WPEngine Review: Experience the Fastest WordPress Hosting

In my detailed evaluation of WPEngine, I found it to be a robust WordPress hosting solution, perfect for various business scales. The platform offers managed hosting services, ensuring high performance and security. Key features include automatic security updates, daily backups, and cloud integration, aimed at enhancing the digital experience. My analysis covers its usability for different business types, from small enterprises to large-scale operations, and its effectiveness in streamlining workflows and enhancing website performance.

Whether you are a blogger, marketer or an entrepreneur, you would have come across WordPress.

That is inevitable.

28% of all the websites across the world are built on WordPress. 60% of all sites constructed with CMS use WordPress site. 25% of top 10K sites by traffic use WordPress website!

Shared hosting service is a low-cost web hosting plans where you have share server space with other sites. Mostly, shared hosting plan if you are just a beginner on online business.

As a B2B marketer myself, I understand why one needs a fully functional website to grow business. It is the first touchpoint with the consumer in the digital world. I can’t even think of giving it a miss, and I am sure if you are running a business or a website trying to scale one, you would agree with me.

Therefore, any solution built for or around WordPress site is bound to catch your attention – no matter what, isn’t it? This is where the most impressive WordPress specific hosting solutions enter the picture – WP Engine.

So, in this guide, we have done a detailed wpengine review to help you understand hosting wp engine better.

Wpengine includes 60 days money back guarantee - hosted WordPress - allows 400,000 visits - worpress website
Wpengine Crozdesk review

A brief introduction to WP Engine

The wp hosting solution has only one mission – to set up a fantastic experience for WordPress users and this is precisely what it does.

Given the statistics around WordPress website, it makes sense to build a managed WordPress hosting solution to cater to the CMS specifically.

WP Engine is known for providing managed WordPress hosting solution. Their hassle-free managed WordPress hosting solution offers fast servers that are able to handle anything. By using managed WordPress hosting company, your website becomes practically hacker proof and their mind-blowing customer service is just the cherry on top. Unlike shared hosting services, managed WordPress hosting WP engine other technical parts like plugin management, website performance and more along with a customer service team available at your service.

The managed WordPress hosting service offer automatic security updates, daily backups, automatic caching, best security, one click staging area, and much more. Having managed hosting solution is more like having an army of WordPress experts for your WordPress specific sites. Popular brands like HTC, Balsamiq, and many others use WPEngine for their managed hosting .

If you are a business owner looking for managed hosting solution and avoid handling the technical side, then managed hosting WPEngine is the right solution for you. 

hosting wp engine review  - hosting service - content delivery network  -n WordPress users - take a look at this tool

That is why WP Engine is based on the world’s leading CMS WordPress.

WP Engine web hosting provides a plethora of solutions that help its users with agility, performance, intelligence and integration of their hosting platform.

Why do you ask? So that the user can build unforgettable online experiences ranging from campaign sites and content hubs to e-commerce extensions. So, online business owners will find wpengine ecommerce web hosting company of great help.

Trust me – there is too much to cover in our latest WPEngine review! This platform brings together powerful technology, state-of-the-art services and an ecosystem of developers and partners that deliver more value to the online presence of the business.

Yes, that is correct.

Did you know WP Engine is the first WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Given the intensity of the word, all it does is enables the user to reach faster to the market, deliver excellent performance on a consistent basis, integrate the website with best of the technologies and provide critical insights that will help the business improve.

WP Engine hosting companies enhances the transformation process of a business digitally and the services offered are powerful.

In simple words, the wpengine dedicated server web host WP Engine solution helps companies to achieve creative agility.

With features like Git Integration, Multisite, and GeoTarget, it is all the more easy to create, manage and personalize the website faster.

In a time and age where consumers are so finicky about how excellent their website interaction is, having a flawless online presence has become more than just a necessity.

Thankfully, the leading cloud platform providers optimized by wpEngine dedicated server provide speed, scale, high traffic and visibility to the website.

Update: WP Engine has launched Faust.js, a new headless framework for WordPress development. Built on top of Next.js, it’s a next-generation framework that can handle both static site generation and server side rendering. It uses GraphQL for data fetching and allows developers to query the WPGraphQL API without having to know GraphQL queries ahead of time. This headless architecture is expected to improve the WordPress loading time by more than 40% on an average.

Take a Look The technology used by WP Engine

The best thing about the hosting solution is that it is an open source system. It means it is built on a platform of 30 open system technologies to deliver innovation at a faster pace.

It also integrates in-bred technology partners such as Google, AWS and New Relic to optimize their performance for WordPress specific site.If you are an agency that works with a diverse clientele, then WP Engine is apt for you.

Under the Agency solution, you can accelerate your business’ innovation by creating and launching rapidly with a flexible hosting platform.

This is a perfect web hosting solution for enterprises that have already established themselves in the market but need to have the best of the best technology to sustain the website traffic and customer support and engagement they have built in all this time.

WP Engine enables marketers to eliminate technology and process hurdles and market faster. You can enhance sites and apps continuously that will help you cultivate audiences better. You can grow to millions of concurrent hits thereby scaling flawlessly. For instance, a brick and mortar store owner can opt for wpengine ecommerce web hosting and go digital in no time. WP Engine reduces the workload of developers manifold as it takes care of the most critical coding and staging tasks for the business and professional.

Services provided by WP Engine

WP Engine offers one of the most robust services you may have ever seen. Here are three functions that instantly jump out for me:

1) Global recognition

We will begin our wpengine reviews with how famous this platform is globally. It is not always that you find such record-breaking companies that have not only garnered a fair number of clients for themselves from across the globe but also won any awards.

Guess what? The WP Engine team is a four-time Stevie award winner, and that makes them the ONLY servicing team in the industry to get national and international recognition. Sounds great, isn’t it?

wpengine review - google cloud platform - wordpress core - wordpress host - get started

2) Global teams

They have three global support locations providing round the clock service to their 70,000+ customers in more than 136 different countries. That’s a significant feat because they haven’t been in business for a very long time but they’re already doing wonders everywhere.

The great thing about WPEngine services team is that they don’t work in silos and become a part of your team to resolve the issues. They provide recommendations for optimizing your site.

Their team of WordPress experts is some of the best in the business who are trained and tested regularly to keep up with the changing times.

wp-engine-review - points to mention - control in user hands - optimized website - questions answered quickly

There is nothing better than unsolicited external support team for businesses and professionals that can help them better achieve their goals.

wpengine review - new york data centers - great wordpress host - hosted WordPress - locations around the world - new york

3) Customer care

Their customer service is just fantastic whether it is live chat or phone support staff, the response time is very quick.

An average Live chat response time on the WP Engine website is less than 3 minutes with over 200 customer service professionals ready to serve you. This means no matter where you get lost, and at what time you get lost, you’ll find help on the website through customer service – come what may.

I was surprised to see such an efficient customer service team which is why I had to mention this in my wpengine review.

You’ll be amazed with their best-in-class customer service.

WordPress Website Hosting Solutions offered

WP Engine caters to a range of businesses and professionals. Its solutions are customized to fulfill the needs of each consumer base. Whether you are a business owner who opts for wpengine ecommerce web host or blogger who just wants to put up a simple website. My WP Engine review covers the following:

1) Agency

goes as the best tool for professional - responsive website for every industry - standard and beginners both can add and use wpengine

If you are an agency that works with a diverse clientele, then this one’s for you.

Under the Agency solution, you can accelerate your business’ innovation by creating and launching rapidly with a flexible web hosting platform.

Did you know 5% of the digital users across the globe visit at least one experience on WP Engine each day? Amazing, isn’t it?

a. Boost the ROI of your business

By improving bounce rates and conversions, you’ll be able to boost your ROI. If you have a great website, you can aim to grow client engagement by landing new projects and open new revenue streams.

b. Shorten the workflows and reduce tech hurdles

The second thing that I would like to mention is that WP Engine gives you undying support to improve profits as well by shortening processes and technology hurdles.

According to me, the good thing is you can combine functionalities like Development, Staging area, Production Environments, SSH Gateway, and GIT and SFTP Connections with their technical onboarding and launch readiness assessments.

c. Set up a website faster

Your development team can set up the website faster and successfully as WP Engine already does all the hard work.

If you are chasing deadlines, then you can rely on the web hosting solution to finish the tough job for you.

wpengine review - wordpress hosting plans - php 7 - e commerce - exclusively huge benefits for site's performance - published site - bluehost - front end - variety of industries

d. Cut down your maintenance cost

The thing is your time spent on maintenance usually is reduced. WP Engine ensures that your web hosting is appropriately configured for your business and offers real-time security threat detection. They also manage WordPress patches and updates. It also takes care of the website spikes.

e. Take care of the website’s security

They have a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, EverCache propriety caching technology and global GDN. With all these so called SSL certificate at your disposal, you are always a step ahead and meeting deadlines rather easily. WP Engine’s partnership with Amazon Web Hosting Services and Google Cloud Platform provide a range of solutions that deliver lightning fast, scalable, highly available and secure experience.

You have the option to choose from the list of SSL certificate.

wpengine review - currently mentioned as the safest SSL - ensure safety extremely with paid plans - limited to full changes

f. Enjoy partnership and referral program benefits

WP Engine also provides special reserved offers to agencies with partner programs that support local businesses.

wpengine review - wp engine includes - get started - based tool - want live overall - keep cdn - no page caching issues - get plugin - permission systems

From advanced developer pools to referral leads, WP Engine becomes your undisputed partner for creating great digital experiences on WordPress specific sites.


pricing updates - without fuss - no traditional panel - block hackers  - helpful  smaller community -

I feel this solution is a bit more wholesome as it helps you to become agiler and become faster with a nimble platform.

It helps you to perform flawlessly and allows you to stay online when it matters the most. You’ll be surprised to know five percent of the online world enjoys at least one experience on WP Engine on a daily basis.

a. Boost your engagement with the right use of data

If you want to boost your engagement, elevate your digital experiences with the right data centers that will help you achieve all the numbers that you are aiming at. With all these at your disposal, you might make you question the security threats.

various improvements - use knowledge base - not pricey project - common types - absolutely best tool - got engagement - right category - comments - point

b. Customize the CMS as per your business needs

All those doubts could be laid to rest as WP Engine provides secure experiences and protects the sites with real-time threat detection. With the open source network supplied by WP Engine, you can also customize the CMS that your business needs.

c. Publish new content assets easily

It helps you to increase the productivity of a web host of features. WP Engine ensures that your web host is appropriately configured according to your business and offers real-time security threat detection.

In real time and digital world, your marketers would need tools that would enable them to publish new content and update each asset without putting pressure on development resources.

d. Scale your business fast with the right tools in hand

This is a perfect cloud platform for companies that have already established themselves in the market but need to have the best of the best technology to sustain the website traffic and customer engagement they have built in all this time.

Small and medium business

Running a startup or a mid-size firm? This wp engine review will help you to find if this is the best solution for you. If you go ahead with this, then WP Engine will make sure you have power on your side. With rather impressive tech systems in place and services built to scale, you’ll be easily able to increase the value of your business.

5% of the online world visits at least one experience on WP Engine each day

a. Get access to actionable data

The reliable architecture keeps you online all the time to help you perform expertly. Actionable information that is provided by WP Engine elevate your digital experience and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

b. Reduce the bounce rate of your website

With improved SEO capabilities, the bounce rates of your small and medium business can be adjusted along with the conversions. This will ultimately lead you to increase your revenue easily. WordPress website is the fastest CMS used.

Over 28% of the web uses it, and 68% of all websites use the content management system.

c. Learn to develop a website without developers

You need not to worry if you don’t have developers to build your site.

WP Engine has an ecosystem of theme providers, developers, and agencies that will help you create amazing digital experiences that will drive your business.

Hosting providers - easy to use - 24 7 - wpengine includes free SSL and best for e commerce - measure performance
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shared hosting - page load - wordpress website - plugins and websites - terms and taking - specializes measures - installed infrastructure - allowed comparison list

This one’s relatable as I am an B2B marketer myself and so I had to give an inch by inch review of the platform. The Marketer solutions provide you a slew of options that will help you drive your business faster. 5% of the digital global has at least one experience on WP Engine every day – so you know what you are dealing with.

a. Shorten the workflows and reduce tech hurdles

By eliminating technology and process hurdles, you can get to the market faster. You can enhance sites and apps continuously that will help you cultivate audiences better. You can grow to millions of concurrent hits thereby scaling flawlessly.

b. Upgrade your conversion rates and reduce the bounce offs

Getting people to the website and ensuring they stick around is a big hassle. But with the help of WP Engine, you will be easily able to reduce bounce rates and boost your conversion rates. The improved SEO capabilities also help you to grow your revenue.

c. Personalize to your heart’s content

Your audiences are always on the lookout for new ways in which content is served to them. With WP Engine GeoTarget feature, you can personalize your site’s content based on your reader’s location thereby providing a customized experience to the user.

d. Design content solutions apt for your target audience

The personalization factor will help you in retaining your readers and build your reader base. What more does a marketer want, isn’t it? I can’t think of anything else except for this excellent solution designed specifically for marketers!

e. Make use of analytical products and valuable insights

The performance intelligence suite of WP Engine that includes analytical products helps you to gain valuable insights of your site’s front end, back end, and content so that you can update them continuously.

f. Improve your SEO capabilities

It will help you to improvise the overall digital experience, improve SEO, grow traffic, and reduce bounce rates and increase conversions thereby help your business grow.

As a marketer, your biggest concern is to upgrade your inbound strategy and ensure that it works in your favor. WP Engine is onboard with that and makes sure your conversion numbers never go for a toss.

I hope my WP Engine review convinces you to try this web hosting solution at least once in your career.

I can’t even think of giving it a miss, and I am sure if you are running a business or trying to scale one, you would agree with me.


Great hosting providers to get started offers up to 400,000 visits and improve page load speed - websites and plugins  - clients - strong guides - days -  fine upload benefit

Who knew a web hosting solution would put so much emphasis on the website development side of things as well?

With WP Engine, you don’t need developers to create your site, since it provides you the experience of the freedom of creating your site in a way that is most desired by you, the launch of the website happens faster.

a. Streamline your work and teams

All the things that lead to a delay in launching a site such as permissions, daily backups, encryptions and more are managed easily from the backend of the web hosting device. It allows you to streamline work across teams and roles hence giving you a chance to improve collaboration.

b. Scale up very easily

I love the fact that if you have a great website with smooth navigation and a robust coding capability, it is so much easier to not only improve SEO but also bounce rates and conversions. Scaling up has never been easier.

c. Get access to a modern tech stack

WP Engine is a master integrator.

Their modern technology stack includes Python, Ruby, and NGINX. AppArmor, Varnish, MySQL, New Relic, Google Platform, and Amazon Services are all optimized for WordPress specific sites. Hence, the possibilities of business growth are countless.

d. Site Migration is simple than ever

The auto-migration feature of WP Engine helps you to migrate your WordPress experience to WP Engine.

Efficient workflow can be set up with the one-click tools, SSH Gateway, Dev, Stage Prod Environment and more that make the work even more straightforward.

e. Create awesome digital experiences

You can move faster to produce and maintain cutting-edge digital experience as all redundant single tasks that needed to be managed are already taken care of by the web hosting solution.

This means you can focus on growing your business, getting more clients on board and opening new revenue streams.

wpengine review - manage clients and web tools daily - current best tool - promise to be the best - main basics - reasons to use - fine costs - upload is easy - google - name area

f. Never worry about having a robust security system

I would definitely like to talk about the security system in this latest wp engine review. Wp Engine provides a fantastic security infrastructure for your site.

They block millions of cyber-attacks on their users every day to keep their websites secure by using their proprietary intrusion detection system. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

g. Enjoy the benefits of performance intelligence suite

With their performance intelligence suite, you can get valuable insights to improve the site speed, monitor and manage your applications.

You can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues as you will have code-level visibility into IT operations.

I am trying to be as descriptive as possible in my WP Engine review as the web hosting solution caters to so many target audiences, it is necessary to give a holistic view of the same.

It is the first touch point with the consumer in the digital world. I can’t even think of giving it a miss, and I am sure if you are running a business or trying to scale one, you would agree with me.

We have not mentioned just the pros in our latest wpengine review but have also curated some of its shortcomings too.

Cons of WP Engine

I am going, being honest in this WP Engine review.

No matter how many pros a product has, there are always two sides of the coins. Here are a few cons of WP Engine that are important to know:

1) Complexity

WP Engine does things a bit differently to achieve agility, security, speed, and scale. That process could make things incredibly complicated especially if you have experience working in hosting environments.

2) Restricted versatility

WP Engine’s set up is unique and to run it well, all the installs on their platform have to be in sync with each other.

This means if your site wants to experiment a bit more, it won’t be able to do so entirely because WP Engine bans the use of plugins to an extent.

robust environment support - focus on speed - developer friendly and popular - try getting the core functionalities - dedicated files - strong tool - PHP case
WP engine G2 review


Given the number of features offered by WP Engine and the diverse consumers it caters to, you might feel that the charges would be quite high. However, that is not the case. There are four wp engine hosting plans that you can opt for keeping in mind the different solutions it provides and the audiences it caters to.

WP Engine offers a generous 60 day Money Back Guarantee plan and StudioPress Themes and Genesis framework come with all you free and paid plan.

latest wpengine review - in budget - included amazing and entire feature set - going either way - paying positive personal experience - get admin section - per month

1) Startup plan

The first wp hosting plan is the startup plan that will cost you just 35$ per month. It covers one site, a guaranteed 25k hits per month, CDN and SSL capabilities and offers 50GB bandwidth.

Migrations and page performance features are available for free. The user gets two months free via an annual prepay and money back guarantee.

2) Growth

If you are a growing business, then this web hosting plan is what you need.

The growth bundle will cost you $113 per month for which you will get five sites with three environments, a guaranteed 100k visits per month, CDN and SSL capabilities and offers 200GB bandwidth to play with.

Migrations and page performance features are available for free. The user gets two months free via an annual prepay.

3) Scale

If you are looking to use high capacity and site limits to scale your digital experiences, then this pricing package will not disappoint you for sure. To enjoy the benefits offered by this wp hosting service, you can opt it for $290 per month.

Here, you will get 15 sites with three environments, guaranteed 400k visits per month and offers 400GB bandwidth to play with. Migrations and page performance features are available for free. CDN and SSL capabilities are also included in this package. The user gets two months free via an annual prepay.

4) Custom

So based on the scale of your business you can either choose from these three packages, or you can opt in for a customized package for which you need to get in touch with their customer support staff and pay on per month basis.

The custom package is perfect for large businesses and mission-critical websites as it offers plan to pay on per month basis or yearly basis. You can connect with their customer support team via phone or live chat to inquire more about this plan.

WP Engine offers a range of features such as a dedicated environment, a stable performing phone support team, higher capability levels, managed onboarding and the fastest response time from support team. Once you partner with WPEngine, you don’t need to worry about anything but to grow your business as the web hosting plans takes care of end-to-end website-related needs.

Clients working with WP Engine

You know you can gauge the awesomeness of a product or service just by merely looking at its clientele. You will be surprised to know the global names that are already associated with WP Engine. Let us have a look at the companies already benefiting from WP Engine.

• Arizona State University
• America’s Funniest Videos
• Hello Fresh
• Thomson Reuters
• Trend Micro Under Armour
• Arnette Eyewear
• Texas A&M University
• Sound Cloud platform

Please note this is just the tip of the iceberg. WP Engine works with a range of businesses from across industries and B2B and B2C domains. There must be other web hosting solutions as well but a detailed wpengine alternatives review will need thorough research.

Some of the possible comparisons to consider is wp engine vs Bluehost and siteground vs wp engine.

An overview of the WPengine and its features:

Factor Comments
What do We like?60-day money back guarantee.
Malware scanning with every plan .
Scales as your traffic scales
Site migration very simple
What we don’t like? Limited traffic and storage on every plan.
 Slightly complicated to use.
Value for MoneyWP engine is definitely not cheap.
If a bit of extra bucks doesn’t hurt you then you can go for this service for their high-quality services.
Customer SupportGood phone support
Who should use it?Any business that want a fast and powerful feature-rich hosting provider that is easy to scale.
WP Engine AlternativesPagely, Siteground and Flywheel
Our Score4.7/5

Our Experience:

I give full marks to WP Engine. As an B2B marketer myself, I understand why one needs a fully functioning website to grow business.

It is the first digital touchpoint with my customer in this digital age and time that helps me save minutes when it comes to loading speed.

little move to master - allow everyone to use the tool - automated images - not hacked easily - download plugins - asia europe - shared server  - backups - system
Best WordPress hosting providers G2 grid

I can’t even think of giving it a miss, and I am sure if you are running a business or trying to scale one, you also wouldn’t want to give it a miss.

Also, if you want us to share any other wp engine alternatives review then let us know. We have already reviewed Siteground you can check that article too that will help you to compare siteground vs wpengine.

Have I missed out on any other impressive features of WP Engine? If I have, then do let me know.

Also, have you ever used WP Engine for yourself or your business? How was your experience like? I would love to discuss it!

Questions asked while reviewing WPEngine:

What does WPEngine do?

WPEngine is a WordPress theme that is designed to offer performance, agility and a flawless WordPress sites experience. Wpengine offers its users to create sites ranging from ecommerce stores to campaign sites to simple content rendering websites.

What is the cost of a WPEngine?

WPEngine is available in 4 plans: 
Starter : $30/m
Growth: $115/mo
Scale: $290/mo
Premium: $400/mo

Is WPEngine worth investing given the high cost?

Yes, WPEngine is worth investing the high cost given the fact you have a very heavy website and the traffic is overwhelming. 

What are other similar alternatives to WPEngine?

Some other similar alternatives to WPEngine are Kinsta and SiteGround.

Who should use WPEngine?

WPEngine is a great option for people who have a site or a blog that is growing exponentially and your server  and resources needs increase dramatically.

Is it a good option for small to medium sized businesses?

No, WPEngine is not a feasible option for small to medium sized businesses. For small to medium sized businesses Siteground and Kinsta are better options.

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