Pros and cons of implementing AI into your email marketing campaign

This guide discusses the advantages and challenges of integrating AI into email marketing. It highlights how AI can enhance ROI, personalize content, and automate decision-making, leading to efficient advertising and customer engagement. However, it also cautions about potential drawbacks such as the impersonal nature of chatbots and the need for human oversight in AI systems. The guide emphasizes the importance of weighing these factors to determine if AI implementation aligns with your business needs.

Most modern companies strive to improve the customer service quality and the operational efficiency. A variety of smart tools and solutions are used for that. Advanced platforms make it possible to analyze the user behavior and get additional information about the target audience.

This information is used to increase the conversion rate and reduce the load on the marketing team.

Nowadays, the best way is to use the artificial intelligence marketing. The technology makes decisions automatically. They are based on the collected customer data and the economic environment monitoring.

If a marketing campaign requires a faster pace, it is impossible to perform such campaigns manually.

Automated tools study various conditions that make it possible to simplify further communication and cooperation with customers.

Next, messages are sent; at the same time, your company’s employees don’t have to take any actions.

The intelligent system can help you to:

    • analyze information;
    • create new content;
    • personalize your newsletters;
    • automate the decision-making process;
    • purchase an advertising place (in the media, on third-party websites, and so on), and much more.

The collected customer information may be too voluminous to process it manually. Therefore, by using intelligent marketing, your company will be able to significantly simplify the marketers’ and other employees’ life.

Pros and cons of artificial intelligence will help you to understand how beneficial it will be to implement new technologies in your business.

The Pros of Artificial Intelligence

The key advantages of using such systems are as follows. You will be able to increase the return on investment and obtain useful information for work that you can use to achieve the goals set.

The artificial intelligence-driven services will analyze and decide on the best place for your advertisement and the ways to attract new target audience.

Every user who starts interacting with the brand, proceeds to target actions at a certain stage. At this point, you will need personalized messages that will motivate potential buyers.

Such mail-outs help to restore relationship with users who used to make purchases but stopped visiting your website pages.

If your enterprise fails to follow your competitors’ development in time, an intelligent system will simplify the niche analysis.

You will learn which marketing strategies generate the best results, and will be able to use them in your campaign.

Other advantages of artificial intelligence are that the decision-making process will become significantly faster.

This is achieved due to machine learning. It is based on the selected marketing campaign and customers’ targeted actions.

Your employees will spend more time on dealing with other business goals while the core marketing operations are performed by an automated system.

The cons of artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems are not free from shortcomings. They are as follows:

    1. Many users prefer to communicate with real people. Therefore, chatbots aren’t always an effective promotion method. Clients will think that you don’t pay them enough attention since they aren’t of importance to you. Potential buyers can switch to another brand’s pages, where other communication channels are used.
    1. Algorithms may turn out to be ineffective. If you run an insufficient number of tests, the system may make a mistake when making a decision. This will make the business goal achievement more slowly.
    1. An intelligent system requires control. Technology can’t replace a human completely. Minor program failures will make the marketing campaign collapse. If a client has a problem never seen before, he won’t be able to solve it without personal communication with a consultant.
    1. Implementation of intelligent tools may be too expensive. You will have to spend time adapting the service and updating it.

Before starting to use advanced systems, you should make sure that you can’t do your job without them.

If such a purchase is unprofitable, try considering other options for automating you company’s business processes.

Pros and cons of implementing AI into your email marketing campaign 1

Types of AI marketing tools

A variety of marketing tools is used for brand promotion. They help to increase profit by minimizing the human factor influence.

Let’s have a look at the most popular of them.

Customer service

Regardless of the size, every company strives to make the potential customer service as good as possible.

For that, chatbots are used. Such a solution doesn’t have any errors, with the clients being able to find answers to their questions quickly.

But don’t refuse the operators’ services completely. Bots won’t be able to cope with uncommon requests or solve a problem not related to the topic specified in the program. However, an automated system is a perfect scalability solution.

The dialogue with clients is based on behavioral factors, so users will be satisfied with the answers received.

Content personalization

Marketers pay great attention to personalization. To simplify this task, one should use intelligent technologies.

They will simplify mail-outs development and motivate customers to perform targeted actions. AI-based technology such as a cold email generator can help you craft personalized messages to intrigue your prospects and kick off the conversation.

Robots use not only standard methods that include specification of a user’s name in a newsletter or when communicating in a chat.

Automated tools perform an in-depth study of behavioral factors of each potential client and use them as a basis for communication.

Automated tasks

Application of intelligent technologies simplifies the task planning. Having configured the necessary parameters, you can enable the automatic performance of certain functions under the specified conditions.

These may include update synchronization on a few channels, automatic posting on websites (when posting in one social network), and much more.

Personalized website experience

Developers are the ones to deal with every website development. Intelligent systems are unlikely to be able to help when laying out new pages.

Their activities are focused on developing analyzing algorithms for a potential buyer portrait and factors that will improve the client relations. Based on this data, specialists will be able to optimize the website usability.

Personalization will promote the conversion rate increase and establish communication with both “hot” and “cold” clients.

Image recognition

Many users are fond of processing images or using filters to create amusing pictures. Face recognition and other automated ways to deal with photos have been developed not for fun only and the best part about artificial intelligence is that you can even develop high-resolution images with the help of an AI image generator now by only typing some words.

They are used to improve communication with potential customers. Companies use such tools for advertising purposes. This is the way to personalize communication with users.

Enhanced PPC advertising

To process advertising videos, which makes it possible to receive funds for every click, you will need specialists. In this case, artificial intelligence will help to choose:

    • new advertising platforms where there are no your competitors’ ads;
    • forums for posting texts;
    • blogs and social networks.

The tools also automate the purchase of space on advertising platforms. Your marketing strategies are completely analyzed and optimized.

In social networks, you can use automated tools to broaden the target audience and choose the ads that will have the strongest influence on users.

Pros and cons of implementing AI into your email marketing campaign 2
Automated emails

You will no longer need to spend your personal time sending emails to every user. All you need is to make a contact list of potential customers by performing email search and configure a mailing calendar.

Intelligent services are used to create personalized newsletters. Therefore, you should be aware of the pros and cons of email marketing, for which automated systems are used.

Every client will receive the information he or she needs.

The newsletter will contain the most outstanding products or services that meet the user’s requirements. This makes it easier to increase the number of clicks on the newsletter link and other targeted actions.

How to use AI marketing to drive traffic and leads

Marketers are concerned about increasing the website traffic. It depends on the number of clients who visit the resource regularly searching for the necessary information.

To improve conversion rates, you should implement intelligent systems in your advertising campaign by using the following methods.

Optimize your lead generation using predictive analytics

To track the change in conversion rates after implementation of a new marketing strategy, you will need predictive analytics.

The tools will draw up a portrait of the target audience, and you will understand how efficient advertising for a particular user group is.

By defining the customers’ needs, you will be able to reduce the costs and time spent on advertising campaigns.

You will be able to increase the demand for the available supply, regardless of the channel used. To make the analysis more accurate, you should conduct longer observations.

One quarter is enough to find out if there are any benefits from your advertising.

You will be able to create an effective sales funnel and optimize your customer management.

Use chatbots to serve your audience and capture more leads

The chatbots popularization leads to advanced customer service. Users don’t have to wait for the working day to begin when the manager will be able to answer their questions.

All a client needs is to contact the bot at any time of the day, and it will solve the problem automatically.

The intelligent technologies can help you to increase the customers’ interest in the brand.

For this, the following are used:

    • promotions;
    • contests;
    • draws of valuable prizes.

To add new information to the database, you will only need to ask users to enter contact information for further participation in the draws.

For more professionalism, you can also use email finder tools which will give better results in a shorter time.

Thus, you will save time on email address search by including up-to-date emails and other data in your mailing list.

Create efficient marketing campaigns with automated emails

To increase the exposure, you should carefully plan mail-outs and other ways of client communication. Intelligent systems are a suitable way for this. These allow users to collect accurate email addresses when planning an outreach campaign, personalize your messages, and complete more tasks for a successful process.

First, you need to segment the audience. When the clients are divided into several categories, you will be able to create content that will be interesting to everyone.

Subscribers will receive valuable information and will be able to use it to achieve their goals.

Automated systems will analyze user behavior after reading newsletters.

You will find out how quickly they open your emails, whether a client visits your site or performs other targeted actions.

This will help to optimize your newsletter and increase the brand awareness.

Produce in-depth, complex content with machine learning

Machine learning is often ignored. However, artificial intelligence significantly simplifies development of unique content that is perfectly suitable for describing and selling your brand’s products.

The system will analyze the texts posted on the competitors’ websites. These include its topic, keywords, way of presentation, and many other aspects.

Intelligent tools can detect punctuation marks and other symbols that improve the text readability.

Automated systems take copywriting to a new level. Articles become more comprehensible and are complemented by a visual content. To assess the content quality, you can conduct a small test.

Choose a topic for an author to write an article on, and make artificial intelligence make one on the same subject.

If readers like the second version more, you should decide on using intelligent systems for content writing.

Get your customers involved in the AI experience

Users will enjoy using automated systems and their functions. If you invite customers to test intelligent tools, you will notice the increased interest in your brand and higher sales.

Let’s imagine that your company specializes in selling branded T-shirts. Every visitor to your store can use artificial intelligence to change the item’s design.

Unusual colors, bright prints, and additional decorative elements will be displayed on the T-shirt via the projector. Customers will be interested in your brand since in this case it will offer unique experience that isn’t available in other stores.

Nike was the one to use this method. Over the period when the automated system was used, the company’s profits significantly increased because customers felt like spending more time in the store learning new functions.

It’s unnecessary to choose large-scale solutions. By gradually introducing an intelligent system, you will increase client loyalty and automate many processes of interaction with the target audience.

Wrapping up

After studying the artificial intelligence pros and cons, you will be able to understand whether it is worth implementing a new system in your operations.

Don’t aim at automating all the processes. An intelligent system requires supervision, so specialists have to monitor the operations performed by the tools. Some of the processes will be performed without human interference.

To increase the number of tasks performed automatically, you should configure the work properly and specify particular conditions that will trigger the activation of intelligent processes.

By integrating an intelligent system, you will be able to study the target audience better and make decisions aimed at the brand promotion.

You will notice a significant increase in the audience reach and loyalty to your company.

Customers are interested in purchasing new products that correspond to their interests. Automated tools will highlight competitive advantages and enable you to competently present information to the target audience.

By contacting our company, you will be able to consider the intelligent system opportunities and implement them for rapidly developing your brand.

Not only medium- and large-scale businesses need such functions.

Many startups start with automating their operations. At the initial stages, this significantly simplifies the search for clients and helps to choose the best content that will interest the target audience.

Yulia Zubova
Yulia Zubova

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