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Automate Your B2B Sales Lead Generation with LeadFuze

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After days of research and discussion, you set up a campaign that works well. You can capture leads into your CRM. However, this is just step one. Now you will need to slowly nurture and push these leads to become paid customers.

Gone are the days when cold sales calls used to work. Customers have become intelligent, and competition in the market is fierce. If any lead is left unattended, chances are high that you might lose on that lead. According to Gleanster Research, around 50% of the leads that get captured are ‘not ready to buy’. Out of that 25% are trash leads while the remaining 25% can be converted into sales.

Automate Your B2B Sales Lead Generation with LeadFuze

If you spam your leads with content that are unrelatable and uncalled for, your leads will surely put your product or services off the table permanently. Rather sending them the information they need and reducing the sales cycle is important. By sending proper content, you reduce your sales cycle by giving your leads an idea about your solutions. So before your sales team calls them, they know about your solution.

GDPR and CCPA update: Leadfuze has also joined the GDPR and CCPA bandwagon and has added all the essential features to adhere to the new laws. They have ensured the pseudonymization of the data, anonymization of the data subjects and encryption of the data process techniques. To know more about these details follow this link.

B2B Sales Lead Generation with Latest Online Tools

To avoid waste of time and pace up your sales process, automating sales prospects is mandatory. You cannot sit and manually segregate your leads, then write to them and then again call them. Rather you need a tool that will do all the hard work for you. Starting with capturing leads to filtering them, from segregating to drip emails- everything needs to be automated. And to the relief of your sales team, LeadFuze is one such tool that works wonders for the sales team.

LeadFuze is described as “all-in-one B2B sales automation software“. Sales people dread cold calling the most, and LeadFuze discards exactly that- no more cold callings are needed as LeadFuze automatically pulls in data from LinkedIn and Twitter, verifies the data by pinging the servers, and serve it on a platter for the sales people to send out personalised and well-crafted emails.


However, you cannot avoid your thoughts on comparing it with tools like Rapportive, AnyMailFinder or FullContact. They are most used sales tools at individual level, but scaling of prospecting and lead automation is not possible.

Founder and CEO of LeadFuze, Justing McGill mentioned to VentureBeat that LeadFuze is very much different from these as he feels LeadFuze essentially combines all these three in one click.

B2B Sales Prospecting with LeadFuze

LeadFuze search feature to make finding your prospects is incredibly easy, and if you are trying it, LeadFuze will reward you for that! Now isn’t that cool? This feature enables you to find the most prospects within your target market as possible with each search you perform.

For instance, if you are targeting prospects in Marketing, you simply select “Marketing Manager” under the Role/Function drop down, and the system will automatically put this string together for you: (“Marketing Manager” OR “Director of Marketing” OR “CMO” OR “Chief Marketing Officer” OR “Vice President of Marketing” OR “VP of Marketing” OR “VP Marketing”)


This makes finding all of your potential prospects much easier!

Put your B2B Lead Generation on Autopilot

LeadFuze promotes ‘social sales’ by finding prospects from social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Your Ideal Prospects in One-click

Once upon a time gathering email IDs used to be tedious, but fret not. LeadFuze helps you search prospects on networking platform LinkedIn, and then uncover information like

  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Company associated with
  • Domain working in
  • Other social media profiles

Several third party data providers come into play along with LeadFuze’s own system to uncover this information. So, it’s one tool for all the information.

2. Automated Outreach

With LeadFuze, you can create drip email campaigns for collected lead emails. You can automate your emails, and if your prospects do not reply within designated time span, LeadFuze can automatically send the follow-up email that you have crafted. Hence, in this feature you get:

  • Automated series of emails with an ability to track email open and clicks and schedule followup emails based on different combination of time and lead actions.
Automated Outreach Emails
  • Split test emails: You can create more than one version of the same email and run one of them for a specific time while the others remain inactive. If the active one does not fare well, you pause it and start the second variant.
  • CAN-SPAM compliant: Since LeadFuze is a US-based company, they need to follow the CAN-SPAM rule. You can read about the laws and how LeadFuze enforces it. For instance, if you are in Canada, you cannot send out cold emails as its against law.

3. Real-time reports

LeadFuze enables you to check on each email you send out, and analyse whether they are effective or not. You can

  • Track open rates, click-through, and responses to each email
  • Optimise performance by conducting split-test emails
  • Get access to free report for the sales manager without requiring a license

4. LeadFuze Integrations

Every automation tool provides integration with various other tools that make automation more effective. LeadFuze does not restrict only to prospect search. With integrations, LeadFuze helps sales people to expand their horizon and get multiple tasks done at one go. LeadFuze allows integration with

Using LeadFuze Chrome Extensions

You can add LeadFuze Chrome Extension from the Google Playstore. It is compatible with every device and helps you in organising your prospects properly. When you add the Chrome extension and click on it, you are redirected to where you can start prospecting immediately.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of how many prospects have been added and how many emails have been sent. You can add your prospects to the ‘default’ list that is available or create a new list to keep your prospects organized. All you need to do is just click on the extension, input your requirements and bang! You have your prospect list ready.


The Chrome extension will show you notifications, like how many prospects have been added, or how many are left unattended, or any new email. Starting with reports to scheduling, billing to set up your profile, the Chrome extension takes out the hassle of signing in every-time. Like I mentioned, its just one click and you are in!

LeadFuze Pricing Details

LeadFuze offers a free trial version where you can sign up and start with 20 prospects or rather 20 verified emails. You will need to add the LeadFuze as a Chrome extension that will make the prospect search much easier and also you can organize your prospects according to sequences.

All paid plans include features like

  • CRM Integration
  • Unlimited CSV exporting
  • Email Automation
  • Reporting

LeadFuze offers three different paid plans, starting at $125 per user per month. This is the Starter Plan. It includes

  • 350 verified emails in a month
  • $0.20 on every prospect beyond 350
  • Sending up to 200 emails per day

Then there is the Professional Plan at $250 per user per month. It includes

  • 1,000 verified emails every month
  • Additional cost is $0.10/prospect
  • Send out up to 350 emails/day
  • Email copy consulting

For a larger volume of users, you can opt for the Rainmaker plan starting at $375 per user per month.

  • 3,000 verified emails
  • Additional prospect cost: $0.05/prospect
  • Upto 500 emails/daily

You can upgrade your plans at any point of time.


You can also get 4000 verified prospects emails for free which is of worth $742.50 in value from this f6s deal. To avail this offer first you need to purchase a LeadFuze plan then apply the coupon code which you receive from f6s deal.

Offer Update: Get extra 20% prospects across the board on any plan of LeadFuze. Use the coupon code FUZED20 to grab these extras.

LeadFuze: Competitive Analysis

LeadFuze makes sales prospecting easy and pretty much automated. However, there are many other names in the market that have helped in sales to a great extent. Here I will compare LeadFuze with three sales automation tools:, and

Voilanorbert let you search a prospect only if you have certain information like first name, last name and company domain name [ company the prospect is associated with ]. On filling this information, Voilanorbert will search the email address of the prospect for you. In case you are searching for an influencer who is probably a consultant and is associated with more than one company, you might just want to use in the domain name section.

However, if you leave the domain name field blank, Voilanorbert cannot do anything for you!


LeadFuze, on the other hand, does not ask for any prior information apart from the skill set and location you are searching for.

KiteDesk pulls in the information of sales prospects from social media platforms that you are already using. It bills on an annual basis, starting at $75 seat/month under FIND  plan and $100 seat/month under REACH plan.


Similarly, search prospects from a target website only. In its introductory video, the founder starts with “if you want to sell to XYZ company…” following up with a demo of how exactly you can enter the company name and then use the tool to find out all those associated with that company domain and their email IDs. You have to then manually save the prospects that you want to target, or you can send an email from your saved templates then and there. Paid plans for starts at $39/month.

LeadFuze does not work this way. It does not require you to take any extra efforts apart from entering the location and skill sets that you want to target. It automatically saves your prospect list in your choice of CRM that you have integrated. You can then carry out email campaigns as needed. Read a detailed comparison on vs LeadFuze.

So, start automating your B2B sales lead generation immediately and turn your warm leads into hot ones in a click with LeadFuze.

Start your trial period, get 20 prospects for free and get a hang of how LeadFuze works, although it’s extremely easy to use.

Offer Update: Get extra 20% prospects across the board on any plan of LeadFuze. Use the coupon code FUZED20 to grab these extras.

LeadFuse Integration with Marketing Automation Tool: Aritic PinPoint

LeadFuze can be integrated with Aritic PinPoint- a full stack marketing automation application. With Aritic PinPoint, you can nurture your leads better with the multi-channel marketing approach. There are much more possibilities to explore while pushing your leads through the marketing funnel. With the LeadFuze integration, it means that once you have found your leads, you can directly export them to Aritic PinPoint database. Thereafter, you can profile your leads, segment them and conduct targeted marketing. You can create automated email workflows, launch email campaigns, use landing pages, send or receive SMS from any number across the globe via your SMS campaigns, send highly targeted push notifications and mobile notifications. Seamless integration with social media platforms ensures that you never miss out on any lead, irrespective of where they are spending time. Other features that contribute in pushing your leads through the marketing funnel are:

Automate Your B2B Sales Lead Generation with LeadFuze 1
  • A/B testing of all elements like templates, landing pages, CTA buttons, content, content placement, etc.
  • Dynamic content
  • Gated video in landing pages and/or email content
  • Smart web form embedding
  • Website tracking and lead tracking
  • Lead scores
  • Wide range of bi-directional integrations including various CRMs, CMSs, social media platforms, mobile and websites
  • Device responsive templates; and more.

In short, LeadFuze and Aritic PinPoint together is the perfect combination a marketer can ask for. Try Aritic PinPoint today to experience the best of marketing automation.

Caroline is an editor and contributor to Wikipedia articles; loves writing around food, wine, and small business. For a short time, she also worked for the Polish marketing consulting firm.


  1. Justin McGill @ LeadFuze Reply

    Ankit – thanks so much for writing this review. I found your LeadFuze account and gave you 250 free prospects for doing this 🙂

  2. This is the best of all time sales hack in sales prospecting automation. Thanks Ankit for getting this service known, I have started using it.

  3. To get customers to sign up free as members & businesses to sign up for £1 a day.

  4. I din’t know before about LeadFuze a B2B Sales Lead Generation. Awesome audit. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing Looks encouraging. I’m utilizing something like this product for discovering customers for SEO.

    • Yes Elijah, you can find customers for your business easily using LeadFuze. Don’t for to nurture them well before you start selling your service.

  5. Finding sales qualified leads have been one of the challenge for my team. in last few years, all these have become challenging for our team. We tries many applications some, also ran on my PC and generated no result. I could see that LeadFuze is doing the lead generation the most effective and comprehensive way. Glad to read about the detail in this blog post of yours. I will give this a try for sure in coming days.


    It’s not surprising to see that telemarketing is much more effective for B2B than B2C. As the B2B sales process is much longer and more complex than B2C (more decision makers, larger budgets, longer investments) – companies want to have actual conversations with a sales person – to fully understand what they might be investing in.

  7. The information is very descriptive and helpful for generating sales qualified leads online. I have added chrome extension to my browser and searched few target leads online; all working really well, but was not able to get few of the emails of my target leads. I will try send them invite through my mobile app on Linkedin, hope they should accept my invite.

    • Patrick Gray Reply

      Rose, LeadFuze is another tool that could give you the possibility to change your selling percentage in order to attract more customers. I have used this kind of tool and it is great because it could be used as a chrome extension and it led me to new ways for attracting my customers. I would like to say that its price is not as high as it could be and the idea of making new customers is worth every penny.

  8. How can Leadfuze help your sale team? Leadfuze is often cited as the “all-in-one B2B sales automation software” which automates the sales prospects and helps the sales team with proper utilization of the time, increases the sales processes thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the sales team.

  9. Nice collection Ankit Prakash! Love this post.

    I have found a plugin of Google Chrome named “FindThatLead” by that we can get direct email addresses of twitter account. I think it’s an important info that’s why I want to share this with the community.

    • Hello Gerard, thanks for the comment and adding information about new tool 🙂
      Gerard, just a question.
      The website mention about business emails from Linkedin only! Where is the mention about Twitter?

  10. This is a very interesting statistic – “according to Gleanster Research, around 50% of the leads that get captured are ‘not ready to buy’. Out of that, 25% are trash leads while the remaining 25% can be converted into sales”. So, how much of the convertible leads (25%) is claimed to be converted by LeadFuze. One great thing I liked about LeadFuze is that it is CAN-SPAM compliant.

  11. I feel LeadFuze is way better as it doesn’t ask for any prior information other than the skill set and geography one is searching for.

  12. Julia Nelson Reply

    Hi Ankit, this was a very well researched article.Yes, digital marketing is all about interacting with prospectives and customers and making them amply aware.It is about preparing your customer to ask the “right questions” when you finally make him a sales call.If you give the customer the right information then obviously he will understand whether he needs your product or not and will then probe intelligently. The catch lies in good content – which is “right information” well told.

  13. Nicholas Sanders Reply

    Hi Ankit, I have used Rapportive. You are right! Scaling up or lead automation is definitely not possible. It is very personal sort of an app. I love it as it gently develops a rapport with the sender of the email. Pretty much stands up for its name, a very one to one app.

  14. Beverly Davis Reply

    Hi Ankit, I have used Rapportive. You are right! Scaling up or lead automation is definitely not possible. It is very personal sort of an app. I love it as it gently develops a rapport with the sender of the email. Pretty much stands up for its name, a very one to one app.

  15. LeadFuze has immensely helped me in the lead generation with the B2B sales. It has proven to be one of the perfect tools in the process of automation of sales. It has effectively automated all the process of capturing the leads, filtering them and provides each of them with an automated email so that none are left out. The search feature of LeadFuze will easily help anyone in finding their appropriate prospect.

  16. Nice but for Lead Generation Use some tools.I have used few tools for my business for growth hacking like AeroLeads, rainClutch , Rapportive and this tools help me a lot.

  17. The biggest challenge for any business even after finding leads is making them a paid member. People and users do not easily invest money on websites. Leadfuze works as a chrome extension and gives out a number of ways to find new potential customers. It is not at all a bad investment.

  18. Bobby Bryant Reply

    It is super simple to use and saves a lot of time that you would normally invest in finding and sending e-mails to your potential prospects. It is a great tool for sales automating, lead generation, sending e-mails and reporting.

  19. Well done! Have you tried Snovio? I have used a few lead generation tools in the past for my small business which allow me to get email addresses from twitter accounts or any website.

  20. I suggest you to add Snovio for lead prospecting to your list. I decided to share with you as it helped me a lot in my outreach campaign.

  21. It helps to bring in the leads with their email ids but it doesn’t pull out the phone numbers. It would have been great if it also helped with phone number extraction. Do you have any idea if they have included this feature now or not?

  22. Brenda Hughes Reply

    I am a small operation and since the time I started using Leadfuze for my lead generation I have very easily automated my B2B sales. I think there could have been no other better option than this one.

  23. Lovely article Ankit. Thanks for sharing B2B lead generation tips & ideas.

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