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Ankit Prakash in Email Marketing

7 Email Marketing Services I will be Testing this Year

Last year I invested most of my time learning Analytics and Social Media the right way. Now focused to learn more about email marketing, no doubt that there is a tremendous amount of work involve in creating and sending email campaigns, ensuring that the campaign is deployed in the best way to get ROI.


How about smart ways to go with managing email campaigns? With the influx of email marketing services, this year I have plans to test these email marketing tools:

Aweber: Let’s have the oldest email marketing services provider first, Aweber is the original autoresponder from last decade, now having more than 100,000+ customers through out the world. Aweber has famous $1 account activation for easy customer on-boarding. This year I am planning to give a try to Aweber.

MailChimp: It’s not surprising to know that MailChimp is one of the most popular and widely used Marketing and Promotion web apps. Not just great features, with its free API, users can integrate with popular third party services like Google Contacts, PayPal, Twitter, WordPress, Wufoo and many more. I am already having my hands-on with Mailchimp for last 2 years.

Campayn: With its free account sign-up, Campayn is another email marketing app which I will be trying this year. The free account which gives access to send 20,000 emails to 2,000 contacts per month is impressive. Campayn specializes more on organizing Email Newsletter Campaigns to send updates to all kind of email subscribers.

iContact: It’s 99% delivery rate sets it apart from its competition and it has emerged as the best tool to engage, educate, and retain your valued customers with effective email marketing campaigns. Perfect your online marketing strategy with advice from the experts, and leverage the email marketing technique to drive advertisements to potential customers. iContact also has official app for iPhone or iPad which lets you manage, send and track emails and clicked reports.

Vertical Response: Marketing your business online, especially using email marketing services should be easy, quick and effective. You must be able to build emails in minutes using helpful templates, and also find powerful yet simple stats to demonstrate ROI. That’s exactly what the Vertical Response email service does.

Constant Contact: Another oldest and most popular email marketing services company, Constant Contact has helped millions of companies reach their customers. The service also lets them collect, promote and track events, and also publish listings and promote promotions and offers on social media sites. This innovative service now helps you find new customers, drive repeat business, and generate referrals.

GetResponse: Another popular email marketing platform which is available as an app for iOs and Android users lets them create plain text emails and send them, preview html newsletter and view detailed reports of email campaigns (email open rate, bounce rate, click report, etc). Sounds pretty interesting?

So, lets’ see how I will be going ahead on managing the email marketing campaigns using the saas services. I will be completing my review for them within coming months. Let me know in comments below, if I have missed any of your favourite service?



Helen Cooper

Did you try Sendinblue and Moosend? I find them more easy to use and have good deliveries too. Sometime, I got banned from Aweber to send email to my list.

Ankit Prakash

Helen, didnot get chance to try Moosend. But, the website looks impressive. May be later I will tryout 🙂

Adrian Apan

Looking forward for your in-depth reviews. If you are still considering such services I would also recommend adding Campaign Monitor to the list. Some of my clients have been using it lately and I must say it’s quite a solid and comprehensive platform.

Ankit Prakash

Thats great to hear Adrian 🙂

Shari Hill

Know the tricks to manage email marketing campaigns smartly. Email marketing campaigns are one of the toughest jobs to pull of perfectly. You can make it easy though by using the easy-to-use email marketing tools like Aweber, MailChimp, Campayn, iContact, Vertical response, Get response and Constant Contact.


Shari, I personally think that Aweber could offer you a lot in an email kind of promotion. Even though this kind of marketing is not that easy, I really thought that it won’t just disappear because the idea of sharing your new product info and brand via this configuration is simply fantastic.

Lois Hill

I agree email marketing is a tedious job…the whole designing and then testing and then finally be able to send it to a whole lot of subscribers..then sieving the bad email id that bounced…analyzing the behavior of respondents.

I really liked the synopsis you presented on Aweber, aptly capturing its essence as a leader (having more than 100,000+ customers throughout the world) and the famous $1 account activation for easy customer onboarding. With attractive marketing, it surely is a worth try.
MailChimp, another immensely popular, that you’ve aptly highlighted, that is great with features, free API, and ability to integrate third party services

Ankit Prakash

Thanks for adding more information to this post Lois!

Simoni Ravi

Campayn looks quite attractive from this lot. Its got free account sign-up, and allows sending 20,000 emails to 2,000 contacts per month along with a 24/7 support. Isn’t that incredible? Its also got a whole lot of positive buzz around it. What are your thoughts?

Ankit Prakash

Yes Simoni, yes Campayan you is also a great email marketing tool available for marketers. You can give this a try.

William Miller

How satisfied are you from the template designs and promotional strategies of Email Marketing Services. You didn’t mention Convertkit..i am surprised. Google search result shows it right next to AWeber.

Ankit Prakash

Yes Miller, Convertkit is another good email marketing tool which I will be trying little later.

Barbara Bailey

The email marketing services have become quite popular nowadays.and a lot of creative work is involved in the whole process from creating the email campaigns, sending them, ensuring whether the campaign has been deployed so that the ROI can be achieved. The most popular email marketing services include GetResponse ( most popular), AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, Campaign, Constant Contact and Vertical Response.


Although I use Mailchimp which i have found useful but i think i will also try campaym out

Ankit Prakash

That’s great to here Kobo.


I would like to know how to craft content for effective e-mail marketing that will generate leads Ankit. I own a very simple website and would just like to reach my potential users so suggest me some inexpensive e-mail marketing techniques.

Ankit Prakash

Patrick, for the holistic marketing approach and send personalized emails. It will give you far better result.


Ankit, gone are the days when people would fall into the trap of spam e-mails and click any e-mail that popped up in their inbox. Customers nowadays do not budge or open any e-mail that they receive. If you want to reach out your potential customers it is important to not spam their inbox rather send e-mails that add some value and meaning.

Ankit Prakash

Yes Justin completely agree to you. Readers only want to open and read relevant emails.

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