8 Best [Must Have] Reddit Marketing Tools and Guides

In this detailed guide on Reddit Marketing, I delve into the strategic use of Reddit as a unique and powerful marketing tool. It covers essential Reddit marketing tools and guides, offering insights into leveraging Reddit vast community for marketing purposes. This analysis reflects my first-hand experience in navigating Reddit's dynamics, highlighting practical approaches for effectively engaging with Reddit users and harnessing the platform for brand growth and outreach.
Reddit Marketing Tools and Guides

Reddit is one of the oldest platforms: a social network, online news channel, a place to read exciting news, links to some great content, and much more.

The multipurpose platform makes it a great fit for users to market their products and services. Reddit also facilitates discussions, prevents spammers, and voting on the content posted.

Reddit has created the concept of Karma, which indicates the user's contribution to the Reddit community. Share on X

Users need to become a member, participate in polls, discussions, and post. Organic involvement helps to earn trust and not using shills.

reddit marketing

It is essential to understand that Reddit does not encourage sales content.

However, building trust, accumulating Karma, and utilizing excellent marketing tactics are the key to success with Reddit since it has more than eighty million visitors every month.

Reddit advertising helps users to catch a spot on their front page.

The paid ads also enable the user’s advertisements to show on untargeted Reddit / targeted subreddits.

  • Reddit offers account features like account switcher, show comment karma, and Username hider.
  • Comments features like Comment Navigator, Hide All Child Comments, Live Comment Preview, New Comment Count, Save Comments, and Show Parent on Hover.
  • Filters features like filte Reddit, Spam Button, and Subreddit Tagger
  • User Interface features like bette Reddit, Inline Image Viewer, Keyboard Navigation, Never Ending Reddit, RES Dashboard, Single Click Opener, Style Tweaks, and Subreddit Manager.
  • Users comments like User Highligher and User Tagger

The other social media platforms are much easier to promote business.

Reddit marketing is a tough nut to crack when compared to any other social media marketing.

Reddit has subreddits that enable discussions, suggestions, and critical information on products (criticism) that are more popular than branded content.

In short, Reddit focuses on community building, whereas the other social media marketing networks concentrate on content marketing.


Focusing on community building makes it too tricky for marketers to crack it.

Searching for an official business page or a company profile can be quite challenging on the Reddit page.

There is no option for profile verification on the platform, causing a severe security threat since literally “anyone” can use Reddit.

Other social media networks offer tons of information through their relevant ads from the official account.

However, on Reddit, you find tons of details, information, critical feedback, and other subreddits’ inputs.

But none of it is from the related company’s original business account, which causes a lot of confusion/ threat for users looking for information.

Reddit marketing strategies

Promoting posts allows it to prioritize the subreddit thread to stay higher, enabling them to target specific groups.

Ask me anything 

Hosting “ask me anything” threads are helpful since they are live. An official of the company creates the post, which encourages Redditors to ask questions.

Involving in discussion

Involvement in the discussions or starting one by a staff member of the company enables to bring in organic conversation about the brand and the product.

Having an influencer helps in this kind of a Reddit marketing strategy.

ask me anything

Challenges/ Drawbacks

The challenge with this kind of marketing strategy is that the discussion could quickly spiral into negative comments.

The users need to watch out and ensure that a dedicated team member is available to provide an adequate explanation without making it feel like a cheap PR tactic.

Users cannot delete other people’s posts even if you are the creator of the subreddit.

Investing time and money on Reddit may not be such a great idea if you are a small business. However, it could be worth testing with a few posts.


Formula 1 subreddit recently had a video post from Toyota.

This subreddit mainly had discussions on Formula 1 race cars. It is a promoted content, and the brand talks about a story instead of a traditional advertisement.

Choosing the most suitable subreddit for the brand and posting content that adds value to the audience are some of Toyota’s learning points.


Ally Bank

Ally Bank created promotable content specific to a Play station Subreddit.

While there is no relevant relation between a video game and a bank, the ad posted an analogy – “You wouldn’t settle for a 1-star controller, so why settle for a 1-star bank?”

This ad focused on identifying the keywords. It is an excellent example of – out of the box thinking.

ally bank

Lemonade Inc

Lemonade Inc is an insurance application. Lemonade promoted a targeted post on a subreddit for fast food.

The content showed the same cost as the fast-food items and the insurance payments, making it an excellent way of showing how affordable and valuable investments are.



The CEO of Nissan created a subreddit thread called “Ask me anything” with a self-introduction, Nissan launch, and encouraged people to ask questions.

He got to queries ranging from details about the product to the rival brand details.

This Reddit marketing strategy helps provide more information to the car fans keen to learn more about the business and its products.

The CEO himself answering the questions makes it trustable and enables brand building.


Successful Reddit marketing campaigns

Finance and insurance brands have ongoing challenges of creating content that captures the interest of the audience.


TransAmerica came up with a Unitas challenge in the year 2013.

The competition was a college football choosing competition and was led by employees who thought it was an integral part of their social media strategy.

Reddit was the No.1source of entry for the contest and enabled to drive more traffic to the contest than all the other social media networks.


A fantasy football web series called “Tough Season” was created by Lenovo and Onion labs in partnership.

lenovo logo

The main character of the series played a game called “computer slap,” The character uses the Lenovo Yoga to destroy the other computers.

A game within the limit of eight bits had to be created by the Reddit users. The contest resulted in millions of clicks and up to twenty-five functional games.

The participants received prizes that ranged from T-shirts(Reddit) to laptops.


Marriot created a thread where it asked users – “why their community is the best.” Users responded with a Sales pitch with creative content about why their hometown was incredible.

Marriott logo

Marriot chose ten participants among hundreds of participants.

The Reddit users chose the winner, and the prize involved an actual trip and a teleportation party. The headline banner itself received over 193,000 clicks.

Many Reddit marketing tools enable users to create successful strategies.

We shall list out the best Reddit marketing tools, how-to-use, their features, advantages, and pricing plans in detail.


Keyworddit enables users (marketers) to search for keywords on the subreddit. Keyworddit helps to match the keywords with their volume on the Grepwords tool.

reddit marketing - keyworddit
  • Popular searches on Reddit
  • The topic of interest of your audience
  • Free to use
  • Helps in monthly figures for search volumes of popular topics
  • Contexts/ questions asked on Reddit
How to use
  • Go to the Reddit keyword research tool
  • Type the name of a subreddit
  • Click on the Get keywords tab
  • Free to use


Track Reddit works like any other social media monitoring tool.

It sends users alerts when specific phrases/ keywords are involved in a discussion across Reddit.

The tracking enables users to jump into discussion threads, polls, and comments where the user brand is a part of it.

Tracking enables them to steer the conversation, discussion, and comment in their favor.

reddit marketing - trackreddit
  • Exporting tracking campaigns
  •  Track Reddit API
  • Affiliate program
  • Monitoring
  • API Pings
  • Archived results
How to use
  • List out the – “must contain specific keywords.”
  • Exclude “Specific keywords.”
  • Search results in the submissions and comments
  • Track results
  • Include results from a specific subreddit
  • A free account to test is available and covers up to three keywords.
  • Paid plans vary from $19 to $119 per month and cover other features and more keywords to track.

Reddit Metrics

Reddit Metrics is a tool that shows user statistics.

A thousand comments and a thousand submissions on a Reddit account will be visible. It helps users to strategize based on data.

reddit marketing - reddit metrics
  • User behavior
  • Demographics
  • General Stats
  • Driving traffic.
  • Branding.
  • Testing of new products.
  • Selling products.
  • Reaching audience interests.
How to use
  1. Register
  2. Build up Karma
  3. Generate analytics on comments, subreddit, demographics, and general statistics.
  • Available to use for free

Snoop Snoo

It helps users to get insights on specific Reddit users.

Snoop Snoo enables users to connect and engage with their particular audience organically.

reddit marketing - snoop snoo
  • Analytics
  • User analysis
  • Demographic pictures of submissions
  • Helps to engage with the right audience
  • Stay connected with the specific audience
  • Enables to change strategies based on analytics
How to use
  • Not available.
  • Available to use for free

Delay for Reddit

The Delay for Reddit tool helps to target the right subreddits, schedule posts to increase outreach, and optimize the post by posting it at the right timing.

reddit marketing - delay for reddit
  • Discover your audience
  • Optimize through perfect timing
  • Schedule posts through best timing
  • Bulk post uploading
  • Build a Reddit marketing strategy
  • Easy to use
  • Helps scheduling posts
  • Free to use
How to use
  1. Create an account
  2. Go to the dashboard and click on “Schedule post.”
  3. Define the title and insert a link back to your webpage.
  4. Choose the subreddit
  5. Set your date and time
  6. Add any additional details/comment

The free plan covers one post per week, retrying mechanism, chat-based customer support is available, enables multiple Reddit account support, and does not cover bulk posting and customized Reddit marketing plan.

The premium plan costs $20 per month and is available for a fourteen-day free trial.

It covers up to seventy posts per week; Stripe manages the payment information and includes all the free plan features.

The unlimited plan costs $100 per month and covers unlimited posts per week, excel bulk posting, and all other premium plan features.

The enterprise plan costs $250 per month.

Customized Reddit marketing plan and all the other features in the unlimited plan is a part of the enterprise plan.

Other customized plans are available (to be discussed with the sales team)


This tool is helpful in the analysis of Reddit URLs and links

SerpStat is a combination of keyword research and analysis for marketers to utilize for Reddit URLs and links making it the best combo tool for marketing and keyword research.

reddit marketing - serpstat
Historical database of PPC (pay-per-click) ads
Keyword database
Training documentationSearch and web traffic analytics
Backlink IndexReporting suite
Site Audit toolWebsite rankings
Drive trafficExcellent UI
Email alerts for position changesDeep URL analysis
Responsive chat supportSearch results capture
Affordable pricing
How to use
  1. Go to the project section and access existing projects.
  2. Create a new project
  3. Set up Rank tracking
  4. Conduct a site audit
  5. Setup email reporting for analysis and audits.

The prices range from $19 to $299 per month for personal, business, and enterprise plans.

When paid upfront, users avail of an annual discount of 20% and a 40% discount on a three-year plan.

Refund guaranteed, and a 14-day free trial is available.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The Reddit enhancement suite is a community-based browser extension that is unofficial. Using it enhances the user’s experience.

reddit marketing - reddit enhancement suite
  • Live comment preview
  • Comment navigator
  • Username hider
  • Helps to filter content
  • Block NSFW content
  • Switch between Reddit accounts
  • Reddit users tagging
How to use
  1. Click on the gear
  2. Navigational bar appears
  3. Begin to view images, vote totals, and much more.
  • Pricing details not available

Reddit Insight

An analytics tool that is interactive and helps users combine real-time data analysis with visualizations revealing beautiful infographics.

reddit marketing - reddit insight
  • Real-time post tracking
  • Track a single user
  • View interaction
How to use
  1. Find content (videos and memes)
  2. Post “ask me anything” content.”
  3. Self-posts of links
  • Not available

Our Experience

Content marketing is essential to improve brand awareness, increasing outreach with the audience, generate website traffic, and much more.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the social media channels that have been instrumental in content marketing.

Among all the social media channels, Facebook has proved to be the most effective for marketing purposes. However, Reddit is also an essential content marketing tool that has often not a part of the marketing strategy.

While self-marketing has been frowned on, Reddit has millions of visitors every month, making it the best choice for content marketing.

Reddit features work like a complete package for marketing strategy. There are many communities in Reddit called subreddits.

Choosing the right keywords, creating engaging content, tracking, monitoring mentions, and much more are all made possible on subreddits.

It is essential to use a keyword research tool to identify the most ranked keyword. Redditors usually comment, discuss, and provide upvotes/ downvotes based on several factors.

However, posting content for the sake of advertisements may get a lot of negative comments.

Posting engaging and useful content for organic outreach would be a better idea when impacting Reddit positively.

While using Reddit has tons of benefits, it is also a tough nut to crack in content marketing.

Reddit is a popular site in its own right and has millions of visitors, making it the most popular platform to market products/services.

Paid ads, r/Deals subreddit, customer service through Reddit, organizing an AMA, finding collaborators, generating new content ideas, watching market trends, and starting a subreddit contest are a few marketing strategies that are efficient and effective.

While Reddit has many users and visitors and community like subreddits, it works slightly differently from many other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Creating and posting multiple contents, scheduling the publishing time, monitoring the competitors, tracking mentions, posting ask me anything content, in-depth URL analysis, and much more is possible for a business if they use Reddit.

Using Reddit is one of the best ways to attain business goals like generating higher traffic volume, improving outreach towards a specific audience, and many others.

Some of the Reddit tools enable users to make changes with the open-source code. However, Reddit has the rights reserved for the source code.

Reddit is called the front page of the internet and has proved to be the most popular channel and is also the most efficient social media marketing channel.

Like any other social media platform, it is essential to post the content on prime time, and the content should be created by considering several factors.

Market insights, audience’s topic of interest, popular searches of Reddit, most commented topic by Redditors, bulk post uploading, and much more are part of the right marketing strategy.

The downside of Reddit’s content marketing is that the site has Redditors who do not make it easy for users to crack it on the Reddit platform.

Posting useful and engaging content, commenting on various discussions, offering constructive criticism, upvotes, and much more enable users to create trust with fellow Redditors.

Lousy product quality can do more harm to the brands than good. Join the Redditors communities if you can stay alert, offer helpful and exciting inputs about the brands’ product/services, and explain the solution to the negative comments on the discussion threads are some crucial learnings that enable users to crack the code at Reddit.

Questions asked while searching for Reddit marketing:

What is Reddit marketing?

Reddit is a powerful social media channel that enables brands/ users to post engaging content that is not an ad for the sake of publicity. Creating contests, watching market trends, and creating an ask me anything strategy can be Reddit marketing.

Can Reddit be used for free?

Reddit is not available for free. However, a free trial is available and does not require any credit card details from the users to try it for free.

What are the benefits of using Reddit?

Improved brand awareness, increased traffic generation, higher sales, marketing strategy with well-researched SEO content, and much more is possible with Reddit.

What are the cons of using Reddit?

Reddit is not a good idea for a product that lacks quality. Redditors may start calling out the product/service’s problems, and the whole marketing strategy may backfire and spiral into a sea of negative comments.

What do upvote and downvote mean?

Reddit has subreddits that are communities where there are live discussions taking place. Upvote is a positive like, and downvote is a negative vote for a posted content, comment, or discussion.

Can I get Karma as a newbie?

Post karma and comment karma is possible for a newbie. It requires new users to post useful, engaging content, receive upvotes for the same to receive post-Karma, comment on existing content, and get upvotes to enable a newbie to earn comment karma.

Is technical knowledge essential to use Reddit?

Reddit users are not required to have technical knowledge. If you are looking to create brand awareness for a technical product, it would be a good idea to ensure a technical member staff offers comments and useful inputs for technology-based discussions.

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