5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial

In my thorough exploration of Wistia alternatives for video hosting, I found several innovative platforms that stand out in 2024. These alternatives offer unique features like advanced screen capture, annotation capabilities, and cloud storage, catering to a diverse range of business needs. My analysis delves into each alternative strengths and weaknesses, comparing them to Wistia's offerings. This guide aims to assist businesses in finding a video hosting solution that aligns with their specific requirements, ensuring effective communication and marketing strategies.
wistia alternatives

Video recording software solutions have made a huge impact on the market over the last few years. They have a significant number of utilities for individuals and businesses alike.

As businesses are becoming more and more dynamic and adopting different ways to expand their reach or serve their customers, the video or screen recording software solutions have emerged as potent weapons in the pursuit to deliver services in a much more lucid and invasive manner.

That said, it is important to look closely at the different aspects or areas to understand how video recording can help businesses simplify their approach to delivering on a specific set of goals.

The sales, support and marketing teams constantly keep evolving their goals. As the focus over the years has been leaning more and more towards delivering great customer experience, the teams making touchpoints with the consumer, like the teams handling the marketing side things and or the teams talking to the customer directly, are being empowered with more sophisticated tools than ever.

For the same purpose, having a technology that helps such teams communicate with the end customer over a visual medium is a great way to add a human touch to the brand-customer interactions. Video recording software can be used to illustrate instructions for using a certain product. They can serve as the visual how-to guides that can be easily seen and understood by the customer. It makes the job of support teams all the more easier as they find themselves increasingly less busy solving mundane, basic-level queries and instead focussing their energies on the more complex customer queries.

Humanizing the interactions between customer and support teams can be further achieved by having screen recordings deliver the customer service or answering frequently asked questions. Marketing has got a major boost since a growing number of businesses have started focussing on video marketing as a means to reach a maximum number of customers and establish businesses as the leaders in their respective space.

The video editing software applications can be used to further optimize the video marketing strategy. Shareability of videos gives a major boost to any strategy, and with a well-rounded video software, it gets easier to bring to film the most imaginative of ideas.

Video marketing can no longer be one-dimensional.

As the tech around it keeps evolving, there are attempts being made to integrate the traditional marketing techniques. For example, while a website’s visitors are watching a certain video hosted on the website, a signup form appearing on the video can help a great deal in converting the visitor into a lead.

These forms can pop up after a certain playtime in the video and nudge the visitors to provide their contact information, given that video is made compelling enough for them to want to know more or stay connected with the brand. The more non-invasive alternative to pop-up signup forms can be annotations appearing in a video. They can appear on specific points in a video and in any part of the screen, so that user’s attention is drawn to them but at the same time it does not disrupt the experience.

Having briefly gone through the various use cases of online video platform and gaining an understanding of the various ways a business can make use of the video analytics let’s take a look at the very specific video hosting platform that have the requisite feature-set and capabilities to deliver on all these use cases and more.

To this end, the first name that comes to mind is Wistia.


Wistia is touted to be as one of the leading video recording solutions that have won customers and accolades in huge numbers.

Whether it is marketers who find Wistia as a must-have tool for video marketing purposes or simply professionals who want to create instructional videos to explain a process to their team or customers, Wistia proves to be handy.

wistia alternatives

It is a sleek and highly customizable video recording and video hosting solution for those who find YouTube video marketing not serving the purpose as well as it should.

It is a solution for the businesses that want to strengthen their sales team interactions with the customers or prospects, or empower the support teams to solve problems in a far more efficient manner, or equip the marketing team to optimize their video marketing strategy in the most wholesome manner.

The stakes in marketing are at all-time high, and as we are well aware that the marketing techniques of a traditional form are no longer bringing in the riches, a tool like Wistia that provides the video marketing capabilities to business can be a great boon for businesses to grow fast. In order to better understand how it enables this growth, let us take a deeper look into the features that Wistia provides and how individually these features give a boost to your marketing endeavors.

Wistia Features


Having videos right on your website instead of on other video sharing platform like YouTube has some obvious and not so obvious benefits.

Wistia can be used to add videos to a website through a non-complicated procedure. Just add very lightweight code snippets to your website to embed videos in a way that does not affect the page loading speed at all.

Apart from being lightweight, the videos are also mobile-ready, meaning they are optimized for mobile devices so that the large chunk of mobile visitors you get do not face non-responsive issues and the videos can scale down or up to any screen size.

The videos created using Wistia can play inline on your visitors’ smartphones so that the content takes the centre stage without any distractions.

Any video adjustments or customizations that you make can easily adjust to the different screen sizes.

The overall look and feel of the player can be customized, based on what you deem is most suitable for increasing engagement. Have the most desirable thumbnails, tailor the video in a way that encourages conversion actions by adding CTAs. Apart from that, the player proves to be highly user-friendly as your visitors can view videos the way they want to – playback speed can be adjusted and video resolution can be changed to up to 4k.

Video SEO

Creating videos is only half the job done. The other half is ensuring that those videos are being watched, for which they have to reach your target audience.

And for that, Wistia has the Video SEO feature. Yes, Video SEO is a thing, and Wistia delivers on it wonderfully well.

Wistia-online video platform

You can use videos to enhance traffic to your site by the means of adding Wistia’s embed codes. Thesecode snippets do a great job of optimizing the videos for search engines. Wistia can be used to add video metadata to your website’s header.

This helps in videos getting indexed on the different search engines so that you get traffic when someone inputs a related query. The best part is that the search for a particular video about your brand is redirecting the visitor to your website and not to another video sharing platform like YouTube.

This whole process of adding SEO aspects to your videos is completely automated and does not require any extra efforts from your end. Once you copy paste the embed JavaScript code, Wistia takes over and optimizes your video for SEO, like adding characteristics like the video title, meta description, and transcripts.

Timeline Actions

Going back to the point we made while pitching Wistia as a great marketing tool, no strategy is good enough if you can’t turn the website visitors or video views into leads for other teams to follow up on. And Timeline Actions is that feature that can nudge your viewers to convert into leads, through the use of engaging custom forms that can be displayed at any point during the video playtime.

Once they enter details like email address, these are added to your contact list. Also, you can add CTAs to your videos, like links that take the visitor to other videos on your website.

wistia alternatives

The Timeline Action feature also allows you to add annotation links to your videos. You can add additional information to these links that viewers can grasp without interrupting their progress through the video. You can store them for as long as is required.

No matter whether its custom forms or annotation links, you need to keep track of every user action on your videos, and that’s what Timeline Action enables you to do. Every click, every conversion is recorded; all the data collected can be viewed from the Stats page.

This helps a great deal in figuring out which videos are being consumed the most or are resonating more deeply with your audience, which can further prove to be useful when charting out strategies for future video promotions.


There is hardly a point to the hard work you put into your website – whether it is for videos or written content – if you are not able to measure and track the activity on the content that is going out. The Wistia Analytics feature gives you a handle on how you can track the video views and whether your efforts in creating the video content are adding any tangible value to your business metrics.

Wistia helps you keep track of the video views through its Audience page, and all the data you collect can be recorded and channeled to your CRM so that you can build up leads and further work on them so that they are converted into paying customers.

Heatmaps are proven to be highly resourceful tools when it comes to studying the user behavior, and Wistia equips you with this tool in its most advanced form. You can use it to check which parts of the video are most popular with your audience or which ones are just skipped over. It is great for collating data on whether your videos are being consumed in a way you intend them to or whether your audience finds them uninspiring.

The Engagement Graphs further take the analytics functionality several notches higher as it can, in a graphical form, show you interactions in terms of rewatches, drop-offs, engagements, etc. again, it is a useful way to gauge the impact of a specific video on your overall business objectives.

Every video added on your website has its own Stats page wherein the performance numbers on that video can be checked out. It provides a comprehensive view of your video’s engagement ability and shows you the conversion rates for the timeline actions.

wistia alternative

360 Video

This feature is a great way to make your audience an intrinsic part of the story that a video is trying to convey. The 360 videos can be made even more resourceful by adding branding options, code embeds and analytics. The 360 Video files are optimized in order to ensure that the viewing experience is not affected by factors like low resolution or long loading times.

Video Embeds

The Wistia video embeds extend the functionality of the videos, but it is not at the expense of performance. These codes load asynchronously, which is to say that your page can load normally without the codes slowing it down, as they are running in the background without affecting the page load directly. As highlighted in the Video SEO section earlier, the embed codes have SEO metadata settings in-built, freeing you of the need to add all the SEO-centric data or settings manually.

So in order to improve your video’s rankings on Google, you don’t have to take out extra time to optimize the video for SEO, Wistia does all the work for you.

Iif at all you change something in a video that is supposed to have an impact on its SEO rankings, like modifying the video title, the relevant data gets updated automatically.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation tools have become a new default for any marketing strategy. All the leads that you gather through strategies like pop-ups or custom forms on videos have to be fed to a system that would work for you to keep the leads engaged. The Marketing Automation feature of Wistia feeds all your collected leads to the CRM connected with your account.

And if your next question is about which CRM, well, there is a host of options that Wistia provides. You can connect your Wistia account with all the leading CRMs as well as relatively new players. Some of the names include HubSpot, Marketo, Drip, Infusionsoft, Pardot, Uberflip, Upsales, Active Campaign, etc.

Video Management

Wistia can help you in setting up projects and manage them in an organized manner. Under these projects, you can have a collection of related media files. And if at any point you want to move items from one project to any other, you can do that easily using the drag and drop functionality. Or you can also perform the normal move- and copy-paste operations to transfer the video files between different projects.

What’s more, if you are handling more than one wistia accounts, you do not have to re-upload videos from the other accounts; you can simply perform the file transfer operation. There is also the facility to replace videos as and when you want to update them.

Within your account, when there is a whole army of videos to sift through at the time of looking for a specific video, Wistia’s search feature proves to be very useful. As a search query, you can enter in the search box the title of the video or its description or even captions associated with the videos to find them. If you have been using a project more frequently than others, you can also star that project

A/B Testing

As of today, the concept of A/B Testing is all the rage, and for all the right reasons. A/B Testing has helped companies across the board enhance their conversion rate by the means of testing and experimentation. While the focus has largely been modifying the UI and design aspects of websites for boosting the conversion chances, Wistia brings A/B Testing to videos.

With Wistia, you can run A/B Tests on different videos, compare the results and after carefully constructed findings, you can have the winning video that should be displayed for the users on your website.

Like a typical A/B Testing tool, you can test different aspects within a video, like the CTAs on the video, the thumbnail that may draw maximum clicks, the turnstiles, the annotation links that can draw maximum attention, and the optimum length for conversion.

Viewer engagement is one yardstick you want to measure all your campaigns against, and that is precisely what Wistia’s A/B Testing tool helps you accomplish.

wistia alternatives

Running the A/B Tests on Wistia is a straightforward exercise, without you do not need to be a testing geek to find your way around this practice. You only have to select the videos to be tested and paste a code and Wistia does rest of the work from there on.


wistia alternative

Soapbox helps you to create videos, without you having to be a pro at it. You can also record your screen and your webcam in parallel without any chance of mishandling the tasks. You can also make a switch between the two recordings by using the split screen view.

Soapbox videos are powered by HTML and JavaScript, which leaves room for you to change or update your videos even after you have shared them. For thumbnail purposes, you can take a screenshot of any moment within a video.

Wistia Pricing

Wistia pricing plans- no free trial plan

Wistia has different pricing structures that suit every pocket.

They have a ‘free forever’ plan that works very well for beginners or those having small-scale requirements. With this plan though, there will be Wistia branding on your video player. For professionals who are very serious about having a video marketing strategy for their business, the Pro plan comes at the price tag of $99.

Apart from having the standard Wistia features, you also have the benefit of having no Wistia branding on the video player.

Finally, there is the Advanced plan that caters to the needs of businesses with requirements on a large scale.

This is a highly customizable package that gives you the freedom of paying for what you actually want. It also enables integrations with a range of other platforms like HubSpot, Pardot, etc.

The Wistia Soapbox has different pricing plans than that of the standard Wistia tool. It comes in three pricing packages that start from a free package.

The SOLO package comes at $300 a year and then there is the Team package that can be customized as per your requirements.

Wistia Alternatives

GUDSHO – Premium Alternative to Wistia

5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial 1

GUDSHO is an advanced online video platform with an integrated marketing and sales suite, facilitating global video reach across 100+ countries.

The platform offers seamless hosting, streaming, and showcasing capabilities with an array of 120+ streaming features that brands can leverage.

What sets GUDSHO apart is its exclusive channel ownership, revenue models, and content scalability when compared to Wistia. This is a powerful video solution, empowering businesses to reach audiences and drive success.

ParametersWistia vsGUDSHO
What do we like?Fast reliable and easy to useBest for monetization & marketing
What we don’t like?Limited analyticsFree trial can be longer
Best for?All businessesAll brands & creators
Pricingpaid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $149/mo [Free Trial for limited time]

Zight – Strong Wistia alternative

Zight is another screen recording software solution that is surrounded by a lot of buzz.

It is a terrific tool that serves as the all-encompassing solution for the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike.

wistia alternatives

Some of the features that Zight provides include:

Screen Capture is one of the highlights of Zight.

Using this feature you can record the videos playing on a screen, from any platform, whether it is a streaming video or it is a video conferencing going on or simply a webcam feed.

You can take snapshots of the video playing and every data you store gets stored in the cloud for you to easily access it anytime you want and from anywhere you want.

It is extremely easy to use, share and upload files on the cloud, without you having to perform any complex steps to do so.

Inter-organizational teams working from different locations can collaborate by having meetings.

wistia alternative

The annotations feature proves to be another priceless tool as it lets you make notes on your video as and when you feel the need to do so.

You can highlight certain portions and write notes that can serve as future reminders to the message a particular part of the video is trying to convey.

You can also create GIFs out of the videos you are playing on a screen using Zight.

5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial 2
Zight and Droplr Quora discussions[01] Zight and Droplr Quora discussions
Parameters Wistia vs Zight
What do we like?Fast reliable and easy to use Integrations and sharing capabilities
Generous free plan
What we don’t like?Limited analytics Filtering is not very good.
Best for?All businesses New businesses
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $8/mo

Loom – Delightful alternative to Wistia

alternatives to Wistia

As a collaborative tool that does a fairly good job of adding a human and personal touch to your communications pertaining to your work, Loom is a highly recommended video platform.

When you want to have a discussion with someone over long distances, you can simply use Loom to chat face to face instead of working your fingers out on your keyboard.

It provides a myriad of features that do a great job of recording your screen and perform some great customizations.

Parameters Wistia vs Loom
What do we like?Fast reliable and easy to use A lot of customizations
Cost-effective and cheap
What we don’t like?Limited analytics Clunky interface
Best for?All businesses New businesses
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $10/mo

Droplr – Excellent alternative to Wistia

Droplr- alternatives to wistia

Droplr makes the communications done over a virtual platform seem as real as it could get.

A Droplr user can broadcast their screen to the collaborators at other parts of the world when it comes to having meetings to discuss business matters.

Sharing can also be done without any bells and whistles. There is a visual interface that can be used not only for interacting but also for reporting bugs.

5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial 3
Droplr Capterra review: [02] Droplr Capterra review
Parameters Wistia vs Droplr
What do we like?Fast reliable and easy to use Intuitive interface
File sharing up to 10 GB
What we don’t like?Limited analytics Support is not organized.
Best for?All businesses Sharing files in team
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $7/mo

Vidyard – Recognized alternative to Wistia

Vidyard is a great marketing and sales tool that can be used to personalize your interactions with the customers and prospects.

wistia alternative

When you use Vidyard to chat through a video interface with your clients, the conversion rates see a decent jump as opposed to the communication done through the usual chatbots and emails.

5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial 4
Vidyard quora discussion
Parameters Wistia vs Vidyard
What do we like?Fast reliable and easy to use Helpful for prospecting and marketing
What we don’t like?Limited analytics The interface is not very good.
Best for?All businesses Sales and marketing
Pricing paid plans starts @ $99/moPaid plan starts @ $15/mo

An overview of all the Wistia alternatives discussed in this guide:

Wistia alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
ZightPaid plan starts at $8/moWhat is good?
 Shortcut keys that help you quickly capture the screen.
Great integration and sharing capabilities.
Offers free plan.

What is not good?
The filtering of the files/screenshots is slow.
DroplrPaid plans start at $7/month.What is good?
Good and intuitive interface.
File sharing up to 10GB with ease.

What is not good?
 Support is not organized.
VidyardPaid plan starts at $15 per month.What is good?
Helpful customer support.
A great tool for prospecting and marketing.

What is not good?
The interface is clunky and hard to navigate.
LoomPaid plan starts at $10 per month.What is good?
Comes with a free plan.
Cost effective and cheap.
Allows you to do a lot of customisations.

What is not good?
The interface is clunky and a lot of mouse click needed to perform a single task.
5 AI Wistia Alternatives: Start Your Free Video Hosting Trial 5
G2 grid for best screencast software

Our Experience:

Having looked closely at all the capabilities of Wistia and also at what other video hosting platforms can provide, it is possible to stack the features of all tools against each other for comparison purposes.

While Loom, Droplr, and Vidyard are easy to use and offer great features but if you have to zero in on something that ticks all the boxes and is suited to the needs of not just small-time professionals but also large businesses you can feel yourself spoilt for choices – especially choosing one between Zight and Wistia.

Both Wistia and Zight have a large range of features and anything you need as a marketing professional or as a business owner. When it comes to introducing your products and services for sales to the end audience through a video medium in a way that you do not have to make compromises on any level, Wistia is the go-to tool.

And if you are looking at the best possible alternative, Zight can be that alternative for you.

Questions asked when looking for Wistia Alternatives:

What is the best Wistia alternative?

The best alternative to Wistia is Zight video platform which is extremely easy to use.

Which is the cheapest Wistia alternative?

Wistia offers quite a reasonable pricing plan as compared to its competitors.

What does Wistia do?

Wistia is an online screen recording and video platform that helps businesses with their video marketing strategies or individuals for creating training videos.

Which is better Vimeo or Wistia?

Both these tools are top-notch and offer some incredible features. But, when you have to choose one of them then you need to consider the following: 
 If you want to make videos for training, business and marketing purpose then Wistia should be your pick. 
But if you want to work on the popular video sharing platform like YouTube or need video monetisation then Vimeo will fit the bill.

What is the difference between Droplr and Wistia?

Droplr mainly allows you to capture screenshots and do screen recordings that can be shared instantly.
Wistia is mainly a well rounded online video platform that allows video recording, video hosting, video marketing and a lot more.

What is video streaming and live streaming?

Video streaming refers to any video that can be viewed online without downloading it on your device. For example, Netflix is a video streaming website.
Live streaming is any video that is telecasted on the Internet in real-time without any prior recording—for example, watching a match on a video streaming website.

Does Wistia support live streaming?

No, Wistia doesn’t support live streaming as of now.

Do you get an API with Wistia?

Yes, Wistia comes with an in-built javascript API that helps you create a lot of functions and interact with the player.

Is Wistia fast?

Wistia will allow your video embeds to load faster and will very easily fit into your website design. Also, it will not hamper the loading speed of your site.

Can I add a Wistia video into a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, you can add your Wistia video to your PowerPoint presentation.


01 Zight and Droplr Quora discussions
02 Droplr Capterra review


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