Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List

This is a comprehensive guide that I wrote, particularly useful for digital marketing agencies seeking the right tools to streamline their operations. Covering a broad spectrum of tools, including email marketing, SEO, full-stack marketing automation, and graphic design, this guide is an invaluable resource for agencies. It provides in-depth insights into various tools, helping agencies to enhance their marketing strategies, improve client engagement, and optimize their workflows for better results.
Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

The most significant concern for any thriving marketing agency is to ensure that it provides quality services to its clients.

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The focus on “content marketing” for any business is staple and majority of brands have an online presence.

But is this enough?

What most people forget is that without a proper strategy for content marketing in place, it is not possible to get desired results. It may be easy to start a business (and on some levels, it is) but making it thrive is a wholly different battle, which is how agency enters the picture.

In the bustling world of advertising agencies in Philadelphia, the focus on “content marketing” remains a staple for businesses striving to establish an online presence. However, is merely having an online presence enough to succeed? What most people tend to overlook is that without a well-thought-out content marketing strategy in place, achieving the desired results becomes a daunting challenge. It’s one thing to kickstart a business, but the real battle lies in making it thrive, and that’s where these agencies come into play, weaving their strategies and expertise into the success narrative. levels, it is but making it thrive is a wholly different battle, which is how agency enters the picture.

No matter how big or small a business is – receiving digital support is essential.

Since digital marketing agency are experts in “marketing on the digital medium,” it allows the businesses to focus on what they need to focus the most – fast and sustainable growth.

But like everyone else, even agencies have their own set of struggles.

You can manage a variety of domains such as content, social media, SEO, graphic design, project management, and client servicing. They deal with many team members, multiple clients, and other external parties. However, whatever business you are doing, you can also enhance your branding efforts by creating attractive posters. Craft visually appealing posters in just minutes with a poster creator.

If you work with an agency or in fact own one, you will agree that things can get pretty chaotic on a daily basis. Can this tool allows time saving and make your job easier? Of course, they can!

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In this guide, I have shared with you a range of tools from different domains that are apt for agencies and can ease the entire process of project management.

I have tried to be as exhaustive as I can be so that if you are currently searching for incorporate a few, you should be able to make an informed decision.

Read on:

Email marketing Tools for Digital Marketing Agency


Noted under 10 Free Email Marketing Software Solutions for Small Business Marketers by Capterra, Brevo is an ideal tool for those who are seeking an all-in-one email marketing tool.

Brevo Review - Digital Agency Tool


1. Email designer

The agency can select and customize email templates using the drag-and-drop editor without any design knowledge. It’s easy to use and the templates are responsive to all digital platforms.

2. Advanced search and segmentation

On Brevo, it is easy to filter and segment contacts for different email campaigns.

The agency can group contacts into folders and update the lists as per various criteria.

This feature comes in handy when multiple teams are overlooking different clients.


3. Access live data

The agency can watch live results of email campaigns in the dashboard and access in-depth reports in PDF or CSV formats.

This tool allows easy project management where live campaigns are required.

4. Actionable and detailed insights

Brevo lets the agency know the geographical areas where the campaigns are doing best, which buttons and images are driving maximum traction and identifying the most used platforms for campaign optimization.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 1
Best email marketing tools Reddit discussion


The agency can integrate Brevo with many web-based applications such as WordPress, Wix, Salesforce, Drupal, Google Analytics, Facebook and more.

Brevo Update: In case you are wondering about GDPR and CCPA then Brevo is fully compliant with it. They have made enough information available to help users become compliant with the new data protection laws.


Brevo’s payment options keep all kinds of users in mind. Its most famous plan is “Premium” which allows the agency to send 1,00,000 emails/month for just INR 7,075.

It is perfect for marketing professionals who handle multiple project management.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 2

SERP and SEO Tools for Agency


This is one of the most important agency tools, that is an all-in-one SEO platform that automates SEO and SEM analysis processes such as backlink analysis, keyword research, and rank tracking. This tool allows improving the content and SEO and PPC activities, thereby improvizing the entire content marketing.


1. Keyword research

This agency tool comes with features include such as profitable keywords used by competitors and influencers. The keywords are analyzed based on search volume, competition level, cost per click, etc.

2. Market intelligence

SerpStat enables the agency to study regional and global data, track actions of influencers in search or paid advertising and research and get information on niche audience easily. There is so much data out there that it is difficult to streamline content and farm what is important. With this features include, the tool is easily manageable.

3. Content marketing

Through SerpStat, the user can find out the questions that his target audience has in mind and create relevant content around that to attract interested consumers to the website. It also helps the user to analyze potential traffic on each webpage. This tool allows handy and seamless content marketing which is going to be result-producing!

4. Advertising analysis

SerpStat helps identify relevant competitors, keywords used by them, their advertising budgets and activities. This tool is helpful to agencies for making SEO centric strategies for their brands.


SerpStat is one tool, which is powerful to work with clients who have just set up their websites and have a weak SEO performance.

5. Rank tracking

SerpStat’s algorithm analyzes SERPs and saves data about top-100 domains for every keyword, which means the brand will know exactly its ranking on both regional and global platform.

Rank tracking is an another aspect of any digital project management and this is of those agency tools, which can be a perfect savior.


SerpStat has no notable integrations with Google Analytics or Google Search Console for now, which can be a downer but if the agency is working with newbies in the industry, then it is worth the try.

Update: SerpStat has also revised their privacy policy and have made considerable changes to make their platform ready for GDPR and CCPA.


SerpStat has four kinds of payment offers under Business, starting at $499/month.

For more details, please click here.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 3



Agencies who want to strengthen their brand’s SEO strategies using long-tail keywords and boost traffic across search engines should use HitTail.


1. Keyword ideas

The agency can look for keyword ideas based on the term or phrase entered into it. The tool will come up with relevant search queries along with estimated search volume. Clients can also be involved in this process for faster and better results.

2. Relevant long-tail keywords

The agency can access a list of critical long-tail keywords after the website’s existing organic search traffic is analyzed by HitTail.

3. SEO checker

HitTail optimizes web pages for target keywords and highlights pages that need immediate SEO assistance.


HitTail has no notable integration as of now.


There are three options offered by HitTail. The “Business” plan is most popular and starts at $39.95/month.

Graphic design tools:


Those agencies which don’t have a design support and have to create high-resolution graphics should use the online tool Snappa.

From instagram posts and website banners to blog images and display ads, the agencies can create an array of images in a jiffy.

Canva Alternatives - Digital marketing tool


1. Snappa has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature that allows anyone to create engaging images in seconds.

2. The tool has a bank of different templates designed by Snappa’s in-house designers. These templates serve many kinds of industry backgrounds – which is ideal for agencies.

3. The agency can access more than 20,000 photos, 35,000 graphics, and 200 fonts – all of which are royalty-free – on Snappa.

4. Through this management software, the agency can create folders to organize their creations for each business they are managing.

5. Snappa is known for its reliable customer support. This marketing tool also has a comprehensive list of FAQs and video tutorials.

6. The agency can resize the graphics and upload original images to design customized creatives for each business.


Snappa is currently ONLY integrated with Buffer.


There are two packages to choose from – Free and PRO.

In the FREE package, the user can download five images from the photo bank on a monthly basis and connect just two social accounts.

In the PRO version, the user is billed $10 per month and has access to unlimited media downloads and buffer integration.


GetStencil or Stencil (Now a Namecheap brand) is one tool that is a step ahead of Canva and a great online Photoshop alternative.

With its installation speed, all-inclusive payment options, Buffer integrations, and direct sharing on online platforms, it is a tool that makes an excellent asset for any sales team.

getstencil-logo - Canva Alternatives and digital marketing tool

Don’t believe me? check out its features and be amazed:


1. The tool has a photo bank comprising 95,000 royalty-free CCO background photos, 2,000 web fonts from Google, 200,000 icons and 290 templates.

2. Stencil allows the user to not only create images but also brand-proof them. This feature is fantastic for agencies as they manage multiple brands.

3. Posting quotes on facebook and Linkedin are massive right now, and Stencil has a bank of more than 1 lac templates for the user to choose.

4. Before sharing them on a social platform, Stencil allows the user to see a real-time live preview of the image.

5. Stencil pre-uploads the optimal sizes of images used on multiple platforms such as social media, blog posts and display ads.


One of the major highlights of the design tool is its affiliate Program.

What is it, you ask?

Well, under this program, the agency is entitled to receive a 30% recurring commission on every sale each month.

The commission is paid through PayPal on a direct basis. What the agency has to do is sign up for its affiliate account.

Once the tool approves of the agency’s application, it receives a custom affiliate link, along an auto-generated password.

getstencil-affiliate-program - digital agency softwares

Even if the agency is on a monthly subscription, it is entitled to receive a commission from affiliate initiatives.


Stencil is currently ONLY integrated with Buffer.


The tool is low-priced and costs just $9/month.

The agency can create up to 50 images and even access premium support. But since this is too low, it should ideally opt for a package that offers more.

Check the following options:

getstencil-pricing-plans - marketing agency tools

Project management tools:

Teamwork Projects

Agencies manage multiple clients simultaneously which is why it is essential to use a tool for digital marketing that can track every assignment from start to finish which is where Teamwork Projects comes in handy.


1. Project organization

Every project on the tool has milestones, task lists, file uploads and notes for all team members to access.

2. Time tracking

The agency can log in the time spent in doing tasks. Logged work can be marked “billable” – which makes invoicing easy for clients.

3. File sharing

The tool allows the agency to upload and share files within the projects.

Storage space depends on the pricing package chosen.

4. Task lists

The agency can make such lists and tie them to milestones.

Individual teams have the flexibility to comment on the tasks for more transparent communication.

marketing-agency-software packages-teamwork-projects-features

5. Notes and messages

Notes are wiki-like documents that can be edited by any team member. Each project has a message board for teams and clients to talk to each other. Messages and their replies automatically convert into emails and vice versa.


Teamwork Projects integrates with apps such as HubSpot, Xero, FreshBooks, ZenDesk, Taco, Google Drive and more.


There are three pricing options offered Teamwork Projects. For an agency, the Enterprise plan is the best because of the many features it provides. To know the price, please contact them.


Helpdesk tools:

Teamwork Desk

This tool is a straightforward help desk software for digital marketing that combines customer self-service with ticket management into a single comprehensive platform. This is a perfect tool for a marketer, as it allows them to manage their clients seamlessly.


1. Ticket management

Agents can look after assigned tickets, hold a private conversation with other agents, log phone calls support multiple brands from the same dashboard, and attach files to share.

They can also access customer profiles and history.

marketing-agencies-project management-tools-teamwork-desk

2. Detailed reports

The agents can measure multiple metrics such as the response time against increasing ticket volume, team productivity level and first response time. The tool can also identify the channels (phone, email, facebook/instagram/linkedin/Pinterest) on which the customers are most active.

3. Mobile access

Teamwork Desk is available on both iOS and Android which allows the agency to respond to tickets, add notes, assign a ticket to free agents and move the ticket to a different inbox – mainly do everything that a person while available at the desk. This makes the entire project management easy and hassle-free.


Microsoft Dynamics, Slack, Asana, Evernote, Airtable, Trello, and Typeform are some of the apps that can be integrated with Teamwork Desk.


Teamwork Desk tool is ideal for both growing and well-established agencies because it bills per agent. It has two pricing options up on offer.

The user can opt for a 30-day trial without sharing credit card details.


B2B lead generation tools:


Elucify is a free and crowdsourced database of business contacts which means agencies can search for email contact addresses and convert them into leads to grow their business.



1. Salesforce record

This feature allows the agency to update information on all contacts with just a single button click. The best part is Salesforce checks email addresses, phone numbers and current decision makers before updating data on the system.

2. Safe and secure

The tool locks the account as soon as the user logs out so that no third party can track his activities

3. Access to system services and third parties

Elucify enables the user to access data the tool and from other third parties. This feature is ideal for those who want to share information not present in their Elucify account.

4. License grant

There is a limited access policy which provides a non-transferable license on the use of the services offered by Elucify.


Elucify is a relatively new tool, but the agency can try it for free to see if it works for them.

Social media marketing tools:


This is a project management tool which allows the team to smoothly manage these platforms for multiple clients on a single dashboard.


1. Priority inbox for each brand

Sendible collates all messages from multiple accounts of a client in a single inbox. This feature keeps all teams focused on their respective brands.

2. Scheduling and publishing

Sendible is a management tool enables easy scheduling of the posts, images and videos both individually and in bulk.

The tool also suggests an optimal time to publish a post.

marketing agency social media management tool sendible-customers

3. Social collaboration

Sendible helps the team leader to supervise his team’s posting activity and enables the creation of seamless workflows.

4. Detailed progress reports

The tool delivers dynamic reports featuring analytics data in a simple yet detailed format.

Sendible tracks metrics like content popularity, website visits, landing pages view and more.

5. Social prospecting

Sendible’s CRM allows the agency to target and collect prospects through social media based on their specific interests and level of influence. It acts as a lead nurturing tool for digital marketing agency.


Sendible integrates many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Canva, Instagram, Google Analytics, WordPress and more.


Depending upon the size of the team, the agency can go for a 30-day trial besides buying either of the three packages.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 4


This tool is a social community and moderation tool that helps agencies manage social media platforms from a centralized hub. It is quite a popular tool – used intensively by individual marketers, small to mid-size businesses and agencies. Have a look at its features to decide if it is really apt for your marketing agency.

According To Niket Sharma co-founder and CEO of My Comparision Guide, “This tool is a social community and moderation tool that helps agencies manage social media platforms from a centralized hub.


1. Engagement

AgoraPulse collects content from across the social landscape and puts it in one place to allow the agency to assign, review, tag, and reply precisely on the platform.

Since there are multiple client accounts, management becomes chaotic. But with AgoraPulse, each team can be better at content marketing.

2. Multi-platform publishing

AgoraPulse’s dashboard is transparent and allows the agency to publish on multiple social accounts from one place at a time scheduled by it.

3. Social media monitoring

Once the tool is connected to different platforms, the agency can monitor different activities such as comments, tweets, messages, hashtags, etc. which works since there is so much to keep track of.

digital agency social-media-management-tool-agorapulse-image

4. Analytics and reporting

AgoraPulse measures the ROI with instant report generation on social engagement, audience behavior and brand awareness.

5. Client involvement

AgoraPulse allows the agency to invite clients to get approval on pre-drafted social media posts and to give feedback. Usually, it is tedious to share information with clients in a neat fashion, but AgoraPulse makes it happen.

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 5
Agorapulse Crozdesk review


AgoraPulse integrates platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. It also offers three additional tools – Facebook page barometer, Twitter report card and Facebook page contests. AgoraPulse takes pride in being an inventive tool, and to further improve the marketing initiatives of the agencies it offers these tools.


There are four kinds of payment options offered by AgoraPulse and all the subscriptions are on a monthly basis. Here’s a screenshot:

social management digital agency tool agorapulse


The social media management tool enables the user to create targeted and automated campaigns for one year, using blog posts. Missinglettr maximizes the engagement potential of every blog post published, thus making your blog project management easy.

social media marketing tool-missinglettr for marketing agency


1. Hashtag functionality

Missinglettr can identify the popularity of hashtags on Twitter. This feature helps the agency to choose the correct hashtags for better audience engagement.

2. External approval

With Missinglettr “external approval” feature, the agency can send the campaign link to the client to get his approval or feedback. Getting the client involved in any project management is essential – and this management tool thoroughly understands that.

3. Cross social media promotion

Through Missinglettr, it is possible to promote published blogs across all the channels around the year, which saves time to a great extent

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 6
Missinglettr Capterra review


Missinglettr currently only integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business.


Missinglettr caters to both individual marketers and teams.

In the pricing packages for the latter, the agency can link countless websites, and also involve clients via “external support.”

agencies social media-tool-missinglettr-pricing


This social media management tool is specifically for Twitter and is a boon for agencies. It helps sort out followers, influencers to follow, tracks down un-followers and enables easy management of client Twitter accounts and saves time. These channels has a lot of potential and MissingFlitter, and it is possible to tap into it.

social-media-management-tool for digital marketing -manageflitter


1. PowerPost

PowerPost has a simple interface that allows the agency to identify the best time to post Tweets based profile history and follower behavior.

2. Analytics

The feature boosts user engagement on the campaigns by identifying long-term trends so that the content goes viral. Which client doesn’t want his material to go viral? Everyone who is into digital marketing wants that.

3. Unfollow

This functionality highlights inactive, profile picture-less and protected profiles that are being followed by the brand. It also highlights those accounts that the brand has followed on Twitter but don’t follow back the brand.

4. Follow

This functionality allows the agency to filter and copy another profile’s followers or follow those accounts already following the brand.

This tool helps new brands establish a powerful follower base by identifying profiles most relevant to the brand based on their followers, location, and keywords. Agencies that have startups for clients must definitely give this tool a try.


This management tool can currently only integrate with Twitter.


ManageFlitter offers three kinds of pricing plans – Freebie, Pro and Business.

The last option is apt for agencies managing multiple client Twitter profiles.

digital agency social-media-management-tool-manageflitter-pricing

Other free tools:


Varvy is a website optimization tool and helps websites to check if the Google search console guidelines have been met. It allows the user to perform some website tests such as SEO, speed, and mobile performance.

Agencies should use this management tool to get an overview of the websites they are managing. It’s a relatively simple tool to use for digital marketing. All the user has to do is type in the website URL to check the performance. The tool then comes up with a detailed analysis in less than 15 seconds.



  • Optimizes page loading times
  • Adds value to affiliate pages
  • Blocks useless pages on the website that don’t add much value and also hinder ranking
  • Helps check for unbroken links
  • Identifies images that should be replaced by text links
  • Helps decide the right amount of links on a website
  • Highlights word that target audience would potentially type to find a business page


Varvy is web service and doesn’t require integration with any platform or application. Agencies must give this tool a try for optimized results.


It’s a free tool.


Using the right set of keywords is every business’ challenge. In a time where there is no shortage of content, saying the right thing with the correct “phrase” across the online landscape is a hassle during content marketing. But thanks to tools like Soovle, this problem can be eliminated.


It’s simple to use. The agency has to just go to the website and type in the keywords. The tool will then generate terms that have been searched previously in conjunction with the name that has been explored.


Soovle generates results from multiple search engines and digital platforms such as Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Bing,,, and others.


It’s a free tool.

Google Rank Check

Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies: The Ultimate List 7

Google Rank Check stands out as a powerful SEO tool designed to help businesses and individuals optimize their online presence. This user-friendly platform offers real-time insights into website rankings on Google, providing a clear understanding of how your site performs in search results.

With its comprehensive keyword analysis and competitive tracking features, users can identify key areas for improvement and stay ahead in the digital landscape. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to SEO, GoogleRankCheck simplifies the process of monitoring and enhancing your website’s visibility, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to boost their online ranking.

  • Gain instant insights into your website’s position in search results.
  • Keep tabs on your competitors’ rankings and identify opportunities to outrank them.
  • Uncover high-value keywords that can drive targeted traffic to your website.
  • Intuitive interface and straightforward tools make it simple to optimize your website for search engines.
  • Generate detailed reports that track your website’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

An overview of all the digital marketing tools needed by agencies:

BrevoBest for SEO professionals and digital marketing agencies.
Great option for creating high converting landing page builders.
SEO and SERP tools:Round-up:
SerpStatVery easy to use.
Powerful SEO audit tool.
Good for PPC analysis.
HitTailGreat option for companies who want to focus on long tail keywords.
Saves a lot of time on SEO strategies.
Graphic Design:Round-up:
SnappaHelpful in creating text heavy images and inforgraphics.
Very quick to learn and implement.
StencilHuge collection of free stock images and photos.
Buffer integration that allows to quickly post content to social media channels.
Project management:Round-up:
TeamWork ProjectsHelps you to manage, track and organize your projects effectively.
Features like time tracking, file sharing and task lists.
Teamwork deskIntegrates customer self services and ticket management in one platform.
Helps with improving your customer care assistance.
Social Media marketing:Round-up:
AgorapulseA well rounded social media tool.
Powerful reports.
Additional features like Facebook barometer and Twitter reports.
SendibleSupports a wide range of social media platforms.
Built in CRM.
Allows social collaboration.
MissingLettrHelps with blog creation and promotion .
Improves the blog engagement rate.
Allows you to create campaigns for one year.
ManageFlitterSocial media tool especially for Twitter .
Easy management of Twitter social media campaigns.
Other Free tools:Round-up:
VarvyA website optimization tool that helps to identify that all the Google guidelines are met.
Helps digital marketing agencies to keep a check on the websites they are handling.
SoovleHelps with the right keyword and phrase identification.
It integrates with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo Wikipedia, and Bing.
An overview of digital marketing agency tools

So many tools, wow! There is entirely no shortage of tools that agencies can use to boost not only the digital presence of their clients but also optimize their own.

My advice to you is to read this article carefully and make an informed decision. Choose the best tools for digital marketing services!

Have I missed out on any other excellent tool that is apt for agencies? Do let me know in the Comments section!

When should you hire a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency helps you reach customers through multi-channel marketing such as websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

What is the best tool for digital marketing?

The best tool for digital marketing when starting out is Google analytics. Other than that some other tools are Mailchimp and Ubersuggest.

How to choose the best digital marketing tool for my business?

To find the best tool for your business you will need to consider your specific needs and accordingly find the best one.


I am Sreeram, a results-driven SEO specialist with over 4 years of experience empowering businesses to grow through digital marketing. As a freelancer for leading SaaS companies and agencies, I am passionate about implementing data-backed SEO strategies that deliver exponential organic growth. I have successfully executed link building campaigns that generated an 800% increase in organic traffic for a B2B SaaS and a 400% rise in backlinks for a SaaS website. I offer deep expertise in on-page SEO, link building, SEO tools, and project management. With a bachelor's degree in computer science and certifications from Semrush and Google, I stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. When not optimizing campaigns, I enjoy building new websites from the ground up. I am wholly devoted to the world of SEO and thrive on helping businesses attract and engage with customers online. My analytical, results-driven approach ensures that clients achieve their growth objectives through sustainable SEO success.

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