible and simple. You can include multiple actions, conditions, and decisional triggers to create a relevant email drip campaign.

aweber alternatives -easysendy drip-automation-flow

3) Improved email delivery features

EasySendy Drip lets you route your emails using multiple email delivery servers, like Amazon SES, Aritic Mail, and more.

You can use the time wrap email delivery feature to ensure that you cater to your global audience exactly when they are available (automatically).

EasySendy Drip also has an add-on feature of email List Hygiene and Cleaning. This feature comes handy when you are trying to avoid all kind of manual errors or typos in email addresses, or genuinely trying to keep your email lists healthy.

4) Detailed Campaign reports that are password protected

You get detailed email campaign reports almost on every tool these days. EasySendy Drip is no different and can be touted as an alternative better than Aweber.

The reports are visually enriched, to-the-point, and can be shared with your clients or someone outside your team using a password protection. In short, if you have to share a campaign report only with someone who is not a part of your team or your organization, you can simply share the report with a unique password that he/she needs to input to view the report.

aweber alternatives -share-campaign for AWeber alternative

EasySendy Drip has other features like A/B testing, Facebook custom ad audience sync, API and webhooks, advanced email filters, and a comprehensive integration list.

Integrations of EasySendy

Similar to Aweber EasySendy offers integrations with ad platforms such as Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook Lead Ads, and Google Ads. If you are using the advanced automation plan (EasySendy Automate) then you can use landing page integrations like Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, and Clickfunnels.

[PS: Landing pages will soon be available under EasySendy Drip plan]. To capture leads, EasySendy has several integrations available such as CrazyEgg, SumoMe, Gleam, WUFOO, and more. For integrations include NinjaForms, JotForm, SurveyGizmo, Gravity Forms, Survey Monkey, reCaptcha and 123 Contact form.

There are several more integrations available for marketing, e-commerce platforms, CMS, and email service providers. It has integration with Zapier that definitely increases the range of tools you have at your disposal to integrate.

Pricing of EasySendy

EasySendy Drip is free up to 1,000 subscribers that is a plus point as compared to Aweber pricing plan. The pricing plan starts at $24/month after 1,000 subscribers. You will be billed based on the number of subscribers you have.

Once you cross the free limit, your email delivery server will be billed each month based on the number of emails you have sent that month.

Parameters Aweber vsEasysendy
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Incredible behavior-based segmentation
List cleaning feature
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersTemplates are slightly limited
Best for Small-sized businesses Enterprise businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $19/mo
Comparison of Aweber and EasySendy

Update: EasySendy is compliant with GDPR and CCPA and has introduced several new features to abide by the new data protection laws. You can add a GDPR and CCPA compliant footer to all the emails that you send to your customers. It is easy peasy and doesn’t involve any complications.

7. MailChimp – Trustworthy alternative to Aweber

Used by more than 12 million users sending more than a billion emails on a daily basis, MailChimp is a name to reckon with.  Whether you are an established enterprise, a startup or a growing blogger, chances are you would have come across this Aweber alternative at some or the other point in your lives.

It is a go-to product for eCommerce companies and online stores that want to make more sales, grow faster. It has an easy sign-up process, a clean interface and efficient contact management system. You can run different types of campaigns such as regular, plain text, A/B tests and RSS.

aweber alternatives mailchimp

The Aweber alternative also has built-in forms and a marketing automation system that helps create a series of emails targeted at subscribers on the basis of their previous interaction with the brand. MailChimp integrates with a variety of tools such as Google Analytics, Joomla, Hootsuite, Freshbooks and Eventbrite.

One can use the Aweber alternative for an unlimited period of time for free – adding up to 2,000 contacts and sending not more than 12,000 emails. As per your use, you can pick up a pricing plan and pay on a monthly basis.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 13
Quora MailChimp discussion
Parameters Aweber vsMailchimp
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Good reporting features
Easy to use
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersAutomation is not very good.
Best for Small-sized businesses Ecommerce and agencies
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $29.99/mo
Comparison of Aweber and MailChimp

GDPR and CCPA update: For all the customers who are using MailChimp can continue using it without any GDPR and CCPA concerns. You can build .forms that are GDPR and CCPA ready and can use it for everything ranging from hosted to pop-ups to every other form. You can check the Section 20 of Terms of Use and Section 5.E.(ii) of Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

8. Sendlane – Brilliant Aweber altenative

Sendlane is a fairly new email marketing tool. The product was launched in 2011 and is already considered a worthy switch from Aweber. It is an easy-to-use, effective marketing and automation software that can be used by multiple kinds of users – businesses, professionals, startups and more.

Let us take a look at the features to know if this is a better Aweber alternative or not:

Features of Sendlane

1) Personalized email marketing

Sendlane boasts of a sound personalization behavior-based email marketing. With this, you can control which email is to be sent to your subscribers and customers simply on the basis of their actions. Sendlane focuses a lot on creating personalized experiences for the target audience and maximizes the engagement leading to higher sales.

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2) Email retargeting

Alternative of Aweber– Sendlane deploys retargeting by activating and deploying workflows based on audience response to your website. It is triggered by a simple browser behaviour. From asking consumers to clear the cart to make product recommendations and offering timely discounts and promotions – the possibilities are endless.

3) Event tracking

Email marketing provides the highest ROI for any marketing channels. Yup – this still holds true after the advent of chatbots, live chat systems and push notifications. With Sendlane, you can keep track of the performance of every workflow of your emails or campaigns and optimize them accordingly for better success rates. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

4) Email editor

Sendlane features a full drag-and-drop email editor that’s built for easy use. It comes with multiple layouts, a hefty photo bank, fonts and more such fun stuff. You can customize your email in whichever you want to.

Things become really easy when you have all the support you need to set up and run email campaigns.

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5) Marketing automation

Alternative of Aweber-Sendlane boasts of a powerful customer segmentation and that is necessary to push different kinds of customers through different sales tunnels. As mentioned earlier, you can create drip campaigns to engage with prospects on the basis of their behaviour.

Integration of Sendlane

There are many platforms that can be currently integrated with this Aweber alternative. Some of them are Shopify, WooCommerce, Privy, UpViral, DeadlineFunnel, OutGrow, ARHive, Webinar JEO, and Popup Manager.

Pricing of Sendlane

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Sendlane Pricing

Sendlane comes with a basic package of $83 per month with which you can add 5000 subscribers. For a higher number of subscribers, the rates go up. However, there is absolutely no limit on the number of sends you can do. There is no set up cost and you can cancel or upgrade your account anytime you want. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Parameters Aweber vsSendlane
What is good?Provides Canva integration
A great option for small businesses
Advanced automations
Smooth landing page editors
What is not good?Pricey for the feature set it offersExpensive with limited integrations
Best for Small-sized businesses Ecommerce
PricingPaid plan starts at $19.99/moPaid plan starts at $83/mo
Comparison of Aweber and Sendlane

More Aweber Alternatives:

9. Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s standout features include event management tools, built-in social media sharing tools, and a dynamic drag-and-drop editor.

  • Pros: More built-in features than AWeber, including ecommerce tools.
  • Cons: Lack of advanced automation.
  • Integration: Integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce, social media, and CRM platforms.

10. Beehiiv

Beehiiv focuses on collaborative newsletter workflows, making it an excellent choice for team-based email marketing projects.

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  • Pros: More collaborative features compared to AWeber.
  • Cons: May be overwhelming for single users or small teams.
  • Pricing: Pricing scales reasonably, but compared to AWeber, you might find Beehiiv a little pricey for the extra collaboration perks.

11. Substack

Substack is built for writers and publishers, emphasizing content monetization through subscriptions.

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12. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is a simple, no-frills email marketing tool designed for affordability. It integrate with Amazon SES and known for sending out large email campaigns.

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 17
  • Pros: Affordable with no feature limitations.
  • Cons: Limited automation and personalization options compared to AWeber.
  • Pricing: EmailOctopus offers a lower price point, making it a budget-friendly choice compared to AWeber.

13. Moosend

Moosend offers a user-friendly interface with excellent automation capabilities.

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  • Pros: Offers superior automation features compared to AWeber.
  • Cons: Design and template options are somewhat limited.
  • Pricing: Moosend‘s pricing is competitive, often undercutting AWeber for similar feature sets.

14. Drip

Drip is designed for ecommerce, offering advanced automation and personalization tools.

  • Pros: More advanced ecommerce features compared to AWeber.
  • Cons: Complexity can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Integration: Drip boasts an array of integrations with popular ecommerce platforms, outshining AWeber in this aspect.

An overview of Aweber alternatives:

Top 14 AWeber Alternatives you Should Use Now - AI Edition 19
Email marketing software market radar

Our Experience about Aweber Alternatives:

So these are the seven priced as well as free Aweber alternatives. What are your thoughts? I think it doesn’t matter where your business stands.

You can easily make a switch to either of these email marketing software and really amp up your chances of engaging, nurturing and converting your target audience.

Aweber alternativesPricingFeatures summary
EasysendyPaid plans start at $19/month for 10000 subscribers.Easysendy is great for behavior-based email marketing automation.

Add-on list cleaning feature ensures that your emails are reaching the right inbox.

The one thing that it lacks is a wide variety of templates.
MailchimpPaid plan starts at $29.99/mo. Super easy to use with good reporting features and a great pick for e-commerce.

The automation is not so good compared to its competitors.
MailerlitePaid plans start at $15/mo Mailerlite is one of the cheapest email marketing services available.

Reporting and automation are not very powerful but are not bad either for the price.
BrevoPaid plan starts at $25/moThe automations of Brevo are good and at the same time affordable.

Offers a SMS marketing tool and a landing page editor.

The free plan allows you to send only 300 emails/day that is not enough
GetresponseThe paid plans start at $15/moAn all-in-one tool for email automation that also offers a landing page editor and webinar tools.

The list segmentation is not that powerful compared to other competitors.
ConvertkitThe paid plan starts at $25/moPowerful automation and segmentation features.

The newsletter and reporting features are not good enough.
SendlaneThe cheapest plan starts at $83/moIt offers advanced automation, smooth landing page editors, and good support material to help you get started.

Sendlane is expensive and offers limited integrations.

Did I miss any other interesting point about these providers? Know of an awesome tool you use for your business? Either way, please feel free to drop me a line in the Comments section.

Questions while selecting Aweber Alternatives:

What is Aweber?

Aweber is an email marketing automation software that helps you to broadcast emails to your prospects, customers and create brand awareness.

What are some good alternatives to Aweber?

Some popular aweber alternatives are EasySendy, MailChimp,Brevo and MailerLite.

How much does Aweber cost?

Aweber is available in following plans:
0-500 subscribers: $19
501-2500 subscribers : $29
2501-5000 subscribers: $49
5001-10,000 subscribers: $149
25000+ subscribers: Get a quote

Aweber and Mailchimp which is the better tool?

Let me highlight the pros of both tools:
Aweber :
Drip campaigns and autoresponders at a cheaper cost.
More templates as compared to MailChimp.
A generous free plan
Lesser number of subscribers Mailchimp is cheaper.

What are good alternatives to Aweber for marketing automation?

Some good marketing automation tools are Brevo, Aritic, HubSpot and OntraPort.

Amongst MailChimp, Aweber, Campaign monitor which one has the best tracking and analysis tool?

Amongst these tools, the best tracking tool is of MailChimp.

Is Aweber a good marketing tool in 2024?

Yes, AWeber is a good marketing tool but it is not one of the best in the market. There are a lot of other tools to check out that have similar or better features.

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  1. Prakash, I have used GetResponse, and I love how easy and fast it is to create an automation campaign. You select your design templates to add your text and GetResponse itself takes care of everything else. The one thing that is bugging me currently is that when using its application on a smartphone then you can only view the results of your campaign and make small modifications. But if you want to make a whole new campaign, you cannot do it. I would have liked if creating campaign was also possible with the application.

    • Yes Jean, GetResponse is easy to use. You can easily design and build automated email campaigns which convert subscribers into customers.

  2. I have used plenty of email marketing software that you can imagine, but when it comes to designing, then MailerLite has some of the best design options that were not available with other tools. Also, they have excellent customer support where any of your problems are easily rectified.

  3. The learning graph of Aweber is quite steep. You will need time to get the handle of this tool in the start but like any other tool once you understand it you will be able to do most of the things easily.