Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy

In my experience reviewing Omnisend, I discovered it's a robust email marketing tool ideal for e-commerce. Omnisend excels in automation, offering customized email templates, SMS marketing, and web push notifications. Its standout features include drag-and-drop content editors, pre-built e-commerce workflows, and effective customer segmentation. Importantly, Omnisend's AI-driven analytics greatly assist in understanding customer behaviors and crafting personalized marketing strategies. Its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify enhances its utility, making it a comprehensive tool for e-commerce marketing needs.

From lead generation to communication, marketing involves tons of activities. Multiply these activities with the numerous prospective leads and the repetitive tasks involved. It can be overwhelming and cause errors at times.

Marketing automation tasks such as ad campaigns, email marketing, social media posting, and many others become easy with just a few clicks. Marketing automation improves efficiency, enables personalized experience to customers, and helps make marketing easier.

Generating leads, communicating with prospective customers & existing customers, and much more are all made easy with marketing automation. 

marketing automation with Omnisend

With a world full of people staying home, Ecommerce has emerged to be one of the most lucrative businesses. Ecommerce is also one of the business types that requires marketing automation at every step.

Both the volume and nature of business require a tremendous amount of communication for customer service and the sales pipeline.

Email campaigns, sales messages, customer service, abandoned cart management, offer/ discount mailers, and many other aspects of ecommerce require automation. Now when these steps multiply in various communication channels like web, social, text, and email, communication grows exponentially. Automation includes customer service tasks like order cancellation and delivery issues.

Using marketing automation in Ecommerce 

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 1

Cart Abandonment 

Abandoned cart campaigns and the process of recovering the forgotten products added inside the cart.

Push notifications 

Push notification via the web or SMS is an excellent way of managing abandoned cart messages. It works multiple channels to get in touch with the customer at the right place and respond.   

Sale/ offer alerts 

Alerting customers about the deals, discounts, back in stock communication, and much more are all made possible with automated alerts. Sales alerts help to boost sales on an autopilot mode.   

Review requests 

Imagine the time one has to spend to collect review on the sold products from each customer. It can get exhausting.

Thanks to automation, the software can manage the job of scheduling the review request. Review work as feedback. It also helps other customers decide because they can trust a fellow shopper more than the seller. 

Automated order and delivery updates 

Order confirmations, tracking orders, and delivery updates can be automated, reducing room for error and enabling them to be more relaxed about their order.

While monitoring the package may require customers to spend time on it, a timely automated tracking message/ mail helps them stop worrying about the package delivery and makes it an excellent customer experience. 

Omnisend features for ecommerce businesses to enable marketing automation

Omnisend homepage
  • Customized checkout experience 
  • Integrating business tools 
  • Email campaigns 
  • Automated workflow 
  • Outreach 
  • Generate leads 
  • Data & Analytics 

Ecommerce businesses use marketing automation for a variety of reasons in their day-to-day business 

Omnisend automation workflow

Personalization through automation 

Every customer has a unique behavior. Building purchase paths based on their browsing history, products that they may have abandoned previously, and other behaviors help improve sales and convert them into loyal customers. Automated personalization enables them to stop concentrating on the more minor things.  

Automations for celebrations 
Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations mean gifting. Wishing customers on their special days help build a relationship and can also improve sales. 

Keeping in touch  

If you offer products/ services that are used once in a while, then staying in touch with your customers regularly and providing them updates about any discount, new arrivals, or other inputs can be made possible with automation. Marketing automation helps in attracting and engaging the customers for any ecommerce business. 


Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 2

The pandemic has opened doors for ecommerce in a way that was unimaginable before 2020. With the rising cases of COVID, most of the brick-and-mortar stores are shutting shop, and retail has become online.

It has led to a new challenge for ecommerce businesses. Scaling up is made easy with automation tools.

The market has tons of automation tools to offer. Omnisend first came into being in 2014. Omnisend, an email marketing automation software, provides some of the best features that enable ecommerce businesses to streamline their workflow and marketing activities through automation. 

Omnisend offers some well-tailored packages that work for businesses of all sizes with more than fifty thousand customers. Managing communication with customers through multiple channels is made hassle-free when you use Omnisend. 


Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 3
  • Marketing Automation with – Automation Editor & Prebuilt workflows 
  • Email marketing with – Email templates & Email Builder 
  • Pop-ups & Forms 
  • SMS 
  • Web Push Notifications 
  • Reporting  
  • Audience sync for Ads 
  • Customer Intelligence with – Segmentation and Retention Analytics 

Use cases 

  • Newsletters to customers 
  • Communication channel across the organization 

Omnisend offers features that are helpful for every aspect of business: 

Email Templates 

email templates in omnisend

The pre-designed email templates make it easy to create professional-looking emails. A few other Omnisend features enable businesses like ecommerce to send mailers to their customers about scratch cards and coupons

 Drag & Drop Content Editor 

Omnisend drag and drop editor

The drag and drop content editor help users make changes like add or remove channels, clone messages, fully customize automation, sequence adjusting, splitting, and preview what and when customers can see. Editing has been made easier with just a few clicks. 

Pre-built Ecommerce Workflows 

omnisend ecommerce workflow

Omnisend offers pre-styled workflows that enable you to create an excellent customer experience, improve conversion and engagement. Messages, catchy subject lines, and workflow settings are all pre-designed so that you can set up in just a few minutes. 


list segmentation feature - Omnisend

Dividing sub-paths among the customers based on the buyer behavior and other factors enable you to send emails and personalized messages. Age, location, interests, and many other tags help to segment accordingly.

Ecommerce businesses slowly realized that one message does not fit a considerable number of customers. The segmentation feature enables companies to launch campaigns based on targets and not with a generic message. 

Retention Analytics 

Omnisend retention analytics

Building customer loyalty is crucial for any business. The retention analytics feature of Omnisend enables you to gain insights about customer behavior that otherwise go unnoticed. These analytics offer enough data to strategize retention techniques.

The Retention analytics feature can generate returning customers, revenue generated by returning customers, and a few other data. 

Customer Lifecycle Stages 

Every customer has a unique behavior. The AI-based customer lifecycle segmentation by Omnisend helps you identify the customers that need re-engagement.

The data about order count, delay, value, and a few other factors enable you to draft a personalized reactivation message.

The AI-based segmentation helps to outline retention tactics effectively. Customers begin to churn and move on to various stages like lose, can’t lose, and at-risk life cycle stages. This data helps to retain the high-value shoppers. 


Omnisend pop-upds for website

Some visitors may not buy the first time around. That’s why Omnisend’s popup collection helps you to capture email addresses and used them when you launch campaigns.

Stunning images, beautiful styles, and convincing content formats are a part of the popups.

Users can change the tone of the popups to less severe or a wittier version with an excellent discount to convince the visitors to sign up. 

Landing Pages 

Omnisend landing pages

Most of the ecommerce sites launch campaigns/ social media ads and send them to their product pages. With Omnisend, you can create a separate landing page for each campaign.

The landing pages can be color-coded, along with text and images to align them with the ads. It helps visitors to get a very streamlined experience and motivates them to browse more and even buy. 

Wheel of Fortune 

Store visitors may have already browsed a few other sites. So, offering something exciting and fun can help them remember the location.

Interactive fun games with a prize would not only let you collect their email address, but it will also give them a small tip of discount or free shipping, which will encourage them to buy something on the site.

A small game can improve the total amount of time visitors spend on your site and may even buy from you. 

Signup Boxes 

Visitors may like your site or the products available, but they may find the products pricey or not to their choice. The tiny signup box widget can help them put their details and come back to the shop when the price and options are more to their liking.

Appealing images, calls-to-action, and newsletters are a few ways of getting those visitors to come back. 

Sales Dashboard 

Omnisend reporting feature enables to generate sales reports based on campaigns and total revenue numbers.

The individual reports help to learn why a campaign did not do well, and if it did, then what was the key reason for its success—analytics help to make better decisions since they are data-driven and not drawn from gut feelings. 

Campaign & Automation Reports, Advanced Reporting. 

Omnisend reporting dashboard view

Reports are essential to understand the health of any business. At the same time, campaign-based reports help to understand the strength of the campaign, and advanced reporting features enable to conclude what worked best and worst.

Advanced reporting is also helpful to make changes in the strategies. 

Communication channel integration (Email, SMS, Web, and Push Notifications) 

You can improve your potentials and offer your customers an excellent experience by staying in touch with them on multiple channels through a single platform.

Whether it is newsletters, transactional emails, automated emails, or segmented email campaigns, Omnisend enables you to build beautiful content with the help of pre-styled templates and drag & drop editor.   

Facebook Retargeting Sync 

Facebook retargeting is made easy with the inbuilt segmentation that syncs with the Facebook ad account. 

Omnisend also enables you to manage the extra channel and reach on Facebook and Instagram retargeting consistently

 Google Retargeting Sync. 

The Google customer match is made possible with the built-in segmentation. It enables retargeting contacts with consistent messages through multiple channels and extra reach towards YouTube and Google Ads Network. Built-in integration with Google. 

Migration tools 

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 4

If you are looking for an automated system that helps automate your marketing activities for ecommerce, Omnisend has the right tools to support you. 

Omnisend offers full integration with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others to keep you posted seamlessly connected to your store. Ecommerce workflows like post-purchase follow-ups, pre-built workflows for cart abandonment, and revenue watch are all made possible with automation.

Seamless segmentation of customers based on shopping behavior and much more is all made possible with Omnisend. Migration tools at Omnisend enable users to get up and running in less than thirty minutes

Data importing from systems like Mail chimp is available to do automatically. Syncing contacts data, contact properties, segmentation, and engagement stats are all made easy without manual import and export. 

Omnisend offers pre-styled workflows that help users to pick a ready-made workflow that fits their needs. 

Omnisend also offers live support 24/7 to help users to migrate from their previous systems. Other support formats like personal onboarding, dedicated migration support, and customer success manager support based on the plan chosen. 


Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 5

Omnisend supports tons of integrations that enable users to improve their customer experience through seamless interactions. SMS, Logistics, sales conversion optimization, influencer marketing, payments, referral programs, and much more are all made possible with integrations. 

Great templates, seamless support, a live view with each change, and an extremely easy-to-set-up marketing automation workflow are some of the key takeaways that users seem to love about their Omnisend journey.

A few users found it a bit costly with a few choppy performances. 

A review of Omnisend on Capterra

Omnisend Success stories:

Silver Street Jewellers 

A famous sterling silver selling brand headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada, formerly used Mail chimp for its email needs and Shopify for its ecommerce needs. The business owners began their operations with a physical brick-and-mortar store and trade shows. The online business store had been on their mind for quite some time, but it had not happened.

Their busy schedule with unfamiliar online marketing strategies were a few reasons that delayed the transition. 

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 6

Like everything else, COVID changed the business model and sales for Silver Street Jewelers too!

The owners had been collecting customer information to send out details about their upcoming shows in various cities. With tons of data and no tools, the owners, Laura and Wes, found the transition from offline to online to be a daunting task.

With a bit of research, they realized that they need a platform for instant customer reach out (like SMS and email), all in one solutions platform, and good integration with Shopify. 

They realized the potential of text messages and the high response rates and started to send their text messages through Omnnisend.

They soon moved on to combined channel usage to drive awareness. It resulted in a 25% click-through rate with $.07 as revenue per email. Their customer re-engagement, generating awareness, and improving sales were all on the increase.

While they are far from a success, the change has brought about an increase in online sales, a sure silver lining, says Laura. 

Organic Aromas 

Organic Aromas, an essential oil diffuser brand headquartered in the US, took up a four-week experiment to build its contact list.

Organic Aromas invested an hour with no financial inputs and captured over six hundred and sixty-one leads and an extra of forty orders before Omnisend Organic Aromas managed with a Shopify signup form and a at the header of the page. 

The exit-intent popup enables users to retain customers that have decided to abandon the website. The second week they experimented with a popup that appears to users as soon as they begin browsing.

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 7

At the same time, not everyone likes a popup before they have had a chance to browse. More than a hundred new subscribers were captured through this, among which tens of them made purchases.

Organic Aromas experimented with the Omnisend Email Lab, where the popups appear after a few clicks. This particular popup did not improve new signups but did increase purchases significantly. 

On the final week of the experiment, signup forms with widgets were a part of the visitor’s invite to sign up. A significant boost through popups and a minimum of sixty minutes for the entire month results in a deeper understanding of the visitor’s behavior. 

Get started with Omnisend free trial and set up a Shopify store:

  1. To get started, signup with your email id. 
  2. Credit card details are not a part of the registration. 
  3. Try all the Omnisend benefits for free. 
  4. Users can decide on the next course of action after fourteen days of a free trial. 

Omnisend vs Mailchimp comparison 

Checking out whether the tool is suitable for a small business or a growing one makes a world of difference. Sometimes the features and other times the price may not be appropriate.

Mailchimp works best for small businesses with its reasonable prices, ease of use and is perfect for a small business. However, it may not scale well for a growing business. 

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 8

Omnisend works best for ecommerce businesses.

Mailchimp has a few ecommerce friendly features/ templates Omnisend has tons of features and pre-styled templates that work best for ecommerce marketers and online sellers.

Features like offers on native discount codes and product pickers to pull out at the time of campaigns work great for ecommerce agencies

Both Omnisend and Mailchimp started as email automation tools. Email marketing, list building, segmentation, automation, and pricing are a few areas where there are differences between Omnisend and Mailchimp.

However, there is quite a lot of difference between the two, and it would be unfair to call one of them the best because each suits a different nature and size of business. 

Omnisend vs klaviyo comparison

Both Omnisend and Klaviyo help to benefit ecommerce businesses. Both offer excellent integrations with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, and Shopify. 

Omnisend also works perfectly with Drupal Commerce, Prestashop, and OpenCart. Third-party integrations like checkout services, shipping tracking, reward programs, and a few others are available with both Klaviyo and Omnisend. 

Visual email composers with drag and drop editors and pre-styled templates are a part of the deal with Omnisend and Klaviyo. Klaviyo enables users to add a few basic tables, text, images, and buttons.

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 9

Users can draft beautiful emails. But, many ecommerce-based things are manual. Omnisend, on the other hand, offers tons of options to customize.   

Where Klaviyo does not offer Landing Pages and gamified popups, but they are available with Omnisend. Google retargeting ads are available in Omnisend but unavailable with Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo offers push notifications only in apps and not browsers. Customer support is available 24/7 with Omnisend. However, Klaviyo offers customer support for a limited amount of time during the day. Both tools offer different price plans, and users can opt for the most suitable plan.

Both works well for ecommerce businesses and integrates well with third-party apps. However, the email marketing features, capture options, segmentation, and targeting works best with Omnisend. 

Omnisend vs. Sendinblue comparison 

Both Omnisend and Sendinblue offer a free trial. SendinBlue offers cloud-based email marketing automation for companies with a 175,000 plus strength. Omnisend offers loads of features that work best for a company looking for a sales-driven email marketing platform.

Ease of use and an efficient way of email communication is what the users like best about Sendinblue.

The gift box and pre-styled templates are the hot favorites among the Omnisend users. Customer support seems to be an issue with Sendinblue users, whereas cost and lack of knowledge on features seem to be the pain points with the Omnisend users. 

Omnisend Review: Leverage AI for your Email Marketing Strategy 10

Omnisend is an excellent automation platform with tons of cool features and works best for ecommerce businesses that are growing. However, Sendinblue is a perfect option for small ecommerce businesses looking to automate their email and workflows.

Considering the price plan and features available to check suitability is the best way of finding the most suitable platform. 

Our Experience:

If you are a growing ecommerce business team and looking for a platform to automate your marketing and other workflows, Omnisend may be a great choice.

Automated email to customers about their card, reminders to finish their purchases, special promo codes, campaign management, content editing, pre-styled templates, forms, reporting tools, and subscriber management is all a part of the deal.

Users can achieve more without investing hours of employee’s time.

With Omnisend insightful reports, email templates, and a user-friendly system is a given. However, you may want to check the number of pre-styled email templates available for your pricing plan, considering how fast the system works when considering real-time activity. 

If streamlining your internal and external systems has been on your mind then, Omnisend may be a one-stop solution for many of your challenges.

The software comes in handy for repetitive mundane tasks. These tasks are complete without any issues so that your team can spend their valuable time on something that requires human intelligence and attention.

Tons of features can facilitate automation at Omnisend, and it can work wonders for customer experience and building customer relationships. 

What is Omnisend? 

Omnisend is an application that enables users to drive sales and offer an excellent customer experience. Personalized marketing is made easy with Omnisend. From reporting to segmentation and from popup forms to integrations, the automation provided by Omnisend enables to achieve a tremendous amount of work effortlessly.   

Can I get a free trial to use Omnisend? 

Yes, Omnisend offers a free trial of fourteen days. All the features are available during this time so that you can get a chance to see which of them works well for you.

Can I use Omnisend for free? 

After the free trial, users can opt for a free plan or upgrade to a paid one as per their requirements. So yes, you can use Omnisend for free. 

What are the pricing plans available? 

Omnisend offers a forever free plan with a free trial, a standard plan that costs $16 per month, a pro plan that costs $99 per month, and an enterprise plan with customized pricing. Users can avail free trial and consider upgrading as per their needs after the fourteen days. 

What are the features offered by Omnisend? 

Email campaigns, customer intelligence, popups and forms, reporting, channels, integrations, and migration tools are a part of the features offered by Omnisend. 

How does Omnisend help in reporting? 

Dashboards with a live view section that updates based on real-time changes, campaign reports that capture the marketing campaign performance, and advanced reporting that provides insights about workflow and campaign performance are a part of the reporting. 

What are some of the integrations offered by Omnisend? 

Omnisend supports integrations with platforms like Shopify. Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce, Ship Station,, Volusion, Intercom, and Zapier. 

What devices are supported by Omnisend? 

Omnisend supports all web-based devices that run on web browsers, and mobile versions are not available. However, Omnisend is compatible with Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. 

What is best about Omnisend? 

Omnisend works well for teams looking to automate their marketing activities with advanced tools and ecommerce marketers looking to increase their sales.  

What are the services provided by the account manager? 

If you are using the Enterprise plan, then an account manager is assigned for assistance. Relocating from a different supplier and other onboarding assistance is managed by the account manager. Sometimes standard and pro plan holders are also offered, account managers. 

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