[Uncover 7*] Best Email Marketing Tools for Freelancers

In this guide, I explore the best email marketing tools tailored for freelancers in 2024. I assess various platforms, focusing on features like campaign creation, personalization options, and ease of use. The review includes tools like MailerLite, Brevo, Encharge, and ConvertKit, each with unique functionalities to cater to different freelancer needs. Pricing, usability, and specific strengths of each tool are highlighted, making this guide an essential resource for freelancers seeking efficient marketing solutions.

The Email marketing app for freelancers is the trend. Whether it is writing or web designing, there has been a surge in the number of freelancers. More businesses are changing their full-time positions to freelancing jobs. With freelancing, there are tons of benefits both for the companies and individuals entering into a contract for freelance.

The multiple roles required to be played by the freelancers can be overwhelming.

Because freelancing is a business except freelancer him/her self is the commodity and the owner of the company. Apart from ensuring that the business stays in profit, the freelancers/ entrepreneurs are also responsible for making decisions in several other areas. A freelancer apart from being exceptionally good at a skill is also required to be good at performing different tasks like marketing their skills, find new clients, complete the job, and keep a tab on the accounts/ billing.

It is a given that a freelancer is good at a particular skill and would like to make a career in it. However, the other roles like finding new clients and marketing themselves might be time-consuming and frustrating too.

But freelancers themselves are the best at selling their skills. So marketing plays a vital role in the success of a freelancer irrespective of what are their capabilities.

Going through the sales/ marketing funnel of creating awareness and interest with the client, enabling them to decide between hiring the freelancer, and entering into a contract can all require a lot of time and energy. So what if an application or a tool can manage the marketing part without the freelancers spending their valuable time on it.

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Let us look at a few pointers for a freelance writer to promote his/her freelance business.

How To Use

How to use Email marketing app for freelancers?

Starting a blog/ website, getting referrals from current and former clients, and building relationship with your clients would be the first step in marketing yourself as a freelancer.

The next step would be to improve your social media presence, building your network, sending cold emails, and writing your marketing copy.

Utilizing guest blogging, social media advertisements, and word of mouth advertising to improve your list of contacts would be the next step.

Email marketing app for freelancers is useful to capture your client’s awareness and interest.

Email marketing app for freelancers not only help them send email to their contact list; it also helps them to understand what information in the mailer interests them. Email marketing app for freelancers will let you know which of your client clicked on which link in the email, enabling you to strategize your marketing content further.

Optimal usage of technology/ digital tools to reach your target audience with your story and develop your brand with unique qualities that set you apart from the rest. Last but not least, do not flinch from asking for referrals and review.

Other than an endless list of do’s and don’t, engaging in an email marketing apps would be great if you want to build your freelancing career. There can be tons of social media channels that you use to market yourself, yet all of them put together will still not come close to the email strategy. Emails have been here for decades and are here to stay.

However, it is vital to understand how well we can utilize it to suit individual requirements.


Benefits Of The Email Marketing App For Freelancers

As mentioned earlier, freelancers need to wear many hats to be successful, and email marketing is the most important among them.

Sending emails to people who know you, building relationships with people and not treat them like mere email ids are vital. Ensure that the content on the email adds value, and is engaging to the target audience.

Build trust with your clients, communicate professionally at all times, review results, and bundle up with the other social media platforms to expand your connections and post regularly to attract more audience.

If you are a freelancer that works online, then you already have a list of contacts/email on your mail account.

Include these contacts in your list when you send out mailers. Designing the mailers professionally and ensure it comprises of engaging content. The content in the mail should be informative, add links and review of your previous work, and ensure you keep them hooked to your email by providing content that is of interest to the people reading it.

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.

Which is The Best

Which is the best Email marketing app for freelancers?

Freelancers can use tons of email marketing platforms. Each email marketing app offers a variety of features and subscriptions plans(prices).

Strategizing your goals and choosing the most suitable email marketing platform based on your usage, feature requirement, and price affordability would enable a freelancer to optimize the chosen email marketing platform.

Let us look at the features, uses, and pricing of some of the top email marketing platforms.

1. MailerLite 

MailerLite is a complete package of the Email marketing app for freelancers.

It enables you to create campaigns, draft personalized forms & pop-ups, and create newsletters through personalized and automated content.

mailer lite

WordPress and Shopify are also a part of their integration list among many others. MailerLite also offers guides, product tutorials, and webinars that enable you to utilize the services that you have opted.

mailer lite features

MailerLite offers a 14-day free trial with some of the premium features so that a freelancer can try the tool and experience the features before considering to invest in a subscription plan.

The Forever Free plan enables a freelancer to save a thousand email ids and send more than 10000 emails every month for free. 

Automation and landing pages are a part of this plan; however, a few key features may not be available.

The small business plan costs $10. This plan enables you to send unlimited email to 2000+ emails.

This business plan is the most suitable plan for small-sized businesses since they would need affordable email marketing software.

The high volume senders plan costs $216. This plan enables you to send over twenty thousand emails every month to more than fifty thousand emails.

Freelancer can utilize MailerLite to do the data importing and exporting tools to analyze data.

Personalized email, automated email responses, high-volume sending, and managing email deliverability are some of the email marketing features. Enables you to build as per your requirements, offers basic reporting to help in analytics, and offers personalized templates of attractive themes and text.

mailerlite review on quora

2. Brevo

SendinBlue offers a free plan that enables a freelancer to send upto 300 emails per day (9000 every month).

This plan is not for a free trial but an ongoing subscription.

Also includes some useful features like real-time reporting, mobile-friendly designs, phone & email support and unlimited contacts.

Brevo pricing

Micro plan

The Micro plan costs you $25 every month and enables you to send over forty thousand emails every month.

Signup forms, Advanced contact manager, and API Access are a few other features available in the free plan.

Bronze plan

The bronze plan covers $ 65 every month. All the micro plan features are available in this plan, and you can also send upto sixty thousand emails every month.

Additionally, the advanced reporting featurehelps you understand who opened your email and where did they click most so that you can use this data to create engaging content based on the interest of your clients.

Silver plan

The silver plan costs $65 every month and enables you to send upto one lakh twenty thousand emails every month.

The silver plan covers all the features available in the bronze plan.

Apart from that Facebook Ads, Chat, CRM, Unlimited automations, landing pages, and send time optimization features are also available in the silver plan.

Apart from email marketing, analytics, tracking, and reporting features enable freelancers to make well-informed decisions to optimize their reach.

3. Encharge

encharge email automation - new hubspot alternative tool

As startups have slightly different kinds of needs from established businesses Encharge.io is a tool that understands the pain points of startups and offers a feature set that works well for startups.

encharge.io pricing

For example, the trial Conversion for startups features that help convert free users to paying customers.

User journeys are essential in setting up a marketing strategy. With this tool, you can design user journeys and kickstart the onboarding process with a personalized approach rather than sending one size fits all onboarding emails.

Encharge.io provides an overview of what actions the user performs on your website. Based on this information, you can create a well-targeted email marketing strategy.

Split testing is essential every time as it helps drive engagement and increase revenue, so encharge.io also gets the right email to picked.

As a startup, you are novel to the likes and dislikes of your users, and user profiles can help you determine what is working for you and what is not.

Encharge.io gives detailed information about customer actions, such as viewing pages to opening emails, to clicking on certain website elements or features.

Based on this, you can create personalized emails.

The pricing plan of Encharge.io is locked at $79/mo for up to 2000 subscribers. The pricing scales up as the number of users increases. You will pay $159/mo for up to 5000 subscribers.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a perfect Email marketing app for freelancers that offer any content-driven services like podcasters, bloggers, course creators, and Youtubers.

ConvertKit helps freelancers to automate workflow, email marketing, landing page templates, and drag-and-drop email sequences making it a perfect package for someone who wants to create multiple forms whether for individual posts or for signing up.

Customization of patterns, colours, textures, and much more for the landing page templates. A personalized email with delivery schedules of time and date are also available.

convertkit pricing

Free plan-

ConvertKit offers a free plan which does not require any credit cards, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

You get unlimited traffic with domain customization, email broadcasts, and forms & landing pages are some of the features available in this plan.

Creator plan

The complete plan is a subscription that costs $9 a month, and you can avail the free 14-day trial.

Apart from the basic features subscriber tagging, premium support, automated funnels & email sequences are some of the other features available.

convertkit g2 review

5. Aweber

Responsive landing pages, managing contacts, analysis of results, 24/7 US-based support, and email templates are some of the features that make Aweber the market leader.

The Aweber free version offers 500 subscribers with three thousand emails a month. This plan provides unlimited landing pages, email templates, email campaigns, signup forms, and users.

Freephone, live chat, and email support are also a part of the free subscription, making it a complete package. The AWeber PRO monthly plan costs $19. Advanced analytics and behavioural automations, Sales.

aweber pricing

AWeber offers templates for texts and themes, mobile-friendly view, personalized email, automated responses, high volume sending, and managing email deliverability are some of the features that offer you an end-to-end solution for your email marketing campaign.

However, opting for AWeber would require you to have a high volume of subscribers.

6. SendFox

If you are looking to create and schedule unlimited customized emails, then SendFox is a good option.

SendFox also enables you to test the email with personalized templates before sending them.

sendfox pricing

Sendfox offers a free plan with basic features. The lifetime plan costs $49 and enables you to have upto five thousand contacts.

Add another $10 to increase the contacts by 1k. However, if you already have a lifetime plan, then you can opt for the empire add-on plan for $18 every month.

The empire add-on plan enables you to need upto seventy thousand mails every month.

Creating unlimited customized email, scheduled email, and automating them are the features offered by all the email marketing apps.

However, Sendfox enables you to do it quickly, whether you are reaching out to your audience from your blog, podcast, or YouTube.

Simple email editing, list building, automations, landing pages & forms, performance tracking tool, and customer service are some of the other features of Sendfox.

7. Drip

Drip caters to all size of businesses whether it is for a freelancer, a mid-sized team, or large companies.

Features like hyper-segmentation, all-inclusive tracking, and automated email marketing enable their customers to move away from the regular email platforms.

Drip also allows third-party integrations through its API. It helps customers to use various functionalities of web-based programs.

drip pricing

Drip offers a basic subscription plan with $39 every month and provides 500 subscribers. The Pro plan costs $89 per month and offers 5000 subscribers.

However, if you are looking for a high-volume plan, it is best to contact the Drip team to get a personalized plan.

Sending a personalized outbound email through scheduled delivery and automated responses is the most vital Drip email marketing feature.

Landing pages and forms are mobile optimized. The primary reporting tool help in analytics.

Online behaviour tracking, automated alerts, segmentation, and- data quality management are some of the lead management features.

These features help customers in understanding the target audience behaviour and improving the content quality based on the analytics, which in turn ensures email marketing yields desired results.

8. GetResponse

GetResponse helps its customers to create a mailing list, capture the data, create newsletters, automate responses, and analyze data to enhance response from the audience.


GetResponse offers an Email plan that covers autoresponders with unlimited visitors and landing pages.

PRO plan

The PRO plan offers the same features like the basic plan along with webinars for 100 attendees. CRM, auto funnel, and salesforce integration is a part of this plan.

Prices for unlimited emailing include $49, $59, $79, $95, $165, $299, and $499 monthly for 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, and one lakh users respectively.

The MAX Plan

The MAX plan offers all the features available in the PRO plan along with a webinar for 300 attendees and automation workflow.

Prices for unlimited emailing include $99, $119, $139, $165, $255, $370, and $580 per month for 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, and one lakh users respectively.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan covers all the features in the MAX plan along with campaign consulting and account manager assistance, along with 500 attendees for the webinar.

This subscription includes a monthly cost of $1099 for one lakh users.

Sending an email to let our target audience know about the services they offer work best for freelancers.

Utilizing email marketing with software to do the same thing with ease is accomplished by the email marketing apps.

Each email marketing software has tons of subscriptions plan that is available for free and through a paid subscription.

This subscription plan covers various useful features like automation, email campaign, and other marketing campaigns to help reach out to more number of customers.

getresponse review on quora

The email newsletter and other digital marketing campaign offered by the email marketing apps enable freelancers to reach out to their target audience.

The analytics in the Email marketing app for freelancers helps them to send the right content to the right audience.

An email has been the best mode of communication for any and every kind of business. Marketing their services through email helps a freelancer to reach a wide variety of audience with ease. The Email marketing app for freelancers helps them to achieve much more than just send an email.

Some of the features help a freelancer to understand better what the recipient clicks on, what he reads in the email and much more enabling them to design their email marketing campaign, email newsletter, and much more to reach out the target audience with the right content.

Whether you are a business or an individual freelancer email marketing helps you to make sure you are in touch with your customers. The email campaign feature helps reach a wider audience.

Suppose you are a business or a freelancer who is trying to reach a large number of your customer base providing information about the services you offer. You might want to consider the Email marketing app.

Email marketing also helps a freelancer/ business to reach out to their customers through various social media channels.

Utilizing digital marketing to reach out to your customers get to know about the services that you offer is the trend. lead generation has never been this comfortable thanks to the help of email marketing. Email marketing is also helpful if you are an e-commerce company since it enables you to do the marketing of your services.

Suppose you want your top customers to show interest and read your email about the services that your business offers. It can be a tedious task to reach out to a high volume of contacts.

Email marketing applications not only enables you to send unlimited emails to your contacts, but it will also help you to understand what interests your customer/contact. Understanding their behavior and drafting content accordingly helps your business to succeed. A freelancer would like to email his/ her contacts with the details about the services offered. Freelancer and small businesses use social media to improve their business, but in recent times they are utilizing email marketing for the same.

Whether you are a freelancer or an e-commerce business, digital marketing can help you get to the top in no time. Reaching out to your contacts through personalized email templates, fonts, and much more is all made possible through email marketing.

A Quick Overview

A Quick Overview of all the email marketing services discussed in this guide

Email marketing servicesPricingFeatures Summary
SendinbluePaid plan starts at $25/moWhat is good?
Get advanced features at affordable price.
SMS marketing is a unique feature .
Sophisticated automation
What is not good?
Limited integrations compared to other email marketing giants.
GetresponseThe paid plans start at $19/moWhat is good?
One of the best automation available.
Provides you with design and spam testing
Sales funnels and webinar features.
What is not good?
The editor is not very user friendly.
ConvertkitThe paid plans start at $9/moWhat is good?
Easy subscriber management.
Landing page editor friendly and easy to use
Reporting and analytics understandable even for novice users
What is not good?
Newsletter services not that good as compared to other tools in market.
Slightly expensive even for basic features.
DripPaid plan starts at $39/mo for 500 subscribers and no free plan.What is good?
Specially caters to e-commerce businesses.
Automation features highly feasible.
Visually enticing and easy to setup.
What is not good?
Templates could be better.
An expensive option
AWeberPaid plan starts at $14.99/mo for 500 subscribersWhat is good?
List management easy with it.
Good support base in form of videos and tutorials.
What is not good?
Expensive for no reason.
SendfoxPaid plan starts at $18/mo.What is good?
Good for growing your list with simple automation features.
Lifetime plan @ $49 that allow 5000 contacts.
What is not good?
It is a simple tool not suited if you want complex features or have big email lists.
MailerlitePaid plan starts at $9/moWhat is good?
Free plan that is one of the best available in the market.
User friendly interface.
Simple to use landing page editor .
What is not good?
Doesn’t offer advanced features as its USP lies in being simple and cost-effective .

Our Experience

Our Experience

Use of email marketing for lead generation, staying in touch with your existing customers, getting your current clients to come back, understanding their interests and sending relevant information to them increases your chance of success.

Email address list available in your mailbox can get you to the top. Just collect them and start opting for the best subscription plan and start sending emails to the contacts in your email address.

Best email marketing software

The email marketing app for freelancers helps them to personalize, schedule, automate, and do much more so that they can get their contacts to read the content.

Use email contacts to do lead generation irrespective of the size of your business.

Marketing automation helps you ease a lot of the lead generation process. Freelancers use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get business.

Email marketing automation has taken the world of business to the next level.

While There are tons of email marketing software available in the market, choosing the one that best suits your requirement is the key.

Sending out emails to your contacts, getting their attention and capturing their interest in the services you offer has been made easier.

Understanding the needs of your customer and using it for lead generation has never been this easy. Use email contacts and get your business to succeed through marketing automation!


Questions asked while looking for Email Marketing tools for Freelancers

What is an Email marketing app?

An email marketing app helps individuals and businesses to create, schedule, and automate emails to your contact list. A complete email app would enable users also to collect, analyze, and review data to generate leads successfully.

What is the cost of a comprehensive email marketing app? 

There are tons of email marketing software available in the market. Most of them offer a free trial. There is no perfect subscription plan. One plan does not fit for all. Try the trial period and look for the features that are most suitable for you and choose a plan accordingly.

How is an email marketing app beneficial for my business?

An email marketing application enables you to create, personalize, automate, and schedule your emails to the list of contacts. The app also has reporting and analytics features that help you to collect and analyze data and design data accordingly, thereby improving your lead generation.

How can I use an email marketing app for free?

Most of the Email marketing apps offer a free trial. Some of them let you continue with the plan free of cost with some basic features like a limited volume of email per month, automated response, scheduled emails, personalized themes, and a limited list of email contacts. A few of the email marketing apps offer a range of subscription plans for you to continue after the free trial. Each subscription plan provides different features so that you can choose the one that suits you the best.

How do I manage when my business exceeds the limits of the plan?

Email marketing apps are an excellent choice if you are looking for lead generation. Your business will grow tremendously, and you would need a plan with more features and higher limits. While some of the email marketing apps offer to increase the limits with add of $10 – $20 per month, others contribute to change your plans based on your requirements of volume and features.

How do I manage the subscription if I cut down the volume of my business?

If you decide to cut down the volume of your business and dont, need a paid/ PRO plan that costs you more you can either change to a basic plan that is cheaper or cancels your paid plan and continue with a free version.

What happens if I don’t need the email software anymore?

You can cancel your free trial/ paid subscription plan if you are not satisfied with the performance of the software or it is no more useful to your business. In case of a free subscription, you can cancel it, and in case of a paid plan, you can cancel and get a refund.

[Uncover 7*] Best Email Marketing Tools for Freelancers
[Uncover 7*] Best Email Marketing Tools for Freelancers

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