Businesses are finding creative ways to tap into the ever-growing digital market, and the AI-powered Chatbot websites are making waves by being instrumental in improving the companies in several ways. Chatbots were initially considered as the human replacement to chat with the customers 24/7. However, the sales, marketing, and customer service teams slowly began to see the capability of a chatbot in converting potential clients and managing existing customers. Consumers previously gauged businesses with their physical presence, but digital experience has been the trend recently.

Chatbot Website Features

Companies previously performed Customer acquisition, customer experience, after-sales customer service, new customer query, and many other tasks through customer service, sales, and marketing personnel. Chatbot website has changed the way companies acquire and manage new and existing customers. While more companies are willing to try the chatbots, many are still sceptical of various factors like cost, adaptability, and new technology.

Before jumping off to any further discussion, let us understand that any business can effortlessly hook their websites to a free chatbot and enjoy its uses and once satisfied move on to a paid chatbot.

Chatbot Website Benefits

A chatbot is an AI-powered chat system that is available to communicate with the customers 24/7 using NLU (natural language understanding)/ NLP (natural language processing). Chatbots answer queries that a potential or existing customer might have irrespective of the repetitiveness. Companies can cut down the customer service personnel by 50% with the usage of chatbot.

Chatbot Website Pricing

Regardless of the requirements, it would be an excellent idea for businesses to get a free chatbot to better understand customer behaviour on the chatbot. After a good stint of free chatbots, it would be useful to choose the most suitable set of services of a paid chatbot to enhance website traffic and other requirements of the business. 

Chatbot, Chat, Robot, Instant

Restaurants, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, and B2B websites use chatbots for a variety of purposes. Let us look at how various business websites utilize chatbots. B2B websites – New customer acquisition through greeting the visitor, providing multiple information through a guided menu, and live support are some of the areas that a B2B site would utilize chatbots.

Chatbot Website for Restaurants  

Online ordering, menu details, information on combo offers, pricing, location are some of the areas that get messed up in the daily restaurant business leading up to bad customer experience. A chatbot can reduce the number of staff attending calls and aids in correct orders online since it is through text and no language barriers/ interpretation occur. Usage of chatbot enhances customer experience of both existing and new customers, optimum utilization of the staff, and in building the brand image.

Chatbot Website for Healthcare

From basic queries to fixing an appointment for both existing and new patients has never been this easier. Chatbot has changed the way healthcare industry performs. It can be overwhelming to talk to a medical assistant while you are worried about your health. Answering your queries and fixing up your assignments all through a simple chat with a bot is the best system ever. Health care systems are beginning to understand the benefits of chatbots for patient experience, better utilization of the staff, and many other areas.

Chatbot Website for Retail

E-Commerce business is all about a variety of choices in every aspect of shopping. A chatbot narrows down tons of discussions with a simple selection of buttons, making it a pleasant experience for the customers and cutting down the otherwise long hours to be spent by customer service executives. Cost, time, customer experiences are the key areas that the chatbot improves.

Chatbot Website for Real Estate

Real estate was once all about physical presence and has recently moved to digital experience with more and more builders and interior designers moving their work to a digital platform. Tons of choices in terms of availability, amenities, and pricing are available, and all of it involves a humongous amount of exchange of information. There is a considerable chance of mismatch in data exchange, causing unnecessary discussions that are time-consuming. A chatbot can cut the chaos, increase leads, and enable to build businesses and customers better to utilize their time, cost, and energy. 

 Chatbot Website

A chat bot that is live on your website platform 24/7 readily available to interact with your new and existing customers via text messaging are some of the features of a site chat bot. Website chat bots are not available on other social media platforms. Any business that has customers looking for online information requires the usage of chatbots on their websites, which in recent years translates to every company that offers goods/ services.

Integration of chat bot on the site – A few simple steps and you can successfully integrate a chat bot onto your website:

  • Click on the integrations panel and select chat widget.
  • Select the publish your bot section.
  • Copy the specific code onto your clipboard
  • Paste the source code and refresh the page.

Selecting a good Chatbot Website

Chatbots suggest and recommend products and services based on current and previous interactions enabling businesses to flourish without any involvement of personnel. However, each business requirements are unique. All chatbots perform multiple functions effortlessly. Listing out the business requisitions before choosing a chat bot is ideal. There are various chatbots available in the market.

Let us look at some of the most popular chatbots, its uses, pricing, and features. Getgist, Landbot, Octaneai, Livechat,, Botsify, Manychat, onsequel, chatfuel, hellotars, and are some of the most popular chatbots.


chatbot website platforms - getgist

The gist is an excellent choice if you are a B2C/ B2B marketer. Getgist is easy to install, chat notifications, and live view is super easy, and marketing emails are its strong points. Lack of pre-designed mail templates and quick tip videos make it a bit difficult for the newbies in the team. However easy to access and the integration with google calendar avoids any chaos of being double booked and works at a flat rate of $99 per month.

Octane AI

chatbot website platforms - octane ai

Octaneai offers a free 14-day trial which helps businesses to use it for free and analyze its usage before opting for the paid service. The basic price is $9 per month, and the pro costs $209 per month. Octaneai is an excellent choice if you are using it for an e-commerce business. Octaneai is going to reduce the workload of the customer service personnel.

Answering queries, conversational FAQ’s using new and existing customer behaviour, help visitors find products and send shipping notifications and receipts to customers after sales are some of the ways that. Marketing automation through Cart campaigns makes the life of marketing team simpler. Octaneai helps in revenue tracking, a better understanding of customer behaviour to enable excellent data-based decisions.


chatbot website platforms - livechat

The costing for Live Chat depends on the usage of the business. There is a starter plan which is ideal for small companies that cost about $16 per month. A full-time customer support team costs upto $33 per month. If you are a business that has a customer service department and looking to choose a business plan, then it would cost you $50 per month.

If you are a fortune 500 company looking to utilize the benefits of Live Chat, then you can sign up a contract and go for annual billing. Proactive Chat, offline form, visitor tracking, screen sharing, and many other useful features are available in Live Chat. When you have Live Chat as a bot feature like Feedback collection, Communication Management, Analytics, Video Content, and Live Chat can be used for customer engagement purpose. 


chatbot website app- charges $15 per user per year. A free trial is also available. greets your potential customers, generates auto messages, and helps them to get in touch with the team. allows customers to get in touch effortlessly without the formal email hassle. is a chat bot that helps you to respond to visitor queries through multiple platforms like a desktop application, mobile application, and a browser.

 Crisp Chat

chatbot website platforms - crispchat

Crisp Chat is available for a free trial, and a pro version would start from $25 per month. A multi-channel chat bot can improve the experience for visitors. Crisp helps simplify workflow for sales and other departments. It enables your teammates to use Chat and email through a single user interface. Real-time view of conversation that people type is possible through Crisp.

File sharing, emojis, video/ audio chat, messaging through bots are all made possible with Crisp. Data collection and segregation of information are made possible through Crisp CRM. The amount of data available helps support teams to build useful conversations to the visitor queries. The multi-language feature helps to use it as a help desk to better serve people from across the globe.


chatbot website platforms - hellotars

Tars is helpful to build a conversation with users. It is also available for a free trial and a paid version for $99 per month. An excellent bot for developers supports multi-language, On-screen chats, works as a virtual assistant, and offers contextual guidance to visitors. Chatbots are web-based and designed to improve the user experience resulting in higher conversion rates.


chatbot website platforms - botsify

Botsify helps a non-coder to build a chatbot to cater to their businesses. Botsify has a 14-day free trial and offers unlimited chatbot users to both commercial and custom plans. Botsify is a bot that is helpful in analytics and reporting. Botsify provides personal programs to startups for a $49 per month – this works on a company website and Facebook page. The professional plan costs $149 per month, and a business plan costs $499 per month.

Datastore enables you to maintain a list of clients and other details as per your requirement to use for upselling. Media block is a feature used for Interactive conversations that help in answering client questions. Greeting messaging can be faster through a personalized message and help improve potential clients. Story tree feature helps you to review communication between the users and the bot and make changes to the chatbots accordingly.


chatbot website platforms - manychat

Many Chat is available for free, and the premium plan is open with some excellent features for $18 per month. There are tons of growth tools that help in options to integrate. Video courses are also available to help. These chatbots work only on messengers and not very helpful on other platforms. So people without a Facebook account will not be able to chat with bots.


chatbot website platforms - onsequel

OnSequel works well for various businesses. Publisher bot for your content, personal bot if you are a celebrity, Story bot for engaging in interactive plots, game bot for an online quiz/ game, and a chatbot can have a conversation in your personalized style are some of the uses of it. You can get a bot built for any other ideas also. Sharing content through your social media posts, and RSS feed is an excellent feature of OnSequel.

Using features like Broadcasting messages to increase sales, using group chat to let visitors stay connected with your content would be very useful. Utilizing the live Q&A feature for personal interface with you, using polls and quizzes to entertain the visitors, and the usage of free cloud hosting features to help businesses scale would be an excellent return on investment. You can start using OnSequel for free and later move to a pro for $79 per month per user.


chatbot website platforms - chatfuel

Chatfuel is free for users to chat via messenger. It is inclusive of all the necessary tools for automation. Pro membership is open for $15 per month. Chatfuel helps in adding additional users and getting priority support. A premium account is also available for $199 per month, which has unlimited users and VIP support. While you can make changes to suit your business needs, the Chatfuel company has the rights reserved. Get Chatfuel for greeting the potential client and see an improvement in the numbers.


chatbot website platforms - landbot offer free trials and the pricing starts at $30 per month per user. The land bot is a no-code solution for conversational applications. Land bots offer abundant UI elements combined with applications that aid conversation. Communication and automation of workflow can be a few other uses of the Landbot. Whether it is lead generation or new customer experience, the land bot automates the discussion and process on multiple platforms without the hassle of coding. Using a chatbot has numerous uses, and answering the questions of the potential clients is one of them.

Each business has its requirement and choosing the chatbots best suitable to specific business needs would be more useful rather than getting a chatbot and then worrying about how to utilize it. Visitors can chat to a bot at any time and get their questions answered. Chat to bot helps to make conversations comfortable, and it helps the sales team to contact a potential client with a plan/ product/ service that best suits them. Most chatbot apps offer a video demo to help beginners in the team to put it to best use. Some of the versions of a chatbot are easy to build with no hassle of coding.

Businesses are not sceptical anymore in using a chatbot to converse with clients. Many chatbot versions are available to build without the hassle of coding. A bot can reduce the workload of personnel from various departments since they do not need to have a repetitive conversation that may or may not be useful. Before getting started on a chatbot journey, businesses need to understand why they need it. Once you have ascertained the need, it is much easier to design one accordingly.

A Chatbot helps the company to see the behaviour pattern of the visitors of their site. Chatbot features help to answer the queries of a potential or existing client and to collect useful data that further aids in data-based decision making. Conversion of leads, enabling to build a pipeline of potential leads for the sales team to take it further is a few other usages of a bot. Close on potential leads, create a solid base of clients, use behaviour pattern to make changes in the design of the product/ service offered, answer questions of visitors and improve their experience.

Businesses can build a chatbot as per their requirements; however, the company has some rights reserved. Build your chatbot to get started with visitor interaction or use it as a sales representative. The bot plays a vital role in the conversion of leads. Use a bot to improve the experience of people visiting your page, see their live Chat understand the queries raised and adjust accordingly. Clients have tons of questions about the products/ services that they would like to buy and answering these repetitive questions is one of the best features of a bot.

Answering repetitive questions can be stressful for personnel. Customer support team benefits the most with the usage of a chatbot. Opting for a chatbot is going to be an excellent decision for businesses to cut cost in a variety of areas. Chatbots can build clientele, greet visitors of the page, convert them into leads for the sales department, answer queries, and collect data.

So if you are ready to invest or even use a free trial for sales conversions, then go ahead and launch that chatbot to see it’s benefits. You can always drop if you do not like it or write a mail to the concerned team to say why you do not like it.

Questions asked while looking out for Chatbot website platforms:

Why do I need a chatbot website?

A chatbot website helps you to optimize your resources, provide an excellent customer experience to the visitors of your page, and generate leads.

How do I check its suitability to my business needs?

Every chatbot website offers a variety of pricing and features. Choose the suitable for your business needs.

What if I do not like it after using it?

Most of the chatbot websites offer a free trial period. 
You can opt for the free trial period and decide a plan based on your experience or cancel if you are dissatisfied.

Where do I learn about its usage?

 The chatbot websites offer a demo, videos, live assistance, webinars, and help centres to assist you in all your queries.

Can it be used on multiple platforms?

Some of them offer it only with the websites while a few others provide it on your website and social media sites. Choose what suits you the best.


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