Top 12 AI-Driven Dental Marketing Tools You Need

In our review of the top AI-driven dental marketing tools, we found innovative solutions designed for dentists to enhance their online presence and attract more patients. These tools streamline various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, content creation, email campaigns, and social media management. The guide emphasizes the importance of a robust online strategy in dental marketing, offering insights on how each tool can be tailored to dental practices, ensuring effective engagement and growth in patient numbers.
Dental Marketing Tools You Need

There is a humongous amount of people who need a dentist. Whether it is for a smile correction or a quick braces, we all face tons of issues with our denture.

While many of us have the problem, only a few of us act towards it.

There is a possibility that we watch an ad and realize we would like to get that treatment done.

From the dentist’s point of view, it might seem different. Dental marketing helps practices to work efficiently by improving the number of their cases(in volume).

A dental practice requires a considerable amount of investment considering the equipment and the workplace needed.

dental marketing - like google ads  - dental practice for dentist field - get yourself visible to patients on google

There are going to be new patients with dental issues visiting the dental office.

A dental marketing strategy enables dental practices to improve their potential patients through Facebook ads and other marketing ideas.

Marketing for dentists with a marketing strategy based on their specializations such as dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, sleep apnea, smile makeover, and many others are a great way of marketing to improve the number of new patients.

Finding the niche/ area of expertise is the first step towards a successful dental marketing plan. Share on X

Using images, videos, and compelling material things in order to create an impression on the potential patients and set the dental practice a class apart from the crowd is the next step.

Conducting market analysis to make recommendations based on the dental practice’s budget and the market is the next step.

A well-prepared marketing plan even for dental practice results in a high influx of inquiries from potential patients.

It is essential to train the front office staff/ treatment coordinator regarding the questions they might have to answer.

Treatment coordinators should know things such as the pricing plans, insurance coverage, number of sittings required to complete the treatment, and many other such details well for the potential patients.

So, no questions are left unanswered for anyone wanting a treatment at your clicnic.

If you are a dentist and would want to grow your practice, then using your official website and social media for marketing would be a great idea.

Maintaining a good customer relationship, ensuring it results in word of mouth to attract new and potential patients also helps in brand building.

While using social media and word of mouth is a great way to attract new patients for your practice, it can take longer to improve the number of potential patients per month.

Thanks to dental marketing adding new patients need not be so stressful.

Because it helps the dentists and their practice concentrate on what they do best and let the marketing team create marketing strategies based on factors like specialization, budget, and a few others to improve the number of new patients and potential patients of a dental practice.

dental marketing - bring right people with  google ads - find dentist near your location  - reach target audience

Most of the dental marketing strategies involve social media, Facebook ads, leveraging the dental practice’s official website, and a few other things like media-based marketing ideas.

These dental marketing ideas are carefully arrived at by analyzing the competition and a few other factors in the market.

While word of mouth and an official website cannot improve the number of new patients per month, a well-analyzed dental marketing strategy can enhance the number of inquiry calls tremendously and increase business volume.

Not to mention all the marketing in any field only helps grow your practice further, enable your way to appear in the search results with the help of the content.

The content used for digital marketing is usually dependent on search engine optimization, keywords research, and much more that enables search engines to throw the practice into the first few pages appearing on the website search.

There has been a surge in dental marketing field in the recent past, increasing dental marketing jobs.

To achieve those numbers, dental marketers have to churn out a humongous amount of data and use multiple digital marketing tools.

Asset creation or creating high-quality dental content is the most important digital marketing tool that enables businesses to stand apart from their competition. The content needs to appear in the search results.

It would be possible only by creating the content well with keywords capable of topping the search engines’ list.

create a marketing plan after done with your homework -  for things like promoting  - send emails  - possible to  create trust - not hard

Content creation with keywords that improve search engine optimization helps the search engine generate the name of the dental practice on the first page of the search easily , enabling it to appear in multiple searches, thereby increasing new patients.

Social mediaDigital marketing agencies utilize social media apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and sites like YouTube and Pinterest for their dental marketing ideas. An online marketing plan is essential for every business to grow.

Paid ads are dependent on demographics. Interesting inputs about the dental practice details how a particular dental practice is different from the others.

Social media interaction and the comment section enable businesses to create brand awareness, list potential patients, referrals and generate new dental patients.

Marketing plan for dental marketing - use this tool easily  - calls to right people

Email Marketing – Once a dental practice indulges in digital marketing through social media, it collects emails. It is very vital to achieve your business goal.

Which, in turn, enables us to generate a robust email list. Email marketing is another way of managing dentist marketing strategies.

dental website signup page - create trust with audience - bring the right people

Sending useful content on dental patients’ issues and solutions with specific content on the specifics of specialization, plans, and other details enable generating new patients.

Outreach campaignsConnecting with the potential patients through reminders, seminars on oral health at community events, sponsoring events, and participating in community events helps the audience to choose the particular brand of dental practice over the others and make sure the potential patients get an appointment.

Website – There is only so much content created for marketing ideas, whether they are Facebook ads or social media content.

Such marketing ideas generate lead and require a constant investment of time, cost, and resources.

Creating a full website with all the details like the team of dentists practicing, their stories, customer testimonials, coordinates of the dental office, and an appointment maker are all some of the best dental marketing ideas that can help you achieve you goal.

dental website in USA - marketing plan for dental marketing - bring in and  treat patients

They are one-time investment since it converts potential patients into new patients.

What is dental marketing?

Before we talk about the tools let’s understand what is dental marketing all about.

The traditional word of mouth from active and passive patients can only go so far as to improve dental practice.

A dental marketing strategy focuses on your goal and enables dental practices to create a website, post regular Facebook ads that talk about their service, SEO content, appointment booking through the website, and many other such strategies.

These strategies are a great way to create new patients and improve the list of potential patients.

Furthermore, dental marketing strategies like branding and community event sponsorship are a great way of improving brand awareness and make the practice very trusted and socially responsible.

They result in an influx of potential patients calling in for inquiry.

dental office - drive patients to your dentist  office - another tool for dental marketing

How can I promote my dental office?

Digital marketing works best for a dental practice where the digital medium does the talk for you. There are tons of digital marketing agencies that have worked wonders for dental practices.

Local awareness through community event sponsorship, Click to call ads on Facebook, Mobile call-only ads, Facebook demography target, appointment reminders, Facebook messenger ads, emergency keywords, email marketing, and sponsoring local events are a few ways to promote a dental practice.

How do dentists advertise?

A robust website, Content Marketing, ad words campaigns, direct mails, discount coupons, appointment reminders, newsletters, and specialization-based advertising content marketing enables dentists to advertise about their practice and generate new patients accordingly.

What do dental patients want?

Whatever the specialty of a dental practice, it is essential to care for the basics to feel safe.

Faster appointments (less than forty-eight hours), friendly staff, cleanliness in the office, post-operation calls, clear post-operation instructions are some of the essential details that a potential patient would like to know.

A well-known location, a clear explanation of available plans, and financing options are important factors.

dentist website appointment page - another patients booking page - leverage templates for booking

A satisfactory visit to a dental practice that has covered all the above points helps create an excellent patient experience and refer the dental practice to friends and relatives.

The top five dental marketers in the field of dental marketing are:

Smile Savvy – One of the largest digital marketing companies in the pediatric sector. Online and offline dental marketing strategies for organic search engine optimization content like website designing/ creation, social media marketing strategies, etc.

My Dental Agency – My Dental Agency is a decade-old agency famous for its dental marketing ideas to excite the existing patients and create a pipeline of potential patients.

Reputation management, social media marketing strategies, website development, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and PPC marketing through creative and logical dental marketing strategies are some of my dental agency’s strong points.

New Patients Inc. – The New Patients agency specializes in conducting thorough research and statistical analysis before deciding upon the strategies for dental marketing.

new patients inc- dentist office

The detailed study and analysis help them decide whether to leverage online or offline marketing (they are experts in both) tools like online scheduling, patient communication tools, and many others.

WEO Media – One of the best digital marketing agency which employs a customized approach towards their dental clients.

WEO media dental marketing - let you reach your audience

Logo designing, branding, SEO, Social media strategies, PPC, Facebook Ads, and other services are a part of it. 

Progressing Dental marketing

Progressive is a digital marketing agency that specializes in an array of dental marketing related agencies like Orthodontists, General Dentistry, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, and Endodontists.

progressive dental - dentist office - approach that helps reach maximum people

Apart from this, Progressive dental marketing also specializes in videography.

Digital marketing tools play a vital role in the success of any digital marketing- related ideas/ strategy. It knows how to leverage the digital medium to get the best for your business.

Let us discuss the features, use cases, use, integrate, pricing, and guide for some of the best web applications in the market.

Dental Marketing tools –


Building customized blogs, websites, ecommerce stores, and much more through a flexible CMS is possible with Webflow. You will not find it hard to use this software.

Webflow is an excellent design tool with a customizable CMS that you can leverage for creating responsive web designs, marketing sites, and a few others.

dental marketing - webflow - let you find dentist at your location - best medical practices - marketing strategy


Webflow offers 101 crash course for free that comprises of videos for beginners.

The videos enable users to learn about introductions to the designer, HTML, and CSS for two to three hours of duration.

Use cases

  • Freelancers and agencies
  • Marketing teams
  • Business owners
  • Prototyping

How to use

  • Setup a free account
  • Choose a template and customize it.
  • Set up a CMS either for your use or for a business with a profit margin. Get your writing, images, and graphics ready to start with content.
  • Setup SEO, choose a template and familiarize the interface.
  • Add content to the template, create a new style, add a call to action, and finish up.



The Basic plan costs $12 per month when paid annually and $15 when paid every month.

The basic plan covers twenty-five thousand monthly visits, a hundred pages, five hundred form submissions, and fifty GB CDN bandwidth.

The CMS plan costs $16 per month when paid annually and $20 per month when paid every month.

The CMS plan covers up to a hundred pages, a hundred thousand monthly visits, two thousand collection items, a thousand form submissions, limited API, up to three content editors, and site search.

The Business plan costs $36 per month when paid annually and $45 per month when paid every month.

Custom domain, a hundred pages, up to ten lakh monthly visits, up to ten thousand collection items, unlimited form submissions, global CDN, and ten content editors are a part of this plan and the features available in the CSM plan.

The enterprise is a customized plan.

Customized monthly visits, unlimited API, customized content editors, enterprise support, training & onboarding, and customized billing.


Serpstat helps users to find the competitors related to your business, get the right keywords to run their SEO content and campaigns, analyze the visibility based on the niche, and much more. Without tools like Serpstat it is very hard to manage SEO and other things.

dental marketing services - serpstat - best marketing practices - phone strategy -great  way and tips to reach your target audience


Competitor analysisSERP Rank tracking
Site AuditsLink Building
Keyword suggestions

How to start?

You can create new projects/ project groups, setup the rank tracking for it, conduct an audit & keyword research, site audit tools, set up an email reporting for an overview, and analyze backlinks.

Use cases

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing

How to use

  • You can use SERP STAT to research keywords.
  • Fix SEO errors and perform competitor analysis.
  • Analyze backlinks and optimize PPC campaigns.


Use casesIntegrations
SEOGoogle Analytics
Content MarketingOviond


The Lite Plan costs $69 per month and is an excellent fit for freelancers, small businesses, and individuals.

The plan covers up to twenty tools that enable users to analyze their competitor’s online tactics and offers improvement pointers for SEO, PPC, and SEM projects.

The Standard plan costs $149 per month and works well for marketing agencies. Up to three users, branded reporting, API credits, and extended interface are all a part of this plan.

The Advanced plan costs $299 per month and works well for large organizations and large marketing agencies.

Extended interface, API credits, five users, and all the Standard plan features are a part of the advanced program.

The enterprise plan is perfect for industry leaders and costs $499. White Label, API credits, extended interface, and seven users are a part of this plan and the features in the advanced plan.

Contact the vendor for a customized plan.


SurferSEO is an excellent tool that helps users to compare their pages with the current SERP rankings.

SurferSEO helps to analyze based on data about the missing elements of the page that can be detected. It helps you address even minor issues that may be affecting your website rankings.

dental marketing - surfer services for seo for dentist - let you manage phone - great tool to reach target audience - free tool -  reach real clients


SERP AnalyzerReporting
Content EditorNLP Analysis
Keyword Research

How to start using this tool?

Use cases

  • Optimization of affiliate sites

How to use

  1. Go to Surfer SEO and login with your credentials.
  2. Click on create your content and click on a keyword.
  3. Copy and paste URL of the article and research on the competitor sites.
  4. Remove non-relevant sites, conduct an audit, and edit content.
  5. Go to the content editor and hit create.
  6. Optimize keywords and customize the finalization.
  7. Make the selected changes, and deliver the edited article.


  • Google Docs


A seven-day trial is available for $1 that is definitely great for the service it offers.

The Basic plan costs $49.2 per month. It covers up to fifteen queries per day for SERP Analyzer, twenty-five queries on content editor per month, twenty-five queries per day on backlinks and visibility per day, and unlimited keyword research.

The Pro plan costs $82.5 per month. It covers fifty queries per day on SERP Analyzer, up to a hundred queries per month on the content editor, unlimited keyword research, NLP Analysis, and a hundred queries per day on backlinks and visibility.

The business plan costs $165.8 per month.

It covers audit and content editor (White label reporting), NLP Analysis, address a hundred queries per day on SERP Analyzer, up to three hundred queries per month on the content editor, unlimited keyword research, and three hundred queries day for backlinks & visibility.

Mailer Lite 

A simple tool that offers customer support service, email templates, pre-designed custom popups, and landing pages.

dental marketing practices - mailer lite email services for dentist - let you  create websites target audience - security  needs - not hard to use - real time


File ManagerSubscriber managementCustomized HTML Editor
Newsletter design templatesRSS CampaignAuto Resend
Rich text editorUser PermissionsLanding pages
Campaign reportingEmail Automation
Drag and drop editorUser Permissions

Getting started

  • Sign up for a free plan by adding the details and choosing a password
  • Get your account approved
  • Complete your profile
  • Import subscribers
  • Begin your first planning

Use cases

  • Automated welcome emails
  • Lead generation
  • Automated online courses

How to use

  1. Choose between campaigns and forms to send to the subscribers.
  2. Automate by creating a workflow.
  3. Design the email with plugins and lead magnets.


Zoho CRM


A free trial is available that you can try to know how good is their service.

Forever Free plan offers up to a thousand subscribers.

The Small business plan covers all the features and enables users to add up to two thousand five hundred subscribers for $15 per month.

The Large business plan includes all the features and enables users to add up to sixty thousand subscribers. It costs $260 per month.

Customized plans with discounts and other options are available.


If you are looking for a social media management tool for audience engagement, analytics, and monitoring, Sendible is a great fit for all businesses.

It helps users to measure ROI, schedule messages, and manage their business related social network all on the same platform consistently.

dental marketing - sendible email services for dentist  - best in market - tips to manage social channels - post weekly - free trial


Publishing on multiple social networksLead Generation
Multiple users and clients managementAnalytics and Tracking
Brand building and monitoringCustomer engagement
Post scheduling

Getting started

  • Connect profiles on social media networks
  • Use the smart compose and bulk upload
  • Create queues
  • Setup source content feeds
  • Invite your team
  • Manage content flow

Use cases

  • Marketing
  • Media Production

How to use

  1. Go to “Services” and choose the “monitoring” tab.
  2. Select Brand and Keyword
  3. Select keywords in the monitor tab and click on a new monitor.
  4. Goto the keywords option
  5. Type the keyword and select the icon
  6. Choose the frequency of email notification.
  7. Enter email to receive the notification




A free trial is available.

The startup plan costs $59 per month. It covers automation tools, Google Analytics Integration, reporting builder, profile grouping, up to thirty services, four branded reports, and two team members.

The Business plan costs $99 per month.

It covers email support, team collaboration tools, up to sixty services, includes four team members, and up to eight branded reports.

All the features in the startup plan is also a part of this plan.

The corporate plan costs $139 per month and covers all the features in the business plan.

Up to eighteen branded reports, workflow features, up to ninety services, live support, and up to six team members are a part of this plan.

The Premium plan covers all the features in the corporate plan and costs $499 per month. Unlimited customized reports, up to twenty team members, and dedicated support are all a part of this plan.


An online sales funnel that enables selling and delivering products online.

The funnels, however, are pre-built on specific requirements.

Unlike traditional sales funnels, Clickfunnels offer a package that saves time and cost.

dental marketing - click funnels - best in service for websites - tips to capture leads - create trust with audience - free trial - not hard to use


Sales, membershipCustomized domains
auto webinar funnelsPriority support
Email integrationsOrder, Upsell, and Down sale pages

Use cases

  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Health & Fitness
  • IT Services

How to use

  1. Grow your email list
  2. Build your sales funnel
  3. Host paid content
  4. Build a webinar funnel
  5. Create a coaching funnel with high ticket
  6. Earn affiliate commission
  7. Be a certified partner.


  • Mail Chimp
  • GetResponse
  • Stripe
  • Twilio


A free trial is available for its service.

The Startup plan costs $97 per month. It covers all the advanced funnels features, unlimited members, three custom domains, a hundred pages, email integrations, up to twenty funnels, unlimited contact leads, Upsell pages, hangout funnels, auto webinar funnels, and Down sale pages.

The Enterprise plan $297 per month and covers all the startup plan features.

Up to three hundred pages, unlimited contact leads, priority support, template requests, and a few other features are a part of this plan.

clickfunnels quora for seo services - dental marketing - review - find websites and company - find patients-  send emails  - big and free trial
Clickfunnels Quora

Social Pilot 

Social Pilot is an excellent social media scheduler and marketing platform that is a perfect fit for marketing agencies and social media professionals.

Using Social Pilot improves the efficiency of online marketing strategies, is also cost-saving. Social Pilot services is suitable for all business sizes.

Unlimited post sharing, generate social media-based analytics, customize branding, and much more are possible with Social Pilot.

dental marketing - social pilot - post weekly - get the best value - free trial - address social media needs


Post schedulingSocial media analytics
Customized brandingClient Management
Scheduling calendar for social mediaCustom feeds and content suggestions

Getting started

  • Creating Your First Post
  • Go to create a post
  • Add a link
  • Preview of the post
  • Schedule or share as an image post
  • Click on the required image for preview.

Use cases

  • Digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Restaurants

How to use

  1. Go to the website, select analytics, and choose the social network.
  2. Get started by picking a plan or get a free trial.
  3. Sign up with email or a social media account
  4. Choose settings
  5. Connect your social media account to the social pilot
  6. Create a post and choose the scheduled date.
  7. Check your calendar
  8. Add the details on your dashboard
  9. Check analytics and analyze.


  • Pinterest
  • Tumbler
  • LinkedIn Profile & Pages
  • Twitter


A free trial is available.

The Social Pilot Lite Plan is available for free and covers three connected profiles, up to thirty posts in the queue, and ten posts per day.

The Individual Plan costs $10 per month and $100 when paid yearly. Up to five automated RSS feeds, up to a thousand total posts, fifty posts per day, and ten social media accounts are a part of this plan.

The Professional Plan costs $24 per month and $240 when paid yearly. Up to five team members, ten automated RSS feeds, fifty social media accounts, two hundred posts per day, and two thousand five hundred posts in the queue is available in this plan.

The Small Team Plan costs $40 per month and $400 when paid per year.

Five hundred posts per day, twenty automated RSS feeds, ten team members, a hundred social media accounts, and five thousand posts in the queue are all a part of this plan.

The Agency Plan costs $80per month and $800 when paid yearly.

Twenty team members, twenty RSS feeds (automated), ten thousand posts in the queue, thousand posts per day, and two hundred social media accounts are a part of this plan.

socialpilot quora - dental marketing  - approach and  find the right dentist - best security service
SocialPilot Quora


If you are looking to create a powerful landing page, then the Instapage platform is an excellent fit for you.

Designing pages consistently with a simple, creating a web page enables tracking conversion rate, analytics, and data-driven decision making.

dental marketing - instapage - denstist market - process to capture patients consistently - for your business needs


Mobile appWebinar pages
Font customizationPay per click compatible
Landing page templatesInteractive widgets7
Customized templatesImage library

Getting started

  • Consider the prerequisites for creating a post-click landing page
  • List out the requirements to improve lead generation for campaigns
  • Use core elements to create optimized post-click landing pages

Use cases

  • Demand generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Acquisition

How to use

  1. Choose from templates
  2. Add features from basics
  3. Choose an Instablock
  4. Save insta block and click insert
  5. Choose Mobile or desktop versions
  6. Finalize and publish


  • Zapier
  • Mail Chimp
  • Salesforce


A 14-day trial is available.

The Core plan costs $79 per month and $69 per month when billed annually.

Up to twenty integrations, real-time collaboration, Insta blocks, and mobile- responsive builders are a part of this plan.

The Optimizer plan costs $129 per month and the $99 per month when billed annually.

The plan covers all the features in the core features. Heatmaps, Advertising attribution, and dynamic text replacement are a part of this plan.

The Team & Agency plan costs $229 per month and $179 per month when billed annually.

Audit log, fifteen private subaccounts, and branded lead notifications are a part of this plan and all the other features in the optimizer plan.

The Enterprise plan works through the quote. All the team and agency plan features are available in this plan.

Migration services, advanced publishing, Customer Success Manager, and Professional services are a part of this plan.

instapage G2 review - dentist use for right type of dental marketing - needs of business
Instapage G2 review

Phone wagon 

A complete call tracking application for your business helps you improve lead generation, sales conversion, change your marketing campaign strategies, enhance revenues, and save time & cost.

dental marketing - phone wagon - latest technology - dentist tool


Call historyText messages
Call TrackingSmart Dashboard
Unique phone numberReporting
Automated workflowSmart Dashboard

Getting started

  • Add a Client
  • Select the client and set up a dynamic number
  • Add the code to the website
  • Integrate and add it with Google Analytics
  • Integrate it with Google AdWords
  • Set up the Keyword-based Tracking

Use cases

Marketing agencies for campaign performance tracking

How to use

  1. Go to company settings
  2. Select Google Ads
  3. Authorize
  4. Sign in with Google Ad account
  5. Activate integration
  6. Confirm integration


Agency analyticsHubspot


The Starter plan costs $39per month and covers five hundred local minutes, five local numbers, and a hundred text messages.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month and covers up to twenty local numbers, two thousand five hundred local minutes, and up to five hundred text messages.

The Enterprise plan costs $249/month and covers up to a thousand text messages, fifty local numbers, and ten thousand local minutes.

phonewagon capterra review - advanced technology to manage call flows process  - grow your business - needs of business
Phonewagon Capterra review

If you are looking for the right voiceover app to convert your texts into speech, then play. is a great fit.

Advertising marketing agencies creating podcasts, content managers looking for AI voices in multiple languages for better outreach can make the best use of

complete dental marketing - - right tool for professionals complete - no free trial


Multi voice supportAnalytics
Email SubscriptionPodcast hosting (Publish to iTunes)
Customized Audio playerUnlimited revision

Getting started

Install the free chrome extension on the chrome browser, log in to the account and go to your stories page.

Next, open a draft for a “Publish with Audio” button. Once you paste the draft, you can publish it with an audio podcast.

Then click the Publish with Audio button to add the play. Ht player into your article.

You can also select multiple articles to be published with audio at the same time.

Use Cases

  • Voice-over audio for product demonstrations
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Audio articles

How to Use

  • Go to your blogs and add audio and turn it into a podcast instantly.


Google WaveNet Voices


  • The Blogger plan costs $ 90 per year and converts more than lakh words into audio per year.
  • The publication plan costs $240 per year and converts up to three and a half lakh words into audio per year.
  • The Business plan costs $640 per year and converts more than twelve lakh words into audio per year.


Content samurai is an excellent video creating app that enables businesses to improve their lead generation and sales numbers.

Templates, media library, music/ audio library are all a part of content samurai.

dental marketing - content samurai - grow business with this tool - training tools - value for money  - 7 day free trial - phone calls


  • Clip captioning
  • Video selection
  • Customized videos with images, logos, and fonts

Getting started

  • First, go to the “create a new video button.”
  • Paste the video title and video script
  • Create slides
  • Record Audio
  • Add music tracks
  • Preview and adjust the time
  • Download your video

Use cases

How to use

  1. Choose templates
  2. Paste content
  3. Create slides for your video
  4. Add voice
  5. Preview video
  6. Adjust time
  7. Select and upload music
  8. Generate video


A seven-day free trial is available and can be used with unlimited videos and no watermark.

The monthly plan costs $47 per month and enables users to create unlimited videos, fonts, video templates, royalty-free images, premium audio tracks, and much more.

The annual plan costs $397 with a 30% discount, and all the features in the monthly plan are available in the yearly plan.

If you are looking for a cloud-based video creation app with tons of cool features like – to improve user engagement, pre-designed templates, collage maker, and much more. Create videos regularly for various purposes like social media ads, product tutorials, inspirational videos.

dental marketing professionals  - - value for money tool for your needs - get interested people on board


Royalty-free images and musicImage resizer
Social media calendarFacebook video covers
Photos to video makingVideo templates

How to get started?

  • Set a goal
  • Compose message based on audience needs
  • Select footage, write text and add music
  • Add Outro
  • Review your video
  • Publish and promote your video

Use cases

Digital marketingReal estate
Health & fitness

How to use

  1. Log in and choose video footage
  2. Add text and logo
  3. Choose an audio category and insert
  4. Preview and download


  • Hubspot
  • Shutterstock
  • Shopify
  • Instagram


A free trial is available to be used.

The basic plan costs $49 per month.

It covers multiple video formats, easy to use editor, unlimited video downloads, photo collage maker, mobile app, a free image library, ready-made video templates, and pre-designed text animations. It is quite helpful if you want to create videos regularly.

The Standard plan costs $99 per month and allows users to use their watermark, upload customized fonts, use unlimited premium clips, and other basic plan features.

The Pro Plan costs $359 per month and covers white label sharing, reseller rights, priority customer service, and other features that are a part of the Standard plan.

An overview of all the tools discussed in this guide :

Tools for dental marketingPricingFeatures Summary
WebflowPaid plan starts at $12/moA software that helps you develop and hosts websites for your business. It is a responsive web design tool that require no coding knowledge.
SerpStatThe paid plan starts at $69/moThis tool helps you find your competitors and help you find the right keywords and improve your SEO.
MailerliteThe paid plan starts at $15/moAn affordable email marketing tool that offers pre-built email templates, landing pages and a few more.
Surfer SEO The paid plan starts at $49.2/moHelps you create a powerful SEO strategy . Some of its features are SERP analyzer, NLP analysis and content editor.
ClickfunnelsPaid plans start at $97/monthA powerful funnel-building tool that helps you automate and manage every step of your customer’s journey.
SendiblePaid plans start at $59/monthA social media management tool to help you power up and automate your social media marketing efforts.
InstapagesPaid plans start at $79/monthA landing page builder that offers reporting features, conversion tracking, and help you with lead generation.
PhonewagonPaid plan starts at $39 per month.A call tracking application that helps you manage sales conversion, improve lead generation and enhance revenues.
Play.htPaid plan starts at $90 per year.A text to speech software that helps you create quick podcasts , or AI voices for advertising from the written content. This tool support multiple languages that improves your outreach.
ContentsamuraiPaid plan starts at $47 per monthA video-creating app that can help improve your marketing efforts. Templates, media library and multiple audio files are all part of this tool.
Promo.comPaid plan starts at $49 per month.A cloud-based video creating app that can help improve user engagement and also help you with marketing. This tool can help you create social media ads, product videos or tutorials.

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Traditionally, physical stores were a part of the businesses, and technology has changed. Ecommerce store, or a dental practice the digital technology has got you covered.

There are apps in the market that enable businesses to easily design a website, build it based on keywords & SEO ranking, and automate email campaigns. It helps develop and improve the sales funnel online.

Automated social media scheduling, design powerful landing pages, use call tracking for a better ROI from marketing campaigns, create content, convert them into stunning videos, and create podcasts for marketing purposes through automated features.

While there are lots of applications in the market to improve a business, it is essential to consider the business requirements while selecting the features and pricing plans. You will also need to consider if you need to use the tool regularly or not so frequently.

Automation / AI-based technology has got you covered to perform some of the mundane and vital parts of a business. Website creation to email campaigns, podcast creation, and video creations have been made possible with some unique and best in the market web applications.

We have discussed in detail the different web applications that can be used to enable a dental practice.

Creation of a website, improving the potential patient’s list, ensuring existing patients are happy customers are all possible through creating dental marketing strategies that will allow them to build their brand.

It also improves their list of potential patients and is a great way to create brand awareness of their practice.

If you are a new dental practice looking to generate leads, then the podcasts/ video creating apps, ad words/ keywords based call tracking, and a few other apps can help you grow your business.

The marketing ideas used are dependent on your audience’s interest among many other things.

These apps help your practice to improve their list of new patients, enable you to build your brand, generate interest in the potential patients to contact you based on your specific capabilities, and much more.

Questions asked while looking for dental marketing :

What is dental marketing?

Dental marketing enables dental practices to research and analyzes their target audience, draft Facebook ads/ SEO content accordingly, and improve their lead generation and conversion. Dental marketing helps dental procedures market their specialized skills to the right audience through various marketing strategies.

How does dental marketing help my dental practice?

The dental marketing strategies include Discount for website visitors who click to book appointments, click/ call to book appointments through Facebook ads, call tracking through keyword tracking, and other ways to increase the new and potential patient list.

Should I have a website for my practice?

It is a great idea to have a website so that potential patients can read through the specialties, seek information, and book appointments. Having a website enables potential patients to learn about the dental practice and its philosophy to get the necessary information.

How do the ads on Facebook help?

Target audience is the basis for the creation of Facebook ads, their behavior pattern, and keywords. Facebook ads help in generating leads, creating brand awareness, and improve the number of new patients. Thorough research has to be done before creating the content for Facebook ads.

What are the web apps that help marketing?

Marketing through websites, SEO content, automated email campaigns, call tracking, video creation, tts, and much more are all made possible with some of the best web apps like Webflow, SurferSEO, Mailerlite, Phone wagon,, and

Are the web apps available for free?

Most of the Web applications are available for a free trial. A few of them offer a forever free plan while the others provide paid subscription plans. The free plans may cover limited features, and if you are looking for unlimited features, then opting for a paid plan would be a great idea.

Which is the best app for dental marketing?

There are a variety of web apps for dental marketing. However, it is essential to choose the app based on business requirements. While some businesses require website designing, others may have a website and require automated email campaigning. Dental practices looking to create podcasts or video ads can choose apps accordingly. There is no best fit, and the best app is dependent on business requirements.

Pritha Bose
Pritha Bose

I am an accomplished content marketing and communications expert with over 10 years of experience in the EdTech and SaaS industries. In my current role as a content marketer, I create engaging stories and campaigns focused on #marketingb2b, #contentdesign, #marketingdesign, #contentmarketing, and #marketingautomation. I have deep expertise in marketing automation, ecommerce tools, email marketing, project management, and content strategy. I have a proven track record of working cross-functionally to build brand awareness and promote products through immersive storytelling and campaigns. Previously, I have led content and communications initiatives for various EdTech businesses and internet products. I am skilled at developing content that resonates with key stakeholders while positioning brands strategically. With my passion for team collaboration and hands-on approach, I thrive at managing freelancers, designers, and engineers to deliver impactful campaigns across digital channels and domains. My breadth of experience allows me to be a trusted advisor to companies seeking to amplify their message and connect authentically with target audiences.

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