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15 All-Time Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payments…

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Today, digital and online payments have become unavoidable. Sending money online is a boon for many of us who are not too fond of carrying cash everywhere or paying a visit to the ATM. Swiping a credit card or simple transacting with internet banking comes much more comfortable for our generation. Although internet banking is simpler than when it started, some of us still find it cumbersome and look for alternative.

There are Paypal alternatives that can fill the gap for us as it is an online payment method that lets you make your payments for various merchants, big and small, such as Amazon and eBay. All you need to do here is fill in and store your bank accounts details and reuse it whenever you make a purchase online. This payment gateway saves time by letting you skip the step of filling credit card details every time you send money online.

The process is password-protected, with robust security screening before getting access to proceed to make your payment.

Owing to the ease of operation, many other use PayPal Alternatives these days. The exchange rate of Paypal is also high, affecting the income through online payments. Who knows you can find a better deal when you compare these tools to PayPal pricing, features, and other factors.

Let’s take a look at some of the Paypal Alternatives


  1. Venmo is one of the alternatives to PayPal and is a digital wallet that keeps your payment methods secured. You can either use it for sending money or store money in the wallet to keep making payments until the money is used. You can also link debit and credit cards to make your payments.

A fun fact that people are not aware of is that Paypal and Braintree own Venmo. So dont worry about the safety and security of this platform as reliable names of the industry are associated with it. However, the pricing of this tool against PayPal pricing is cheap because payments through Venmo wallet is free.

With Venmo,  your first step is to scan your fingerprint, or enter the PIN. You need to fill in details for the person you are about to pay- their username, email address, or their twitter handle to ensure you are filing the right details.

Then you need to confirm, whether you are paying the person or accepting payment from him. After choosing the relevant payment method, you will be taken to another screen to specify the amount. Then, select to transfer the money post which you will receive a confirmation for the same. This message will also be sent to the other party to notify about send and receive money.

The good thing is that the app is available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry and also on their website.

Another exciting feature is the ‘Business’ side of it. If you are in business and you wish to provide an online payment method to your customers, you can sign up on Venmo. By doing so, you will not only make the entire payment solution more simplified for your users and for yourself.

Again, all financial and bank accounts related information is encrypted and kept confidential from all parties involved.


Another alternative like Paypal to send and receive money is Dwolla. Founded in 2008, it began with a mission to transform the electronic payment gateway industry. Dwolla is best for recurring payments .

Although their features are similar to Paypal or Venmo, their marketing strategy mostly focuses on the developer community. While keeping all the payment details and other user information private and safe, the platform gives a chance to the developers to scale the platform as required.

User Interface: Dwolla is known for its excellent User Interface and focuses on delivering a good user experience on the platform. The Dashboard, has been praised for its concise summary of information that is shared for the user to look at. It not only gives you a quick look at all the payments made, and transactions processed but also an overall view of the business trends. Here, you can manage users and see the payments they are a part of.

Integrations: Dwolla has also gone extra mile and made integration with other reliable platforms to enhance the security and efficiency of its platform. Their integration with Plaid takes care of bank accounts verification. They quickly verify and authenticate your customer’s bank funding sources. They also have integration with Sift Science for Fraud Monitoring. It enables you to stop fraudsters in real time by collecting data on a global scale.

Google Wallet

Another virtual wallet in the industry which is also the competitors of Paypal, is Google Pay Wallet. Coming from Google itself, it allows the users to accept payments and transfer money straight from their devices. However, an interesting fact here is that the bank information and other confidential user data is not available on the device, thus offering fraud protection. Instead, it is sent on the Google servers. As a result, the transactions take place between the Google server and the merchant directly.

Although they do have an app, they also provide a Google Wallet physical card, which you can use as debit cards or even a gift card! Google Pay was seen discontinuing their online payment gateway for certain online store such as ebooks and online games and music, but on the other hand, they are also planning to expand in the hardcore online store, primarily focusing on physical goods merchants.

Another feature is ‘Split.’ On taping this button, you will be asked to choose up to 5 friends to split the bill. You can edit the amount for each of them and pay accordingly. There is no fee charged levied, except for the amount charged by your bank to accept credit card linked to Google Wallet.


Another best alternatives to try is Skrill which is about sending money but staying connected to people in some way. You can sign up simply with an email address. It is accessible to more than 200 countries.

what are paypal alternatives - make it easier to pay

The platform ensures the ‘connecting’ factor by offering features and functionalities like betting online, gaming and even transferring funds internationally!

Other than these features they have two programes by the name of VIP and Ambassador.

VIP Programme: With this programme,you can transact a minimum amount in a certain period to maintain the VIP status. In exchange, you get benefits like special offers and more security.

VIP Ambassador Programme: This particular programme isone level up from the VIP Programme. IP Ambassadors receive an increased revenue share, more commission and have direct access to the VIP Ambassador team. The revenue share you earn is credited daily to your Skrill account.

Note that even though most transactions on Skrill are not chargeable, however, there might be some transactions that would require a certain amount of fee.


Headquartered in New York, Payoneer is a financial services company founded in 2005. The platform facilitates transactions and transfer money both internationally and within the user’s country and offers fraud protection. The platform boast of more than four million users spread across 200 countries.

The Payoneer account USP lies in their seamless capability of fund transferring, with lower exchange rate and no monthly fees. Users tend to avoid making payments via their credit cards on Payoneer account as they charge fees. Hence, it is useful for businesses who are into transferring funds more often and require B2B payments now and then.

 similar to paypal - alternatives paypal -  online payment - debit card

Mobile App: They offer a seamless mobile payment solution for both Android and iOS where you can quickly check account balance, multiple transactions, and fund withdrawals. But, you cannot make online payments through Pioneer mobile application, which is a drawback. Many users have shared missed responses for this particular missing functionality.

eCheck Processing: As per this functionality, you can make payments through Payoneer, and there are as no charges for availing this feature. However, each transaction incurs a fee as per your bank regularities.


Another Paypal alternatives to try because of the ease of transaction fee. There is no monthly fees, no need to maintain a minimum amount, and merchants get spectacular deals without having them to be old users. Now adding all these transaction fee-related benefits you might see it as a cheaper PayPal account alternative.

what are paypal alternatives

Since the platform is a third party processor, it usually ends up terminating accounts if the risk departments detect something fishy. Despite instant account creation, you are under high scrutiny for any suspicious behavior.

what are paypal alternatives

Customer Database: If you have a merchant account, you can get a quick look at your customers’ usual behavior, their visits, purchase preferences, and the frequency they visit.

You can further divide these customers and segment them by their behavior for your email marketing campaigns. This database quickly also integrates invoices, customer feedback as well as any appointments made.

Advanced Reporting: These reports are generated in real-time and, by the hour, day, week, a month or even year. The online dashboard gives you a wholesome view of the all activities and revenues for your business, with some great actionable insights.


2Checkout has been around since the early 2000s as a third party payment gateway, specifically for e-commerce merchants. As you checkout and pay, the platform serves as a payment processor and completed for your online purchase.

But, in 2017, 2Checkout was bought over and acquired by Avangate, an e-commerce platform.

2checkout - similar to payal alternative

Shopping Cart Integration: Amongst an entire list of integrations on 2Checkout, the shopping cart integration is the most effective integration. The shopping cart integration number has crossed over a 100, making it easier to make purchases online. Apart from this, 2Checkout supports integrations for quick invoicing, bookings and lots more.

Recurring Billing: For those of you who might have recurring bills every month, you can also choose to sign up for a subscription accordingly.

Developer Resources: You also get access to some documents and code faqs. You can choose to customize the platform as per your needs and have it work to your ease. Since customization is a big part of the smooth user experience, this offering is extraordinary.

Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit has a range of financial services products listed under them, and allows you to manage everything. Once your account is set up, you can quickly send invoices, set up recurring payments, and tally them. You can also pull out your customer list and populate your invoices accordingly.

what are paypal alternatives

Invoicing with Gmail: You can directly use Gmail to generate invoices, and further choose whether you like to accept credit cards or bank transfers or both. You will first have to create a free account with Intuit.

They have a separate pricing structure for each product they offer. Every version comes with its pricing chart, and the differences are too minute to be noticed, which makes it confusing.


ProPay is another PayPal alternative who have a solution for even small businesses. They offer financial support and processing services as per business type. On the website, you will be easily able to see their services listed under categories such as- Small Company, Enterprise, and Industries.

Further, they also offer three types of ‘payment facilitators,’ namely- QuickStart, ProFac Silver, ProFac Gold.

ProPay - Alternatives to PayPal

Propay has a mobile version which is available for most devices. Another exciting offering is the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader. With this, you can seamlessly process credit cards in real time on your device, even without a data coverage.

ProPay has stuck partnerships with specific target industries. If you go to their website, you will see many pages dedicated only to this, listing out perks that you get other than small company set up.


The tenth PayPal account alternative on our list is WePay for integrated bank transfers, low transaction fees and easy onboarding. The platform is available for smooth operations, quick and straightforward onboarding.

The WePay ecosystem offers a range of products, designed to target different segments of their target audience:

Merchant Onboarding: Their foremost priority is to get the reluctant customers on board easily and quickly possible. To eliminate friction, they ensure ample support on common issues such as checkout forms, instant signup, and KYC compliance.

Payment Processing: Since payment processing is their core functionality, they have made it extremely simple and flexible. They share a payment solution by API for flexibility and offer modern gateway features such as account updater and even Apple Pay.

Risk/ Compliance: The platform shares everything that is needed to ensure a prosperous and secure integrated payment processing. By understanding fraud exposure and risk issues along with compliance issues, WePay excels in taking care of the overall security of international payments.

Support: A lot of payment system providers do not go all out to support their customers. However, WePay claims to keep all their customers happy with a robust support infrastructure and services.

International: If your business is already operating internationally, then WePay should be your go-to platform. They have features that work globally and even extend support across different countries.

Operating since 1996, Authorize has gained good popularity and credibility over the years. After a couple of acquired by other companies, Authorize has been serving customers across the globe.

15 All-Time Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payments... 2

Other than the regular features and functionalities, here are some you might like to know to help you see if this alternative better than Paypal or not:

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite: This functionality comes included for free with your account and carries a set of 12 filters that you can alter any time you like, to suit your business needs. You can also go ahead and flag fraud transactions to keep in your records and to prevent any inventory loss in the future.

Customer Information Manager: This is the most potent and reliable feature on Authorize, where you can quickly and securely store customer information such as their billing address, shipping address and their payment system. The data collected is encrypted and kept safely for easier online payments for your customers in the future.

Braintree Payments

Braintree is a sophisticated international payment systems in the market which can be used as a merchant account i.e. for small businesses. They have been enabling services and operations to be smooth and seamless.

It usually takes at least two days for the user to understand the product due to varied customization options. The transactions fee is 2.9% and 30 cents for bank transfers.

Sandbox: If you are not sure about the product, test it before you implement it for your business. They offer a sandbox for developers to go and try the product, for free.

Integrations: Braintree is compatible with a set of third-party services, covering everything from online carts and recurring billing functionalities to invoicing tools.


It is a platform which allows merchants to accept credit card payments from their customers seamlessly.

Electronic and Email Signature: They follow paperless processing system, thus requiring minimal hardware and minimum setup expense with just name and email details. So, efficiently collect digital signatures from your customers, eliminating the need to store receipts completely.

Developer Friendly: They offers a full stack API which is developer friendly and gives the merchants a chance to make their platform more customizable and flexible.

Callin Processing: In case you can not send money through mobile payment, you can also avail the call-in processing method. So, make a call through the automated system and have your transaction recorded in no time!

alternatives better than paypal


Another alternative similar to PayPal is Stripe, comes with no monthly fees and can get your work done instantly. These features are simple and straightforward; however, once you start using them, you will see a layer of other functionalities within each of them.

Subscription Solutions: There a couple of subscription plans offered by Stripe for either one time users or heavy users. The additional features in the higher tiered solutions are primarily provided at no extra charge.
Stripe Connect: A highly useful tool for businesses operates internationally, lets you verify sellers and merchants who are in international locations. It also enables you to create a repeat payment schedule for them.

what are paypal alternatives - monthly fee - payment providers - per transaction


An Indian product, Paymate has a bunch of regular features and also a couple of them that might be more specific to business needs. For example, they offer a mechanism where a merchant can make their GST payments via credit cards.

Cloud-Based and Secure: Paymate stresses on its security level and their ability to operate on Cloud, ensuring highest levels of international security and quick, easy upgrades without extra charge.

Partnerships with Banks: Paymate boasts of helpful tie-ups with leading banks in India such as BI, IndusInd Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC, Kotak, Axis Bank. They also have a partnership with Visa. It is a cheaper Paypal alternative for Indian users.

Questions asked when looking for best Paypal alternatives:
what are paypal alternatives - make bank transfers - online payments - recurring billing

An overview of all the Paypal alternatives discussed in this post:

Paypal alternatives
  • Stripe
  • Google wallet
  • Venmo
  • Dwollo
  • Payoneer
  • Square
  • 2checkout
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Propay
  • Wepay
  • Braintree payments
  • PayJunction
  • Paymate
Features Summary
Free plan for upto 15 users;Friendly Project management tool for the masses;Clients like NASA and New york times
  • What is good?
    >> Ease of use.

    >> Low transaction fees.

    >> Integration with Shopify and Woocommerce.

    What is not good?
    >> Available in selected countries.

  • What is good?
    >> No fees charged on transaction.

    >>All bank details remain concealed making it secure.

    >>Split feature that allows you to split a bill.

    What is not good?
    >> No credit cards allowed.

  • What is good?
    >> Easy to use , affordable and a secure platform.

    What is not good?
    >> It is a bit hard to find how to make your transactions private.

  • What is good?
    >> Functional and understandable interface.

    >> Very less transaction fees.

    >>White label service.

    What is not good?
    >> No credit card payments.

  • What is good?
    >> Receive or make payments instantly from any part of the world.

    >> Currency exchange rates are reasonable.

    What is not good?
    >> The fees adds up quickly in several occasions.

  • What is good?
    >> No fees and competitive rates.

    >> Full functional mobile credit card app.

    >> Low cost credit card processor .

    What is not good?
    >> Customer care not prompt.

  • What is good?
    >>Huge list of shoping cart integrations

    >> Allows you to customise platform as per your needs.

    What is not good?
    >> Their processing fees is on a higher end.

  • What is good?
    >> Good range of financial services.

    >>Invoicing with gmail.

    What is not good?
    >> Software becomes hard to use as the business grows.

  • What is good?
    >> Good option for micro merchants and small businesses.

    >> Good for direct selling.

    What is not good?
    >> Expensive if you have large number of transactions.

    >> Setup and annual fees

  • What is good?
    >> Easy onboarding and low transaction fees.

    >> Payment processing extremely simple.

    What is not good?
    >> The customer service is not responsive.

  • What is good?
    >> Wide range of supported currencies.

    >> Monthly billing and flat rate pricing.

    What is not good?
    >> Flat rate pricing is still high

  • What is good?
    >> Multicurrency support.

    >> Good range of integrations and Sandbox

    What is not good?
    >> Long setup time for accounts.

  • What is good?
    >> Credit card processing.

    >> Great option if you want to do basic payment collection.

    What is not good?
    >> Not good customer support.

  • What is good?
    >> Unique feature where one can make GST payment with credit card .

    >> Cloud based and secure.

    What is not good?
    >> They need to work a lot on their services.

What are the best PayPal alternatives?

Some of the best PayPal alternatives are 2Checkout, Payoneer and Google pay. 2Checkout is a very affordable option if you are based in the U.S. Google pay is fast and there are no additional costs involved.

Which is the best payment method for freelancers/bloggers apart from PayPal?

Some good options to get paid are Skrill, Payoneer and Google Pay.

What are some payment options for international transactions?

Payoneer and Skrill are good payment options for International transactions. Skrill is known to offer the best conversion rates.

Which is better: PayPal or Payoneer?

Payoneer is a better option than PayPal. Reasons why it is better than PayPal are: 

1. It is comparatively cheaper than Paypal if you are transferring large amounts of money. 
2. The transfer happens quickly after the request unlike PayPal
3. Payoneer is more focused on international transfers.

Is Google Pay a viable alternative to PayPal?

Yes, it is a great alternative to PayPal make money transfer quite easy. It is one of the cheapest options available for transferring money. For example making payment through a debit card is free with Google Pay but with PayPal you pay 2.9%+$0.30.

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    I never knew that there were so many more Paypal alternatives that one can use. I would like to give Skrill definitely a try but before that i would like to know about the performance of their mobile app. As what i came to know online there have been issue with the app.

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    Payoneer might be a popular alternative to paypal but I have encountered a lot of problems while using this tool. Maybe it was just me who had a bad experience and others didn’t.

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