7 Top AI-Integrated Social Media Publishing Tools with Workflow Approval

In this comprehensive guide, I delve into the best AI-integrated social media publishing tools, focusing on their unique ability to streamline the workflow approval process. Each tool is meticulously evaluated for its features, user-friendliness, and efficiency in managing social media campaigns. As someone actively involved in the analysis, I highlight how these tools significantly enhance content management, scheduling, and ROI optimization for diverse social media strategies. This guide is a must-read for decision-makers seeking reliable and efficient social media management solutions.
social media publishing tools

Posting on social media has become a part of life, just like breathing! We all post on social media, whether about the food we made or a plant we grew.

Publishing on social media in such a way that it evokes response is quite an art.

While posting on social media now and then about a little something from one’s personal life can be fun, doing it regularly to evoke responses and build relationships with potential and existing customers can be overwhelming.

Social media scheduling tools in the market helps individuals and businesses to schedule their social media publishing.

social media publishing tools

Social media publishing tools enable users to share relevant content at a perfect time and help them measure their social media posts’ effectiveness to improve the quality of their content to match the audience’s expectations.

Creating/ improving brand awareness is an essential part of digital marketing, and social media publishing plays a vital role in it.

Creating engaging content and publishing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to conduct business, improve customer base, advertise, and get a better ROI with the social media campaigns can get overwhelming.

Thanks to social media publishing tools, social media management has been possible effortlessly.

Top marketers/influencers use social media management tools like Social Drift, Buffer, Sendible, Unsplash, Canva, Agora Pulse, and many others.

It enables them to create, edit, manage workflow, schedule posts, improve ROI of the social media campaigns, and much more in just a few clicks, even when they are on the go.

Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, Ann Handley, Larry Kim, Joe Pulizzi, and many others are some of the top influencers who have excelled in utilizing the social media management tools for the creation and management of their brands.

It would be worth to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn kind of social networks.

What are social media scheduling tools?

Various social media publishing tools can enable businesses/influencers to post their social media posts.

Social media scheduling tools help users to save time and cost with the tools like – Loomly, Agora Pulse, Promo, Republic, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Tweet Deck, Meet Edgar, CoSchedule, and a few others.

Social media scheduling tools enable users to stay stress-free about forgetting a prime posting time. Share on X

Using social medial publishing tools allows users not to be physically available. It will allow users to post when they are away from WIFI.

It helps users to create more meaningful content with lesser distractions. Posts can be made out of business hours and can space out to ensure a higher ROI.

What are the tools of social media?

BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Buffer Publish, Canva, Unsplash, Animoto, Feedly, Buffer, Reply, and a few others are some of the top social media publishing tools.

It helps businesses to create engaging content and manage their social media marketing campaigns effortlessly.

The drag and drop, managing multiple social media accounts, scheduling a post, managing workflow, and much more is possible with the top social media sites without any hassles with the social media management tools’ help.

social media tools

What is social media publishing?

Posting quality content on social media to evoke responses from the targeted audience can be called social media publishing.

Engaging content posted at a prime posting time enables to create/ build brand awareness, improves responses, helps in better outreach with the targeted audience, improves lead generation, and makes a healthy rate of ROI and conversion.

Which is the best free social media management tool?

Hootsuite Buffer, TweetDeck, Social oomph, Crowdfire, and a few others make some of the best free social media management tools.

While many factors are vital to measuring a social media management tool‘s effectiveness, a free version does not make it the best tool.

Each business requirement is different, and it is essential to choose a suitable social media management tool that best suits the need because there is no single solution for all.


Gainapp works as a single platform to bring together the content creators and approvers to create a workflow that improves the team’s overall productivity.

social media publishing tools - gainapp


Collaboration Tools & workspaceCalendar Management
Forum / Discussion BoardCommunications Calendar
Feedback management & collectionContent Library
Data Import/ExportDrag & Drop Interface
Campaign SchedulingHistory Tracking
Video Management & supportAutomated Scheduling and notifications


  • Canva


  • Paradigm
  • Postight
  • Frankel Media Group


  • A thirty-day free trial is available
  • The $99 per month plan offers up to ten users, unlimited brands, unlimited Scheduling, approvals, storage, and more.


An excellent social media management tool helps users, whether individual or large corporations, create content, manage workflow, and schedule publishing on a single platform just like the other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The interactive workflow enables the creation of high-quality content.

Planable also allows users to view the preview of their content to make multiple edits before scheduling it for publishing.

social media publishing tools - planable


Social Media Post PreviewCentralized Social Media Content Management
Planning and SchedulingDirect Social Media Posting
Immediate FeedbackFaster Approval




  • McDonald’s
  • Volkswagen
  • SkyTeam


The starter subscription is for free and includes up to three team members, one social profile, and one workspace.

The Premium subscription costs $49 per month and covers unlimited social profiles, up to five members per workspace, and five workspaces.

The Enterprise subscription covers unlimited team members and workspaces. The enterprise plan includes advanced features and fanatical support. The pricing for this subscription is customized.


Loomly enables users to draft engaging content and to schedule them for publishing on various social media channels.

Loomly is an excellent fit for agencies, brands, and freelancers looking to create and publish engaging content through a great workflow.

The Loomly tools enable users to optimize their content to reach a wider audience and analyze their posts’ performance.

Loomly also offers users to keep track of the edits/ updates through which managers can track the changes and the team activities.

social media publishing tools - loomly


Post schedulingCalendar management
Preview of postsLive Post Analytics
Email and push notificationsWorkflow approval


  • Buffer
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Giphy


  • BMW


A fifteen-day free trial is available.

The Base subscription costs $34 per month and $25 when billed annually.

The Base subscription covers all the core features, unlimited content, up to five hundred dollars of the ad budget, two users, and up to ten social media accounts.

The Standard Subscription costs $76 per month and $57 when paid annually.

Six users, up to twenty social media accounts, advanced analytics, content exporting, and all the base plan features, are a part of the Standard subscription.

The Advanced subscription costs $159 per month and $119 when billed annually. All the features in the standard plan are a part of the advanced subscription.

Sixteen users, thirty-five social accounts, IM integration, custom roles, and up to two thousand dollars of ad budget are a part of this subscription.

The Premium subscription costs $332 per month and $249 when paid annually. All the features in the advanced plan are available in the premium subscription.

Fifty social media accounts, twenty-six users, custom branding, and up to five thousand dollars of ad budget are a part of this subscription.

The Enterprise subscription covers up to twenty-seven users, a dedicated account manager, wire transfer payment method, up to fifty-one social media accounts, and an ad budget of ten thousand dollars.

All the premium plan features are also available in the enterprise plan.


Sociamonials is an excellent fit for a business looking to achieve a higher ROI from their social media campaigns.

Sociamonial offers tons of features that enable social media users to create posts, interact with the audience, track interactions, generate & manage reporting through the analytics features.

It helps in calculating their marketing strategies’ effectiveness to be modified to attain a better success rate.

Sociamonials also enables its users to manage their posts on the go with its mobile app.

social media publishing tools - sociamonials


Multiple User AccountsAccount MonitoringSocial Media Analytics
Link Shortening & TrackingMulti-Device TrackingSocial CRM
Post Publishing & SchedulingCustom Campaign DesignRun Contests


Google AnalyticsAWeber
Crazy EggMailChimp
SaleforceAdobe Site


  • Deva Nutrition
  • Vengreso
  • The Intelligence Group


A free trial is available for fourteen days.

A small business plan costs $150 per month.

One user, YouTube channel integration, up to fifteen social media accounts, up to two thousand customer videos per month, twenty thousand campaign views per month, and unlimited – social shares, share buttons, and campaigns are all a part of the small business plan.

The Corporate plan costs $400 per month.

It covers Unlimited – share buttons, social shares, and campaigns, a hundred thousand campaign views per month, up to two thousand customer videos per month, YouTube channel integrations, up to three users, and up to thirty social media accounts.

The Enterprise plan costs $750 per month and covers up to twenty-five users, two hundred social media accounts, two thousand videos per month, and up to five hundred thousand campaign views per month.

Dedicated account manager, White Label Social Media Apps, watermark removal, YouTube channel integration, and Unlimited – campaigns, share buttons, and social shares are all a part of the enterprise plan.


Publer is among those social media publishing tools that enable users to stay in total control with the social networks that will allow them to schedule posts, respond, manage to report, collaborate with the team, and much more effortlessly.

The advanced analytics features help users evaluate their campaigns’ effectiveness and what changes to make to improve its reach.

The automated scheduling process across various social networks allows users to save time and concentrate on more critical tasks.

Task management and collaboration features help users to assign roles as per access levels.

social media publishing tools - publer


Signatures and TrackingBulk SchedulingTailored Posts
Calendar View ModeWatermarkingLink Shortening
Upload Media From URLSaved DraftsPost Callbacks
Team CollaborationAmbassador Program
Recurring PostsDelay Between Posts


Google My BusinessBitlyLinkedIn


  • Kalemi
  • Being Latino
  • LuLaRoe


A free trial is available.

The free plan covers features like tailored posts, auto-scheduling, calendar view mode, twenty-five saved drafts, link shortening, up to five social accounts, and ten pending scheduled posts.

The Argentum subscription costs $7 per month and covers all the features in the free plan.

Unlimited – Scheduling and saved drafts, signatures, analytics, flexible social media accounts & additional team members, bulk Scheduling, post callbacks, and ambassador program are the other features available in this subscription.

The Aurum plan starts at $14 per month, and all the features in the Argentum subscription are available in this plan. Recurring posts, video posts, and multi-photo posts are all a part of the Aurum subscription.


Content Studio is one of the best social media publishing tools ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Content publishing, analytics, automation, collaboration, and management are effortless, making it a complete package that helps at every stage.

social media publishing tools - content studio


Social media management features like Automated Publishing, Collaboration, Post Scheduling, Social media, monitoring, Content management, Reporting & Analytics, and Multi-account management.

Content management features like Image editor, text editor, SEO Management, Version Control, and Full-Text Search.

Content marketing features like Audience targeting, campaign management, Editorial calendar, Publish scheduling, Social media management, Brand management, SEO management, Video management, distribution management, multi-channel publishing, and categorization.

Influencer tracking, Customizable reports, multi-channel data collection, and post scheduling.

Social media marketing tools like analytics, keyword filtering, and automated publishing.

Unified Social Inbox is a must-have tool for any social media marketing team. You can stay organized and connected with all social media conversations from various network, customers and followers.


  • Feedly
  • Shopify
  • Bit.ly


  • Motorola
  • Nescafe
  • NYU


A fourteen days free trial is available.

Users get two months free when they pay annually.

The PRO plan works well for a solo marketer and costs $49 per month.

The PRO plan covers one workspace, ten social media accounts, one blog per platform, ten automation campaigns, unlimited – social media posts, blog posts, custom topic feeds per month, and unlimited searches per day.

Publishing and scheduling features like content & hashtag suggestions, repeat post, auto-tag authors, post preview, customized messages on social media, SEO toolbox for blogposts, and Bulk CSV upload are a part of the PRO plan. Blog posting, editorial calendar, and a few other features are a part of the plan.

The Small plan works well for businesses & Agencies and costs $99 per month. All the PRO plan features are available in the Small plan.

Workflow & collaboration, unlimited automation campaigns, ten blogs, twenty-five social media accounts, and five workspaces are a part of this plan.

The Medium plan costs $199 per month.

All the Small plan features are available in the medium plan and ten workspaces, fifty social media accounts, twenty blogs, and ten team members.

The Large plan costs $299 per month.

All the medium plan features are available in the large plan along with twenty workspaces, twenty team members, fifty blogs, and up to one hundred and fifty social media accounts.


Agora Pulse is an excellent choice among social media publishing tools for Businesses that manage multiple social media network profiles.

Creating, posting, and managing all these accounts can be time-consuming.

Agora Pulse enables businesses to manage their numerous social media accounts, publish new posts on prime time, and monitor their ROI.

Agora Pulse is a user-friendly platform with a small learning curve, and an excellent customer support team well defines Agora pulse.

Features like advanced analytics, workflow automation, customized tools for publishing, and a unified inbox enable users to optimize their content.

Some of the tools offered by Agorapulse allows users to gain insights on the effectiveness of social media campaigns and data to improve the ROI when compared to the competitors.

social media publishing tools - agora pulse


Labeling for Incoming and Outgoing ContentFacebook AnalyticsTrack Mentions and Comments
Queue CategoriesTwitter ManagementMonitor hashtags and brand username
Calendar ViewKeyword Listening on TwitterTeam Functionality
CSV ReportsPowerPoint ReportsScheduling and Queueing Options
Facebook ContentAutomatic ModerationScheduling and Queueing Options




  • Vanderbilt university
  • Deliveroo
  • Dove
  • Ogilvy


A free trial is available.

The medium plan costs $99 per month and $79 when paid annually.

Email support, ten social profiles, two team members, and up to three hundred active ads monitoring are a part of the medium plan.

The medium plan costs $199 per month and $179 when paid annually.

All the features in the medium plan are available in this plan.

Onboarding workshop, Team workflow, up to four team members, twenty-five social media profiles, ads monitoring, and email & chat support are a part of this plan.

The X-Large plan costs $299 per month and $269 when paid annually. All the features in the medium plan are available in the X-Large plan.

Eight team members, up to forty social media profiles, priority email & chat support, and ads monitoring for up to a thousand active ads, are a part of this plan.

The Enterprise plan costs $499 per month and $459 when paid annually.

All the X-large features are available in this plan, with twenty team members, sixty social media profiles, priority email, chat & phone support, and ad monitoring for up to a thousand active ads.

All the plans include ROI calculator for Facebook, Automated moderation, Mobile App, drag and drop content scheduling, content management, chrome extension, and unlimited scheduled posts per profile.

Our Experience:

Every aspect of the business has gone digital, and social media publishing tools play a vital role in digital marketing.

From publishing content to monitoring competitors, every part of social media management is managed by the social media publishing tools effortlessly.

The social media publishing tools offer scheduled publishing, live post analytics, campaign scheduling, dashboards, history tracking, tagging, drag and drop, workflow approvals, and posts queuing.

Monitoring on Pinterest and Instagram hashtags, analyze ROI through analytics and reporting and manage visual content in real-time enables users like teams and agencies with multiple accounts to save time with their work involving the entire social media publishing cycle.

Managing – hashtags on Twitter accounts, team collaboration, media library, managing multiple accounts, and much more are all made possible with the easy to use social media publishing tools.

Creating engaging content is the key to the success of any campaign. for creating engaing content you can use photo editor.

The media library offered by the social media publishing tools enables teams and agencies to create evergreen content and edit it in real-time.

Creating and editing the content multiple times can take up a lot of time.

However, social media publishing tools enable companies to schedule content on several social media sites allowing them to create quality content and not waste their precious time on the top social media sites.

If you are a user/ small business looking to create blog posts along with other engaging visual content on a variety of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for marketing purposes, then using the best social media publishing tools would save you time and money along with enabling you to concentrate on more critical tasks.

The analytics and reporting features in the social media publishing tools help users optimize their content, offer them an extra edge over their competitor’s content, create content that improves the outreach, and enable users to enhance the ROI on their content.

When you use social media publishing tools, you can be stress-free about creating content, editing it multiple times, managing content, publishing content at prime time slots.

Manage your content calendar, create workflows, manage and analyze reports, and improve ROI on your social media campaigns.

Choosing the most suitable tool that fits your business without burning a hole in your pocket is a sure shot idea for managing your social media activities and creating/improving brand awareness.

Questions asked while looking for Social Media publishing tools :

What is social media publishing tools?

Social media publishing tools enable businesses to create, manage and publish engaging content on multiple social media accounts/ networks to build brand awareness, run campaigns, improve outreach, and connect with their audience.

Can I use a social media publishing tool for free?

Most providers offer a free fifteen to a thirty-day free trial, and some of them also have a free forever plan with limited/basic features. However, the paid versions offer advanced features.

Which is the best social media publishing tool for a small business?

There are a variety of social media publishing tools available in the market. However, each of them offers different features and pricing plans. It is essential to choose a plan that covers all the business requirements after adequate research.

What can I do with a basic plan of a social media publishing tool?

A basic plan (paid/ unpaid) enables users to create engaging content, schedule posts for publishing on multiple social media networks, edit content, post on the go, export reporting, and much more. The usage of the tools for a basic plan would be minimal.

Can I monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns through these tools?

Most providers enable users to touch base with their audience through comments/ mentions and provide analytics that allows them to make well-informed changes to their content/ campaigns.

Can I post on social media without staying online?

The scheduled posting features enable users to create a content calendar and choose the schedule date and time, allowing them to stay stress-free about making the post. It does not require the user to stay online for the posts to get posted.

Can I make recurring posts on multiple accounts and pages?

One of the benefits of using a social media publishing tool is that recurring posts are in a queue to schedule without missing any posts. Posting on multiple social media accounts/pages without any confusion since the posts are scheduled for a particular time and remove any hassles in maintaining multiple accounts.

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