Amazon SES Review: AI-Powered Email Delivery Service

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It’s been a while since we took a detour from the way we were marketing our e-commerce products. We were relying on Search Engine Marketing to sell the products but now shifted to Real-time opt-in email campaigns, starting with around 1000 email subscribers each day and slowly scaling our systems to make the number almost 1 million opt-in email campaigns each day. Although the numbers look huge, the entire process demanded a lot of hard work from all of us. From capturing the optin email data from website to segmenting them and sending the emails to relevant groups- every bit of it was a backbreaking work at our end.


When we started off, we had lengthy discussions on the best and reliable way to reach out the mass via email campaigns. The talks would go on round the clock as we kept on exploring new options. We expanded our research to every possible horizon- from Google Feedburner automated emails, MailChimp, SendinBlue, GetResponse, Aweber and then extended our research to Transactional email service providers like Aritic Mail, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun and much more.

We were also actively searching for a one-stop solution and thus searched for “Best Email Campaign Software”, “Email Marketing Tools”, “Email Automation Tools“. To get better results we refined our search and came to know about SMTP Servers. Eager to find out more, we started learning more on SMTP servers and finally landed on websites, left contacts and now, here we are- their sales representatives are still following us religiously!

Start with Google Feedburner Automated Emails Updates:

No doubt the acquired product of Google serves quite well for newbies when it comes to sending regular updates to the opt-in newsletter subscribers. For this, you just need to verify and configure Google Feedburner correctly followed by putting a simple subscription box on a website. Next, everything is taken care by Feedburner itself, from Double Opt-in email list verification to sending updates to the opt-in subscribers as soon as the blog is updated with a new post.

feedburner limitations

However, in our case, we tried to tweak this email campaign to the next level by applying various themes to our WordPress RSS setup. Our aim here was to get the desired look and feel in the emails. After trying many options, we finally succeeded in doing so. It continued for the next few months- we kept on iterating with our themes. However, we started to realize the need of new requirements like easy email opt-in process for website users. With this need in hand, Google Feedburner was not enough as we were unable to add our list of subscribers to Google Feedburner Email List. Thus, we moved ahead to find a better solution.

Lack of Ease to add new subscribers to an email list and Limited Control over Email Updates made us look for a new solution.

Cost: Free

Using MailChimp to Send Email Campaigns:

Poised with the need of adding our subscriber list manually in email campaigns, we turned to Mailchimp- an easy to use email marketing automation solution. We configured MailChimp according to our needs to use it on a regular basis.


Very soon we crossed the limit of the minimum number of free opt-in subscribers at MailChimp and hence, shifted to a paid account. Having a paid account opened up various new features that we started applying in our email campaigns. Starting from using separate mail campaigns for the different list of subscribers, MailChimp also gave easy to use Email Campaign Editor, which I feel is the best in class for the marketers.

Growing need for Sending Email Campaigns to the new list of Subscribers made us search for new email marketing tools.

As days passed, our opt-in list of email subscribers kept on increasing by leaps and bounds, thereby increasing the number of emails being sent out. Consequently, MailChimp was becoming costly for us. Moreover, our marketing team started to feel restrictions with editors. At last, we put our foot down and decided to look for a new solution that will be feasible in every way.

Cost: $297 for 30,000 Subscribers a Month

Using Mailerlite to Cut Down Cost of Email Marketing Campaigns:

As we were on the hunt for the best workable solution, we chanced upon Mailerlite ( detail review of MailerLite ) , which came around to be 12 times cheaper Mailchimp alternative. Not just that, it had similar Email Editor for creating effective email marketing campaigns. For two months we used its paid subscription, but due to its limited point-based subscription, we had to stop using this email marketing solution.

Limitation on adding New Subscribers and removing old one, made us search for in-house email marketing setup.

Cost: $297 for 30,000 Subscribers a Year.

An Experience with Interspire Email Marketer Software:

Interspire is the last email marketing tool which we tried on a shared SMTP server through a local reseller. Although everything was fine, after few campaigns we found, that all the Gmail emails are landing in spam. On further analysis, we concluded that this was an issue with email reseller. On further research on the internet, we got the same response from everywhere, pointing to the reseller and the IP address.

Interspire Email Marketer Suite is a complete solution for Email Marketer if you can afford to set up and maintain own SMTP Server.

After going through this bad experience, we thought of buying the Interspire Email Marketer suite and deploy it on our SMTP server. This made us understand many in-depth facts regarding setting up our SMTP server. We needed to afford a VPS Server along with IP addresses and installation of PowerMTA, with DMARC, ADSP, EHLO to send about 1,500,000 emails per month. New terms also popped into our analysis, like IP rotation and IP warm up.

Cost: $45 for 100,000 emails.

Experience with Sendy over Amazon SES – Simple Email Service:

It’s been almost four months now we are using Amazon SES, and we didn’t face the need of making a shift. This made me sit down and write about our experiences in the last eight months. To be honest, this email marketing solution that we are using at present is an ideal solution, and frankly, I knew about it all along the past one and half year. Yes, I am talking about the PHP software Sendy, which can be configured with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to send out emails in bulk.

Although I knew about this software, I never actually gave it a try. The reason for this was, I always had a perception that Amazon SES emails will straight land in the spam folder. I had read somewhere- Since Amazon SES is not pricey at all, a lot of spammers are using it for sending spam email campaigns. I am sure by now you have figured out what kind of emails I am talking about here!!


Two months back, I decide to take the plunge bought Sendy License from their website, installed it on my favorite DigitalOcean SSD Cloud Server in about 20 minutes’ time.

Followed by successful installation of Sendy on $10 Cloud Server, I followed Sendy Get Started Guide to setup, SPF and DKIM records for the domain name. Here I faced an issue with DigitalOcean DNS service; I was not able to verify DKIM, that’s why I shifted the DNS Service to Cloudflare.

Installation of Sendy is quite easy.

After completing DKIM verification of domain name, I went ahead to set up, bounce and complaint handling setup with Amazon SNS, followed by configuring the Sendy PHP files in Amazon SES Domain Notification Settings.

  • Order your copy of Sendy from this link. [ Affiliate link ]
  • Get an SSD Server at Digital Ocean from here at the cheapest price. [ Affiliate link ]

Cost: $10 for 100,000 E-mails and $10 for Server per month.

You can find step by step Sendy Setup information on DigitalOcean here. Once you order Sendy Online you will receive a license and Official Get Started Guide in the email.

Finally, we were allowed to send 140 emails per second, and we were successful in sending a Million mail in about 8-9 Hours.


Cost: $100 for 1,000,000 E-mails and $20 for Server per month.

Cons: Need very high technical setup knowledge.

Update: Yes, we worked a lot in technology to upgrade them to send emails at such high speed. Now after 3 months we have shifted our setup to our EasySendy, which provides Sendy Installation and Hosting. What we liked most about EasySendy is that it helped us to setup Sendy with a single click and then afterward their support team took care of everything.

GDPR and CCPA updateAmazon SES is a part of AWS, and as per their website, AWS is compliant with GDPR and CCPA. Additionally,  AWS has ensured that it will provide all the required resources and platforms to their customers to help them comply with GDPR and CCPA.

Sending More than 1 Million Opt-in Emails with High Speed:

When we started using Sendy with Amazon SES, we were given production access and then a daily limit of 25,000 emails per day. Now with increasing need of sending email campaigns to a big list of double opt-in email subscribers, we requested AWS to increase the daily limits along with increasing limit on emails sent per second, which was initially ten emails per second.

This New Year and Christmas festive season we got a request to send mass mail to a list of more than 1 Million opt-in subscribers. We accepted the challenge and took changes required accordingly. First, we got confirmation from Amazon SES team that they have increased our daily quota, followed by upgrading our account from Sendy Hosting to our EasySendy application which supports Amazon SES integration and higher email sending speed with large email subscriber list holding capacity. We signed up for EasySendy Drip plan for our email marketing campaigns.

multiple email delivery servers

With multiple email delivery servers, we got an ability to split test email deliveries across the relay servers and check reports, track email clicks, opens of each email campaign. EasySendy Drip also has a smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on subscriber interactions, among other amazing features.

email server providers easysendy

Delivering email through multiple servers improved our email inbox delivery and enhanced email open rate, which finally resulted in improved ROI on email marketing. Some of the other features which we also used:

  • Web forms for email capture
  • Custom subscriber pages
  • Email template editor
  • Custom fields, tags, and filters
  • Tracking domain setup
  • Auto bounce and complaint handling setup
  • RSS/JSON feed emails
  • API, Google Analytics, and WordPress integration

During setup with EasySendy Drip, we did a proper setup of SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on our sending domain name. Apart from this we also added our sending domain name to Google Postmasters, having all these setups correctly along with valid tracking domain name setup, our email open rate further improved.

Cost: EasySendy Drip pricing plan depends on the total number of opt-in email subscribers. All paid plans have unlimited email sending feature. Pricing starts at $9/month for 3,000 subscribers. It is free up to 1,000 subscribers. 


EasySendy Drip plan for advanced drip email marketing

EasySendy Drip plan that aims at improving your overall email marketing experience. It is free up to 1,000 subscribers.

We also wanted to build a clean email list. The Drip plan has a host of popup form templates (250+ almost) which can be embedded anywhere on the website. These forms (on exit, on scroll, reCaptcha forms, inline forms) are a good starting point to get subscribers. You can customize them as per your business needs, brand color palette, and make it relevant to your business proposition. These forms also have the option to add social subscription buttons to speed up the subscription process for your website visitors. Also, these forms capture new email subscribers and automatically update the contact database. So, it becomes really easy to start with the nurturing campaigns right away.

easysendy Grow Subscribers with Web Popup Forms

We were not just sending loads of emails, we were sending behavior-based and event-based emails on EasySendy Drip. We created a simple two-three series of email sequences that were highly targeted. With behavior-based segmentation and event-based email campaign triggers, our drip campaigns were hyper-targeted which gave us more engagement rates. Add to this, since third-party email lists and cold emailing are not supported, our email sending reputation was safe.

We liked the ease of use when it comes to the email campaign builder on EasySendy Drip. It is simple and flexible. It is a drag and drop editor that comes with a host of actions, decisions, and conditional triggers. You can add subscriber scores, use advanced email filters and tags, include autoresponders within your campaign, and create relevant email drip series. We have been running drip series for some time now. The flexibility of modifying or updating the campaign while its live has helped us improve our email campaign performances.

easysendy drip-automation-flow

When it comes to choosing email delivery servers, we recommended Aritic Mail and Amazon SES primarily.

In conclusion, we can say: Amazon SES is all about email delivery. EasySendy Drip incorporates the delivery part of Amazon SES along with advanced email marketing features. Hence, we had the best of both in EasySendy Drip. 🙂

PS: We will keep updating this blog with our experiences regularly.

Update: EasySendy team always recommends to send consent and permission-based emails to the opt-in list of email subscribers. EasySendy platform complies with the GDPR and CCPA law for European customers, citizens, and subscribers. You can find complete detail on GDPR and CCPA compliance here.

Safe Email Marketing Tips:

Until now our experience with Amazon SES is excellent and one thing I must mention is that Amazon is very serious about the use of Simple Email Service. During the first week, our account was put on probation, and we needed to clarify everything like the business, why our customers have opted for email and how we are handling the subscription and un-subscription of emails. Every bit was specified and laid down clearly. Finally, they cooperated with us to give us complete access again.

Here are some points you should always keep in mind while using Amazon SES Service:

  • Always keep watch on Bounce Rate.
  • Don’t try to send any e-mail advertisements.
  • Getting Email Marked as Spam, is quite dangerous, keep watch.
  • Configure proper SPF, DKIM, DMARC records to your sending domain name.
  • Add your Sending domain name to Google Postmasters and Microsoft SNDS.
  • Add your own tracking domain name that will appear on links in the email template.
  • To increase the deliverability of email don’t use spam sensitive words and/or lot of symbols.
  • Always maintain text to image and text to link ratio.
  • Avoid using external links in the e-mail campaign.

I will discuss more on how to avoid emails marked as spam and increase the deliverability of emails in the mailbox, in coming posts.

If you need help on installation or have any question feel free to leave the feedback below.

Update: Until now we have received 49% Open Rate and is increasing slowly with time.

What is Amazon SES?

Amazon SES(simple email service) is a cloud based email service for sending and receiving emails. It is a cost-effective way where one doesn’t need third party email solutions.

How much does Amazon SES cost to serve so many emails?

With Amazon SES you pay as you use. There is no minimum or maximum limit you are charged as you use the services.

How is it better than MailChimp and MailerLite?

The concept of Amazon SES is a bit different from the email marketing platforms. Amazon SES is just used for sending and receiving emails while Mailchimp and Mailerlite help you create campaigns and send bulk emails.

How good is Easy sendy drip for sending out several emails?

EasySendy drip is a great option for sending out several emails at affordable rates. Sending out emails with this tool is super easy where you can create behavior based campaigns.

How do good email services help with improving bounce rate?

Good email services always ensure that your emails have 99% deliverability and they do not end up in spam folders or get blacklisted by the servers.

Ankit Prakash

Ankit Prakash

Ankit is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and founder of Aritic and EasySendy. With over 10 years of experience building product-led B2B SaaS companies, he is focused on ambitious goals and bringing innovative platforms to market. As a Principal Founder, Ankit leads product, engineering, marketing, and strategic partnerships for Aritic's suite of sales and marketing automation tools. He has grown the brand to over $120M valuation and $8M+ in revenue since 2015. Ankit is passionate about analyzing and reviewing software to provide readers with authoritative, in-depth insights. His articles cover martech, SaaS, entrepreneurship, and other technologies based on his hands-on expertise. He stays on top of industry trends and best practices in product marketing, performance marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. His work has been featured in leading publications including G2Crowd, Scoop.It, Brandvertisor, Martech Advisor, Smart Insights, and more. Driven by a dedication to shaping the future of B2B SaaS, Ankit enjoys translating his experiences building, marketing, and scaling companies into actionable thought leadership.

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  1. One more option: AuthMailer ( has a plan called “AuthMailer Large”, which costs 12.49 USD/month and it includes 100000 email per mo. I’m using it currently and so far it works great.

    • That’s awesome Jack, let me check this.
      I’m coming across this for the first time. So, can configure this AuthMailer with Sendy or any other E-mail marketing software?
      Thanks for sharing it 🙂

      • Please share me your contact no.

      • Hi ankit i want ti do email makreting as my business platform is based on email marketing many companies had eaten around 20.000rs and all my emails are landing in spam
        I have less time for marketing there cannot take Pains to do opt in list i just people to reply my emails and i follow from there .Please ny targes is 2000emails per day

        • Rinku, unfortunately, Email marketing never works on non-opt-in email list. So, please don’t waste time and money on sending emails to non-opt-in emails. You will never get any return or reply.

  2. Ankit, can you create auto-responder thru sendy? Great article.

  3. Hi Ankit,

    I read your post and I thought it was an amazing piece on how to reduce you cost with email marketing.

    With that said. I have a few question which I hope you could help me settle.

    I recently bought Email Marketer from Interspire. It a great piece of software. At this time, we recently
    Installed this piece of software in a subdomain which by the way.. its already hosted with amazonaws.
    In addition, since we already host our site with amazon aws, for testing purposes we got amazon ses

    Our target will be to try to send out 1 email per day to our customer base of 100,000 subscribers.

    So 100,000 per day * 30 Days = ~ 3,000,000 emails Per Month.

    Since, We’re trying to make the transition to switch to a Self-Hosted Autoresponder solution.

    I think Email Marketer w/ amazon ses will be our best bet.

    So now, The Big question. In your post, you mention additional installation for the following services
    “PowerMTA, with DMARC, ADSP, EHLO” in other to send out “1,500,000 emails per month”.

    Could you go a little bit in depth regarding why you need those additional services?

    In my case, Our domain has a 20 yr registar, and it has a good reputation. Do you think we would need to set up the additional
    Services you mention. Can we just request Amazon ses to just give us access to 100,000 emails per day.

    I just started this process a couple of days ago! So far in our test we have a good delivery rate. Do you think we need cloud hosting and all of the other
    Services you mention to handle 3,000,000 emails Per Month ?

    Thank you for your wonderful piece of content.

    • Hello Juan,

      Thanks for the compliments. Hope my detailed post helped you.

      Now coming to your question:

      So now, The Big question. In your post, you mention additional installation for the following services
      “PowerMTA, with DMARC, ADSP, EHLO” in other to send out “1,500,000 emails per month”.

      “PowerMTA, with DMARC, ADSP, EHLO” are required when you want to setup your own SMTP server. But in your case, you are already using Amazon SES, which takes care of all these. So, you need not to worry about anything like these. But, dont forge to verify DMIK and SPF records on your domian name.

      Regarding email limits, first start sending emails to the users with small limit at Amazon SES then gradually ask them for increasing the limit, they would be happy to help you out.

      Hope these answer would help you in making decision.

      Let me know if you have more doubt.

  4. hey,
    Thanks Ankit for posting a detailed review.

    Actually I want to use amazon ses for marketing mails but it seems rather difficult(50k+/day).

    So I was looking if you or do you know anyone who sells amazon ses accounts?

    Thank you

  5. Need capability send million newsletters for clients via our Amazon AWS EC2 SES account with
    Please indicate your fee to assist. May share resources.

  6. Pretty cool article. We currently use interspire. We will try out your recommendations concurrently and test the effect. I will give feedback here.

    • Thanks for reply David.
      Yes overtime, I have seen many people testing Sendy with Interspire side by side. And some of them have started to shifting to Sendy too. Along with Sendy you can use GetDrip, which is great drip marketing automation tool.

  7. Elasticemail is also a good alternative with competitive pricing, if you have good reputation in sending mails, you will get good discount options on mass email marketing with dedicated SMTP.

    • I have check Elasticemail, upon your recommendation. It looks interesting, prices are good option for good reputed email senders.

  8. do you know which is the mechanism in which Sendy knows when an email bounces or is marked as spam ?

    very good article , thanks!

    • Hey Miguel,

      Sendy uses Amazon SNS notification service which integrates with Amazon Api to provide bounce and spam notification into your Sendy dashboard. So, you need to configure Amazon SES with SNS and then allow Amazon api through IAM to communicate with Sendy.

      Hope, this comment will help you. 🙂

  9. Hi Ankit,

    Can you please help to understand, how did you installed sendy at your favroite Ocean Digital SSD cloud server? Here you said, it took 10 Min. time, and in other post you said it took 2 Months?

    Anywany, can you please help how we can install sendy at SSD server, I have bought licenced sendy and Ocean Digital Droplet, now not able to understand, how can I go further?

    Appreciate your help in this.


  10. “I always had a perception that Amazon SES emails will straight land in the spam folder.” Now that you have some experience, can you comment on the reality? My coworkers are reluctant to try SES because of this perception and I can’t seem to find any actual data anywhere to confirm or deny that this is true.

  11. hi ankit,

    nice post. but what happens if we run our website on .net & mssql on windows server. what do we use then ?

    • You can map Sendy to host on subdomain and then use LAMP / LEMP server. Its quite simple, or, you can service from EasySendy.

  12. I notice you are using SumoMe on this site. Is it possible to connect Sendy to SumoMe for email gathering? If so, how hard is it?

    • Hello Doug,

      Regarding this, I have written an email to SumoMe team, hopefully, they will come with some solution.
      Other solution can be using Pro subscription of SumoMe and adding Sendy form HTML code to it. This should work.

  13. I have a list of about 25,000 that I send to 2-4 times per month. Can I use Sendy on my shared hosting account or do I really need separate cloud based hosting?

    • Matt, as far as I know, some shared hosting providers do not support sending emails through external SMTP servers, like Amazon SES / Mandrill. You may get Sendy installed properly on your shared server setup, but they will block you from using external SMTP. So, the most preferred is to use cloud based hosting which can also provide you dedicated ip.

  14. Greetings Ankit!

    I love your article! Very informative.

    I have a double-opt-in email list of people who are interested in my products that I would like to finally start marketing to. As I am fairly new to this, I would like to follow your advice/directions that you lay out in your article.

    I have done a bit of research and would like to use some software that I found from Yetesoft called 1and1 Mail. It has several features (i.e. automatic IP switcher, content spin, random time lags between sending, and other things to mimic a human sending out emails) that I feel will allow me to bypass the SPAM folders and land my emails into their inboxes, where they belong.

    My question is: Will Sendy and the other things you suggest work with this software? If so, what are your recommendations? How would I integrate everything?

    Thanks so much for the great article!!!!

    • Hey Robert,

      Thanks for the comment.
      Do check our new service EasySendy Pro service, it has many features which are great to use as Mailchimp replacement.

  15. Amazon SES is really bad in terms of deliveribility! Gmail sends all of my emails from SES to their SPAM folkder! I recently moved this list from aweber to sendy after reading this.

    I will try Mandrill as they deliver better, although slower.

    Again, sendy doesn’t have all those important list migration and automation features. My list is about 10K. I think I will reconsider AWeber.

    What do you think?


    • Configuring SMTP relay with Sendy on server requires quite of technical skill and when everything is correct, emails donot land up in spam. With any email to land in inbox, your technical setup should be correct and upto mark, along with this, your domain name and email content play very important role.
      If you suspect that Gmail is marking you emails sent through Amazon SES as spam, then you can test, sending emails through Mandrill replay. Also, not getting email inside inbox, is quite personalized experience, it may be possible for you emails are landing in spam but, for others your email may not land in spam.

      Hope, these points will help in making right decision.


  16. What would be the best way to send 25000 emails to 25000 contacts (one time only) and not have everything going into the spam box?


  17. Sir,
    Your website is very useful to me as our company is planning to send between 500K and 1 million to advertise our brand globally. Thanks for all the info in your website. Actually, I have already found that AmazonSES is the best for bigger email marketing requirements. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks very much.

  18. Thank you for your great article Ankit.

    I am newbie to email marketing.
    I have a question, when you build the server is it works for only one domain or could work on multi domains ?

    Thank you

  19. Thanks so much for this. I’ll give it a trial. God bless you. Amen!

  20. Great post but I’m afraid it all seems fluff, a concocted story because your domain is registered just end of last year
    Created on 2014-12-18

    and how can you send 1 million emails to your subscribers? How did your get massive subscribers in little time seems practical impossible.

    BTW in the end of post the way you projected that you liked service that’s great but I’m afraid you forgot to make a disclosure that is your own domain, isn’t?

    Anyways it was overall good attempt.

    • Hello Robbin,

      This email campaign was organized for my e-commerce marketing company; not for Sprout24!
      Now on Amazon we have 3000 email / second and 50000000 emails per 24 hour period capacity.
      Did you check the intro of the Author who wrote this post? Yes, Easysendy is our service only.

  21. Hello sir, I’m not a techie and so not able to understand all that configuration part. I just want to know if we hire someone to do all that setup part, can we able to send emails as easy as with mailchimp right from our web browser?

    • Hey Srinivas,

      Yes, you are absolutely right, this is little technical.
      Apart from our Sendy hosting service, we have launched our new application called EasySendy Pro, this reduces all technical issues and you can easily connect it with multiple SMTP relays like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun to deliver large email campaigns.

  22. I want to setup a email service provider site and i want to be sending 1 million email per day with 15 new ip rotation will it affect my site deliverability

    • Hey Willy,
      Why not use cloud SMTP relay services from Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail or MailGun. They are much more reliable and great email deliveries.
      Setting up own SMTP relays have own set of challenges.

  23. How did you get HHVM working with SENDY? I get this error in my HHVM logs at installation nCatchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to mysqli_num_rows() must be an instance of mysqli_result, bool given in /var/www/sendy/public/includes/update.php on line 7

    • Hey Ross,

      Now Sendy supports PHP7, so its better to use it with new configuration. Its way too fast.
      We struggled through old setup with HHVM, so, stopped using that configuration.

  24. HI Ankit Prakash
    Please help me with amazon ses charges, I just got 50,000 daily quota, does this mean I’ll be paying for 1,500,000 emails(50,000 *30) a month or what?
    Or is it going to be 50,000 daily and then I still pay 5$ a month? I’m stuck on the pricing

    • Hey Max, Amazon SES charge according to the number of emails sent through their email relay gateway in a particular month.
      So,if you are sending 50,000 emails only in a month, then, you will be charged $5 only for that month.

  25. I wsnt to use your services. I need to be sending about 6 million mails per week.

    • Hey Tunde,

      Apart from our Sendy hosting service, we have launched our new application called EasySendy Pro, this reduces all technical issues and you can easily connect it with multiple SMTP relays like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun to deliver large email campaigns.
      EasySendy Pro effectively support sending 6 million mails per week. You can give this tool a spin.

  26. Hi, I’m interest to host Sendy with DigitalOcean, but I worried about the security, since I don’t really know about the server things.

    Con yougive me some info about server security?

    • Hey Sandy,
      We are providing hosted Sendy service at; this also has server security included. So, you will not have to worry about any server security issues.

  27. hi,

    I am using sendy for a month now and have sent 2,3 large email campaign.

    everything in sendy is Good or I must say Best. but I am facing a very slow sending rate and there is no support from sendy to debug this issue. my SES has 50 email per second limit but with sendy i only get 15 to 19 email per second.

    • Hello Madi,

      Sorry to hear about this issue with Sendy. Yes, at EasySendy Sendy Hosting, we faced the same issue. So, our plans only limit upto 15 emails per second. A a hosting service provider we can’t modify the code of Sendy.
      So, in order to resolve these issue happening with Sendy, we recently launched complete separate platform, called EasySendy Pro. Which has following lead features:

      One click register and launch the application online
      No need of any license
      Add your own domain name as tracking domain
      Deep email list segmentation feature
      Email sending speed support upto 120 emails per second
      Add multiple SMTP relay servers, Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun
      Smart autoresponder
      Auto bounce and complaint handling setup, RSS/JSON feed emails, Google Analytics and WordPress integration

  28. hi Ankit

    we have gathered email data from friends and family and comapnies who have their own list . all together we have 2 million emails ids, we plan to send them a mail per month . would like to know whats the total cost as the link mentions 100 k plus

    • Hello Tony,
      For sending 2 million emails, Amazon SES will charge $200 but make sure the emails should optin and they have subscribed to receive your email updates.

  29. I have a couple of questions regarding your service easysendy. First off people use Sendy so you don’t have to pay for for each subscribers.

    I want to also know if i can setup multiple SMTP Relays. When one Relay gets deactivated does a backup relay fire up and start running? We cannot have down time.

    Will you guys setup everything. All i have to do is sign up for SES and SNS and you guys configure everything for optimum deliverability rate for inboxing?

    • Hello Jacob,

      Thanks for your interest in EasySendy service.
      Currently EasySendy Sendy hosting service only hosts and maintains your Sendy instance on your behalf. And Sendy supports only Amazon SES SMTP relay.
      But, we have another online application called EasySendy Pro, which connects with Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Elasticemail and MailGun SMTP relays and deliver outgoing emails.

  30. Hie

    I want to send about 100000 emails per day,which mailing server you recommend and smtp so i dont get blocked as spam

  31. Hi !
    Thanks for this great review!
    In sendy, we have to duplicate “Plain Text” and “HTML” to send email….so it is GMAIL, yahoo, etc who choose “Plain text” first (over HTML)?

    Thanks !

  32. Can any body set up this email marketing setup

  33. Hi,

    I have an ecommerce website on cloud hosting. I want to send 100 K emails per day but currenlty I have 50 k quota of sending emails from amazon. I want to send bulk promotional emails for my website. How can I do it ? What all things are required and what will be the cost?

    • You can use online application like EasySendy Pro with Amazon SES integration to deliver emails at $1 for 10000 emails. This can be one of the suitable solution for your ecommerce service.

  34. Hey Ankit Prakash,
    I am trying to get Amazon SES account but i can’t they rejected my every time . I don’t know why . Can you help me out the increase the sending limit ??


    • Hey Firoz,
      The email / domain name which you added in your SES account has good email sending reputation previously? If they don’t have; then Amazon SES will decline your account.

  35. The problem is Amazon put limit to new SES account. Why they do that?
    When I told them that I want to use for my email marketing purpose they rejected it!
    What else should I say? What is the proper answer so they lift the sending limit?

    • Hey Dzulhelmi, not only Amazon SES but other SMTP relay providers too put limit on sending emails. This is done to prevent any kind of missue by email spammers.
      To Amazon SES you should give complete proof about your email list from you got and how you are planning to send email campaigns.

  36. Have a question..
    My amazon ses account got banned…you have any plan for me so that i can use easy sendy pro through amazon ses again..

  37. Hello Ankit!
    Great article. I wanted to ask that I am using sendy for my emailers but it goes in promotions most of the time. I dont understand why. I have been researching on that but not able to get the proper solution, whether its the content or some sql query i need to push on sendu unsubscribtion tag

    • Hey Vartika, since the emails are sent in batch and they have campaign related details in each of your email header; so they land in Promotions folder.
      There is good chance you make your email land in primary folder; if your email has text based conversation. Gmail is pretty smart at filtering email templates, so, my suggestion would be to follow the guidelines.

  38. Don’t use sendy its totally fail after some time and when u write for support no response.

    • Hey Sandeep, Sendy has forum available where you can start discussion. Community members would love to help you out.

  39. Hi Ankit,

    I am using sendy for my email marketing campaigns. Have few queries –

    1) how to add unsubscribe link in header for marketing emails in sendy?

    2) shall we use same domain for sending marketing emails as well as transaction emails?

    my few mails are going to spam, few going to promotions as people are opening them, clicking , unsubscribing and also making them spam.

    Now even my transaction emails are going to spam.

    What needs to be done for a successful campaign?

  40. Hey Ankit,

    I am starting a new campaign for a Facebook Ads course to teach local business owners Facebook Ads. I am currently scraping emails from the internet of business owners and want to inform them of this opportunity. I saw before it looks like you said email marketing doesn’t work for “non-opt-in list”?

    So, you don’t think if I send 50K emails to 50K different agencies, they won’t be interested in learning more and opting in to a list that will teach them facebook ads?

    • Ryan, great to hear about your new business 🙂
      The problem with non opt-in emails is that, usually they are not clean which result in high bounce rate, also if businesses are not interested in your offer, then they may mark your emails as spam – result in hampering your email sending reputation.
      Moreover, in some countries there may be an issue with can-spam compliance. So, its better to avoid these practices and do as less as possible.
      Finally, looking at the roi of email marketing, opt-in emails perform the best.

  41. Is it just me or anyone else that got an impression midway that he owns a service . So Easy Sendy is a SaaS service which operates on top of sendy which operates on top of other transactional email service providers . Does using a transactional email provider for marketing emails effect deliverability?

    • Yes, EasySendy Pro operates on top on transnational SMTP relays which also manage email list and email campaign.

  42. Hello, Ankit. This is a very valuable post with some great information! Even though the original post is over a year old, people continue to ask great questions.

    I have one for you!

    I’m deeply familiar with Interspire Email Marketer. It’s fantastic! I’ve yet to see any solution with as many powerful tools and options. But, as you clearly point out, the reputation of the SMTP server is a lot to maintain on your own.

    I wonder what your thought would be regarding using the Amazon SES service’s SMTP ability to do the sending from Interspire Email Marketer, which allows you to designate external SMTP servers.

    The only catch I can think of is that IEM does not have the direct support for handling bounces through SES because of the way they handle the bounce. However, I think if you set the “reply to” address to a regular IMAP mailbox, the bounces will land there instead of bouncing back to Amazon. IEM can then scan the IMAP mailbox for bounces and unsubscribe accordingly.

    Would you agree with this strategy? What are your thoughts?

    • Hey Michael,

      You you are absolutely right about built-in integration issue with Amazon SES and IEM. Apart from that, here are few more points where other application take lead way ahead than IEM:

      1. Parallel-Processing and system performance. Application like EasySendy Pro works like a champ. Using Amazon SES with this tool can give you 4x to 12x speed than IEM.

      2. Lots of Modern Bells & Whistles. Built-in inlining for HTML messages, minifying, a modern WYSIWYG editor, etc. The WYSIWYG that IEM uses is actually an updated version of one they’ve been using since at least 2005. EasySendy Pro feels contemporary.

      3. Better reporting. More reports, more details, and more granular information that you need to know if you’re sending. IEM does reasonably well with high-level info about your campaigns, opens, clicks, unsubs, etc – but EasySendy Pro takes reporting a lot further, and gives you a much better overall picture of performance, especially at the system level.

      Also, tools like Pro has integration available with other SMTP relays like Mandrill, SendGrid, Sparkpost, Leadersend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail and MailerQ which IEM lacks.

      Michael, I hope these detail will further help you in taking right decision.

  43. Hi, thanks for nice article, I decided I will support you by buying Sendy 🙂

  44. Hi Ankit This is ken i like to know for what are the reason that amazon is neglecting my ses request can you please tell me the reason and is there any trick to get SES account

    • Hello Ken,

      As far as I know there is no trick to get Aamazon SES account. They are quite sensitive about account selection and allowing business to send email through the SMTP relay. If they are not approving your production access; then I would say, do ask them about these issues directly.

  45. Hi, do you provide subscription service?

  46. Hi Ankit the issue we are facing is newsletter are going to spam folder and links were not not working if you can please check what is the issue with template. Please provide me solution so that we can get more open rates.

  47. Hello Ankit
    I have to send 1Million emails a day.How much it will cost .

  48. Easysendy is a cool app for do it yourself.
    But if you need a marketing automation platform you should use such as,,
    This is to name a few. Or

  49. It seems that using Sendy is a bit expensive, as I have to pay for sending emails and also for a server. It seems complicated to me. Whereas, service providers like gives these services at a lower price and does not need a personal server.

    • Mike, you can decide this on the volume of email which you need to send from the system; accordingly, you can optimize the cost.

  50. EasySendy Pro is a simple, cost-effective and flexible tool. It allows you to communicate with any audience. E-mail has almost three times the number of users of Facebook and Twitter together.

  51. Hey Ankit,
    great interactive and informative threads here.
    Thank You for taking out time to reply all
    God Bless.
    I want to ask what about if we (as agency) have many clients and would need to send emails from different domains (from each client’s domain). What is the best platform and straight forward way to do it, assuming that the requirement may range from few thousand to say a million mails a day.

    Thanks again

    thanks again

    • Hey Tariq,

      For multiple different domains you can start using EasySendy Pro as it can manage all of your multiple domain campaigns from one place. Further you can use any of the SMTP relays from Amazon SES, SendGrid, SparkPost and more.

  52. Hi Ankit, I have several question.
    1. easysendy is SMTP service or just email software?
    2. Do I need to buy another service like (sendgrid) to deliver my email?
    3. Do I need to buy Sendy software?

    Fyi, currently I’m using arpreach+sendgrid, and wanted to switch the for the broadcast message purpose.


    • Hey Kristine,

      Let me help you with answers:
      1. easysendy is SMTP service or just email software?
      Answer: EasySendy doesnot have SMTP service; it’s a ready to use online app; which you can signup, start using it and connect it with SMTP relay services like, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun and so on to send out email campaigns.

      2. Do I need to buy another service like (sendgrid) to deliver my email?
      Answer: Yes.

      3. Do I need to buy Sendy software?
      Answer: No; EasySendy Pro is completely different than Sendy.

      Hope, these answers will help you in taking right decision.


  53. Hi, Ankit
    1)Pls tell me – is EasySendy Pro have API?
    Actually you mentioned as “Yes” (after the sentence: Other features which we also used) , but I called to skype to your managers and can hardly hear because of bad connection, as far as I understood your EasySendy Pro doesn’t have any API
    2) We want to use it ofr drip compaign, can be EasySendy Pro used for that? you mentioned that you have smart autoresponders, but what exactly you implied under this?
    3) do you have cases for mass campaigns and it’s results for sales? pls share

    • Hello Andrey,

      Here are the answers:
      1)Pls tell me – is EasySendy Pro have API?
      Answer: Yes EasySendy Pro has API- Have a look through this link:
      Pro has email list management and campaign creation API.

      2) We want to use it ofr drip compaign, can be EasySendy Pro used for that?
      Answer: Using Pro you can setup time based email autoresponders. Currently other than time; other triggers are not available for email campaigns.

      3) do you have cases for mass campaigns and it’s results for sales?
      Answer: Email campaign results largely depends on your email sending practices, delivery servers used, email content and email sending reputation. Depending on these, various industries and customers get email open rate from mere 1% to 80%+. From our end we can suggest you to use delivery servers like SendGrid, MailGun for best results.

      • Thank you!
        About 3rd question – do you have cases with thorough description of your email campaign from scratch (not saying about technology and servers and etc), I mean about content, clicks and business indicators

  54. Why not sending the emails directly from digital ocean ? thanks!

    • This is not being done like this because; the server ( DigitalOcean ) IP has not been warmed up for sending emails. So, the mailbox providers take time to accept the incoming mails from these new IPs.

  55. Reply
    Robert Fairbrother March 15, 2017 at 7:48 PM

    Hi Ankit,

    Your sharing this is appreciated.

    I am curious why would you choose SES instead having your own dedicated server with some PHP (and setting up IP rotation, DKIM, SPF, DMARC on it)? Are there any benefits on SES?


    • Hey Robert,
      Here we go, we prefer to use Amazon SES, because they maintain IP Pool and rotate them in order to deliver emails with high email delivery inside the end subscriber mailbox.
      Now own dedicated server, we need to take care for IP addresses a lot; and maintenance of this over time becomes costly.
      I hope, now you understand this.


  56. I manage a list of 250k, sending over 5million emails a month with simple cloud servers and normal SMTP software (mail enable) and HAVE NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. I’ve been digging and digging around the webz for a HOSTED service, that manages their own IP Pool, that warm the IPs up, where I can set my email templates up and forget it. There is much more to my job than email marketing management, but it’s become a full time job (and i’m pretty sure my deliverability rate is abysmal at best).

    Thank you very much for this article. EasySendy totally looks like the solution I’ve been waiting for. I was just about to spend $6000 on bulk SMTP software called Green Arrow (but I would still have to host it on my IPs).

    With a company like EasySendy, would you recommend using a subdomain or just getting a new domain altogether (I already have domain keys, SPF, etc setup…)


    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks for the compliments and great to hear that you liked EasySendy Pro so much.
      Steve, first you should check that your main domain should not be blacklisted here: then, you can use existing sub-domain; which is more suggested compared to using completely new domain.
      Hope, my answer helps.

  57. Can you use share sell list and paid for list with Amazon SES and Easy Sendy Pro?

  58. Thanks Ankit for this great post. You mention MS SNDS, but they require you have access to the IP. If you are using Amazon SES (even with dedicated IPs), you do not have access to the IP addresses. How did you get around that? Thanks

    • Yes Ramez you need add IP address to MS SNDS; after that it will verify it and then you would be able to see update of your IP addresses inside Microsoft SNDS.

  59. I would like to buy amazon ses account that can send 50k+ mails daily. Do you sell or know someone sell amazon ses account?

  60. Great article thanks for the time to help educate us!

  61. Thank you for sharing this informative post with us. It was very good to learn about it. I came across a website that provides the email address verification services and will provide you with all other information about email security services, visit the website:

  62. Hello Ankit,

    Thanks for the great article.

    Could you advice about how long it takes to get the Amazon limit increased ?



  63. I will definitely try Easy sendy Drip for my email marketing. Does it come with a free trial subscription plan? If yes , then for how long it is applicable?

  64. The last part of your post is quite interesting. Email marketing is not just about sending out endless emails but to be balanced about what emails are sent out and how not to irritate the customers.

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