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Thrive Leads Vs Bloom – WordPress Opt-in Comparison

You might be working round the clock to generate Facebook likes on your company page. You thought that would help you in building an email list. To your dismay, you were so wrong. Read this Thrive Leads Vs Bloom comparison guide to know how these platforms can skyrocket your email marketing methods.

If you are relying only on email marketing tools like AWeber, MailChimp, SendinBlue, Drip, GetResponse, you are still far away from building an original email address list that will leverage your business.

Getting your users subscribed is the fastest and easiest way to build an email list. Tools like AWeber or MailChimp will not help you here. Rather, once you have built your list, these tools can perform. So everything boils down to one point: You need to include optin form for your users to subscribe. For that, plugins can be of great help.

Thrive Leads vs Bloom Pop-up plugins

For instance, Stuart Walker, manager of Nichehacks says while recounting his experience of building email list:

By only adding more optin form to my site I’ve increased subscribers by 147.5% in just 30 days

You can read about different types of case studies like this here.

Numerous WordPress plugins make it easy to collect email addresses from your readers. I have tried many plugins that WordPress website offers. Few have been a waste of money and effort; few were okay while one or two just helped me strike the chord.

Thrive Leads focuses entirely on maximizing conversion rate, a must when setting up the mailing list. The plugin provides a wide variety of opt-in models, which can be implemented at any sales funnel level for various firms. You’ll be able to add as many elements as you like, and all parts are completely replaceable and customizable, using the embedded WYSIWYG drag and drop builder.

The integrated A / B split test helps you set up and evaluate experiments or even put them on autopilot if you do not want to assess outcomes. Thrive Leads provides innovative functionality such as the transfer of assets, insightful ties, or authentication sequences that make it easy to store, arrange, and send emails to increase conversion rate. For those who don’t use any sleek theme right now, purchasing Thrive Leads as an individual app is the smartest choice to extend your list without modifying the entire template quickly.

Why WordPress Plugins?

Before discussing the WordPress plugins here is why WordPress is winning the game. According to recent statistics in March 2016, WordPress now powers almost 26.4% of the web. It also revealed that daily more than 500 sites go live on WordPress. The statistics also included a count of 44 thousand plugins serving various purposes for WordPress users. If this wasn’t enough, WordPress caters in 56 different languages making it easier for its users to engage and interact.

It has been revealed that over 77% companies are working to create more content that before in order to boost conversion rate. So, let’s keep everything aside and take a look at WordPress’s two most powerful email list building plugins: Bloom and Thrive Leads Opt-in Plugin. These plugins can also be used with WordPress Landing Page Builders.

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Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin

Thrive Leads is by far the best list building the plugin from WordPress to boost conversion rate. It covers everything for a quick list building. Starting with various optin form templates to excellent templates, split testings to reporting- Thrive Leads has it all. The best part is, it keeps on rolling out new advanced features.

Build email list
  • More than 30 optin templates
  • Seamless customization with drag and drop editor
  • Optin form templates addition to key locations
  • Numerous popover triggers
  • Targeting options in optin form types
Thrivethemes lead-Thrive-box
  • Advanced split testing feature (You can pit one opt in form templates against another to make a better judgement)
  • Supports email providers using HTML opt in form templates
  • 2 step opt in form
  • Shortcode placement supported
Thrivethemes lead-ribbon

Thrive Leads also supports multiple opt in form fields, drop downs, radio opt in forms content and checkboxes. Two most amazing features that make Thrive Leads stand out are:

  1. You can add a different call to action to users who have already subscribed. For instance, you can put a download link to some free PDF or redirect them to another product page.
  2. You can send your new subscribers a free PDF or a free download for signing up with you.
Thrivethemes lead-in-content


Thrive Leads boasts of direct API integrations with some familiar names like Hubspot, Sendinblue, GoToWebinar, Drip ( Drip app review ) and more:

  • MailerLite
  • Sendy
  • arpReach
  • ConstantContact
  • InfusionSoft
  • iContact; and many more!

Update: Thrive Leads now has GDPR and CCPA related features available in all the opt in forms. You can check complete detail here.

Price: $67
At this price, you will not just get one year of support with one time payment but also lifetime updates.

GDPR and CCPA update: ThriveLeads have introduced a set of features to make your website GDPR and CCPA compliant. Here is the list of features that they have added:

Lead Generation Checkboxes for Explicit Consent in Thrive Leads.
Data overview, export, and removal.
Anonymized Data in Thrive Leads Quiz Builder.

Bloom Email Opt-in WordPress plugin

Bloom email opt-in plugin by Elegant Themes is another favorite list building plugin for WordPress users to boost conversion rate. With easy setup and dashboard, Bloom helps you start building your email list almost right away.

Bloom is a list building plugin that provides you with total freedom to show the right people the right stuff. With the integrated A / B split test feature, you can set up a test within minutes to find the version that best fits for your company and customer market without having to waste much time.

If you’re used to editing on the front-end, the absence of the visual drag-and-drop editor is troubling, but you can still make different form types if you’re all right with just an additional few minutes creating the template. The module can only be downloaded with the entire kit and not as an individual application. It is not suitable for those who wish to install a list creation feature or access other modules without modifying their current topics.

It has six various display types for opt in form. Along with that, it offers automated triggers, customized borders, many color options, different optin form orientations, and display filters.
The best part of using products from Elegant Themes is their 30 days refund policy. Backed by a strong support team, constant in-flow of new features and updates, Bloom email opt in form is favourited among WordPress users.

  • Easy dashboard
  • A/B testing or split testing enabled for increased conversions
  • Responsive and retina friendly
  • 6 different opt-in display settings
  • Over 100 pre-designed templates
  • 3 different orientations for opt in forms
  • Customised Edges and Borders
  • Enables image orientation
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Advanced and targeted display settings


Bloom allows you to integrate around 16 major email services.

  • Mad Mimi
  • iContact
  • InfusionSoft
  • AWeber
  • OntraPort
  • emma
  • ActiveCampaign
  • SendinBlue
  • feedblitz; and many more

Price: Join Elegant Themes and plugins Membership club at $89 to download all the plugins that it provides.

Bloom GDPR and CCPA update: Bloom is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA and has ensured that the users have the power to own their data, to get their data erased or decide how it’s used and how it’s sold.

Thrive Leads vs Bloom Opt-in: A Comparison

Rather than imposing my personal choice between these two great plugins, I will let you decide for yourself. I have used both. Hence, it is easy for me to pen down a detailed comparison between these two plugins.

Starting with the creators themselves, Thrive Leads Plugin was created by Thrive Themes while Bloom Opt in form belongs to the clan from Elegant Themes. Both Bloom and Thrive Leads are popular email marketing platform among users due to its Opt-in form templates. Thrive Themes builder allows users to create and customize headers, footers, sidebars, page layouts, blog post templates,category pages etc.

Initially, people used to worry about widgets and pop-ups only. But now things have advanced to another level with the use of Thrive Themes. There is a host of features that people need when opting for an email list building plugin. Few standard functions that are a must have included:

  • Opt in forms
  • scroll mats
  • Ribbons
  • Locked content
  • Leave a reply automatically
  • Inline forms
  • Options in forms
  • And so much more

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom : Feature Comparison

Features are one of the strongest criteria that help in deciding which plugin to use. You can check out this blog from Thrive Leads on the best practices in choosing an opt in form and A/B testing.

Thrivethemes lead-slide-in

Based on features, Thrive Leads takes away the cup. Let us see why-
Here are functions that are common to both:

  • Pop-up opt-ins
  • Widget opt in form in sidebar
  • Inline forms
  • Slide opt in forms
  • Content lock
  • Standard A/B testing
  • Report and analytics

Along with these, Thrive Leads also have:

  • Sticky ribbons (notification bars)
  • Scroll mats
  • 2 step opt in form
  • Access to Thrive Themes and Plugins tools
  • Screen filler overlay
  • Multiple choice forms
  • Advanced A/B testing (You can test one opt in forms against another)

However, these features are not present in Bloom opt-in email plugin.

thrivethemes-leads-ab-test advatages

After features, the next concern for a user will be using the plugins.

Easy to use

If you see a complicated plugin, however, beneficial it is you would go hunting for another plugin that is comparatively easy to use. In a war between 7 minutes-to-set-up and 10 minutes-to-set-up, the former will win.

Most plugins these days come with pre-designed templates that can be customized according to your needs to boost conversion rate. Both Thrive Leads Bloom opt in plugins bring a host of templates for its users. However, regarding setting up, Thrive Leads is little complicated in comparison to Bloom opt in form plugin.

Below I have listed down the steps to create a sidebar widget using both the plugins to provide a clear understanding. The steps begin after you have installed the respective plugins and have activated it.


To create a sidebar widget with Bloom plugin:

  1. Click on Bloom plugin from the left of your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on new opt-in form
  3. Select widget opt in form
  4. Name your form
  5. Connect it with your email marketing software from the list provided (If your email marketing software is not listed down, then create a custom HTML form from your tool and use it to establish a connection between Bloom plugin and your email service)
  6. Click on ‘next’ to proceed
  7. Design your opt in form as you want. Choose any of the designs, edits fonts, colours, borders, and so on
  8. Preview your design by selecting the Sticky preview
  9. Once done, select ‘Save and exit’ at the bottom of the page
  10. Now go to widgets place, drag and drop it to the sidebar
  11. Select your form
  12. And you are done!
elegantthemes bloom pop-up types

Now let us create a sidebar widget using Thrive Leads Plugin.

  1. Go to Leads Thrive dashboard
  2. Select Thrive Leads dashboard
  3. Choose any one option among these- Lead groups, Lead Shortcodes, Lead Thrivebox and Signup Segue. For now, let us pick Signup Segue.
  4. Select Add New option
  5. Click on Lead Shortcodes
  6. A popup opens where you now name your group
  7. Select Add Signup Segue Button
  8. Click on the Edit button
  9. Once you are on the new page, select create form
  10. Name your form
  11. Move your pencil to start editing your form
  12. Pick a design you like and fill in the form
  13. Connect with your email marketing automation software. Thrive Leads offers a host of integrations. If your email service is not on the list, follow the same method as mentioned for Bloom opt-in
  14. Now save your form and you are ready to go

Having said that, it is pretty clear that Bloom opt-in plugin is bit easier or in other words simpler than Thrive Leads. However, Thrive Leads have a host of video and text tutorials that comes handy when using it.

We are done with feature comparisons and also looked into which one is easier to use to increase the conversion rate. The next deciding criteria are Support and Updates each plugin has got to offer.

Support and updates

This is a very critical aspect. Without proper support and promises to fix existing bugs or release new features, no one likes to install and use a plugin. Both Thrive Leads and Bloom provide support. While Bloom opt-in plugin provides proper documentation, Thrive Leads give you video and text tutorials.

However, regarding the last update, Thrive Leads released its most recent update sometime in March last year while Bloom opt-in is lagging behind with its last update being in August in 2014.

The Result

Both the plugins are great in their unique ways. However, on a close monitoring, it can be safely stated that Thrive Leads is few steps ahead of Bloom opt-in email plugin. I am saying this was referring to the advanced features and mechanics that Thrive Leads provide for list building. An enriched feature list, fast list building and has a host of integrations to offer. However, if you want just the basics and look for a lower budget option, Bloom opt-in is the one for you.

Other list building plugins to try

Apart from these two plugins, you can also try few more new and great plugins like the following.

OptinMonster and Thrive Leads: A comparison


Initially just a WordPress plugin, now OptinMonster is a cloud-based app. You can have fast split tests without logging in and create exit intent trigger. Since it is a cloud-based app now, you can use it with any HTML based websites apart from WordPress. Let us see the features that makes OptinMonster and Thrive Leads a competitor.

OptinMonster and Thrive Leads : Features comparison

  • Seamless customisation
  • Exit intent
  • Can add custom CSS
  • Shortcode placement supported
  • Page level targeting options
  • Multiple opt in form types

OptimMonster and Thrive Leads : Pricing comparison

OptinMonster Price: Starts from $9/month



Another outstanding email list building plugin is from LeadPages.

Here are a few things that will catch your attention immediately when you start using Leadpages:

  1. Create interactive landing pages in minutes
  2. 2 step opt-in forms using LeadBoxes that can increase your conversion rate by almost 30%
  3. One click join option for your users; this means you can generate a ‘LeadLink’ through which your users can join your list, sublist or subscribe to any webinar in just a click

Apart from these, other features that make LeadPages an excellent WordPress plugin are:

  • Over 70 predesigned templates
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Mobile optimised templates
  • Entire landing page hosting
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Create exit intent
  • Screen filler
  • Digital asset delivery feature
  • In-built split testing option
  • LeadBoxes and LeadLinks to manage lead groups
  • In-built analytics
  • Supports almost all the key email list providers
  • Great support team

LeadPages Price: Starting at $37/month

Using these WordPress plugins, you can build your email marketing services list quickly and increase your site engagement by leaps and bounds. Have some other suggestions regarding list building plugins? Tell me in the comments section.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom - WordPress Opt-in Comparison 2
Leadpages g2crowd reviews

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a WordPress list building plugin that makes it easy to create leads and increase conversion rate. You may not need coding skills to develop enticing popups and opt in form types with a powerful editor. And you can get your formulas live in a few clicks with a continuously expanding library of professionally crafted templates.


Convert Pro has a robust feature set to make it convenient and straightforward to build and execute your models. You have a powerful editor to develop enticing opt in form.

The key features include:

  • a handheld mobile type editor
  • Customization drag and drop for code-free interface
  • The high-quality prototypes cloud application
  • Models ready for use, allowing you to press, publish and edit
  • Advanced preparation leads to the correct entities at the right moment
  • A / B test to refine the opt in form types
  • Track exit intent
  • Sophisticated plugins for your message personalization
  • Analytics of real-time conversions to track
  • Leading mailer integration to connect your favorite services

The opportunity to test before you buy this plugin is one of the significant factors to take care of. The Convert Pro team would be delighted to encourage you to try the plugin using a test server.


We lead off Smartflows’ latest marketing app research sector with this ConvertBox research, and we’re so happy! ConvertBox is a fantastic app to improve the initiative of your lead generation. ConvertBox makes generating some popups on your website, collecting emails, or submitting them to special promotions very simple.

It is exciting for several factors: it is swift and efficient and exceptionally well adapted to your chosen CRM.


Convert box provides a vast array of functions that suit the site well, convert and subtly adapt.

Some of these features include:

  • Welcome Mat: Get a full-page welcome mat over your page. Optimum visibility.
  • Yes / No Buttons: Quick high-conversion Yes or No choices can build bids.
  • Tracking Sequences: Build tracking notices if the tourists do not accept the first bid.
  • Exit Intent Trigger options: Save guests exiting the site or check-out as they attempt to leave by creating exit intent trigger.
  • Opt in form types to generate leads
  • Site Manager: Switch separate dashboards between your pages easily with a single click.
  • Trigger options on-click: trigger your message on the website by the quick connection or toggle.
  • Move countdown timer: Redirect users to a second page after your post is done.
  • Inserted videos: Enter your post with a personal video to catch the attention of the guests.
  • Convert box promotions: Generates promotions focused on the position of the sales guests.

WP Notification Bar Pro

WordPress Notification Bar is one of the better WordPress notification plugins seen on the website’s top with a right wp notification bar. It helps you extend your email list, enhance the follow up of your social media, and maximize the number of visitors on your site on those sites.

Wp is a handcrafted and luxury plugin made by WordPress technology and theme experts. It’s a complete responding plugin, so some reactive WordPress plugin fits best.

WP Notification Bar Pro is a high-quality plugin from the MyThemeShop team when you find a personalized notification bar plugin. Not only is this text update bar open, but you can view a newsletter/email opting-in for your mailing list to extend, social media icons to improve files, a countdown timer to monitor your friends, a search feature, and much more.

It responds to everything so that your guests have a better experience on every platform and browser. Fourteen color schemes have been set before, and even infinite color choices are available to align the blog/website with the Notification Icon.

It includes different types of features that show/hide on mobile devices, reveal/hide for search engine tourists, Translate ready, add unlimited Notifying Bar, view newsletter box, etc.


  • Hide Button.
  • Import demo content.
  • 100% Responsive.
  • Unlimited color choice.
  • Set priority of the Notification bar
  • Import/Export Notification bars.
  • Toggle Button.
  • No Close Button.

Elementor Pro Popup Builder

Software for the development of Elementor ‘s Website is also a consistency landing app. It has an easy user interface and a website building facility for drag and drop. Users can export and import material quickly. It is also an online shop developer and helps with its SEO management feature to create SEO optimized pages. Elementor can be used to edit in real-time. Users find support to ensure that the type is without hassles and consistency. This web development platform offers a broad range of acceptable models. It is a technologically, sophisticated, and modular web design platform for the future.


  • Surveys
  • SEO Management
  • Online Store Builder
  • Templates
  • Landing Pages (Web Forms)
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Drag and Drop
  • Content Import-Export

An overview of Thriveleads vs Bloom :

Feature Highlights
  • What We Like
  • What we don't like
  • Value for Money
  • Who should use?
  • Our Score

Feature rich project management tool; Clients like Airbnb and Google;
  • >> Highly customisable templates.

    >> Supports a lot of diverse needs

    >>Powerful editor

  • >>Some templates are very dated. .

  • >> Thriveleads is more value for money as compared to Blooom.

  • Businesses having diverse needs in addition to building email lists.

  • 4.5/5

Free plan for upto 15 users;Friendly Project management tool for the masses;Clients like NASA and New york times
  • >> Quick and easy to create forms.

    >> Modern and attractive templates.

  • >> You can't do much about the customisation.

  • >> Bloom works well if you are just wanting to build up your email list.
  • A new business who are just starting out with not much complex needs.

  • 4.3/5

While comparing Thrive Leads and Bloom ,compare Thrive Leads Bloom overall features to make sure you are choosing the best one. To read more about Thrive Leads Bloom comparison, click here.

Questions asked while comparing Thrive Leads and Bloom:
What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive leads – WordPress plugin is a list building tool. It has excellent templates , offers A/B testing on form types,  has a drag and drop editor that help you design and implement opt-in forms.

Which is the cheaper option amongst Thrive Leads and Bloom?

Bloom is a cheaper option as compared to Thrive Leads. Both Thrive Leads and Bloom are somehow similar in features.

What do these tools do?

These tools help you to create opt-in forms for getting your visitor data.

Why do you use Thrive Leads?

When a user visits your website they should be presented with a form that urges them to enter their details that you can use to create email lists. Email marketing tools cannot help you in this case then thrive leads come to your rescue. 

Which is better, Thrive Leads or Bloom?

Thrive leads is better than Bloom. 

What are the pros and cons of these two tools?

Pros of Thrive Leads: 
1. Several number of opt-in forms. 
2. Plenty of pre-made templates
3. Smartlink features to display different offers

Cons of Thrive Leads: 
1. The reporting is fussy
2. Some terms like thriveboxes and lead shortcodes are tough to understand

Pros of Bloom:
1. Easy to use
2. Plenty of templates
3. Fair pricing

Cons of Bloom:
1. Lacks A/B test
2. Do not have Multiple choice forms

Kateryna is a blogger from Ukraine and has been traveling across countries from the last decade. Blogging and traveling have been her passion since she got a knack of writing blog on WordPress. Kateryna is a regular editorial contributor for web publications, write reviews for business productivity applications.