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A Small Trick to Get 30% Plus Email Open Rate Easily

So, you have done a quite a number of email campaigns, but you are still worried why the open-rate is not as expected. Well, it does happen to many email marketers. You are not the only one. In this post, I will tell you a small trick that will get you to get more than 30% Email Open Rate.

Before I begin, let me tell you I did hear many fellow marketers say “Email Campaigns are jinxed. they just don’t work for me”. Honestly, they are not jinxed! Getting a successful email open rate is not impossible. We, marketers, send out emails to keep in touch with our subscribers and cater to their needs.

Let me ask you something. What is your normal email open rate? 20%? 30%? or maybe 40%? Looking at these figures, you might think they are insanely good, but you are missing on a huge fact: More than 50% of your customers are NOT opening the mail!

Get 30 Percent Plus Email Open Rate Easily

If the open rate is just 1 out of every two users, why do you need to put in so much effort? It is more like going to a bank, giving $10 in return of $5.

The Email Open Rate

Let me tell you a problem that I myself faced when doing email campaigns, most of the time:

81% of people out of 1870, didn’t open the email which you KNOW, did hurt my feelings.

How many did NOT open? Well, that might be similar to your number. That was a bad feeling. I knew I had missed out on something. My research and urge to do better with my emails, I finally discovered following simple trick.

What I did Next?

Here is what I did. I have summarized it step by step for you to follow-

  1. Take the SAME email you sent and CHANGE the subject line to something new. New doesn’t mean you change the whole meaning to it.
  2. Now the best part. Make a new list on your campaigner and add only those IDs that haven’t opened your earlier email.
  3. Now send this revamped sample to only this group.

Once I had sent out the emails, I was surprised by the result I got. Here is an overview of the result-

  1. Approximately 15% of more total opens so far, which is 30%+ more opens than when I did nothing.
  2. 1 minute of work = 232 more people read my email.

So here I was, a simple marketer thriving to learn new things, discovered an easy way to boost my email open rates.

Last Minute Advice

While my peers and fellow marketers were busy writing long proposals, I was busy tweaking my email campaign strategy. Till the time their proposals reached their clients’ tables, I was already talking to them!

So, if you think your email campaign did not perform the way it should have, try tweaking the subject line. The reason why I am focusing more on the subject line is that it is the first thing users see. That is the only chance I have to convince them to click on it and read it.

Here is another FACT CHECK:

If you are using third-party email lists or purchased email lists, you will never get results. All you will get is blacklisting of your email sending reputation. So, start building your own email list if you don’t have one. Implement practices like using web popup forms, asking for feedback, offering free valuable resources, and ofcourse, a double opt-in method to be sure that your subscribers really want to get your emails. Take a look at EasySendy Drip to start building healthy email lists and doing consent-based email marketing. With EasySendy Drip, you can do behavior-based and event-based email marketing, which means more targeted marketing. This trick alone will pull up your email engagement rates drastically.

Your 1-minute homework: If you’ve sent an email to your list sometime in the last 4 weeks, it is time to go back to your email marketing application, and re-send to the un-opened subscribers.

For the high open rate, other tricks can include sending a text-only version of the email, or, you can also check this post from EasySendy, which talks about 49 Reasons Why Your Emails Have Low Open Rate.

For any query, you can post your comments below. You can also contact me. I will be happy to help.

Ankit is a technology entrepreneur. Founder of Aritic & EasySendy. Ankit loves to analyse and write in-depth software, application reviews in his free time since 2009.


  1. Very useful! It is always so interesting to see how such little changes can have such a big impact on your marketing efforts.

  2. What are some of the best email marketing software available in the market? Does they guarantee 100% inbox rate and no spams? You have mentioned EasySendy drip is it a good tool and can it help me with my marketing campaigns?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Linkda, EasySendy Drip has all the mentioned features.

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