17 [Essential] Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Online

This guide on Instagram Marketing serves as a comprehensive resource for utilizing Instagram effectively for marketing purposes. It explores various Instagram marketing tools, offering insights into strategies like engaging content creation, audience interaction, and promotional tactics. I share my expertise in optimizing Instagram's features for brand growth, including leveraging Instagram stories, posts, and promotional codes. The guide aims to empower businesses to enhance their online presence and engagement on Instagram.
Instagram Marketing Tools

In recent years, businesses have been expanding the usage of Instagram for marketing.

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Instagram is an effective marketing platform in the last few years to reach new audiences: with visuals, content, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and more.

Instagram is an excellent way for eCommerce businesses to showcase their products to a wide range of audiences as they can direct the people who like their photos to the product page.

Instagram marketing

Five ways in which Instagram can meet your marketing goals:

1. To meet a broader Instagram audience, use an Instagram business profile

Though Instagram is now available on Android and iPhone devices, many people prefer using Instagram on the desktop.

In November 2012, the introduction of Instagram profiles offered advertisers a chance to compete on non-mobile devices.

Instagram posts are a great way to give your followers a clearer view of your business and boost engagement.

Everything you do – from products, facilities to staff to conferences and events – you can use your Instagram account to share videos, photos, and more.

You can use Instagram business account to tell a story with your photos to enhance the engagement rate.

Ensure a healthy balance between fun and business pictures and a clear Instagram bio to prompt users to follow your profile.

instagram bio

To help people see your Instagram story, use your business profile. You may add images of the call to action to your website or employees’ images of what they do for the company.

Think about how your Instagram account looks when all photos are on one page.

2. Establish Contest Engagement

Instagram has become a successful photo contest portal.

Organizations can ask users to use a specific hashtag to tag their images for the competition.

Searching for photos is straightforward with a branded hashtag, asking other people to vote and select a winner for their favorite images.

Sony is an excellent example of a company that has used photo contests. When their # SonyX picture contest was successful, they decided to try # Sonylove again.

sony content

For this contest, Sony invited people to follow it on Instagram and then post pictures of whatever ‘love’ represents, photos of whatever you want, want an individual, a product, a location, or whatever.

An individual was chosen to win a Sony Store gift card for $50 every day at random. Other winners will receive some new Sony products based on their style, originality, innovation, and technology.

The contest of Sony is a perfect example of how to get more followers on Instagram and to improve the interaction with your current followers. You can also Buy several Instagram followers online.

It is important to post daily content on your Instagram business account, just like any other social media site. While creating an Instagram marketing strategy, think about your competitors and how you can make a difference.

3. Reward Followers with Promo Codes

Providing promo codes can be a great way to retain followers. Think of something that can hold your audience awareness and make them return for more.

Instagram must apply the same values as other media outlets. Instagram appreciates the followers’ codes and is a creative way of sending them.

TopShop kept their audiences highly interested in some posts by using promotional codes. They retained high numbers of their followers and comments and also crossed thousands on each photo. 

instagram marketing tool

4. Feature Your Customers

Find out what type of post the audience wants and use them for their participation. Instagram has the same ideals but still keeps companies motivated and active in other media outlets.

Instagram fans who follow Virgin America have a brand experience that is unlike any other airline.

Virgin America

The business can reach its targets by using Instagram by engaging its fans and showing satisfied customers.

You can make your customers happy and give your brand a face – something important for your audience. Use Instagram stories to feature your customers and their experience.

5. Tell more about your events

Instagram can help to attract and locate event participants by posting behind the scenes photos on our profile.

Most conferences have a hashtag that can be used by Twitter and Instagram. Appirio has been promoting its stand area at Dreamforce 2012 with the hashtag # df12.

Appirio Dreamforce 2012.

Put your booth number on all collateral and make it easy to find online. Make sure to use stories to tell more about your events and use proper hashtags to reach a maximum number of audiences.

Additionally, leveraging Instagram notes, such as engaging ideas and informative captions, can further enhance the impact of behind-the-scenes photos and effectively attract and locate event participants.

Is Instagram right for marketing?

Using Instagram is the best way to engage and communicate with your customers.

If you are managing or supporting your brand through a big company’s social media, a small business, you should Instagram should into your marketing approach!

Reasons why Instagram marketing can be beneficial for your business:

 Use Instagram for storytelling.

People like stories.

We grow up with fairytales, and happily, always afterward, we follow the twists and turns of popular news and draw people with a natural talent to tell stories or funny events.

And from a business viewpoint, you can use stories in Instagram marketing to create an emotional bond with your audience and post an engaging story using the Instagram stories feature.

The great way to make Instagram users understand and establish relationships with prospective customers and ambassadors is to use stories.

The traditional approach in Instagram marketing is a consumer rather than a product-centric system. In this regard, an Instagram feed that drives products is essential to avoid.

Concentrate on emotions instead, and see how your number of followers start increasing!

Use stories on Instagram to stimulate an emotional reaction to your brand.

instagram emotions

You can see positive impacts and an increase in engagement rate on your overall market performance-from exposure and sales to consumers.

 In your marketing campaign, visual content is vital.

Photos are the Web’s most enticing material, with visual posts 650 percent higher than text posts alone.

Therefore, Instagram is a perfect place to get your fans interested and keep them returning for more by showcasing high-quality content in their feed.

Instagram can help you build your identity through the entire board and integrate the imagery you use on Instagram in other marketing platforms, including the blog and Email newsletters.

You can test what resonates with your audience’s feed visually and boost engagement.

You can reach a lot of people through Instagram marketing.

Instagram marketing gives companies a vast potential audience of more than 700 million monthly users on the site.

Using hashtags with your content is the perfect way to help you get the posts on and off the right people when sharing on Instagram.

Only make sure the target group searches for the necessary hashtags.

If you can spend a little time and spend some budget, you can even create targeted advertising on Instagram that reaches even more potential clients.

It is the ideal chance to get involved in your community.

Instagram has the highest overall engagement rate on all the big social media, Facebook, and Twitter.

Indeed, it also has a higher percentage of brand participation, which indicates that the audience is more inclined to branded content on Instagram than on others.

A strong basis for interaction is to follow people who speak about your brand or products and comment on their images and video content.

17 [Essential] Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Online 1

You can also launch talks with your hashtags and encourage your fans. Know, your fans don’t just want to publish your product images and videos; you have to communicate with them to increase brand awareness.

It is a goldmine of valuable review!

To amplify this effect, ensure you add Google reviews to Shopify. This integration will further solidify your brand’s reputation and foster trust among potential customers.

As an intelligent marketer, you probably track brand and social media interactions now.

On the Forums, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, they keep track of your mentions. But do you know what people post on Instagram about your brand?

Whether or not your brand is present on Instagram, people can always use it like other social media platforms to talk about your products and services.

instagram review

People already post photos or content related to the new products they purchase, record videos, and comment on your brand’s quality.

You simply can’t ignore this feedback (and shouldn’t!). The two crucial things are to consider both the understanding of consumers and the identification of brand lawyers.

Instagram is a mine of useful ideas for your clients, so use it in your Instagram post, stories with proper hashtags to increase followers, likes, and comments.

It is great to watch your competitors.

You may not even use the Instagram account as a marketing channel, but unquestionably already your competitors.

So track their behavior on the platform and see how they communicate with their community through their post. What are they publishing? Where? How many times? Do they have a contest running on Instagram?

You can discover some best practices in your industry and define your innovative approach by answering these questions. 

How do I promote my business on Instagram?

With more than one billion users, Instagram is a great way to showcase our products or service.

In other words, it’s a powerful social networking mobile sharing service (stories, videos) that allows users to take short photos and videos (max. 1 minute), sharing them on other social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Young people are prone to move away from verbal communication, and public opinion remains in love with visual media. Share on X

There’s plenty of growth and potential to meet your target users and turn Instagram users into traffic, subscribers, and sales using the right Instagram marketing strategy.

You can use Instagram stories, post to create a fabulous profile presence.

Let’s focus on five Instagram marketing tips that you can use to boost your promote your business on Instagram and increase engagement:

Adapt your target audience’s content

As a mainly visual tool, Instagram can complement your Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns.

Consider how photos and beautiful graphics can draw and bring visitors to your sales funnel and sharing ability. See what the most popular brands in the world are doing to maximizing their Instagram space.

Filters on Instagram can be a great way to stand away from the crowd. Pay special attention when you use filters in your Instagram content.

instagram filters

At first glance, photos ‘on the move’ always appear mediocre. It is why Instagram’s filtering technology allows you to transform your pictures into a superb snapshot, the first step to get users to do so.

Make sure you create videos, too, as the prices for videos on Instagram are incredibly high.

Instagram does not allow photographic hyperlinks (unclickable) or comments, but you can place a link in your Instagram bio section (up to 150 characters).

Most marketers use this great feature to connect back to their home page or their marketing campaign landing page.

You can overlay a URL over an image post, but possibly you better guide visits to your organization’s clickable connection.

profile bbio instagram

You can have links that you can click on if you wish to use paid ads for Instagram. Note, while Instagram is a great way to develop a follow-up and engage your audience, you want to bring people back to your site to create an email list and sales advice.

Limit essential feature text and alerts

Instagram doesn’t limit a character to your posts, such as Twitter. Your interest, however, is to let most of the post-talk.

Also, shorter Facebook and Twitter messages can be a great way to boost your Instagram audience’s traffic.

Important titles can, however, give additional perspective and improve engagement and conversion rates of the post.

Keep your subtitles short and defiant, or, if you intend on writing longer posts, at least keep the main details at the end of your post.

landing page creation tool

Most people read immediately underneath your images when they scroll the Instagram feed, but fewer extend the text content to read something that’s cut off.

Maximize opportunities for Engagement 

Hashtags, time to post, type of content, and Instagram bio contribute significantly to your Instagram marketing strategy.

Choosing the best hashtags is not rocket science, so look at what other bloggers in your niche use and see the many exciting word choices available.

Send and accept follow requests from individuals who offer attractive post for their Instagram marketing activities.

instagram hashtags

Don’t forget to remind people about your website and newsletters on Instagram! Add Instagram’s ‘Follow’ icons, or also update the posts to customers.

Constantly Test and Track

Trends and patterns can emerge and vanish in the social networks. You need your eyes and ears to remain open for developments and improvements to Instagram’s policies.

Make sure you are modifying your Instagram marketing strategy based upon the latest policy update of Instagram.

Instagram also provides Instagram analytics for measuring performance monitoring, as with other mainstream networking sites.

instagram analytics

You can use Instagram analytics to change your photos and videos accordingly. Factors to be taken into account include:

  • The right times to post pictures on Instagram
  • Frequency and time acceptable for your posts
  • The rate of success of various hashtags
  • Best names and best words of action inside the post subtitles
  • Track call-to-action (CTA) for multiple campaigns and Instagram stories

How do you make an Instagram brand, 2021?

Research & Strategy

It is always essential to refine your Instagram marketing ideas before anything begins.

To that end, you must have multiple brainstorming sessions to develop an Instagram marketing strategy and ensure that this aligns with your company strategy and objectives.

Pay special attention to Instagram stories and Instagram bio while creating a marketing strategy for your profile.

17 [Essential] Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Online 2

Some well-defined factors are necessary:


Instagram users can build brand recognition using an Instagram profile, like other social media sites, to guide traffic to your website. To accomplish this, you must establish brand marketing objectives.

How do you ensure your Instagram marketing targets are clear and feasible? It must be observable, appropriate, timely, and precise.

Set the time frame to acquire several Instagram followers (please use Google Analytics to do so), including comments, visitors to your site via Instagram, or even Instagram website conversions.

Target Audience

As using every marketing medium, you need to know which market segment you want each to target in Instagram marketing.

You should be aware of the features of the target audience of your market, like the people who purchase your product or service realistically.

Most people under 40 use Instagram but don’t use content to cater to baby boomers, as you imagine. Check the followers of your direct competitors and carefully observe the types of content they are posting.

Perhaps you want to follow your fans, or at least want them to go through your business page.

When you know who your audience is, everything will align with your Instagram marketing strategy.

Competitor Research

From others, you still learn. You must also know who your rivals are to take this measure.

Note that their articles are more involved, what content they write, what hashtags they use, and everything else enables you to effectively create your content and build a brand community.

You also target the same user base as your rivals. Do not forget. You can sell your brand better than your competitors once you get a hold of the game.

Content Strategy

The central aspect of your presence on Instagram is what content you put to your audience on your Instagram business profile. (Please note “audience” not “followers” for all people regardless of who follows your pages.) Content is available.

You would, however, need to put the types of content that encourage interaction and followers.

Again, you may have encountered a particular form of content during your research with your competitors.

Analyze it deeply, strive to adapt, or add to it your imagination and include it in Instagram marketing strategy.

instagram content strategy

You have to search for trends closely associated with the branding of your company and research your competitors.

Above everything, you have to check for hashtags, which can be part of your content strategy.

You should build your calendar of content and prepare accordingly to make the process simpler for you.

Hire Product Photographers

It is an optional move. If you want your competitors to get an edge, either employ a product photographer or get a decent camera.

It’s all about the visual medium today on Instagram. With low-quality photos and videos, you cannot expect high interaction rates.

Nor can you post a combination of high-quality and low-quality pictures that is inconsistent. It just gives the brand a bad feeling.

If you can use a professional camera or a photographer, then you can do it. It can give your brand an instant boost, especially if your competitors don’t.

Content Theme and Style

As several times before you might have read, Instagram is all about the visuals. Some organizations use visuals of low quality, even though they post frequently.

instagram marketing tool

You might observe that they lack dedication and scope in their posts. You need strong and reliable visuals to unlock the potential of your brand on Instagram.

Think about the different types of content you want your Instagram audience to share and include them in your Instagram marketing strategy.

For example, you can share content like consumer feedback, office lifestyle, business milestones, and employee success if you are a B2B company providing service.

Now that you understand the contents, you must think about the theme, representing your brand identity in the whole process.

It may be a mixture of solid colors, patterns, image size, a specific style, and various fonts.

Be mindful as well that your images should be high-quality; be it a picture or a video. All other social media channels are consistent with your visual identity and logo.

You can design templates using Adobe Illustrator or Canva once you have agreed upon a subject, font, and layout.

Illustrator enables you to personalize and realize your models. Canva is less versatile, offering a wide variety of ready-made versions.

Note that posting your followers can confuse you without preparation and a clear visual identity. 

Branded Hashtags + Smart Hashtags

Instagram users find most of the brand in their Instagram feed through hashtags and Instagram stories they put in their names.

You need smart and imaginative hashtags to allow Instagram users to get your product in the Instagram feed of maximum users.

You can also build your branded hashtag(s) that allow your audience to access your products/services quickly. You can use 30 hashtags on Instagram per message.

branded hashtag

It would help if you balanced your captions of Instagram posts so that your visual content does not become distracting, and at first glance, does not confuse your audience.

Instagram Live + Instagram Stories

Give snapshots of your follower to make them feel like brand-insiders “behind the scenes.” Live Instagram streams are also visible for 24 hours, but users can’t save it until finished.

live instgaram

You can use IGTV (Instagram TV) to label your Instagram stories, live stream, and IGTV features to reach a wider audience if they are interested in watching your video longer than 24 hours.

Instagram stories are gaining popularity and should be a part of Instagram marketing strategy. You can experiment with behind-the-scenes or brand information to engage the maximum number of followers.


When you have completed the first four stages of your Instagram marketing, see if your abilities lie there.

instagram marketing collaboration

By partnership with the right Instagram influencers, you will taste to engage people quickly and build brand authority.

Instagram influencers can be the best ways to communicate about your offering and resounds with their target audience and brand identity. E.g., do not bother to cooperate with an influencer, whose knowledge lies in medicine, while you are a graphic designer.

Maybe you can collaborate with a design enthusiast (like Jacob) and advertise your services.

Including influencers in your Instagram marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get started with user-generated content.

During this time, they gain confidence and loyalty. Your partnerships can not only offer your brand authority, but they can also benefit you with their massive base of followers.

Create your Community

You might start building your community with Instagram if you are new to Instagram. Here you and other brands come together, sharing the same user base. 

Instagram community is a network of followers, collaborating accounts, and Instagram users who believe in your brand and support your marketing efforts.

Be Consistent

A further frequently ignored but significant aspect of Instagram marketing is to be consistent in building a brand presence on Instagram.

Your scheduling can influence the engagement rate, so you can adhere to your schedule once you figure out what frequency, days of the week, and the best time to post for your audience.

To maximize brand awareness, you must also adhere to the style, content, and hashtag approach in your content strategy using an Instagram business account.

Use your business account to post at least three times a week. Make sure the content strategy is as per your Instagram marketing strategy.

Track your Progress

If you do not monitor your progress, what is the meaning of following all the Instagram marketing tips? Do weekly checks on the company of your posts and account supporters.

It can help you understand what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

You can keep track of postings, advertisements, and Instagram stories, along with feedback, likes, fans, traffic, and sales with Instagram Insights.

There are variety of other resources available to track progress in Social Media research. Just tweak your Instagram marketing strategy accordingly when you know what works best for you.

Brands who have carried great Instagram marketing campaign in past

1. Adidas Originals

Adidas has collaborated with big names like Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stormzy to emphasize and support its line of origin by posting user-generated content.

adidas logo

The campaign appeals to the broad base of Adidas’ target market through influencer marketing. The videos it produces are intriguing and enticing for this campaign.

2. John Mayer

To promote his latest album, The Hunt for Everything, John Mayer used Instagram Live.

Songs, questions, and Instagram stories about the biography writing service he performed. He replied.

Instagram Live enables you to connect with your supporters to help establish your brand directly. The singer used the live stage for his album to promote the tracks.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb uses Instagram to show their full support for people’s acceptance from different places and backgrounds.

airbnb uses instagram

Airbnb was voicing their opinions on recent political developments. They were also running Instagram marketing campaigns that are relevant to current events m engaging Instagram content.

4. Amazon

Amazon runs an Instagram ad campaign to recognize the reputation of its users and fans as # 1.

The e-commerce giant has posted a clear picture with a snapshot of their top credibility. The title told customers that they had produced a more discount to celebrate their fantastic success. 

5. Disney

Disney has the actor Luke Evans with Instagram to promote the next Beauty and Beast film.

disney logo

It’s an Instagram tactic that is known to be successful repeatedly to host an influencer taking over.

Look for and message influencers on your target market for your next acquisition. user-generated content increases followers, likes, and comments

6. Forever21

Forever21 is an Instagram-mastered brand. Forever21 is an expert at Instagram, beyond its remarkable combination of original and user-generated content.

How does this happen? Well, Forever21 uses a monetization tool called Like2buy that helps to convert the commitment and experiences that it offers on the platform for visual content.


Like2buy takes pictures of Forever21 and links each product to the respective store page.

Forever 21 ensures that a call to action for each of its picture subtitles is in place (“Shop link in bio”) to ensure that every follower knows where the product is showcasing.

The fastest and most powerful way to boost revenue from Instagram is by using a monetization platform – it's a perfect choice for any company e-commerce. Share on X

You can take Instagram marketing tips from these successful brands to increase followers and engagement.

Keep an eye on famous brands’ Instagram profile and see what types of content they are posting.

Some of the most useful Instagram marketing software:


Set your custom bio connection to your webpage, customize it, post your content on several platforms, and block the unwanted user with Linktree quickly.

This app is a fantastic tool for safeguarding the privacy of your social media sites.

instagram marketing


  • Posts Scheduling
  • Email Integration
  • Customize
  • social media Integration
  • Custom Fonts


Mohammad H, Co-Founder, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

Perfect UI, theme, all features template, and platform.

Quite useful applications for handling and building all other social networks. Profile registration and updating fast.

Online help covers all a person’s needs as an influencer artist. It is also a handy function to assist team members.


The Linktree has two plans – 

  • Free INR 0 (Per Month)
  • PRO INR 432 (Per Month)

Free trial: No

Bigvu & WeVideo

WeVideo is an excellent tool for companies, schools, and third-party media, like a video editing and sharing suite.

The Cloud app allows users to record, build, view, and post high-resolution movies. JumpStart technology help users convert the countryside for video editing through its complete, efficient program.

The video editor provides a simple editing experience as it supports many audio, video, pictures, and graphics formats.

The video editor with multi-platform functions simplifies film production in a few minutes.

The webcast’s prominent features include WeVideo jumpstart, video resolution 720p, cloud storage, films, motion titles, green screen, slow motion, music, and voiceover library.

All WeVideo plans have editing and storyboards for a multi-track system, interactive graphics and advanced text editing, flexible environment, and media manager. 

Bigvu is a mobile app-based video creation tool that allows you to create small size video.

instagram marketing - bigvu and wevideo


File & media managerCustomizable environmentScreencasting
Advanced text editing720p video resolutionCloud storage
Guilt in graphicsMulti-track editing and storyboardMotion titles
Green screenSlow-motionMusic library
instagram marketing - wevideo


Ivana B, Marketing Specialist, Small-Business (50 or fewer EMP.)

The ease of use is the best thing I like about this app. It’s a form of software drag and drops. I make short videos with it.

You can download your photos, music and do whatever you want. It’s effortless. It also has a vast library to use models and free pictures of their copyright.


POWER PLAN$9.99/month
UNLIMITED PLAN$15.99/month
BUSINESS PLAN$39.99/month


Grum is a tool for the scheduling of Instagram posts and videos automatically.

Grum is a third party application that allows users to publish photos on multiple accounts simultaneously and plan all Instagram marketing posts for the coming week. 

In reality, you can use Grum without saving a password for Instagram posts from a user’s device, so no risk is raised for the stolen account. All it is essential to do is to upload and schedule images on a computer.

instagram marketing - grum

Grum allows you to post photos precisely on the day and time, hide hashtags, and edit published articles.

The number of posts is infinite. Other features include user tags, setting the time zone, bulk post, etc.


APIInstagram Marketing Automation.
Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons.Multi-Account.
SchedulingKeyword Tracking.


User in Marketing and Advertising, Small-Business (50 or fewer EMP.)

It was quick and convenient to use the drag and drop features for the image you are taking.

One nice part is that you can leave a comment AND click on a posting to directly connect you to the Instagram URL in which it is located.


  • Start- $9.95 / Account Monthly /Unlimited Editors /1-2 Instagram Accounts 
  • Grow- $3.95 / Per Account Monthly/ Unlimited Editors / 3-5 Instagram Accounts 
  • Agency- $2.95 / Per Account Monthly / Unlimited Editors / 5+ Instagram Accounts 


With a heart, Instagram Company is happy to support customers.

Global consumers are gaining social access, creating a loyal following through their dedicated account managers, and earning more Instagram followers.

instagram marketing


Real ResultsView Stories
Track Your ProgressSmart Targeting
Engagement BoostReal Followers



I love the quality; I am useful as a management assistant and manager of social media. It significantly changed my schedule following the implementation of my routine.

I need to tell Upleap simplified my life so much – I raised my reach by 40% – our YouTube channels rose by more than 100%, and I raised my followers more in three days than I did in TWO WEEKS!


  • Lite: $39/Month
  • Excellent for those who are searching for organic growth and potential impact.
  • Standard: $69/Month
  • Premium: $99/Month

The Lite Strategy is a serious move forward.

More aggressive growth for potential influencers and companies. It is the easiest way to open up their real Instagram ability for brands and influencers.


The focus of Instagram is on photographs and videos as a first visual medium.

With its numerous effects, complex editing tools and filters of VSCO, you can create photos, Instagram ads, stories, and much more.

This application has more than 200 filters and outstanding editing presets to give your images a retro or elegant look. This application surpasses the minimal native editing choices and filter sets of Instagram.

It is a great tool to create Instagram stories, posts, or Instagram ads. If you are new to the Instagram app, it is one of the best tools to make photos and videos.

instagram marketing


AdjustVignetteSkin Tone
Change Or Delete Individual EditsContrastCrop, Rotate, Straighten & Skew
Split ToneFadeBorders
White BalanceHSL (Hue, Saturation & Lightness)Saturation


VSCO Cam is a beautifully built photo and upload website.

Still, the Android version lacks the iPad version’s functionality and stability, and there are some community features missing from both Flickr and Instagram.


A simple set of 10 filters is available for the free VSCO application to get you started. There are even more filters, however.

You have to subscribe to VSCO X to access the entire set of over 130 VSCO filters. It costs $19,99 per annum, but the immense choice of filters you can use is worth it.


It is one of the great photo editing applications with great and simple to use. It has traditional ways of modifying and adjusting the effects that you take quickly.

Therefore, it is not easy to use and a bit harder to monitor for new users than Enlight Legacy.

instagram marketing. -enlight


  • Sophisticated glitch art for artistic photography
  • Add text, borders, and icons overlays
  • Use brushes to add more info
  • Comprehensive layer and mask editing tools
  • Support for many RAW & PNG file formats
  • Various file formats like PSD completely supported
  • Minute adjustment detailed editing software
  • Big texture brushes library
  • A wide variety of effects, including glow blurts and lighting effects
  • Sophisticated editing of darkrooms


Idania G, Resident Assistant, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Enlighten photo fox is a free app for photo editing to change your lighting and settings. Compared to adobe photoshop, I like it’s available.


Lightricks is now launching version 2, now called Enlight Photofox, which is free of charge.

Enlight cost $3.99 earlier, but Lightricks hopes to make money from a new subscription service — a more standard approach to iOS after Apple broadened developer opportunities last year.


Kicksta is one of the best Instagram growth tools that help brands and individuals “get real followers for Instagram and turn new followers into gigs, paid partnerships, and sales.

It leads to brand recognition and customer acquisition.

Kicksta helps to list competitors, brands, and niche influencers, auto-engage Instagram followers, and add profiles to gain optimum visibility.

Video onboarding, VIP email support, live chat support, advanced targeting, and many more are some of its great features.

instagram marketing - kicksta


  • Attracts the target community on Instagram
  • Guaranties for actual Instagram followers
  • Operates in an Organic way
  • Data privacy and compliance policies


Joseph R, CEO, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Each username you pick is rated on one scale to let you know which account you are using. The more subscription you pay, the higher the number of accounts you can target.

At least 100 followers converted into my profile per week if you know how to correctly target your audience (profiles).


Kicksta now has two plans available for your Instagram, both for moderate and maximal growth. The Creative is payable at 49 dollars per month, and the Professional version at 99 dollars per month.


Facetune is one of the most useful photo-editing application that allows you to smooth out, alter, modify, adjust tones, fix redeye, defocus, add frames, add filters, etc.

It is a great tool to get started with creating and editing photos for Instagram profile.

instagram marketing - facetune


  • Add portrait makeup 
  • Improve and modify colors of hair
  • Remove flaws and defects
  • A wide variety of filters and effects


Facetune makes it easy to create your face, and the app makes it easy to make portraits useful.

As long as people do not get overboard and misrepresent their natural aspect, it is a perfect trustee of social media portraits and family pictures of all kinds.


The company hopes you pay $1.99 a month, 6.99 dollars a six month, and 9.99 dollars annually to open all of the apps.

It is an excellent departure from the Facetune software, which costs $5.99 for all of the functionality and shuns transactions in an app.

Spott & Joomag & Ceros & Maglr

Find your latest promotion, add pictures and videos to buy links, get newsletter subscriptions, and connect pdf documents.

Connect all your photos and videos to an interactive layer quickly. Make interactive videos and pictures. Call acts, tag products, gain subscriptions to newsletters, and increase conversions.

By incorporating interactive features, Spott can help you post photos and videos on Instagram profile with the least effort.

instagram marketing

Joomag is an all-in-one digital publishing platform offering a suite of integrated solutions for Instagram publishing.

instagram marketing

Ceros is content creation platform that marketers and designers can use to create engaging, interactive, and immersive content.

With Muglr, you can turn your content into an amazing story and it will be available to your readers on any device. 

Spott Features:

  • Products Spott: tag and link your products in a video
  • Video connect-on: add objects directly from a video to the basket.
  • Cards: Add cards to your video with a call to action
  • Pop-up trigger: start a pop-up


PETER S., CEO, Environmental Services, 11-50 employees

Spott is a very imposing tool to improve the interactivity of your material. It’s like adding a single dimension.

It is a real increase in our public’s commitment that you can add interactive links to videos. It would usually be a costly operation, but it would not be Spott. The convenient team, too.


  • Spott costs: $108.00 / month
  • Spott offers a free trial
  • There is a free version


Schedugram offers streamlined management, blogging, analytics, editing, and monitoring tools for Instagram for over 10,000 of the world’s most innovative businesses like McCann, FOX, Boots, BBC, Timeout, etc.

Ensure that you monitor your ISTAL management with outstanding features, including visual drag-and-drop scheduling, video, direct image publishing, carousel, and IG background.

There is also the web browser, IOS, and Android versions. 

instagram marketing


  • Multiple account management 
  • Works during sleep – posts for you
  • Tools for making content, editing, integration of canvas
  • You can cut, add, or rotate images or filters before publishing.
  • Schedugram makes working together easy and saves you loads of time.
  • Perfect for campaign preparation 


Marketing and Advertising, 51-200 employees

I used Schedugram, Hootsuite, Buffer, and so on. Uploading images, editing titles, and scheduling are so simple with this tool.

It’s also easy to bounce between different accounts, and you can view your schedule messages on a calendar view, which makes it somehow easy for me to understand. 


The price of the Schedugram begins at $25.00 per user per month. There is no free version. Schedugram provides a trial free of charge.


A platform that allows brands to develop, prepare, schematic and preview posts in advance on multiple pages in no time.

Hopper is an automated tool for planning and scheduling your Instagram profile posts.

The platform is for social communication managers in a brand PR, social media, or marketing agency to boost transparency, consistency, and dedication.

instagram marketing - hopper


@mentions and #hashtagsInstant posts and contentMulti-account managementImage editing
Repost & reschedulePost from Dropbox & morePosts schedulingFully automated posting/publishing
Multiple Instagram profileDraft postsVideo post schedulerCalendar planner
Phone previewSquare, portrait & landscape imagesMulti-user collaborationCustomer engagement


Emma I

For around seven years, I have been using social media strategy/planning software, which is the best tool I have used. It’s user-friendly; it’s all reasonable and condensed.

My favorite feature is the grid view on the side-it’s stunning that it updates with posts you’ve shared directly on profile, not just through a hopper.

You can also display hashtag data when you add subtitles. 


Starts at: $19.00/month

Pricing model: Subscription

Free Trial: yes 

  • The price of Hopper starts at $19 for one monthly schedule account. It reduces to $10 for ten or more accounts and $8 for 100 or more stores.
  • For all annual plans, a further discount of 15 percent is eligible.
  • All methods for Hopper HQ come in with a free 14-day trial.

Foursixty & Soldsie & Like2Buy

FourSixty is one of the best Instagram marketing tools that help you make Instagram feed shoppable in no time.

Marketers can integrate this tool with their Instagram profile to take their followers to their product page whenever someone clicks or likes the photos.

Use Soldsie to sell directly to your Facebook fans and Instagram followers through the comments section.

17 [Essential] Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Online 3

Use Like2buy to turn your Instagram likes into sales by eliminating the need for opening a separate browser .

instagram marketing


  • Posts Scheduling
  • Get Mobile and Email Support
  • Instagram analytics and profile integration
  • Get Customization


Sarah S

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

As we used this app for research, it almost meets all of our needs and allows us to incorporate our Instagram into our online store.

It offers complete reports and analytics for clicks to provide non-Instagram users with separate external links. We can easily handle planning posts and get rid of similar submissions.


The Foursixty has two plans – 

Core INR 3600 (Per Month), 

Complete INR 21600 (Per Month)

Free trial: Available

SocialInsight.io & Ink361

Ink361 is one of the best app for viewing Instagram post on Mac or Pc.

instagram marketing

SocialInsight.io is one of the most profound Instagram marketing platforms on the market to get started.

You can use it for the Instagram profile to plan posts, organize content, identify followers, know the best times to post, and monitor engagement rate in no time.

The software allows users to schedule the Instagram post from their computer.

Improve engagement through improved understanding, increase marketing through identifying targeted influencers, and increase direct marketing by relevant regional and hashtags notifications.

instagram marketing


Total Posts
Total Likes
Get Profile EngagementLikes Per Post
Get Post Engagement RatePost engagement
Comments per PostTotal Comments
Profile Engagement RateNumber of Posts


Jamila r, CSA, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

It’s a beautiful way to track and develop your social network so that the general public can see that most companies create bigger.


  • Small Agencies– $299 monthly with 20 linked Instagram accounts
  • Business– $ 79 Monthly with three linked Instagram accounts
  • Power User- $ 29 Monthly with one connected Instagram account

SproutSocial & Later

Sprout Social is a software focused on the cloud, enabling communication between companies and individuals in no time.

It also contributes to streamlining communications among companies, enthusiasts, and even prospects.

Its three roles, study, publication, and interaction, can enable companies and people to effectively increase their social communication skills.

Sprout Social is a fantastic solution that helps users create and maintain their community by offering them a transparent way of initiating, participating, and monitoring social conversations.

instagram marketing

It helps users to establish a stronger relationship with customers through easy responses to their questions and concerns.

The application also provides a wide range of features to help you work effectively and maximize your social media strategies.

Also, it enables you to boost the return of consumers to social media sites and handle the entire portfolio with one tool. Later allows you to plan, publish, and view the results of your Instagram marketing posts.

17 [Essential] Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Online 4


AnalyticsPublishing and collaboration
Account StructureSocial CRM
Mobile monitoringSmart Inbox


Peter S, Social Media Manager, Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

I turned to Sprout for the first time because I wanted more robust reporting. Sprout didn’t cheat.

Now that I’ve used this for one year, I’m even more appreciative of the Internet webinars and conferences, the amazingly supportive and always polite customer support, and social listeners.


  • FREE TRIAL yes
  • PREMIUM PLAN $99 per user/month
  • CORPORATE PLAN $149 per user/month
  • ENTERPRISE PLAN $249 per user/month


Combin is an excellent social media automation tool to help users gain more authentic followers, likes, engagement, and create the best content for their Instagram profile.

Find influencers, assess the relevant audience, and start creating pertinent to drive engagement. Carry out mass follow, unfollow, like, and comment.

instagram marketing


  • Get analytics
  • Method of Content Management
  • Overview of social media
  • Automate Instagram stories
  • Management of multi-accounts
  • Scheduling time of Instagram Post 


Devon D, CEO, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

It is an automated program, as I would get for a desktop application. The app is very cool, as are its aesthetics and design.

If it is a Mac or windows, this is perfect on the desktop. I like that to use my service or feature; I don’t have to subscribe to several items or split my bank.


  • Starts at: $10.00/ user / month.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • It has a free version.


InVideo is a well-known online video editor that helps you to create videos for Facebook Story and YouTube channels as well as for IGTV.

Video editing requires a minimum of knowledge and skills to create videos to improve your brand image and development.

InVideo has a library of pre-constructed models for a wide range of applications. It also provides pictures and videos free of charge and can be used to draw and attract viewers.

InVideo offers blank models for complete, square, and vertical video, which are the formats widely used in social media when thinking about a particular design.

It also comes with an automatic text-to-speech feature to help you create videos. You may also add your team members to support collaboration and content development for the Instagram profile. 

instagram marketing - invideo


Media LibraryVideo Duration
Language SupportTemplates
Text-to-Speech featureVideo Exports
Reseller RightsTeam Members


Tarunabh D., Filmmaker, Motion Pictures and Film, 1-10 employees

Invideo is an essential complement to my video editing and production software.

I use it virtually every day, primarily because of its ease of use and simple promotional video material.

Invideo also provides models for special events and holidays-allowing healthy updates on content in social media. This method is, therefore, an essential part of my collection of innovative tools.


  • Free trial yes
  • Business $20/month
  • Unlimited $60/month


Fleeq is an intuitive, user-friendly video designer and GIF designer software that is quite helpful in Instagram marketing.

Fleeq is one of the best production and distribution platforms for videos, guides, tutorials, demos, power tips, product presentations, and much more in no time.

Commercial businesses may use Fleeq to distribute their creations on all networks and platforms to make them available. It helps them to reach all their target audiences, irrespective of their computer through Instagram marketing.

Furthermore, Fleeq enables users to control their media experiences like the number of people who have seen them, who they are, and their place.

Knowledge like the above helps businesses to optimize their media to increase interest.

instagram marketing - fleeq


AI NarrationMedia SharingTracking & Analytics
Branding & CustomizationCustom DomainCustom Narration

Time Localization
Privacy SettingsPremium Content
Lead GenerationFeedback & OptimizationChrome Extension


Wasim S, Owner, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Floeq is a handy tool to build quick “how-to” video guides that include narration and captioning in the exporting videos in different languages for Instagram posts.

The key benefit of using Feeq is that you can integrate the screenshot of your website and the software even if you upgrade it.

Without any modifications, you can change the videos. Second, you can locate the Fleeq with the conveniently used built-in editor.


  • Starts at: $12.00 a month. 
  • It has two plans:-
  • Basic – $12.00 / month.
  • Business – $90.00 / month.

Our Experience

We hope the Instagram mentioned above marketing tips and tools will help you incorporate the best practices in your Instagram marketing.

Suppose you are still not using your business account for Instagram marketing, then it’s time to switch to a business account and start building your audience base.

Features like Instagram stories, different types of posts, Instagram ads can be of great use to create brand awareness and digital presence.

Questions asked while looking forInstagram marketing tools :

What are the content tools for an Instagram post?

The tools consist of a tag that lets creators reveal when post results from collaboration help companies access branded content campaign output. These tools essentially make the Instagram community clear regarding branded content.

What is a technique for Instagram?

Instagram Marketing Strategy for companies who wish to get the best out of their social media marketing is an invaluable marketing tool. Apart from this, you need to build a great profile, write an attractive Instagram bio, create hashtags, and great content to stay at the top.

Can I endorse branded content on Instagram?

Yes, you can promote your own Instagram branded content posts like Instagram feed, stories, or exploring adverts, like carousel posts.

How do you qualify for branded ads on Instagram?

Open your Instagram app settings and choose Business Settings. Now select Branded Content. Press the ON button for Require Approvals and then select Accounts approved. The Instagram handle you’re partnering with can be added here.

What are the four branding steps?

Four steps to use Instagram for creating a strong brand 1.Create a professional-looking Instagram profile 2.Make sure to create a strong Instagram profile 3.Make sure to establish your brand style on Instagram in all your content and stories 4.Collaborate with influencers to post highly-engaging content

How frequently should I share content on Instagram?

According to Instagram’s best practices, post on Instagram profile at least once daily and not more than three times daily to maintain a reasonable engagement rate. Make sure that your post content is unique, attractive, and as per the Instagram guidelines.

Is Instagram liable for company accounts?

To make a shift to a business profile couldn’t be more straightforward (and also free!). View your current Instagram profile on your mobile, then press Edit Profile, then switch to a Professional Account.

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