LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution

During my evaluation of LiveWebinar, I found it to be a highly efficient and versatile cloud-based webinar solution suitable for a wide range of business needs. Key features include easy browser access, extensive customization options, HD quality video, and seamless integration with various tools. It supports live streaming, screen sharing, audience engagement analytics, and works well across devices. LiveWebinar stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive webinar platform.

Every business has decided to move their workforce to a remote set-up presenting data, and conducting an online seminar has become an inseparable part of work. Presenting real-time to a live audience, whether pre-recorded or not, raises requirements for a specific kind of software.

Whether for training needs or various other reasons, webinars are helpful, specifically when many people are a part of the audience. 

LiveWebinar review- dashboard

LiveWebinar is working best for businesses from multiple niches with multiple products available in the market. 

LiveWebinar, a cloud-based software, works for smaller teams and larger enterprises to manage their online meetings and webinar needs.

Online events for HR, sales, and marketing teams work like a breeze with LiveWebinar. 

So, if you are looking to collaborate from anywhere through an advanced platform for webinars, then LiveWebinar offers a well-tailored package. With numerous products available, there are quite a few reasons to choose LiveWebinar as your one-stop solution. 

review of livewebinar depth
  • Easy Browser Access: No need to install and download to run a webinar. 
  • Customization: Add or remove features as per your needs to enjoy a unique experience. 
  • HD Quality: The advanced technology used enables you to enjoy the best quality connection. 
  • Seamless Integration: Easy integration options will allow you to manage everything in your domain. 

Screen sharing, live video streaming, recording, customizations, social media broadcasting, and audience engagement analytics makes it a one-stop solution for various business needs. 

LiveWebinar enables your teams to join from mobile devices, PCs, and Smart TVs without any hassle.

Integration with multiple marketing automation tools makes it easier to get more done with just a few clicks. The phone bridge enables users to make calls using toll-free and custom numbers.  

Uses of LiveWebinar 

  • Safer Webinar Solution 
  • Seamless Integration 
  • Customizations 
  • Easier White-label solutions 
  • Fantastic features 
  • Interactive options 
  • No installation required 
  • HD quality 

Features of LiveWebinar:

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 1

Live streaming to social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Periscope. 

  • Evergreen Webinars 
  • Branding Tools 
  • Online meeting software 
  • Improved engagement through collaboration tools. 
  • Whiteboard & Collaborate from anywhere 
  • Breakout Rooms, Chat  
  • Call to action 
  • Live Streaming, Vote Manager 
  • Phone Bridge 
  • Social Media Broadcast 
  • Live Streaming, Recording Editor 
  • Lead Forms, Statistics & Reports 
  • Record LiveWebinar sessions 
  • Customizations & Integrations 

Use LiveWebinar to improve your reach with your target audience.

Choose a topic and do not digress. 

Choosing topics based on your expertise and designing the content to keep the audience interested is the key. Sticking to the issue not only enables you to cover the essential aspects but also helps to offer essential inputs about the topic. 

Ideas for your Webinar 

The sales and marketing teams usually have tons of ideas to offer. Whether it is their challenges or areas of interest, you will have enough ideas for your next Webinar. Including exciting facts and actionable pointers would be helpful for the audience.

Using a sales pitch is a big no.

Educational content helps build trust with the audience attending the session, and it might also promise potential leads. 

Webinar tools  

Choosing the right Webinar tool is very crucial. A considerable number of the audience attending the event, live chat, Q&A, recording, and a few other factors must be a part of the decision making while choosing the right Webinar tool. 

Content is crucial 

No matter what topic you choose, designing the content to keep the audience engaged is crucial. Dull images are best if avoided. Animated graphics and high-quality videos are a great idea instead. Minimal text, planning content to align with the brand values, and discussion-based format make for an exciting session. 

Polls/ opinions/ survey 

Sending a short quiz form ahead lets you build an interactive session and collect your target audience’s opinions. This data helps you design the content accordingly, which means the conversion chances are much higher when the format is designed based on the audience requirements. 

Time your Webinar well 

Consider the time zones of the audience while scheduling the Webinar.

Avoiding commute time and peak work hours is a good idea.

However, if the audience hails from the USA, it is vital to ensure audiences from different time zones are comfortable with the timings. 


Once the invites have reached the attendees, promoting them is crucial.

Creating a landing page for sign-ups, utilize social media ads, use multiple channels to promote, send follow-up emails, and finally send automated emails with personalized templates.

Co-hosting and posting the link to attendees beforehand helps. 


Gathering feedback helps to plan a better Webinar the next time. Collecting the stats and distributing them to the sales teams for lead conversion, sending the recorded version to those who could not attend is an excellent way of converting.

How LiveWebinar is used in different team:


With Elearning replacing more and more courses, Webinars helps to customize the webinar rooms. 

Sales & Marketing 

Creating brand awareness, demos of your products, improving sales through converting participants into leads, and moving buyers to the subsequent sales funnel are all made possible with LiveWebinar. 


Screen sharing, collaboration, idea generation, and real-time collaboration with remote working teams is a breeze. 

Human Resources 

Recruitment, Onboarding, training, and much more are all made possible with LiveWebinar. Most of the human resources process can be made cost-effective. 


Internal messaging, client support, resolving customer issues are made possible with just a few clicks through LiveWebinar. 


Virtual medical consultation, online meeting with patients, educational services to patients, and much more is possible through LiveWebinar. 


Ensuring compliance while adhering to security standards, meet up with clients and discuss sensitive details without any hassle. 


Online conferencing, concerts, trade shows, and live streaming events like workshops, even with thousands of people as attendees, is easy to manage when you use LiveWebinar. 

Integration of LiveWebinar:

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 2
  • Zapier 
  • HeySummit 
  • Slack  
  • Moodle 
  • WebHooks 
  • No need to download additional software. 

Users with no technical knowledge can quickly join a call without any hassle. 

Best quality video presentation enables users to manage their work on the platform without screen sharing. 

It is an excellent alternative for Zoom/ Teams kind of software. LiveWebinar is a perfect and stable option for webinar platforms.

The review on Capterra sum up the advantages of using LiveWebinar:

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 3
  • No software download required, and easy for non-technical people to join a call without any hassle.
  • Best quality videos for presentation within the platform avoids the need for screen sharing.
  • LiveWebinar is an excellent alternative in terms of flexibility and customization of webinars and meetings.
  • Breakout rooms are a great feature, and the flexibility to change the Webinar into real-time is incredible.

Cons of LiveWebinar:

  • There are issues with slides uploading at times, and users have to opt for screen sharing. 
  • Noise cancellation from the audience is not available  
  • Sometimes audio cuts down when two people are talking simultaneously. 

Some of the Success Stories of LiveWebinar:


Livewebinar success stories

Infoshare, the largest technology conference, offered talks Infoshare wanted to organize a significant event in a regular format.

The pandemic situation caused it to move from May to September 2020, which meant it led many participants not to attend the event.

The issue would lead to a lot of challenges and not to forget refunding.

The ongoing problem of the pandemic made them think about a hybrid format. It meant Infoshare needed a unified platform to host the online conference. 

 by experts and was scheduled for a six-day event with presentations from various experts from different fields.

Tomsz thanks LiveWebinar, through which it became possible for Infoshare to provide live streaming for virtual participants and says, “It helped to expand the customer base. The overall experience was very positive, and we organized five more such events”. 

Tomsz Pawul, COO of Infoshare

Problem Infoshare:

Infoshare had planned its event in May 2020 but had to the event to September 2020 because of the COVID -19 pandemic.

The movement of dates also meant that the attendees could not physically attend the event.

They had obligations towards both partners and attendees. They were looking for a versatile and unified platform to move the traditional format into an online event.

Solution provided by LiveWebinar:

Dedicated rooms for individual stages and performance activities for the event were a part of the requirement.

So Infoshare collaborated with LiveWebinar and ensured to set up an event that enabled participants to log in, register, and participate in the same place. Participants watched the talk on individual stages and walked around the virtual expo, making it a comprehensive system and a great online version. 


FAMOC offers mobile device lifecycle management solutions that empower businesses to control and manage their diverse mobile infrastructures remotely. 

LiveWebinar restimonial

Problem at FAMOC:

FAMOC was on the lookout for a solution to manage webinar sessions. Their sessions primarily include new features and improvements introduced in their product.

The session is directed to customers and partners to understand the features of the live demo better.

They wanted to include Q & A session in their webinar session and email invitations, video recording, and Polls/ survey. 

Solution Provided by LiveWebinar:

FAMOC managed onboarding sessions with customers, educational webinars for partners/users, and live demos through LiveWebinar at FAMOC.

FAMOC is now considering using Live Webinar for all their online events that involve their customers and partners. 

Getting Started with LiveWebinar:

Webinar Planning and Launch:

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 4
  1. Signup with LiveWebinar and setup your account
  2. Schedule a Webinar, add all detail
  3. Assign a form for registration 
  4. Assign a presenter
  5. Invite attendees 

Configuring audio and video:

  • Check Audio, Video settings, and troubleshoot if requite on you PC/ Mac.

Setting up the room

  • List of participants 
  • Event interface selection 
  • Choose the suitable layout 
  • Record events 
  • Invite attendees 
  • Moderate Chat 

Preparations :

  • Upload required materials to storage and share files during Webinar 

The Sharing Menu 

  • A how-to guide for screen and video sharing. 
  • How to use the Whiteboard 
  • Creating a poll/ survey 

Livewebinar vs Zoom Comparison

livewebinar comparison



  • Excellent audio quality enables users to embed the app on their website, and some beneficial features are a part of the deal. 


Technical glitches 

  • Sometimes in the initial meeting, set-up users become both the host and the audience. 

Zoom Meetings 


  • Clear video and excellent sound quality 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Good interface 


  • Connectivity issues 
  • Video often freezes when there is a large group. 

Livewebinar vs Webinarjam comparison

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 5



  • Easy video clip sharing 
  • Users can turn off the chat to avoid distraction 
  • Users can switch between videos, power points, and visuals, just like physical teaching. 


  • Call-in feature for meeting participants not available as a standard feature. 
  • Account assistant login is complex. 
  • Stamps are not a part of the paintbrushes for the Whiteboard. 

Webinar jam 


Easy to use Dashboard when starting an on-de Users cannot open a live event if it is closed by mistake. 

  • No discounts for non-profits. 
  • Lack of customization for follow-ups and email reminders.  
  • Inject pre-recorded video 
  • Create polls for attendees before the Webinar to understand their expectations. 


The lifetime license came with tons of promise.

However, many of them did not work as promised, and users had to pay for upgrades that were a part of the promise initially. 

Survey response recording and exporting to the database not available.

Livewebinar vs Demio Comparison

LiveWebinar Review: Next-Gen AI-Powered Webinar Solution 6



  • People can attend webinars live and access the recordings of the session afterwards. 
  • Sharing handouts for download through webinar chatbox.   
  • Best for marketers


  • Users cannot open a live event if it is closed by mistake.
  • No discounts for non-profits.
  • Lack of customization for follow-ups and email reminders.



  • No additional downloads required, and make it easy for non-technical people to join without any hassle. 
  • Offers flexibility to customize webinars. 
  • Breakout rooms offer flexibility to change meeting in real-time.   


  • Audio cuts when two people are talking at the same time.   
  • Integrations are not available in the same tool and make tracking conversions and remarketing. 
  • Technical glitches. 

Our Experience:

 The cloud-based webinar software is helpful for both small and large teams to manage their online events.

Sales, HR, Marketing, IT, and finance teams can use LiveWebinar software for various activities ranging from Onboarding to conducting training sessions.

Board meetings, presentations, Sales webinars, HD video quality, and other online events are made possible with zero hassle through the LiveWebinar software.

High-quality interface, essential features, customization of conferences, and attendees can access via browser. 

Small business or a team growing exponentially, the LiveWebinar features enable users to utilize LiveWebinar for their challenges.

Live chat, live streaming, file sharing, on-demand webinars, post-meeting tools, polls/ survey, reporting & analytics, screen sharing, remote desktop, attendee management, and a few other LiveWebinar features offer a one-stop solution for a multitude of issues.

Tons of integrations, a free trial, and a forever free plan are available, along with paid subscriptions. 

The integrations enable users to manage marketing automation, CRM tools, and webinar statistics generation.

The reporting and analytics help users gather data about participants’ information, location of attendees, devices used, session timings, and other crucial details.

The features, tools, and integrations make it an excellent choice for a variety of needs.

Whether you use the free forever plan or a paid subscription, there is so much to achieve through LiveWebinar!

What is LiveWebinar? 

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based software that enables users to conduct online events with a broader audience from different remote locations, making it an excellent fit for conducting training sessions, live meetings, and any other kind of company-wide events. 

Can I use LiveWebinar for free? 

Yes, Live Webinar offers a forever free plan and later opt for a paid plan if necessary. 

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, LiveWebinar offers a free trial of fourteen days. Users may upgrade to a paid plan or opt for the forever free plan instead of after the free trial. 

Why is LiveWebinar an excellent solution for online events?

LiveWebinar offers tons of features that enable users to do more than conduct online events. Chat, Phone bridge, live streaming, social media broadcast, recording editor, call o action, Whiteboard and many other cool features are a part of LiveWebinar. 

Can we do screen sharing on web browsers? 

We recommend Firefox from the 52 version and Chrome from the 728 version for screen sharing on web browsers. 

How many participants display allowed on the camera? 

While there are no limitations on webcam broadcasting, it is essential to remember that more cameras require more bandwidth. If an online class has thirty students, it is vital to ensure all the participants meet the requirements. 

Can I do YouTuber Live through LiveWebinar? 

Users can stream the event to YouTube through the YouTube player component.  

Can I upload external recordings? 

No. External recordings are not allowed on LiveWebinar. However, pre-recorded meetings are permitted.  you can use your previous recordings from meetings on LiveWebinar.

Can I use a PDF format to upload the presentation slides? 

Yes. You can upload your PDF files to the storage, allow a few moments to convert them into a different format, and then click on the present button. This method is better than screen sharing since this requires lesser bandwidth. 

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