SERanking vs Serpstat in 2024: Start SEO and SEM with AI

In my role as an analyst, I delved into the comparison between SERanking and Serpstat, both prominent tools in the SEO and SEM arena. This guide offers an unbiased, in-depth analysis of their features, pricing, and overall utility. With a focus on keyword monitoring, the article highlights the importance of such tools in today's competitive digital landscape. I found that while SERanking is cost-effective and has a versatile pricing calculator, Serpstat stands out with its comprehensive feature set. This comparison is aimed at assisting businesses in selecting the most suitable tool for their specific SEO and SEM needs.

Keyword monitoring is fundamental to winning at SEO and SEM. At a time when everyone is fighting for digital space, and pushing the envelope to cream to the top on search engines as well as social media, keyword planning has become crucial. It is when you can do the right keyword planning, that it will be possible for you to plan your content accordingly around those keywords.

This Seranking vs Serpstat comparison guide will help you choose the right one for your business.

Consider this, suppose you have an email marketing tool.

Same goes for SEM too. So, you will look up for tools that can help you plan and monitor those keywords. Our post is an in-depth comparison of seranking vs serpstat the two leading SEO software that we will cover later in the post.

With SEO tools you can plan your entire keyword and SEO strategy, in no time.

This is something that would in most cases be impossible, especially when you start getting a lot of traffic and have earned yourself some online competitors.

Here are a few ways in which an SEO and keyword monitoring tool will then be able to help you:

  • To speed things up, you need to spend less time manually listing keywords when automation can help you do that. You also get SEO reporting automatically, which again can be downloaded and saved. Manual load gets lifted, and you can focus on doing core work.
  • Organising and planning things gets simpler. And, so does the process of ideation.
  • Competitor research does not seem like an ordeal

With these reasons in mind, in this blog post, we will be reviewing two such keyword suggestion and monitoring tools in detail.

While I’ve earlier discussed Hittail and Wordtracker, which were keyword SEO tools, the two tools we pick for comparison in this post are SERanking and Serpstat.

The main difference between Seranking vs Serpstat is that SEranking is cost efficient and has a pricing calculator whereas Serpstat has several features in it.

Let’s get started.

SERanking and its features

For our seranking vs serpstat comparison let us find out about SEranking first.

SERanking is a tool bundled with various features, all of which serve different purposes.

For this post, we will skip discussing their B2B features and will stick to their SEO tools, competitor research capability like rank tracking, and social media management tool.

SEO tools and features in SEranking       

  • Keyword rank tracking: With the keyword rank tracking, you can fetch keyword ranks for all major search engines, locations, and devices. The rankings are pretty accurate, and if this is something you wish to check by yourself you can verify using the cache copy that they store for you.
  • Website SEO audit: With website SEO audit feature of SEranking, you can look up the performance of your website for over 70 parameters. This helps you find out where you are doing well and the metrics or benchmarks that you need to pull your socks up for. Also, whether you have one website to optimise for search engines or a number of them, with SEranking, everything seems simple.
  • On-page SEO: With on page SEO feature, you can cull out a detailed report about particular page performance. You get to know how well page optimisation is done as of now, and alongside recommendations on what needs to be fixed for On page SEO. For specific search queries also, you can check page optimisation. Which means that you get to know if your page complies with the ranking factors.
  • Backlink checker and monitoring: There are 15 parameters for which you can evaluate any backlink on your website. Some of these are backlink URL, backlink status, backlink MOZ da, country, added on, external links, destination URL, Alexa rank, referring domain link popularity, etc. With backlink checker tool of SEranking, you can both manually and automatically import backlinks, filter them as per your requirement, do your budgeting for backlinks so that you can plan SEO campaigns smartly!
  • Keyword checker and grouping: With their keyword suggestion tool you have access to over 2 billion unique search queries. This tool gives search engine suggestions for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These suggestions are updated on a monthly basis, so you have the most accurate and updates ideas always ready. Using the keyword grouping tool you can segment those keywords that are highly searched, and those that you need to target. You can also do all SEO planning and put in place the SEO architecture of the website you are planning.
  • Page change monitoring: Keep track of all the changes that are made to your website pages. A website goes through a lot of changes regarding content. Keeping track of what changes got you the best results is essential. Keep informed of all these updates as and when they happen. You can track changes in content, metadata, links and more of content marketing.

Competitor analysis and research capability in SERanking

For ranking on search engines, organic is just one source.

The other is paid. With competitor analysis and research feature of SEranking, you can find out both organic and paid performance of your competitors’ websites. You can:

  • Dig into keywords as well as ads your competitor URL/ Domain is ranking for, in n paid and organic search
  • Segment ranking by time periods
  • Discover more competitors that you did not have on your list, for organic and paid keywords that you are targeting
  • Cull out competitors for a specific search query
  • Fetch similar meaning key phrases or words

SMM with SERanking

Scheduled publishing and management of your social media posts becomes a matter of minutes with SERanking.

With this capability provided by SERanking, you can auto-post your updates on social media, sit back and relax. You can leave it to the tool to keep track of performance, which you can, later on, study to optimise your campaigns and posts further.

Combining this capability with SEO allows you to improve your search engine rank tracking, as well as sales rate. Share content that is doing great and maximise the reach and conversion on that excellent performing piece of contentin no time, through your social channels.

In return, sharing your content on social platforms regularly can make your content marketing evergreen.

Moreover, using SERanking for social media management allows you to schedule your posts for the best time when you are likely to fetch maximum engagement from your target audience.

You don’t need to manually switch from Facebook to Twitter to post, share, or update content when you use SEranking.

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SERanking – Pricing

The pricing tool that SERanking uses is quite intelligently planned and revolves around one thing – your frequency of checking your website ranking.

Based on this, the plans have been priced depending on what all features you require to optimise ranking that you check after a certain period.

Quite, spot on, we must say.

So, if you check website ranking and performance on a daily basis, a basic plan of SEranking starts at Plan A- $7.00/month, or $84/year.

If you check ranking every three days, their basic plan that is termed ‘personal’ or plan B will cost you $5.60/month or $ 67.2/year.

Last, if you check your website ranking every week, your cost goes further down with the personal plan or plan C costing you only $4.20/month or $50.4/year.

In total, SERanking has four plans to pick from – Personal, Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise.

I’d suggest if you are a medium-sized firm that is rapidly growing, invest in their Plus plan rather than the optimum one.

For just a few dollars more, you get a lot of extra value for signing up for the Plus plan. It is anyways one of the most popular. Just in case, you don’t want to go by my word, do your research. SEranking have a pricing plan calculator that you can use to check which plan will suit your needs the best.

Here’s how SEranking pricing calculator looks:

seranking vs serpstat

Can I also point out what I love the most about SERanking? Well, it is the feature that empowers marketing for me unlike anything else – the marketing plan feature with this amazingly easy to use planning tool.

With best practices and marketing plan checklists to execute my plan properly, available at hand, I can worry a little less.

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Update: Seranking has updated its privacy agreement to ensure the GDPR and CCPA compliance.

This gets us to discussing the features of the next tool in detail.

SERanking vs Serpstat 

SERPStat and its features

Now let us begin with Serpstat to compare seranking vs serpstat.

SERPStats touts itself as a growth hacking tool.

Let’s see what all it has on the plate for the significant purpose that it says it serves. Just a few points that point towards to the popularity of this post:

  • There are more 95000 active users of this tool
  • The database of this tool has over 100M keywords data
  • The tool offers five super smart SEO services
  • Page changes monitoring feature
  • It started as a keyword research tool, but because of the popularity it gained, it quickly grew into a full-stack SEO and PPC tool as well. Today, as we know, it is on the list of ‘growth hacking’ tools.

Let’s look into the features that this tool offers:

Feature 1: Keyword Research

With SERPStat keyword research tool you can do in-depth URL analysis, perform related keyword research, get insights on search queries, and run what is known as a ‘tree-view’ keyword distribution.

seranking vs serpstat

Fetching backlinks and all information related to them in a matter of seconds are possible with SERP stats.

You get full data of all backlinks on your website, for the last two years, with this tool by performing depth URL analysis.

Alongside, you get to fetch insights on your competitor’s backlinks.

Being able to track the quality score of referring domains from which you are getting backlinks, and discover those pages that have most links will show you how you are performing on your backlink building strategy.

Feature 3: Competitor Analysis

To have the upper hand over your competitors, you always need to know their game plan and do competitor research.

This is how you get to plan better. With SERPstat you can keep track of who are the leaders on search engines for specific keywords and keyword queries using competitor analysis.

You will also be able to track how they are performing and progressing over time. Alongside, you can keep a complete track of their keyword map.

seranking vs serpstat

Feature 4: Rank Tracking

Another great feature that helps you excel in competitor research is ‘rank tracking’. Using some advanced Google analytics that SERPstat offers, you can run a complete SERP research.

You can find out SERP historical data, keyword groups, insights into how traffic distribution of competitor domains etc. You can also track and analyse market share fluctuations of competitors.

Feature 5: SEO audit

Using this feature, you can check Serpstat domain optimisation score.

This score is the measure of how good you have been at optimising your domain for ranking.

Running an SEO audit using SERPstat will allow you to find out the parameters where you are lacking and need to put more optimisation efforts.

Alongside, you’ll also know where you are making progress in SEO and how you can improve on these parameters even more.

Feature 6: PPC Research

PPC research is key to nailing your paid strategy for search engine ranking.

When you are looking for any data related to paid keywords in this tool, you’ll be able to fetch data like competitors for that keyword, ad examples, and ad research etc.

Using this data, you can plan your PPC campaigns, the budget for them, and analyse what will help you perform better on paid campaigns.

This isn’t it. With SERPstat you can also do content marketing plan, search analytics, marketing intelligence and more, with absolute ease.

If you are convinced that all these features that SERPstat offers will help you do great with SEO and SEM, keep reading to know how the tool is priced that suits your marketing plan and budget.

Feature 7: AI Content Generator and Analysis

Serpstat’s AI features offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and optimize the content creation process.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Serpstat provides users with capabilities such as AI-driven content generation and analysis, keyword extraction, plagiarism detection, and ad generation.

Additionally, Serpstat’s platform includes tools for grammar and spelling checks, paraphrasing, YouTube video transcription, and FAQ generation.

These features help users produce high-quality, unique, and SEO-optimized content, ensuring better search engine rankings and visibility in today’s competitive digital landscape.

SERPstat – Pricing

If you haven’t yet made up your mind about whether you wish to use SERPstat for your SEO and SEM needs, try them out for free trial period.

Explore their features, read as much as you can about the tool, and if you have any trouble starting up refer to their academy for assistance.

If you have decided that this is a tool of your dreams, you can opt for either a personal or a business plan or ask their customer support team to help you out.

They offer a number of plan for white labeling. For Plan A and Plan B billing rates, all charts, reports and tables are added with Serpstat logo.

For Plan E, Plan F, Plan G and Plan H billing rates, you can download all the reports, charts and tables with the logotype of your company.

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Comparing two world-class tools – SERanking vs. Serpstat

In my opinion, Serpstat is far better a tool for SEO and SEM as compared to the other.

Now, customer review and ranking might lead you in a different direction altogether, but I’ve used both tools, and I can say that the feature list that Serpstat offers is mouthwatering.

So, even though a bit costlier it is still my fav.

However, it is an extremely neck to neck comparison.

SEranking supports different languages including English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and SERPstat supports only one – English.

On the other hand, at PPC Serpstat is a winner but the customer support service of SERanking is just awesome and you can reach them via Contact us option on their website. 

I was mind-boggled by the kind ease Serpstat offers in monitoring and rank tracking competitor of PPC campaigns.

You get to dig up a pool of keywords that your direct as well indirect competitors are using. The ease of handling PPC in Serpstat is like a dream come true!

Another SEranking pro is the fact that it integrates with many various third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Zapier, and Bitrix24.

What makes many people love SEranking that their backlink analysis is not just excellent for depth URL analysis.

You can make use of all the data that the tool digs up for you. Having run the backlink and depth URL analysis, you can opt to get reports on email as and when any changes are made to those backlinks.

This is a brilliant feature. So, if you want to keep track of backlink status, you can opt to get a report on this. You can also get reports on spammy links on your website and filter them out. Simply, awesome!

However, Serpstats backlink and depth URL analysis is no less. From a single dashboard, you can track and manage all your backlinks.

With Serpstat you also get to you can get to view an anchor cloud, as well as an entire list of keywords used as anchor text to link back to your website.

I love this feature! I score the backlink analysis capability based on the ease of use. Because Serpstat’s dashboard is elegant, I give this tool extra points.

Nowadays, you need to be ‘geographically’ appropriate when it comes to data.

This goes for SEO too. With SERanking, you are updated on that front as well. With SERanking Google Location Changer tool you can get the most relevant search analytics results based on a ‘geographic’ search.

That’s how you stay accurate locally as well as globally in results for your search queries. This point is totally in favour of SERanking, and I would want this to be on SERPstat’s list also.

SERanking vs Serpstat 

Competitor analysis

One of the main reasons why my preference bends more towards SEranking is that their competitor analysis tool is fantastic, and does intelligent work.

You don’t get to see plain numbers and performance metrics but can also see how your competitor ads look like in Google.

Also, very quickly you can find out how many competitors are targeting a similar audience including keywords.

All this makes it easy for you to plan better, learn from your competitor’s mistakes, and optimise accordingly.

However, when it comes to internal website audit, SERPstat wins. From meta tags to redirects to server parameters to loading speed – SERPstat audits everything right.

Update: SerpStat has revised its privacy policy and has made considerable changes to make its platform ready for GDPR and CCPA.

Their website clearly mentions that all their operations are compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Our experience of SERanking vs SerpStat:

What We LikeSimple pricing structure.
 Great backlink analysis.
User-friendly interface.
Ease of use.
Good SEO audit tool
Powerful PPC analysis.
What We don’t Like Some keyword data is missing.
The results are not very accurate.
No unique features that stand out.
Sometimes it gets slow.
Value for MoneyYes, it is an affordable tool.Yes, absolutely.
Who should use it?Small to medium-sized businesses.Agencies loooking for an affordable SEO tool.
Our Score4.4/54.2/5
SERanking vs Serpstat in 2024: Start SEO and SEM with AI 4
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Our Experience:

While starting with SEO tools, you might find a lot of free options. But, all these free options are free only to a certain extent.

If you want to get the best of these tools, you will have to sign up for a plan, be it then a started plan only. So, if you HAVE to choose, why not pick the best?

There are many tools out there that you can try out for SEO and SEM.

However, both these tools that we’ve discussed in this guide are very close competition to each other. On I would score SERanking an 8.5 on 10 and Serpstat a 9.

If you compare Seranking vs Serpstat then both are brilliant tools. I just loved how easy it is to use SERPstat.

On the contrary, I love how simple it is to understand SEranking pricing.

It is just wonderful to have a tool out there that understands what each plan must include as per how it is priced.

Also, their pricing calculator makes things simpler for anyone who is wanting to invest in a tool but has no idea about how pricing works and you can simply reach them via contact us tab.

What I believe is that Serpstat is brilliant when it comes to planning and monitoring organic and paid campaigns.

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Having gone through the detailed review on seranking vs serpstat, which one are you willing to try out on a free trial basis?

I think you can take out time to explore both of them. Once you’ve tried them hands-on, write to me which one floored you?

Are you too in love with SEranking just like me, or do you have something more in favour of Serpstat to discuss?

Waiting to hear your thoughts on this interesting comparison. Drop in a comment.

Which is better SEranking or Serpstat?

SEranking is a better tool as compared to Serpstat.

Which is the better tool amongst SEMrush, SEranking and Serpstat?

When it comes to the best tool then SemRush is the winner and SEranking is the runner. For reasons like affordable with excellent features, insightful data on SEO and keyword research and very detailed SERP reports.

What are the pros and cons of Seranking and SerpStat?

Pros of SEranking:
Great website audit
Easy user interface
Customer support
Great backlink analysis

Cons of SEranking:
The data is not that accurate.
You do not get all the keyword data.

Pros of SerpStat:
Has a missing keyword feature that tells what your competitors are ranking for but you don’t.
Great customer support

Cons of SerpStat:
Slow to process heavy databases
No chrome extension
Lacks integration with Google analytics.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Serpstat offers 4 plans:
Lite: $45/mo
Standard: $97/mo
Advanced: $194/mo
Enterprise: $324/mo

Who should use SEranking and SerpStat?

SerpStat is great for monitoring and planning of paid as well as organic campaigns.
SEranking works well for competitors analysis.
Both tools are great and who should use which tool depends on the requirements and your budget.

Which is cheaper SEranking or Serpstat?

SEranking is cheaper as compared to SerpStat. But the features that you get with SerpStat is all worth it.


I am Sreeram, a results-driven SEO specialist with over 4 years of experience empowering businesses to grow through digital marketing. As a freelancer for leading SaaS companies and agencies, I am passionate about implementing data-backed SEO strategies that deliver exponential organic growth. I have successfully executed link building campaigns that generated an 800% increase in organic traffic for a B2B SaaS and a 400% rise in backlinks for a SaaS website. I offer deep expertise in on-page SEO, link building, SEO tools, and project management. With a bachelor's degree in computer science and certifications from Semrush and Google, I stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. When not optimizing campaigns, I enjoy building new websites from the ground up. I am wholly devoted to the world of SEO and thrive on helping businesses attract and engage with customers online. My analytical, results-driven approach ensures that clients achieve their growth objectives through sustainable SEO success.

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  1. I am using SE Ranking and as of now I did not have any problems with it. I only think that they can make their interface a bit more easy to navigate and improvise their app. Though, I always use it on my laptop but once when I tried using the app I was certainly finding it hard to sort and view the results.

  2. For me Seranking is affordable, useful and serves your purpose right. The only drawback is that you have to pay extra for their backlink and other keyword grouping feature. But, overall seranking is a great tool and very much helpful.