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8 Better Klaviyo Alternatives for eCommerce

Buying, selling, making payments, maintaining customer relationships, and every other business aspect has gone online. Conducting business online also means creating and maintaining relationships online.

A customer support team can help fix things for a customer, like a sale gone wrong, a payment made twice, and a few others.

Just like an offline business, an online business also requires real-time data/feedback to improve their relationships and business. Click To Tweet

In an offline setup, relationships are built based on observations, customer feedback, and interactions. But it is not possible to manage with an online business set up.

klaviyo alternatives

Instead, customer browsing data and other online behavior can be captured and analyzed to make strategic decisions.

An online business like Shopify would have tons of customers zipping in and out, making purchases, or browsing products.

There are tons of transactions taking place by millions of customers daily, which alone generates a humongous amount of data.

Klaviyo helps to build relations across the globe.

Email marketing, email campaigns, data-centric segmentation, email personalizations, integrations, and customer profiles are all a part of Klaviyo.

Klaviyo works like a single platform that can be used by a business without logging into multiple systems to get things done.

Klaviyo is an email marketing solution that is best suitable for an ecommerce business and is also cloud-based. The data-driven decisions and marketing strategies help businesses of all sizes to grow.

It also enables us to build excellent relationships with customers. Klaviyo enables e-commerce businesses to grow and manage without any hassles.

There is no perfect system to address all the challenges of a business.

So it would be a good idea for users to check the features, pricing, benefits, and cons of using Klaviyo and other Klaviyo alternatives.

klaviyo alternatives -  klaviyo dashboard
Features of Klaviyo
One-click integrationsPowerful SegmentationPersonalized emails
Custom activity fieldsReal-time trackingFacebook Advertising
API for custom integrationProduct recommendationsCustomer profiles
Website trackingDynamic data blocksTriggered emails
Abandoned cart seriesWelcome emailsAutomated list imports
Email newslettersOrder follow-upsDrag-and-drop email design
Use cases of Klaviyo
  • Upsell through email and newsletter.
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing campaigns
Integrations of Klaviyo with Shopify

Klaviyo offers integration with Shopify, but both require users to have a separate account, and any changes made to a Shopify account does not reflect on the Klaviyo account.

Disadvantages of using Klaviyo
  • Lack of email design features
  • Challenging to implement workflow designs
  • Requires users to get training
  • Integrations with Magento and a few others are laborious.

Like every other provider, Klaviyo also has a few of its drawbacks.

It would be good if users can conduct a bit of research on Klaviyo alternatives with their features, integrations, pricing, benefits, and use cases to get a better idea of which of them are best suitable for a business’s requirements.

Omnisend – Powerful Alternative to Klaviyo

Omni send is one of the best Klaviyo alternatives.

Omni send offers various powerful features that enable businesses to manage emails, social media, SMS, and marketing strategies, all with a single automated and personalized platform.

Built-in templates, personalized emails, and many other features help businesses stay in constant contact with their customers.

While planning an email marketing campaign, the list of to-do things can get overwhelming.

Omni send is an email marketing automation platform that saves your teams’ time through its pre-designed templates and a content editor that helps your team resend emails, create engaging content for your email campaigns, and much more effortlessly.

klaviyo alternatives - omnisend
Email and newsletter templatesFacebook Messenger marketingImage editor
Push notificationsWelcome emailsProduct Picker
Order confirmation emailsAbandoned Cart emailsCoupon code creation
Birthday emailsCustomer Reactivation emailsCampaign Booster

Landing page creation
Cross-Selling capabilitiesSmart contact segmentation
Popup signup formsGamification for leadCustomer feedback forms
Smart Send SolutionSignup boxescapturingOmnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Automated personalized marketing
  • Excellent tools to help improve customer engagement
  • Contact segmentation is easier
  • Effective newsletters
  • Reporting tools help to conduct an in-depth analysis of campaigns
Use cases
Getting started 
  • Import your subscribers, segment your contacts, follow the warm-up plan, and set up at least one Campaign per day.
  • Sender’s email address, sender’s domain, and IP address are a few things that may impact the placement of your email.
ZapierTidio Live ChatSmile
Open CartShopifyAfter Ship
MagentoShopify PlusShip Station
Woo CommerceBig CommerceRe Charge
Loyalty LionYotpo

The free plan covers one user, live view & customer profiles of website tracking, website tracking data history for one month, up to fifteen thousand emails per month, email campaigns, up to five segments, three active sign up forms, sign up boxes, popups, and landing pages.

The free plan also covers email templates, image editor, sales reports, Zapier integration, discount coupon code, product content block, and Tidio live chat.

The Standard plan costs $16 per month or $13 per month when paid annually and covers up to three users. All the free plan features are a part of this plan.

Email & SMS campaigns, abandoned cart, welcome, Browse/Product abandonment, order & shipping confirmation, cross-sell, birthday, and order follow-up are part of the Standard plan.

The customized workflows, customer reactivation & feedback, automated SMS, optional branding, unlimited signup forms, campaign booster, product picker, and wheel of fortune are a part of this plan.

The standard plan includes up to twenty segments, a data history of up to three months of website tracking, integrations, reporting, gift box, scratch card, and email &chat support 24/7.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month or $80 per month when paid annually and covers up to five users. All the standard features are a part of the pro plan.

Integrations, six months of data of industry-leading analytics, push notifications, customer feedback, and up to two hundred custom events are covered under the pro plan.

Free SMS credits, push notifications sends, up to fifty segments, priority support, domain signature, and Google customer match are also a part of this plan.

The enterprise plan is available at a customized price.

It covers all the Pro plan features, Facebook messenger marketing, free SMS credits, unlimited seats & emails per month, advanced workflow customization, unlimited additional fields, and a dedicated account manager.

Privy : Brilliant Alternative to Klaviyo

Privy is another klaviyo alternative that helps businesses grow their email list, reduce cart abandonment, improve repeated visits, send coupon reminders, and stay in constant contact with their customers without any hassle.

Privy is also an excellent fit for an e-commerce business.

klaviyo alternatives - privy
Spin wheelsTargeted campaigns
Coupon generatorEmail Collection Tool
Drag and drop designerAutoresponders
  • Helps to create a custom callout
  • Helps to build a mailing list
  • Easy to use interface
  • Predefined templates
  • Reporting
Use cases
  • Exit intent email capture
  • Cart saving display
  • Cross-sell display
Getting started 

Create a Privy account and connect it with your business website

Setup a domain to send emails and update the business address

Import existing subscribers/ contacts list

Configure the integrations

WixBig Commerce
Woo CommerceSquarespace
MagentoShopify Plus

The free plan offers up to five thousand page views per month.

Customizations, integrations, every display type, and email & live chat support are a few other features that are a part of the free plan.

The Privy email plan costs $13 per month.

It covers unlimited emails, automated cart abandonment emails, promotions, one-off emails, automated email sequence, sending newsletters, and order follow-up, and email reminders, along with the free plan features.

The Privy text plan costs $10 per month and enables users to send up to six hundred texts per month to one user.

Coupon integrations, Shopify cart, sign -up texts (automated), automated cart abandonment texts, and all the other Privy email plan features are a part of the Privy text plan.

The Starter plan costs $30 per month.

Unlimited emails to unlimited contacts, unlimited flyouts, popups, display types, promotions, newsletters, one-off emails, and other Privy text plan features are a part of the starter plan.

Drip : Accredited Alternative to Klaviyo

Drip is a cloud-based email marketing software. Drip enables businesses to customize email campaigns, automated workflows, integrations, and much more.

klaviyo alternatives - drip
Lead ScoringOne-Off EmailsEmail Address Capture
Campaign TemplatesDrip CampaignsProcess Automation
Subscriber List ManagementPerformance TrackingSplit Testing
Facebook AdsWorkflow BuilderSubscriber Tagging
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Automated workflows
  • Visual application
Use cases
  • Onboarding campaign
Getting started 
  1. Fill out the business details and create an account.
  2. Start accessing the dashboard, navigation, and tags.
  3. Add customized fields, start campaigns, and segments.
  4. Set up an automated workflow
Pipe Drive.ioThrive Cart

The Starter subscription is free and covers unlimited emails & users, up to a hundred subscribers, Opt-in widgets, API access, automated email marketing, integrations, lead scoring, and purchase notifications.

The Basic subscription costs $49.00 per month and $41.00 per month when billed annually.

Five thousand subscribers and all the other Starter subscription features are a part of the Basic subscription.

The Pro subscription costs $99.00 per month and $83.00 per month when billed annually. API access and all the other features in the basic subscription are a part of the pro subscription.

The High Volume subscription is on a quote basis.

A three week free trials are available for the basic and pro subscriptions.

ActiveCampaign: Delightful Alternative to Klaviyo

Active Campaign is an excellent marketing automation platform for small businesses looking to work with user-friendly marketing software.

Engaging emails, social media marketing, and more than a hundred integrations are all a part of this klaviyo alternative.

klaviyo alternatives - active campaign
  • Marketing automation
  • Smart autoresponders and email templates
  • Built-in integrations with over 200 external services
  • Drag and drop email designer
  • Track your contacts on-site and in your apps
  • Campaign, contact, as well as list reporting
  • Track where your contacts live or travel
  • Add live ecommerce data and even videos to your emails
  • Marketing through SMS and newsletter
  • Phone, live chat, and email support
  • Sales automation
  • Demographics based contact finding and advanced segmentation
  • Dynamic email content and social media mentoring
  • Custom forms for your landing pages
  • Site tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Email split testing
  • Advanced Lead scoring
Use cases
  • Sales funnel into stages
  • Creating a pipeline
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing automation
Getting started 
  1. Download the getting started checklist
  2. Get a tour of the platform and take the course
  3. Register a walk-through
  4. Join the community

Accounting Suite
Base CRM
Big commerceBasecamp

The Lite Plan costs $15per month or $9per month when paid annually.

Up to three users, unlimited sending, email marketing, marketing automation, newsletters sending, and chat & email support are a part of the lite plan.

The Plus Plan costs $70 per month or $55 per month when paid annually.

Includes custom – branding, domain, user permissions, unlimited sending, lead scoring, up to twenty-five users, deep data integrations, SMS marketing, and one on one integrations along with the other lite plan features.

The Professional Plan costs $159 per month or $129 per month when paid annually. The professional plan includes site messaging, attribution, up to fifty users, and all the plus plan features.

The Enterprise Plan costs $279 per month or $229 per month when paid annually. Free – social data & design services, phone support, unlimited users and sending Uptime SLA, a custom mail server domain, and all the professional plan features.

Get Response : Valuable Alternative to Klaviyo

If you are looking for software to cover all your email marketing and automation needs, get a response is the right choice.

You can use it for marketing campaigns, track your efforts, analyze fluctuations in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and realign your marketing strategies as per the changes.

klaviyo alternatives - get response

Sending emails to any subscribers without worrying about the email content/ template is a hassle-free experience if you are using the content editor.

The email marketing and automation features enable sending unlimited emails to subscribers.

Even the free trials allow email to a thousand subscribers. Integrations and marketing tools make it one of the best among the Klaviyo alternatives.

The 24/7 support center helps to get started without any hassles.

Responsive Email DesignA/B Testing
Inbox PreviewLanding Pages
List BoosterAutoresponders 2.0
Email IntelligenceEmail Creator
  • Build a subscriber list
  • Setup and track campaigns
Use cases
  • Manage funnels
  • Improve sales process
  • List building
  • Email automation
Getting started 
  1. Add / import contacts list
  2. Integrate accounts for recurring imports
  3. Plan campaigns and manages sales
  4. Analyze results and plan new strategies
Flip causeSurvicate
InstapageZoho SalesIQ

The Pro plan costs $49 per month or $40.18 per month as an annual fee of $34.30 for twenty-four months. CRM, up to three users, up to a hundred attendees, web event tracking, scoring, up to five thousand contacts, and automated segmentation.

The Max plan costs $165 per month or $135.30 for a year, or $115.50 for twenty-four months.

Salesforce integration, custom DKIM, up to five hundred attendees, five users, up to ten thousand contacts, and all the pro plan features.

The Enterprise plan costs $1,199 per month or $839 for twelve months, or $719 for twenty-four months. 

Dedicated: IP address & infrastructure, ten users, and a hundred thousand contacts are a part of this plan. This plan also includes max plan features.

SendinBlue : No-fail Alternative to Klaviyo

SendinBlue is another one of those klaviyo alternatives that enable businesses to launch email campaigns, marketing automation, create landing pages, generate leads, and do much more on a single platform.

SendinBlue is easy to use and enables users to improve their communication with their contacts.

klaviyo alternatives - sendin blue

Organizing contact lists based on demographics and target groups helps engaging draft content and enables users to strategize marketing strategies.

The chat functionality enables users to stay in constant contact with their customers for various reasons like product inquiries, complaints, and order/ payment follow-ups.

Google Analytics integrationTransactional emailEmail campaigns
Facebook adsLanding pagesSMS marketing
Marketing automationTrigger monitoringShared inbox
Retargeting display adsSubscription formsSignup forms
Flexible, customizable layoutsChatCRM
  • Promote collaboration between teams
  • Effective Facebook ads
  • Customer workflows
  • Email and SMS campaigns
  • Track customer behavior
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Personalized landing pages
Use cases
  • Marketing automation to welcome new contacts
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Contact list management with marketing automation
Getting started 
  1. Set up an account on Sendin Blue and get the API key.
  2. This API key is essential, and works are an account credential for all your activities.
PrivyWixThrive Leads
ZapierNinja FormsShopify
PipedriveShop wareJimdo
Presta ShopMagentoWordPress
SurveyMonkeyGoogle AnalyticsHubSpot
Woo CommerceOpt-in monsterIntercom

The Free plan covers up to three hundred emails per day and unlimited contacts.

The Lite plan costs $25 per month and covers Sendin Blue logo removal, email support, unlimited sending, advanced statistics, up to a hundred thousand emails, and all the features covered in the free plan.

The Premium plan costs $65 per month and includes all the features in the Lite plan.

Up to ten lakh emails, marketing automation, landing pages, phone support, Facebook ads, and multi-user access are all a part of this plan.

The enterprise plan can be customized and covers SSO, access for over ten users, priority sending, priority support, and customer success.

ConvertKit : Brilliant Alternative to Klaviyo

Convert Kit is an email marketing automation software that is cloud-based and is an excellent fit for small businesses, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and course content creators.

Convert kit helps in email marketing automations, workflow automations, email sequencing, landing page templates, and much more without any hassles of using multiple platforms.

klaviyo alternatives - convert kit
Drip email marketingAutomationCustomizable landing page
Landing page templatesBroadcastsCustom patterns & textures
Multiple incentivesEmail scheduling and sequencesDrag and drop
Automation blueprintsCustom opt-in formsCustom segmenting
Personalized messagesPost-specific opt-in formsSubscriber exclusion
  • ROI
  • Email broadcasts to the subscriber list
  • Automation rules
  • Integrations
Use cases
  • Blogger
  • Podcaster
  • course content creators
Getting started 
  1.  Sign up for a Convert Kit account
  2. Set up your account info in Convert Kit
  3. Set up a form
  4. Add the form to your website
  5. Add tags and segments
  6. Import your contact list
SumoMail MunchThinkific
TeachableGravity FormsBounce Exchange
RainmakerLead pagesAcuity Scheduling
Optimize PressMember MouseShopify
WordPressWoo CommerceUnbounce

A Free Trial is available

Zero to one thousand subscribers costs $29 per month.

One thousand to three thousand subscribers cost $49 per month.

Three thousand to five thousand subscribers cost $79 per month.

A customized quote is available for volume subscription.

All the plans include unlimited – Emails, Automation rules, Landing pages, Courses, and forms.

Clevertap : Professional Alternative to Klaviyo

CleverTap is another best among the klaviyo alternatives, a comprehensive platform that enables uses to manage analytics, user engagement, and improve brand awareness.

With the analytics feature (real-time), users can make well-informed decisions and realign marketing strategies based on consumer behavior.

The marketing platform has pre-built campaigns that help improve ROI, user retention, and app engagement.

klaviyo alternatives - clever tap
Server APIsUninstall Tracking and AnalysisRetention Cohorts
User SegmentationTriggered and Scheduled CampaignsClever Campaigns
PersonalizationDevice CrossoversRich User Profiles
A/B TestingFunnelsAttribution
  • User insights
  • Segmentation
  • Personalized messages help to improve customer engagement
Use cases
  • Streaming Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Travel Apps
Getting started 
  1. Log into your  Clever Tap account.
  2. Click on your account and go to the Clever Tap dashboard that is in blue.
  3. The dashboard will be in blue.
  4. Click the Explore Demo Account button.

A Free Trial is available.

The Growth Plan includes all the analytics and engagement features, and you can contact the vendor for cost.

The Advanced Plan includes features that enable engagement, and you can contact the vendor for cost.

The Enterprise Plan includes all the features that help data management and security. You need to contact the vendor for cost.


Along with all the other aspects of business, marketing has also moved digital.

Several email marketing software available in the market enables businesses to stay in constant contact with their customers.

They are also easy to use, and well fit for an e-commerce business needs, understand the customers’ behavior, and manage marketing campaigns quickly and effortlessly much more.

Klaviyo offers some exciting features like Facebook advertising, reporting, website tracking, personalized emails, integrations, email templates, and many others that are both easy to use and saves a lot of time.

Klaviyo is a great email marketing software, and its integration with Shopify makes it an excellent choice for e-commerce businesses.

But lack of email designs, difficulty in implementing workflow designs, and a few integrations that are not very easy to use lead users to look for the other Klaviyo alternatives.

Several good email marketing and automation software in the market offers some of the best marketing tools.

This email marketing tool Enables users to send emails to unlimited subscribers, email marketing services, launch marketing campaigns, and do much more effortlessly.

Every marketing automation platform available in the market offers some exciting marketing tools and other features. Most of them offer a free trial.

Whether they are Klaviyo alternatives or not, they all offer pricing plans that are the best fit for different business sizes.

A basic plan has limited features and works great for a small business with a limited customer list. Most of these Klaviyo alternatives like the drip, active Campaign, omni send, and a few others are easy to use and are an excellent choice for an email marketing platform.

While dozens of software like MailChimp and others, it is essential to choose the most relevant business requirements.

We have discussed in detail the Klaviyo alternatives that are best suitable for an ecommerce business.

Many others in the market are fit for other businesses too. Choosing them based on the tool they offer, ease of use, and pricing plans would be a great idea.

An email marketing tool plays a vital role in an online business.

It is crucial to maintain constant contact with the customers, and an email automation platform enables businesses to use it effortlessly!

Questions asked while looking for Klaviyo alternatives:
What is email marketing automation?

Email is a best way of staying in constant contact with customers. Sending emails, scheduling the time, engaging content in the newsletter, and much more are made possible with automation. It would be impossible for businesses to track their customers’ birthdays, buying behavior, and many other details. Thanks to email marketing automation, it can all be done effortlessly.

Which are the best email marketing automation tools?

Sendin Blue, Drip, Convert Kit, Get Response, MailChimp, and many others are some of the best email marketing automation tools. However, there is no perfect software, and it is crucial to suit the one that is best suitable for your business needs.

Can email marketing software be used for free?

Most of the email marketing software providers offer a basic plan with limited features for free. A free trial is also available for a limited period and does not require any credit card details to register and use them.

What is omnichannel marketing?

Businesses use multiple channels to improve their sales numbers and offer their customers a collective shopping experience irrespective of the shopping destination(mobile device, laptop, or a physical store).

How to select the best email automation software?

Features, comparison of features and pricing, usage of the tools to the business needs, reviews of users, and ease of use are factors to be considered while selecting the best email automation software.

Which are the best klaviyo alternatives?

Omnisend, Privy, Drip, Getresponse, ConvertKit, Activecampaign, and a few others are some of the best klaviyo alternatives.

How are email marketing campaigns useful for businesses?

Improved outreach to a global audience, cost & time-effective, easy to use, easy to get started, and helpful in improving ROI are some of the benefits of email marketing campaigns.


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  1. Jody Hunter Reply

    I used to use MailChimp for my online business because of it’s easy integration with shopify and cheap rates. My opinion is that Klaviyo offers better email automation. Our open rates are higher, and our emails are automated, so it’s mostly hands off.

  2. Bennie Reply

    Omnisend tool gives me detailed reporting about the customer journey. Through this tool, I am able to run my campaigns more effectively and my social advertisement has become very productive. I am in a better position to make more changes to my plans now.

  3. Jennifer Floyd Reply

    The growth of our email marketing has been generated by the growth of GetResponse, a CRM-oriented software. Our ability to make decisions based on the reports and analysis of this resource has improved.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      Thanks for the detailed comment!

  4. Debbie Reply

    There are a variety of options. Drip asks how complex the e-mail marketing is and of course can help with it. I’m very happy.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      Awesome; what other tools are you using?

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