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3 Top Video Editors for Chromebook – Start Instantly

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Video editing was once only for professionals. The digital world has changed this into anyone can edit a video. Thanks to all the online video editors that are now available with compatibility on web browsers, chrome books, and mobile apps. Video editors for Chromebook make editing very easy for a variety of reasons. Online video editors are available for users to create some of the best professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. Cost-effective, convenient to collaborate with larger teams, and ease of use are some of the immediate benefits of these online video editors.

video editors for chromebook

Video editing software enables users to edit videos economically, save time, makes remote working more comfortable, and improves overall productivity. Splitting, editing, and rotating a video, and adding a relevant audio track to it are some of the basic video editing features. Green screen, audio mix, and colour tuning are some of the advanced video editing features. Video editors for Chromebook also have tons of special effects features available that enables the final cut to look pro.

How to edit videos on Chromebook?

All mobile video editing apps do well with Chromebooks. Powerdirector, Kinemaster, WeVideo, Magisto, and YouTube studio are some of the video editors for Chromebook.

  • Powerdirector is a desktop video editor that also has android compatibility making it one among the best video editors for Chromebook. The Chromebook video editor version enables users to add audio track, rotate, improve the colours, and export the video to 4k quality. Most of the features are available on the free version. However, a few features are available to purchase.
  • Kinemaster also has an android app and is one among the best video editors for Chromebook. Cropping, trimming, adjusting audio tracks, colour adjustments, and a few other features are available. Most of the features and watermarks for exported videos are available along with the free version. However, some of the advanced features are available in the paid version.
  • WeVideo, a cloud-based web application is an excellent fit for video editors for Chromebook. Images, audio, and the video library is available along with a few other features and enables users to add several effects on the video and make it look professional.
  • YouTube Studio Video Editor enables you to use video editors for Chromebook and trim clips, blur faces, and add many such effects effortlessly. The YouTube Studio Video Editor is one of the best editing tools for simple video edits.
  • Magisto works as a great video editor for Chromebook if you are a beginner. Video editing can get quite overwhelming and more so if you are a novice at it. Magisto makes the video editing work effortless for you whether you are a pro or a beginner.

How to make a video on Chromebook?

Making a video on Chromebook came to the fore only recently. Let us see a step by step instruction on how to make a video on Chromebook.

  • Go to the app launcher at the bottom end of the desktop.
  • Search for the camera app and start.
  • Like any other camera app, it first opens up the photo mode. Click on the video mode.
  • Begin recording by clicking on the red button and stop after completion.
  • You can go to the image gallery to look for the video.

There are many video editors for Chromebook available. Online video editors for Chromebook offer some fantastic features that enable users to edit videos, social media sharing, and library for image, video, and audio clips to make it look professional.

InShot, Quik, Magisto, Horizon, Adobe premiere rush, Boomerang, iMovie, and a few other video editors work best for Instagram video editing and have tons of features that enable users to edit a video to make it look professional.

YouTube began calling the users with highest views as creators and partners but none of those names stuck around. The users with the highest number of audience and established credibility are the influencers. Some of the top influencers are:

  • Daily Dose is one of the top influencer(digital marketing agency) on Instagram, with over 1.4 million followers. Images and memes with messages that make a difference are tailor-made and posted daily.
  • Huda Kattan, a beauty expert, has over twenty-nine million followers for her instapage @hudabeauty, where she posts makeup tutorials daily. Fashion advice, product reviews, and how-to videos are a big reason for her success.
  • Cameron Dallas, a Youtube influencer has over twenty-one million followers on Instagram. Cameron has a show on Netflix and posts videos of song previews, music, and such stuff proving that flaunting interests and personality could lead to popularity.
  • Kayla Itsines is among the top 30 most influential people as named by the Time magazine. Her videos mostly are about a workout, inspirational messages, bikini body guides, and diet tips. Kayla is also a personal trainer and entrepreneur with over ten million followers.
  • Marian Ezzedine is another famous influencer with her page cooking with Mima, where she posts about healthier food options. While the page is mostly about food, it also has posts about travel keeping the followers up to two point four million.
  • Selena Gomez, famous singer and a celebrity influencer, has over one hundred and forty-four million followers and is famous for promoting charitable causes. Selena stays in touch with her fan following by posting personal photos and videos.
  • Gen Z seems to be most fond of TikTok for social media. Tiktok also is a platform where short videos go viral. Charli D’Amelio is the biggest TikTok star ever with over seventy-two million followers. Her viral videos are of her choreographed songs for viral songs.

All these social media influencers have done well for themselves because they have talent, are good at marketing, and most importantly, have very well-edited video clips. Where you are making a how-to video, a product reviews, giving out tips, or cooking a healthy recipe, the editing app that you use makes a lot of difference. There are tons of exciting features available in these video editing software that are easy to use and cost-efficient too.

Video Editing Softwares

Video editing software with some useful features is vital for your success on social media. There are tons of web-based and system installed video editing software in the market. Choosing the best video editing software can be tricky. Let us look at some of the best video editing software, their features, pricing, and integration in detail.

1. is an excellent fit if you are looking for a video editing software to create promo videos using some of their cool features and easy to use templates.

video editors for chromebook -


Drag&Drop option, media library, animation effects, social sharing, collaboration, closed captions, bulk uploading, and many more exciting features are available to make your videos look professional.

Mobile app features

User integration features


  • The basic plan works well for small and medium businesses and costs $49 per month. Unlimited video downloads, free audio tracks, video and image library, animated text designs, multiple video formats, social media calendar, and easy to use editor.
  • The standard plan works best for you if you are a marketer looking to create videos. All the features in the basic plan are available in the standard subscription along with customized font upload, watermark, full HD videos, and a lifetime license.
  • The Pro team works well for large marketing agencies and costs $359 per month. The Pro plan covers all the features available in the standard program offers features like the white label and reseller rights.

2. Hippo Video

Hippo Video works well to create video workflows to achieve marketing and sales business goals. Hippo Video enables users to personalize and distribute on various platforms.

video editors for chromebook - hippo video


Access Control, Audit Trail, Asset Management, automatic notifications, barcode scanning, categorization, data importing, cost tracking, drag and drop interface, email notifications, engagement analytics, multi-currency, multi-location, password management, status reporting & tracking, social media integration, time analytics, video editing, video management, and video support.

Mobile app features

Personalized video creation with integrations, video sales pages, one on one videos, analytics, video library, social media sharing, work automation, and a few other features are available on the mobile app.

User integration features

Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Zendesk, MailChimp, Intercom, and a few others enabling features like lead generation, deal closure, snippets, marketing campaigns, communicate & collaborate, re-purposing videos, tweet videos, automate workflow, manage emails, and much more through the user integration features.


  • The free plan offers features like unlimited video creation and hosting with 100 GB bandwidth.
  • The starter plan costs $15 per month with features like quick editing suite, GIF creation, 200 GB bandwidth, exporting, Gmail/ LinkedIn integration, sales dashboard, and one on one sales video emails, along with the features available in the free plan.
  • The pro plan costs $29 per month. If you are looking to create a video with images, customized branding, video cloning, video editing like a pro, integrations, teleprompter, and video campaigning then the pro plan along with the other features available in the starter plan is a great fit.
  • The growth plan costs $49 per month. Premium customer support, SSL, shared team folders, dedicated account manager, email campaigning, and the other features available in the pro plan.

3. ContentSamurai

Contentsamurai enables faster video creations with professional-quality, thereby leading to increased sales. Users can insert text/ link of articles and convert it into a professional-looking video. Library of images, video backgrounds, and subtitling enables users to create incredible videos with a complete package of features.

video editors for chromebook - content samurai


Millions of images, dozens of video templates, animated text, unlimited videos in landscape and square formats, music tracks, and transitions are some of the fantastic features that you get to use with Contentsamurai/ Vidnami.

Mobile app features

Voice overs, templates, add music, and much more to make a stunning video with just a few clicks, whether it is your mobile or chrome os.

User integration features

Vidnami does not offer any integrations.


  • The monthly plan costs $47 per month and includes customizable templates, popular fonts, premium music tracks, creating unlimited videos, free images, video templates, animation text, transitions, and others.
  • The annual plan costs $397 annually and covers all the features available in the monthly plan and is also available for a discount of 30%.

4. Viddyoze

Creating videos with 3d animation and other special effects effortlessly whether you are a pro or a beginner is possible with Viddyoze.

video editors for chromebook - viddyoze


Unlimited customized video creation, templates, animation previews, access rights and roles, secure sharing, colour correction and a few other features make viddyoze a very easy to use video edit for Chromebook.

Mobile app features

Klippyo by Viddyoze is a mobile app that enables marketing campaigns to create short videos/ memes with some unique crafting features. Graphics, images, emojis, and captioning of videos are some of the features that make it the next-generation video editing mobile app.

User integration features

Klippyo enables best video editing with its cool features and allows users to import animations from viddyoze in a single click. This feature allows users to edit videos and publish them directly on social media with its fantastic integration. Customer support, audio experience, emojis, quote integration, and stickers are some of the features that make it an excellent video editor for Chromebook.


Viddyoze offers customizable pricing. Users can avail per animation plans that cover free storage, reselling license, library, access, and a few other features.

5. Offeo

Marketers looking to do some promo videos with tons of graphics and animations then Offeo works as an excellent video editor.

video editors for chromebook - offeo


Template library, User Interface, drag and drop system, and animation are some of the salient features of Offeo.

Mobile app features

Offeo is yet to come up with a mobile app.

User integration features

The Instagram stories is a short video clip that stays for twenty-four hours and disappears after that. The integration enables Offeo users to create and edit videos with tons of exciting features and publish on Instagram in just a few clicks.


  • The free plan covers unlimited image downloads, video creation with watermark, designer templates, licensed music library, and royalty-free images.
  • The premium plan costs $19 per month and covers all the features in the free plan. Reseller license, unlimited fonts, and up to forty removable image background credits per month are some of the other features available under the premium subscription.

6. InVideo

Personalized templates, multi-language videos, automatic voiceovers, and many more features enable users to create and edit high-quality videos to improve sales and generate leads effortlessly.

video editors for chromebook - invideo


Advanced editing features, user experience, medial library, branded designs, and many more exciting features are a part of Invideo.

Mobile app features

  • You can create videos and edit them with cut, trim, add filters, and music to make it look professional.
  • You can browse a list of existing videos where the app enables you to see the most-watched videos/ most-watched in your region.
  • You can find people on the map to explore videos under the map and let people see what you are watching.
  • Discovering food, sports, movie, constellation, and more is possible with this feature.

User integration features

JW Player, Brightcove, YouTube, and Akamai are a few integrations enabling users to push their videos to the digital doorstep. This feature is available for the enterprise subscription plan.


  • The small business plan costs $10 per month. It covers features like premium customizable video templates, up to three hundred premium photos & videos, automatic text to speech, unlimited team members, and 24/7 support.
  • The unlimited plan costs $30 annually. This subscription covers unlimited: videos, team members, and image library along with the other features available in the small business plan.

7. Lumen5

Lumen5 is one among the best video editors for Chromebook. It enables users to create customized branding videos with ease by using content into videos, drag and drop controls and other editing tools.

video editors for chromebook - lumen5


Transforming articles into videos, branding options, video formats, media library, automated workflow, and free images.

Mobile app features

Enables users to turn the blog into video, create insta feed videos with ready to use templates, AI-powered technology, and drag and drop controls options make video editing on chrome os and mobile with a few clicks.

User integration features

Lumen5 integration with Facebook enables users to create, edit, and share videos directly on Facebook timeline. Lumen5 and Facebook integration help in better outreach and engagement.


  • The free subscription covers up to five videos per month.
  • The starter plan costs $29 per month ($228 annually).
  • The premium plan costs $79 per month($588 per year), and
  • The business subscription costs $199 per month($1788 per year)
  • Customized plans are also available.

8. Animoto

Animoto enables users to convert images into slides along with logo and music in a few clicks. Animoto is also available for a fourteen-day free trial which can either convert into a paid subscription or cancellation at the end of the free trial.

video editors for chromebook - animoto


Music library, templates, customized branding, social media sharing, and high-quality videos are some of the exciting features that are a part of Animoto.

Mobile app features

Blocks, video styles, photo burst, collaging, watermarks, and a few other exciting features are all available in the mobile application making it an excellent choice for Chromebook users.

User integration features

Animoto integration with Adobe brings out the Adobe creative cloud lightroom program that enables users to streamline work, save time, and create videos with ease. Whether you are using the Chromebook or mobile, the Adobe creative cloud lightroom program enables you to access images stored in the cloud directly.


  • The free version covers unlimited video downloads, fifty music tracks, up to thirty colour swatches, and three standard fonts.
  • The professional plan costs $33 per month and covers professional fonts, licensed music tracks, personalized watermark and brand colour plus all the standard features.
  • The team subscription costs $49 per month and covers license to resell, consultation with experts, and all the other standard features.

9. WeVideo

WeVideo works well as video editors for Chromebook. WeVideo enables students to create, edit, and share video content making homework effortless. The cloud-based app enables collaboration effortlessly.

video editors for chromebook - wevideo


Editing tools/ features like slow motion, WeVideo jumpstart, motion titles, cloud storage, music library, voiceover, and 720 p video resolution make it an excellent choice for chrome os.

Mobile app features

Easy sharing, improved webcam recording, performance improvements, improved audio control for the editing mode on the storyboard, and performance improvement are some of the mobile app features that enable video editing on Chromebook a breeze.

User integration features

WeVideo integration with Gsuite enables classroom learning. Real-time project collaboration, learning, and innovation are some of the useful features of this integration.


  • The power plan costs $3.49 per month and covers single-seat license, movie filter, font downloads, motion titles, and other premium editing features.
  • The unlimited plan costs $5.59 per month. The unlimited subscription covers unlimited video publishing per month, 4k ultra HD resolution, and other features available in the power plan.
  • The professional subscription costs $12.59 per month and includes brand management, options for social marketing, and millions of images along with the other features available in the unlimited plan.
  • The business plan costs $20.99 per month. Team license, personalized templates, and management & collaboration tools are some of the features that are a part of this plan, along with the features available in the professional plan.


Video editing with system installed apps was working well with a lot of challenges and then came some cool online video editors that were cloud-based and otherwise. These video editors offered tons of exciting features that we’re able to transform videos into some great professional looking ones. The gen Z seems to work on the go and have fun too, with social media taking up a significant chunk of their work and personal life.

The video editors for Chromebook offers features, integrations, and plans that enable users to create some cool videos that are high quality in resolution, edited with the help of some of the best features like a library of unlimited images, audio tracks, videos, and video templates. Colour correction, customize able fonts, personalized templates, subtitling, audio adjustments, animation, and a few other advanced features help users to create, edit, and share videos effortlessly.

Video editing tools enable app purchases to make videos and add video effects to them and make it look like a professional video. You can always google to check about the available options with comparison to what you want even if you may not readily purchase it. Video editing tool available online either to use on your computer or mobile offers feature and tools that make your videos look better.

Some of the video editing software is compatible with the chrome os while others are not. It is essential to choose a video editing app that enables you to make video editing effortless. Video editors for Chromebook enables users to create and edit videos on the go. All the video editor software may not be compatible with chrome os. Video editors for Chromebook have increased the volume of users on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and a few others. Influencers on Insta and YouTube create and edit videos effortlessly.

The ease of use, helpful features, and efficient performance of video editors for Chromebook has enabled individuals, freelancers, businesses, and marketers to create and edit fantastic high-quality pro videos in a few clicks for a variety of purposes ranging from hobby to promo videos and branding. While there are tons of video editors for Chromebook available in the market, it is vital to choose the best one based on individual requirements. The video editors for Chromebook has created a world of possibilities for companies and freelancers in this space by enabling them to create tons of opportunities.

Questions asked while looking for Chromebook Video Editors:
Can I use video editors on Chromebook?

Some of the video editors enable applications to work on android, chrome os, and a few other platforms.

Are all video editors for Chromebook free?

Some of the video editors offer free trials and free subscriptions while the others offer paid subscriptions.

Are all the video editors for Chromebook the same?

The features, pricing, and other factors differ from one video editor to the other.

Can I publish my videos through the video editing software?

All the video editing software does not have integrations. The video editing app that has integrations with other systems enable users to publish their videos on other platforms.

Are all video editors available on Chromebook?

Some of the video editors offer mobile applications while others do not. You can use video editing apps that enable mobile applications.

What can I do with a video editor on Chromebook?

You can create videos, edit videos, add effects, animate them, provide subtitling, perform colour correction, and much more with a video editor on Chromebook.

Does video editors for Chromebook enable me to make the best video?

Video editors for Chromebook offer tons of features that enable you to perform some of the best video editing. Some of the video editor features help users to convert their images/blogs into professional-looking videos.

Regina is Guest Contributor at Sprout24 and Web content analyst at Ad Week. She loves writing about sales and marketing software reviews in business that help them in a big way with driving conversions.

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