Encharge Review: Your AI-Based Customer Engagement Tool

According to our experience, Encharge, an AI-based marketing automation tool, stands out for its ability to send behavior-based emails, enhancing customer engagement. Its integration with various platforms like Zapier and Stripe, along with features like lead nurturing, user onboarding, and trial conversion, make it a robust choice for startups and small businesses, particularly in the SaaS sector. Encharge cost-efficiency, easy migration, and automated workflow make it a compelling option for businesses looking to streamline their marketing processes.

Marketing is a vital part of every business, and it has become evident that automated marketing is the best way forward. Encharge, a marketing automation tool, has gone a step ahead and enabled businesses to send email to their customers and prospects.

Encharge also helps companies automate their marketing process and improve the quality of the user journey tremendously with integrations and tons of exciting features.

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Encharge is also an excellent fit for startups and small businesses since the automated features help companies send behaviour-based emails and increase their revenue. Encharge might be the next one-stop solution for all email marketing and marketing automation needs. 

Like any other marketing automation tool, Encharge also offers some fantastic features, integrations, and much more. Most messaging tools fail to automate workflows outside of the product, and the marketing automation tools do not understand customer behaviour.

Let us look at what makes Encharge stand apart from the crowd! 

Advantages of using Encharge as your automated email marketing tool  

encharge integration workflow

Increase trial conversion rates 

Most automation tools require users to have a subscription plan with a flat fee to support them with an event and do not offer behaviour-based emails.

With Encharge, you can send action-based onboarding emails.

For SaaS companies, though, action-based emails are the most effective means of communication. 

Action-based emails enable to increase in clickthrough rates and converts free users into paid customers. Share on X

Target users based on their actions  

If you are looking to improve your customer engagement/ re-engagement through events, you will need to make customer segments (based on customer activity).

It is not possible with platforms like HubSpot.

Encharge enables users to build features based on customer behaviour. Share on X


Encharge starts its monthly billing at $49, where it covers two thousand contacts, which is a minor spend compared to the subscription fees on any other platforms. Most of them require users to subscribe to a plan with higher prices. 

Build flows with third-party apps 

With Encharge, building flows with third-party apps is a lot easier when compared to the others in the market.

If you are a SaaS company looking to use Stripe as your payment provider, then Encharge is your best option. Share on X

Automated emails to your users for initiating a trial, cancelling a subscription, or converting a prospect is all made possible without any hassles. 


Setting up workflows, emails, contacts, and collaborations are much easier while getting started with Encharge.

Migrations are a breeze inside Encharge!

Features of Encharge

encharge migration worflow

Email marketing features include: 

  • Building and Personalizing Emails 
  • Sending Outbound Emails 
  • Manage Email Deliverability 
  • Automated Email Responses 

Online marketing features include: 

  • Dynamic Content 
  • A/B Testing 
  • Mobile-Optimized 

Lead management features include: 

  • Marketing Lead Database 
  • Data Quality Management 
  • Segmentation 
  • Lead Scoring and Grading 
  • Lead Nurturing 
  • Online Behavior Tracking 
  • Automated Alerts and Tasks 

Basic reporting features:

  • Email campaigns
  • Workflow

Usecases of Encharge

  • Marketing automation for onboarding, converting and retaining customers. 
  • Lead nurturing for trial users and customers. 
  • User onboarding to boost product activation 
  • Trial conversion for behaviour-based emails and intelligent marketing automation. 
  • SaaS companies can convert, onboard, and retain customers. 
  • Agencies can manage their clients with advanced marketing automation flows. 
  • Content creators can convert subscribers into customers through automated email sequences. 
  • Subscription businesses can create targeted messages to generate recurring revenue. 
  • Productized services can automate services and focus on other essential aspects. 

Integrations available with Encharge

The team has intensively worked on integrations for Encharge with other apps and platforms.

Some of the common integration available are:

  • Zapier 
  • Stripe 
  • Segment 
  • HubSpot 
  • Salesforce 
  • Calendly 
  • Slack 
  • Mailchimp 

Review of Encharge from G2Crowd and Capterra review pages: 

Encharge vs Active Campaign on G2 

encharge worflow builder view

Users suggest:

Encharge be easy to use, administer, and set up. Ongoing product support, feature updates, and roadmaps were a few areas where reviewers preferred Encharge over ActiveCampaign.   

Both Encharge and ActiveCampaign offers a free trial

Building and Personalizing Emails, outbound email sending, automated email responses, and email delivery management are a few areas where the reviewers favored Encharge

Program management, budgeting, and social engagement & sharing are a few areas where ActiveCampaign was the reviewers favourite

CRM lead integration, automated alerts, search tracking & optimization, were a few other features of Encharge that seem to be favoured by the reviewers. 

Encharge vs Mailchimp on G2 

encharge active users dashboard

While both Encharge and MailChimp offer a free trial, MailChimp also offers a free plan, Encharge begins with a Growth plan, and MailChimp offers a free plan. 

Reviewers favoured Encharge for Quality of support, ease of doing business, and ease of administration.

Mailchimp’s Landing Pages and forms were popular among the reviewers and Social – Listening, Social Sharing, Campaigns, and Engagement. 

The Encharge features like managing email deliverability, sending outbound emails, automated email responses, and a few others are a favourite among the reviewers

Reviewers found Encharge to be an excellent fit for small businesses by the reviewers from industries like Marketing & Advertising, Education management, computer software and a few others.

Encharge vs HubSpot on G2 

Encharge comparison with Hubspot

Encharge and HubSpot offer a free trial. HubSpot also offers a free plan, but Encharge provides various subscription plans starting from $49 per month. 

Marketing features like A/B testing, dynamic content, and search optimization by Encharge have received a higher rating from the reviewers. 

Social features like social listening, sharing, and engagement offered by HubSpot is a favourite among the reviewers. 

While Encharge is best suitable for small businesses, HubSpot is ideal for a mid-size to large organization

Marketing & Advertising, Education management, Professional Training, and Health & Wellness industries seemed to favour Encharge. However, HubSpot is a favourite among Software, Information Technology, and Internet industry.

Success stories of Encharge


Landbot is a chat builder with no-code and is a hot favourite among the best Fortune 500 companies. More than fifty thousand businesses depend on Landbot to create chat experience and build relationships with their customers. 

Landbot logo

Xavier Ribas, a Marketing Operations Analyst from Landbot, says, “I can assure you that Encharge is like having two full-time interns. It makes me focus 100% on analyzing the data and growing the marketing area much faster.” 

The Problem  

Landbot was finding it challenging to scale automation with cost-efficient methods as they grew.

The marketing team needed to find a personalized onboarding experience for its new users, and they needed it to be faster.

Since they were already using Autopilot adding hundreds of new users every day led to issues with scalability and pricing. 

The Solution  

Landbot was looking for a marketing automation platform that works well to scale its digital business. They found Encharge to be an excellent marketing automation platform to suit their growing needs and not burn a hole in the pocket.

The realistic price tag and support service made Encharge a better choice compared to Autopilot.  

Personalized emails based on user behaviour and the data from the Onboarding setup enabled them to create a New users email journey and stop the emails once the users become customers. 

Once Landbot set up their email journey, they also found Lead qualification, customized events, remarketing campaigns, and a few other functionalities to be very useful. 

Some of the initiatives that helped the Landbot team: 

  • Lead qualification instantly improved the sales team performance and efficiency. 
  • Syncing segmentation is automated. 
  • In-app support to users through intercom messages. 


Sadock, a CRM platform, enables its users to simplify sales and customer management. Sadock is best suitable for small businesses looking to generate and close leads. 

SamDock logo

Dennis Sturm, Marketing Manager at Samdock, says,

We were spending around 3-5 hours in sales and another 2-4 hours in customer success to acquire each new customer. Now we need less than an hour in sales and another hour in customer success. Encharge is an important part of that.

The Problem 

The Samdock team realized that the cost of acquiring customers was far higher than the customer’s lifetime value.

They found that multiple sales and customer interactions were very time consuming and proving costlier.

None of the steps in the process was automated, which meant ROI would take years. It led them to go back to rethink their processes and strategies. 

The Solution  

Finding an automated marketing and sales process was their one-stop solution to their challenges. Reduced / no “touch” with customers but staying connected was the first and foremost requirement. 

Encharge felt like a great idea, and they pursued the email system for the marketing department.

It led Samdock team to automate many of the other processes around the product and marketing. 

Sadock used Encharge for: 

  • Lead Nurturing 
  • Welcoming and onboarding new users. 
  • Sending newsletters and product updates 
  • Automated workflow for subscription management. 

Using Encharge helped SamDock: 

  • To reduce their new customer acquisition time by upto 77%. 
  • Encharge enabled them to stay connected with the prospective and existing customers without utilizing a considerable workforce. 
  • Encharge has helped the Samdock team to become more structured and improved their conversion rates. 

Getting started with Encharge:

Encharge Review: Your AI-Based Customer Engagement Tool 1
  1. Get to Encharge Website form here. Signup for a trial account.
  2. Check and setup the campaign steps during the trial period of fourteen days for free.
  3. Choose the subscription that is best suitable for your business; after the trial period ends.

Our Experience:

Encharge enables users to improve communication with their customers, streamline their email needs, manage migrations and integrations, and automate sales and marketing processes.  

Encharge is an excellent fit for startups looking to achieve – 

  • Nurture leads 
  • Streamline their email communication 
  • Convert trial users 
  • Onboard new customers 
  • Automate sales tasks 
  • Build high-conversion marketing automation flows 
  • Easy integrations with the marketing stack 
  • Zero cost and hassle-free migrations. 

The market offers tons of automation tools, but it is vital to get a tool that works like a one-stop solution to all the challenges.

Encharge is best suitable for Startups specifically in the SaaS market.

Excellent marketing automation features, responsive visual canvas builder, intuitive user interface, and fantastic new customer onboarding features are some of the best and most valuable features offered by Encharge.

The third-party tool integrations, hassle-free migrations, and customer support make it a winner in this segment and the most sought-after solution for all email and marketing automation needs.

Before you get started with Encharge:

What is Encharge? 

Encharge helps its users to send emails based on the behaviour of the visitors on their website and automate the marketing process. Encharge helps users manage and streamline and automate workflows from lead qualification to third-party integrations and a hassle-free migration from a different system. 

What are the features offered by Encharge? 

Behaviour emails, email editor, website tracking, transaction emails, lead scoring, flow builder, broadcasts, and email personalization are some of the best features of Encharge. 

Can I use Encharge for free? 

Encharge offers a free trial for fourteen days. However, users must choose a suitable subscription plan based on their needs and cannot use Encharge for free after the trial period. 

How can I use Encharge to automate sales? 

Assigning important leads to sales representatives, automating critical sales tasks, Facebook retargeting, syncing, nurturing leads into sales opportunities, and converting them into customers can be done through Encharge. 

How does Encharge work for Facebook marketing automation? 

Encharge helps companies to collect user data from their website, product, and marketing stack. Encharge enables to segment users based on feature use, page views, and product behaviour. Encharge also helps users to send the right message to the right audience. 

Can Encharge help to reduce cost? 

Encharge helps reduce the person-hours, improve the turnaround time for lead nurturing, and automate tons of marketing processes that may have otherwise taken a humongous amount of time by the workforce. 

What kind of companies can use Encharge? 

Startups, small businesses, and companies in the SaaS niche may find Encharge to be most suitable for all their marketing and email automation needs. 

What do you need to know about Encharge email? 

Sending branded emails with drag and drop editor, automated emails for a password reset, payment receipt, and single sign-on links are a part of the Encharge emails. Designing, delivering, and analyzing emails is a breeze. 

Can I use Encharge to send cold emails? 

Encharge does not allow cold emails. Emailing unsolicited contacts is prohibited and may lead to suspension of the account. 

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