Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email Marketing Leaders 2024

This buyer guide compares two leading email marketing platforms, Mailchimp and Moonmail. It evaluates them based on features, ease of use, design flexibility, marketing features, registration forms, spam and design testing, reporting, email deliverability, integrations, customer support, and pricing. The review aims to guide readers in choosing the most suitable platform for their needs by providing an in-depth analysis of both Mailchimp and Moonmail, considering various factors like user ratings, services, and customer support.

Mailchimp and Moonmail both are a fantastic platform to send, track, and email marketing campaigns with ease. In this Mailchimp Vs Moonmail guide, we will compare both Moonmail Mailchimp based upon various factors like integration, services, user ratings, customer support, and much more.

Before we compare Moonmail vs Mailchimp, let us see what both the marketing platforms offer in particular.

Mailchimp Vs Moonmail – Features


MailChimp is an excellent platform for small business email marketing. It provides competitive membership options for small and medium-sized firms and large-scale corporations and organizations’ ability to execute large-scale email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp is perfect for small company owners as its low-cost plans provide research and technology tools and integration with other third-party products. Share on X

Pre-defined templates are available, but users may tweak them accordingly. If you are a start-up company owner or contractor with minimal budgets can use the free plan of MailChimp as well. It allows them the capacity, with up to 2,000 subscribers, to start an email campaign with a monthly limit of 12,000 emails to subscribers.

This free access offers necessary functionality for simple ad campaigns with process automation.

MailChimp can also be accessed via mobile devices to allow users to manage the campaigns with an internet connection anywhere.

Update: According to Tech Crunch, TurboTax maker Intuit acquired Mailchimp for around $12 billion in a data play. Mailchimp helps companies manage their marketing campaigns, which makes it a good fit for Intuit’s flagship QuickBooks product.


Moonmail is an effective marketing solution to send manage Newsletters most easily.

Moonmail is a cloud-based email marketing software that helps businesses create email campaigns is so simple to use that a five-year-old kid could probably do it.

mailchimp vs moonmail

Key features

Unlimited Contact ManagementMultivariate TestingMailing List Management
Document LibraryAuto-RespondersEvent-Triggered Email
Drag and Drop EditorCustom fieldsRecipients Spam Check feature
Delivery by Time ZoneList SegmentationA/B Testing feature
Drip Campaign managementContact List ImportMulti-user accounts
Free Stock PhotosTemplate ManagementReal-time Email Editor

With the above discussion, we can say that both Moonmail Mailchimp is a great email management platform.

In this guide, we will be comparing different services of Moonmail Mailchimp based upon user ratings, email lists, use, and much more.

Now, let us move forward with the Mailchimp vs Moonmail comparison guide and see how both the software are different based on ratings, review, features, service, and customer service.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Ease of use & editor

Let us see how Moonmail Mailchimp differs based upon the ease of use and editor.


Mailchimp is one of the company’s most preferred software for managing email campaigns.

It is incredible how easily you can create an email and choose a template that combines with the ability to monitor your ROI. 

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email Marketing Leaders 2024 1


Moonmail is the simplest way to do email marketing. The straightforward and straightforward dashboard of Moonmail helps users save a lot of time.

Drag and drop editor of Moonmail allows users to create and send beautiful marketing campaigns to recipients.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email Marketing Leaders 2024 2

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Design and Flexibility

Let us compare Moonmail Mailchimp based upon the design and flexibility.


With an elegant interface, email management is like a cakewalk. Users can use the free version to send unlimited emails to up to 2000 subscribers.

It is a perfect way to get started if you don’t have a list of recipients.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email Marketing Leaders 2024 3


Moonmail has to go excellent user review with its users as it is clean, simple, and easy to use. It is easy to manage your campaigns and view primary campaign data to help deal with the pipeline.

mailchimp vs moonmail

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email marketing features

Let us have a look at email marketing features of Moonmail Mailchimp.


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that allows customers to create, send, and analyze email marketing campaigns. Some of the email management features for business owners are:

mailchimp vs moonmail
AutoConnect Templates Full-Featured API
Facebook Integration Easy drag and drop service
Social media integration Easy drag and drop service
Unlimited emails per month


Leverage the serverless Framework for Email Marketing Using Amazon SES and Lambda. Critical features of MoonMail:

mailchimp vs moonmail

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Registration forms

Mailchimp’s signup forms and mobile responsive and let people sign up for your email marketing. You will have the feature to turn your visitors into recipients by using sign up forms.


  1. Select the icon of the Audience
  2. Tap on the Audience dashboard
  3. Click the current audience down and choose the one you want to work with if you have more than one audience.
  4. Tap the Dropdown Audience Management and pick Registration forms.
  5. Choose Builder of Type
  6. Check and copy the URL of the registration web forms.
mailchimp vs moonmail


MoonMail software comes with powerful signup forms that will help you grow your subscriber base and email lists.

  1. To Contact web Forms, click on the button “Create Contact Form.”
  2. You can find details of the new web form in the Specifications Type.
  3. Click the contact web form button. Establishing a contact form
  4. Done! You may choose to copy and paste the HTML code into your web site
mailchimp vs moonmail

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Spam & design testing

Comparing Moonmail Mailchimp based upon design feature and spam 


  • All pages HTTPS (web applications)
  • Security violation reports / alerts
  • Security options are multifactor.


  • Critical data encryption at rest
  • All pages HTTPS (web applications)
  • Security violation reports / alerts
  • Security options are multifactor.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Reporting

Let us compare Moonmail and Mailchimp based upon reporting feature:


You can track sales and campaign performance by seeing easy-to-digest reports.

The software also gives custom recommendations feature to help you make your next move. Simply run A/B testing to optimize your content, data, template design layout, and send time.


MoonMail provides the customer with deep data analytics, including real-time reports on email interaction.

MoonMail delivers a comfortable and better way to analyze your success and performance through clear metrics, reports, and statistics.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Email Deliverability

Let use compare Moonmail and Mailchimp based upon the deliverability rate:


You can access the A/B testing feature to track progress or keep on top of your email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp.

Users can send over 1 million emails per minute in peak hours by maintaining and building clean email lists.


Use MoonMail to automatically send messages on-demand at any point on your webpages, such as a transaction or a password request to a particular recipient or user.

MoonMail API services also let you send email, text message, push notification, and voice channels to send transaction messages from your application.

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Integrations & extras

Mailchimp has managed to get good user ratings in terms of integration from its users. Let us see the integration in details:

MailChimp Integration 

Mailchimp allows integration with several social media channels to create and publish posts without leaving the Mailchimp software.

Some of the great integrations of Mailchimp are:

MandrillPower Twitter Zoho Gmail Instagram
BIDrupal Facebook Outlook CRM
ProsperWorks Unbounce Pipedrive CallLoop
Gleam Capture Squarespace Pinterest WooCommerce
Salesforce Join by Text Chimpy WisePops
ProsperWorks Magento Zapier Gmail

MoonMail Integration

The following frameworks and applications integrate with MoonMail software.

If you need help with the Moonmail integration process, please reach out to their customer support team.

  • Zapier
  • Shopify

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Support

Users can access MailChimp customer support service 24×7, and their support team will address the issue quickly.

They have also got good feedback for their customer support in user review on different rating platforms.

You can access Mailchimp customer support via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • real-time training
  • Tickets

MoonMail customer support and chat service are simply excellent as per the user review. Users can access it via:

  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Live customer support

Mailchimp vs Moonmail: Pricing

Let us move forward with the Moonmail Mailchimp comparison guide with the user review’ pricing part.

 MailChimp pricing 

Multi-user accounts of Mailchimp allow your entire team to collaborate on marketing campaigns.

You will have access to the Forever free Mailchimp plan, Mailchimp. You can even sign up for a free plan of Moonmail without any credit card requirement.

You sign up for the service to develop professional marketing, multi-user support, and social media campaigns for recipients without coding or design experience.

Growing Business Plan – $10 per month (taxes may apply)

  • Specialized methods for research
  • Send unlimited email
  • Population prediction
  • Support services
  • Time zone email delivery

Pro Marketer Plan – $199/month (taxes may apply)

Another plan includes business-level functions, such as comparative reports, unlimited emails, multivariate monitoring, and much more for high-volume broadcasters.

Moonmail pricing 

Moonmail also offers a free version. MoonMail provides consumers two company pricing options.

  • 1 campaign per Day
  • 7,500 emails/month
  • Use Domain as the Send Address
  • 250 recipients per Campaign
  • Custom field feature
  • Basic Recipients Custom Fields
  • Store Unlimited Recipients data
  • Basic Support feature
  • Advanced Signup Forms

Professional – $9.99/month + $0.5 per 1, 000 emails sent

  • Initiative unrestricted beneficiaries
  • Monthly unlimited campaigns
  • Custom fields for unrestricted beneficiaries
  • Limitless store of beneficiaries data
  • Unlimited Support for Premium
  • Use any email as the address for sending
  • Advanced ways of registration
  • Custom fields
  • Drag & Drop Editor feature
  • Migration to Free MailChimp
  • Cleanup Lists of Workers streamlined
  • Configure DKIM & SPF

Is Klaviyo better than Mailchimp?

At the turn of the century, email marketing’s dominant field seems to have been overturned by Klaviyo. Although MailChimp offers a great marketing platform, this newcomer has been given the prized title by Klaviyo’s forward-thinking automation and data-centered feature set.

If you want easy to use email marketing platform and don’t believe you want to go into analytics too deeply, MailChimp can suit your needs – at a better price, though.

You can sign up for Klaviyo if you wish to rooms to expand, and you don’t want to pay a fee.

What is the best alternative to Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is suitable for newbies but not for those looking for a full suite. It is just the leading email marketer, but that doesn’t mean you need to like its every feature.

MailerLite allows integration with additional features such as web push notifications, user review, rewards for a loyalty program, product recommendation, etc.

Is there a free alternative to Mailchimp?

Yes! Omnisend provides a free plan where you can send 15, 000 emails every month. Besides this, you can try each regular and pro program free of charge.

Without giving your credit card data, you can sign up for their 14-day free version by just entering your name, email address, and necessary information.

In this area, Omnisend is a pretty new player with best-in-class services.

Since Mailchimp no longer provides integration in the Shop e-commerce platform, this tool is a savor.

It has several features such as personalization, instant discount code creation, marketing automation, access to the content editor, advanced segmentation, product guidance, website tracking tools, which allow you to expand your online business.

Is MailChimp a good service?

MailChimp is a great tool that empowers businesses with a wide range of templates and integrations. MailChimp provides a bucket load integration feature that you can connect to the active user number. Additionally, you can even sign up for its free plan to manage lists, data, and create templates on the fly.

If you are looking for an all-in-one email management software, then go for Mailchimp without any doubt.

The platform has also managed to get fantastic user review and ratings on various sites like Capterra.

Our Experience:

We hope this Moonmail vs Mailchimp guide will be helpful for you in deciding which one to choose.

Above, we have compared Moonmail Mailchimp based upon the key features, services, ratings, user review, and much more.

Although MailChimp should be the leader among marketing and automation platforms, it can be costly.

Fortunately, reasonable MailChimp solutions are not too difficult to find, particularly today, with a range of choices, which are more accessible or probably have more functionalities.

Moonmail, on the other hand, provides cloud-based email marketing software.

You can use Moonmail to doesn’t tie you too strict limitations and send bulk emails via Amazon SES.

Both Moonmail and Mailchimp has something unique to offer, and you need to understand your needs first to know which platform suits you better.

Questions asked while looking for Mailchimp vs Moonmail:

Who is to look for alternatives to MailChimp?

Mailchimp is the best email marketing product in the market. While searching for alternatives to this product, compare features like recipient management, custom fields, ratings, review, design access to customer support, etc. Moonmail is quite an excellent alternative to Mailchimp.

What best do I find Mailchimp alternatives for marketing automation?

You can use Omnisend as an alternative to Mailchimp. It is a web-based email marketing software with an all-in-one management feature. Apart from this, you can go to Moonmail as well.

What are some free / cheaper Mailchimp options?

Omnisend, CampaignMonitor, Aweber, Moonmail, and Hubspot are some of the cheap alternatives to MailChimp that offer a free service or plan. You can sign up for Mailchimp’s free program without giving your credit card data and send unlimited emails to recipients.

Why is SendX an excellent option to Mailchimp?

SendX is the most introductory platform for email marketing, rich in functionality and inexpensive in the industry. Built-in order to combine technology, marketing, and human connections to create the ultimate vessel for corporate owners to get there in the least time.

Why should I shift from Mailchimp to ConvertKit?

Shift from Mailchimp to ConvertKit if:
You are not planning to test email and automated email content.
2.You are a developer of online content
You sell goods
Before shifting to Convertkit, you should look at review and ratings of both the product to understand their service better.

Why should I switch from Mailchimp to Moosend?

Shift from Mailchimp to Moosend if:
You need a sophisticated automation manufacturer and service
A much cheaper email marketing option you are looking for
Fewer templates and fewer recipients

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  1. The overall experience has been great with Moonmail, it does what I need it to do. I like being organized and having software like this that can handle email marketing in a quick and easy way is great.

  2. The only reason I can’t stick with Moonmail is that Amazon’s SES policies keep banning me. It’s cheap, it has a bunch of integrations through zapier, and it requires a paid plan depending on your usage. It has nice features, but not much else.

  3. MailChimp has been my favorite for the longest time and never questioned anything until I recently saw the amount I was paying especially for having a business that grows with very little margins, paying over /month for emails is ridiculous Let’s see how this compares. I haven’t been through everything yet inside Moonmail, but I’m sure I’ll find a few like the fact that it tells me and then on no that’s for the yearly payment, which makes no sense.

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