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9 Exclusive Animoto Alternatives for Video

Animoto is a fast and reliable platform to create videos and grow your business. Using this online video editor, users can create high-resolution videos in minutes.

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The software allow users to create videos instantly on any device, including Android, tablets, iPhone, and desktop devices.

The application also offers a wide range of templates and customization options to create amazing videos.

animoto alternatives

Also, you can download pictures, videos, and music from Animoto. The software makes it simple to create masterpiece slideshows to display your memories, presentation, or branding.

The free Animoto software version offers a platform to create and share videos without downloading.There is a wide range of Animoto alternatives are available for those who are looking for similar software like Animoto. 

We will be discussing a number of Animoto alternatives in this article. Before that, let us have a look at features and pricing of Animoto.

animoto alternatives

Some of the Animoto Features are:

Multiple memory stylesOver 3000 commercially licensed music tracks
Make videos and share on social mediaColour management
Download and share high-quality videosLandscape plus square marketing videos
Access to a font libraryCreate HD videos (1080p)

Is Animoto free

Yes, Animoto is a free classroom software for students and administrators.

Teachers or instructors can use Animoto for free to create and share videos with class, with parents easily. There is no need to download software.

Animoto Pricing Plans:

  • Trial – Free
  • Free plan
  • Professional Plan for $33/month
  • Team Plan for $49 /month

Animoto provides consumers with three SMB pricing systems and industry pricing strategies.

How to use Animoto video maker

Animoto makes it very easy to create and edit videos. Here’s how to get your first Animoto video going.

Add a block

To get started with Animoto video, you can create by mixing and matching blocks. To add a block in Animoto, click on the “ADD A BLOCK” option. Now, click on the type of block you want to add.

animoto alternatives - add a block

Choose a Style

You can select from several different video types on Animoto.

You will find a collection of different options for your video style when you visit the video creation page.

The most common choices can be accessed or browsed across various categories. And you’ll see a preview of what a video can look like in this style if you mouse over every option.

animoto alternatives - choose a style

You can now add the logo of your company to your created video. Then upload the file on the left sidebar in the logo tab.

Then at the beginning or the end of the video, you may configure the logo to show or both.

And you can also set animations such as fade-in, zoom in, or focus on standing out or match the entire video theme.

animoto alternatives - add your logo

Upload Pictures and Videos

It is then time to upload those images and excerpts to create your video’s visual content.

You can post or download pictures or videos from your computer, like Twitter, Instagram, and Dropbox, from various websites.

In Animoto, you can also browse a selection of stock photographs and videos to add several extra visuals.

Quote Videos

You can also apply the text to the video in different sections.

You might, for example, want to include any directions in the whole video or an audience request for action at the end.

To do so, just press on the left sidebar text button, and there is an option to add a title and a subtitle.

Then you can insert these text boxes in various parts of your video or even add several text elements to allow different messages to transmit over the entire video.

Manage Your Songs

Don’t forget the audio elements when you placed all the graphic elements for your Animoto video in place.

Some of the videos are pre-loaded with songs. So you can leave the songs and just add your photos and videos to the music.

Preview the Video

When all the audio and visual components of your video come to your attention, it’s almost time to post them.

But before doing this, you need to preview the Animoto video and make sure it’s all right.

The left side of the screen features preview button, which helps users test how all the components of the video work together during the editing process.

And you can replay the entire thing at least once before you post it, to ensure that you’re pleased with the finished result. Make sure to do changes before you finish editing.

Produce and Promote

Once you resolve all the problems, it’s time to publish your Animoto video. At the top of the page or in the demo tab, you can press the product button.

You then find where the logo, summary, quality content, and other important information of the material needs editing.

You should be able to run your Animoto video once you finish all these steps.

You can now share this content with your mailing list, social media members, forum followers, or any future clients whom you communicate with online.

Some of the popular Animoto alternatives

Promo.Com enable consumers to support their company across social media platforms and develop promotions to encourage interaction, minimize cost per view, boost traffic, build market recognition. is one of the most reliable Animoto alternatives to create and customize videos online.

animoto alternatives -

You will have access to the library of more than 12 million video clips and templates, editable and expandable with authorized music, custom text, and logos.

Expand the video strength of your company with the best quality videos!


Customizable brandingCustomizable templates
Content repositoryImage editing
Content managementMulti-channel marketing
Automated publishingAdvertising management


Annual basic Plan$39/month
standard Plan$69/month
Annual pro plan$249/month

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a next-generation enterprise content marketing tool and one of the most popular alternatives to Animoto.

Hippo Video provides personalization of video & hyper video to workflows in the field of sales and marketing automation.

Hippo Video offers tailored workflows for marketing, distribution, email and customer service systems.

animoto alternatives - hippo video

Hippo Video is the one-stop video editing software that offers insightful feedback to consumers to produce improved outcomes and close further transactions.

About 5000 businesses worldwide use Hippo Video as Animoto alternative.


Workplace IntegrationGmail Integration
Record Without Signing UpPassword Protection
Add ReactionsVideo Creation Widget
Video CommentsAdd Notifications

Pricing Plans:

  • Trial for Free
  • Personal for $5/month
  • Business for $25/month


You can try Offeo if you’re hunting for online ads and advertising online video.

Its free package and much better than what you get from another video creator platform.

You can create any form of video using Offeo as it offers intuitive GUI.

This editing software has extensive asset library, including pictures, animation, video clips, licensed music, and more.


  • Build videos from a wide repository of design templates
  • Simple drag-and-drop device user interface
  • A single button on the Eye-catching Video Animation.
  • A + 500 + soundtracks curated sound archive

Pricing Plans:

  • Trial for Free
  • Premium package for $19/month


To newcomers, Biteable is a great editing software to create quality videos and one of the best Animoto alternatives.

There is no barrier to learning, so within a few minutes, anyone will make a professional film using this cloud-based video maker.

This Animoto alternative has a lot of models to customize with a couple of clicks.

Biteable’s most valuable aspect is its wide variety of models, which make the work more straightforward and enjoyable.

animoto alternatives - biteable


  • Various types and pre-created video models with colourful, live-action, or photography sets
  • Easy drag and drop timeline to create and edit images
  • From a vast, high-class music library select royalty-free music
  • Share videos with direct synchronization on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook

Pricing Plans:

  • Trial for Free
  • Plus Plan for $19/month
  • Team Plan for $49/month


Using Invideo, you can turn your content into fresh videos with this cloud-based editing software.

This video editor provides advertising outlets, SMEs, and retailers with the control of content for the extension of interaction.

Invideo is one of the best Animoto alternatives with excellent customer support and bringing everyone together for an exciting drive.

animoto alternatives - invideo


Speed Alteration option Video Balance
Product Overlay AssociationSupports HD Resolution
Social SharingRich Media Library


  • Trial for Free
  • Business for $20/month
  • Unlimited for $60/month


Lumen5 is also one of the perfect alternatives to Animoto if you’re looking to make the fast video for social platforms.

It helps you to post animated videos of high quality in 2-3 taps. Lumen5 make video formation very simple and fast.

animoto alternatives - lumen5

It’s a user-friendly video editor with AI-driven system that review the content.

Also, Lumen5 automatically produces new videos using content and sends you an email with RSS feed information.


  • Artificial information system to review the contents and fit the corresponding videos, images, and music
  • A built-in media library with millions of free software files
  • Adjust the colour, watermark, typeface, and demand for action images
9 Exclusive Animoto Alternatives for Video 4
Lumen5 g2crowd


Free TrialYes
Free planyes
Pro Plan$49/month
Business plan$99/month


WeVideo is an online video content creation tool that is efficient and one of the most reliable Animoto alternatives.

This video editing tool allows you to sync, import, and edit videos entirely on the internet without relying on local drive restrictions.

WeVideo is an excellent choice for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.

animoto alternatives - wevideo


720p video resolution.Screencasting
VoiceoverMotion titles
Slow-motionCloud storage
Music library


  • Personal for $10/month
  • Business for $160/month
  • Education for $250/month


For companies, creators, and media studios, Filmora is a powerful yet refined video editing and software production.

Filmora makes video branding simple and one of the most reliable alternatives to Animoto.

animoto alternatives - filmora


  • Drag and Drop interface help edit and adjust the playback command to add video clips and pictures
  • Integrated models of 130 multiple pre-set titles and text of choice for video advertisements
  • Facility to change the scale of the company videos with photos and a logo
  • Access to content, images, musical and visual effects from royalty-free stock


Trial Free
Individual Annual Fee$39.99/year 
Individual Annual Bundle Fee$99.87/year
Individual Lifetime Fee$59.99/one-time
Basic Business Fee$12.99/ month /user/annual billing
Standard Business Fee$24.99/month /user/annual
Premium Business Fee$57.99/ month /user/annual billing
Student Fee$7.99/month


iMovie is an iOS and macOS video, clip maker. It turns photos and videos into narrative films with a studio logo and a roll of credits.

iMovie is an easy-to-use video editing platform, and users can play it directly from Apple computers to a computer or share with social media and different video websites in 4 K video resolution.

The software is ideal for people looking for one of the best Animoto alternatives.

animoto alternatives - imovie


  • Video speed change (speed up/slow down)
  • Audio & music editing
  • HD & 4K video support.
  • Stabilization
  • Video effects & transitions
  • Video colour settings
  • Automated video editing
  • Crop & rotate video clip


iMovie is a free-to-use solution for video editing and does not have business pricing plans.

You may download iOS and macOS from the App Store and Mac App Store for the different versions of iMovie.

These are the most popular Animoto alternatives that can make video creation faster and reliable.

Are you a video or social media marketer who wants to keep up with the rising video development in video editing trends? Need one of the most suitable alternatives to Animoto?

Don’t worry, any of the video editing software applications mentioned above would do a good start.

Whether you are looking for the best editor for YouTube video editing or you just have to push the video marketing strategy for your team – these Animoto software alternatives are perfect for every situation and easy to use.

A quick overview of all the Animoto alternatives discussed in this post:

Animoto alternatives
  • Hippovideo
  • Offeo
  • Biteable
  • Invideo
  • Lumen5
  • WeVideo
  • Filmora
  • iMovie
Feature rich project management tool; Clients like Airbnb and Google;
  • Paid plan starts at $29/mo
  • The paid plan starts at $15/mo
  • Paid plan starts at $19/mo/user
  • Paid plans start at $29/month
  • Paid plan starts at $10 per month.
  • Paid plan starts at $33 per month.
  • Paid plan starts at $4.99 per month.
  • Paid plan starts at $7.99 per month.
  • Free
Features Summary
Free plan for upto 15 users;Friendly Project management tool for the masses;Clients like NASA and New york times
  • What is good?
    >> Good quality templates even with free version.

    >> Very user friendly that allows you to post to social media as well.

    What is not good?
    >>The app tends to hang here and there.

  • What is good?
    >> Very easy to use.

    >>The pricing is affordable.

    >> New features keep getting added to the already existing product.

    What is not good?
    >> Customisation option is limited.

    >> The program seems to be slightly buggy.

  • What is good?
    >> Good for online advertising.

    >> Export snapshots as images

    >> Customisable templates.

    What is not good?
    >> Slightly slow.

  • What is good?
    >> Voiceover support with video upload.

    >> Free plan and pleasant UI.

    What is not good?
    >> Expensive if you do not make videos often.

  • What is good?
    >> Use videos from Shutterstock.

    >> You can create some beautiful videos using the templates.

    What is not good?
    >> Cannot switch templates.

    >> Doesn't have a mobile app.

  • What is good?
    >> Feasible text to audio feature.

    >> Good for marketing purposes and AI-powered.

    What is not good?
    >> It is costly.

  • What is good?
    >> Good for newbie as well as businesses.

    >> Cloud based and every compatible with different platforms.

    >> Good repository of images and clips.

    What is not good?
    >> Free plan can be better.

  • What is good?
    >> A lot of advanced features that help with video making.

    >> Easy to create screen split videos.

    What is not good?
    >> Customer support not very proactive

  • What is good?
    >> Free to use

    >> Edit and create videos quickly.

    >>The interface is user friendly.

    What is not good?
    >> Moving text is limited.

    >> Importing and image lands you in Ken Burns mode so new user may get confused.

Questions asked when looking for Animoto Alternatives:
How Do You Use Animoto?

Animoto introduces a 3-stage video procedure. It is also entirely accurate, particularly considering how convenient it is to use.
The software can present a selection of template models to pick when choosing between slideshow or marketing. You can also try other Animoto alternatives that are equally powerful.

Is Animoto Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use Animoto video editing software. It is an online platform rather than a downloaded one, the website is encrypted using HTTPS protocols, which safeguards the data. Other Animoto alternatives are also safe to use.

Why Our Business Need Video Marketing?

Video marketing is ideal for micro, medium, and large companies. According to Video Marketing Reports, companies that include video content saw an unprecedented increase in their overall business growth.

How does Video Publicize Work?

A video stimulates visually and operates on the stimulus principle to deliver your message quickly. No other medium, such as a video, encourages the viewers’ emotions and enticements.

How to Custom Videos to Encourage Business?

Video offers you the chance to show off your company in a very enticing way. You can do so in real-time to market your name.
There are differentvideo ideas like showcase product collection , services demonstration video ,customers experience/testimonial, upload achievements stories etc.

Why people do video search?

Video contents are more interactive, convenient and precise as compared to text content. Video content is more comfortable to consume, more entertaining and takes less time to deliver the message.

What are the benefits of using a video editor?

Video editor is used more often in post-production and for editing raw footage in digital file formats.
The video content file can be viewed on a device with appropriate viewing software or exported to external media, such as a DVD. You can use Animoto or other You can also try other popular Animoto alternatives to create and share amazing videos.

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